She sort of just jumped into the pro game and here you'll see a nice little drop volley great get by bright but uh of course wide open yeah bright jumped into some florida tournament started beating people and everybody's like who is this who is this and now obviously everybody knows who she is and you know when.

You're playing at a at a grand slam on this court to get off to a nice start like this is you know just settles the nerves down as well so good start for anna bright and she gets to serve back here with this 4-1 lead and what a great cross shot there by kelly smith yeah these ladies are so good that if.

Your pass is more than two or three inches above the net they're going to put that volley away almost every time long returns so that'll make it 2-4 now 2-4 kelly smith course last year was was big news when she.

Initially wasn't going to play on sundays on the ppa tour and eventually finally changed her mind on that decision unable to catch up with that one she talked about that and much more on the on a podcast of what now podcast she's promoting that on her instagram feed right now.

Just posted that yesterday in fact i just saw that this morning dave so i haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but i know what i'm going to be doing when we're done with our coverage today more cali smith the better day so uh yeah she's uh just so passionate about everything in her life and there you see.

If that if that pass is high it's just too easy to put the ball into the open court in singles in pickleball and that's a delicious little two-handed backhand roll by callie smith there from the baseline that was really nice so we're tightened up here now 3-4 that backhand wide though so the shirt.

Back over to anabrite 4-3 right hanging with some punches there from kelly smith how about this and kelly finally does put it away i think kelly probably thought that exchange was going to be over about four four uh volleys earlier yeah unlike tennis where you can hit an.

Overhead into the 28th row by knocking it hard down and getting that ball to bounce the wiffle ball doesn't bounce so throwing it up can keep you in a point breit did that well there but cali was ultimately able to finish and then same lady hits the tape on her serve and gives it back yeah it is it is very rare to see the pickleball bounce that high i.

Did a tournament uh last year in uh in texas though where i remember when it went it was a moon shot and everybody had to everybody stopped for a minute they not needed to check the ball it was uh unusual to see that kind of bounce yeah so that's why you'll see on on overheads looking for angles looking for.

Uh places to get them off the court to set up the next one it's rarely put away on the first one smith with the surf back chance to draw even she has been trailing this entire first game and the side out i'll get it back over.

To anna bright so you saw callie looking for an angle and when you find that angle she just missed that one but you want to come in behind that and finish so the great protector of the net being the kitchen enables you to play singles that way we'll see her continue to try and do.

That nice job there by anna bright she set up that finishing shot with the previous one yeah that's pickleball especially is a multiple shot winner sport and you have to just stay patient with those put aways.

Long on that one though that'll get to serve back over to cali yeah that's a ball that uh bright is gonna make most of the time but uh doesn't do it there and again the pressure to hit a deep return because you don't want to set up your opponent for an easier passing shot but it creates errors and missed returns.

Are things that ring the scoreboard so you got to be careful great job by kelly to get that first one but anna knew what to do with that executes it perfectly and there you see the how good her two in the back end is because that is not.

As easy as that little punch bali looked right there beautiful job by bright so bright now two points excuse me one point lead and right on cue with the backhand wizardry from bright able to run it down the sideline there which was nice it just.

Did catch that line and now the lead grows to three it's 7-4 cali's got to be thinking maybe a time out you don't want to fall too far behind here that's a great ball off the forehand there's a good look at netcam stretched out wide and you are correct she will take a timeout to try and keep this thing where it's at she'd love.

To get to serb back she already has had one four-point deficit in this first game and we this is one of those games where you we saw it on the we saw it on the pairing sheet we said this thing's probably going three games yeah and uh you know anna breit got some gifts to start out with and that has.

Really found her range in the passing shots and it can be disheartening to be on the other side to have a backhand beat you i'm gonna go to the forehand side and then she rolls the forehand there you can see anna bright enjoying the music there that's uh cali's husband kyle coaching.

Her up there in the in the stands he's uh you know these guys talk about you hear the tennis players talk about their team that's where pickleball is getting to now getting coaches there getting the family behind you they're traveling all over the country to iconic venues like this one so i think if i'm kyle telling.

Callie what to do there's hey let's let's chip that ball and return it somewhere down the middle not to give up angles and make a good first volley and get the ball back and get a run of our own but anna bright looks very comfortable dancing to the music over there in her chair yeah anna's having a whole lot of fun taking all this in cali.

You mentioned her husband kyle she's also the mother of the two children so i figured a couple more years we'll probably be seeing the the the smith youngsters on the pickleball court yes they definitely hit some balls between matches out there with mom and dad so it is truly a family affair such a great family sport that's i think.

Dave one of the reasons why this sport has grown yes exponentially as it has the last couple of years it's because it is so social and so inclusive for all people but it's a great i know it's one of the things i enjoy doing with my son we go and play a lot of pickleball it's just a great family event absolutely i can put my parents out there with my.

Nephews who are in college put them in any combination they're having the best time it's active you move your body you're laughing you're only 14 feet away from each other and that is why this is the fastest growing sport in the country and it's not going to stop so let's see if.

Callie smith can stop the run of anna bright here well people who follow the ppa tour know it is uh it is really ridiculous how many times the timeout actually serves its purpose so bright with the 7-4 lead here in game one and we've jinxed the the time-out wizard there as uh bright comes up with a.

Great first backhand right there i didn't say it was a hundred percent just just a majority i agree come on i may track that for for for our week together here dave love it i'm gonna i'm gonna go ahead and track that it's all for one.

Turn two straight points out of the timeout for bright she's now just two away from taking game one and that's going to be long so smith will get to serve back and she's got to take advantage of it because this first game's starting to get away yeah and you saw her change strategy she did not come in behind her.

Return she waited uh to get a better ball to come in behind and got the miss great play there by kelly she was going to put it down that sideline and anna had to reach for it yeah and didn't try to over hit it placement over power you know she loves the two-hander but just flipped it.

With one hand there perfect shot by smith how about that crossing shot yeah just uh it will not count as a winner because i believe the return down the line here was called wide but uh we'll give her a winner for the uh that's why.

That's why i was i was waiting to hear if they were going to call it out but then i was so impressed by the return either way you get a point out of it that's going to close it to six nine yeah she doesn't get two for the miss and the winner by the way great job by our crew on that replay they were right on that i did not say i was watching.

Your feet so suddenly the run goes the other way yeah they call that one long and you heard you heard her ask the official and she said she was watching the feet so it's tightening up in game one here between bright and smith we're going to step aside back to cincinnati in a moment.

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Fleming along with you as the ppa is in cincinnati ohio and the lindner family tennis center for the bear wealth management open our first match of our extensive coverage this week and a bright there in the blue and kelly smith on the right side of the court in the red and kelly trying to mount a comeback has trailed by as many as four points.

Here in this first game but has closed the gap and the winner down the sideline there and that's going to make it 8-9 now we've got it back to just a one-point game and another timeout that goes astray here from stopping the run so oh for two here one right here that will get the side out though so.

Bright will get the serve back trying to get to 11 and close out this first game you heard her say right here so let's see if she's got her best passing shot ready oh what a brilliant shot there by bright and that will bring up game point and this is a great job of closing the net as you are brought in don't let your.

Opponent get away with that ball bouncing chase a good ball down the line beautiful job by bright that's long and that's going to be game one so anna bright she weathers the storm as kelly smith tried to make it interesting but breit takes game one 11 8. we're.

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Dollars call and get two cic recharge hearing aids for only 347 dollars and free shipping call now 800-680-0704 again that's 800-680-0704 well anna bright less than a year into her pro pickleball career is one game away from advancing in cincinnati ohio against kelly smith she takes game one 11-8.

Despite a rally there out of cali smith and now she'd love to take this second game and be able to get this thing over within straight games but kelly smith will start game two with the serve as they change sides kelly now on the left side of your screen and kelly unable to take advantage of the first serve however and anna's gonna.

Now get a chance to go on the scoreboard first and an early one-nothing lead for bright and if bright is able to hold on and win this match we'll have the battle of anna's as anna lee waters has already advanced to the semifinals so the winner of this will face anna lee waters well i mean it's.

Appropriate we should have players with the same names if the commentators are gonna have the same names exactly i mean come on it's a family affair here at the lindner family tennis center let's go uh anna bright the early lead here now.

And make it a two nothing lead bright will tell you that when it comes to pickleball her approach is to rip it uh she's she's not quite as patient as she was in her tennis days for the cal bears yeah and ripping it is working and you saw callie smith again choose not to come in but then it was anna bright who took advantage of coming into the net.

And won the last rally she tried to place that one but you heard her kind of bemoaning that the execution of that 003. so 0-3 as smith gets to serve back smith has not had a lead in this match she does get a point here though and gets it back to 1-3.

Yeah she is a very feisty fiery player and we haven't heard the commands and all of that that we are so accustomed to hearing from cali smith you heard a a 40 version there i think we'll see the decibel level rises as this game gets closer here in game two and that'll knock it up at three this is.

