And our head referee for this match Ron West as he gives up our 15-second warning as the players finish up there and to start it off Yates is going to be starting to defend jobs and here we go yeah I think he's uh the eighth is playing into the wind on this side.

All right that's a nice way to start a little let yeah that one's gonna clip the net a little bit and land in so winner he'll take it I'm sure yeah got what he wanted there a little backhand volley coming up a little wide zero one so Ben John's turn here zero one.

Thing I've noticed about Ben lately is he's getting more aggressive with this series and uh but with that aggression comes to Misses and you'll see that more in singles than you will uh in doubles as people are really starting to go for everything with that serve to have that Advantage as obviously the serve is the only shot that you're gonna have.

Complete control over foreign and Ben letting the uh Ron West know that that ball was in one zero we have one zero Yates Johnson to serve why another good drive as that ball had a nice shape to it started to dip a little bit I'm gonna get under it enough.

We're definitely working for the placement rather than the power getting that thing to dip just over the net which and as Ben settled is in here he learns his opponent Yates taking full advantage of his adrenaline hearing gets up 3-0 not able to execute there so side out we'll see if Ben Johns can get going.

Here dead opportunity as he missed his first serve foreign Yates intelligently let that one go and flies just long for your side out three zero man that one kind of skidded off the back line but again great placement on the return from Ben Jones keeping that.

Ball Deep applying the pressure to Yates on his third shot and I think Ben's asking for a new ball here misshapen out around and hoping to find one that flies a little more straight yeah Ben's one of the best two-way players no question.

Uh both from the Baseline but also in that cat and mouse foreign even though he missed that ball a very slow methodical movement to come in Ben John's able to just drop the first one transitional Zone area which is the middle.

Set up for his next one yeah Johnson came out fire up 4-1 in this first game foreign there's another one big forehand down the line and all of a sudden here in game one Yates Johnson leads yeah I saw a little.

Fist pump pump himself up fine he likes what he likes what he says yeah missed return and Ben's just gonna take a walk right to his chair for a timeout as uh Yates Johnson comes out firing up 7-1 and we'll see if Ben Johns can mount to come back we'll be right back right after this.

welcome back to the Greater Cincinnati area here at the Lindner family Tennis Center as we have Ben Jones commanding lead right now in game one up 7-1 but as we know it's a pickleball and anything is possible and it's Ben John so come back through the more possible.

It's coming out of that timeout looking a little more lively already found myself a little self-coaching and here we go one seven we'll see if he can start his journey back here fine and that'll help with a missed return from Yates Johnson foreign that one Clips the top of the net lands.

In as Ben apologizes and picks up another point sorry I was saying earlier Yates is a twin just uh his brother Hunter Johnson also playing singles today and advancing 4-7 and Ben calling that ball out is it here we go 4-7 now creeping his way back.

Into this game another winner down the line that same uh timeout magic that Ben got here a couple minutes ago that's right you know Yates came out firing Ben kind of came out a little flat took a timeout kind of regrouped a little bit here and it was firing on all cylinders at this point so Yates Johnson wanting to break.

That momentum off and calls his own timeout and uh maybe try some different shots he was kind of relying on the drive Yates Johnson at first maybe try to mix that up uh going forward and Ben is just going to try to ride this momentum a little bit to the end of game one here and see.

What he can do I got a feeling yes he's gonna make another run here I am five seven all right here we go five seven bye and a band just applying that pressure up at the net to hit just such a great.

Shot and uh six seven Eight's unable to as Ben has to swan six seven as he wants no distraction and definitely needed sight out there by yeah foreign Johnson the volleys of precision from Ben Johns as he just moved him Cross.

Court each way over and over until he got an opening just controlling that kitchen line it's going to be tough to get past him he just keeps allowing that to happen why big serve there catches the back line and Ben taking advantage of potentially the legs of Yates Johnson after that.

Last Point comes out when you win a big Point like that you might as well come out and fire a big sir see if the legs are there what seven seven just like that we are all tied up and now ball John's down 1-7 leads eight seven five okay.

I'm gonna go ahead and use his second time out here of the game as he feels it kind of slipping away from him time in eight seven we'll see if that timeout helped here we go Ben Johns deserved there it is that's what he needs more of that so you can get some.

Seven eight and Yates not happy with himself after missing that just a little long but obviously going for it yeah costume you have to foreign Johnson and Yates are able to get one to sit high and put it away.

Trying to fire himself up there great point to do it a lot of pressure from Ben there forcing that yeah Ben's already been controlling that kitchen line for the last few points just makes it tough on you a long serve yeah these guys are they're getting aggressive seven eight.

's called that one just long yeah he's calling that one long Ron West letting Ben Johns know that that ball was long hey so here we go all tied up just off and and Ben knew it watch that one sale foreign I think Ben got what he wanted there he.

