Zero zero two point S one zero two seconds everything okay zero one two three okay.

one zero one foreign one two one yep one two two.

I don't know two one one second show two one two thank you one one two night out.

Foreign there we go five one one yeah one minute six one one all right correct service thank you 15 seconds.

One time out two time out whatever's ready six one one thank you foreign thank you one eight one.

Um two eight one yep two eight two eight two one foreign here.

Four eight one more point two okay right now yeah nine four one second one.

Here we go nine four two one minute all right last night 60 seconds baby time in 10 14. good play Sierra.

Foreign good night you guys see you tomorrow elbow elbow come on zero two got it I know right here.

Zero one one one second one one two three one one one two one one foreign.

Here we go okay four one one second serve let's go up to sign out one four one let's go.

Let's go you five two one minute six two one what is going on here I don't know thank you.

15 seconds I mean one time out and you have also I'm sorry I'm in six two one all right out two six two.

Times six two one um all right number three eight two one nine two one.

Two two foreign 292 392 . goodbye 15 seconds one timeout and one time in thank you.

Yeah there was like yeah 692 one minute seven nine two foreign oh 15 seconds.

Zero time out one time in 792 foreign yeah good job yeah come on.

me holidays let's go see right now okay thank you 1081 .

let's go foreign come on come on you yes.

Right back yep ten eight one two three amazing thank you okay 15 seconds game three time in zero zero two three.

Let's start out sorry zero zero one here we go thank you zero zero two yep one zero two.

Foreign foreign everyone come on two zero two come on five three zero two.

Guys too foreign 15 seconds Hi man five zero two okay boy one minute.

Thank you 15 seconds thank you Hi man six zero two nope let's go.

Zero six one second zero six two points one six two let's go let's go okay yeah.

Come on let's go all right one seven one let's go foreign foreign thank you 15 seconds.

I'm in three seven two four seven two three five right now.

This one let's go come on now go with that shout out here what is 752 me yeah go great point oh thank you.

Eight five two foreign I'm sorry second serve d foreign.

Six eight two no let's go okay next one right here right now second shot.

Six eight two are you guys seven eight two okay thank you eight seven one okay okay second serve.

eight seven two minutes exactly yes you're here 972 all right one more you guys foreign.

oh my God hey thank you yeah I came out we see we keep one minute come on.

You have time 15 seconds no more time out one time out nine ten two all right now all right here we go okay thank you.

Thank you thank you
Happy Thanksgiving from Bad Pickleball!
2022 PPA Takeya Showcase Women’s Pro Doubles Bronze Medal Match at the Tennis Club at Newport Beach in 4K
Parris Todd Anna Bright Yana Grechkina Cierra Gaytan Leach

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