Welcome back to tennis Channel's coverage of the beard Wealth Management Open we've reached the bronze medal match in the mixed Pro doubles bracket and gonna again see Kelly Smith and AJ Kohler trying to see if they can take home some Hardware after losing earlier today in the semifinal.

So they will be on the right side of your court to get things started after just having won that race to 15 there's Thomas Wilson and Jana Chris Kina originally from Russia and this is a two out of three just to be clear for everybody yes it's not a best three out of five it's not a race to 15. it's your.

Traditional two out of three with James 211 win by two you want to see some Wicked Top Spin dinking you're gonna see it out of Yana Gretch Kina big roll forehand she'll be positioned on that right side court and then we'll have the cousins battling it out which is always fine oh.

Man how about that as Wilson goes up and smashes it down he has one of the best four hands in the entire game okay it's not out zero zero one cousins are already joking on rally number three hits it into the net.

Chris Keenan who played tennis collegiately for the Kansas City ruse she's unable to catch up with that one so aside out Smith and Kohler will have a chance here to draw First Blood zero zero one second serve that's right catch cuz leaning into the middle of the Court there if a Kohler pushes it wide.

Zero zero two second serve side out AJ would like that one back yeah and again that threat of movement Gretch Kina there isn't really looking there and he shall take it if she gets it but trying to give him a forehand too Wilson in the Middle where he can do a lot of damage foreign.

Puts it into the net so we remain scoreless zero two you've got two different things listen to Gretch Kane I haven't played for a while you've got Kohler and Smith who have had to play back to back to back that may.

Weigh on them and impact this one is a loose return from Kohler right there well that continues there's the big four again come on that's Smith is that out able to catch the line huh well I fooled me I thought it was in and then yeah it was kind of the way she caught.

That one in the last match which sort of didn't get on top of the ball and hit it at that same trajectory and uh Point another point now so three zero two Don Stanley you're 3-02 lead referee and the head referee of the PPA tour overall wow Wilson playing some amazing defense.

Finally Kelly Smith she was finally able to punch a hole through that wall yeah Wilson's able to track these down but he's not able to put him in unattackable positions that's the magic if you can get there good and then if you can get it to bounce that's weird transition back but he is quite the athlete on the court.

Sir and there's the ferocity of that forehand right there zero three two zero three two Smith and Kohler still looking for the first point of this bronze medal match nope he thought about it.

And his cousin was trying to tag him on an Ernie there interesting three zero one that stays in beautiful shot by Wilson foreign approaching five o'clock in Cincinnati.

Shadows starting to make their way onto the court second serve just gonna move to zero four two four two caller's gotta find that movement again what a shot buyer Wilson man Wilson was impressive on that exchange was he ever including hitting a.

Ball that was going to hit our new uh electronic sign there and uh that track down was impressive though but it's that ball that's going away yeah should I probably let it go but he wins it anyway yeah the highlights way better those are hard to lay off Cali hits it along and then immediately.

Moves so could the physical strain of three so time back in with five zero one five zero one all right just deep and a good look for Wilson yeah he didn't miss it by much 502 that goes for the Ernie.

Man Christian covering a lot of ground finally throws her paddle at it out of the corner blood Hustle by Yana gretchkina I mean she's laying it all out like a center fielder knew that the ball was hit over to the right and just took off to a spot and got to the first one that.

Was impressive and Wilson second third beautifully executes that got a big yell from her part from here love that shot yeah poor short turn there from gretzkina put them in big trouble and they finally get to ring the scoreboard one five two.

I wonder if that'll be what gets Smith and Kohler settled in here Lefty that's long two five but Cali hits it wide yeah and that uh trying to cover the court and the switch there they were in trouble but Smith just pushed it wide oh my and Ernie into the body.

Of Kohler what a beautiful move to read this I want to see the feed on that again I'm not sure second serve still took the hockey player into the boards with the tag how about the people running the scoreboard they were on top of the Ernie had that.

Right away that right foot might have dragged it's not out side out gets it back to Smith and Kohler two six one Thomas Wilson nope second sir.

Move to 262. none of that energy and precision from Smith and Kohler so far the thirds are up they're missing some uh balls they usually make that's a much better drop there which is fine there all starts with a good third it's that.

