Look at the skyline of Cincinnati Ohio technically this Tournament being played in Mason Ohio but it is just outside Cincinnati proper and it is another gorgeous Sun Splash they're going to be a little bit warmer today temperatures getting into the mid 80s before it'll cool off tomorrow according to forecasters but uh again life winds not.

Overly hot and a perfect day I think at the lintner family Tennis Center for a little bit of pickleball no doubt about it in the the elements played a role and yesterday that grinding match that Frank Anthony Davis played against Tyson McGuffin they took everything out it's all mixed doubles and this is the final quarterfinal of the mixed doubles as.

Three of the four semi-final teams have already punched their ticket and we will take you through the semifinals today the championship will of course be on Championship Sunday yeah and uh that picture we just had up of uh Ben Johns was taken from the cover of tennis magazine here on Tennis Channel when uh Ben Johns was on the cover that uh.

That's where that picture came from so we love to see all the Racket and paddle Sports coming together like we are here today and this is going to be quite a treat to see these two you know Ben Johns is fired up today did not have nearly the result he expected yesterday losing in the quarterfinals to a impressive effort by Tyler Lynn he's.

Going to want to stamp his Mark here I think you know if anybody was handicapping the remainder of this tournament if you were you wanted to you know see what the odds were for of Ben John's team to take gold in these two I think it would be you that that's going to be the prohibitive favorite when he's got a chip on his shoulder like he.

Certainly does it's not good you don't want to be on the other side of that no two people are happy about that Annalee Waters today and Colin Johnson's brother is men's partner they were like oh you lost in singles I'm so sorry so here we go Waters and shots will begin now we talked about if you were with us for game two of the uh match you.

Just saw we talked about how the serve works that each each player on a team gets an opportunity to serve before the side out that is not true to start the game the team that gets the first serve they only get one and then it goes to the side out so they technically start the game in doubles up at a score of zero zero two and right now one zero two.

Since Waters and John's got that first point it's the only little idiosyncrasy about uh how the service works and doubles and just to play that a little farther Dave it's a little too big of an advantage to start if you were to get two serves so then you gotta decide do you want to choose to serve or receive.

If you win the toss because if you get a quick stop you get two before they get to exactly interesting little strategy but before we even hit a ball how about that Smith just got kind of tied up wasn't sure what he wanted to do and then the ball just made a decision for him yeah kissed off the tape when he.

Went for the Ernie there and he was uh in trouble and you heard a little squeal out but uh he uh was able to avoid contact with the ball second third there's that big four and he's got to make a huge percentage of that for them to stay in this match foreign there backhanded Style by Ben Johns.

And these two are already smiling that is also bad news for the opponents so uh he's inspired he's got a chip on his shoulder the size of an elephant and he's feeling good and he's smiling I did not see it clearly tarashenko uh inquiring on to whether that ball was.

Ben's still smiling 201 is the serve goes over to Waters and Johns oh nice job by Smith going up and getting that and there you see the tennis prowess of Smith that's a tough ball back over your head great footwork you know you always see the swing but it's the footwork to get you into the.

Position to do that and Smith was brilliant on that one I returned by Tara shenko Long so that makes it four zero two thank you nice backhand by Smithton Ben Johns I mean I know that was coming at him quick that's when he usually handles though.

Yeah the key for that was as you saw Ben had to bring his paddle down so you want to go down with the ball in these fights at the kitchen line and Smith did a nice job there and that's just filthy I mean that's catching the line exactly with no line to spare I made it take a ball that low and flick it in between two talented.

Players foreign between John's and Smith trying to go to the power backhand into the net Tara shank on Smith finally get on the board yeah just leading a little middle there nice shot by tarasheka to find that uh backhand side and get the mistake.

Plus right now we'll hear multiple languages from Mr Smith today as well he'll be pulling out everything he's got you know I do got to give credit where creditors do Frank Anthony Davis yesterday so vocal I don't think any of it was gonna get anybody in trouble with the FCC very clean yeah and uh unclean though were.

