Foreign thank you hello hello everybody and welcome to what we hope is the first of many backyard pickleball Bonanza Extravaganza whatever you want to call it I'm your boy zuk and as you can tell I am super excited tonight is.

One of the coolest things I've ever gotten to do I don't pretend to be a pickleball expert but I am a Die Hard pickleball fanatic and what we have tonight is some of the top pros and we'll go through who they are in a moment playing for something bigger than just glory on the court paying for charity as.

Well which is what this event's all about but this is going to be a fun one and I am super excited to be joined by my two co-pilots of the night man Porto and yours truly Norway Johnny jiggle man Norway Johnny how you guys doing tonight Brothers it's 64 and clear in the ATX Austin.

Texas we're not there but we are gonna be there watching this stream it is sick I'm pumped yeah dude I'm so excited I mean the fact that one we got to partner with pickle Dow to bring this whole thing to life so kod media super excited about that but I mean come on zuk it's one of the it's for charity and we love doing stuff for.

Charity so the fact that this is going for just keep living is dope and I'm gonna be honest ever since we started doing pickle juice bro and you were like you need to really get into pickleball I watched too much pickleball yeah yeah let's go I'm watching way too much I did man and I've watched so many Anna bright highlights I can't wait till we.

Start recapping a little bit about Anna tonight and the players that we've got the guests that you got lined up for the night I mean I'll let you start with tell me about some of the guests you've got coming up bro yeah just to give everyone a background I know a lot of people that are in here tonight have watched major pickleball.

Tournaments over the past few weeks years however long you've been a fan tonight's gonna be a little different tonight we make no bones about it is a little bit based on what ESPN has built with the man and cast kind of that feel where you're just watching with some friends behind the scenes interviewing people while the games are going on.

We'll make sure the focus is the game but we're gonna have some people riding this journey with us some people in the pickleball world that we're gonna get the chance to talk to we're gonna have Ben from just paddles we're gonna have Aaron from pickleball Clinic we're going to have West Burrows we're going to have Cassandra Gerke and Lee Whitwell a ton.

More so many excited people that throughout the night they'll be hopping in and out great conversation will provide a little bit more of a spice on top of us just calling the games but we also have some major Pros here tonight Johnny I talked about the guests do you want to talk about the eight Pros that we got here.

Tonight yeah I mean this is an All-Star event it's a battle of the North and the South and we've got eight players you know them if you watch pickleball you are well aware we've got Miss Anna bright on one side for the women we've got Vivian David Lena at the gmatic we've got Leah Jansen we've got Darren Young Thomas Wilson Brandon and SEC Fong.

And lastly you know this guy Deco bar is a star-studdled event and they're in a backyard they roped it together pickled out man they figured it out and we've we've got ourselves a barn burner coming up yo speaking of backyards you like my new backyard just for tonight all right I'll be back I gotta get some work to do.

So I'm watching the feed right now to see when the match is gonna start they seem to be warming up but also looks somewhat competitive so let me maybe bring that let's get them up and if we've got a hide our video a little bit we can too so I think this is just warm-up.

Looks like it we're gonna get a scoreboard that pops up with some extra stats that we've added we've added kitchen rallies total points fire fights we have Ben from Real Clear stats feeding us live stats behind the scenes so I'll bring those up whenever we have a moment between points but even if I can't bring them up I have them on.

Another tab that I'll get to and I'll be able to look through them that is something that you understand people the team of backyard pickleball at the end of the day it's a game and you can't always measure um you know the size of the dog in the fight but you can't measure the size of.

The fight in the dog but you know we do think that is a differentiator a differentiator and a different way to look at the game where sometimes a single point here or there will stick out so you'll think a player is playing a certain way but if you were to look at the deeper stats you would say hey maybe that person wasn't struggling with that.

Or hey maybe that person wasn't that successful with that it was just one or two points sticking out so we're going to dive deep into that what's still keeping it as backyard as possible Right Johnny indeed I mean stats are new to the game of pickleball there really isn't a lot of stats yet hey Shea is watching Lee is gonna join.

Us here in a little while she will be on later yeah she her and Cassandra are actually going to call one of the mixed doubles matches with us here tonight so that's super exciting we've been talking to them today uh maybe some more in the works with those two ladies going forward but for tonight we're gonna get a fun mix up of calling the mixed.

Doubles so I think they're warming up this is not the rundown that we got yeah it was uh Grandma's warm-up did you know right yeah sick overhead just a minute ago I had to I had to do a little ooh and ah on that one uh because he's got the reach so if he gets an overhead on you yeah they're they're mixing it up now maybe I'm embarrassed because their.

Warm up is harder than my games were so I couldn't tell but let me turn the volume up I want to see if we can get Mike the MC there with electrum on the horn and we could hear what they're saying all right he's not he's fake me out he's not going live yet we have the women.

Warming up do we want to take a deeper dive Maybe into some of the women that are going to be facing off tonight you know as I said off on the top we're not we don't make any bones about being experts but we do enjoy each and every weekend watching the matches together and having some conversations so let's let's start with.

Miss bright Miss Anna bright a fan favorite I know Otis is in the chat Anna Army ready to deploy I know in the backs that he's been watching Anna all week so um you know her skill with her personality seems to have captured the everyday fan there he is nodding yeah Johnny Johnny.

Give me a quick synopsis of what you think we're gonna see here from Anna tonight well I'll tell you first and foremost I'm gonna give the team breakdown real quick this will pop up on the screen shortly but Anna Bright's going to be on the south team so she's going to be with Lena she's going to be with Brandon and SEC pong and she's got.

Deco bar so no DJ young with Anna bright tonight it's going to be interesting we're going to see a few fresh looks in terms of uh the mixed doubles with her also the women's doubles we haven't seen these Partnerships with her um so it's going to be something new she's had a pretty decent run into Championship Sundays lately so for her.

She's had a few second place finishes we've seen some Silvers for her um and I mean she's still been just absolutely on fire this year for her to end up where she's at at this stage uh you know we're heading to the slower part of the season two silver medals recently at the PPA and also at the app events single silver at Hilton Head hey.

Actually I'm gonna stop you guys I think let's give a live look I think I just saw Brooks come up let's give the president his time singles tiebreaker and then they the players tag team out and they just keep going until some somebody gets 21. all right all right.

Um if you have a stats please put please grab your saps hold it up um we now want to raise a glass for this zero zero start moment it's a zero added sugar to zero artificial colors it's a sport and everything else thank you all for coming to Backyard pickleball sponsored by stats let's have.

A great time watch incredible pickleball and raise a ton of money cheers everyone off people we're off the first backyard pickleball is going down the club toasting with my glass of fair life let's go hey Shay hey did you make it home yet she's got that rush hour traffic in St Louis I'm actually happy.

Because hey Shea sometimes Books open um open court play on Tuesday night but she didn't tonight and I'm happy about that because she's able to join here us here um look we got our friends from the normal chats I'm happy that they're popping in hanging out all racing is there he's our boy that actually is down.

There in Austin at the event I didn't see him waving at us if he does it again we'll check it out that was built by our buddies at pickle Dow um kind of that cool feel sponsored by electrum you can see their logo there we'll have Vivian and Leah versus Anna and Lena in the first match.

Um Johnny I know I asked you a little bit about Anna and we don't have too much time now before this goes down what do you what are you thinking about this first match in terms of how do you how do you think it's gonna play out so you're probably going to see a little bit of Anna on the left side it looks.

Like oh look at that in a watermelon outfit if that's not backyard I don't know what it is I actually think that dog's name is Molly that's Mike's Dog Amy uh featured in The Pickled out uh hype videos here on Instagram before we started look at him just one hand that's impressive I do that with my kids I have an 11 month old.

And he's probably about the same size as that dog he's a big boy and I that's funny that's good oh yeah so anyway back to Anna and Lena we'll see where she starts if she doesn't start on the left I'd be a little surprised um it might depend on how their opponents in this first match are gonna.

Uh line up Viv David looks like she's gonna be on the right looks like you got Leah Jensen on the left so we'll see it's gonna be it's gonna be interesting it's gonna be a fun night so we're gonna see different looks we're gonna see them go all out it is for charity so let's see if we got some sound go looks like there's a little.

Paddle flip yeah let's see and chat I'm gonna we'll be playing with the sound feed from YouTube as well as talking this is our first time doing it we're hoping to do it a bunch more um you have the sound isn't jiving from what you guys hear just let us know in the chat we'll raise the court volume we'll lower the court volume say zuke.

Shut up and let Johnny and talk whatever you guys want us to do just just let us know in the chat right now everybody just wants the dog back bring the dogs and babies right dogs and babies are Show Stoppers doesn't matter where you are not exactly sure what they're looking for the dog to do it's playing some Punxsutawney Phil type.

Vivian and Leah serve if it doesn't see its shadow Anna and Lena serve they're showing us some of the stats down low you can see Leah from Franklin 5.96 duper that's fantastic only about two or three points higher than the three of us combined potentially I attribute not much all right it's like um a percent of a point for you there.

Yo there's a lot of Anna fans here in the chat Marcus here Anna is a real thing and to think I mean she's really only been on the scene here for 2022. let's go also living in Dripping Springs Texas.

light is fiery man hey guys are we ready for the first match of the night let's go let's go we go by animals we'll ask before it starts zuke who you got your money on which side you're going well gambling on pickleball is illegal.

So we'll call it doll hairs for now okay I'm gonna go I'm gonna go with Viv I'm gonna go with Viv and Leia Leia has been showing me some fire before this match that seems that this isn't just a fun charity event for her or for any of these players I'm really interested to see how to eight of them handle this we're off we'll let them get started oh.

We're a sick out of the gates Anna talking to her partner she always does what a first point um what a way to start off backyard pickleball fire fight rally scoring that's one for Anna and Lena.

With a great leave by Anna Lena serves they're having trouble putting them away right now great defense she calls it long she calls it long that's another one for Lena and Anna again two errors so Viv has had such incredible defense you can keep she's getting really low getting that scorpion technique.

I am on YouTube checking on the checking on the chat there so you guys see me popping up but man lee you know Viv David has had such a string she's won two back to back goals in in mixed doubles with Thomas Wilson playing in a minute oh and she finds the seam wow and you were telling me we were talking.

Behind the scenes the name you kept bringing up was watch out for Vivian watch out for Vivian she's really finding her groove right now and we see her right there like parting the sea right down the middle a shot that many of us try but often gets hit right back at us right ah some more than others Johnny's telling me to speak for myself.

