back in Cincinnati Ohio it's been a fun weekend Pro pickleball action at the lincolnner family Tennis Center and we have one more match coming your way here to close out our coverage for the day on Tennis Channel.

Ben Johns and Colin Johns taking on AJ Kohler and Thomas Wilson so you've got the brothers against the cousins So Family Affair in full effect and you got to Ben John's left box right side of your screen you got Thomas Wilson on the same end of the Court as Ben Johnson then the right box you got Colin Johns on the left and.

AJ cooler on the right and you told me you played at Purdue alongside Thomas this played uh Purdue alongside Thomas and I hadn't seen him in a couple years and all of a sudden I go to Vegas to pickleball tournament and there Thomas Wilson is and he's come on very strong in the last year definitely one of the top talents in the game AJ.

Kohler played with him back in the day he's come on in the scene in a major way as well in the last year and then partnering together has been a great force they usually give the Johnson Brothers a lot of trouble they're very quick crazy hands but uh Ben and Colin you know are the team to beat it's gonna.

Be tough defense the best player in the world I cannot wait for this one to get kicked off here yeah Ben did not play well in singles on Thursday they not only got eliminated from being able to win gold he didn't even advance to the bronze medal Championship he he got knocked out out of losers losers bracket pretty promptly but he came back with a.

Fury yesterday alongside Annalee Waters and mixed doubles and he will play alongside Annalee for the title tomorrow it's usually a bad sign for the rest of the draw when he loses in any the event because then he comes back and the others and wants to prove a point yeah Dave Ben's hanging out with Matt Manasseh pickleball McNasty if you will.

And we are just about set to go here in Cincinnati love the video boards this is the debut of the video boards for the PPA tour game one so here we go starting off at zero zero two and Thomas Wilson gets us going what a quick one-nothing lead.

One zero two John's making it look effortless yep it keeps the body quiet allow his hands to do all the work keeping the paddle out in front of him textbook guys like Ben Johnson we kind of invented the New Age game here.

If you're at home take note right down the line for Cowan and that gets the Johns Brothers on the board looks like he was going through the Middle with that little shoulder shimmy and then threaded the needle down the line second sir Ben with the misfire into the.

Net so we'll move to the second serve at one one two John's puts it away so an early 2-1 lead now for team Johns Colin and Thomas just going back and forth foreign tries to switch it up but it goes long yeah it looked like he was trying to.

Hype control we talked about try to give it a little bit different height and look but went a little too high and now we're knotted up at two AJ Kohler who played hockey for much of his life looks like a hockey player he has all his teeth though I believe that's no easy accomplishment when.

You've played 16 years of hockey that's right lost his hair though so maybe that's that's making up for it well he pretty much always has a hat on so it's a friendly roll there wow quick hands and great placement by Ben Johns.

Foreign up there with that flick then seen that one too many times before Colin puts it into the net so Colin is the older brother out of the two Johns very accomplished tennis player in his own right out in the pickleball later after her tennis career.

Back over to Kohler and Wilson tattoo piece and Ben John's unable to do anything with that one the winner of this will meet Jay davilier and Tyson McGuffin for the championship tomorrow how about that Thomas Wilson.

and it's a 4-2 lead taking a page out of Matt right a little premature come on second serve and Ben Johnson wins that fire fight Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better says Ben Johns Kohler was on this Center Court.

Yesterday alongside his doubles partner Kelly Smith for seemingly hours on end they ended up falling in the bronze medal match to Thomas Wilson Anchorage Keena so we talked about earlier there that lob reaching in on the dink every all the players weights are all poured into.

The kitchen that's a great mix up what size being patient until it finally gets sped up and Kohler able to Win It yeah if you look at the way AJ Kohler holds that paddle very low on the handle gives him a little extra reach very long low bending down able to flick a lot of balls that most players can't.

Blob and that's going to be long so it's a side out two six one yeah second third how about the reaction on DJ Kohler I'm sitting here and I'm looking by the way uh Matt you were talking in the last match that we had.

About how far off the kitchen line and a break Jesse Irvin we're playing and I'm looking here at these four players and it's like at times she would have a tough time fitting a dime between their toe and the line they're so up on it foreign the more balls you can take out of the air that's putting pressure on your.

Opponent these guys don't want to give any space they want to make that area for their opponent they didn't do extremely small anything that's a little high is going to be put away extremely high level pickleball from these guys Kohler goes to the LOB Tracked Down by Colin Johns.

