What's the girl playing with irina's name it's from Utah some Rec play with her in Atlanta this year she's she's uh solid very solid is he recording all of everything we're saying yeah I assume everything I ever say is the recorded let's go let's go.

She wants a free cap for you it bugs her yeah because you're mismatched but actually the women's I guess it did work out for her but her and Ben Johnson did not do well that match at Nationals they got they got pickles well Ben's heart was probably not.

Sent into it and just also shows how much better Ben and Riley are pretty close in in a level but but Annalee and the rest of the women that's not that's not close she's much better than everyone else you know what I think I mean obviously she's very athletic but I think her age.

Plays a part because she's young I remember when I was younger like I didn't get nervous I just was and you play tighter if you're like right um I mean she's very fast that helps with her age but yeah also nurse you cannot put it away at Andrew this way.

You gotta finish it vid you cannot finish it Andrea yeah yeah she doesn't she looks like she's squinting all the time yeah wow hey Lindsay yeah together girls are really fun to watch oh yeah.

You and Jesse are best friends right what'd you say yeah how long have you guys been best friends I've known her probably since 2013. okay oh dang it yep that's it baby.

It's Lindsay's baby Cora Family Affair that family Jesse to steer scare the attacks a little more towards Andrea's all over it okay well for you though really.

Good all right wow all right here we go right now let's go foreign thank you very much where are you going let's go Nice Shot great setup foreign.

Good run good run that's it let's go oh nice nice place come on great spot way to find that forehand she was just Leia Jensen was just in the girls restroom like really sick with um like the doctor people are sure that wasn't Maggie Brusha no it.

Was definitely Leia well she was diabetic yeah so she's got issues yeah she was like in the um like literally right before this game started no what come on Leia is kind of always dealing with with physical stuff which I mean makes it makes a tough sport even more challenging you know yeah.

It looked like it was a diabetic thing because he had like a needle in his hand she was just really low or something ouch there you go Lindsey come on good you ready ready oh my gosh he's so great here we go come on it's funny when she yells at her brother.

Like get it yeah she's afraid not to she's she's not afraid to yell at any of her Partners watch it right next door there's a spot over there so I'm watching both of these they just finished yeah Natalie all right Jude who's.

She's different he's different okay Natalie will handle that yes Judah football it's about six times per game really and with it with a ref yeah he can't do it I mean his wreck games he's a little he's a little aggressive um what's your last name right thank you.

Stay pacing you were there you rushed it let's go Lefty at night let's go Lindsay it's like a summer day yeah we worked at the VIP section they played a lot over there they are but I didn't get to watch a lot because.

Those people are high maintenance but they did pay like 200 bucks to be up there so they do get their money I mean they deserve to be treated a little bit all right I volunteered earlier and okay you guys are at the VIP section oh nice nice Jesse.

Let's go right here one more one stop right here locally yeah oh my God I played it through the very first day she ever played for Kabbalah she watches oh so Judy's playing oh my God oh my God Bros.

She is she's actually really nice they hit a lot I think right now could be okay nice nice Lizzy I love that Readiness so ready foreign.

Okay I kept winning okay they're so good they were having valleys of 20 points their defense is so good well both Lindsay had her but they're so good oh foreign I just wanted to win.

They lost the first game every year a new girl named Brooke Buckner played tennis at Michigan I think guys come on thank you nice Lindsay I love that spot I've been practicing my Vlogs last night they're so bad.

They're amazing they come in the middle back here it's so dark these course down here are so dark I don't know how the clothes you could see except they'll be on eyes oh no the wind there you go Lynn nice Point ladies the score Sammy tonight.

Right now I want to go see um yeah we'll just get close find out there that I I just really wanted to do it okay right here ladies nice and steady here we go.

What's going on it's funny she don't think she's faster thank you oh goodness Jesse Yeah no no I'm chilling all right play.

Is this their first game okay thank you foreign foreign oh yeah foreign because what the score is here.

