foreign tour is excited to be in Cincinnati Ohio for the barred Wealth Management Open and the lintner family Tennis Center not tennis this week it is all about the professional pickleball Association and day two of tennis Channel's coverage about to get underway we had a very fun.

Day with day one all singles play but we're going to split the script a little bit and turn to Pro mix doubles welcome inside the Tennis Channel Studios everybody Dave Benz alongside Dave Fleming let's talk about mixed doubles because it's a lot different than what you saw in singles yesterday I think a lot of pickleball players are more.

Familiar with personally playing doubles so probably can relate a little bit more to what they're going to see yeah the Tennis Channel audience probably is more familiar with what we saw yesterday that being single so it looks a little more like tennis mixed doubles much different than what we saw yesterday you will see the male player being very aggressive.

You're going to see them coming over and taking balls on the woman's side of the Court they're trying to find up angles they're trying to find patterns that affect the other team and the male who is really dominant can do that but these ladies aren't backing down from anybody they make the difference in mixed doubles and it's truly one of the rare.

Pro Sports where mixed doubles is not just a thing it might be the most popular thing in pickleball this is going to be a great day the two teams to keep an eye on especially a lot of good teams but the teams are really going to want to keep an eye on Lucy kovilova and Matt Wright who are a team not only on the court but also off the court and.

Then you've got the number one ranked team in the world Annalee Waters and Ben Johnson benjons I have a feeling to have a little bit of a chip on his shoulder after it didn't go so well on Thursday no he didn't even make the semi so singles what how did that happen so yes he's going to be motivated annalize always motivated so that that team has.

Been absolute money they've only lost one time all season long and Jesse Irvin who does not play singles oh is she playing well she is paired up with Jay davilier the flying Frenchman he will be ready should be a great day of coverage and we are excited to bring it to you we will take you live out to Mason Ohio with the coverage from the Barrett.

thank you foreign Wealth Management Open the Greater Cincinnati area and Lindner family tennis center it's mixed doubles day and.

First up on Championship Court we have Callan Dawson as well as Megan Dizon taking on two utahns Elise Jones and Spencer Smith I'm Johnny pickleball Andrews and join with me in the booth today is none other than Kyle McKenzie how's it going Johnny happy to be here man excited to watch the best in the world put on a show for us here looks.

Like we're getting started foreign Spencer Smith right off the get-go finding the middle and all these players very familiar with one another as three out of the four of them come from Utah and obviously Elise Jones and Megan design have very big double partners for quite some time now.

Foreign trying to play the patient game we've seen just a couple of pop-ups that have been taken advantage of and like you mentioned Johnny very familiar with each other's games I'd be interested to see what uh what tactics each team looks to employ here like zero zero two so Alex Jones coming up a little short.

On that one unable to execute it's kind of first first few points here just get them out of the way second sort of an uncharacteristic shot by Callan there he uh is known for his soft game doesn't drive as often because they're offered for a third shot drive there be interested to see how aggressive he.

Chooses to be in in this match given that it's mixed doubles generally the male player looks to take more uh offensive chances early in the points foreign Dawson and uh played Count a few times in mixed doubles and he does love to drive the third shot and then crash so as you saw in that last point I assume.

If he gets the third you're going to see that quite frequently you know I think um it's all going to come down to mostly Elise and the quality of her counter punching if she's hurting him with that first volley I could see him down but it appears that he's getting uh you know more of a neutral volley where he likes his chances moving forward.

Second server a little Ernie on display there from Talon great athleticism apparel two two and Spencer Smith able to get that one down point as now Spencer and Elise Jones get on the board one two two foreign.

Sitting all over that with her two-handed backhand yeah sometimes when you attack uh locations that are a little bit higher on your opponents you can jam them but when they have a two-handed backhand they generally cover those higher areas quite a bit better and and they had no problem in that ball good server.

Two one two foreign on that return there looks like we're knotted up at two here three one two let's see three one ontology and Spencer Smith getting a nice little roll with that forehand right the right at the feet of Megan design yeah great.

Example of you know he actually took place off that shot to get that ball down more of an effective strategy when you've got your opponents back like that yeah and here comes Spencer Smith flying in hitting the left hip of Callan Donaldson not just swinging away but precisely putting the ball on a specific spot to jam the player two three one.

Just a little wide there from Callan three three one and there's Callan Dawson flying across the kitchen you'll see it here there's a replay there he goes hitting the right shoulder of Elise Jones she's unable to get out of the way or even get the paddle on that correctly two on the Ernie count for Callan so far.