The first time that it's even been tied in a game for callie smith she got a chance to take a lead for the first time in this match and there's the come on as she finally does have a lead yeah the problem here for anna bright has been very short returns in the.

Middle of the court and then you just can't cover it all and cali smith has done a great job at taking advantage of that and i think we got close to jet engine decibels on on that on that yellow come on and that's how she likes to play get that energy going and then impose your will that's what cali smith.

Does she's got a nice four-point run here i think there's a few decibels left though on that on that audio meter yep i think we have rock concert coming here uh momentarily put a rock concert over jet engine i am because i just saw a duff leopard so it was it was it was plenty loud yes you're killing me because they they were.

Playing last night in the bay area and i i was i was flying out for the tournament so i had to i had to miss it but we digress three four bright trailing smith maintaining the serve so let's see timeouts are 0 for two is this going to be the one that's going.

To break that cycle yeah and you know we saw after game one anna bright singing she's high fiving the fans she's off to a three-nothing lead and the beauty of pickleball is the runs you get that ball you can keep it it's not you know it's the basketball equivalent of make it take it you keep winning on your serve you can put together a run.

We're at four now what do you have to stop momentum a time out we'll see if it works for anna bright but her returns got to be deeper i don't care what timeout she calls it's not going to work and that's going to be long so for the first time a timeout actually is successful in stopping the momentum.

So serve back over to bright 3-4 right whose father was a college tennis player said she can't remember a time in her life when there was not a racket or a paddle of some sort in her hand.

Yeah and you can see how well and she again is in her pro infancy if you will less than a year how well that two ended backhand specifically has translated shots stayed in and how about that couple of beautiful shots there by bright thank you anna for paying off what i just said just look at that.

Wicked little roll that requires a lot of left hand in the shot you'll see it there to get that amount of roll on the pickleball she does it better than just about anybody on the tour and that's going to be long so make it a 6-4 lead now for bright and again callie chose not to come in.

Kelly stays back again now she comes in oh and anna now has rolled off four straight points yeah and this approach is just way too many options for right if you're just gonna cut it into the middle of the court and not deep.

You want to play the middle of the court but you want it to be deep to take angles away but if it's short you can't play the angle back it's geometry here and you're giving her way too many options so now bright's on a rampage kelly uses a timeout we'll step aside for a moment here's liz.

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Learn more at well this is the fourth time out that's been taken in this match and so far taking the timeout has only been beneficial two of the previous three we'll see if this evens it up callie smith trying to stem the tide here as anna bright is four points away from advancing.

In the women's singles pro division here at the bear wealth management open there's that backhand again and again another timeout that doesn't do its job this is really bucking the trend and more importantly it's a commanding lead here for bright and you see the beautiful split step be able.

To explode either way nice approach shot beautiful perfect finish from bright that was a well placed shot there by smith so kelly will get the serve back and she is in a deep d pole needs a run here yes smith's the four seed brights the fifth seed.

Well it's the first point gets it to 5-8 now smith with a little bit of momentum things can change quickly on the pickleball field and you see some beautiful touch here on that ball right there by cali smith and then great anticipation and pour some sugar on me with the yell.

Okay joe elliott there's a foot fault so make it three straight points here by smith and that's going to force breit to use a timeout the second final timeout of this game for anna bright yeah yeah and i talked about.

Pickleball as a gamer runs this whole game has been chunks of points and as you can see we've got two of the semi-finalists already named we mentioned anna lee waters gets the winner of this match and then leia janssen who made the final in the tournament of champions the prior ppa event up in utah.

Battle serena taraschenko what a match that was uh readers did not go quietly no nor does she ever that's very true uh the 2-7 is catherine parento and salome davide that is going to be a very interesting match those two played before and david beats catherine so we'll see.

If parento gets revenge to get a spot in the semis all right so the timeout coming to its conclusion here kelly smith a chance to draw even 7-8 and they're gonna say the point for smith to tie it up at.

Eight a piece so another unsuccessful timeout dave fleming yeah that ball just paints the line there and maybe they shouldn't call timeout today that goes into the net so tied up at eight the serve will go back over to bright but now it's smith with the.

Momentum and bright perhaps feeling a little bit of pressure here and bright able to get smith to hit it into the net to go back on top yeah just leaning a little too much i love this look from netcam of the footwork of anna bright there and that's going to set up match point.

this is a lot like what took place in game one where callie smith pushed her but didn't get all the way past see if she can close it out here come on and that's going to be just wide great look at it from that baseline cam so cali will get to serve back at 8 10.

And sometimes you want to yell come on just uh you know encourage a call that goes in your favor but that ball clearly wide but the serve gonna go right back over to bright so this will be match point number two coming up yeah and again smith's approach too short and gave way too much of an angle.

To anna bright there beautiful cross-court roll for her and there it is anna bright is going to win it in straight games 11 8 11 8. she only trailed by a single point momentarily in game two other than that she was in front the entire match an.

Impressive performance by the former cal bear yes she uh was pushed on a big run you had callie smith yelling and anna bright looks to be in a great place here high fiving the fans enjoying herself out on the court and that's what pickleball is all about joy so we will get the anna v and a showdown we have an anna lee.

Waiting for hannah bright but uh that'll be a great battle because these two have played before and that has gone through going to be a fun day of coverage here on tennis channel don't go anywhere we are just getting started.

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What you need delivered the very same day you ordered folks back at the baird wealth management open ppa tour and you just saw this women's match between kelly smith and anna bright won by anna brent the former cal bear and really uh dave fleming an.

Impressive performance she never let kelly smith get comfortable no she didn't and you saw how uncomfortable she was dave she was deciding should i come in should i go back and when she was coming in she was getting passed and anna bright is a deserving winner as she is the fifth.

Seed advancing there she will play emily waters who was so good in the prior tournament dave she didn't lose a game in singles mixed or women's doubles she was on a rampage in utah and obviously off to a great start against jana gretchkina that is going to be a great match we'll see who leia janssen gets in the other semi anna.

Anna lee waters and anna bright should be a lot of fun but the next match we're gonna be bringing you here today on tennis channel takes us back over to the men's pro division and we'll see tyler tyler lug who pulled off perhaps the biggest win of his singles career in beating ben johnson in straight games earlier today he'll take.

On hunter johnson who is a rising star on the ppa tour we'll have more on both of them when we return to cincinnati here on tennis channel here's liz whose bladder leaks drop in uninvited but instead of period pads she brought poise ultrafin.

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What a competition all the matches were ultra tight brought out the very best in both teams we were so close we're pulling away once again team europe are the lava cup champions so i hope the streak continues thrill of victory is amazing the agony defeat sucks get set for big action on a worldwide.

Scale as 16 nations square off in the next stage of the davis cup it'll be an epic week-long battle as team usa and other star-studded squads from around the globe including some of the biggest names in the game clash in four separate groups with the top eight countries advancing to the championship rounds davis cup finals live coverage begins.

Tuesday at 8 a.m on tennis channel beautiful look at the skyline in cincinnati ohio the baird wealth management opened day one of this ppa tour event at the lidner family tennis center cincinnati one of two cities dave fleming that called it it calls itself.

The queen city yeah well why do we have a pair of queens i guess they love poker but uh let me tell you this is a grand slam and this is an interesting semi-final so let me tell you about hunter johnson's run so far today.

He's a university of lafayette ragin cajun is where he started his college tennis career what isn't even shown here is he played a very good player in the first round travis rettenmeier won 13-11 in the third to get by that then runs into the sixth seed james ignatowicz who has been.

Excelling and hitting podiums and singles all over the place beats him in three 11-5 including winning game two 12-10 after dropping the first one then as if that wasn't enough ran into jay devilier the third seed and beat him 11-9 11-6 so we've seen hunter johnson beat tyson mcguffin at the tournament of.

Champions he came in here with a lot of confidence and he is showing it here a deserving semi-finalist and his twin brother yates really pushed ben johns earlier today perhaps tyler loong can give him a nod for setting him up victory of the day well hunter johnson.

28 years old just celebrated his 28th birthday earlier this summer and there's a good look at hunter johnson he will get the surf here after the side out and we mentioned tyler lew when we first came on the air weather coverage here today at tennis channel we showed you that match point.

Against ben john's tyler leung really had to earn it in game two though it took six match points and some extra pickleball to finally stave off ben john's yeah you could see the nerves like nerves don't usually are visible you could literally see the word nerves just cropping up on his face as he just.

Missed beforehand just missed the backhand uh but finally able to get uh 2-0 ben jones to put a volley in the net deserving winner but now he's finding himself in a very early hole down three nothing here against hunter johnson and you know you wonder if human nature.

Plays a little bit here dave fleming because you know you beat the behemoth that is ben john's and then you're taking an upstart like hunter johnson you might exhale just a little bit thinking okay i i i've taken on the toughest draw that i'm gonna face in this tournament no doubt uh just across the parking lot is the beast roller.