And I'm not able to return it there Vivian and Leia after getting down early again with rally scoring can quickly make it back and as I say that maybe she heard me maybe I was talking in her backswing and again weather should go down just a little bit here over the next hour we're at 63 degrees now so not too cold.

Shouldn't affect the ball flight too much I think the score is four to three I think the score is four to three Vivian and Leia yep four three hold it that'll update and it does this is a fantastic match you wouldn't expect anything less dude.

No okay we've seen that a few times from Anna Johnny and are you seeing anything because we've seen we've gotten a nice shot down the line when she's doing that is she lunging a little bit is there anything specifically you've seen from her that's much I don't think there's much except at this point except they are going after her so you see right.

Even there on the third shot Viv going towards Anna um they're just they're feeding the ball man and then you know about all these players are is they don't mind if they're the one that gets peppered with shots they all want that opportunity when they see the stats after the game they want to have the most total shots they all take it as a.

Slight if they're the if they're what's considered the lesser of the two teammates so but there it is right there Lena's saying it's all right Anna I got you yeah not able to dig it Lena starting on the left too she was getting more involved in the action there I think that's better overall for their plan.

Interesting camera angle here LSM how did they pick teams tonight are buddies down with pickled out I think don't quote me on this I'm pretty sure they just tried to keep it as evenly duper rated as possible um we'll run the math throughout the night to see if that's true and as with the rest of this don't fact check most.

Of what me and Johnny say but I think it was by the most Fair duper rating 7-4 Viv and Leah trying to get to that magical 11th Point first and whenever I seem to talk about a team something goes wrong and with that Vivian hits it into the net Lena surf so scoring I am going to mention this.

About the scoring it is an MLP type scoring playing first to 21 so you will see that rally scoring in effect a little long on the lob from Anna there yeah I'm gonna and I hate saying this I hate saying this but the one thing that will always be is honest we're going to look at the stats after this first game and I have a.

Sneaky suspicion it may not look too positive for Miss bright the great thing about this setting is you have the rest of this game you have your mixed you have your mixed match and you have the potential for a dream breaker so if there's ever a time to maybe go slow it's at that beginning Point fill yourself out this is a.

Different setting than a pro tournament they're in someone's backyard we're gonna give everyone you know until the change at 11 to get their feet wet here I was going to say I don't know about you it takes me at least a match to get one match probably three probably three at least that's what I say every time whenever I lose the first match I say I.

Never take I never count the first one and whenever I win the first match it's a hey I told you I didn't need to warm up exactly so here's the Cross Court ink battle not really getting underway and you know they were looking for that that Cross Court dink battle Yeah so common.

There's a lot of power in this match so the Cross Court dinks haven't lasted too long you can see even there there's been a lot of driving a lot of power from these four women um at ten nine we got one more before the switch that's I know it's modified MLP we'll.

See here we might have heard before that they're actually not switching to keep with time we know normally 11's that magical number where you would switch sides we'll see here if that's the case just hitting the tape on that drop unloading there we go five four five and that's really where she excels right she's got quick hands.

Um usually she takes a little bit of a half step maybe two uh or a half step or a whole step back off the line to give her some time to unload nice yeah and again defense I mean too much power and uh there was some controversy before this match uh it came out that we slided Leah Jansen on her power a little bit I.

Think there was a little bit of a oh Johnny Austin translation and we could talk about that more later but yeah there was a lot of power on that foot away so well I had nothing to do with those graphs I had nothing to do with the graphics this week all right so that that one doesn't.

Fall on me fellas or you're out of our hands now zuk I know we have a guest lined up right about now right yeah we have our first guest of the night our buddy from just paddles Ben was super excited when he got back to us to join in Mr Ben how are we doing I gotta tell you it was tough this was.

New platform for me so I was freaking out I'm sweating this life in my face so I'm happy to be here though I'm listening glistening glistening thanks for joining us yeah that's better yeah you know I get that with a lot of people that this is their first time doing stream yard once you do it once it's super simple but I get that I get.

Uh maybe panicking a little bit where you're not sure what to do I see you message me I didn't even answer you that's my fault um I have to be you're here happy you're joining with us um really excited to kick this whole thing off from you because I don't want to say stole or or kind of.

Took it from you but a lot of when I decided what I wanted to do in the pickleball world with content came to came from some of your interviews that you've done with some of the top players and when I was getting into the game and getting into the pro side I was trying to see as many different interviews as I could to get to know these players.

Um but obviously you and just paddles is a lot more than just the interviews that you do with the professionals before we get into talking about these specific players and maybe have some fun and call the match a little bit do you want to give everyone a little bit of background as to who you and just paddles are yeah sure I mean me it doesn't matter right.

But so I worked I started working for just paddles they're an online retailer for paddles about a year ago we were we're coming up on two years in in uh in the business but just like you guys we are like full send in on this super excited to be a part of it because like every day there seems like this person something this something's coming up new.

And just the sport is just so exciting and then look at this like we're in backyard pickleball and it's like the coolest newest thing that I've ever seen so I'm so happy to be here it's it's crazy and I love it I truly mean it when I love it for people like you because I've been playing for a long time but until this.

Massive growth and what's been going on very recently I wasn't too much into the you know making the content having an Instagram page and stuff like that so people like you that have been around for a while I'm very excited to see all the hard work paying off because you've laid the foundation for what's been going on what is this growth been like.

For someone like you who's been in the space for a while it it's just so cool because you know it pickable I don't think anybody had a clue where it was gonna go but like especially recently in the last few months like we talk you know of some of the names that have gotten into the sport LeBron Tom Brady garyvee like keep going down the list.

Drew Brees and it's not gonna stop here especially with like the new things that have just started happening but it's just so cool like I don't think we're even at the tip of the iceberg as far as how far this thing's gonna grow so but you know what I who I love it for is these like four people on the court and all the professionals like they are.

Going to they are Elite athletes they spent their life doing this they grind and they're gonna I I really hope they you know it pays off for them yeah and it's great and I love that they were able to throw an event like this for them 100 what you said The more we can quote-unquote show these great Pros off one to show the viewers how great the.

Sport is too to show them that their hard work has put them at the top and we all see them as those top athletes so the perfect manifestation of what this whole sport is trying to be can be found in this one night which I'm super excited for um one question from the chat who's your favorite player and if it's not Lee.

Whitwell you can't answer all right well then who's my second favorite player oh my gosh I don't even know if I can go on the spot I honestly like I oh man that's like the spotlight right like you're just calling out you're upsetting a million and and one person likes you how about this I'll say I'll say mine just so we start throwing it.

Out there my favorite pickleball player is Megan fudge I love Megan fudge um there's something about her where and I've even said this and she's liked it and agreed with me that um she sometimes she goes into matches and she's just not as skilled naturally as.

The other people and she's just grinding I love diving all over the place being a human backstop she may have no winners and no winners herself but she has no unforced errors and she's forcing the hand on her opponent that style of play is I feel like if you're ever just trying to root for someone from the beginning it's a very very easy person.

To root for and anybody like that whether they're like a three five or a top Pro like if you're a dog like I got in the heart of the dog fun man just they if they're like flying around the court I don't care if you're playing for like a medal in zero dollars like I love when those girl guy whoever it is like if you're a dog I'll watch it's just.

Like that's just like the MMA scene right like usually when I pick my MMA fighters they're they're Scrappers right yeah so totally just fun to watch like yeah you might not like like you said I'm not saying she's not but like if you're not the most talented but you're an animal on the court like you're a problem and I don't want to play you.

Because I know you're never going to give up I got more help on that that point yeah we got more questions to go through but I see that the score is 15 17 now so let's turn our attention have you gotten the chance Ben to have a conversation with any of these four ladies I have not not yet and I uh I feel like they're.

Probably getting so many requests from everybody that that I just like fall into the sea of DMS that maybe they don't ever read but uh but it I hope so I'm gonna see I'm gonna keep trying and get get people on there but I so as I full disclosure as I was talking and listening to you guys I was watching these battles oh yeah you know you you.

Think like you know you watch SportsCenter Top 10 right and you're like oh that's the best play but that was like one of the only good plays of the game these ladies are like battling right now and almost every rally is like a firefight it's awesome it's so good it's great and I think that's what the backyard maybe not playing for a medal.

Allows them maybe instead of a dink it's a drive uh maybe instead of just hitting it back it's going for a shot down the line because you know what we want these to be as important as important as possible but the facts of the matter they aren't playing for a gold but allowing them to see that maybe untapped something where they try shots they.

Never would have before then they take it back on tour and they have more Tools in their toolboxes and we'll get the chance to ask them some of that you know in this next week um in this upcoming week and next week when we get the chance to talk to some of them if they learned anything about themselves I want to cut myself off.

Though because this is Match Point Vivian and Leia have the serve I are we gonna get a dink battle you see Anna and Lena too have switched uh sides on you said that would happen John and you called that yep they switched a couple times now oh my gosh.

Backhand speed wow floated down right there ah firefight oh okay off yeah just off the edge flips and go out sportsmanship that was a great match um Ben brought it up and we were saying that even before he popped on not so many dinks and kitchen rallies these girls were driving it you had some power.

With those four ladies that may be matched with these men as well that we have coming on the court now hey zuke you see this a lot in the women's game right the women's double game you see the firefights often it's almost more exciting I would say even more exciting than the men's doubles game many times you get those cagey dink.

Battles with the men doesn't always translate well on the screen but man when the women get going you know and you saw a lot of those just those Tomahawk backhands from bib um you know she's been relying on that and it's you don't want to hit it her way she just has such such a range on that backhand but fantastic win for.

Those two um yes to this question real quick I just wanted to say we're recording they're we're recording this stream and they're recording the local stream as well that they have there so after this if you want to go watch back um for the better quality of just the game you won't hear my stupid voice over.

It we will have that and we will be sharing that um and here are the stats so kitchen rallies and fire fights were just dominated in a way that the score being 21 to 16. it's a little interesting there might have been you know when there was just some basic stuff going on that North had.

May have been making some mistakes because if you're up by six on kitchen rallies and five on fire fights a lot of times you're winning that match by closer to double digits yeah we're probably looking at on four stairs on the drives or you know third shot drops that just didn't make it in but wait we've got a shirtless pickleballer on.