Ben and Kellen both able to get back to the kitchen line Ben with the flick in the Finish so make it 4-6 462 point and it tightens up to five six neither team really five six two able to establish much momentum so far in this.

First game but the Johns are trying to find some right now and it's quickly broken up on this the second time uh Collins tried to do that a little head fake and then go towards the middle AJ's reading that quite well Ben puts that one away.

To six five two one of the strongest overheads I think on tour is Ben John's has so much lead tape on that paddle that YOLO paddle plus a lot of strength it's not coming back Thomas Wilson wins that exchange back to a two-point cushion okay.

That out oh off the net tried to catch up to it I think AJ looking for a quick quick sorry he wasn't getting it from the net or the Johns Brothers and the Net's still not his friend back to a one-point game move to six seven two six seven two.

Yeah side out gets it back to Kohler and Wilson with a 1.8 decent crowd on hand in Cincinnati on this Saturday afternoon now approaching evening in Cincinnati.

Hello Point good third shot drop there setting it up Colin kind of off balance leaving them a little bit high and as we said these guys are crowding the kitchen line anything left high is going to be put away second sir third shot drive that time and he drove it right off the court oh yeah.

That drive probably hit King's Island across the road so you get a stuffed animal with that I hope so 9-6 now in favor of colon earned Kohler and Wilson 962 . and now we're in brief State game point.

Here in game one time out fever 10-6-2 and Colin Johns I know it wasn't Ben Colin Johns calls a timeout we'll step aside 10-6 in Cincy well the crowd getting pumped up should be pumped up they're a point away from taking a one game to none leading this best two out of three.

And six two I guess the number one seated team of Colin and Ben's Johns nice job by Wilson to catch up to that off the net changes won by team Johns and they Stave off losing this game at least for the moment.

I like that AJ Cohen Wilson tried to slow that down for a second but then was trying to speed it up over and over and over again six ten two wasted opportunity there so we moved to 6-10-2 that's out so game point number two ten six one.

All right second sir two ten six two game point number three ten six two a handful of nice defensive shots until Ben Johns finally is able to finish it not sure I love that love play on the third shot on game point s in that is some fancy paddle work.

Holds it to the last second really gets on the inside of that ball carves it across the left side of Ben John's so six ten two I'm gonna just miss and makes it 7 10. making 8-10.

I feel like the Johns just haven't really they tend to had a sustained run of momentum here but you feel like it could be coming and now they've posted to just a single point at 9 10. and that's that's two really big missions balls that he should put away now the pressure definitely on.

They come back with an answer and we'll have game point number four 10-91 . oh second serve game point number five Ben kind of baited him into that shot left it there tried to do that same inside of the ball carve.

D Kohler and Wilson do take game one 11-9 game two coming your way after this quick break foreign Cincinnati Kohler and Wilson halfway home to a date on Championship Sunday against McGuffin and devilier but John's and Johns Point still.

A chance to be able to emerge and they get an early one-nothing lead here in game two yeah they're really gonna have to be careful here early to not let dennisert himself in a major way they need to play patient what did not attack too early interesting start here.

Point and John's starting to binge on starting to flex a little muscle gets it to two nothing point oh okay that's why he's the number one ranked player taking over that ball that we left there for Kohler like I said earlier is supposed to bait.

You he knows color is going to attack that Colin's so good at working together we're getting ready for that backhand AJ nice job catching up to that one off the net and then Talon hits it long zero three one um just has such quick hands.

Zero three two yeah keeping everything out in front there's no swings that are going behind his body oh nice reflexes by Colin that time and the serve back over to team John's with the three nothing lead Ben has found his groove right now oh it's in a major way.

All right four zero one he wants to play in at least two championships exactly shut there point do they call football I believe they did so it makes it 5-0 like to see the replay of that second serve.

Five zero two Colin able to catch up to it beat up there really was let's go back to that that fault yeah it wasn't much but there was there that foot right on the kitchen line foreign.

Wilson decides they're going to use the timeout we'll take a break as well Cincinnati in a moment defense Matt monesse happy to have you along here on Tennis Channel as we are in game two of this Men's Pro Devils semi-final the winner to move on to Championship Sunday.

Kohler and Wilson were able to hold off Ben and Colin John's in game one but Ben and Colin have found some momentum here in game two out of the timeout however the stop and the sign out point now that flick just long it looks like Kohler Wilson 171 change sides trying to get a little different look to.

The Johns Brothers you left foot point and they're gonna call foot fault here on Colin Johns Smith was on it that's a great call those size 12 and a halfs catch you every time oh Ben John Smooths it to the second server 272.