Coaster at kings island which is the best roller coaster in the world and he beat the beast so now can he make sure that that roller coaster doesn't dive down and maintain that high level human nature may play a role can you sustain it we'll see hunter johnson obviously playing very well today he is.

Not going to make this easy yeah dwell johnson with that three nothing lead but now loong is finally on the scoreboard at 1-3 and how about that along with the the beautiful precision and then finishes it with the flip of the backhand two three.

Great place shot there by johnson to get the serve back this is what absolute filth looks like ladies and gentlemen look at that roll again heavy left hand gorgeous ball from johnson there and that same guy misses the search side out gets it back over to loon get two three.

Tyler loong who played collegiate tennis at byu still referees for some college tennis matches on occasion and you're gonna see him just rifling forehand passes that's his favorite shot from the baseline also he loves the ernie when he's up at the kitchen no doubt the.

One of the most athletic players he will take advantage of that and and the interesting thing when we get in what we call those cat and mouse points and singles when both players are at the kitchen line he was winning those against ben johns today and that's why he was able to get there and that's a place where.

That's that's ben's happy place come on up there and tyler loong was up to the task today that miss hit by johnson gets the serve back to lung and then that is long so right back over to johnson yeah so if i'm johnson i'm making him beat me with the backhand and uh you saw.

That go well deep three three don't let him slap forehand winners past me oh what a great backhand there by johnson tremendous anticipation and the key to that is if you see your opponent let the ball bounce come in behind it in singles.

And then how about that forehand winner johnson's showing it's no fluke how quickly he has ascended here on the ppa tour and made some noise here today he's really been working on his game he's from texas just outside san antonio it's a left-handed one-handed forehand in the middle of that that doesn't work.

Out misfire there yeah it helps if your twin brother's really good got a built-in practice partner there's that lefty shot for some reason just didn't even want to put the right hand on the paddle pretty convenient for mom and dad too right you have you the twin boys you.

Could go out and go out get out of court somewhere yeah you guys are allowed to play for two three hours that's fine go ahead five three that's gonna just catch the line you heard the reaction there out of loong is he's again now down by three points and again.

Short returns gotta get deeper that one will be wide though by hunter johnson so ling's got to get him into those cat and mouse points or run around that backhand and slap forehand passes not except returns to his backhand three six you mentioned the road to this.

Match for both these gentlemen it's uh to break it down simply it's the third match of the day for loong it's the fourth match of the day for johnson yeah and you know you usually say like a warm-up match to get started as i mentioned 13-11 in the third is one heck of a warm-up for johnson though after falling in the.

His first match of his first game 10 12. he comes back in game two 11 nothing yes six three oh boy that's the point i thought that one might have been long eddie let it go yeah you see that johnson's able to hit.

Two-handed inside out backhand down the line that's that shows you the ten of strokes because that is a much more difficult shot that was not difficult for him and his passes are on point and here's what frustration looks like when you're at the kitchen line and suddenly you're.

Down a3 by five points eight three in favor of johnson and getting the serve back and again to reiterate this is for the chance to play on championship sunday in a grand slam on the ppa tour this is a huge opportunity for these gentlemen more points more money more.

Opportunities we'll move your seed up so you don't have to go through the rampage that hunter johnson required today well i'm covering some serious ground on this exchange and johnson also right there phenomenal athleticism on both sides of the court you see him sliding.

Into this and that is the ball that set him up by the way you see johnson go into the kitchen there if you're if you're a new viewer you are allowed to go into the kitchen when the ball bounces like that you're just not allowed to go into it to hit it out of the air and these angles by hunter johnson are.

Absolutely nasty and it's enabling him what you want if you can dip it at your opponent's feet the ball is going to pop up and then you have so many options you can open the whole playbook up for the next ball and then you get loon guessing he's had roon guessing from the start and now he's got a chance to take game.

One in commanding fashion went with a little uh slice serve there too and got a nice ball that he had options with on the return this is an impressive run by johnson by the way uh loom just ignoring the timeout apparently he knows timeouts were one for five so far today.

He's had an earpiece in while we were talking anna and callie smith avoiding the timeout worked he gets the side out he gets the serve back but trailing 410. johnson thought he caught the edge of the line there called wide so one game point saved.

And there's that running around making that passing shot beautiful precision there johnson just forces the side out and he'll get to serve back with a chance to close out game one and you saw him just make a a nice solid volley and put loong on the run 10-5 don't have to overhead it second chance.

At the game game point yep number two game point number two is the winner johnson an impressive start to this match against tyler loom 11-5 in game one what fun that was for johnson game two coming your way in just a moment this ancient aquifer is miraculous.

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Now we're here answering the phone i promise it'll change your life call 800-830-9623 that's 800-830-9623 again 800-830-9623 welcome back to the baird wealth management open here on tennis channel the men's semi-final between tyler loong.

And hunter johnson johnson takes game one 11-5 beautiful afternoon on the outskirts of cincinnati temperatures in the upper 70s couldn't ask for better plant conditions light winds no precipitation i mean this is perfect pickleball weather it really is and tyler loon thought he was done.

With anybody with john's in their last name and he just got run over by beautiful precision passing shots balls dipping past him dipping at his feet so loong's got to get into his mode.

Which is cat and mouse at the kitchen we haven't seen the ernie that gives him that energy and if i'm hunter johnson i'm like i got everything going on nothing to change here let's go and you know what part of the reason we haven't seen the earning you got to give the credit to hunter johnson he hasn't.

Set it up but an opportunity for luke to be able to have an earning 100 the the ball has to be in a position where you want to drop it to that four-hander backhand side and he's ignoring it and he's showing off his juggling skills he'll be at cirque du soleil tonight in cincinnati look at that move.

Uh warming up for the next step leopard concert exactly so that tells you i've got a very loose player with a very nice lead with a chance at his first championship sunday well we saw what happened with the looser player in game one of our coverage and the women's side as uh it was anna bright who was the one.

That looked looser and she she is able to dispense at kelly smith and straight games and uh some sportsmanship right off the bat loong was about to call that deep did call it deep and then was like i think that was in and rightly gave the point to johnson that one is deep however so it'll be.

Side out and lung now trying to draw even what a backhand by hunter johnson put it in a difficult spot for lung to catch up to it yeah just a little high on the first pass there and you do not get extra points for hitting the guaranteed rate.

Sign so uh uh some nice deceptiveness there by johnson luna was guessing didn't know where johnson was going to go with it again again it's the ball before that this one sits up and he hits it into the open court but he's making loon half divali up in the air and then just so much.

Possibility after that and that ball's long so a three-nothing lead here for johnson 3-0 and i know we've talked about the timeout problem today but one more it's got to be a timeout and now the timeout will come the side out will come assuming the side.

Out will come 0-4 if you had me thinking time and the difference in the john's versus johnson match for loong he was making those all day long with the forehand passing ben johns hasn't found the range here against hunter johnson and another point for johnson a.

Five-nothing lead here already up one game to none five zero a runaway train right now yeah i mean this is this is a beautiful two-handed backhand inside out paints the line missed return this is this the paddle's got to hit he is just not going to stop it okay 7-0.

7-0 and a side out much needed there by loong down 0-7 and in a huge hole and there you hear loong say geez make a ball he cannot do it i'd say an impressive run again by johnson make it eight nothing.

Yeah and if you're stepping into the court consistently and you have confidence you feel like that thing is the easiest ball in the world to hit there's not even an opponent over there sir we'll go back over to loong zero johnson finally able to offer up a point for loong as he hits it into the net.

One that's going to be the side out hunter johnson is road to getting here we mentioned eddie three games in the first match for him today three games in the second match and then straight games over jade aviglier so he's gotten better.

As the day has gone on he has and uh he is putting on quite a show on center court here now that's going to be wide so the serve going back over to johnson up 8-1 and still no timeouts being taken i think that just caught the line look to me like johnson had signaled it.

Was out but i think he gave the it was the flat hand signal that i was like yep that's good yeah the winner of this will get the winner of tyson mcguffin and frank anthony davis will play in the other men's semi-final wow great shot there.

To make it 9-2 and again throw it at their feet follow it in hit it into the open court lather rinse repeat and hunter johnson is making all those raging cajuns happy with the way he's playing friendly bounce off the net in favor of loong and johnson.

Did catch up to it but wasn't able to hit it cleanly two nine and that looked just too easy side out gets it back over to johnson two points away from the match yeah this that specific point just was a perfect reflection for this entire match johnson in control doing what he.

Wants and loong scrambling and how about hunter johnson grabbing the towel i think he anticipated lung taking the time out he didn't that's going to be long that'll set up match point time well you couldn't have scripted this one.

Dave fleming tyler loong beats ben johns in straight games and then gets ousted in straight games by the unseated hunter johnson you wondered if he could pay it off and keep that going we knew hunter johnson coming into this match was fine-tuned based on the quality of opponent that he had sent to the back draw and as we.