They won the first game over there thank you nope it was zero zero though yeah foreign all right you can see my community.

That French um Jesse you can't call that after you hit the block you know I'm trying to but but that's interesting though it didn't bounce and hit us up you can't say it after you hit your shot if she did a winner she'd been fine just foreign.

Yeah all right I'm back okay let's go to the church I'm gonna go to Irvine okay Mariners did you see that movie um when his name the guy who like made women do have sex oh oh he said she said she said yeah did.

You see that I think it came out yesterday yeah I want to see the show about Jesus well it's a series it's a third season it's supposed to be really good it's so good I watched the first and second season at the theater for like four days so yeah but it's the first.

Of the third season okay where what channel was it on TV you just have to download the chosen app and you can watch it for free or you can watch it on YouTube okay it's really good everybody says yeah it's really good Tuesday I don't know how many episodes but watch the other ones before you.

Watch it go to the movies okay it's actually not like it goes in order though okay so I guess maybe sometimes oh he's aggravated originally yeah yes four.

Or five parts thank you yeah he's just leaning on the holding the pull-up yeah he's just gonna tell her something Lindsay just takes one long lunch time I would not teach that no you can't just one long life it's not accurate enough which is why she's.

Leaving a few of them too high but she does it well very good yeah that'll work wow oh that's it oh my God he told you you're not the right server you don't see that very often or do they do that propose yeah so PPA changed the rule about a month ago that the ref will just tell you if.

You're wrong so there's no more pressure to be always in the right side but they don't do that with the amateurs we are nothing we're just use do they tell us in their Pros right yeah yeah like that that rules for us too I don't like it just because I think you.

Should be able to pay attention to that yeah I I I rarely make a mistake like that and I notice what my opponents do so yeah I agree it's paying attention I agree but you know it's like if everyone's gonna yeah if they're gonna do that there's other rules I feel more strongly about so it's not that big of a deal but.

I wouldn't change I'll tell you one thing playing a tournament where that's the rule within the next tournament you play where it's not the rule that's so dumb it's hard because you start relaxing because you know there's nothing to lose and if they're gonna do it for one set of people they should do it for all sets.

But it takes yeah it takes a lot of reps too well I'm saying like if there's a rough rough in your thing if it's gonna be for one side it should be together yeah but if all of your matches are wrapped then I agree some of them are wrapped in some of them aren't yeah that's not fair to the ones that aren't.

Yes what do you think about the lead service do you think they should play it or I think we know that we have to and they don't I think it's so dumb I think it should be the same rules for everyone yes I I think yeah it would be nice if the rules were the same for everyone oh Lindsay's on it.

Come on how'd your tennis go today it's pretty unusual since I played once this month did you eat over there yeah did you have to order your food three hours in advance because there was nobody there today I don't know where everybody was it looks like Sunny I'm so whacked up.

That's what happens when you live The Good Life people will play here afterwards my shoes family I looked it up to see who Ben was playing with and who did he play with he played with Catherine briefly yeah I heard they lost yesterday the first one.

But I don't know what happened yeah I know I respect that is this two or three thank you oh my goodness great defense that does a lot of nothing I know okay the other wrap on this sport like I.

Couldn't hear the score last night they don't get in trouble if they don't call users no he calls it we just can't yeah over here oh yeah all right there you go.

I can get in I'm afraid to walk on the court so I'll never get my spot no I don't I'll save your spot if you want to go tell them oh did they slip it okay which one's the one over there no this one here 15 seconds.

They're playing again already because Jen is warming up with Courtney wow why would Jenna glad I would think those guys would get killed by them here we go I'm gone for two points and they lose that wasn't defense that was awesome do what you're good at it.

Okay one more oh yeah I know I saw it okay Jessie's gonna yell at me about that because she's like Lindsay doesn't really like to switch thank you it's disappoint me getting a three-point weight like that at this level the.

Margins are so small that's a painful painful mistake but he's got to motivated oh let's go Jesse well I don't think she can and that's why like her placement was more important than power she's she places it very well I know Jessie's like 30. Jesse's 33.