The court I don't know what's going on here I'm gonna go back real quick to just player impact for a second um it was on the screen for a moment there but the player impacts that we find very fascinating from real stats shout out to Ben um it's a fantastic stat because it Aggregates uh both the player impact and also the errors that.

They face so you saw you had a plus four player impact for Leia Jansen she was uh solid in her shots she wasn't making very many errors um you saw a plus one for Viv David and then you'll see actually she's got plus two according to um no yep plus two according to the final stats they had her at plus one initially so those two.

With the largest player impact you see Lena at one on a plus one net and then Anna bright at his zero so she was neutral between her errors and her winners sorry Johnny I'm messing this whole thing up while you're talking um we'll get there I'm trying to find the player impact perfect hey Shea said Zoom back in on.

The match Gold that that's incredible what you guys are pulling up right there is unbelievable like it's kind of like the NBA stat like hey when LeBron's on the court you know they they're plus 14 or whatever and then when he's off you know whatever it is but that's that's all yeah this is all from Real Clear stats and behind the.

Scenes Ben I'll hook you up with this guy um he's great and if you ever wanted to use like any of him his stuff he's super cool his name is Ben also he's there right now stating this live for us and we're getting you know we can go down the whole match and see what point was an unforced error what point was a.

Winner again for the quick purposes um this player impact score is the all encapsulating the one thing I always like to draw attention to is let's say Ben is plus two and on plus two but Ben is plus two through nine winners and seven errors and on plus two through two winners and zero unforced errors the story of our game is still completely.

Different we may have had an overall impact of plus two but the style that we play the way we impacted our partners and this is the stuff where I think players when they're deciding who their partner is going to be or what style of play works best for them they can kind of look at their stats see what type of player works best with that style of.

Player and then instead of taking people's opinions or the small Snippets that they watch when they're off the Center Court um these numbers these numbers don't lie and there's more than this there's rally wins there's fire fights that we saw um look at Leia's percentage on the.

Accuracy of fire fights my God so this is kind of what I wanted to get to obviously you saw you know it was kind of fascinating unforced errors both Leia and Viv both had five unforced errors so they did have their share of unforced Errors Lena played pretty solid pickleball I think she only had one unforced error and it did have a few.

Early she had four for the match but the fire fights when you see the women's game right that's where it really you look to see what's happening and you can see how many hits per start right there so the most aggressive player was Leia by far and you see she likes to do those drives she does that power I'll be the first of it she's got some power guys so.

It might not have translated with our preview but she definitely has power she plays the singles game a lot she's aggressive and uh she's got accuracy with that as well so um she was also targeted it looks like eight times on those firefights so she got her fair share sent back to her many times that happens when you start uh Start the Fire.

Fight you start the hands feed battle you gotta expect it to at least come right back at you and then you go for the put away and both her and Viv both had a smaller percentage in terms of the shots per winner ratio there in the file as well no that's that's amazing and you know I hate to do this but run the schedule of rolling gas and I could.

Probably talk with Ben um all night and to be honest I'm gonna hit Ben up right after this we are bad but we can do an Instagram live that we can actually see the full hour hour and 15 minutes talking but before I let you go we covered you we covered just paddles um check them out on Instagram.

Um so much good stuff there from the content side to the actual getting accessories for the game that you need to play it's really all encapsulating the next match is Thomas Wilson and DJ young versus Brandon and SEC pong and Deco Barr do you have a quick um a quick uh forecast of what's gonna happen in that match.

I'm gonna say I'm gonna say bar wins 21-18 and I think I'm gonna go on it and they're gonna end it on a firefight he's gonna Flip It Up and Bar is going to hit an overhand forehand winner for the win up the middle that's okay I guess but we'll see how it goes I'll watch and.

Then and if that happens we'll hit you up for the lotto numbers right after yeah I got you on Instagram and now if that happens I swear to God on live I will split it three ways with you guys that's what we love to hear well Ben it was nice to get to meet you face to face like I said we're gonna um we're gonna talk behind the scenes.

After this and decide what we can do to collab a little bit further but as I said off the top perfect person to start this whole series with no matter how many events we do in the future our man Ben from just paddles check out his account check out all his stuff he's doing have a great night brother thank you guys you know what you're doing is.

Awesome I can't wait to see more thank you brother thanks guys and pleasure to be if great conversation with Ben yeah no he was one that um it's just look I'm not gonna sit here and we're saying we're doing stuff that's that much different on the con he has great.

Conversations with some of the top pros and it's stuff that I listened to before I started having conversations with the top Pros so how we doing on that next match I think there start about to begin I was just resetting the stream because it froze for a second Thomas Wilson has not been losing that.

Is a good point hey Shay and neither is Viv I mean if it's like undefeated for like two weeks now this is nuts I take that oh so what's going on and they just didn't have the score up yep so that's why they took a break they took a breather because there was no scoreboard 4-2 Wilson young versus Barr.

And in SEC pong Thomas Wilson is all over the court right now with Brandon so some more dinking in this one yep and we will see that in the men's game there's a little bit of a speed up caught the tape from Brandon and that oh man.

Very soon no reps in this so everyone's calling their own lines calling everyone and then look at Thomas with that slice just it it was just enough that Brandon didn't hit all the way through that if you're gonna return a slice shot like that a super slice you got to really drive through it hey Shay this is from Nordstrom's.

My mom got it for me and zuke left me hanging he didn't he didn't tell me he was wearing a tie you I was just feeling myself a little bit and what's funny like if anyone at work saw me like they'd be like wait you dress up one way to work and you're putting on a tie and t-shirt for to like call pickleball at night.

It's like yeah yeah you gotta you gotta dress for the job you want not the job you have and this yeah this is the job I want all right five four eight yep five four DJ young uh 6.19 duper on that last one you'll see Thomas Wilson is going to be hyper aggressive looking for that Ernie I love that he's starting on the left here he has been looking for the.

Ernie already oh and the lobs these guys are both just going after the lobs yeah this match uh that's what I love about this game and like players and Partnerships is look it's all pickleball and it's not foreign language one match to the next but the style of play you go from a dink match to a fire fight match to a match where you know they're just.

Going for Killers straight away um there's no one game I don't get bored I promise that is the craziest that was such a get that ball just rolled on the tape and this is still gone and Brandon is tall you can't oh you got to be careful lobbing him he's got that Andiamo shirt so he's got the he's got.

The Julian Arnold energy tonight Jackal 6.8 duper five is the score and it's and it's earlier in the game so I'm happy that our guest is joining us right now because she's someone and she just she was in the background she I think she just lost connection but she'll be back um.

I wanted her to come back in one of the first things I noticed about she's here all right we'll let her on this is um this is someone who I'm really excited to get the chance to talk to and someone that as pickleball grows I just want people to hear her story you can take it for what it is and she can tell the story.

How she wants to tell it um but I'm really excited to be joined by Amy zaderman Miss Amy I think you're on mute oh there you go now we got you unmuted we'll figure this out with Amy Amy's someone that I'm excited to get the chance to talk to.

We'll keep paying attention to the Deco bar Brandon and SEC pong Thomas DJ masks match this match is is back and forth we got a little bit of a lead change and not only do we have that but it's it's just about neck and neck yeah that oh just a little long on that going for it I've seen Brandon go for a few where he's missed and he's looked at.

Declan and said my bad but you could see that's the type of yeah and there's that yeah hello Ashley good to see you on the Stream you guys just getting back from Costa Rica as well I messaged Brandon uh yesterday and was like are you guys getting off the plane yet so we know you.

Guys were traveling but now we've got Amy back Amy can you hear us well we still don't have any audio from you Amy so yeah still no audio for Amy um jig is in the back seeing if he can fix it I don't know how we're gonna find we're gonna find a way to get Amy on tonight though yep we have another oh that was.

In between the legs from DJ oh and just wide those just that it's such a filthy move if you can pull that off yeah nine nine remember they are switching at 11. they are switching at 11 and again it's just been back and forth and again.

You know I I think for anyone that's newer to pickleball you'll see with this rally scoring it kind of negates the oh just in the pulled too far wide on Thomas there but with rally scoring you see that you actually have such an advantage as the returning team anytime you serve you're automatically at a disadvantage and pick a wall.

Because you're gonna be on the defensive for that third shot you have to let that ball bounce right so that's pretty that's pretty expected if you played pickleball you should know that rule but when it comes to Rally scoring it's really putting you on the defensive as the serving team so anyone's game 11 10. and and that yeah what you just said is.

Like the major difference of it all right like with the style of how much better an advantage you have on defense while now being able to pick up points um quite interesting quite interesting and how you can stop runs and start runs Miss Amy do we have you and we want to go ahead and give us a.

Chance or give us a chat there see if we can hear you sing something well zook do you want to just share a little bit about while while they're working on that just why you have Amy on I know yeah I mean I I hesitate to do that because what the one thing I'll say is whether we can't get Amy working.

Tonight um with the audio we'll get her on with something where I want to allow her to tell her story it's not my story to tell um so so we'll see if we get her muted right now Amy we're seeing you muted decal with that backhand overhead.

Nice yeah unmute because guest chose to mute themselves Amy that's what I'm getting all right yeah Amy's gonna try again if not we'll definitely have her on she's a she's a crazy store she's a crazy cool story not a story you ever want to wish to tell but a story with that I'm happy the way that it ended.

Um so we'll get to Amy at some point but right now we got we got matches it's incredible oh Mr Wilson's War couldn't take that one ah I hope he's all right though he's good he's good he bounced back up he bounced back up he's leaving it all out there you gotta.

Love that in a match like this it is for charity but man these guys are the top players in the world John you know what happens when like in the off season the guys like LeBron Carmelo and these are new guys that play at Chris Brinkley so that's why I'm thinking about them Obi like when these.

Guys in the Tri-Star area play pickup it maybe the first few points they don't play defense but then when the score is down to the wire they start playing Miss Amy I had some technical difficulties I think but I think it's working no no no this is great this is great I wasn't we were going to find a way to get you.

On even if it wasn't this one we were gonna find a way to to get the chance to hear from you because your story is one that I wasn't even making content streaming stuff talking pickleball before I reached out to you originally and just wanted to have a conversation because when I saw that post of yours that.

Obviously was a Genesis of me reaching out that I'll allow you to talk about a little bit um your story is uh is amazing and shines a little light onto what pickleball could potentially be for some so whatever you feel comfortable talking about can you give.