Talked about his level has been rising he's done for the day he's playing on sunday we'll hear from hunter johnson on the other side of this timeout stay with us on tennis channel trilogy for copd birds flying high if you've been playing down your copd.

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Wealth management open we are so happy to bring you men's and women's singles all week and all day long i'm here on center court here with hunter johnson hunter you were a superstar out here it was such a decisive victory we just witnessed where did you come from where did you bring this firepower um wow yeah this is uh i'm actually a little shocked.

Myself uh i played james in the second round james ignatowicz and man it was not looking good my back was sore i was down 8-0 and i just i just said you know let's just let's just get a little fire in me and then i i lit it and i guess it worked out yeah so well uh tyler ling was coming off of a.

Big upset over ben johns obviously playing very hot how did you slow his role in this match yeah um i'm not gonna lie i did scout the match a little on video so i kind of picked out a little weaknesses um i mean he doesn't have many but i just could try to hit some big serves big returns so i could kind.

Of stop him from playing the cat and mouse game i knew that isn't my game so i just tried to you know hit big and go for my shots and and luckily they man they landed so thank you yeah well hunter you're in your first championship sunday and in a grand slam no less a lot of points a lot of money.

On the line how are you going to prepare for that oh gosh yeah i'm gonna get some rest i gotta change my flight wasn't expecting that um talk to talk to dyed mcc what they want me to do how they want me to prepare so uh yeah it's gonna be fun uh.

We'll see my brother my twin brother is still in the backdrop so let's see if he can try to you know come back and maybe we play on a sunday together so we'll see well congratulations hunter we'll have a lot more coming up right after this don't go away.

it's the exciting race to the year's climactic events watch tennis channel's chase for the championships catch action at every atp and wta tournament this fall as top pros square off to score points to qualify for the.

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When it comes to lasting relationships we're thinking of every mile the new hyundai tucson it's your journey hey pickleball is quickly gaining popularity across the country and if you've noticed these type of quartz pop up at your local parks you may be wondering how do you play i'll show you the basics.

To begin the server serves underhand to the opposing corner the ball must clear the net and the non-volley zone the ball must bounce on both sides before players can begin to volley the ball out of the air so no out of air volleys can be hit while standing in the kitchen however bounces can be played a point is won by either hitting a.

Winner or having an opponent hit the net or a shot outside the line so similar to volleyball points can be won only while serving the person or team who first gets to 11 points wins the game pickleball is fast paced easy to learn and great for all ages like me so next time you see these courts don't be shy grab some friends pick up some paddles a.

Pickleball and go have a blast anna lee waters that is a pretty good person to have promoting the sport because she's pretty pretty good at pickleball number one ranked player in the world just 15 years old she'll take on anna bright in the.

Women's singles semi-final coming your way right now here on tennis channel defense alongside dave fleming annaleigh waters she just continues to get better and better dave you saw the storm coming over the horizon and boy has it ever packed a punch yeah we got full-fledged tornado warnings now here dave i mean she's.

Getting better last year you saw she was wearing knee braces now she's got her health in a perfect spot working with a physio obviously she plays doubles with her mom in the women's side she's playing mixed doubles with ben johns she's won multiple triple crowns this year and despite playing with ben johns and.

Despite playing with her mother in women's doubles she says singles is her favorite thing well here's a look at the highlights of annalee waters turned pro at age 12 youngest pro pickleball player in the history of the sport three golds in 2021 and four titles overall and uh you know you think about the history with ben.

Johns and the mixed doubles right simone jargim was his partner for a long time simone was the gold standard of women's pickleball so you've got to be pretty amazing to be able to step in to that role and play alongside ben giants in the in the mixed doubles no doubt you know simone is the the goat of pickleball there you see.

Anna lee getting some last-minute coaching from her mom who's not even playing today but dressed matching her daughter so i love to love to see that they love fashion this is going to be a great one well we are underway you saw in our first match of the day here on tennis channel anna breit was able to dispense with.

Kelly smith in straight games i mean how about annalee waters right out of the gate showing out the showing off the full arsenal the backhand the overhands everything on display right there yeah chose to stay back to start the match so you you will see some more baseline rallies from these two.

Because they are so worried about being passed if they don't come to the net behind the right ball so a lot of respect that's why we'll see who can pound out some groundies here on the tennis channel misfire there by waters so bright will get it back trailing 0-1 anna brighton her match against cali.

Smith she only trailed by a single point one time and that was at 4-3 against kelly smith other than that she was in control throughout and a well-placed shot there so she ties it up at one yeah bright is not going to be intimidating you know sometimes walking in playing the one seed who's.

Really playing well that's not even a factor bright's going to bring her best stuff all day misfire there an interesting dichotomy here dave right you've got anna bright who came through the college tennis side and you've got annalee waters who never played competitive.

Tennis going against each other she did not she actually was playing high high high level soccer like this is a woman that could easily compete with any soccer field in the country now she's got her sights set on the 44 by 20 pitch we have here in pickleball yeah and there's a part of her if you talk to her that will tell you that you know it was.

Not easy for her to make that switch because she really really loved soccer but she also understood the landscape of i've got a chance to be dominant if i focus on pickleball full-time yeah she's not the number one soccer player in the world very good here's the chance to show all her skills so.

Uh a little feeling out process here to start out serve back over to waters leading a 2-1 and now she'll grow that lead to 3-1 yeah and the difference in this match than playing against cali smith is she's going to be under relentless pressure as anna bright you're going to have to.

Really pick your spots slide out misfire there right into the guaranteed rate sign that's interesting choice of shot she's dropping it when her opponent was back to bring her up but uh left it well short that's why to make it 2-3 yeah and you saw breit go with a slice.

Serve there and the spin of the ball two three stayed on the waters paddle and forced her return to slide wide there you see more of a traditional hit a little top spin on the serve find out it's gonna be long so the serve back over to waters three two well placed back hands.

And the lob is gonna be long four two and that's also long so annelise starting to get a little bit of separation now at five two slide out all right as i say that yeah you saw bright has chosen to stay.

Back she she respects the the pass as well so trying to find where am i comfortable the problem is that anna lee has so many tools in the kit that you can try to take away one thing and anna lee will just exploit another yeah and this ball just did not come up at all you saw there just uh you see bright staring it.

Down did not get a true bounce there force the air a couple of miss hits here by waters keeping bright within shouting distance here two five how about that display by anna lee just absolutely brilliant and just for entertainment purposes didn't put a ball earlier in this point away.

Then that one right there and then had to put out the next one we appreciate it those couple of those deep shots that were just on the baseline too i mean she knows exactly the strength which to hit each and every one of those shots nice inside out angle there and this is what happens when you play emily.

Waters you feel like you're hitting the ball pretty well and then you look up at the scoreboard and it's 6-2 oh it's right there and after a couple of long points a little easter egg hunt over there in the corner no one is sad about that get the get the wind and be ready for the next point.

Day one of our four days of coverage of this stop just outside cincinnati ohio here on tennis channel one minute and that's why anna breit has been choosing not to come in that was a good deep return and she still got beat by a two-handed backhand pass so bright will use the timeout here first time out of this match.

Between these ladies interesting we had in our first match of the day here on tennis channel we had five timeouts taken yes in our second match we had no timeouts taken none and now we have one time up being taken here so on the screen there you see lee waters and just to the left there that's steven waters uh.

Annalise father who is part of the whole team that uh just travels around and really makes sure she's in a great headspace ready to play that gentleman there is her physio who makes sure she's in the top physical condition working with him has enabled her as i mentioned earlier no knee braces fit ready they took some.

Time out earlier in the year to not just grind every tournament took about a month off and there you see lee waters her mom who is a great really great strategist to the game so have to have someone who's not just a high high-level player but your mom imagine that trust well and you know you.

Bring up a great point too about them stepping aside and letting her get a little bit of a break too you know you also got to recognize as much of a talent as she is she's still 15 years old you've got to have a chance to be able to live a little bit of life as well let's go look at some freaking tick tock videos okay i don't.

Want to practice anymore so after the timeout 7-2 off the net in the point so the timeout unsuccessful that moves it to one for one and five one out of six timeouts so far in the day has been successful yep maybe they're just gonna work in doubles this week.

And that'll make it 9-2 as waters now just two points away from taking game one two wow and it's that ball right there that backhand rolling volley that is not it looked like an easy shot it's not and you want it to be deep and beautiful by annalee there so this for the first.

Game but not so fast into the net so bright will have a chance to try to at least gather a little momentum here to take into game two that is ridiculous off the baseline yeah you even heard anna bright say so good i mean sometimes you just gotta.

Tip your cap your visor in this case and just say all right that's just better than me today better than most on most days and that will do it for game one waters in commanding fashion takes game one eleven two don't go anywhere game two coming your way after this quick timeout.

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Came to florida and we evacuated to pennsylvania where my grandparents lived and he played pickleball at the time so he introduced us to it and at first we really didn't want to play but then we like finally were like okay we'll go play and we did and literally i loved it from the second i started playing and i was 10 and at the time i was being able.