Foreign certainly more of the traditional mixed doubles point there the ladies in there and a forehand pattern I'd say so far we've seen a lot of moving the ball around not as much isolation but we'll see where the match takes this as it progresses here three four one.

Second server it's a little short on the drop there attempt from uh from Callan three four two and Spencer Smith trying to reach in get that ball back over to Megan design trying to get the roll once again unable to succeed that time you see each player kind of playing to.

Each each of their own personal strengths right now absolutely I think uh you know when you think about the contrast and styles even though they're doubles Partners uh Elise I would say at least is more of the setup player Megan has a little bit more finishing power um so it's going to be that battle of.

Weapons versus that uh consistency and that uh defensive scrappiness today 442 successful first lob of the day for malice Jones making design unable to come up with it recognizing that that left shoulder was available for the lob even if she leaves it a little short.

Has a good chance of getting a weak response nice little uh momentum build here for Spencer and Elise see if they can keep it right six four two foreign Dawson actually baited Elise Jones to go behind him and he she sure did but set it up nicely for herself nice little.

One-two combo I think it's a play She's gonna have to use even if it doesn't work every time callan's known for uh choking up on the paddle with his grip means he's got very fast hands around his body but he can be exposed when he starts to stretch for that backhand great one two uh one two combo there from Elise.

Boy and catching them backing up is Spencer Smith and all of a sudden being down early just by a little bit obviously that made a nice run here up 8-4 in game one great finish Mike I know you know one play that I I wouldn't mind to see Megan using a little bit more is um when elise's drop is landing in the.

Kitchen she's usually letting it bounce and choosing to Simply dink it back I do think that she has the ability and the skill set to look to use what we call a step back shot and look to make at least work a little longer in that mid-court transition area obviously Dawson trying to get in there.

Little little ambitious move there but trying to get to the right side of Elise Jones once again so we figured out where Kelly wants to go yeah absolutely absolutely I think it's the right idea just the ball ended up being just a touch lower than he was hoping foreign great cover.

I think we're starting to see organically is as the ladies are now staying more disciplined in the the pattern of forehand beforehand the gentlemen are now creeping over looking to cover middle looking to insert themselves a little bit more but that does leave court open behind them right out.

Eight five one ah and just hitting the bottom part of her paddles making design I couldn't get under that ball a nice attack again from Elise and Spencer nine five one that ball is really just coming off.

Making designs paddle just hot hot this morning no and you know I think what helps generate that error is elise's Court positioning but her disconnecting and looking to put pressure it limits the Target on that first volley from callanan and Megan foreign looking to make some adjustments to.

Potentially Force the game three as Elise Jones and Spencer Smith had a nice run to finish out game one yeah they found the momentum about Midway through and kept it to to solidify that game one that's fantastic so Johnny pickleball Andrews here with Kyle McKenzie and we will be back don't go anywhere game two coming up.

foreign we're getting set for game two here on mixed doubles day Spencer Smith and Elise Jones taking care of game one looking to close out game two here move on hopefully we'll see if they can make.

Some adjustments to force that game three and here we go foreign there for Megan is on she made a few dink errors last game minimized her risk and really looking to extend some of these points and make make her opponents uh earn everything.

They get here foreign both all four players having great hands in that rally great example of why pickleball is so addicting great Point showcase a little bit of everything there foreign yeah I like the idea from uh Megan is on.

There I think that's one of the situations where when you disconnect you put pressure on your opponents but you want to have that discipline when they get the ball back at your feet sometimes when you're staggered to let that ball go through your partner and there's Callan Dawson that's again trying to drive the third shot set.

Himself up or his partner for an even better one zero one one it's the risk you take when you play that third shot Drive you're looking to put pressure on that ball but if they stick it just right sometimes they can get a clean winner or certainly get the advantage in the point early.

Foreign movement from Spencer Smith moving it left and right to set himself up to go right behind Megan design yeah first time I think that we've seen Megan on the left there um Spencer was wanting to keep the ball on her and stay in that cross-court backhand a backhand pattern and as we.

Said some adjustments were going to need to be made and uh looks like they've already made their first one the Pagan having Megan design on the left side yeah you know we'll see how long they stick with that or foreign way around the post from Spencer Smith beautifully measured there by Spencer.

