In this video I'm going to talk about basic pickleball strategy pickleball is first and foremost a game of attrition you have to just simply Outlast your opponent because most people you play cannot beat you if you don't beat yourself for them so what we want to learn is how to play with more margin for error our main opponent on the court.

Is not the people we're playing it is the net so what we have to learn is to keep it higher over the net without letting it be attackable on the other side we call that learning to have touch and finesse so basically that's the most important thing we also don't want to miss the ball wide.

We're missing it wide or low into the net we're essentially beating ourselves so what we want to learn to do is keep our opponents back at the Baseline as much as possible and we want to control the non-volley zone line or what we call the kitchen we do that with finesse we can use a little power if the ball gets up but we have to be disciplined not to.

Attack balls that are too low and to know when to attack balls that are high so that we can keep them off balance out of the kitchen and basically on their heels while we are controlling the point with finesse and touch and nice strategy by always being playing from the front of the court or near the non-vollies online I want to ask you a question are.

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In this video, Scott teaches the most #basic #pickleball #strategy in 3 minutes. If you are looking for a simple strategy to make your pickleball game easier, and help you win more points and have more fun, this video has 4 tips in it that will get you get you on the right track.

The 4 pickleball strategy tips include:
00:32 – Give yourself more margin for error over the net.
00:43 – Give yourself more margin for error on the boundary lines.
00:53 – Keep your opponents back.
01:07 – Don’t attack low balls

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We love pickleball! In this video, you will learn how to play pickleball and various pickleball strategies. It is important to first understand the pickleball rules, and then come and watch these pickleball tutorials to take your game to the next level.

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