To play with my mom and my granddad on the same court playing the same sport so it was just really cool from the start annalee waters given the brief history of her development in pickleball or her introduction into pickleball and boy has she ever done a lot in five years since takes game one against anna bright 11-2.

And anna lee waters the dominant number one women's player in the world and i don't think she's going anywhere for a while dave fleming she is not and she gets an early one-nothing lead here in game two against bright yeah and the interesting thing about pickleball is everybody remembers their origin story you ask any pickleball player they.

Remember that first time they played it's what makes it fun and the joy of the sport great shot there i don't know if my origin story is quite as as exciting but i remember getting a phone call from ray kuliakovo who uh did so much pickleball production uh with with a lot of the us opening ppa.

Tour and uh called me in 2016 and said uh are you interested in calling pickleball and i'm like what is pickleball i figured it out pretty quick that it it was a great thing to get on board with yeah and it's just it's on the rise from the level of play to the experience you see the big video.

Boards that we talked about during one of the earlier matches just the the professionalism and the elevation of everything both at the amateur level of people of all ages as anna lee talked about and then what's being shown to the world here on tennis channel panely has won her last three games 11-2 11-2 and 11-2 in game one here.

The side out's gonna get her the the serve back two-one yeah on the other half of the draw we did have an upset where salome davidsey defeated catherine parento so we will see leia janssen and davidse against the winner of this one perento number two.

And the women's singles rankings behind annalee waters but it is a pretty wide gap yes 2-1 and unfortunately for the other ladies only getting wider that is true and another point here for analy waters yeah the other thing that bright has to.

Do is not try to make everything perfect okay yes she's very good but you don't have to make everything perfect make her play some points and earn it another point to make it 4-1 one of the things with the maturity of emily waters i mean the the skill set has been there dave but i think she has also come to realize that you know what.

You've got an opportunity to close things out in in a couple of games versus going further especially when you're playing in pro mixed doubles pro dub pro women's doubles and singles the less games you can play the better it's going to be for the tournament as a whole sure it's a commute it's a cumulative effect on your.

Body especially if as she did at the tournament of champions the prior ppa tournament she played in all three finals which are three out of five she won them all but still to be at your best on championship sunday you want to have as minimal a time on the court before that a difference between nine games and 15.

Games that's uh big swing oh how about that backhand right down the line to get the serve back and it's the volley before that that sets that up beautifully placed middle of the court no angle for bright nice shot down the line by bright anna.

Lee i think was saying that it was out she hit it to be safe but anna lee was saying it was out and so they are to call the side out oh how about that and anna bryce like hey check me out let's let's let's get some highlights over here as play of the day.

Yeah we saw so much joy from bright against cali smith singing high fiving the crowd that little dance move was just a glimpse of what we saw there but unable to build on it oh anna lee reaches out to keep it alive and then finishes it off that's a disheartening point there for.

Anna bright because this ball right there beats most people and then she's expecting anna lead a slide into the open court she doesn't move and she hits it right to her friendly net for waters and then the fire fight is won by waters yeah the rare.

Singles battle at the kitchen line you're going to see a ton of those tomorrow saturday and sunday but you don't get a lot of that in singles and a timeout being taken by bright so that'll give us a second to talk about the aforementioned ppa tour rankings in the women's singles division.

And you look at that disparity between annalee waters and catherine perento it is it is pretty wide and perrento pretty sizable lead over jansen as well but there's no question anna lee waters is is the dominant force right now on the women's side of the sport and at.

Age 15 i mean i think you can pencil her in i don't i don't know if you could say for a decade but i think the better part of a decade you can pencil her in for being being a dominant force well when you say decade it sounds like that's going to be and someone's older a decade is 25. i think so i mean i think what we all.

Know is coming into the pickleball world is these high-level tennis players you've seen hunter johnson who we talked about his college tennis he has dabbled on the pro tour of actual tennis as well i think you'll see some ladies coming that way as well but i agree she's not going anywhere.

Misfire there so how about that a successful timeout for just the second time today see if hannah breit can find that positive energy you know really go for sir find a find that two-handed backhand pass yeah you got nothing to lose right now your back's against the wall.

So she's able to get it to 3-7 three seven white and that's long again by water so back to back long shots past the baseline by waters a couple of gifts she'll take him happily.

Anna lee had anna break on side to side there bright had a good look she likes that backhand on the run just couldn't quite lift it over but uh again a lot of wear and tear on that point she got her steps in there and that was long waters called it long eight four.

Frustrating when you're on the other side they call it long but hit it anyway and i i know personal experience whenever i'm on the court with my son i'll i'll hit it i'll be like no that was long it'll be like why did you hit it yeah and then catch it dad side out keeps bright's hopes alive here.

In game two but it's an enormous hill that she's got to climb to try and come back in this one four nine does just catch the line there and then able to hit us just wide yep oh they did say wide she was just out of the camera shot.

So waters up 9-5 two points away from taking this match nice cross-court shot there by bright yeah that's a beautiful point by and up right there and see love the net cam to show that footwork that's required to.

Split step and explode to the volley and how about that back canned out of bright not done yet five nine no the fight in this woman is not up for debate that's a hard ball to beat annalee waters on another backhand by bright.

Anna lee will call timeout for sure if this gets to be one more because she is a time-out user she's not gonna need the timeout there though and uh pickleball fans everywhere are glad that she didn't because that was the best point of the match with both ladies extended.

And there's the first big yell from the young phenom so water's 9-6 that's long so this brings up match point 10-6 for waters here in game two and six oh anna lee waters showing off the full arsenal in those.

Two games finishes it with the cross court winner and she'll take it 11-2 11-6 dominant just breit came in very comfortable very confident and the precision the athleticism and just the shot-making prowess of a 15-year-old said not today i'm playing.

On sunday and she was even kind enough to give anna a little bit of something to take home to feel good about we'll hear from emily waters after this time out you'd better get ready folks oh my unbelievable power it's not supposed to.

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You get there the world's first storytelling machine the 2022 sorrento kia movement that inspires well welcome back everyone we're so happy to have you here with us i have the pleasure of being here on center court with anna lee waters anna lee you.

Were out there cranking back hands from the very beginning looked so ready to go how did you prep for this match well i had a match against jana earlier today and it was a little chilly outside so it felt really good to just rip through it and i think that match really helped me prepare for this one because i could just swing through my shots and you know.

Get the feel going and when i came out here i felt pretty confident so i think that's what helped me come out here and just rip everything well we saw you convening with mama waters on the sidelines after game one and i have to ask what could she possibly have to talk badly about after such a perfect game one trust me she'll.

Always find something that i need to work on no but she was just telling me to step into a couple more shots and hit my serve a little deeper and i tried to do that in the second game but i like when she tells me i'm doing something wrong because it makes me feel like i can improve in the next game.

Well you just unveiled your new fila collection it's all anyone is talking about on the fashion side of things did you have any hand in creating this i did not i've been watching the us open and all the women have been wearing this and i was super excited to come out here today and put it on but you know i feel great in this outfit i played pretty.

Good today so you know it's a win-win but yeah i love this outfit well congratulations annaleigh waters you're on two championships sunday don't go away guys we have the chance to go back to men's singles right after this you're gonna see tyson mcguffin take on frank anthony davis.

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well there's a look at the roller coaster that you were talking about dave fleming i am thrilled to see kings island uh as i mentioned we had the beast of women's singles there and the wooden roller coaster that you saw the beast.

Should be ridden at night by everybody that is in the greater cincinnati area what a roller coaster and unfortunately for tyler loong he rode the roller coaster today beat the beast in ben johns and then could not get past hunter johnson but we got the other semi here and this is going to be fun yeah tyson mcguffin who.

Has been steamrolling everybody on this day of men's singles play he'll take on frank anthony davis in the men's singles semi final and uh tyson mcguffin to talk about a player who really has just emerged now as an unstoppable force as a singles player yeah i think the special part about tyson is not just.

His skill set but the energy that he takes to the court and the look look at this guy look at this look today he's he was named by bar stool sports as the most electrifying person in sports all sports okay so this guy brings it look at that look he's got the beautiful lettuce coming out of the hat in the.

Back there this is what branding yourself does now your scores and your results have to match that and they certainly do for tyson mcguffin well he he's party on the top band party in the back and he's party on the court and it's uh you know been a good run for him and you think.

About tyson mcguffin and and really how he's gotten to this point the thing that is impressed me is you know you think about all those great doubles matches he's played alongside riley newman and when you would watch newman and mcguffin play together there was no question riley newman was the batman and tyson mcguffin was the.

Robin because he was patient but but robin he would he would take your lunch i mean he was just so solid and so constrained in choosing the time to be able to exploit things yeah you need a setup guy you know when you have two alphas sometimes you can't figure out who's.