Ball right there that gets you going has done a great job of keeping that roll dank down like that attack obviously but this is where you're playing a very good team gotta get at least even one at a time here just to sort of keep adding to it because you know they're going to be coming at some point yep.

Six three one second serve they have not ex taken advantage though of the opportunities to this point six three two 's gonna go back to Smith and Kohler again continuing to inch their way back into this game yeah bad luck there because.

Gretzkina went for the poach with the two-hander and hammered at the top of the net they're trying to lob again Callie Smith no idea what's out of the court to go to and they get out of that well the talent overcomes the confusion yeah and and guess what the other side is.

Confused seeing the eye formation trust me Christina knows she should have let that one go for sure she played such a nice point there and then just couldn't get the paddle out of there because you're so engaged to hit that next ball going deep.

Point so Smith and Kohler battled their way back now drawn even Thomas is going to be taken knotted up at six a piece in game one of this bronze medal match in Cincinnati welcome back to Cincinnati Bear Wealth Management Open knotted up at 6-6 here in this first game of the bronze medal.

Match Dave Benz Dave Fleming along with you six 661 time in 661 point there's that same flick he's been flicking into John's boys all day now he goes at his cousin beautiful shot by Kohler seven six one.

Second serve moves to 7-6-2 but Smith and Kohler now have gathered all the momentum foreign six seven one point and we're knotted up at seven a piece yeah gretzkina put a little too much on that one and it sailed but uh Cali 771 take advantage.

Thank you Chris Keenan misses that opportunity and that is the way this team can seriously eat with that huge if they returned Thomas Wilson's forehand Gretchen is going to get a ball to attack I do love that Yana is sporting the chicken and pickle hat indeed proud supporter.

872 place foreign just hanging out in the Park yeah don't need to move my legs yeah just swinging blocking away here we go no yeah see ya love the net cam especially on Kohler for a point like it's just conserving as much energy as possible while still.

Hitting absolute daggers the Ernie by Wilson and Kelly Smith got a paddle on it but it's too deep great read by Wilson because you got to see that off of Cali's paddle you see that ball go down once their head goes down to look at the ball that's when you've got to go great timing by Thomas Wilson There.

Is that out eight seven one second serve not sure what happened there it's been kind of took off on Gretch Cana 872 ah okay Wilson and they're going to look back if.

They don't win this first game on so many three or four balls where hammered just missed and he hammered the third and set them up and they haven't been able to finish it 791 so chance to draw even again for Smith and Kohler I'll recall seven eight one thank you.

Second serve so moved to 782 that was another ball that Gretch akina sort of had to adjust to at the very last time able to handle it though the flip up does just stay in Yeah by Wilson see the frustration on AJ Kohler just a perfect third shot lob there and.

Wilson well done great defensive effort there by Christina there's the Scorpion which means you get that paddle up above your head and in front like the Scorpion tail and go down good job having the paddle in a position to protect your body and hit down that's.

A great ball by Wilson one moves it to nine seven one foreign make it 10-7-1 game point and you saw Thomas reading his cousin he said come and come and let Gretch Keenan know and a speed up was coming he was right on that Kohler did not make the shot it doesn't.

Matter but uh good opponent awareness by Wilson There I got it Smith going back and forth with Wilson she wins it so second floor they choose the Cali Smith on that left side and I think they're gonna leave her again so they are not trying to sprint out of the.

Stacks by Cali came Point number two foreign ly hits it into the net and that's one of those where you do not want to stick your backhand into that ball Wilson was behind it and was gonna absolutely demolish that ball that's where you want.

The ball to end up but it's so close to you with a two minute back you can't fight the urge but you have to but you wonder how big a moment that is right because that could have closed out the game and now the serve goes back over to Kohler and Smith I can't say it winning call what was it called by the way.

Point Thomas Wilson said we'll look at it later let's just take the point hey ten one he's not happy that he's not on the good end of that no he's not oh he takes his frustration out on the ball.

Foreign that's a great job by Wilson because he he was joking about it but it was in his head he comes back plays the beautiful finish that we saw in the replay there and then comes back and just settled in immediately mentally and get another chance to close out game one well done.

