Yeah the the one loss they have was with Riley Newman on the other side and you you might be saying well we've shown all these draws why haven't I seen Riley Newman's name on any of this well he's throwing out the first pitch at the Seattle Mariners game it's a whole pickleball celebration at the game pickleball is the official sport of the.

State of Washington he'll be there tomorrow night tomorrow night so we're gonna need to try to get some footage of that for our coverage on Sunday to show what happened if he bounced it or not huh how about the fire fight going on right from the word go in this match Johnson waters on your left side.

Water's able to catch up with that one it bends more please that was an awesome first rally for a match yeah that's uh that's getting it started right from the get-go hello I have the side out I'll get it to Waters and John so you mentioned the state of Washington in pickleball which of course originated at Bainbridge.

Island and I happened to be in Seattle earlier this summer day Fleming and I was I'm gonna butcher the name of it at the wheel or whatever that the giant Ferris wheel that they've got there uh in Seattle and I was I was down there and I was I was on the dock and I was staring out at the islands and I see the little map and I see I'm looking at.

Bainbridge Island there you go and I I was I was very excited about it I took photos and sent it to my friends and I said I found it I found Bainbridge Island that's the mecca that's where they created this wonderful sport gotta take a ferry over yes you do I did not actually get on the ferry to go to Bainbridge Island but maybe on my next.

Visit to Seattle that's a good idea lots of uh pickleball fans go get to see that original Court yes boy and that does catch the line so Smith and Kohler with the two-nothing advantage here to start off this match two zero one quick Hands by Ben but it's into the net.

Yeah Kohler likes to do those little flicks he's a very risky player which is different than many tried to sneak one and got it just behind and Ben swatted it into the net Yeah Boy Kohler puts it away and Mr Kohler has said I want to play on Sunday again look at these hands.

Color who did play some tennis in high school eventually ended up quitting to focus on hockey played 16 years on skates foreign executed brilliantly by Smith starts with the caller third shot lob finished.

With this gorgeous shot by Callie Smith and the Anna Lee pot Waters paddle is on the court timeout didn't even consult band there like guess what time out yeah we're off to a five nothing start and uh probably good to try and slow things down here a little bit Yeah again this is a very.

Emotional team Kohler and Smith they love to play with energy Cali Smith especially really gets the crowd fired up for her athleticism and fitness out on the court Kohler and Smith they they've made like work for the most part getting to this semi-final they won 11-1 11-3 uh in their uh sorry 11-11-6 in their first.

Match of the day and then 11 6 11 6 in their quarterfinal yeah beating two good teams Jackie kawamoto and Travis Rhett Meyer and then uh Jana gretzkina and Thomas Wilson so that tells you they are on point and boy are we saying that except for that backhand just catches the net so the timeout does at least break the.

First serve and now I'm moving on to the second server five zero two and side out we'll get waters and John's a chance to get on the scoreboard here and sometimes that short return with a little cut like that makes it hard to attack and uh they got a mess off the tape.

Two yeah it gets on top of this even though Smith with an impressive shot right back at you see you and raise you know what's uh it's pretty common that the men end up having a huge making a huge Mark in the mixed doubles but right now the ladies.

Seem to be carrying this one yeah and we saw in the first semi-final it was that pattern of kovalova and Irvin who's going to win that battle that set the table here we will see a little different but uh these ladies have so much fire a 6-1 Advantage for Smith and Kohler 651 .

Second serve move to the second serve six one two Kohler's return on that John's offering sales wide and that's that same shot he tried before where he sneaks in front of the male opponent in front of him and tries to flick it back across their body and Ben had seen that fish before and did.

Not miss the second one Kohler with the lob and it's long it's not quite enough of an arc on that one was really flat couldn't stay in the 44. six foot long Court there move to the second serve 44 by 20 for those of you keeping track of the.

Dimensions Waters and Giants making a little bit of a search here security server you're good now ourselves organized to be serving into the correct box with the correct server Smith and Waters and how about Kohler sniffing an.

Opportunity yeah if you're if your dick is long and what I mean by long is gonna land on the kitchen line your opponent's in trouble and uh anole I'm sure we'll return a much better ball so the bend doesn't get tagged the next time and are we able to catch up to that.

Ing third that'll move it to six three two so I've seen Kohler miss a few of these flick attacks that one's on surf so at least it doesn't cost you a point on the scoreboard oh the way he walked up to the line there he was he was a man on a mission not happy that he missed before and he's.