Gonna play the right side of the court in men's doubles and that was a role that tyson mcguffin plays well now frank anthony davis there he is he will be dancing he will be spinning he will not see a single ball that he doesn't love this is a guy that grew up in a small town in new jersey lives in the.

That area of the country now he loves singles he absolutely loves it he wants to grind he will happily engage tyson mcguffin in those cat and mouse points and what i mean by that is two guys staring each other down at the kitchen line finding angles finding unique shots frankie may even be on the ground during.

This match dave diving for a ball i've seen it happen so many times before well if you want to know how much that he loves singles just go to his website he's got a lengthy blog there written all about why singles gets a bad rap when it comes to the perception of that part of.

Pickleball and he says you know you're missing out if you're not looking at singles as being a very entertaining and competitive division in this sport yeah we've certainly seen it today he is the personification of that that's why he wrote it he's got his as he turns around here you see the fad.

Logo that's frank anthony davis so that's what the fad's all about he is going to give tyson fitz today he is the the fifth seed coming into this beat ryan sherry who has a ppa singles title so that's a great win in the quarters coming into this and then these guys are looking at hey.

Hunter johnson is the other guy so i have an opportunity to go play hunter johnson on sunday mr davis big opportunity for both of you you know what i'll tell you the one thing that whoever wins this is going to be happy about is they're not playing hunter johnson today because hunter johnson today has been fantastic how.

Will he be on sunday with a couple of days to think about what he's on the verge of doing that could be another animal but uh we are underway here between frank anthony davis and tyson mcguffin and a very early side out so mcguffin now will get a chance to try and go on top first indeed he does.

Taking a look at frank anthony davis's website dave fleming he has a lifetime flight log on on his website he's flowing over a million miles over 1156 flights 119 days he's spent on a plane that's what it takes to grind this out and uh he's he's been playing for a while and.

You will you will just see stuff you haven't really seen before in pro pickleball with him he'll do like just slow serves like that it's just a variety he likes to drop the third instead of just pass you it's fun to have all of the unique things we've talked a lot about the tennis players here this is a different.

Animal and this guy right here tyson mcguffin was a wrestler as well as a tennis player in high school so he's got that scrap in him that's a little bit long there by davis so mcguffin up two nothing making three nothing so tempting to to say three loves since we're on tennis channel but.

And when and i'm sure i'm sure you have like so many of our viewing audience were just you know dialed into the coverage that's been going on in flushing meadow yeah just tremendous tennis uh in new york and know frank anthony davis knows he's got to.

Play his best to fight against mcguffin and he needs to just get on the board sometimes just that first first point will get you settled in but a short return like that he knows will not go well first point doesn't really get you settled in if you're already down eight nothing and uh right now.

Mcguffin looking to go up six nothing all right make it six nothing on the long return six zero oh how about that shot out of frank anthony davis unbelievable athleticism to get there and then it's our first atp of the day you can go around the post look at the.

Hustle and five hole on mcguffin as well what a what a shot and the big smile there for frank anthony even mcguffin had a smile on his face after that i mean that's one of those where you just gotta say wow that's uh that's quite a shot but mcguffin quickly gets the serve back yeah that's what makes our sport fun.

Seeing those types of unique balls that kick off the tape and then suddenly that atp is sitting there mcguffin will let him have the highlight reel when he's serving because that does not ring the register side out and that is just wide so davis will get to serve back here trying to get on the scoreboard.

That is the frank anthony davis way to play singles drop it come in behind it force the pressure he's just got to make that third ball so the third ball is so critical to his singles success once he wants that to be at the feet or.

Bounce on mcguffin and that one was just too high off the backhand there from frank anthony davis and mcguffin will happily bark yell scream if he's not barking he's not playing well so uh he is definitely full of the mcguffin-isms right now.

And he puts it away there goes up seven one love the neck cam you get such a good look at the footwork yeah and the just that peripheral vision you have to have of not taking those skechers into the kitchen he's able to get there and you just sort of get a feel for it you know you always.

Think you're good we have two people keeping an eye on it to make sure that you're good but uh mcguffin looking very sharp here in game one and we have a rarity here dave fleming we have a timeout being taken an immense singles match the first time out in our coverage today yeah i think between the men you know frank's.

Got to get into his his style as as we mentioned doesn't come from a racket background his first air quotes racket sports so he has that unique style but he hasn't been sharp and precise with it when the ball bounces in the kitchen then he can get into all those antics that he is so.

Good at and hasn't been able to get there and a lot of that is due to the level that mcguffin is playing at as well hi man you know you want to walk into a match with a plan if it's not working you need to change it i think mcguffin has helped that so far.

Nice job frank anthony davis to the timeout pays dividends frank's got such good lateral movement that he wants you to think the cord is open because it isn't nice catching back up by frank man it looked like tyson mcgovern had anthony davis had a.

String and frank anthony davis able to win it anyway yeah gepetto had pinocchio moving all over the place and it's pinocchio that gets the last laugh what a beautifully placed shot all right and now he takes advantage so davis closes it to 3-7 timeout receiver now timeout is going to.

Be taken here by tyson mcguffin at 3-7 we'll step aside as well game one between mcguffin and davis getting tighter in cincinnati you know what beats next day shipping getting it the same day so shop ace online and get free in-store or curbside pickup right in your neighborhood or get what you need delivered the very same.

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Let's go well tyson mcguffin with the 7-3 lead but frank anthony davis trying to tighten things up a little bit savor one timeout remaining server one timeout remaining time in three timeout.

Mcguffin getting anthony davis to run all over the corner yeah we saw the uh ben john's uh picture on the video board and who would have ever thought that the only part of a semi-final today where we would be seeing him would be on the video board we do like the video board though we.

Love and frank is reading the passing shots better than he did earlier a lot of that has to do with where he's putting the ball deeper in the court oh.

Some beautiful pickleball being played here how about the high level of execution by both players on that exchange yeah you definitely have two of the quickest players in the game which sets up tremendous points like this one you see tyson getting himself pumped up.

All right now that'll make it 8-3 yeah and you heard frank anthony davis say another one that's three three missed returns that's a when you are playing a player this level you just can't give that many freebies away 9-3 now mcguffin two points away here.

From taking game one and a timeout is gonna be taken three so we heard joey jones call the timeout for frank anthony davis our other referee is david stewart for this match and you know we saw that nice little burst we saw an atp he didn't really build off that but then frank played several solid.

Points in a row but the precision you have to have to beat tyson mcguffin you got to play that way for a full match right now mcguffin is in control well tyson's had to be present precise too though frank anthony davis hasn't made it easy i told you i was going to track timeouts today.

Timeouts are making a comeback dave fleming this is the 10th timeout that we've seen in our coverage here today on tennis channel timeouts were only successful in stemming the tide in one of the first six but if this timeout works out in favor of.

Frank anthony davis it'll be five and five there we go so that is not a ghost that is uh not a tryout for fright nights over at kings island that we saw a minute ago that would be our boy frank anthony davis sometimes you just got to find that what is the what is the strategy that i.

Want to do how do i make it i don't want to look at anybody i want to be out of time focus server one time out remaining and when he's been able to get that ball to bounce in the kitchen we've had both exciting points and him have an opportunity to score can he do it here well the timeout does not work that time.

And it takes us to game point ten three you know you'll always see mcguffin looking for a forehand when somebody comes to the net so he can do just that game finishes it off in game one in impressive fashion with the cross court shot 11-3 game two coming your way after this.

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Came into this tournament in cincinnati with the number one ranking in singles next to his name just a a small margin between he and ben johns but that margin can grow quite a bit because ben johns was knocked out earlier today by tyler and tyson mcguffin still playing and looking like he is going to be a prohibitive favorite to win this thing.

If he gets past frank anthony davis here of hunter johnson who's unseated waiting for him on sunday yeah and uh not that tyson is looking ahead but hunter johnson beat him in utah at the last tournament and obviously mcguffin still has to beat a.

Very good player here but if he gets there we would have a rematch of that and there's a gorgeous no-look forehand flick down the line by mcguffin and a quick two-nothing lead from a government you saw how fooled frank was their little ankle breaker just catches the line from frank anthony davis.

And he'll get a chance to try and get on the scoreboard here you talk about fooling players i mean that's that's almost as big a part of it as anything not only being able to execute but being able to execute in a deceptive fashion yeah because players are reading paddle position and the way your body is set up.

And if you can hit the same shot in different parts of the court from that same paddle position you are a special player and then the anticipation that we've seen from all these players like that one again go behind you're just going to be that little bit ahead and that's all the margin it takes when you have players at this level.

It's like a a pitcher in major league baseball right who has the same arm slot but multiple pitches out of it you don't know what's coming misfire there by mcguffin yeah because a lot of people ask well why do they always know that i'm gonna lob it because you back up and your your weight isn't there.

Whereas the good lobbers it looks like a denk it looks like a dink and then you throw it from the exact same position that's a great thing for pickleball players at home to work on mcguffin able to catch up with that and deliver a lob.