Oh great dig there second serve yeah 1082 another game point is that out and another shot into the net so Smith and Kohler still holding on here yeah you heard Wilson yelled at.

Gretch Keen to watch the angle on the overhead and she did cover it way on the side of the Court couldn't make the next one second sir sorry not sorry not even close hey 10-2 hey 10-2 foreign.

that just misses the line it looked like from this angle like it could have caught it but just misses 19-2 foreign they hold another chance for a game point how many game point chances can they.

Squander kidding this is number four 10-91 . second serve and they can't get the third down if you can't get the third down you can't get into the points where they've been winning so try number five 10 9 2. feel like they have to have this one.

And they finally do get it great job it was not easy but they take it 11-9 and that's only game one great job by Gretch Keena of rolling the dinks to the forehand and then finally put one to the backhand and Thomas Wilson finished game two coming your way after this quick timeout well Chris Kina and Wilson.

They finally do Outlast Smith and Kohler in game one 11-9 so they've got a chance to win a bronze medal if they could take either one of these next one out of two they'd like to do it in two games and they force the side out and will get the serve beautiful heavy volley by Gretch Kina to start one.

Oh yeah played some amazing defense before finally that Kohler one was too hot to handle because it hit the tape she was on it if it was just clean foreign he was ready for that off of his cousin he destroyed it and you heard him say I got it just so there was no doubt that.

Gretch Kina didn't have to go back down that is nice this guy is quite an athlete native of the San Antonio area goes for the Ernie and well defended beautiful job by Cali Smith zero one one she's always about paddle up and that's.

Exactly where her paddle was a lazier player or not aware player wouldn't have been able to handle that Wilson finally does and these two are here because they're playing beautiful pickleball like that Wilson goes for the Ernie and finds an opening.

Not getting this one Cali nice shot this one he had a little more time and then he could pronate his wrist better and one zero one find that scene between the two second serve move to one zero two one zero two Christiana will take over.

On the serve Point that'll make it 2-0 beautiful Drop by Wilson just got over and they finally took advantage of a nice start and finished with the fifth ball there beautiful oh great job of Defense there by Wilson sorry we'll send it crossed up his partner.

He took two slides to the right and then failed and uh this is what that looks like up close go get it nope hung around to try yes yes he did zero two one love the two box in the netcam for same points like that hello outside foot you're not looking.

For it nice shot Thomas zero two two great job catching up to that off the net go another one off the net unbelievable Wilson finally puts it away what is this guy doing the left-handed overhead winner that was a ridiculous.

Shot and look at him switch it he switches it to the left hand you don't see that very often ambidextrous little second sir two zero two Wilson goes to the lob but it's too long so Smith and Kohler now.

Looking for their first points of game two zero two one and they have their first point of game two you know people don't usually drop along that right Baseline because it's uh go into a forehand what if you're short and angled like that can be really really.

Effective great shot by Kohler there and that one barely made it to the net I'll take full responsibility since I was praising him a second ago well you know you sit here and wonder all the time that they've spun on the court it's been a while so shots that they normally would hit with.

Precision are a little bit harder to come by ATP by Cali and the point return goes long so you feel like Thomas Wilson has been flying around Gretchen has been making everything and we're tied it too it's not out nice finish by Wilson there that you saw.

Just the tail end of so you know this is those chances they had in game one they were able to get to the finish line but they made it very hard on themselves can they get a little lead and separate it was an engine that sputtered to the Finish Line it wasn't exactly humming that was well played.

And then Wilson finally able to finish it off Thomas Wilson is everywhere right now three two one tough to see that's in point and it's another point for two in favor of Chris Kina and Wilson yeah and you can see Kohler trying to find the energy.

Number two one I might see a time out here if there's a second point but they hold for now it'll move to the second serve yeah this is when you have a chance to take maybe advantaged of a team that needs a little something here so four two two don't apologize for when you win the points just go get them and there's no.

Legs involved in that return whatsoever see Kohler hunched over a quick towel off yeah it's the non-timeout timeout yeah let's let's brush off the plate umpire here five two two yeah this is a big opportunity right this moment for Gretch Keenan and Wilson maybe get one.

