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foreign good morning everybody Dave Fleming here and welcome to men's and women's doubles day here at The Baird wealth management Texas open thrilled to have you here and thrilled that mother nature will be cooperating.

All day as uh it was a wet windy and wicked day yesterday got most of the play in on the mixed doubleside and we'll set up what we're doing with the next steps in that but uh we jump in here and game one goes to our three seed Tyson McGuffin and Jay davilier they're playing David Zumwalt and Zach grab a bit.

You see Zumwalt there Center screen Albuquerque New Mexico is where you can find David teaching tennis and pickleball he is a pro at the tennis club of Albuquerque he's a graduate of New York University where he played Collegiate tennis so uh got that skill he's also got a creative writing background so uh quite a unique.

Skill set grabovic to his right the Lefty is from Melbourne Australia so uh very athletic player uh they were down big in game number one and then uh able to get a few points before devillier and McGuffin closed it out Tyson McGuffin of course the most electrifying person in all of sports in the back of the Court there and then.

Jay davilier talking to our referee they are the three seed they would like to get all the way to Championship Sunday we have had a lot of the Johns Brothers against Riley Newman and Matt Wright and we'll see if it plays out this way or if it's the day for McGuffin and devilier it is chilly here so the storm blew through here and we're in the.

Low 50s a little breeze but not too much so the ball is going to play much faster it is going to be a day where you got to have your hands ready folks because unlike when it gets sunny or later in the day and the ball will play a little slower this is going to be as fast as pickleball gets.

Here in the morning yes us going here with a nice shove from McGuffin there foreign caught in between there it happens you're like oh I can kill that one well once you decide it's too late indecision often ends up in the net.

Short return there a lot of conversation good nature conversation between McGuffin and the Aussie and someone said it was stupid and I'm gonna agree with them there just way too low to try and flick it down the line highest part of the net foreign quite good right on the line and again.

Every day here a lot of smiles on Center Court in in the middle of the intense action of the best players in the world it's like Comedy Hour out here somewhat's yelling at today to hit that one low serve doesn't come up see David zamwalt and two return errors in a row.

Crowd is packed in here already here in this chilly Saturday morning so there you see the tennis skills and it's often that next ball where you gotta reset the fifth very important shot here in pickleball it's one of the harder ones for tennis players to get accustomed to.

It's a nice shake and bake for the villian McGuffin you see devillier give it a look and then that's just candy some leftovers from Monday night's trick or treat McGuffin and devillier just couldn't get the ball to bounce good finish by the Lefty from Australia.

And McGuffin still smiling away here just deep on the serve again the men started at nine this morning the women will start later this afternoon foreign loves to crack the one-hander but he will go with the Tui there and he did to get that extra wall you can get that out.

Of your left hand it's almost a left-handed forehand somewhat leaning back instead of stepping into that being on and true to the shot foreign there foreign at the kitchen so no disguise though you.

Know what's coming the players at this level are going to be waiting for it if that even came over that's the beauty of the height of davilia he's able to hit down that's what you want to do pace is great but down is better oh the fake ATP sod.

McGuffin his responsibility on that right side is the cover the right side look at zumwal trying to get the crowd behind them is uh the deficit is seven oh big step trying to get the ATP there and we are at match point oh no.

And after intense indecision there devillier is still able to reach over and Zumwalt unfortunately smokes it into the net all smiles there for devillier and McGuffin a good look at the crowd and we are packed in here it's the beard wealth management Texas open everything's bigger in Texas and this is the biggest.

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Check out my Vlogs with my family or you can check out the McGuffin show subscribe today to the McGuffin pickleball Club foreign.

Not yet buddy new people pickleball each shot has its own strategy each player their own style whether you dink it drive it lob it drop it bang it or spin it is entirely up to you but we do keep.

Score we recognize the winners podiums are earned you want an edge you electrum earn your Edge foreign it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going.

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Treat our own family and work extra hard to get you the lowest low rate possible because if you believe you will thank you welcome back everybody Dave Fleming here at.

The Baird wealth management Texas open thrilled you're watching places packed already I love it adding chairs to the bleachers even that's how popular having the best players in the world here we are at the Oasis pickleball and Tennis facility it's about 40 miles east of Dallas and there's a good look at Ben.

Johnson half of the brother Duo he's going to be playing with Colin Johns obviously his brother his older brother on the other side of the Court you see him right there there's Colin and in the back right there is Ben Southern Ben Southern runs a pizza place outside of Austin.

Southern pizza so get get some pizza when you're down there and Ben Southern two years ago folks took a clinic from Ben Johns and now is playing in his first pro tournament against Ben Johns on Center Court so pickleball is crazy how that can work so Ben Southern ready to go ready to slice it up with Ben Johns here his partner.