Us a little bit of background um you know kind of what hap what has happened with you recently and how you have found yourself now you know taking some Golds at some tournaments yeah so I started playing pickleball about 15 months ago but um more importantly I was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic and liver cancer.

Eight years ago um and I basically I was given like a three-week window to live and put and basically no treatment options just palliative care straight into hospice and I fought to become a medical guinea pig and by some miracle um okay and a lot of.

Um I had I started uh showing progress and um after basically five years of being bedroom and every sort of um side effect imaginable I uh started getting my life back um one of the side effects that I had from all of the chemo and radiation that I went through was that I had a um a.

Thing called it in a vascular necrosis or like bone death where the blood supply to your shoulder or to a joint gets cut off and the joint literally disintegrates and it happened to my left shoulder which is my dominant arm so um I'm also like missing discs in my back I have all this I just have tons of blind spots all these neurological.

Issues neuropathy um so playing a sport again uh really didn't seem likely even if I you know did have the outcome of survival which I have had so far um but uh my husband got me to try pickleball and I was immediately addicted um I play with my right arm.

It's the first sport I've ever played right-handed and I literally for the first probably three months I could barely like even contact the ball but there was like something super addicting about the sport and um and then basically in the last year I've like kind of rewired my brain and become pretty decent at it.

Um and I'm so excited I'm going to Nationals this year awesome both in women's and mixed and I'm sorry oh he's excited you're excited she's my cheering Squad apparently this sounds just like my dog as well but no you're um the whole thing is just unbelievable.

Um you know for me it kind of without me taking your story and making it anything other than your story because it is yours um it just when people say pickleball is a fad pickleball is passing pickleball doesn't have staying power like whatever you want to say about the professional.

Side or this league or that League or what's going on like with that stuff for someone like you to be able to utilize this thing for what it becomes those are the stories that I think we should be telling as to whether this is a fad or not it's not this guy invested in this league and then this one would have invested in that one and then this.

Player won this prize amount um you know it's what this game could be for anybody anywhere you said you literally couldn't use your dominant hand so you picked up a paddle and you started playing with your other ones and now you're at Nationals so it's it's really incredible and as this growth of pickleball has started.

Um and really taken off over this summer I know you just said how you usually how you originally used it for you used it for to help you get some motor skills back to get active again your husband showed you you've gotten to the point where you're going to play at Nationals now how far and how seriously are you gonna take.

This thing in the next you know upcoming year two years three years I'm seriously addicted to the game I think it is it has like so many mental health benefits and physical benefits for anybody who participates in it and um I'm gonna continue I mean I've kind.

Of had an uphill acceleration since starting and um I you know I want to see how far it can take me I still know I have a long way to go um but with hard work and determination you know anything is really possible I mean the idea that I could even um compete I the only thing I ever.

Really competed at before this was the National Spelling Bee in like elementary school so I'm not a natural how'd you do uh I did I didn't win I can I mean it's still kind of a trauma for me I I you know what do you remember the word you lost on prism of course I remember it it was that was that was my childhood I don't want to spell it out loud because.

I'm a little embarrassed that I'm like 90 I'm only like 70. it's really easy it's not even a tricky t-r-i-s-m yeah okay thank you I folded under the pressure so apparently I've grown uh able to come like to participate in a competitive environment since oh I got out on a word that I didn't know but and maybe hearing.

Your story too it just it shows through your life that you are a competitor right and like to have one important my right and left brain weren't connected and they said I would never never regain that right right left brain connection and like this sport I mean has allowed me to do that I hear like well I could process things and hear.

Things and I don't know it's it's just remarkable and I think it has enormous benefits for anybody because it has such a there's such an uh initial draw to it like people coming some would say oh I mean I I checked like all my self-care boxes anytime I'm not with my daughter I'm.

Literally playing pickleball my friends joke that like if they want to see me they have to start playing pickleball it's just it is what it is but yeah I'm with that I I uh I think we're all getting hit with that bug at least all of us that are here right now and yeah you got hit by the bug and you know.

Needed to get hit by that bug right like I don't let's not talk about ghosts don't know any other sport or anything that could have brought me back to life in the same way that pickleball did yeah and that's why I wanted to say it like let's not talk of ghost stories or things that didn't happen but like if you didn't fall in love with it and you.

Didn't have that addiction who knows if you would have found that hobby that kind of got you going again and got you using your other um using your other arm becoming a you know someone who's able to play at Nationals at this level of the fastest growing sport in the world so it's just.

Incredible and the story is Amazing Amy I appreciate you giving us 10 minutes of your time for the story as I said to Ben our last guest I'll definitely be tapping in with you um you know after this stream 10 to 15 minutes doesn't do the incredible story of Miss Amy service so let's let's put our heads together and plan for.

Something a little bit longer next time um but we appreciate you working with us fixing your sound and giving us 10 minutes of your time tonight my strong suit no no no we appreciate it and uh let's talk again very soon okay I love that thing I can do to help you build your Brandon recognition and anything you know I'd I'd be happy to.

Help so just let me know thankful thank you so much Amy have a wonderful night and uh we will see it for you Amy can't wait to see some video of you on the court let's go um hey that that was great that's her story is freaking phenomenal I can see why was so excited to get her on here she excites me she I'm not gonna sit.

Here and say that the four people aren't you know people that I look up to because I'm a pickleball player and obviously I would love to be as good as a professional but um when you want to show off this Sport and what it can do for people or how powerful it can be or why it's not a fad.

Like I was saying you point people towards Amy and you can put take any duper rating any stat anything you want to do I'll take that girl as my partner over anybody any day and I bet you that uh we'll have a good chance to win that match but now we're in the first mixed doubles where you got your money on bro I know.

Who he's got his money on it's the same people that everyone's got their money on I gotta say you definitely go with Viv and Thomas here just based on what they've been doing lately they I mean that's pretty accurate they don't lose lately now look at that ATP get from Viv that was just disgusting um she's just she doesn't let him buy.

Her like she's on it um are they ever not gonna play together again Johnny I don't I don't think they unless someone's not well or it just doesn't work out with the schedule I mean they they have a connection I know there's um some friendship there between Thomas Wilson's wife and Viv they live by each other so they're they're good.

Friends but it is really intriguing you know this is the cool thing about backyard pickleball first of all you got the bright night lights like yeah but now you got a new pairing and and we've never seen in a bright play with Deco at least I have I know most probably haven't unless it was in some practice section but look at that so.

There's wow you can do that when you're over 6'3 guys I know because I'm and and that works on your partner when you hit a winner right but if uh you know I've been when the partner steals the ball from in front of me and hits it into the net I'm maybe not cheering him on as loudly.

Yeah don't coach if you can't the winner man a lot of excitement from Anna on that one uh so I I'm gonna do that thing zook I'm gonna jump off because I I think there's somebody backstage knocking that would like to join the party well I think I think Miss gerkey let's do this what's up Cassandra how we doing good how are you.

Guys doing good good we finally um after a day of time zones emailing trying to get in contact it's November is just not like it's just been knots uh I went to um I went to Hilton Head and I had I had driven there and so that's from St Louis and um that like totally bad call my part because then I um I wasn't gonna.

Come to California um until like almost next week and then some camps and things popped up and so duty calls and so I was home for not even 24 hours yesterday and I flew back I'm in um Palm Desert so Road Warrior Road Warriors let's go so you see this this is Tom Wilson Vivian David versus deckle Barn.

Anna bright anything about those matchups like immediately um makes you think of one thing here or there so um I think of what a lot of people would notice right off the bat is that Thomas Wilson and Vivian um have just been slaying it lately um which is super awesome put it lightly right yeah I mean they've won the last.

Two large app tournaments and the draws especially for mixed doubles have been insane um and so for the two of them um to to you know rock and rally even even to go twice in a row is just like it's it's impressive um so I think um the the training Squad at Dreamland.

Right now is I was just kind of thinking about this if you're watching kind of who's been on top who's like really kicking some butt I mean you've got some studs in Texas right now yeah just stuff and so when you have a star-studded lineup that you get to drill with all the time you got Jackal Zane just moved there.

Um you got Thomas Wilson um and uh DJ young um Lena is there and um I I don't know where Anna bright lives right now um I don't think she's a Texas person yet but um that lineup is just crazy um and so you know for them to be able to have the training Squad that they do.

Uh you can see real quick why they're all in the finals all the time or why they make it you know through such a large draw so yeah and you think about what Thomas and Viv you know getting to practice together they have an all four connection as well it's it's just like they know what needs to be done like they both and you notice it in their.

Playing they are loose they are smiling they seem like the happiest pair you've seen on a court ever and you're right they absolutely are slaying because they they just they're at a different level they are just feeling it yeah I think um so Vivian's really close to um to Thomas's wife and I don't blame Brittany I think maybe.

Uh I can tell you they're wrong we were talking about that before though yeah that he was that she was close to his wife yeah I probably just totally ruined that night it was probably was probably not even close but um I know that they're all you know good friends and things like that I think.

They play very well together um because with a player like Vivian um who's just solid palette solid um yeah check out that replay with uh really body bag Ernie um you know it's it's exciting to watch the two of their dynamic because I think he does literally the right mix of.

Getting involved but also letting her like rule the rules when when she's playing because um you know he doesn't need to come take the balls all the time she's like she's awesome she can handle it I think that also translates well to the viewer right because sometimes viewers don't like when they only see like the man poach or.

Like take all the dinks right and you see that sometimes with some of these pairings but they do have this balance and Viv has her strengths she's quick reflexes quick hands that backhand I mean she has such range because she can get so low she has so much range above and below with that backhand she's hitting everything.

You know the viewers thing I think people just need to quit being wussies um and if you don't play the pro level like you do not have any room to speak about the pro level um and so that stuff drives me nuts because I'm like have you ever been targeted so much that you don't know what to do and if this guy doesn't get.

Involved we are going to lose the game so I don't care if that guy has to hit nine out of my 10 balls if I'm cleaning the match I'm sorry I don't know what you want from us like yeah say there you go yeah I I agree with that sentiment and I also think there's probably a few that have said that they feel that way and don't but.

Like a large majority are like hey if if my partner needs to hit 100 of the balls for us to win the match I'm trying to win the match so like if I'm not doing that strategy then I'm not playing to win basically so why are you even out there um play singles if that's the case but the point of doubles is to win the match.

The best way that you can and you know everyone I've seen to ask has said you know as long as it's not every single point like Non-Stop and you're letting them get involved a little bit if the best shot is decal coming across and and getting a powerful shot instead of Anna you can see Anna's reaction if it's a winner she's just as excited as if she.