Like I'm taking that one I'm taking this one and I'm finishing up I'm just taking it all yeah thank you so it heard Dave bent say that singles was only yesterday well I'll show that guy I don't see a lot of singles action at the net like that though we did see a.

Little yesterday but not a lot the Ernie defended though by John it's like he went out one side door and came back through another and he's right back in position s footwork is ridiculous by Coleman here he comes you don't see that very often back in.

The middle of the Court well done playing under control yes and now the side out you hear Anna Lee unhappy with herself seven three one foreign we know that's hard to see yeah we saw Matt Wright's struggle with it earlier.

In the day so Kohler hits the tape twice and it goes over John's hits the tape and it stays on his side I don't think we've seen John's hit the tape all day and have it actually go over that has not been his friend call her living light and living right second sir I'll move it to the second.

Serve the water's a chance trying to stand some ground here they don't don't want to have any bigger of a hole foreign back on the side out come create one foreign favorable bounce for Smith.

Waters finally able to get back up to the kitchen line Butters and we just keep going a lengthy exchange and finally won by Ben Johns so Cali Smith's trying to go behind John's with no Pace but when she brings Pace there like this one coming up he is.

Ready she would like that to be lower a little closer to the sideline but that obviously brings that danger with it as well but I like that she's been keeping him honest over there just maybe not the right shot selection placement on the last one second third thank you.

Good Air Traffic Control there by Kohler to keep Cali Smith paddle sometimes you're not sure if it's your sideline exactly where you're at good to get help yeah turn it up sign out and Smith and Kohler three points away from taking game one eight four one skating along the Blue Line there impressively Kohler.

Foreign you know that's the way they want to play it's in the budget to have Cali Smith hey four two rip that third and have a Kohler hunt it down just didn't make the shot it's in the budget I like that nice job by Anna Lee telling Ben no.

So they quickly get the side out don't give up any points need to make a surge here though not himself but his team getting just a room service delay off the tape where Anna Lee Waters had plenty of time not to overhit that easily places that into the middle for a.

Winner tighten it up now it's six eight and a timeout is being taken taken we'll take the time out as well get tight in game one in Cincinnati foreign well to Management Open defense Dave Fleming happy to be the soundtrack to This mixed Pro double semi-final between.

Annalee Waters and Ben Johns against AJ Kohler and Kelly Smith foreign defense there but initially but finally Kohler able to win it a beautiful job by Cali Smith of again winning that cross-court battle by taking the ball out of the air and ultimately setting up her partner that's great complimentary.

Pickleball moves to the second server and a side out and a perfect attack down at the feet of Annalee Waters that's where you want to put the ball find a shoe logo Dave yeah those are tough to return Ben Johnson is ready for that Kelly Smith offering yeah shot out of a cannon.

Washington line there and uh exit Kohler didn't even notice how committed she had been and John's places it where she was foreign with the quick hands colors weren't quick enough to catch up to it six eight one six eight one Waters and John's we're in a five-nothing hole at the start of this game but.

Now trailing by just two but the tape not the friend for Anna Lee there no that's a move her and her mother will use frequently tomorrow in women's doubles she's able to poach with the backhand as well as most people are with the forehand which is much easier that's how lethal her two-hander is yeah Kelly Smith just doing a great job.

In these cross-court exchanges of being patient she's not taking it out too wide she's not giving atps she's not giving Ben Johnson anything to attack really well disciplined and precise from Cali Smith second serve we've been stuck on 8-6 here for a little while especially that snowman that Eight's been up uh it's not melting in the 86.

Degrees we'll see if they get to nine here foreign gonna go back to Waters and John's and Cole are actually jammed himself up here he couldn't get his grip where he wanted for that twice like hiding his hiding his paddle from.

Everybody that couldn't have happened nice but the Ernie there on the backhand moves it to the second server okay just so explosive jumps over the kitchen easily and Kohler took that one key let Cali know he was taking it too so watch her watch it yeah good read of a third that was much higher than John's would have.

Ever dreamed that could be not precise with the third usually is a problem so 861 as they try again to get off the Snowman they are stymied we'll take six two Olaf says I shall remain 862. great backhand by Anna Lee right on the.

Line great adjustment of her body as she had to contort her upper torso to get the back in so you don't pull that wide two in a backhand you are 10 to pull that wide that's such a good Ball by her and then another just not good third from John's there at all he's sort of rubbing the palate he can't believe how high.