His feet right there as uh Pat Smith went for the Ernie foot on the line he even called himself he looked down I mean that's not a small foot and it was clearly on the line called quickly by the referees but he called it on himself one of the best Sportsmen on the tour for sure five one two.

Johnson has hit an inordinate amount of shots into the top of the tape and what's scary is you're right and it's 5-1 Waters and Giants yeah he's he once he gets those to clear a little bit it's gonna be even more of a problem for tarashenko and Smith second point for.

Tarashenko and Smith it's uh all Wichita morning so far here for us Dave it's Pat Smith also from Wichita Wichita is a little bit of a pickleball hotbed got chicken pickle out there chicken and pickle you got kovalova you got Matt Wright and Mr Smith here so uh no doubt where that city is cheering.

Today and to the net will result in the setout have you ever actually been to chicken and pickle oh I have it's so fun I've heard great things I just have not got a good day you made a trip to Wichita yet yeah they're springing up everywhere they're in Texas several different uh Kansas locations Missouri.

Foreign gets up to the kitchen line into the tape again for benjons so living very dangerously are Tara shanko and Smith but they'll take it yeah I don't know if I would call all of them once he's put into the tape on four stairs because they've been they've been.

Hard shots but for him their shots he normally hits and he gets tied up there yeah Pat Smith uh very good hands especially that forehand in the middle and you'll see that one right there just had so much pop love the two box from the netcam to see how quickly you have to react in fact if you were probably can't even keep keep.

It up and yet these players have to make contact with that ball with their paddle coming from less than 14 feet away foreign to get that one and a lead finally gets up to the kitchen line and then Smith tried to get creative Guzman the back was really the only shot he could have had and.

Obviously couldn't pull it off yeah we saw alcaraz at the U.S open pull that off the other day and we saw Frank Anthony Davis on this very Court make that shot yesterday it is all the rage day a necessity is the mother of all invention Point makes it six two one.

Second sir move it to six two two six two two make it seven two two Annalee Waters unlike Ben Johns has had a very good day on the court yesterday in singles play and she'll be playing for the championship on Sunday 8-2-2 now after Smith couldn't get that.

Backhanded dink up over the net to what has made this team even more successful has been their ability you have two Alphas but Anna Lee Waters and Ben have figured out when can Anna Lee push the pace when can Ben do it so dangerous team looking very good we're taking a timeout 8-2 in favor of waters and John's.

and the beard Wealth Management Open mixed quarter final between Annalee Waters and Ben Johns taking on Irena tarashenko and Patrick Smith yeah the winners will get another Smith uh Cali Smith and AJ Kohler sitting there waiting that is a dynamic team.

Have had very good results this year have pushed Waters and John's almost beat them in their inaugural match together everybody's like what is happening and they were able to pull that out that wasn't our first stop in Arizona in January but Smith and Cole are looking good today and uh await the winner here.

and we are just about waiting to resume some play here yeah referee Joey Jones there in the middle of the Court commanding Authority now he's ready to get us rolling time in two eight one so two eight one Tara schenko and Smith with their backs against the wall here.

In game one to take advantage of the little break and gather themselves they could quickly get a point three eight one John's and Smith Sarah schenko gets into it now and that does go over the defensive shot but it set it up for tarashenko to flick.

It right into Waters yeah beautiful flick to start that at Ben Johns and it's that one that caught him and if your opponent is favoring the forehand side find that left shoulder tarashenko did it perfectly serve will stay here though it'll just.

Move to the second server so 482 I'm gonna get five eight two a little bit of a rally coming here and that's what that big Pat Smith forehand can do Drive called the shake and bake drive it and then let tarashenko come and take advantage of a softer ball and again there's the sportsmanship of.