Hit it and that's how a partnership should be yeah and I think a lot of the times what people don't understand it's not so much they don't trust us or they want to take our ball or their whatever um just poaching crazily it's putting pressure on the other team to hit a perfect shot or they're gonna have to.

Deal with the wrath of you know um the guy being able to come over and grab that so then you're with that pressure you have added mistakes from the other team so it's not always just he stole my ball like there is a process and a setup for that um and you know it's talked about beforehand.

Um like I said I think until you play pro doubles you have this type of pressure on you where these these dinks are are coming in hot they have twice as much spin you know balls have twice amount of um uh Pace on them yeah at this point is classic yeah in the mixed doubles game the Cross Court think battle like like.

You get you'll see the women get involved on those cross-court dink battles it just is gonna happen from the right to the right so sorry all right sorry to interrupt but no don't no feel free yeah see Jason um we also like how Cassandra tells it as it is and that's why I said off the top.

Um oh yeah this probably won't be the last you hear from uh Cassandra on these uh Airwaves but um oh just to be honest like I thought you were coming on at 9 30 with Lee I just I had some time so you can kick me off whenever well I have someone coming on it I just want to make sure like if I have someone come on at nine.

And then 9 10 will you you'll come back on with Lee right you can boot me whenever I'll come back I just I got done okay no perfect perfect I just want to make sure that like you're gonna be back on because you and Lee are the our secret the secret sauce that everyone loves to hear together and calling that mixed doubles match with you guys will.

Be a lot of fun but um all right so we got two more minutes I was just gonna say real quick to that point yeah Sandra I think it just takes education of the average viewer right at this point in the new viewer and we have such good commentators on all the tours and they do a great job of talking about that live but it's the clips right it's such.

A pickleball such a great bite-sized clip for social media sport it translates so well but the education takes a little while to catch up so as new viewers come into the game they just have to be educated on the strategy and it'll get there yeah I think I totally agree with that I think the Ernie uh you you see a lot more women doing doing the.

Earning out or the attempt or the movement and I think that's something that um you know I try to educate people on as well because um honestly there's there's like multiple reasons why you would Ernie um like my like I can name off four one I get the Ernie and feel like a total like badass and it's like the most.

Important whole world um two I move and this doesn't happen at our level as at like like really ever but a lower level I go make the move and people kind of panic and they dump it in the net or hit it out or do yeah um option three I go I don't get the ball but my mixed doubles partner comes over and gets the ball which is what I.

Wanted to have exactly yeah in the ball um and because if I'm going cross-court you know dinking forehand beforehand it's hard to get that person involved all the time so it's just another option hey Cassandra hi so you know being backstage doing the producer thing I had to jump on for a second because I listened to everything you said and I'm.

Walking away with and tell me if I'm wrong your advice is I should have my sons be my doubles Partners so they do all the running around and I just stay in one place correct all right just make sure I was reading that right okay yeah I'm no dummy like I don't I don't want to move like I'll just oh my little corner of a box and I will go for my.

Earnings I will get you the ball and you know um it's just it's that is what it is so 17. yeah this game is tight Cassandra I think we're gonna have you back on here in just a little bit but this is yeah stay backstage we're keeping her back there lock her in all right now I know we had another.

Guest lined up yeah and he's coming up right for the end of this game I told them nine should I let him show his ugly mug a minute earlier oh snap no he doesn't want it he messaged me and told me he was like yo if I knew zuk was wearing a tile he's like what did you keep messaging me I did one stream with him and now he won't.

Stop messaging me nine o'clock here was the man the myth the legend you know if you tuned into our episode last Thursday he was a ton of fun Mr westboros and my first question to you sir is do you have any idea why you're here and what we're doing here zero no perfect that's how we like it that's how we like it I saw you in the.

Tie and I was like what the hell is going on that's it he's like I can't I I gotta leave I gotta go guys yeah and then you had Cassandra on before that and I was having flashbacks to when she earned me a bunch of times in Vegas my partner Lauren stratman was like she's gonna earn you you just have to deal with it I'm like she's not gonna.

Earn me it's not gonna happen and then she did it repeatedly over and over again oh well in that case hold on a second hold on a second hey Cassandra oh my girls I own you guys it's so funny because the first time you know the first time it happens when you.

Play me the partner that like is with them always warns them always warns them I I watch them like literally like before they start pull it I watch people like this you know you know don't don't give her that it was like two points Danny does it and like Lauren just goes yeah I just looks up starts laughing match point.

That's point for bar and bright right here a lot of Anna fans in the chat what an upset this would be from coming down from quite some many points before the change we're at 14 8 at one point yeah definitely huge dogs if Vegas had lines on this the big oh and uh Anna knows she knows the moment that she had she knows with a team like this when you.

Have him on the ropes you may only get one winning Point especially with rally scoring but then only being able to win on your serve it's gonna get a little interesting down here too much too much from Tom too much from Tom look for that Ernie oh and he had it he's been aggressive with those earnings the last.

Couple of uh tournaments and that's one thing I was talking to zuke about at the beginning of this is he's just been on it so when you're on Johnny right that's when you go for the things that like you might not normally go for because everything's working right like they can do no wrong and they keep ending up at the top of the podiums.

Wes is there any I know you mentioned Cassandra is there any of these four that you either have history playing with or against that sticks out to you that before this match started would you have thought it was going to go a certain way that wasn't the way it is here it basically even at the stretch I'm fortunate to never have to have.

Played against Echo bar at all so like watching him is is so fun to me because he's just such a different player in general but I've never had to play against him um I mean all of these other people have beaten me repeatedly so yeah I heard you guys talking about Vivian like she's just so tough to attack and.

Like you're playing mixed doubles and you and there's just like right there she resets everything so and she's the sweetest nicest person on the planet which always has a smile Johnny's number one note for any player that he gave for me tonight was Vivian David equals The Smiling assassin she really is it's amazing that she can like.

Be competitive and be that like just outwardly nice to people at the same time like she's taking souls and then she's just like smiling while she does it and um it's it's frustrating Anna I've won a couple matches in MLP against her before so okay um but but for the mo and then Thomas has beaten me the two times we've played so I guess um but it.

Sounds like like Vivian he promises have been playing so well Vivian Thomas have won their last two goals that they've played together and there's that Tomahawk there oh wow see this is what happens this is like at any local Court when it gets to game point it doesn't matter what happened up to this moment or how much fatigue has.

Set in it's all out yeah and regardless of what's going on what's at stake like these none of these teams want to lose right now no the Anna stands in the chat including Jacob behind the scenes or going crazy I told you this is a highlight reel I mean the defense that Viv and Thomas and actually that's a huge accomplishment.

For them that's a huge win that's a huge win it's not going to show up on pickleball tournaments it's not going to show up on like this might be a duper match they're showing it might it might be one but two people will like they beat them they beat them that that was that that was good that was incredible upset wow they did it get.

It bright side deckle is lucky he never had a face U.S yes all right Anna bright we got Anna bright stands it was Anna all Anna so real quick Zoo um Wes we got you for a couple minutes right yeah yep all right cool so guys let's take a quick commercial break I want to make sure we first give a shout out to one of the sponsors saps so I want to take a.

Quick commercial break and uh thank them for sponsoring this event check it out foreign that's it now I need to go get myself a drink all right so zuke's sneaking away to get a drink real quick you know he's super uncomfortable in a tie so he's.

Probably like regretting that decision right on yeah do the tie he was like you know the tie is the look tonight somehow yeah yeah the tie and yeah and he pulls it off he's got the back backwards cap on to offset it not so fast ladies and gentlemen that's so fast.

Like Tar Heel colors too he looks like he's like one of the assistants on the atar Hills bench over there with a little bit of plaid on the shirt too yup he's right there foreign kitchen rallies one the north is.

Actually beating the South and in fire fights so those two stats don't tell the tale of the tape one thing I want to point to the most important stat total money raised ten thousand six hundred and twenty three dollars for the just keep living Foundation um that's Matt and Camilla McConaughey.

Obviously big in the Texas Austin area that's for high school kids and to make sure that they have all the stuff that they need to stay active to to play sports uh to get their minds right um I wanted there's Evan that's the guy that's.

Running this that's what happened um I want to bring up some stats maybe to dive a pad you think they're announcing anything or they just change inside no they were just changing mixed oh wait yeah they're gonna make an announcement let's might want to listen in here.

Tacos zaps or troop tonight you met my co-founder Sam very generously I appreciate you Sam and thank you to all of our sponsors that's true electrum I mean we couldn't have done it without you guys and then also you met the nft ticketing guys at the front block live it's incredible if you ever thought or.

If you think back to when you got went to a ball game and got tickets and nft ticketing now provides a way to then go and have these tickets for a lifetime and we'll click on it and your digital wallet and then seeing even the stats down you know the stats that our team have real clear stats is collecting uh you.

Can feel that like you you know that kind of nostalgia that you know when you look back on the events that you participated in two 10 20 years ago so super cool thank you to the block live guys they built that product in three four weeks Brent is one of the engineers on a team both members ATX now as well so real real quick Round of Applause.

it's gonna be our last game real quick before this begins I want to thank him glitch believe believe it or not it's actually Tim's birthday tonight.

I'd love for us yeah all right one two three I think we can chat a little bit over this appreciate Tim klitsch's birthday.

But if we're down to the last game I mean it really could go either way here we've we've got we've got uh just tight tight competition so our remaining pairs we're gonna see Leah and one thing I just wanted to bring up here's the stats from the last game.

Um because we saw that the kitchen rallies and the firefights didn't tell the score so if we go to player impact decal so I just want to say this is one of those times everyone in the chat was like it was all Anna it was all in and I'm not here to say anything negative.

About anyone especially all my friends in the chat love you all dominated in this match can you zoom in on that player impact flow it just gives such a great visual to this right so if you zoom in just a little bit you see here in terms of where they were right we talked about that player impact and where they end up right but you can.

See how the the change is just so linear throughout the game so yeah Thomas Wilson taking over early you know and you see him being aggressive looking for those Ernies um and you actually see where Anna you know again when Deco kind of started doing the poach thing that he does just being you know he's got the length he's.

Got the reach you know he when he's at his best he's just kind of everywhere all right like it's hard to get past him he's super involved at that point in the game and that's where he ended up I mean that's the difference yeah some returner some third shots yeah deckle just Deco played one of those games he played.

