You guys could you know try my idea just let us do whatever the hell we want and then make an MLP ball yeah we are working on them with people oh yeah what's that gonna be like during the dynamic testing of doing the dynamic testing uh I think we ordered uh you know there's uh the hardness.

Measurement and I think the USA pickleball measurement is a 50 on a durometer which is like this basically just push this machine into the ball and then again like how much pressure it takes to rebounded or push it back to a certain degree I think 50 on the durometer is the measurement and I think we ordered.

Balls that are like we ordered balls in different colors so like green and yellow and like 52 50 or 42 44 46 48 50. all in in both colors because color affects the dye affects you know the um the performance of the ball and then we're going to do testing um get player feedback and to determine what we think is the sweet spot for.

Verbal do you think I personally think that the ball technology is holding back professional play somewhat considerably because when you hit a different part of the ball the ball reacts differently off of your paddle depending on how close you hit it to a hole right so you could yeah you could or or what part or the marking on the ball yeah or what what.

Type what part of the ball you hit depend changes how the ball comes off of your your paddle and I don't I think that'll be an upper barrier on right now you hit the ball the same exact way twice and you'll have two different outcomes right that doesn't happen in in tennis that doesn't happen.

In basketball it doesn't happen in in any of these other sports to my to my knowledge right the variability of the ball I think makes it tough to be really really precise with with your shots is there anything that like any theories or any anything out there that you think could make this ball more consistent I mean.

One thing that I thought about is just like having different size holes I think made some sense at one point but like I don't know I I different size holes from ball to ball well there's also on the same ball they're spaced out differently like could you make a wiffle ball slow enough that doesn't have a.

Hole like yeah I think we're gonna do testing and I think we'll learn a lot from that testing and we are working on some things to develop stuff that I can't talk about that I think like will improve it well I think we see a path to getting away from the.

Paddle conversation blame it on the balls it is a common denominator and it is something that you can not manipulate but um you know make the standards of the ball such that maybe the paddles maybe you allow for a higher paddle because the ball is softer right like um.

It is and it is the common denominator so it's something to look at for sure yeah the ball is in the control of the referee and MLP yeah the paddles who knows paddles yeah the chain of custody of the ball is very different than the pedal hmm gotcha
Can MLP design a ball that mitigates issues with paddle technology?

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