Defense Pro singles and quickly Ben John's showing a volley just to the middle of the Court did you say something about a drop volley day I did I appreciate the young man doing that right out the gate here but uh you know you have to have the quickness to know that you're going to get into a cat and a mouse game if you.

Bring them forward like that and he has that two-handed role that was beautiful right there to get him off to a good start outstretched and out of bounds we will play singles two out of three doubles competitions will be played three out of five games to 11. and this is where the aggressiveness.

Shows in Colin schick's game he's not scared to come in and take some of those balls just off the top of his shoelaces no he's doing it all day against Dylan Frazier the one thing he didn't do and you saw it there which would really make him even more effective is go after his serve he was just laying it in which makes that next ball more difficult.

And again look at this drop volley that's wild it's absolutely different the players aren't used to do that yeah nobody's doing that it's all about keeping them at the Baseline yeah no way calling Schick again sliding in.

Through the kitchen I mean he displayed that ridiculous athleticism on Thursday and it is right there again today Cameron then keeping that return back to the middle I mean just seeing that 30 on the scoreboard is just jarring underneath.

The one with the seed that's a good point a little inside out for Ben Johns first point now on the board you mentioned tough serves well Ben John's known to have one of the toughest tons of depth oh he had a perfect setup.

So 2-2 Ben Johns is going to be forced to come to the net and really work on his wheels getting up there good thing he's in Daytona a lot of engines around here long yeah it is Bike Week here in Daytona Beach the engines have been roaring for the past four straight days.

Wow one step and then the forehand again yeah and the ability to be able to have that lateral quickness Cameron is unique and he comes so far over the top on that topspin you make your opponent pop up the next one wow singles you gotta be kidding me are there two ghosts playing doubles because.

We don't ever see that in singles two three that is just Electric in terms of movement oh a little deception here he misses yeah but nonetheless some trickery yeah that's what you can do with that two-hander hold it there until the last.

Second he tried to pull the left hand through and caught the net he's everywhere yeah and that's the pressure now you're gonna have to hit multiple quality passing shots because he has the length and the reach to get to everything and you see bands returning everything to the forehand side because the.

Backhand was on display Thursday that's all he's seen as far as history from the young man so he's keeping them away from that backhand oh Ben John that's just dirty yeah you saw Schick looked at that took a step to the right and went uh oh that's gone to the left here that's that band backhand that he can hold so well.

But the pace of this is unbelievable a competition like this again from three feet behind the kitchen line thank you my fault no I couldn't tell what the bends I didn't know if he gave him the flat hand or called it wide it was just.

Wide oh my God so five three four Ben Johns yeah it's just such a unique thing to be thinking I gotta go forward on my next ball great bag oh Ben just moving his right shoulder out of the way that Ball's long yeah Ben said I'm wearing all blue so.

He's got the the tar heel blue on today for uh Mr Schick to look at point Ben John's just 23 years of age six foot siding in Austin Texas originally out of Maryland yeah fortunate for Mr Schick there and it's ironic that Ben is playing against a Colin too let's just put that.

Out there I was just waiting for me to say Colin Johnson oh he slipped oh he slipped what a bummer that was an insane get on the backhand side here's a look at it what a bummer because he would have been there then John's keeps going to that backhand.

Side that's his bread and butter especially in the game of singles he loves to go inside out and then rip inside in up the line as well yeah and if it doesn't bounce he's gonna have to eat that little drop volley cut that is the specialty of foreign look at this wreath.

and the ability to get the next ball down and away is really hard on the move I mean what he's doing on the move is ridiculous make it 5-6 gets one to go and John's in a different position right now facing off and against an opponent he has never seen before.

and a missed return knocked things up at six see how hard he's heading to work already Ben's trying to stay away from that backhand on the return but he's still finding it on the opposing shot.

Yeah if he doesn't do enough with that then he is giving that backhand and so many options and Schick has come all the way back chick showing that he's got a forehand too cross-core winner 8-6 and Ben Johns calls a timeout what a start for the youngster so Colin Schick showing his chops on.