One of those games if you have a seven player impact um and the total hits are pretty even across the board normally you'll see a lot more you know directed towards uh maybe the right side a little bit there um but yeah no pretty even across the board obviously Anna didn't need to do.

Anything spectacular in there if decal was gonna just take over on the court and we've got our final match of the day coming up yeah we got our last match so Wes what's your impression here on backyard pickleball you've seen kind of what it is you didn't know what you're getting into you've got the lights you've got the yard what are your.

Thoughts initially on on this format I was talking earlier and you guys are new to me oh no we were muted for the whatever and I was trying to yeah um I had no idea what I was walking into I didn't realize it was just gonna be all Pros I thought it was sort of like a combo celebrity thing or something like.

That so this is fun to see some real pickleball tonight yeah top players yeah it's uh from the first point of the first match when the ladies were going up against each other the first match it was like a warm-up they were they weren't messing around it was like a 20-point rally like on one point until someone finally hit it out.

But there was fire fights there was returns there was it was it was crazy but this one has started with Jansen and young going out to a little bit of a head start this looks like a ton of fun though I like the idea of playing and playing in the backyard keeping it cool oh yeah having some beers having some tacos like.

This is what pickleball is all about yeah exactly what it's about and it's a great product yeah I want a game like this twice a week in my hometown where I can just kind of go people are hanging people are drinking and eating this this would be perfect I I love it um not to get too far into future plans but the plan with this to was to kind of.

Because MLP has been so gracious and they helped us hook up with these players is the six events or whatever they have next year during the week on a night like tonight say there's an event in somewhere in Utah we'd go to someone's backyard in Utah that could host us like this and we'd kind of do it there as a nice precursor to where me.

And Johnny with our guests we'll be talking about this and just breaking down obviously what was going to happen that weekend and I think that's a beautiful way to use it but like you're saying shouldn't only be done there like this is such a beautiful product that I have five or six people that are there um that are just texting me like I'm.

Having so much fun I'm taking pictures with all of the athletes that like I've been watching so it seems to have been going as good as it can as an event which makes me think that they're going to want to do it again sometime soon and as fans three dudes that are just watching Four top people play like me and Johnny would be doing this anyway if.

We weren't streaming we'd be talking about a match while we were watching it so what's better than doing it with a bunch of more people than can comment back and forth that's awesome and your guys passion definitely shows too and all your guys work so it's cool to see people kind of nerding out on it a little bit even if you know some of your.

Stats breakdown is maybe like borderline too nerdy it's still fun eventually Wes is a heart guy Wes is a heart and a guy I feel yeah yeah West will have his West BPI that uh is a power rankings of the size of the fight and the dog and all this is reverse inverse of normal stats right yeah what random random stuff yeah go ahead all I.

Was gonna say was that was a sick backhand Gap by Brandon full extension that's such a dope angle of when we have like a dink off like right there because you can really see like are they lunging too much why they miss it gives us that whole and Brandon has reached so for him to get that not many people would have been.

Able to get that Grant has worked on his game so much and it's so easy to see I've never seen Brandon play this is the first time I've met him once but I've never seen him play he's a phenomenal player um I like him more for all the stuff you see him do off the court than on the court so him being a pickleball player.

Is just a little bit of that special sauce on top but all the stuff that he's producing is like helping younger kids in his hometown like playing stuff like that and that's the good stuff and but no but when me and Johnny were talking to him he said yeah he loves doing that but this is the year um.

You know he's practicing every day twice a day like if he's gonna do it like he's starting it now yeah he's out working out at sunup posting the videos on Instagram I watch his Instagram live just to relax sometimes when I'm at my office meditating I'll put his mom playing by himself he's breaking exercise bands you.

Don't see that too often that takes some power so uh the real athleticism yeah right on so no it's it's such a joy he's he's a great personality in the sport and just a brilliant mind too he's he's entrepreneur he's got a chance at a few things he's been uh partnered with duper for a while too so fantastic this is what it's all about Kung Fu D get get a.

Paddle play you'll become addicted um fair to say that Brandon and Lena are the underdogs in this match right for sure yeah you I'm not even gonna say who it is and but I'll say this out loud I sent the list to someone else who I respect their opinions and they might have said that if there was one person out of.

Their league it may have been Brandon I disagree with that I have blinders on because he's also besides Megan fudge probably like she's my favorite overall player he's probably my favorite male from watching on tour like do you guys get that sentence from the eight people here that Brandon fits in from that or is what the person told me potentially.

The story here I mean I like just in the first match like the men's side sorry to cut you off there Wes he's got to win with decal those guys were both tall rangy guys that you know kept their own and they're in the match now it's tied up like I I think I think Brandon's phenomenal and I think.

Brandon has Maybe where we've gotten to know him at the same exact time that he started those like grinding like every single day where we've only seen him in like this new style of play that like he's playing but yeah I I think he's good Wes what were you going to mention on that oh I'm just.

Saying on on paper you know results wise all the other men are a little more accomplished but it has nothing to do with Talent or excuse okay I like that just a matter of like we see DJ every weekend getting results at tournaments we see Dad I like playing with promise and so Brandon wants to get to that level I think he would say the same.

Thing and like I saw him hanging around MLP and like he wanted to be playing in those matches whereas these other guys are in those matches not only are they there but they're like the top dogs on their teams regardless of how their teams necessarily did but and I just feel like everything about him he would definitely be like one hell of a partner.

That you would just want to play with and um like you said maybe like ratings wise put them up there with anyone if you're matching resumes and experience maybe not there but we're projecting right now and we're talking about the future when you're talking about a sport like pickleball and if we were to see Brandon.

With the most podiums next year like I'm I'm not putting odds or the percent chance that it would be but my job I wouldn't drop I'll say that and at the very least you're cheering for that to happen which I like because he seems like he seems like a great dude and he's like yeah he's just and the conversation that we had with him when we got the.

Chance to talk with him was it's it's easy to root for good people and we're in a spot right now we're getting to know the players and the playing players being very accessible when they're out on tours and out at um the matches and stuff like that is you're starting to learn about people and look.

We're splitting hairs when we're talking about how good these people are we're splitting hairs when we're talking about how really different the play styles are it's pickleball at the end of the day and you got to score more points from the other team the thing that could separate these guys is just like be nice like just be enjoyable he's the.

One that like people want to root for that's the differentiator here right like Leia call that ball in just you know we want we want a roof for you someone mentioned that so I want to go back zuk how would you rate Leia's power Leia has told me to rank Leia's power very strong so I will say Leia's power is very strong.

She's one of the longer players too for sure so she's got a lot of she's got a longer she played tennis for sure so she's got some power whether she uses it or not yeah she drives and she uses power um yeah you see her be aggressive with it right yeah the women's match earlier you.

See it once you play singles too I mean she had a match with Anna uh lee Waters earlier this year where it was just highlight after highlight because they were grinding out they were throwing hay makers from the Baseline you know it's um yeah she she's a dog like she will she will play hard um I had a question yeah that's good I.

Had a question so you know you see this format too Wes this looks like a fun time for you uh you had your homie uh well I guess you didn't have him do it but he just did it Sam Corey popped on our call last time on Instagram I can't believe you let him just come on and steal all my thunder that was uh I know I felt I said that suzuk afterwards I.

Was like I feel kind of bad for Wes I'm kidding he's been doing that for years even when I was at MLP I I finished one of my matches we won in Newport and uh the people come over they're like hey can we interview like you and Sam together I'm like what is Sam is just in the audience like how is he part of this I was like yeah bring.

Him down it's okay it's all good do you think he would be up for playing in an environment like this that only pickleball can provide this type of stage so you think you'd be down to play in something like this for sure I mean even when I was selling him on the sport in general like I was telling him twice a week like Lauren and Lauren.

Stratman and I would go to this house in Simi Valley and play in this guy's backyard like Tuesday nights Thursday nights we play We rotate with a bunch of different people and then we would have beers after and maybe have like burgers and stuff and I was like this is like what I want my future to be like for the next like 30 years and so like Sam I.

Would tell him about that all the time he wanted to come join us and stuff he's been on the road forever so this is kind of what he's what he envisioned like pickleball being to be honest yeah this is like um this is I didn't know what it was gonna be because me and Johnny have been dealing with a lot of you know hosting on the virtual end and.

My hat's all screwed up and I look ugly um you look great I've been and we've been worried about the first one so I wasn't tapped into like what it was gonna look like here this is this is pickleball this is pickleball um but being the last doubles and it being 16 15 will tap in a little bit closer on these last few points we gotta.

A little bit of a dink off which has the potential to turn into a fire fight oh defense and Brandon's had some great lateral movement on this point let's go let's go look at that lateral movement look at that that's a man that left it all on the court at that point you could.

See in his eyes this is not you know he wants to win this game it's 17-15 it's 17-15 yeah I thought for a second he was just kind of like Hamming it up a little bit with those Drop shots but yeah I think he was legit trying to win the point on everyone huge point for Brandon Alina.

Wow DJ uh DJ just DJ there's really nothing to say there that's an incredible Point DJ I think he also felt a little slighted at the beginning of this match or before the match started because the ratings showed that his drops were great maybe yeah maybe that's why he was doing those drops oh oh a blocked Ernie a blocked Ernie on such a.

Crucial point this is huge this is huge 1816 you really you really need one maybe two here to start feeling comfortable you don't want to let them get back on serve with with the scoring that you have to win you know on your serve I like the sneak attack there from Brandon yeah he.

Tried to do what um DJ just did so it's interesting to see you know when they're playing in the same match them just taking from each other which is smart come on Brandon come on Brandon's looking over a little bit the the drive's working for him DJ and Brandon are playing unbelievable.

Pickleball right now starting to take over a little bit and encroach a little more with these power shots you love to see it the ladies now getting involved Brandon with a net DJ has the ball of his hands now with a chance to get match point.

With a winner or unforced error by the other team here okay Molino leaves the door open Lena leaves the door open for Brandon sorry sorry later leaves the door open for Brandon and Lena Leia and Lena have played very solid Leia and Lena have played very solid.

They have not you'll have made winners or unforced errors no but they've done their jobs with the dinks Brandon and DJ are going back and forth with correctly choosing when to make that move time after time yes that's it that's it wow match point and it's over wow Brandon said pong for some people saying.