That one was I was even higher than the one before I'd return this to him if I were them put it in the middle and Anna Lee takes it and finally we are off of eight six yeah and it started with a cross-court attack if you attack Cross Court and some of your opponent is sitting on it your.

Partner gets nailed and that's what happened there boy and nodded at eight after John sets it right into Kelly Smith unlucky off the tape there and then not set I think it's that's the first time the tape has been favorable for Ben Johns today.

Two olafs yeah and another third that one comes up short on the backhand side so the tape give it the tape take it away but all things considered Johnson Waters were trailing five nothing so they're quite content to be at eight eight right now 881 foreign.

And again the net can make someone who has some of the best feet in the game just look like they don't have because you have your mind set and then all of a sudden you got to change Cali wasn't able to reset on that one beautiful third there by Callie Smith creates an error that was gorgeous.

Dipping and the little smile as they get off that that snowman finally nine eight two but Ben Johnson will get the serve back for his side hey you also saw a side switch there since you saw Cali in front of cannoli Waters trying to change that they knew they were stagnant.

I'm gonna go back to what got them the lead and John's handcuff Smith yeah she tried again to go down that line on Ben Johns and he was ready nines it's a flick by Ben Johns goes long so I like that ball that bounces behind Ben.

Johns because then you can't get hurt that was a great ball to set that up and then Kohler went in the middle and John's misses deep 9910 so second serve at nine nine now it's Smith and Kohler with a chance to forge back ahead two points away from game one.

I decided to put Kohler on the left that was set up too easy for John's yeah great job by Cali Smith of trying to get that back but it was that beautiful Cross Court surprised by Anna Lee Waters that gave Johnson as he finish all right Smith switches it up and it pays.

Dividends so that time she goes middle and it was one of those is that in or out and I think the little bit of indecision from Ben Johns there created the mistake and we got a game point yes we do 10-9-2 foreign Waters and Smith color kind of waiting his time looking.

For an opportunity and it's going to be a side out what did you say call stance really close on that that's really fun yeah Kohler thought it was out so it is a side out and nine ten one that is Timeout being taken here I don't know there's confusion I'm I'm sure.

They're frustrated because Kohler's looking right at it and probably thought from his view that caught the line well if this was Championship Sunday that has to be a replay review no doubt because they definitely have time out and that's a pivotal moment right because instead of being up one game to none exactly now you're defending this.

And now you're tied to tenure you're going extra pickleball gotta win by two that's very involved by AJ Kohler really uncomfortable spot for Ben caught in that uh transition area foreign well they were able to get one to tie it but.

Smith and Cole are able to get the serve back now ten ten one foreign well defended finally forces Kohler to hit it out of bounds yeah tremendous gets on both sides by Kohler and John's and then.

Kohler stuck his paddle in where Cali Smith was set Kohler was on the move you heard him say no after that his Ernie was great that was a tremendous defense by John to just getting that back it was a great move by Kohler thank you Annalee gets the serve back and the dinking has been so precise in this.

Match that's why we're 10 all this just got away from AJ Kohler I don't know what that was supposed to be that that was in practice fastball right there this entire game has been receiving team has been the better team ten ten one yeah but now we've got game point number two it's the first game point.

Opportunity for Waters and Johns eleven ten one and there it is game one does go to Waters and Johns after trailing five nothing to start they come out to take it 12-10 right game two coming your way up to this timeout back in Mason Ohio.

Mixed semifinal in the Pro division number two as Hanley Waters and Ben John survived game one come back to take it 12-10. and they will have a one game to none lead as we head to game two side out to start this second game winner of the disheartening loss of game one for Kohler and Smith who were ahead.

The whole way had an opportunity had a game point they got to throw that away and get going again but that is tough they were up 8-4 they were stuck on eight seemingly forever even try to side switch to kind of get out of that foreign move to the second serve.

That's what you're used to from Ben Johnson mixed is poking that backhand and then just swatting flies in this case a Dura fast 40 with that forehand oh nice little lobster from Kohler and Ben hits that long Ben who tries the little flick that Kohler is uh also known for a little bit too much on it.

All right this will move on to take on Irvin and davilier on Championship Sunday great extension by Ben to get that one oh that could have been the AJ Kohler highlight reel because he's so steady he doesn't move there's so little movement when in his upper body and when.

You are that well set you can block and defend as well as he did and then his foot goes too deep and we'll never talk about that point again well Ben might talk about it ATP executed by Kohler well defended by Waters though and we play on flicked by Kohler into the corner Johns could get it.

