Foreign okay so question over did the ball hit the bar and a question over whether it was a uh if the ball.

Hits the bar at the bottom of the net it's a redo which I believe it did but it was after the bounce so they're having a conversation with the ramp about exactly what the rule is there.

So he's saying that if it hits the bar at the bottom before the balance then it's redo but if it bounces and then hits the bar it is not a redo appeared to be what was being explained there wait I guess the idea is that the ball at that point.

Would be hitting the ground uh I guess I'm not exactly sure it does seem like it would make sense for it to be a radio because the bar is in your way it's impossible to hit the ball I am not a ref ER
The ref ruled the ball hitting the bar was the same as the ball hitting the net. Is this the correct call, or should the point have been replayed?

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