Who knows entertaining he should have been here he had two wins I hope he gets the duper credit for that for sure for sure I'm gonna hit him up after this see if he does that's awesome so is I guess they're not playing the dream breaker they said this was the last match so.

We'll see what they do I don't know if these guys want to do the dream breaker maybe maybe this is gonna be like one of those rock concerts where you know they they do the Encore they've got it like they request The Encore yeah we need a dream breaker for fun breaker can you text can you text uh Zoo can you text Evan and say we gotta get.

The dream breaker we're clamoring for it that's what the people want we're only an hour and a half Brandon ah I love it Ashley love it wow wow so bright takes it right Lena Brandon deckle bar I love that so much I love that so much.

Now it's a good atmosphere I like that dude what it's such a pleasure having you on again hanging out with us yeah we had something to drink this time I'm just coffee it's like it's honestly it's uh two in the morning 2 30 in the morning my time where are you right now I mean I'm just north of Oslo Norway oh my.

Goodness we're gonna do a little breakdown of the stats if you're in the chat and you're into that we have some really deep diving stats and uh we were streaming this until 10 anyway so I'm gonna stick around till then and go through the Deep dive with stats Johnny you want to stick around Wes you're always free to do whatever you want are.

You gonna let me I gotta go have dinner pretty soon with mine okay okay I stayed about as long as I could but thanks for having me guys dude Owens we'll talk to you soon brother I'd love to have to join another one sometime yeah 100 particular man all right take care guys where about oh one leaves and one comes on oh snap.

Cassandra welcome back okay she didn't hear us how happy are you man Brandon guys that was so fun um and there's so much that while doing it like it gets me excited for the next season if we continue to do these and build them out even further.

Um ah this was fun hey I if this was on tonight I'd be watching it talking in a Discord with a bunch of my friends that were in the chat tonight so being able to do it this way was even that much more fun um oh we got Cassandra Mack Cassandra.

Yo and if anyone from the chat there wants to pop up stay late because Cassandra's on so so Cassandra this ended the games ended a little earlier you're down to talk some stats yeah let's let's do it let's do it again in the chat if anyone wants to pop in to come talk stats you don't even have to show your face if you don't.

Want um you can comment uh just look at the stream yard in the in the chat um what let's start with the first match so the first match let me put that on mute because we don't got to hear that.

Anymore so the first match 21-16 it was Leia and Vivian versus Lena and Anna what stuck out and we kind of covered this in the first one is Leah played fantastic Johnny Vivian played good and those two played better than the other two so when both of the better players are on the same team.

Does I'm not saying anything that's too crazy here um as to why they won um fire fights pretty even in terms of accuracy between Vivi and Lena and Anna but Leia man 92 percent um on fire fights that was one of the reasons why she had the highest player.

Impact um yeah come on if you want you know why don't we check out why don't we check out that player flow again just the impact flow chart and this again is such a good example of kind of where the match is going right obviously if you're in that negative impact you're.

You're making more errors than winners that's you know gonna be a challenge for any team usually when they're on it um it should be should be at that above zero so you see how this match finished so both David and Leia finishing above zero where did Leia finish at in her impact four four I mean she she was aggressive and again she went for a lot.

Of those drives early in that match um you can see too she also took a lot of shots right so they were going after her uh so she had the ability to get aggressive and uh if she's taking those higher shots taking them off the bounce you know we'd have to go back a little bit to the film I didn't get the notes on that but uh she obviously.

Did what she needed to do to keep uh uh Lena Lena and uh you know on their back heel and this isn't rocket science as to why this is important and it's not rocket science as to what the formula is but look you take the player impact score six on one side North one on the other side South six minus one that's five what's the difference in score 21.

16 5. so this is legit telling you the tale of the tape how each score and each point was gotten who impact how they got and look we we're gonna have bet on Ben Who does these stats next Tuesday to he can give us a little bit into what they're actually looking for when they stat it but one of the things and and I'll pass.

This to you two to kind of talk about is sometimes you don't bring in yeah actually actually you should come up Ashley should come on the show one time um some what was I even saying there I I want to just ask Cassandra yeah say something when I think about it yeah I'll do that Cassandra just when you see.

These numbers and maybe maybe they make you know they matter for you maybe they don't what is it that you feel like you'd be looking for when you when you look at statistics especially in the women's matches here what is it that you feel like is most important to show like success from the women's game um I'm not sure success maybe I'm.

Probably like the unforced error thing is pretty big um like you would hope at the pro level that the enforce errors are like very small uh um you know and I think um I didn't get to watch this match but it's it's kind of cool that I didn't watch it because looking at this.

Um with with the with the Jansen David matchup that kind of makes sense that you know I'm I'm guessing Vivian was on the um right side and Leia was on the left side and um you know Vivian she's got offense don't get me wrong but she's also just like a total backboard total and so Leia.

Is more of like high-risk High rewards especially in women's you can play a little bit different like that and what I mean by like that is you're gonna take some chances attacking and it's either gonna work out it's gonna be freaking amazing or it's gonna like bomb in the net or you're gonna get like roasted with the ball back and so like high-risk.

Kind of reward if she's on and she's taking those chances and those shots and being offensive um I mean I don't know how you stop the two of them uh you're and what you're saying it's this is why I love stats because like what you're saying is so cool everything you just said is legit how this game played out so you.

Basically watch the game in your head right now by knowing the teams and looking at these stats because look at what you just said the team that lost had five unforced errors in total and the team that won had double that but the reason that they won is because exactly what you said they were just going for it and every single shot they.

Were going for a winner and still hitting so many of those winners but when you play that play style you are going to have a lot of errors and you are going to have a lot of um you know people and plays that are negatives on your overall player impact the goal is obviously to be more winners than errors but that's.

Always why you got to look at the inputs for player impact because I can't say enough how now that I've looked at this for 15 20 matches the way you can get to some of these numbers could be Johnny two winners no errors Cassandra 12 winners 10 errors you guys played a totally different game but by just looking at the player impact score you.

Would think it's the same so you Cassandra if you only had one and I told you I can tell you how many winners each player hit or I can tell you how many unforced errors each player hit in this game you would rather unforced errors yeah because because winners I mean honestly like you're not gonna see a ton of just winners at the pro level I mean.

It's just like I mean you're going to but it's probably like either like it was a forced type of shot where I guess I look up not to cut you off but just to Echo exactly what you're saying what's under winners is errors forced which is the stat of the shot that you're legit talking about you could even see that three winners and double errors Force so.

Again spot on yeah match but being able to look at that I can tell you how I think that that happened and so um that that's pretty cool that you guys are able to break um this down now I I also didn't like this backyard thing totally new like whose backyard is this or like 10 glitches okay yeah yeah yeah it's it was.

It was really cool and um I said this already but we were on I I know a lot of people that are there I texted um they were texting me and they were like this event like blew me away a bunch of them got tickets like last minute just because they just found out about it and.

They're like this was a really cool live sporting event to see the pros apparently were being like super cool with people I know some even some that may be in this chat got sent I love you videos from certain professionals so people were just having a good time and like Wes was saying a professional tennis player is coming.

Over to play Pickleball when he was asked what he wants Wes just told us straight up what we just watch is what he's looking for all those people right now are probably going out to have a bite to eat somewhere locally getting some beers getting some burgers that's pickleball baby like like that's what it is the mix of yeah these people.

Being able to play on the court but then what's going on around it what's going on before what's going on after and that's why minor league pickleball this weekend really stuck out to me because I think you can do that on a pretty local level throughout the country like have a Northeast division have a Southeast Division like even more like a New York.

A New Jersey where there's a bunch of minor league teams going on at all times and then the winners of those are going down to Austin like we saw last weekend but what a way that like a brand like MLP could create something that we're all asking for and something that sticks out to me is duper has been advertising that they're looking for those local.

Executive directors and I think once they start getting more in certain areas leagues may start to form and you and you may see more and more of the Ambiance that we got tonight we don't got to be the only ones to do it um I love to do as many as I can but obviously we're not going to do them all and I'll tune into the ones that I don't.

Do because that was that was sick to watch under the lights so so I asked probably like uh a harder question go for it um these players did they do this for free tonight or is this something that my answer is yeah yeah I think they did I think they did.

Um it wasn't MLP it was in no way it was connected like MLP yeah it was just security Brooks and Steve are very tapped in with the people that ran it and they were there and they were the ones that got them the eight Pros in the area so it was kind of it was a collaboration but no distinct.

Um name on it yeah um I think because you know with it with the charity I think and that's really cool because um that's what they were playing for yeah yeah in those players are at Dreamland and and Steve you know has done a lot for those specific players whether giving them housing on site or.

Doing other things for them so um I love that if that's the case because yeah um that's just like hey that's a thank you like thanks for taking care of us now when you need something like you like like it's just getting so crazy with the the money that's coming in the appearance fees and all the crazy stuff.

That you sometimes forget like dude like I played like with my grandma on a gym floor like the first time I picked up a paddle like and the pro stuff coming in that's why I'm just a huge fan of like the MLP and uh I thought this minor league pickleball thing was really cool so sick so sick but I think of and I don't know why they created it or what.

Their thoughts are but here's my view on it is with this Vibe pickleball thing that is like out there now which is basically PPA copying MLP whatever is going on they are obviously paying those players a chunk of change because they could if like MLPs already got a 10 out of money exactly um and so you are reading between the.

Lines Cassandra exactly I'm just gonna call it out like it is so um they if committed there then you're looking at I think what there's 48 players able to play next year on MLP well let's be honest 48 of them aren't going to be amazing like you're gonna have to you know plus alternates I think they're doing like a set alternate because if.

There's more events and like someone can't get to one of them I was hearing like now the teams may even be like five with like each of the players have to get to like a certain amount of the six so yeah we could even be talking like 60 players right um need to get in this alternates for this this La the last few events too but I guess my point is like.

Dude I'm not trying to be rude but like I mean would say this to even to myself like I technically do not belong on a majorly pickable team there's some people on there that do not belong on a majorly pickleball team and now that we're diving deep into 48 players press alternates you've already taken away the top let's say 20 players in the country.

Um and now we've got to fill those spots well how are you gonna do that we don't even have like the we don't have that like available and so I think the minor league pickleball thing is cool um and I hope they they can really make it cool or they can kind of make it basic and what I mean by that is they're taking these players getting them in there and.