You can see the energy the Kohler is exerting to him being a presence in the middle of the Court Hammer Time cooler didn't even really try to return that he just it happened to hit the paddle he's glad it hit the paddle trust me.

You're right yes point taken okay set it up yeah that's the energy that Anna Lee can bring to this team let Ben drive it let Anna Lee come in and clean it up like that that's gonna be long so Smith and Kohler on top 2-1 and I think it was important.

For them to get off to a start even if it's just a you know a couple points up one here or there to not let the disappointment of game number one get in their mind unbelievable defense by Annalee and now they both get up to the kitchen line Annalee does put it into the net.

And Kohler is waving his hand and disgusted those two forgetting these that one back as this one especially and not just getting it back but lay it into the kitchen where it's not attackable but they Prevail nonetheless so three one two three one one still on the first server second third now we'll move to three one.

Two and you see Kohler will sneak in a little two-hander there as well just you know I know we talked about hockey but he's got a little tennis in there he wanted that two-hander to his game this gives you another look as an opponent foreign.

Between the legs Kohler puts that on the Anna Lee five-hole and just I'm so impressed with Kylie Smith in this match and these cross-court exchanges she's just solid as a rock just really playing well third shot LOB Kelly was a tough out yesterday in the women's singles.

Of course the sun is not in their eyes hitting an overhead on that side so Ben able to get a good crack but again a hole to start game two yeah not quite zero five but one four all right and now make it 2-4 -1.

Just see the reaction out of Cali yeah she's been playing so steady that she hasn't had a lot of points where she's been the finisher so once she did we got full Cali Smith volume and well we should that was a nice combination crackhead forehand a little bit John's with the flick it stays in.

Cali thought maybe it was going to go out let it go that's just such a beautiful ball look at this it just have no idea where that's going and to get Ben to yell he is engaged because remember did not have the day he wanted yesterday chance to draw even here.

Again the steady so Kohler gets away with a very low lob that Johnston came over and kill it ended up being a two-handed backhand yeah and you do not get to bumps that Spike here in pickleball as Annalee was not trying to set up Ben Johns foreign love the idea and love the person.

Executing it just again not enough arc on that one he did not love the execution no certainly not a little uh cut spin serve foreign ER able to get one he could put away great job by Cali and Kohler picking his spot beautifully.

There you're all good bye three Kim foreign Waters and Giants getting it back good job again Kohler's looking for something in the middle so if you can sneak it behind him nice qualify Emily Waters.

So Dave we had the singles yesterday Vic's doubles today and then we'll have to mention women's doubles tomorrow here on Tennis Channel so I know Frank Anthony Davis is a big proponent of trying to get people to realize how good the singles is in pickleball I think everybody knows how good doubles is is there one that's.

That's most popular amongst the players do they do they enjoy mixed doubles do they enjoy the the you know men's and women's doubles what would you say is the the overwhelming majority of opinion in that way I mean I think you all we obviously have a vast majority of the draw that doesn't play singles so let's let's just turn those.

Folks onto doubles I think the folks that have that good partnership just really love going out and playing doubles and competing as a team and you know the we always say that pickleball is chestnut Checkers and you know we saw it in the first semi-final that Cross Court who's gonna win this between Jesse and.

Lucy and how are these points gonna play out finding those ways are we going to switch sides are we going to call a timeout that's what's fun about doubles well we're gonna call it Tamara right now because Waters and John's after trailing 4-1 have tied it up in five we'll step aside for a moment.

Gotta love that video board at the Barrett Wealth Management Open so it's making its debut and it looks great out there well I'm seeing all the new wrinkles that the PPA tour just continues to adopt I love seeing highly competitive.

Pickleball like we're seeing here in this mixed semi-final both semi-finals playing at a ridiculous level today Dave you're going to earn that right Urban and davilier already have that first spot locked down timeout served its purpose is the side out gets it back for Smith and.

Kohler off the net favorable bounce it was right there for Ben Johnson to put it away and Kohler knows that they were ahead like 80 20 once he had that ball on his paddle and just clipped the tape and then good night again Cali Smith getting a ball for Kohler to attack.

What silkiness was that that might have been out I think it was going to be crazy yeah the shot selection of Ben Johns after he got Kohler way off the court the lob was interesting and he got away with it so a chance to now go in front and Waters and John's are in front 6-5.

