I’m here to teach you how to crush your friends out on the pickleball cour welcome to episode 8 of how to crush your friends on the pickleball court and in this episode we’re going to be going over lobs a lot of people love lobs a lot of people hate lobs but they’re a great way for you to relieve some pressure when you’re in a dinking.

Battle at the kitchen they’re also a great way to test your opponents athleticism you know some people don’t have athleticism on the pickleball court and it’s one way to test if they’re able to run back retrieve that ball and then get back into the kitchen line so here we are we are going to go through how to lob your.

Opponents and also how to retrieve a lob let’s get to it a drill to help you crush your lobs and your pickle ball friends out on the court is simply to get one person on the opposite side okay I’m here we’re both at the kitchen line we’re going to simply be in a dinking battle okay I’m going to get him moving around.

At the kitchen line and then I’m going to be aiming to go over his non-dominant shoulder that was a perfect one let’s go okay so again we’re just dinking at the kitchen line I was a little high he could have destroyed me but he was nice okay remember always getting back into that ready stance and then when I have an opportunity again lobbing over that.

Non-dominant shoulder so whatever shoulder does not have the ball paddle that’s the shoulder that I want to aim for going over on the lob so again this can be used to relieve pressure when you’re in a dinking battle at the kitchen line can also be used to see how athletic your opponents are all right so we just went over a simple drill for you.

To understand how to crush your opponents with a lob we’re now going to get into a game situation where I’m going to put in a deep serve Clint’s going to hit back a deep return and and Jamie Sue and I are going to try to do a third shot drop to get to the kitchen once we’re at the kitchen we will be dinking back and forth and we will then.

Try to get our opponents off of the kitchen line by executing a brilliant lob let’s see if we can do it here we go deep serve deep return nice great third shot drop okay we are at the kitchen we’re going to get into a little dinking.

Nice all done lob over top can Clint Clint gets there amazing and look at that what an amazing job by Clint he got to the lb he then was able to execute a third shot drop back to the kitchen line to get his team back to the kitchen awesome job when you are in a dinking battle against your opponents try a lob to get them off.

The kitchen line
Crush your friends by mastering the Pickleball LOB shot. Kaitlyn Kerr will teach you why you should use the lob, when to use the lob, and perfecting your shot.

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