Thank you thank you foreign yeah.

It's a good Wall come on come on hey you guys want to warm up you guys want to hit some balls you guys want to warm up foreign foreign.

foreign foreign oh this time.

thank you please please this is.

thank you foreign.

thank you come on.

Thank you foreign foreign.

foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign oh come on foreign.

all right I understand foreign.

okay let's go.

foreign foreign.

Right yeah that's what I think foreign foreign.

foreign one more time.

exactly yeah you guys played like the same thing yeah.

with me yeah right now.

gotta love it here foreign.

Hurry up thank you all right let's go that's I think that's Centered for like the second Center yeah I think that yeah.

foreign thank you hey everyone.

Foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign.

thank you foreign.

foreign thank you yeah right here.

My face thank you together my brother's face foreign.

foreign foreign.

thank you three zero two.

Of course here too foreign foreign foreign.

thank you nice everyone get there John Celine and Jeremy Marino Police Department going out.

all right gentlemen foreign foreign foreign all right number two.

foreign foreign foreign foreign.

here you go oh I'm sorry you know.

All right right here no more referee.

foreign foreign foreign right now.

All right come on out yes foreign one one two one.

me three one two three yeah all right.

thank you one more one five two four two back here thank you.

I'm sorry yeah foreign one five one yeah there.

2.2 all right five C2 come on.

problems foreign two mine.

Damn there thank you foreign foreign.

Foreign thank you final score eleven three two minutes I had the band behind me foreign we're gonna go gentlemen game two turned.

In zero zero two um one zero two zero two three foreign thank you guys come on.

Zero three one one three one three one one two three one two okay one three one.

two three one three one third one three three two yeah all right.

Now flat three three one come on three three two oh bro four three two come on dude one minute.

Foreign because it's hard for your 15 seconds he is not the correct server Johnny okay here we go gentlemen five three two boys no.

All right oh come on point eight three two one three eight one create two foreign foreign.

Exactly gentlemen eight six one foreign foreign for a while.

dude physically come on six and one.

Six and two oh thank you foreign foreign videos.

thank you what'd you do thank you again.

Receiver two foreign all right.

Foreign that's a good idea foreign everyone let's go baby foreign foreign.

one minute let's go boys oh yeah.

go hey come here foreign go away thank you foreign.

let's go boys let's go boys foreign go boys.

thank you hey guys good morning nine six two 692.

six one statistic one game remember.

Maybe we'll watch the news I don't know all the way down the other side there's.

No way we're good five over here.

842 50. thank you Smith please come to the Rev desk thank you.

Five four one yeah that's good guys yeah come on God damn it let's go guys Peter Brown Marshall Tony Lippy and Jake gagor you're one of.

The tournament test yeah Peter Brown to the tournament desk foreign more pearly Wild.

ER it's like Johnny Goldberg's playing over there watch some throws for me foreign.

foreign foreign doing upgrade.

Patrick Clan Hayden what's up we're live say hi.

Thing just stay alive for a little longer thank you foreign.

Thank you and Gabriel cardiologists foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign after a walk walk at this corner.

Foreign I know thank you.

Very much all right now okay.

Nothing foreign time too.

okay foreign thank you.

Friends come on good job Sam.

Foreign good job let's go down go Sam go three third one.

thank you it's a timer foreign foreign okay.

Thank you one two three everyone.

thank you they're amazing stuff thank you foreign foreign.

goodbye what's going on foreign.

Foreign oh my God foreign.

okay that's one foreign thank you wow foreign.

everything one more.

foreign foreign foreign another day.

Burger Wisconsin foreign another one foreign.

right now one two three all right here.

thank you 15 seconds here's one foreign.

Thank you foreign foreign.

thank you thank you right now oh my God.

Know anything thank you thank you.

five more time
Bad Pickleball 2023 PPA Hyundai Masters Pro Men’s Doubles Qualifiers
Filmed in 1080p at 60 FPS

PPA – Pro Pickleball Association

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