-1 make it 7-5 yes seven five one Annalee still back on the Baseline Kelly Smith takes advantage yeah real nice finish there they they need to get this ball back seven five two okay great job of partner protection there.

You've got Cali having to run all the way across the court so how do you help your partner take that first ball and it never gets to her so we're well played by Kohler five seven one caller and Smith have only scored one of the last seven points in this game that Trent continues yeah the other.

Thing we didn't talk about is Italy Waters did not lose the game and any of the disciplines in the prior tournament didn't lose a game yesterday in singles stared down to game point in this match and has now have an opportunity with the ball back up too to keep that streak alive which is phenomenal to win.

Seven five one Smith keeps her back she finally does get up to the kitchen what and now they have an 8-5 lead again I saw some uh the advertising billowing just a little bit there so the I don't know if we got just a quick little little breeze in there if it's picked up just a bit but colors seem to.

Be thinking about that foreign and now Smith and Waters starting to be able to smell it two points away from moving on to the final yeah the body language definitely has changed over the last few points John's.

And he hits it long so you saw Smith and Kohler second third keep themselves on the side so they don't have to Race Across the court that look like AJ gave a open hand which would mean they're changing we'll see no he gave her the closed nine five two we need the side out in the worst way.

Favorable knit and it's gonna result in a match point you're all good ten five ten yeah well placed shot there by Kohler to keep it alive yeah most people try to cover middle there so he went outside Beautiful Finish from AJ cannot squander this opportunity though.

In a 510 hole and that's long so it'll move it to five ten two attempt five it'll go back over to Johnson Waters so be Match Point number two ten five one nice job by Kelly to get to that.

Ridiculous the flip up and then the back flip by Ben nine five five nothing in game one 4-1 in game two but they win it in straight games 12 10 11 5. and they've got a date with Irvin and davilier on Championship Sunday for the pro mixed doubles title.

They were pushed this team has pushed them before they really require Anna Lee Waters and Ben Johnson to raise their level to beat him unfortunately for Kohler and Smith they were able to do it really impressive finish to that second game you see Ben Johns taking a seat his sister Hannah there they will talk in a few moments here's a look at the draw so.

It'll be Irvin and davilier playing on Sunday for the title what are your early thoughts on that one you know it's that aggressiveness of Jocelyn devilier that will make the difference in this match and Jesse Irvin has to match or exceed that cross-court battle she had against Lucy kovaleva when she was ahead in that it sets up davilier Waters and Johns are.

Going to be focused and Annalee Waters has her second spot on Sunday stamped with this picture and she remains perfect hasn't lost the game yet in Cincinnati we're going to take you back to the lindsner family tennis center and hear from the victors after this quick timeout well welcome back everyone after an.

Electric semi-final here I was able to get Ben Jones up off the ground I'm not sure why he decided to sit but that was a grueling match so that would make some sense to take that little break guys I want to talk about the deficits that you started out on both game one and game two what caused that early difficulty I feel like we sat for a little bit so we.

Came out a little cold and AJ and Kelly came out playing really well and really aggressive and I think it took us off guard at the beginning but I feel like me and Ben always kind of have slow starts in the first maybe game so I was not too worried I knew we could come back but you know they were playing great so we had to definitely up our.

Game in that first and second game Ben does that stress you out to start out from a deficit or are you always thinking I'm going to come back I've still got this ah it's never preferable uh but uh you know we've all been there before and uh you know I feel like I play my best uh from behind so um yeah I think as long as you're in that.

Situation you're experienced and it's no big deal but uh yeah ideal ideally not do that well guys I want to talk about something that some of our viewers who come from other sports find funny that question am I good at the server line when you're discussing am I on the right side am I serving from the correct position talk about why pickleball is so.

Fast paced it's got a lot of quick changes and it contributes to that well especially since me and Ben switch sides in stack a lot so we're not always too sure um the score has been called before the point so sometimes you don't even remember what the score is so definitely asking the ref just to make sure and you.

Don't get caught off guard because if you do you're the wrong receiver or server you lose a point or potentially a side out well guys congratulations we'll see you on Championship Sunday but you thought you were seeing the last of AJ Kohler and Kelly Smith you're not they're coming back to Center Court to play out their backdraw to make their.

Way to the bronze medal match
Watch as AJ Koller and Callie Smith take on Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters at the 2022 Baird Wealth Management Open from the Linder Family Tennis Center in Mason, Ohio.

Winner advances to the Mixed Doubles Semifinal.