Coaxed him into the kitchen and get that cat and mouse like we talked about before they definitely got what he wanted a couple Miss shots here we're right back at eight eight with Yates Johnson serve and here we go and Ben caught yeah it's a little flat-footed on that one after that.

Volley unable to really move forward on the shot keeping him deep really deep beyond the Baseline and trying to scoop under that ball is really going to be tough you're flat-footed so here we go Bend to serve oh painting it that is that's the two you wanted.

Hey another one back to back two-handed putaways in the line there but you can see the pattern that he did there with one forehand down the line and then the volley and already closing in so he's gonna let's do this pattern it looks like until it doesn't work.

And that time Ben got a very crisp volley nice and deep eight nine out bounces off there tape there for a side out the Yates coming up winning that Exchange yeah one two one tier low and bends high.

In a hand battle it's tough to recover from that eight nine yeah but he wanted it was right there and Ben actually looks like he's baiting his opponent to try to go for so much or just so he could reach out there and I haven't seen Yates actually go with the body of Ben Johnson.

Sign out good deep return there of course is a mistake from Ben nine these are quick exchanges here that's great placement from Yates Johnson able to just get the ball behind Ben just enough in a little bit come up with a short hop yeah that.

Backhand down the line is working creates right now I tried to roll the two-handed backhand across court that ball sat up high Ben able to hit a nice deep volley but the pattern was there for him to keep going it's that placement the execution at the end of the day was unable to execute on.

That one but he'll fight to try to get another side out here and Ben Johns will fight to try to get to 10-9 there you go and there it is the first time we've seen it right at the body right at the body and it worked jammed him instead of going left or right around Ben Johns decides to grab the body and he's.

Rewarded with a side out Yates talking to himself there a little bit saying you should have gone down the line out across court and he's right Ben was baiting that shot and a little bit of emotion now coming from Ben Johnson which is not too typical from him.

Yeah he tried to speed it up there by taking out of the air quickly Ben read it put it away across Court ten nine and so on Ben's paddle we have game point oh that's gonna be a huge winner the Lindner family tennis center and we.

Have game two just about to start here with Ben Johnson to serve foreign that first game was tight really tight felt like Yates had it you know most of the first half and then just slowly came back in and I didn't want it with that.

I don't know what that was that long distance ATP curling zero zero and Ben leaving that one up high as Yates able to curl that ball and then put it away yeah Yanks was up 7-1 in that first game Ben able to come back make it a match and then able to to kind of roll away with some momentum.

There so we'll see if uh you know Yates can just shake it off but it looks like he's doing just fine with that excited pickleball definitely a game of runs at Kansas any player can just go on a tangent for a little bit so.

That's a great backhand role from Yates Johnson Ben unable to get around that ball yeah I really like Yates backhand right now foreign and almost gets that one to go but Ben returning middle not allowing Yates to kind of get around.

An angle with that backhand so that set him up at the net to kind of hold his kitchen line foreign times we've seen Yates keep John back it's interesting see him switch it like that that's great patience from Yates too to not try to over to overdo it make Ben.

Play make him move let him Force the air versus trying to to initiate all the time yeah get him a little winded you know breathing a little heavier great wheels for Ben Johnson on display to watch how fast he can get to the ball fan right at that time that rolled down the line jumped it.

One zero foreign probably gonna go alone caught a line there too hi yeah he goes behind Ben Johnson rolls that backhand once again just kind of curls it lands right on the line and really seeing the the backhand be such a weapon for Yates Johnson why not.

Whether it's two-headed one-handed he's got them both which makes it more effective honestly okay Ben has a nice backhand volley one one foreign maybe we'll see him try to mix it up here potentially in the next one maybe.

He's waiting for for Yates to miss but he looks pretty grooved in all right as he hits the top of the net and makes that shot Falls in yeah we're seeing how great Yates two hand is right now and how confident he is with it and I feel like Ben keeps sending it over there trying to set something up.

One two and then able to get to that ball puts it Cross Court there's Yates Johnson with a nice around the post yeah returning that favor from game one ATV point there and nice volley from Ben Johns going right down that line towards the forehand instead of Cross Court back to.

The backhand that time definitely froze in there for a moment 2 combo from Yates Johnson the first ball just to set up this next one at the body like you said Johnny mixing every once in a while one two all right Ben able to get that ball to.

Dip just enough while Yates unable to get under it but unable to execute so here we go pH is doing a much better job in this game too of getting to the net and controlling the net more often and pointing it's paying off.

Thank you hey there Ben Johns going to the forehand side of the h Johnson a little more Ben still likes his pattern though of rolling the ball down to the backhand side if he can keep it down I think in his mind if he can keep it down he can set.

