Yeah i don't even know this is gonna be a short return oh scott serves like a sandwich.

Oh yeah one ah good shot scott yobo didn't know what he was doing yeah okay.

you better pray that short off oh oh come on you can't make it come on.

He'll mess you've already lost the bomb over here yeah we're afraid that the point is before i'm oh like seven people moving.

On one part it's all right i know you guys neither of you could draw four two one he'll miss it now julio we've all seen it uh possible got him there.

That's the spot that's why why it's dropping i knew it there's a bit that's two reasons why you know if you're straight in front of me you're got him again jesus come on little boy you gotta get.

Over there quicker you better stay home five who's returning oh no and you're still doing this for me 6'5.

That was terrible knock your camera they could always fall the next one's gonna hit one of you in the face no part of the ball at the line ask him.

Ask scott no part of the ball hit the line i promise no part of that ball hit the line give me the ball again no part of that scott did any part of the ball hit the line yes all right 100 percent i disagree i do not what i think the whole thing is.

All right that's a lie not trying to win that doesn't mean anything oh oh seven nine two come on.

Oh come on pick it up all right uh thank you no all right.

I'm coming to you you're playing great oh my god you're you're not daddy come on.

Oh my god i'm trying to spin it when i'm not even ready if they're stacked they're done i'm telling you if i hit the return don't worry.

Wake up okay oh he's filthy give me the ball good game okay okay
Bad Pickleball Very High Level Rec 5.5+
Jessie Irvine Jeff Warnick Scott Crandall Hayden Patriquin