Preparing them for MLB to do that the best way I think you hire Pro players that maybe aren't playing on there kind of like um next gen does with the senior Pros yes yeah so know exactly what you're talking about I'm going to minor league and I'm like dude no can't do that you should be doing like I'm a coach for the teams and that is going to.

Be how you would prep them in my opinion for MLP to play correctly coming from a pro who's been there knows what's going on here's what you need to do to get done no I agree with that I think and I actually message Brooks this this weekend because I love Brooks and I love that he just lets he'll just message me random and I'll just message him.

Random um I would not be shocked I'm not saying it's the favorite but I would not be shocked if minor league pickleball juice in the next year or two became the whole juice of like what pickleball is because it could be more spread out because we're not expecting these Major League.

Pros right it's minor leagues like we're expecting people that could even have you know other day jobs that are and that's even more interesting to me to begin with but that's besides the fact but then you get all these people that's just built in get weekly leagues that because you're playing for something that there's teams in New York and then.

You play for something that lets you play for a region and then there's regionals and it can even work where Johnny I don't know if you brought it up but the Florida smash sent a Florida smash 20 and Florida smash 22 team two minor league pickleball so like for majorly and I'm not going to sit here and say I know how much like those.

Players were actually helping the minor league teams I don't want to say they were I don't want to say they weren't I just don't know but like if that started to happen like if you got so involved and you were in different places like imagine us three and were and I I'll be the second girl so us three and Giga are on.

An MLP team and we all live like in different places on the court you gotta switch Yeah Yeah I was gonna be with Cassandra right because she said yeah yeah okay so then but then like we become the coaches of like say where the New York Knights and like we get our minor league teams that like we're all in charge of.

And then that one becomes a feeder team that eventually those Pros will take over for us if they get better or we kind of phase out or who knows where MLP expands or two minor league pickleball is still a thing that exists on its own these players may never get called up but like just with them bowling there's people that play on these tours that we.

Don't see him on ESPN but they're going around the country in these quote-unquote pro-ams and stuff like that if we can follow that path a little bit with minorly pickleball it encapsulates the pro side of things that people want to see while also keeping it that Joe schmoe who's a defense attorney during the week and plays pickleball.

Twice at night has his chance on a live stream in front of America well I think the the real question I have for you zuke is when do we actually get a live session of you getting a pickleball Racket and ball tattooed on you uh-huh I'm not that far honestly like I'm deep I mean tonight the zoo cast of.

Pickleball right you want to be the face of pickleball I don't think you could do that without having the tattoo first bro oh like I I think Johnny don't you let me say this let me say this let me say this let me say Tuesday night episode let me say this let me say this and this is my way out of it this is my way out of it.

I have a Jewish mother so when you get better you're not allowed to be buried with a tattoo in a Jewish cemetery um there's ways around it like they'll uh you could get like your arms scraped out and like stuff like that like it's not like that hardcore but it's more of like a wives tale and like a running.

Thing that like Jewish moms say to their kids like oh don't ever get a tattoo because then we can't be like buried next to each other but no my main answer is I hate needles and I wouldn't even like I don't even let doctors draw blood um without running away yeah it really did so one I apologize chat that I actually brought that question we.

Didn't know we'd get an accident I don't know where that was going yo I'm always I'm always wide open okay listen to this listen to this let's get deep let's get deep because I'm just talking anyway if I were to ever get a tattoo I would take my I would do this thing I saw on Tick Tock I thought it was super cool you take your dog's paws at the tattoo.

Parlor and they put it in like this ink that's fine for the dog dogs and then they put the Paw like on your like on your forearm and on your forearm and for my dog I would get like a little like imprint of his paws like on my forearm but that's really it because I really have nothing else that's maybe the Steelers maybe the Steelers.

Were all silently judging your dog paws um yo can we give a shout out to the fact that they raised over 10K yeah that's fantastic that's fantastic and the thing that I like about that um again happy you brought that up is with the whole theme they attacked a local charity yeah yeah and still and still like I.

Love like there's no one more Austin than Matthew McConaughey you see him at the Texas games you see everything him and his wife do to give back to that area I'm sure like just because how big pickleballs there like he's becoming ingrained in some with some of the bigger players yeah he's gonna show up to that school tomorrow with that.

Checking back yeah we did Pickleball zuk Jason Wright who's been a just absolute champ this entire chat he's been super gracious to us he's got to see you play some pickleball sometime I got two as well I I'm that's the biggest ruse of this all that's the.

The trick the devil the biggest trick the devil ever pulled off no one's even seen me with a paddle no one's do I even know what I'm doing what's going on that's the question I actually just got a new paddle I just got I just got the amped epic it just got delivered today actually um.

A bunch of people in Discord gave me that as uh um recommendation yo I've been rolling with two like quote-unquote starter paddles so it was time for me to move it up early Like A Champion paddle or like like wooden like house starter are we talking I'm talking like you eat Papo Z5.

Yeah like I was using the Onyx Z5 until a few weeks ago and then I started using like it's a Selkirk I couldn't even tell you what it was because I just walked into dicks and said I need a new paddle at this point like do you have anything they pointed me and the only thing that was there was this pink Selkirk I think.

An SLK so I got that um but no now I got this amped epic that a bunch of people Heche was one of them recommending um paddles to me so um Cassandra what am I using yeah I I have an onyx evoke Premiere.

Um and uh yeah I've been using it forever um and I don't know I am yo Cassandra are you around Thursday night uh yes I'm I'm in California right now so um because Johnny Johnny's not going to be here for my Instagram live Thursday night maybe not if but Johnny you're.

Going on a vacation with your wife take them at night I know it's Paris yeah you're in Paris with your wife okay Johnny Leave Me Alone Cassandra and it kind of ties to right what we're doing Shelly Wong who's become a good friend of mine just from talking to on Instagram um she was in the minor league.

Pickleball so she's bringing up a teammate of hers and we're just gonna kind of talk about the whole experience that it was how she got into it did she have to do anything in terms of signing up and playing beforehand so I'll shoot you it's probably gonna be around 7 30 Eastern Standard so if if you're still on the west coast it's 4 30 your time.

There okay it'll be on Instagram okay so we'll make that work so before we end the night um I can you know little teasers for our pickleball world but uh let's do it I'd like to see uh expect to see a lot more Cassandra and Lee possibly with a little bit of love on uh pickle juice on.

Tuesdays so uh more details to come on that but we we about to change the game with some pickleball um Cassandra thank you for hanging out with us tonight we appreciate you as always awesome you know how you know who I've been talking to a bunch recently yeah Mr Mr Clay.

Jonathan Clay oh from kids yeah yeah he uh he's he's very okay hey Shay just you know she I will be calling her after this where she was um yeah she was traveling right it's been like a not so travel it's yeah no she's been I've been seeing her every weekend.

Playing her ass off at all these tournaments I was even surprised that she was even considering it but um hey Sandra you were going somewhere what were you gonna say oh why like your name I need I need to know like Johnny 5.0 like like tell me more it's like the pros way of saying oh he's he's got the thoughts he's got the takes I may not be.

A pro on the court but I've got the pro takes and that's where that came from oh I just had to know like I was like in my dreams I'm a 5.0 hey that matters a lot of great things happen that's true I will say if I was on the court with 5.0 I feel like I could hold my own maybe it's just the confidence I.

Feel like I could I don't I wouldn't but I feel like I could challenge accepted well Cassandra thank you so much we will be bothering you Thursday for the Instagram live you knows who's going to text you right after this thank you all right thanks guys what a great event first of its first of many um.

Yeah I gotta get better with remembering stuff um no um that was one of the coolest things that I've ever gotten the honor to stream that was um that's just cool we were hanging out with friends in the chat um talking pickleball.

Um next time and these guys I got to get them willing to show their face or at least audio because it's always down for audio you're towards the end probably going forward when the matches are still going live maybe the last one will oh we'll put that stream yard in there earlier so.

For that last match if you have anything you want to say and you want to pop up we'll have you on because it's fun to hear other people's opinions like even when we had the different guests on and we turned to the matches a little bit everyone was talking about them differently everyone had different perspectives and look I've watched.

Pickleball for professional pickleball for way less than 12 months at this point um a lot of these people have been doing it for a lot longer so any I'm learning like I'm Legit learning while I'm watching and listening so it's fun well look we were able to pull off the first zuke and Friends cast.

You know this is just the first of many with what pickle Dow has in store with knights of dejin and kod media um this was huge I mean and Johnny man I know I've said it before but man the commitment level Johnny all the way in Norway sitting here what time is it there in the morning it's almost three but I.

Feel like I haven't skipped a beat I have like I was thinking my light is nice that light you got is nice that Irish complexion coming up on the YouTube stream man there you go no it was uh it was an honor and um you know just kind of be at the Forefront of some of what's Happening you know especially on the stat side the stuff that's going.

To take the pro game into this little like I'm here for that man I'm willing to put in The Sweat Equity if you know what I mean uh for that so no definitely and every look every time we show these and these are not our stats these are Ben from real clear we're just we're just lucky to be friends with him and he's nice enough to give them to us but.

Every time we show them they're like they're like oh this is cool this is like at the minimum it's like oh this is cool so um that's fantastic so yeah the schedule lining up for the pickle juice show will be Thursday we have an Instagram live with two people that did very well and.

Minorly pickleball let's get into that because that seems like it could be huge um next Tuesday Johnny will be back we'll probably have been on to do a deeper dive into the stats we saw here plus go back into the MLP because we went quickly through that and do a deep dive into more MLP stats plus look at this tournaments weekends and then next.

Thursday I'm 90 percent pretty sure I'm gonna have a really fun guest on but I don't want to say it before we get him but or her but uh that should be shortly but look out for those on Thursday and Tuesday and then something again the following Thursday but we appreciate you all tuning in yeah.

Yeah it doesn't stop here you gotta find us on social follow Johnny 5.0 on Twitter follow man Porto on Twitter Twitter follow Pony zuke on Twitter follow at pickle juice kod on Instagram that's where we put all the clips of all these things follow Knights of D gen follow Knights of dgn media that's the page that this is on.

Subscribe like I think it's all free and it makes us feel a lot better about ourselves on the drive home I promise you that Johnny as always it was a pleasure I think uh and thanks to pickled out for for letting this thing this was incredible these guys are doing some game changing stuff in pickleball and man uh they've got some influence uh.

As you can see so it's exciting this was great this was great we'll probably do it again we're out of here hey chat we appreciate you hit that like hit that subscribe we'll see you soon we're out
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