72 Thomas saying so stupid of him to do that speeding up to the Ben John's forehand now they're both going to the LOB AJ Kohler was having a hard time really getting into a comfortable position and Ben just kept attacking him yeah it's tough in pickleball you don't want to attack from a position of.

Weakness as you're moving if you're off balance Ben was out in the kitchen line just stagnant had all the position point caller tried to mix it up but instead it's Point number eight for team.

John's make it a 9-2 lead Kohler and Wilson do have one time out remaining probably take it if this gets to tend to or should I say when it gets to 10-2 which it is 10-2 but the Kohler just waved Thomas off and said no let's just.

Play it yeah they're they're mine's already in game three two one oh Ben tries to go for the Bert The Bert wanted that little Ryan smile out of him does not normally miss that one too they're gonna call another football and that's gonna end game number two 11-2 in favor of team John so a third.

And decisive game upcoming on Tennis Channel barred Wealth Management Open final game of the day and a decisive game three for a birth in the final on Championship Sunday the Johns Brothers finally found their groove in that second game.

But in the match that preceded this we thought the team Waters found their groove in the second game and thought that momentum would carrying a game three and it did not so would not be surprised this see this thing go go either way I like I love the start there for Kohler.

And Wilson definitely trying to go after Colin John's more slowing the pace of this down without letting Ben control things it's gonna take longer but this is how they need to play this third game back hand overhead there by Colin is effective I think there was a shot halfway through.

That point where Wilson had a forehand he could have flicked little differences in this game zero one two side out at the side out one zero second sir Nice Shot there by Colin one zero two really inside out here Thomas expressed.

His frustration with not being able to get it over the net yeah he's doing a good job getting that paddle tip down below the ball but try to get a little bit too much topspin on it rolled off that paddle in the net foreign.

Big time from AJ the ability to put that second hand on the paddle and create something off the backhand side it takes it to zero one two foreign ER hits that one long so we're tied at one you're right strap yourself in because.

We might be here a little while this is uh this one's this one's more of a patient game Thomas has definitely made a decision to not go after four hands he's being consistent letting AJ be the aggressor sorry last game when Thomas was reaching into that kitchen and trying to attack Ben he was getting in a lot of trouble.

This game she's totally made a change slow it down which I think is in their favor AJ into the net moves us to 1-1-2 side out gets it back to team Johns foreign Tyson McGuffin awaiting the winner of this one.

Uh Championship Sunday yeah backhand ATP for the win and John's signature ooh that might not have found it the painted part of the court but you can't blame Thomas Wilson for trying to make a play on it no yeah point.

Ben reacted like he thought that one was in one but instead timeout received four one one so four one one at a timeout being taken we'll step aside back to Cincinnati in a moment another ATP and another winner for Ben.

Johns foreign Point timeout at six one color and Wilson are going to use their second final timeout yeah all the momentum with the Johns Brothers it's unfortunate because you're stuck.

Between a rock and a hard place if you're Kohler and Wilson you try to slow things down you're trying to play the right way but then you're predictable and then the Johns can attack you at will and that's what's going on right now and then the last two points just trying to press like we talked about earlier we're not going to be able to.

Make this five-point deficit back in one shot it's gonna have to be methodical but see what they can come up with they're good their hands are gonna have to be quicker they have to get a bit lucky here too what do you think first thing you got to do is you gotta get the shirt back.

Yep and right now it's all momentum for the jobs that's that's the other thing about Colin and band is not only are they fantastic players but you know in talking to them and spending time with them the way that they see the game and that they can recognize things and make those adjustments is part of the reason why they are so extraordinary.

Yeah well they barely uh they don't play much wreck uh in terms of like recreational games when it's not a match they just drill so they can hit every shot they practice with each other on a lot of just situational pickleball and it did that seems to be the way to win big time events by the way I uh mistakenly called that.

Time out of time out it was actually the side switch so Kohler and uh Wilson still do have one time but John's and John's right now nothing is stopping their momentum wow that was textbook Ben John's right there taking everything Thomas Wilson could.

Throw at him got to see this again oh Thomas over committing to the ATP but somehow I don't know how he got around that ball rightfully so pumped up big time from Ben Johns and that one was gonna find the cord so the side out after that one does.

Catch the line but at one eight Kohler and Wilson and a big hole and puts it right past AJ Kohler to make it 182. 182. yeah Ben and Colin just do such a good job of when you do attack them they can soften that like hold on their battle really wow ridiculous.