Both the backhand and the forehand side he's got Frank Anthony Davis right now with a notepad in hand giving him the scouting report a five point run for Colin Schick he now has a two-point advantage over Ben John Men's Pro singles here on the carvana PPA tour the red clay hot sauce floor to open first match on Championship Sunday.

What's crazy is almost now you believe that anything's possible with call-in chick on that backhand side just flinging those balls 100 and you saw that Ben did change and return to the backhand there so we'll see if that continues Court another side out even that is such.

Nice composure Cameron because a lot of times people panic when it goes off the tape he hits a great ball there doesn't overhit it foreign seriously again off the net forehand and he just lets the paddle do the work for him that's three inches Out Of Reach for Ben.

Johns nine six Four Hands Up the line ten six seven in a row and has a game point at time working in the favor Ben Johns goes back to the forehand side the question is now where does he shade to.

Colin Schick showing he can go cross-court as well as down the line Ben John's with some work to do oh Ernie from calling shake so he drops it brings him forward sees the paddle position of Ben the only place that can go is up the line from there and he's athletic enough.

To cut it off calling chick with game one oh just a routine eight points in a row on Championship Sunday against the best player in the world what are you doing on Sunday everybody at home I am in complete uh this is my first shot to actually see him in full match play Colin Schick has come to play on.

Sunday an eight point run for Colin Schick he is working with that guy right there Frank Anthony Davis in his box but I can't believe what we just saw Cameron alongside Dave Fleming game two about to get underway so call in Schick if you're just joining.

Us he came in to this tournament as the 31 seed in the qualifier he played Seven matches to get to this Championship Sunday final versus Ben Johns right now he is a game up on the number one seed Ben Johns the king of adjustments it's going to be interesting to see what he may do differently here in game two yeah he's gonna wanna try and come forward.

With that first step because he's been pushed that way and he's been having to Lunge and barely get there and then he's been on the defensive oh my outstretched calling Schick with an angle he's only capable of that went a millimeter over the net at the most severe angle Cameron come on.

We're gonna just stop being surprised I don't know if that's possible Dave 1-2 and usually you don't get just the crowd just revved like crazy in singles because you don't have the crazy wild shots they are so into this it is awesome one two.

Foreign Chic off the toe and into the did he hit the net oh into the net no the ball went off Ben's foot though so that's Colin's Point yes yes hard to tell from that angle yeah now that overhead went off the left foot of Ben John's there so uh 2-2 not working your old sport cam.

Volleyball I mean this is electric so aside out for Ben Johns 2-2 a beautiful shot from Ben Johns he hasn't been able to work so that inside in as Colin Schick has been returning just enough middle and protecting the inside out yeah he's done a great job of.

Both the location and the depth of the return so far and that's kept Ben from dictating the points and a second exact same Ben John's curling that back to the line yeah just a little too shallow in the court on these returns and with that cut if it sits up like that it gives Ben a real good looking ripping it past young Mr.

Schick tough serve with Ben Johns 5-2 Ben John starting to hit his spots right now 6-2 yeah it might be time for a timeout for Colin Schick and you are right on cue Dave Fleming time out by Colin Schick also important to remember game number one Colin Schick was trailing three to six and then went.

On an eight point run right now he's down 2-6 got Colin John in the Box for Ben Colin Schick Trails two to six to Ben Johns the number one player in the world Ben with a shot at a Triple Crown today on this carvana Championship Sunday Ben Johns is all over it but a little too all over it out of bounds yeah and.

Again these just severe angles from from Schick if he gets a backhand volley he is going there so Ben will know it but just getting there is impossible I don't know if Ben Johnson has ever seen this many angles in singles before the line I mean that's why he wasn't returning there before because of the Wizardry of.