Oh tyson mcgovern the atp attempt by davis would have been amazing had he executed it that was a heck of a point every inch of the court was covered here look at him get there and that overhead is where the lack of racket sport experience tennis players would have a.

Continental grip and snap that 3-0 frank anthony davis just laid that back into the court and mcguffin comes back and wins the point and then the same guy misses a serve by a fight yep rare misfire oh beautiful execution there by frank anthony davis yeah those are the.

The points he liked mcguffin again was looking for a ball down the line there and what a nice little silky cross-court winner right and another point for davis and that's where foot speed influences your shot mcguffin knows he's got to stick that.

Ball two three so 2-3 davis trying to draw even a backhand ernie by davis how good is this it's really good and it was really loud and it was well anticipated and that's where his match and that was long by mcguffin so davis.

For the first time jumps in front at 4-3 davis cover a lot of ground there one just be faster they can hear him saying to himself come on man hard to be fast when you're the one that's having to cover more of the court.

Great job there though and that'll force another side out yeah this is the type of pickleball that frank loves to play and he's making mcguffin have to beat him with the backhand so with a one-point lead trying to build on it now.

Instead it goes right back over to mcguffin those are these opportunities you know it's 4-3 it's not the end of the world but your chance to maybe get a little separation got to make that ball there on not a deep return from mcguffin see if mcguffin has a reply three four and that's gonna be long so knotted up.

At four and that was his downfall in game one several missed returns just giving freebies away after he worked so hard all that effort to win a point or win a side out and then to slide a forehand return that deep mcguffin great job to track it down but davis was ready for it.

See the switch is dripping off of mcguffin what a lovely little touch volley there he's in perfect position and that is just why by davis he knows he missed an opportunity there love the neck hand you can see just oh i've got it and then it just didn't have the paddle face closed to make that.

Molly atp effort oh my goodness mcguffin able to keep the point alive and then the atp there and the mcguffin paddle toss at the ball across there trying to do some sort of down under boomerang at the end to get that to come.

Back to him then i don't know that i've ever seen that that's a first little uh frisbee target practice for mcguffin with that selkirk battle right here davis has really made his made his mark here in game two if you've got tyson mcguffin throwing.

The paddle you're doing something right no doubt you got a shooting clay's a breakout here's you know frank's getting into the types of points he loves he's making mcguffin earn every inch on the court and you know this is the grind that a match against.

Frank anthony davis requires because he's not going to do some of the types of points that we saw earlier from hunter johnson's rampage he's hitting passing shots frank's making you run all over the court and that is why he is such a unique singles player so good by him to find the range he's.

Dialed it in and uh i'm pretty sure we might need a canine on the court to be our frisbee dog dave well that that certainly is not out of the question where things have been going one of these men have gone to a third game today.

Mcguffin got here by savior one time out his first match winning eleven six eleven five then eleven three eleven two then eleven one eleven oh hi man and davis in his previous match is all also in two games.

Davis a chance to go in front blows it there out of the timeout let's see if mcguffin goes big on a serve and uh finds us not the big penetrating serve from mcguffin there of course changed the rules prior to this season on.

How you can serve the ball prior to this season players were allowed to put a spin on the ball you'd see ben johns spin it off the racket before he would serve it but it's it's more uh traditional of a serve now and it really has i think taken away you don't see a lot of aces in pickleball no and i think you get back to the.

Spirit of the way the game was designed so now it's can you hit depth and pace on your serve to set yourself up as opposed to the spin and everything that you just described which people would do with the paddle or their hand to create the spin before it's even touched your paddle look at the footwork by davis.

Another side out we've been hung on 4-4 here for a little bit yeah davis's hat as we talked about earlier a few chances get get a little separation from this guy and just has come up just short on a couple of those drops mcguffins so dominant in game one has been unable to find that dominance here.

In game two yeah you heard davis asking the referee hey he's supposed to have 10 seconds to play so see if that percolates into anything and a misfire by mcguffin i'll get it back to davis four four did that catch the line.

of davis has been unbelievable it was actually inside the light yeah it was from from our angle it was tough to see just how in that was that was in by plenty nope nope come on all right and now now frank is chattering and when frank.

Is talking things are going well for fad let's go come out receiver six now a timeout is going to be taken here by mcguffin with davis up 6-4 so that so that's two-time outs called by mcguffin and not a lot of points very interesting we'll step aside back to game two from.

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Of coverage here on tennis channel and our first three matches here today have all been decided in two games is this going to be the one that goes three games it certainly looks like that's a strong possibility frank anthony davis has been impressive here in game two against the number one ranked player on.

The ppa tour in the men's singles division and davis extends his lead to 7-4 out of the timeout and the energy is back the precision of getting the ball to bounce and then he's winning with his anticipation and court coverage just all over it really impressive here in game two for frank.

Side outside out i'll get it back to mcguffin here at 4-7 and now mcguffins looking to get a little that energy from the crowd four seven sorry not sorry by tyson mcguffin at 4-7 i am not even in the realm of sorry i think you just say sorry instinctively.

Even though you don't really mean it of course look at how sportsman like i am exactly five that's long so that'll make it six seven and that has got to get cr corrected if we're going to have a third game can't give freebies.

Away just can't and off the net davis missed fires so suddenly we're tied at a touchdown a piece yeah and i think the shot selection there is good because i think mcguffin was full but pulled well wide so now it's frank calling timeout final.

Timeout available to either of these playoff players here's a look at the current weather here in the cincinnati ohio area it's been beautiful throughout the day and you actually heard emily waters telling hannah johns after she won in the.

Previous match it was actually chilly this morning so i mean you couldn't ask for better conditions than this and not much wins to take note of it's uh it's it's absolutely perfect weather for pickleball no bob's going out to play.

I would say hey production truck can i bring that graphic in that weather with me at every single place that i go you can't comment on the weather when it is your fitness should be fine you can't say one side's better than the other because of the wind.

And 76. come on it's like perfect yeah especially when much of the country is baking yes uh it's 85 tomorrow and sunny saturday some clouds projected to roll in but it's supposed to be dry sunday is the day to keep an eye on there is some rain in the forecast for sunday.

But we're not worried about that right now off the net will give up the serve and the same works on the other side if mcguffin in these cat and mouse points isn't able to make the ball bounce you can see here that davis is able to reach in on the one.

Before that and then he is in control of that point and uh points up to the camera at the end the showmanship fad i was wondering was the point at camera pointing to somebody in the stands i'll give him credit for buzz there you go who's pointing to the camera man who's a person in the stands exactly.

Mcguffin getting the serve back though davis has had a couple of opportunities in this game to maybe get a little bit of a lead or take control and hasn't exploited them enough and he's going to regret that if mcguffin comes back to win this one and mcguffin goes ahead now 8-7 yeah and there's that signature mcguffin.

Forehand he won his game point with a beautiful forehand in game one and there it is at a crucial moment in game two he'd like that one back though seven eight davis has to get some points on this serve side out and you can hear him say he got kidded over the net.

Yeah that same shot has betrayed him as as as he's had opportunities on serve that inside out beforehand trying to bounce it on the macguffin backhand side hasn't been able to make it that is a beautiful volley placed in the corner and mcguffin just cannot even get close to tracking that down.

This match is great though because it's almost like you can read the minds of both players because they're just saying everything they think exactly side out yeah no guessing here an analyst dream just keep talking boys eight seven.

Mcguffin trying to get a little breathing room here and off the net it's gonna be the side out sorry tyson i'm sorry i'm sorry turn around and not be the least bit sorry and they misreturned from mcguffin so tied at eight.

Eight eight davis hits it into the net right back over to mcguffin we got mcguffin barking frank talking to himself this is what i love about these two on the court and a huge match here at a grand slam chance to get to the final on sunday where hunter johnson will be waiting.

Hey oh macguffin beautifully executed got davis going to the left and hits it to his left yeah that's pitcher perfect pickleball singles get your opponent extended and don't let him off the hook by staying back follow that in favor hit it into the opening.

And i thought davis was out of timeouts but apparently he did have one remaining so he's going to use his final timeout we'll step aside 9-8 mcguffin we owe great times to good friends to the glasses that spark conversation to the ideas that then pour out hours came from a night like that and somehow.

Survived the morning after to make our own tequila wasn't meant to leave our house but since we made this for friends we thought it wouldn't hurt to make a few more grab a glass amigo our tequila your tequila our casa is your casa this month legends will join forces in london my goodness can you believe it.

It's the labor cup live on tennis channel for the first time ever roger federer rafael nadal novak djokovic and andy murray lead defending champs team europe against taylor fritz felix o'jay aliasine and a powerful team world oh what a shot in this once in a lifetime event the labor cup live coverage begins september 23rd presented by northwestern.

Mutual back here on tennis channel tyson mcguffin with the 9-8 lead frank anthony davis using his final timeout get the side out get the serve back if he's going to try and force this to a third and decisive game in this.