Or two more beautifully executed by Callie Smith yep the best atps are the ones that come off the net because they Propel the ball to the right or left in that case to the right and Cali Smith punishes them perfect Pace second sir really was and it just catches in so two five two.

Some nice defense but a better put away by Kohler Wilson got a little out of position on the first ball he took and that's how that was gonna finish Kane is smiling because most of the time that's worked out very well for their team go set out oh I'll tell you what Thomas.

Wilson has been impressive yeah this is a guy that has so much Raw Talent played high level tennis played at Texas doesn't play as much as these other players and it's still just raw talent wise so so good point and it's a winner there.

six three one six three one in favor of Rich Kina and Wilson and the net takes right back so we moved to 632 six three two Wilson also played tennis at Purdue before he transferred to Texas point.

And it's 7-3 kohleren Smith in a major hole here and you just tell from that look at the two box the energy difference body language not favoring them right now oh no she got the football no no and there's the Dodge Stanley.

Alarm clock right there for a second it looked like she had executed it but let's take a look watch her feet there's nothing worse as she hits that beautiful shot and you look down and your foot is on the line and then she's like you're right you're right great.

Move just three seven one well that would have made it eight three oh that's a huge moment potentially because all the vibe and momentum is on their side and now closes to 4-7 and Cali Smith's not going anywhere I can assure you that so if you get her yelling and getting back involved in this you could be.

Staring at a game three four seven one it's a great start by Kohler second serve really good return by Gretch keen on a great serve Reserve Christina covering a lot of ground but it was too much ground point.

I heard Thomas just urging her to get there he felt the louder and the harder he held that o and go that maybe he could get her to go just a little faster that's smart play by Kohler foreign nice defense there Wilson gets the LOB.

As does Christina wow this point is that everything oh and then goes long Bravo's all I've got to say after that just so much defending crowd admiring the players the players admiring the crowd.

if that one took a toll on all players there tell me a receiving team six seven two timeout being taken it's tight in game two in Cincinnati six seven here at game two of this bronze medal match defense Dave Fleming.

Along with you happy you could be aboard on Tennis Channel day two of our four days of coverage of the barred Wealth Management Open and what a great match I think she's been fantastic the effort across the board fantastic here foreign.

So we talk about all the I all the ideas and reasons for a timeout sometimes it's just I need a timeout for my physical well-being smart job there by Gretch Keenan and Wilson go settle down seven six one back got the ball back immediately yeah after a three-point run there by Smith Kohler but just like that they break the first.

Serve so it's gonna go to Second serve here at 762. 762 yep need a good third here or else they're gonna throw the momentum right back across the net see what if Smith and Kohler come back to win this game possibly this match you're gonna look back at that foot on that Ernie because that would have made it 8-3 and now the serve is going to go.

Back over to Smith and Kohler I mean if she's not on that line and it's 8-3 yeah because at that point we saw you know the momentum and the energy difference and now it's getting a lot more similar as is the score and now we're even at seven seven one.

Nicely played there I'd be curious to know what time Smith and Kohler started their match against Stanley Waters and Ben because they've been on this Center Court aside from a couple of quick breaks for several hours at this point Smith unable to get it over tremendous.

Job by Gretch Aquino hanging in there she is in deep trouble right there and kept her feet out of the kitchen with the straddle she just happened to be tuning in what I was referencing was no no team on the left side there's going to be a foot fault there so point so Kelly Smith and AJ Kohler they played.

In the semi-finals against Stanley Waters and Ben Johns and they they lost in consecutive games but it was a it was a well-competed match then they had to win a race to 15 that was a lengthy race to 15 to get here to This Promise middle match so this is their third straight match here on Center Court.

Was playing some great defense yeah really impressed Yana is up to her level today and that's why she's in the bronze medal match she's getting better and better eight seven two look at that guy AJ would like to have that one back 9-7 sogrichkina and Wilson two points away from bronze.

Yeah nine seven on two you're good and Cali is adjusting the strings on her oh wait uh I mean literally what it looked like yes favorable net what a cat really was yeah and we've got match point.

Come on took Rich Keenan Wilson five game points to win game one I'd like to play game two on the first opportunity but a timeout is being taken so Smith and Kohler they've been hanging tough but how much is left in the tank here about as much as left in that water.

