Back in Cincinnati the beard Wealth Management Open we're back to the mid side the semi-final coming your way right now is going to have a lot it's gonna it's gonna have big shoes to fail after what we just saw in the women's side Batman asking and I think these guys are gonna be able to do it Matt Wright known for.

Having you know just being really boring out there kidding the guy has so much energy he's gonna get in your face Tyson McGuffin known as the most electrifying man in sports Jay devilier Spencer Smith these are four guys are gonna bring the heat the fire the intensity I can't wait McGuffin on your left map right on your right.

now on your left and Spencer Smith on your right so should be a fun match no question it's uh but you can make an argument for both these teams uh having having a really good chance to be able to win this match oh yeah.

Um Matt Wright the most experienced in my opinion especially as a doubles player probably the best player on the court quickest hands I think that's gonna show itself pretty early here I'm excited for this one Wright Smith have not lost a game yet today and getting to this match to.

Villier and McGuffin they did have to go three games and their match against Kenny and Upshaw earlier today game one time in jul2 but they bounced back in winning in straight games as you saw in our first match of the day here on Tennis Channel against Patrick Quinn and Stone.

so the side out to get it started zero zero one that dispense Smith couldn't catch up to that one off to villier yeah he's trying to cut back to the middle a little bit too just needs to hold that outside foreign.

McGuffin catches up to it off the net 201 0 second serve davilia into the net Adept pickleball mines why there's no Riley Newman in action this week in Cincinnati of course Riley was the long time doubles teammate Tyson McGuffin and.

Riley Newman is not in this tournament today because he is in Seattle he's gonna be throwing out the first pitch that the Seattle Mariners game tonight as the Mariners are wow giving a tribute to the sport of pickleball which of course has its roots right off of Seattle on Bainbridge Island how good do we think his arm is.

So well I guess we're gonna find out hopefully he doesn't bounce it I I have a feeling he's going to be able to get it there just fine he should use his pickleball paddle that would be pretty hilarious yeah this is this is a tough feel-out process early for right you know used to being used to playing with Riley.

Arguably maybe obviously Ben the best player in the world but Riley's right there right now especially in the doubles Court and McGuffin and that's a good way to get a on the board there yeah foreign Spencer Smith played college tennis at.

BYU it's the second time McGuffin has had one set up off the net for him that one he is unable to execute though Matt quick to call it out point and a little momentum now after falling behind Five nothing they've got it back to three five foreign.

love that he's gonna do that all day if you think if there's some head games out here there are thank you thank you Smith and right finally get up to the kitchen and it's not gonna matter.

McGuffin is going to get the serve back actually just gets into the second server foreign McGuffin definitely trying to isolate Spencer Smith.

But I like that Spencer's kind of staying in his spot not trying to come back too much to the middle there allowing Matt to be the presence in the middle definitely making things tough McGuffin Point lays off for that one as well so six straight points by Smith and right six five two.

Coffin able to catch up to that one but it's not going to matter as right induces the uh Aaron shot off to villian McGuffin saying let's talk things over so we'll take a quick break as well all the momentum suddenly with right and Smith they lead it 7-5 back in Cincinnati where Smith and Wright have bounced back.

I would say quite well after falling behind Five nothing they brought up seven consecutive points I would say so really dialed in here Tommy in 752 -752 well the timeout serves its purpose the side out will get the serve back to Billy a and McGuffin five seven one no no no no no it was on right foot was.

On never mind this is what the ball was gonna do six seven one foreign but they do get another point on the second serve and tie it up at seven yeah seven seven two.

Your girlfriend finally does get up to the kitchen point a lead is back in favor of devillier and McGuffin yeah it's sitting on that Championship speed up from right no come on side out gets it back to Smith and right seven eight one.

Point and the quick yup from Matt Wright we were talking about a little bit earlier if there was a book on head games Matt Wright might be able to to write it the yups the quick outcalls yes one it's all part of the game and he does it great I think the Ford could be written by.

Dave Weinbach that goes off of Smith couldn't get out of the way come on Sir goes back over to devillier and McGuffin devilier is so dialed in right there hands are ready he's fired up.

