This is the beam challenge serve I’m going to try to get that ball just below the beam ready this is my serve in out
@ZSistersPickleball – Buckle up, pickleball fam, because Carrie Z is about to serve up some heat that’ll have your retinas begging for mercy! In this epic beam challenge, Carrie takes aim at the elusive no-ceiling zone, launching a laser-focused rocket of a serve that skirts the edge of possible (and maybe sanity). Will it defy gravity and become a legend? Will it become a spectacular (and hilarious) near-miss? Tune in to find out if Carrie can truly beam this pickleball up, Scotty, or if she’ll end up with a serve that’s out of this world… in the wrong way! Get ready for goosebumps, gasps, and maybe even a few stifled laughs, because Carrie Z is about to serve you a beam challenge you won’t forget! ⚡️
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