Pat Smith that thing just grazed off his paddle immediately called it on himself foreign nice shot down the middle there by Pat Smith who's originally from Munich Germany his teammate Irina tarashenko originally from Moscow Russia both played tennis collegiately here in the United States and have been here.

Domestically for a long long time but I guess technically you've got an international cup an international team going against the domestic team no doubt about it oh the international team wish that Paul hadn't grazed off the U.S net there though.

and Elise stares down the Winter Soldier and gets them positioned for a game point here foreign puts away game one not much Pat Smith could do with that at Johnson Waters they take it 11-5 in game one game two coming your way after this.

Quick timeout it's into Lee Waters she was hoping to actually be playing but that's her up on top of the stands talking to Annalee Waters and Ben Johns and oh let's just say Lee should be well rested for the women's doubles no doubt uh Anna Lee is the beneficiary again of that she got the highly motivated Ben Johnson the.

Well-rested mother I mean she's looking at can she go back to back triple crowds a lot of work to get to that stage but uh here we go Tara schenko and Smith start game two with the serve so zero zero two and they quickly will give it up the side out Waters and Johns will take over zero zero one.

And Smith's frustrated unable to get it over the net an early point yeah Natalie Waters just 15 years old and the number one women's player in the world by a wide margin John's showing off the backhand showed off the the Finesse and he showed off the power yeah just uh it's that ball.

Right there most people here in pickleball you can't attack a ball off your ankles well you can if you have the tricks and all the arrows in his quiver and then he sets up a beautiful finish from there is this the point where we're obligated to mention sick tricks.

Sick tricks Irene is such a great Ambassador for the sport and over the years we've had plenty of chances to get to know her she sat on sat in the booth on some broadcasts and uh just such a pleasant person to be around three zero two good look at her right there the thing we're seeing here with these uh.

Great singles players Johnson Waters as they're cracking their serve wow I think I I thought that was going to go deep Irena thought it was going to go deep and cut the line there was nothing she could do with it and we had a chance for a sick trick tweener there but uh she didn't plan on because she thought it was out.

Another heavy serve from Ben John so when you take that singles to the next day and you've been cracking your surf because it's so important it singles it has a lot of benefits I mean he is going for it five zero two that was great Teamwork because Ben was ready to hammer that thing and annalize said no and Ben wisely pulled off of it.

Crowd loved having Annalee telling Ben what to do there wait a female telling a male what to do it never happened never happens timeout being taken six nothing in favor of waters and John's thing Waters and Jaws on top still controlling the serve and it's.

Tirachenko and Smith we talked about you know what maybe it wouldn't be a big deal that they hadn't played that first game but I don't know maybe it's certainly I'm not gonna blame that no because they're they're taking on an Unstoppable Force but they've had a tough time finding any kind of momentum what and there again a.

Big serve sets it up and these two are on fire beautiful third shot sets up a winner on the fifth yeah sometimes you do just want to get out and have a play to match especially when you run into this but it's just the quality of this is is the obvious major difference here look at the defense.

I mean that was all van Jones or something how much you can do when he's dialed in like that I mean my boy's walking a tightrope there along the kitchen line and that's just beautiful pickleball and it's been to defend decides not to take it you've only got the number one ranked player in the on the women's side.

Waiting for it but she wanted to join the party there and took a hefty swing yes she did but instead it will be a side out and Tara shank on Smith trying to at least get a point on the board here trying to get rid of the bagel foreign ER there's a sick trick and a better.

Return by Miss sick tricks zero communication from Waterton John's on this ball neither one went for it and we all benefit from the fact that they didn't communicate because Ben had to pull something out of the Hat foreign forces it to the second server.

You know in a lot of this match you've seen just the the beauty of Anna Lee Waters defense sets up the point gets them into it and then John's has been taking over great job catching up to that one by Anna Lee 0.1 by Tara shank on Smith smart play by.