Bottle which looked like she had to tilt that up quite a bit there you see French Keenan Kohler fluids are the name of the game but really impressive here from Gretch Kina and Wilson again when you talk about a mixed team you want to be able to have what I do well compliment with my player to my right or.

Left is doing they've done that really really impressively today now can they that last Point sometimes really hard as you mentioned took him five tries to do it the first time so same as one time out they'd love to do it right here we'll see if they can ten seven two Wilson able to get up to the kitchen.

Nice take out by Wilson oh and Cole are able to get his cousin headed into the Nets is not so fast my friend oh and Thomas Wilson was so patient because he knows Kohler wants him to speed it up and he had a couple tries he kept throwing it behind him on the backhand and they couldn't help himself and got.

Beat point and it's tightened up 8-10 hey 10-1 that's a great role by Gretch Kina but there was a ball several shots ago the Kohler said I cannot believe I didn't just kill it it was a floating dick that landed almost on the kitchen line you just didn't have.

The energy to get there eight ten two nothing Kohler can really not afford to give up to serve they get it to 9 10. this thing is tight as it could be nine ten two we'll sped It Up For a Moment it's Wilson that gets it done so they.

Get a second shot at the match so here we go Match Point number two and that's the patterns we talk about Gretch Kina going for the Ernie leaves that ball in the middle and then Thomas Wilson just has to decide am I gonna go on this one or the next one and then misfire by Rich Kina second serve Match Point number three.

Because here ten nine two oh there it is Kelly Smith leaves it short and Christiana and Wilson got it out 11-9 11-9 and they will take home the bronze in Cincinnati and fittingly it is a Gretch Kina heavy cross court date that gets the final miss that was no unforced.

Error that was a great ball by Gretch Keena and a well-earned 11-9 11-9 win that's a really good medal for that team yeah and if it hadn't been for almost three hours on the court maybe Kelly Smith does get that one over but I'll tell you what Chris Keenan and Wilson they played their tails off and they earned the medal 11 9 11 9 will be back.

With more from Cincinnati after this timeout well we feel so lucky to be bringing you this event all weekend long the beard Wealth Management Open has been such a pleasure to watch so far and I've got our bronze medalists here on Center Court to introduce to you Jana Gretch Kina Thomas Wilson guys huge.

Congratulations and Yana the team you went up against in this match was the team that took you out in the main draw what did you focus on doing better this time around well we knew that we didn't have anything to lose because that team beat us before and uh they're really really good so honestly it's really tough to.

Find that one strategy that like yes that's gonna help me win but I would definitely try keeping the ball away from AJ Moore because what was hurting us in the first match was that AJ was just covering so much court and it was no way passing him but we tried keeping the dink more to Cali move them around of the soy J moving and it worked.

It's a secret well Thomas you're such a character he's got so much to say on the court you guys can't hear all of it but he's talking to the fans to the sidelines to me to Jana all the time even pulled out a lefty stroke switch paddles to hit it with the other hand where does all this energy come from I think I'm just confused half the time.

Out there running in circles I don't know what Chan to use or who to talk to but hey had a blast out there all right well guys this is the major medal for you both at a grand slam a lot of points were on the line in this one how much confidence and motivation does this give you moving forward for the rest of this year.

A lot I mean this is my first PPA medal and uh playing with and honestly I have to give huge thanks to Thomas because he's a great player and not only that he's an amazing person and it's always a blast playing with somebody who is always supporting you who is always there for you and at the end we were having fun and here they are.

Tell us anything to add to that you're making me emotional on live TV was I supposed to answer looking forward is this a cool for you and motivation yeah for sure I mean I don't know if we have any tournaments the rest of the year but maybe we need to change some things up I don't know but yeah it.

Was a blast I mean this is an amazing event playing against my cousin on live TV and the tennis channel is an incredible experience and opportunity we grew up together been best buds for a long time so I was just having a blast out there today well you guys made yourself a lot of fans out here today congratulations to you both again we're.

Going to take a quick break but we'll be back Dave and Dave have Alaska for everyone out there
Watch as Yana Grechkina and Thomas Wilson take on Callie Smith and AJ Koller