Is from Puerto Rico Eduardo Irizarry he is a tennis and pickleball instructor in Puerto Rico and his as a fifth as as if the pizza story isn't enough for you Ben Southern and Eduardo Irizarry hadn't even met until they decided to step on the court and play so blind date Pizza Man Puerto Rican Center Court hey all we.

Have for you is a couple of Brothers who are pretty good at this sport to run into so this is going to be fun to see how Southern and Irizarry step up here as I mentioned earlier we are into the second round of the the men's they started at nine o'clock I'll rattle off the top five seeds or so so you know the Johns boys are the one seed Riley.

Newman and Matt Wright are the two seed we just saw davilia and McGuffin Advance they're the three the four seed is a a new new team that's gonna be very interesting to to watch today that's Colin Dawson playing with the Winter Soldier Pat Smith and it feels a little more like winter here.

I realize we're in November but it's not usually quite this chilly so they are the four seed and then the five seed is local favorite lawyer man Brandon French playing with Wyatt Stone so that gives you the top five seeds it's gonna be a great day so many other good teams if you just look at teams like the ninth seed Julian Arnold and Pablo Tellez.

The eight seed Spencer Smith and Tyler loong so a lot of good pickleball here for us today and uh this is our first look at Ben and Colin Johns will we get another rematch of their budding rivalry with Riley Newman and Matt Wright a lot of work for both of them to do to get there the crowd is.

Packed we are ready to play it is Eduardo Irizarry who will serve let's play Pickleball foreign forehand from Ben Johns says good morning Mr Southern.

Saw John's was going to the left try to poke it down the middle but catches the tape colder ball you're definitely going to see drives be even more effective early in the day let's serve so the serve on the PPA if it hits and that stays in we replay.

Here you see Ben John's rocking the vibe pickleball gear big announcement this week talk a lot about that during the day rope down the middle and paddle Clinic's never good and the John's boys are off and running there you see the vibe pickleball logo debuts in February.

A lot of excitement around that this week especially here in Dallas with Mark Cuban being the first owner announced obviously the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and a shark tank and so many other business Aficionado and entrepreneur that's what happens if you try to dink.

Down the line too close to the sideline and when your head goes down the player on the other side jumps in there nice irony from Colin Johns looking for it again there so got to be a ton of nerves on the side of Irizarry and Southern takes the big step back and tries to go.

Across court but uh kisses It Wide that's a smart leave I'll talk about that here in a minute and there's brother setting up brother as if they're at the dinner table past the salt boom finish so if you are standing at the kitchen line and a cross-court attack is coming over your left shoulder there's no way.

It can stay in let those balls go folks rosari was ready with the Scorpion up just went swung instead of through swung down catches the tape
Welcome to the Baird Wealth Management Texas Open presented by the Professional Pickleball Association. Today’s pickleball match-ups will feature some of the top-ranked pro men’s and women’s doubles teams in the world, including Ben Johns/Collin Johns, Lucy Kovalova/Callie Smith, Riley Newman/Matt Wright, Anna Leigh Waters/Leigh Waters, Jay Devilliers/Tyson McGuffin, and Catherine Parenteau/Lea Jansen.

Location: Oasis Pickleball Club (Rockwall, TX)

Men’s Draw:

1 Johns/Johns
2 Newman/Wright
3 Devilliers/McGuffin
4 Dawson/Smith
5 Smith/Loong
6 Koller/Wilson
7 Frazier/Young
8 Stone/French
9 Rettenmaier/Burrows
10 Deakin/Ignatowich
11 Arnold/Tellez
12 Goldberg/Alshon
13 Johnson/Marsh
14 Auvergne/Cincola
15 Dow/Scarpa
16 Bond/Seward

Women’s Draw:

1 Kovalova/Smith
2 Waters/Waters
3 Parenteau/Jansen
4 Irvine/Bright
5 Sheehan-Dizon/Jones
6 Tereschenko/Wright
7 Grechkina/Mayorga-Perry
8 Schneemann/Oshiro
9 Burr/Andersen
10 Tavernier/Bates
11 Hessert/Mattingly
12 Fudge/Padegimaite

About Our Sponsor: Baird Wealth Management is the official wealth management partner of the Professional Pickleball Association. Just like pickleball is more than a paddle and ball, wealth management is more than just investing and financial planning. When done right, it’s a relationship between you and a trusted financial partner – someone who understands your priorities and values and has a personal interest in seeing you attain the future you want for yourself and those closest to you. At Baird, we take that relationship personally. That’s why we strive to provide you with all the advice, services and resources you need to make the best decisions for your future. In the same spirit of how our financial advisors champion their clients, Baird is excited to support the sport that’s sweeping the nation. For more information on what Baird Wealth Management can do for you, visit