Tarashenko there when you have a opponent run into the kitchen and have to get that ball off the tape you then want to throw the ball back at him because they have to get both feet out of the kitchen to hit a ball out of the air so that's set up the whole point for them smart play by Arena and now three straight points for.

Tarashenko and Smith three eight two love that reaction out of Patrick Smith we got a chest bump we had a terashenko 360 in the middle of that fending off at John's attack brilliant by these two foreign that'll move it to the second server but.

That was a uh actually that's the side out hey four one another great first volley by Anna Lee Waters off that heavy Pat Smith forehand we'll move to the second server well tereshenko and Smith if they can break serve one more time and get it get this sir back I mean you gotta you gotta.

Fighting Chance here in game two easier said than done right now though thank God both Waters and John's back now they're able to get him to the kitchen line again into the net though for Ben Johns yeah a little ambitious on that after some brilliant resets by Annalee Waters to get him back even.

All right chance footing was footwork was was not ideal for that he was a little bit out of position reaching for it to try to get it but Lynnette plays a bad role in your footwork sometime that one just kissed off the tape and then you got to reset and Shuffle quickly how about this surge by Tara shank on.

Smith back to within two six in a row six in a row and that's enough to cause a timeout being taken by Waters and Johns and what's interesting in the timeout Dynamic of this team is the Johnstown call timeouts a lot but the waters do so Anna Lee put the paddle down we're gonna slow this roll because.

Tarashenko and Smith look fantastic right now they're setting each other up playing complimentary pickleball getting that big Pat Smith forehand in the middle I like it I don't think Ben Johnson really knows that timeouts exist because the only time you see timeouts taken when Ben Johnson's on the court is by his teammate yeah he uh unless it's.

Just a grueling point but he's still in in fine physical condition but certainly Colin and Annalee are calling timeouts Colin calls them all the time Annalee will call them no question can see he didn't even leave the corner yeah he just took a few steps back into the shade and said let's go tarashenko.

And Smith they're very entertaining players so it's not surprising the crowd is into this obviously they'd love to see a third game and a huge comeback so let's see if they can keep it rolling Johnson Smith going back and forth and John's finally able to put that away not much tarashenko could do with it.

Yeah Tara shanka's shot selection before that was the problem Waters set off a beautiful train of swings that got them on the second server here foreign Smith and John showing some patience tarashenko set that one up right where it was perfectly placed for John's yeah.

That's a great read by and by Ben there you pull your opponent out wide and then it's so hard to put a safe dank back in the middle of the court because you don't have much room left it up just a bit great backhand by Annalee and that makes it 9-6 nine six one second nine six two.

Nine six two well I'll tell you what if this goes to a third game it's gonna be because Ben Johnson has not been able to execute most of the shots that we're used to seeing him execute a couple of loose thirds there for sure and they've tried to speed it up at Anna Lee Waters and she is up to the task and.

Not only that but she turns her defense into offense quickly that was not what tarashenko and Smith were hoping for on that service opportunity is they give it right back to Waters and Johns yeah it lasted about 18 seconds total thank you and now we're looking at match point.

And after two loose thirds he hits a beautiful third on a return that skidded off the line one that'll do it tarashenko and Smith they at least found a little bit of momentum to make it interesting in game two but in the end it's Waters and John's winning it in straight games 11-5 11-6 they will move.

On to the semifinals where they have a date with Irvine and devilier so let's take a look at your updated draw kovalova and right excuse me it's coming over right taking out Irvine into villier it's Smith and Kohler waiting for Waters and Johns yeah obviously the chalk got to the semis you see the top.

Four seeds there Jesse Irvin we haven't seen on Center yet we will do so she is going to be excited to play with the flying Frenchman these are two great semi-finals I look forward to seeing who can punch their ticket to Sunday we're gonna see another John's on the other side of this time out Hannah Johns will talk to her.

Brother as well as Annalee Waters don't go anywhere our coverage on Tennis Channel continues in a moment
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