The backhand that's a remarkable pass from that deep in the court Colin thought this ball going cross-court and Ben kind of tripped him up there nice contact from Ben Johns yeah sometimes you're too quick in singles and I've never been too quick unfortunately Dave sixth grade.

And it lands and Ben isn't used to a new player being willing to do this cat and mouse he's attacked him he's gone right at his body he don't care looks like he's out there running suicides right now running some wind Sprints is calling Schick Ben Johnson's making him work.

We're right back at that same spot 6-3 with Ben Johns in the lead mirroring game one contact gone awry for Colin chick now before Point margin seven three a tough serve from Ben Johns kept calling Schick at the Baseline yeah there's the value and the that is a big.

Difference in this match the quality and the pace and depth of the serve I mean a player that fast couldn't even get to the kitchen line because of how good the Ben John serve was towards the net that thing never even made it to the kitchen line that is not easy to do with a pickleball paddle and.

A pickleball look at this thing check up chopping wood over there out of bounds again Ben Johns needs this game too after dropping game number one singles competitions being played two out of three foreign.

Little angles Mr Schick it's my turn and another time out here from Schick and look at the crowd in the background everyone's hands are together because they're hoping we're gonna see a game three they want more Ben Johns versus Colin chick Ben Johns has stepped up his game here in game number two serve velocity and depth has definitely.

Increased as well as some of his passing shots he's up 9-3 just out of bounds says Ben Johns and again bence firing right at chick and his hands are good enough to handle it but quickly a game point here Cameron oh oh that is just Wicked Ben John's curling that ball just inside the court we're going to three enough.

Highlights for the Mets dude and I want some of my own sets Ben and I wanted a third game the crowd wanted the third game let's have a third game Cameron this will be the 20th game played on the weekend for Colin Schick he now faces one more first Ben Jones the next step forward will it be Colin.

Schick or Ben Johns one game left to be played in this Pro singles championship match chick just missing the third camera nerwin alongside Dave Fleming as we get game three started here for the red clay hot sauce Florida Open men's singles championship game zero zero.

He wasn't missing those early on that's a good sign for Ben Johns really is and the disparity in the pace depth and velocity on the serve is palpable here you can see it watch Ben go after this where Colin schick's just laying it in so better job on that return it was even though it was a little shallow it was low enough got a little kiss off the.

Tape too which kept it down so let's see if he goes after this more because he's just making it harder on himself on these thirds when he has so much variety said John's doing a really nice job on his serve as well as his own return a ball within the last foot of the Court 1-0 so what we talk about depth of return.

But if you're new to pickleball why does that make the third so much more difficult well a couple things number one it gives you the time to get to the net and secondly the angles are just much different from that far away you have no real shot to be able to get it past them when you're that far back if you can step into the court you have so.

Many more choices well that's another great example right there depth of return creating issues one zero one zero still call in chick really likes to flip this ball from the backhand all the way across Court Ben Johns has a good read on it now yeah so that's the the read is.

The magic word you just said there Cameron now he's on it and you can see split step ready to explode over there and if that isn't on the ground chick is in trouble there's a drop volley again just enough taking off it's just so fun to see a new way to play singles with him and the players playing him later in.

The day can thank Mr because this is taking a toll on Ben John and John's ready to serve sitting at the Baseline now Point got caught too close to his body yeah and there you see again the serve's so good the chick can't even get to the kitchen and take it that Advantage as the receiver so uh.

Really smart adjustments from Ben Johnson here's game play came up a little bit and he's been in command as you can see from the scoreboard Colin sick the drop volley should be named after him at this point we've got an army we're going to just have a check now but that all was set up by the return.

Just within the last six inches of the Court her confidence he just needs to get on the board here he's been missing some of his passing shots out the back but not by a significant margin yeah the question is always can you sustain that high level of play at that.

Amazing eight point run in game one hasn't been able to match that again since I like the thought here but trying to lob that Loop it over Ben John's head yeah he tried to trick that with just I'm gonna swing heavy but slow with the pace because he's gonna brush the back.