And if you look at elise's court position in her footwork even when she's not hitting the ball she's looking to show that Ernie attempt to make it is on to limit some of the spots that she's able to dink to with the two-handed backhand before and then now the forehand I don't know if I'd play a lot more drives her way after.

Seeing the quality of those volleys second server one two two and back and forth we go now Spencer Smith on the receiving end of that one and they switched back it looks like Alan Dawson back on the left is on they're going to try to go back to their pattern of cross court and just kind of.

Mix it up it looks like more than anything yeah they may be doing more of a more of a three-quarter stack as well where they don't want when they're returning uh for Megan when she's on the left they don't want her to have to cross there and maybe just play the point uh on the natural side when she's over there.

I'll recall the score two two two I recall it again excuse me two two one foreign tomorrow what a point unbelievable play from all four players the defense involved in the resets yeah it certainly doesn't take you know it's.

Not a one ball put away sort of match you know it takes a great combinations thinking about placement anticipation we've got it all on display here Johnny and Spencer Smith's coming up a little short on that one making did a much better job with her dink she's normally going with backspin while Elise is using topspin and so far in the match Elise.

Has had a more penetrating Ball but um Megan's doing a better job of getting more depth on her volleys and pushing uh pushing Elise back slide out I think you know if I'm in their Camp I think that's a big adjustment to make is just not necessarily attack but just be more intentional with your dinking to look to.

Dictate more at the kitchen line thank you and although Callan Dawson hits that one long you can tell Megan design is very much settled in with her dinks and it's not just about going to one spot but moving it around and she's showing that flawlessly right now absolutely foreign.

There he goes and just Out Of Reach of Spencer Smith I believe that's three for three but to your point Johnny I mean there's a way to add variety in your dinner sometimes just going to their inside foot is enough to uh take your opponents out of their Rhythm they can tend to get grooved when they're playing the same.

Shot over and over again four three two foreign not by much not by much almost got that one to land and Spencer Smith actually smiling in the middle of that point out on one of the shots that he hit that finally hit the net and brought him in score you have I had to refocus but great defense from Calvin and Megan.

Shows how much he's slowing the game down in his mind right he's able to chuckle to himself mid mid fast Exchange they're chuckling that time as he misses hits the mid part of the net unable to execute there three four two so three four two Elise Jones to serve problems all right.

Nice earning attempt from Spencer Smith hits the top of the net Callen Dawson might have been ready if it didn't hit the net but one will never know well that's the risk of you know of dinking up your line and moving the ball around to all the spots is you know I think when you've got somebody in front of you who's very.

Capable of jumping the kitchen like that you almost want to go up the line when they're not expecting it but if you do it at the quote obvious times sometimes they can catch you later we've seen that happen a few times this match thank you a great recovery there from Spencer Smith at least he owns his lob doesn't.

Probably go where she wants it but uh suspense are able to bail that one out a little bit high four two and Elise Jones and Spencer Smith retaking the lead here in game two slide out I just have to say I'm very impressed with Megan designs power yeah it seems to be um I don't remember.

Having that much power no absolutely and you know I think she has the skill set of choosing to hit her ball a little flatter when she wants to get it through the court and we obviously saw that on the a couple points ago definitely an elite uh boss character in general great closed there by Callen what.

Really needed that energy boost for his team here it's crunch time for them now they lost game one it's Titan game two this is where they really need to get there five five two get that lead and keep that momentum thank you mad as you said kind of a sense of urgency to to get in and crash and provide points and do it quickly and.

He got the one he wanted I I expect to actually see him continue to uh test Elise with that third shot drive if he's not getting hurt on that volley second server five five two and there's once again on display Megan designs power right out yeah and to your.

Point I mean I I may find a Spencer and Elise I may go away from the third shot drive for a little while I just feel like the quality of her volleys putting them on defense on the very next ball I might opt for the more patient style at least for a little while foreign how he wanted it with the head shaking.

Back and forth as he walks back to his spot they got what they wanted there just unable to execute we've seen a few short lobs uh get a little bit lucky and get the job done and that one's gonna go a little wide you can tell so when they had Success Center and Elise Jones had success in game one it was when they slowed it down.

I kind of played more patient and on that time they did and you see the results foreign you see the power you see the clean volleys sometimes when you speed a ball up at a counter puncher you're playing into their hands but if you can slow things down make them generate their own.