I don't know how old Lindsay is this is really good come on we just see how they were kept them back they've been going a long time foreign and then they're not waving I'm like okay I'm looking yeah hey why don't you help me out here.

I'm gonna walk back Jesus oh my God Tamara you're gonna have to put the glittery Grouse straps over there the girls kind of oh I do have to get those it's very pretty there you go Jesse Nice Shot nice shot foreign.

That's that placement we were talking about that was perfectly located Jesse doesn't miss that very often foreign bad it was there ouch so that's a freebie that's two freebies they've got yeah I'm out.

Okay seven months yeah yeah as much as Lindsay Talks Like Jesse and Lindsay get along they partner very well Jesse is actually fine with that um and they talk between points so they.

Yeah they've played enough together nice Lindsay they played enough together don't they understand each other and so it works fine whereas some people do it isn't ideal but it works for Jesse and it works for Lindsay there you go honestly Jesse prefers it I think.

She's not a big conqueror partner she's always coming to talk to me it's like go talk to your partner doesn't matter what I think okay let's go we got it there you go there you go see it wow.

She just played right into her hands Vivian's backhand was so so good if he sees she sees it coming you're gonna be sorry the difference is Jessica the Viv slides so well she slides she she stands it comes at her and she slides to get that back in yes when she's since she reads the play.

She slides and hits a great backhand you can't you gotta you gotta know that was a good speed that was just a good shot they got their first point over there that's what they're cheated about you know yes my ladies let's go Jesse here we go.

How long will it take me to get to Mariners from here it's about 15 minutes okay good that's two mistakes beautiful Christmas foreign good morning.

Um keep you're doing a good job of balancing your patients with when to attack so just stay patient you guys know where to go just don't give them don't give them anything and it does work better when when they attack you you guys abuse them so just keep those quality boots set you guys up for all.

Those good counters attack them especially it looks like it's not the right ball foreign we don't know great plan great plan ladies thank you.

They don't they don't even sell drinks here no they lost their liquor license they did yeah yeah what were they doing there's just some weird stuff going on yeah sounds like it sounds like politics to me do you have to have a liquor slices for.

Beer and wine yes yesterday we were walking around looking for someone with a cooler nobody had one it up here we go I'm like where's Tamara I came straight from work yeah but you could have packed your car knowing you're gonna come here that was the new new policy here does the referee ever see a call no I.

Mean who can even see that one um that shot was so easy like how can you even put it up close to the line they call it out it's a great plan come on let's go way to go foreign thank you love that love that shake and bake.

Though you set yourself up here we go get two good overheads come on yeah we're like two one two in the third because we started the same time hey good win by the way that was good he played well every time I looked over you were doing something good thank you.

You and Adam Mike yeah that's a good partnership yeah I do I do thank you they're on the East Coast so like her dad will come to many of the East Coast spots they drove her dad and her sister drove downtown Atlanta yeah.

North Carolina here we go let's go one more oh oh watch out she said hold on before that point was over there's a ball right there if you think they're replaying that point I hope have you ever wrapped out yeah.

Uh it's funny when I first started I barely hear the rules hey we need wraps we gotta get these matches out I'll try I couldn't believe how hard it was now I've been playing for about three months and it is complicated but for me I like to watch the game too much.

Wow and whatever calls for me which I didn't know I was doing so who knows what I was saying it's okay in my pocket no problem foreign.

Foreign so he might be playing more is he married yet he thinks he is but he's not and uh yeah he has a girlfriend she was talking to um Thomas Tamara that he she is really good they won the first game against it sure looks like it.

Oh my God okay did you Cameron did you play this one okay ladies 30. it was all very long before and a half hours foreign.

Foreign foreign thank you foreign thank you let's go thank you thank you sorry.

Keep going good luck foreign foreign I know forward I was watching um it is.

Okay good playing you guys okay let's do it foreign foreign how are you doing
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