Fleck and Ben can't believe he missed it he loves those little tricky rolls but that one goes just a bit deep see if Arizona and Southern can get on the board here oh my okay all sorts of uh Calamity approaching there is two people swinging at the overhead but Southern gets gets it down.

And no one lands in the kitchen somehow and they're on the board I like that southern went for it on that last ball like when you're engaged just go just got to communicate good luck at the pizza man another roll goes deep not much wind if there's any it's a little bit at the.

John's back good finish there from Ben johns but uh good little start here for Irizarry and Southern foreign ER oh my this is still going look at this guy that's gonna make it and Irizarry gets low and absolutely.

Tattoos this last one look at that form there's some tennis background in that what a point thank you yeah short return you're just begging for them to drive it at your partner tough ball off the net right there through southern off and now you can see he's bailing and that's a problem.

Oh my just absolutely blistered from Ben Johns if you short hop that return setting up trouble Southern very tricky on the first one nice job by Colin John's abstained true to his responsibility on that right side you got to have your forehand ready protect the line when the ball's in front of you did that perfectly.

Big finish from Colin there gonna drive sets up the shake and the bake Southern likes to step back third on the higher rolling or a step back fourth excuse me on the higher rolling third so they get it back down three what a couple mistakes from Colin John's here and uh they're within one.

possible to make a comeback if you drive two thirds into the net so uh side out after the couple of Colin John's errors and now they give another one so just can't happen if you want to push the top seed a little Tomahawk midpoint there from Ben Johns and then the big finish.

Again Southern tried that tricky down the line but Colin ready thank you shake and back finish for Colin Johns again and Riley Newman asked from Ben johns with the wiggling the elbows on the Tui there and it's 9-4 oh.

Ben John smiling stun that he missed that one got all of that one it's a double in the gap World Series continues answer Southern coming in hot on that one unlucky ball off the tape but uh I think bad things were going to happen anyway.

With that level of Swing try trading big big third shot drive so 9-4 on a one good job by Southern a changing where he puts that dink in front of them if you keep getting Ernie you got to put on the left side of the box she did there.

942 . and we are at match point for Colin and Ben Johns there's that nice backhand inside out from Southern and they will continue roller down the middle from Bad finish from Alder brother it's the way it's.

Supposed to be younger brother helping out the older brother and there's what happens if you do leave it straight in front nice finish Match Point number two and unfortunately for Irizarry he does get a souvenir that's the tattoo on his body from the Finish from Ben so Ben and.

Colin John's impressive in their first action of the day so we'll have more great men's doubles action coming up right after this we owe great times to good friends to the glasses that spark conversation to be ideas that then pour out hours came from a night like that and somehow survived the morning after.

To make our own tequila wasn't meant to leave our house since we made this for friends
Welcome to the Baird Wealth Management Texas Open presented by the Professional Pickleball Association. Today’s pickleball match-ups will feature some of the top-ranked pro men’s and women’s doubles teams in the world, including Ben Johns/Collin Johns, Lucy Kovalova/Callie Smith, Riley Newman/Matt Wright, Anna Leigh Waters/Leigh Waters, Jay Devilliers/Tyson McGuffin, and Catherine Parenteau/Lea Jansen.

Location: Oasis Pickleball Club (Rockwall, TX)

Men’s Draw:

1 Johns/Johns
2 Newman/Wright
3 Devilliers/McGuffin
4 Dawson/Smith
5 Smith/Loong
6 Koller/Wilson
7 Frazier/Young
8 Stone/French
9 Rettenmaier/Burrows
10 Deakin/Ignatowich
11 Arnold/Tellez
12 Goldberg/Alshon
13 Johnson/Marsh
14 Auvergne/Cincola
15 Dow/Scarpa
16 Bond/Seward

Women’s Draw:

1 Kovalova/Smith
2 Waters/Waters
3 Parenteau/Jansen
4 Irvine/Bright
5 Sheehan-Dizon/Jones
6 Tereschenko/Wright
7 Grechkina/Mayorga-Perry
8 Schneemann/Oshiro
9 Burr/Andersen
10 Tavernier/Bates
11 Hessert/Mattingly
12 Fudge/Padegimaite

About Our Sponsor: Baird Wealth Management is the official wealth management partner of the Professional Pickleball Association. Just like pickleball is more than a paddle and ball, wealth management is more than just investing and financial planning. When done right, it’s a relationship between you and a trusted financial partner – someone who understands your priorities and values and has a personal interest in seeing you attain the future you want for yourself and those closest to you. At Baird, we take that relationship personally. That’s why we strive to provide you with all the advice, services and resources you need to make the best decisions for your future. In the same spirit of how our financial advisors champion their clients, Baird is excited to support the sport that’s sweeping the nation. For more information on what Baird Wealth Management can do for you, visit www.BairdWealth.com.