Offense stretch the points out a little bit sometimes you can make people like that a little bit more uncomfortable foreign he's normally great at covering that spot but it just shows variety goes a long way especially when you're uh when you're speeding foreign.

all over that ball with his forehand and that's gonna tie things up for we had actually seven six Corrections seven six one second server 762 side out and going to the opposite side that time is Megan design and having.

Success and again she could have hit that ball bigger but she chose to find a location keep it low that would pressure Spencer more than just Pace alone great choice foreign once again is Chip and charge yeah I like the idea I think Callan a few times this match has chosen to drive those.

Short and low returns I think when it happens to be low and short probably you're better off dropping that ball but you can see the urgency he definitely feels like he has a gain using his power and crashing in behind it I recall score seven seven one got a little mix up on the score here excuse me recall on it 772. okay so we.

Got it figured out we're at seven seven two here in game two side out seven seven one foreign it's one thing to get the ATP back it's another thing to do something with it to come up with a clean winter there is pretty darn high level from Spencer.

There great point eight seven seven and making the songs waiting for the power that counter punching that we talked about ready to go who wants Elise Jones speeds it up have another deal.

Yeah so funny in these matchups you always have to ask yourself does it make more sense for you to pull the trigger first or wait for them to do it and then counterfeit certainly seems like Megan's more comfortable when the attack is made at her and she can simply react and uh put those powerful ground strokes on display your volleys rather.

Slide out you can see some of these volleys missed from Spencer and Elise just a little bit from time to time and I think it's because of the pressure that Callan and Megan are putting on them with such great things yeah 100 I feel like you have to do so much more with the ball foreign.

Just a little wide there for Mega but to your point Johnny that's what great defense does right it may um manifest itself later in the match because you feel like you have to do more every single time you hit the ball and Carolyn Dawson sliding into that one trying to shake his own bait there it's been a play that uh certainly worked for.

Him just uh Elise was able to do enough with that with that first volley let's double check seven nine one I'm party nine seven one second server and Spencer Smith coming up a little bit short nine seven two.

And Elise Jones on her paddle 9-7-2 side out if those are a little bit newer to the sport you see that you know when one side is always kind of taking the net right out of the gate the other side is trying to figure out how to get up to the net and neutralize and and get into that point you can do it with aggression.

You can do it with slowing the game down but really that's the first puzzle you're trying to solve D second server man Megan putting her hands up in the air a little bit wondering how she couldn't make that one just got under it a little too much seven nine two another opportunity here 792.

disciplined leave there by Megan easier said than done to let those out balls go eight thank you great leave and a cutout from Elise Jones trying to get that momentum back so they.

Can close out this game too nine eight one foreign and looking to go around the post but decides not to Spencer was already backing up ready to go and Elise Jones kind of a caught off guard I think she definitely had a ball that she could speed up just uh unable to execute or.

Slightly clip the tape on that one foreign nice little combination back and forth we go Spencer Smith finally with the overhead put away eight nine two foreign with the backhand Spencer attacking.

And she's ready excellent coverage and you'll see what she'll do with her body there when she finds that big two-hander she'll actually slide her shoulders to the side to create the spacing to be able to really stick that volley and maximize her power well done foreign big hold there so Spencer Smith Elise.

Jones All Tied here 9-9 91 big Point coming foreign ation great point from all four players and just like that Spencer Smith and Elise Jones have match point see how important of a point that was very quality point from everyone there Spencer choosing to stay in that matter.

What with the cross-court backhands foreign Spencer Smith unable to execute surprised we haven't seen the time and Great Exchange there from all four players Spencer Smith ready to go as well as Megan dezon finally finishing it with her forehand once again proving that she is very very difficult to.

Attack a server Elise Jones says it's not too bad either I've got a two-hander myself huge Point here 9 10 2. foreign Elise Jones creating some pressure moving around just to show that she was going to try to Ernie and jump the.

Kitchen Dawson coming up short so Match Point again foreign yeah everyone's certainly waiting for that one to kind of build organically Talon eventually got the pop-up another opportunity here for Spencer Smith and Elise Jones to finish this match.

foreign against Spencer Smith and Elise Jones who will be moving on quite a first match folks quite a first match we're gonna have a lot more of the best in the world to come here but uh I thought the nerves of Steel at the end you could see how patient Spencer and Elise were to.

Get to close that out absolutely so they're going to move on and we're going to be back don't go anywhere Johnny pickleball Andrews Kyle McKenzie we'll see in a bit
Watch as Megan Dizon and Callan Dawson take on Allyce Jones and Spencer Smith at the 2022 Baird Wealth Management Open