Himself up nicely for the next few shots so by going to the backhand on the first one it opens up his forehand a little bit more so long as he keeps the ball down I agree I think the wind is coming across the court a little bit the left side of the court for Ben Johns all right so there's gonna be a timeout.

From Yates Johnson we'll see if Ben Jones can continue his run but we'll find out right after this don't go anywhere we have the number two seed Ben Johns taking it on number 15.8 Johnson and already up here 4-2 in game two after a tightly contested game one where Ben took that 11-9.

And we'll see if he just weathered the storm earlier in this game and continue his movement forward if he's gonna give a side out to eh Johnson two gifts back to back one from Yates and then return the favor John's did five nights and Ben continuing to return.

Towards the middle so Yates unable to have that angle that he wants as he overshot that one with the forehand but there is a breeze that is starting to kick up here inside out Yates lets that one go flying just wide out and Yates had the wheels to get to.

That ball just unable to place it right there fine and that's going to be a great shot for Ben Johns runs around the backhand it's a nice forehand inside out drops it perfectly and Yates trying to cover lines gives Ben that low percentage shot just had to watch it go past them.

From Ben John's just trying to guess which way the last One's Gonna Go Yates able to hold it on the paddle for enough time until Ben made his move 36. excited yeah Yates knowing he left that one a little too high Graham.

At this point you can kind of see the body language of Yates chart to drop a little yeah I think Ben is wearing on him no question just methodically and that one's not going to roll over for Ben John so methodically putting points on the board.

Johnny he tried for that body shot again there that you keep talking about yeah he was trying to go to bed early on and that's when Ben made his big run and so now every time he's done the body shot it seemed to work out it's just I think he's getting excited a little bit just unable to execute that time.

Try it out so back and forth we go here a couple times uh Yates Johnson trying to do six get something going again just rushing as Ben applies that pressure all right and Yates looking at that line to see if he should have called that one.

Out both those shots were close but yeah very very close seven two probably been the smartest take out of the air oh that's great guys from Yates to get out of the way and he set it up with that one-handed backhand roll again.

Or maybe not he took that one out of the air similar result Ben just knows those patterns he understands once he's out of the kitchen line there's only so many things that's going to be coming at him that would even surprise him and now at this point in the match he's kind of figured out.

The patterns that he wants to do and it's starting to execute and her shots are falling as well he's going to go ahead and take a timeout and uh think about possibly some of his own shot selection you know going forward and really not trying to overcook some.

Of these shots but trying to just kind of play some grind at the point keep Bend back a little more uh but then John's starting to really come alive here in game two and uh as you said Graham just the first back to the action here Ben John's to serve all right and the shots that he was.

Making earlier now trying to lean a little more yeah rushing it a little bit like you say forcing it it's not falling out all right turn nine and Ben John's getting a gift there off the top of the net that's not fair come on.

Turn nine all right yeah it's a big forehand from Yates Johnson Cross Court he's uh putting his arms out with somebody give me some love for that one that was a big shot he got a big juicy ball and we're gonna get a big juicy shot out.

I see the body language from Yates he's just trying to trying to will himself forward momentum here Ben just shipping away at that little by little but maybe that'll help him out a little bit there we go see that one was fair and you're down it's okay three nine.

Oh why and there's the body shot into the stands and luckily Jay devilier was there to throw it back hold on so here we go a little a couple points here for Yates if you can keep going and that's gonna be a side out but he's trying with that two-handed.

Backhand to really get that roll to set him up with coming in and closing and just not able to execute right now the wind's pushing off to the left his left side yeah man that ball kisses the top of the net unable to stay in 4-9 there it is.

That backhand roll both two-handed and one-handed they're both really effective because he can freeze ban a little bit and go cross-ported Ben makes a move for that line another big forehand and all of a sudden Yates Johnson coming alive starting to execute some shots.

Holding the back hand a little bit longer hitting the drive a little harder on the forehand he's just letting it go he's just letting it go right now game two All or Nothing All or Nothing yeah Now's the Time and you're even his uh body language has changed you can tell he's like you said more energized a little.

More in it 69 I'm more anxious to hit the next serve that's right now he's just swinging out and another two-handed backhand winner and just like that he's right back in this that was a rip just over the tape there another one and smiling saying where where are these.

Swings coming from yeah at this point you can kind of tell here comes the timeout from Ben Johnson able to make a move here and really string together some some points and really just swinging out at this point uh as well so we'll see if Ben Johns can hold off Yates Johnson or if Yates Johnson can.

Force to game three we'll be back right after this and welcome back Pro men's singles we have Yates Johnson to serve after a big run and a good time out there taken from Ben Johnson kill that momentum side out as he still maintains the lead.

Fine okay now that drop that was going to the backhand side that was sitting up a little high earlier has now dialed in and really making engage Johnson's stretch able to pull this one out in a tight one
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