Ernie overhead angle yeah and the deception was I mean that had everything speechless that was ridiculous that's what makes Ben Johnson Ben Johnson as David dobrik would say that was insane yeah Ben's uh Ben is definitely.

That made up of mine that he's not gonna be deprived of the chance for two titles tomorrow looks like now to serve and the winner put some just two points away 9-1-1 9-1-1 that score is fitting emergency right now for Kohler Wilson well said second sir.

You no side out I'm Colin tried to execute her couldn't so Kohler and Wilson still breathing at one nine rung it off the post second sir a wasted opportunity there 192 192.

And they serve going back over to team John's they need two points to close out this match and make it match point all right it's a runaway train 10-1-1 stop here misfire there by Ben two so it'll be up to Colin to try to.

Close it out here second match point level of difficulty in that flick to get that much Pace on it spin and as we're coming out of the replay Kohler nearly an identical play two ten one that time for a point though.

That long so we'll move to server number two hear Ben say let's go as the serves going back to team John's with another match point 10-2-1 is the third try the charm indeed it is all she wrote 9 11 11 2 11-2 Bennett Kelly Johns are advancing to.

Championship Sunday and it's more of the same more of what we're used to from John's and John's tough first game Kohler Wilson came out strong but a great adjustment and some pretty one-way traffic but tomorrow's final billion McGuffin Johnson it's a lot of fire and power a lot of star power very excited for that one.

Should be a whole lot of fun tomorrow one in five Championship matches on Championship Sunday and the men's doubles you mentioned it to villier and McGuffin against John's and John's we're gonna step aside when we come back speaking of John's Hannah Johns will speak to her Victorious Brothers stay with us.

Well welcome back everyone you just got to watch the match that ushered Ben and Colin Johns into Championship Sunday tomorrow speaking of Ben I've got him here on court I don't have Colin but I'm able to have a few words with Ben John's Ben they tried switching AJ to the right side Thomas to the left a few times after they got down big in games two and.

Three what were they trying to create with that change uh I think they were trying to change up the pattern um yeah I think we kind of got in a little bit of a Groove in in games two and three in the uh the formation they had so yeah just just changing it up can can do a lot in pickleball uh luckily I think we we buckled down and focused uh.

Despite the change so it all came out good well you came out so strong after losing game one what are the ideal conditions for you personally to play in on Court and off uh well I love an energetic crowd that's number one uh so hopefully you guys are bringing that tomorrow am I right let's go uh so yeah that and then um I think you.

Know just a nice Court like this and um I think that's all I need uh so yeah it was perfect well speaking of that with our first time in Ohio our first time in Cincinnati this is the biggest pickleball tournament we've ever held in the midwest how cool is it to play in a big tennis facility like this did you ever dream of playing in a place like.

This when you were young uh I can't say I thought about it too much but I think it uh it speaks a lot to pickleball and Tennis kind of working together and I think pickleball has immense growth and if the two sports work together then there's a lot of things we can do uh so I think that's a it's really good kind of recognition and another step forward.

For pickleball absolutely congratulations again Ben we'll see you on Championship Sunday tomorrow turning it over to our friends in the studio Dave and Matt all right thank you very much Hannah congratulations Ben and Colin and it's gonna be a Full Slate tomorrow gets underway at 10 A.M Eastern so we'll.

Start off with Anna Lee Waters and Leia Jansen followed by Tyson McGuffin and Hunter Johnson that'll wrap up the singles and then we'll get to the doubles to villier McGuffin against Johns and John's chance in Parental against bright and Irvin and it'll finish up with Irvin and davilier against Anna Lee Waters and Ben Johns.

Gonna be a fun Championship Sunday Cincinnati crazy slate on Sunday I'm pumped 7 A.M is early here on the West Coast to call it but I could not wait to get up and watch these awesome athletes perform it's going to be a great Championship Sunday in Cincinnati that's going to wrap it up for pickleball but still a full day ahead on Tennis Channel.

TC live at the U.S open is still come you don't want to miss that for everybody here at Tennis Channel I'm Dave Pence saying thanks for watching the PPA tour we'll see you tomorrow for Championship Sunday right here on tennis channel catch action at one of pro pickleball's.

Top events the Fareed Wealth Management Open yeah Championship Sunday live tomorrow at 10 A.M well we are off to a fantastic start here
Watch as AJ Koller and Thomas Wilson take on Collin and Ben Johns at the 2022 Baird Wealth Management Cincinnati Open.