Point and the lead back to the Flying Frenchman and Tyson McGuffin 91 . thank you all right great speed up there the right shoulder chicken wing into the body.

McGuffin and Smith back and forth really eh oh and the point exchange one by demilia and McGuffin to move to game point oh not the right spot there from right the government does a better job locking up that backhand side goes to devillier and McGuffin.

And man what a Game of Thrones it was 11-8 game two coming your way after this quick break take another look at the neck camp Tyson McGuffin doing his thing one of our high school wrestler gave up an opportunity to have a wrestling scholarship.

In college instead opted for a tennis scholarship it's worked out pretty well it's worked out really well too look at him definitely see a little wrestler still in there I need to get myself an arm sleeve after this civilian gets a very friendly role off the net and an early one-nothing lead one zero.

Two game two of this men's semi Sun out side out I'll get it back to right and Smith they did capture some magic ran off seven straight points in game one but unable to get it to the finish line second serve Smith unsuccessful in that Ernie attempt zero one two.

Smith's still back on that Baseline finally does get up to the kitchen we need to get like a sound bite that we can kind of just keep pressing every time you know awesome Ball by right there in the middle my girlfriend in to villier answer right.

Back forcing the side out here one one with the Ernie Big Time move fancy footwork was amazing and just to know right where you are without even needing to glance down yeah.

Point yeah I heard I heard from some people Network TV mcguffin's gonna be on Dancing With the Stars next year so three one one awesome stuff that is phenomenal and so is this Avalanche that davilian McGuffin have rolling right now 4-1-1 thank you.

Thank you in full effect right now point right and Smith have changed sides obviously going to timeout now looking for anything to turn the tide here well right now they're hoping a timeout will turn the tide we'll step aside it's 5-1 devilier and McGuffin back at the barred wealth management.

Jada villier and Tyson McGuffin trying to see if they can close out Matt Wright and Spencer Smith and consecutive games and right now with a nice cushion in game two a 5-1 advantage second serve I have to I have to clarify I was joking.

About the Dancing with the Stars I've gotten a couple text messages I kind of I kind of you know that's me honestly Matt because I love the comment and I should have asked you as I was like is he serious I'm like well you know what pickleball's getting big enough then it's getting to a point where hello Dancing with the Stars let's get.

Somebody on there that's right here yeah six one two and I mean why would you not want it to be Tyson McGuffin how about the execution there everybody and again points to his ear and the crowd reacts sure that would have landed in but it.

Would have been close and Matt and Matt had to take a shot at it great ball again from Tyson good footwork to get out there get balanced 7-1 now a little confusion there between devillier and McGuffin so Smith and Wright still breathing but as you said before they're running out.

Of runway for sure on a major way wrong sir second sir oh wow wrong server 172. mental mistake that you don't often see no sign out they let it go and they're gonna get it back yeah that's a very mental mistake that stage it means you're not communicating not present.

7-1-1 these guys really need to get it together fast here second serve that certainly helps so seven one two seven one two points eight one and right and Smith are going to use their final timeout.

They had that seven point running it was five nothing devillier and McGuffin in game one then Smith and Reich ran off seven straight points but six since that time it's 14-1 here's a look at the draw in the men's doubles so you've got the winner of this one going on to.

Championship Sunday where they will face the winner of the Johns against Kohler and Wilson that'll be a great match cousins AJ Kohler Thomas Wilson Thomas my college teammate at Purdue he brings a ton of energy and this all matches going according to seed one two three four there in the.

Semis we saw the cousin's battle yesterday on Center Court in the in the mixed doubles it'd be interesting to see them playing together today and the men's doubles okay so cousins against Brothers Family Affair yes sir but this one not finished yet one two.

McGuffin in The Villages three points away though for putting it to an end and make it two points away yeah a lot of pressure here on Spencer Smith obviously an unbelievable player in his own right but definitely up a level here with with the other three and a little bit in an adjustment for Matt Wright not.

Getting to play alongside Riley what's up they are able to get the served back here though but down one nine one nine one right puts it away not much reaction out of him that time let's just paddle through the talking.

severely age which is such quick hands and then the Finesse and Smith hits it long Smith and Wright are out of time out so 9-2-1 maybe at a time I saw right checking his watch there.