Side of the ball but uh slit it too wide oh yeah that got too much of a bounce Ben John Cross Court yeah Schick almost gave up in the middle of that his facial expressions like oh I didn't get that one where I wanted oh darn Ben John's now on a mission so fast couldn't quite find the contact he was.

Looking for but Ben John's right now he's feeling a lot better saying get in there you've got to get up to the net talking to his brother Colin John sitting in his box Colin shook his trailings by six starting to find a new style of men's Pro singles and singles in general in the game of pickleball Colin Schick.

Creating some different strategy right now he's got to find some strategy of his own trailing by six in game three it's really been kind of challenging the forward and backward movement of Ben Johns versus just the lateral motion yeah and you saw Ben Johns urging himself on the side switch here to get yourself going forward.

Tight calling calling that ball in yep a bit of the doubt here six zero ball was good nice shot from Ben Johns and this is the other thing that Collins not getting and he will I'm sure learn and add to this when you go after your serve you put pressure on the quality of that return as we've talked about and.

You get freebies he's got no freebies because he's just been laying in the serve I believe he had two in game one in which he won here's a look he goes up the line this time he has been flipping that ball across court so another good adjustment he's got to do some work he had an.

Eight-point run in game number one and just a little frustration creeping in there played so loose and so well in game one wow Ben johns with a wild wild Point Colin Schick you just have to go hats off for the gutsiness of some of those contacts.

I mean what he's getting to and he's keeping them relatively safe most of the time Cameron these aren't just lobs he's throwing up that are getting clobbered wow right now Ben Johns is one step closer to a pickle here in game three you know and that's the experience he.

Was able to withstand an incredible game one and now he has won 20 of the last 23 points oh trying to get there fans Still Loving the effort they're seeing on court even at 10-0 match point and Championship point.

For Ben Johns dead call in check angle until the end seeing the remarkable from him before zero 10. I like that Ben John's playing that ball you don't know you go stay focused on the ball it's a good play from Ben.

Love that sentence there cam if you don't know you go second Championship point zero Ben John victorious in Florida hate to see it end with a Miss like that but I mean look at how much the crowd loved this young man's effort Colin Schick may have not won the championship.

But he has definitely won some pickleball fans he drops game number two and game number three Ben Johns though he's number one for a reason made massive adjustment and increased his level of play in game two in game three look at that 11-3 11-0 the man was unrelenting welcome back I'm Cameron Blackboard here.

With the winner Ben Johns Ben what a match out there today Colin Schick probably the tournament of his life thus so far coming in from the qualifiers but how do you prepare for someone you've never played or even ever seen on tour before this weekend uh yeah first off I'd just like to say uh congrats to Colin it was an incredible run from the.

Qualifiers to the finals that's amazing uh and I was I just love to see uh you know new people of the final and obviously he's got a you know a ton of skill an incredible athlete so really looking forward to see him more uh as far as preparation I had to go one watch video of his play yesterday because I think.

This is his first term and ever so the only footage I got was was from his Thursday single so I had to study that and develop a strategy and he did a lot of Drop shots early on sorry to get a lot of momentum took that game one game one what adjustments did you make there before heading into game two that carried on to winning this match.

Yeah he was uh he was really carving his volleys dropping a lot short um really taking it off the court so I had to be more kind of a forward approach you know coming in behind the ball even if I didn't feel comfortable doing it because he was leaving some short but yeah a ton of really tough volleys and definitely had to make an.

Adjustment there all right well you have a long day ahead of you looking to Triple Crown today we're going to get Jeff from Red's Red Hots place or sorry red clay hot sauce my apologies our title sponsored today to present the trophy thanks Cameron Ben on behalf of red clay hot sauce in the PPA tour congrats on another trophy.

Congratulations Ben
#1 Ben Johns vs. #30 Collin Shick in Men’s Singles at the Red Clay Hot Sauce Florida Open. This took place March 9th-12th.

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