Semi-final and instead hits it into the net that's gonna bring up match point ten eight great extension by mcguffin and the atp by davis keeps it alive that's a heck of a way to save a match.

Point right there beautiful job and the key on this is you have to let it travel so you got to wait on it and then go great job by davis to second successful atp in this match almost had a third and a lot of nine ten amateur players aren't patient with that and hit it into the net because you.

Don't give yourself the geometry let's go and now we're gonna go to some extra pickleball tied at ten gotta win by two ten ten let's go and how about this frank anthony davis has a chance to win.

Game two he's up 11-10 serving for the game and there it is how about that reaction game 12-10 mr davis 10 against game three phenomenal he saves a match point down with a beautifully struck atp and we're playing three the decisive game three coming up in.

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And free shipping call now 800-680-0704 again that's 800-680-0704 well we are going to a decisive third game between frank anthony davis and tyson mcguffin how about the pleasantries exchanged by them after that second game i think a little bit of mutual respect for each other as well.

Because i mean both those players have hit amazing shots through the first two games yeah it's been the dog fight we thought it could develop into once davis stopped missing the returns got into his style of points there's a lot of respect across the net here and and you saw it there and you know i'm sure mcguffin right now is thinking about.

That dude had to make an atp to take my money and uh he did so now he's got to fight back and uh try and win it in three and again we will switch sides at six as as we've shown the weather today a a full-on wardrobe change if you will.

For tyson mcguffin as he changes shirts frank anthony davis by the way he also changed shirts during the timeout but his shirt is exactly identical to the one he had on in the first place whereas mcguffins just changing it up all together yep we're going to see those tats even clearer here with this new.

Outfit he's uh he's all about his look and his play has been terrific as well we'll see if he's got the answer in game three just wide there so davis will get the serve back and there we saw the deception that we talked about it looked like davis was gonna drop it and then.

Shoveled that ball deep and mcguffin was caught out of position and missed the next ball how about that play and look at frank anthony davis rarely hits a two-hander but why not right there for a clean winner well done fad so the early one nothing lead here he'll have to add that to that blog post.

You were reading earlier mcguffin trying to get himself fired up now come on and a misfire there by mcguffin gets it right back to davis there's that word separate he knows he wasn't able to do it in game two but he.

Did not pay the ultimate price it just catches the line out so the side out right back over to mcguffin now i did not tell frank he has to talk the entire time between points just to be clear oh and he'd love to have that one back.

good look at the vanguard power air paddle but mcguffin made airborne earlier so perfectly named paddle now come on just some great pickleball being played here as the side out.

And then davis doing some maintenance as well yeah uh i've mentioned the selkirk paddle and he we didn't this isn't magic he ran over and hit the selkirk tv sign there so thanks frankie side out neither player able to get anything.

Going here in this third game and the end of game two was such a grind every every shot we're already starting that kind of pace oh behind the back then mcguffin goes the ernie and he will finish unbelievable we actually saw carlos.

Alcaraz last night in his match at the u.s open be forced to hit a shot like this and look at frank anthony davis do the same thing unfortunately it is an earning by mcguffin that takes it but what an effort and then the atp by mcguffin to keep the point alive.

But davis finally able to win it you know there's a lot of talk about level what level did i play at what level of a tennis match or a pickleball this is a phenomenal level you got to hit seven winners on every point just to win it the lines are good right.

Mcguffin said lines are good too uh joey jones our referee there kidding yeah i wasn't 100 because of the angle i was waiting to see the reaction but they do call it the point for davis mcguffin on the side out yeah you heard him say go cross court with that when you're that close to the net and trying to go down the line.

You're just adding degree of difficulty mcguffin able to get back on top now so this third game has all the makings of looking like it's gonna be a marathon three neither player giving any ground and then the beautifully placed shot there by davis his angles are a geometry teacher's.

Dream here in the second and third game beautifully struck by davis you hear him keep saying play to win two three and mcguffin miss fires had an opportunity and takes it out on that uh selkirk paddle there that pedal's gone through a lot today.

It's got a hole in it i'm pretty sure he didn't put the hole in it from those punches but uh yeah that uh it's been flying through the air it's been a punching bag it's hit some amazing shots and three apiece in the game three and mcguffin finally able to win that.

Exchange and saying okay maybe the pedal's still all right even the pace of play just a little slower everything matters so much neither player's gonna complain about the other taking their time you'll see some players race to the line when they've got that momentum but here.

As the score indicates no one has it davis with the beautifully placed shot so he'll get the serve back neither player has led by more than a point in this third game three most players have had a one point lead.

At one point mcguffin right back at you three three that one was set up beautifully by mcguffin yeah it was brought to the net by drop volley which has worked uh earlier in this match but mcguffin was.

Able to get there with time to then find that angle and then he's suddenly ahead he was behind in the point before that drop volley and then he has overcompensated for davis's speed on some of those put aways and missed a couple that one he struck just perfectly firm in the corner and got a.

Winner and now it's davis calling timeout so davis uses his first timeout of game three will step aside back to cincinnati after this quick break time it's life's most precious commodity especially when you have metastatic breast cancer when your time is threatened it's hard to invest in your.

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well back at the beard wealth management open defense dave fleming glad to be along with the coverage here on tennis championship remaining and this is over the best match we've seen in our coverage so far today tyson mcguffin and frank anthony davis no separation between them in this third game.

Mcguffin leaning the wrong way and couldn't catch up to it and that brings the timeout total to 6 out of 13. so almost 500. if you've taken a timeout you've been successful with stopping the momentum 6 out of 13 times on this day at least on our coverage but the side out right back.

To mcguffin four three macup and miss fire thought maybe he had an opening for an atp there dave just a phenomenal get by davis because when you're stretched out usually you're going to leave it up and then it's going to kill it he kept that in a safe place and then made mcguffin.

Overcompensate and missed it wide give it right back to mcguffins and mcguffin 4-3 looks a lot like game two doesn't it dad sure does mcguffin could get a point here it'd be the first two-point lead in this game for either player thought he said it was out but and it's.

Going to be a side out went into that corner it was hard for us to really see it oh yeah well out there frankie called it early trying to find his best here and now we're drawing even at 4-4.

Mcguffin came into cincinnati with the number one ranking just a slim margin over ben johns although that margin will grow regardless of what happens in this match because ben john's lost before the semi-finals using this tyler loom today and just to be clear this ball did not.

Go through that hole and mcguffin's paddle that just it hit a millimeter of the ball hit the hit the net and that's worse than anything because your paddle position is just barely wrong which makes it so right for your opponent well mcguffin able to get the side out now.

As davis had reeled off two straight points and continues the conversation with me and myself and i over there gonna give it back so davis now we'll try to get a little bit of breathing room five four covering a lot of ground but that was.

Too much ground to have to cover you see veteran moved by mcguffin a lot of wear and tear in this caught the ball dropped it let's just we can pick it back up and stroll over to to serve yeah oh no got everybody right now concerned in cincinnati.

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Well veteran david stewart getting some attention on the sidelines in cincinnati the good news is he is sitting upright and is moving and uh that is certainly uh something that everybody is happy about but uh we're not in a rush to get back to the action we want to make sure that he is just fine so we are gonna just take another quick.

Pause with great game going when it resumes frank anthony davis leading tyson mcguffin 5-4 in game three more to come from cincinnati if you're always asking where next capital one has the travel card for you venture x earn 10x miles on hotels and 5x miles on flights booked through.

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Get out of town with that streaming anywhere on any device you want subscribe today well back in cincinnati the baird wealth management opened and you can hear the applause as moments ago we were very happy to see david stewart walk off of the court and get up after that after that uh really.

Just awkward moment and we're just very happy that he has walked off and uh hope that everything is as okay as it appears it is going to be yeah the referees are such an important part of our sport and they go from match to match and they'll go from a pro event to an amateur court and call it with the exact same.

And sometimes they're standing out in the heat all day long obviously we're not playing doctor from where we sit we believe he fainted we saw him sit up we saw him walk off the court friends and family of david stewart we saw him walking under his own power i'm sure.

Uh he's getting all of the care that he needs and i am so thankful for that yeah and you know he he fell onto a light from a camera and you almost think that that was a blessing because yeah so it's uh but he he was able to get up and uh we will resume play here in what.

Has been a very entertaining and very competitive men's semi-final between tyson mcguffin and frank anthony davis and it's just a very unusual stoppage between these two but neither player has had any momentum so i don't know that that it's going to stop the momentum of either player because it's just been it's it's been a nip and.

Tuck game you know the question is can you get to the intensity that's the that's the only difference that was a harrowing sight i mean uh it's jarring you you can go back playing though knowing that it appears everything's gonna be fine.

Now they're now they're going through another warm-up to uh just okay let's let's hit a few balls to be able to ramp back up to where we're at because we're at 5'4 mcguffin will be serving again we're going to switch sides at six so that'll.

That'll be another little interruption within the momentum of this match but uh wow what a what is it what an unfortunate scene would we think is a