McGuffin goes up to get it and devilier puts it away match point doing great job today I've seen that fall in front of him look at his footwork here to make sure the ball continues to stay in front of his body out in front beautiful execution second serve unable to execute that one.

Though so we move to the second serve and match point number two ten two two quick cans by devilier Smith's showing some signs of life the side out gets it back to Smith and right foreign just got it one point at a time they're.

Definitely in the Alamo right now point close it to 310. three ten one second sir close to 310 2. 310 two so sir will go back over to devillier McGuffin they got two chances to.

Close out this match ten three one seconds arm they're gonna need chance number two Smith and Wright not going quietly 10-3-2 sign up well not so fast.

Roll off seven straight in game one can they find that magic right now when they absolutely need it you know and McGuffin finally slaps it away.

a little high towards him he's gonna get that backhand down so we're gonna have Match Point number four here if they go for the third shot drop one corrective mesh fight number five they do go for that drop and they don't get it over.

Some Match Point number six two three two I mean you've saved up six straight match points but you you got to do something to close that gap on the scoreboard that final Point's always the most elusive always oh trying to go for the Ernie he puts it.

Into the net good move I think he was worried about his feet there but I like they tend to supply pressure try to get some momentum on your own serve oh that does just kiss the line and match point number seven.

Great look at it from our crew it's done just a fantastic job all week with this coverage from Cincinnati it was impressive to say the least out of davilier and McGuffin 11 8 11-3 the three seed moving on going on to the farm they got it done.

They were just the more veteran team I think Spencer was a little out of his element there new team Matt Wright Riley's on the road and uh congratulations obviously McGuffin getting to a final it's been a while for them and I guess I'm guessing Riley was watching so Riley don't bounce it tonight we're all counting on you uh so.

There you go devillier McGuffin will be on Center Court on Championship Sunday who will they play well they're gonna find out as will you John's and John's taking a Kohler and Wilson coming up here on Tennis Channel speaking of John's after this time out we're gonna get it to Hannah Johns she will speak with devilier and McGuffin Hannah asked.

Tyson if he has any aspirations of being on Dancing With the Stars will you foreign welcome back everyone you're getting one last look at that match point from a spectacular match Tyson McGuffin Jay davilier guys congratulations let's talk a little bit of strategy Matt makes himself so big on the left and uh.

Spencer's so solid on the right how do you combat that yeah as you guys saw there was kind of isolation going on I've lost a mat way too many times this year and uh we kind of put it on Spence and put a lot of balls over there uh Jay played super well uh played the middle like a dog and was able to kind of use.

His big frame Cincinnati what's going on you guys are amazing amazing uh give a big shout out to Spencer and Matt those guys are studs um but uh Jay and I have two finals tomorrow two thugs two finals in the two finals you are in two finals in the mixed doubles final as well as this one how good are you feeling right.

Now what's in the air in Cincinnati for you yeah no you know this is the Midwest I live in the midwest so I'm excited to be here and uh hopefully uh I can win those two finals tomorrow Jesse's expecting you to I know I know she's here fighting for a second finals as well so um yeah just very excited to be there.

Well Tyson speaking of your two finals you chose to pull out of mixed doubles to save your body recuperate now that you're in two finals how good of a choice does that sound sorry Lee sorry Lee I was I was a hurting puppy yesterday and I woke up yesterday morning and felt like a train it hit me um but yeah uh spent a good majority of.

The day yesterday uh just kind of hanging out got a massage taking care of my body but um yeah I'll be getting some rest tonight probably eat some good Italian food and bring the goods tomorrow we've got a cute comments from viewers out there they're talking about your footwork how many small steps you take on the court ever have any.

Aspirations of going on Dancing With the Stars bring it bring it who wants to see that guys congratulations again we're gonna bring you the women's semi-final up next Anna Lee Waters Lee Waters taking on Anna bright and Jesse Irvin
Watch as Spencer Smith and Matt Wright take on Jay Devilliers and Tyson Mcguffin