Foreign cost to build a pickleball court also some things to do before you go out and get bids on it um we'll start with the size so you know you're gonna need to choose what size that you want the core to be cool Accord is 20 feet by 44 feet so the size I chose which I believe I.

Think should be like the minimum that you do is 24 feet by 48 feet that's going to give you a two foot perimeter around the outside I feel like that's the smallest you would want you know for serving also for you know not like breaking your ankle off the edge.

So preferably it would be even larger than that but that's what I chose for my pricing um so what you do is before you choose your size you don't think it through and the next slide will kind of maybe determine how big that you make it but you know you're going to want it to be.

Wider so you can put a bench down do you think that two feet is not enough room to stand in the back and serve um just thoughts like that to Think Through um obviously a cord is not good you know if you're getting hurt so even if you do do a smaller Court you know you're going to want to spend.

Extra time to really build up the black dirt and grass seed or put some decorative rock or something like to the same height as the final asphalt to prevent that from happening so before you go get bids I recommend that you get locates locates are normally done by the company installing the project.

You know it's not completely important to do this but I think it's nice because it's especially if you have a bigger backyard maybe it'll change where you put it because it's always easier to put the you know Court somewhere where there are no locates that's for a few things with removal of the graphs and when you're doing the.

Basing process it's nice to not have to worry about you know things being underneath it also if you have issues with somehow with like your gas line or electrical or anything it's just nice that it's not under your asphalt so when they go and have to maybe repair it that's obviously rare so it shouldn't be.

Too big of a worry but it's just something to think about um if you are going to put the court where there are locates you know when you're getting the locates go out there when the you know when the person's there marking out you know they'll be marking out your cable gas electric water and don't bug them you.

Know so they're they're longer than they have to be but my experience I've always been able to ask them how far down you know how far is the cable down cable is the number one thing that you have to worry about normally because gas lines and electrical water that's all normally.

Deep enough it's where you shouldn't have to worry about it with something a build like this now it is possible that older house or someone was lazy and didn't do it properly so it's just good to ask them how deep everything is now if you have a tree in the way get it removed before.

You don't have to but it's just easier obviously if you're doing like just getting budget numbers and the tree's not scheduled we got removed for a couple months and you want to get budget numbers I can get it but it is easier for an estimator if the tree is gone you know the stump's gone roads are gone you're gonna get a better price.

So they know they're gonna have to deal with if anything in the way like that because it is annoying homeowners will say you know we're going to grind the stump and then they don't and then now we're trying to rip it out the bobcat but so it's just nice to have everything gone the biggest factors in pricing is the.

Access main things are fences so if you have a fence with just a small gate you're going to want to have that fence removed in that area so that's wide enough for them to get you know you know about 10 feet should be plenty wide you know for a bobcat.

And a Paving machine uh depends on what kind of paper they have but just ask them how wide if you have to because most of the time is cheaper for you to you know remove the fence buy new fans and install it than it is to pay pay them to have to go and hand dig with the shovel wheelbarrow and do all that.

Also if your dirt and grass can be left on site it's going to help with the pricing as well and also it's not just the dump charges and Hauling it away it also has to do with the project can move faster because you have one person there with the Bobcat removing doing all the prep work and you'll have a the other.

Person able just to be able to go drive and get bass and not have to be waiting for the dump truck to be filled up and dumped it and then fill up with base so it's just a little bit faster of a process here's the pricing I came up with you know every area I'm sure is completely.

Different you're going to be able to find companies that are cheaper more expensive this is kind of middle of the road pricing average pricing for the Minneapolis St Paul area on basing labor 25 hours we charge 150 an hour so that's 25 times 150 it's about thirty seven hundred dollars.

Loads out so that's the grass the Rocks the the dirt that needs to get removed four of those out at 150 dollars at six hundred dollars loads or tons in that's 40 tons which will be about four loads in is about twelve dollars a ton for just recycled class five that's 480 dollars.

Asphalt tons in 22 tons I bit this at three inches there's a lot of people out there I'm sure that thing three inches is overkill you only need two edges and you know that's probably true but I just bid at three because in my opinion the labor isn't that much different material is a little more but you want.

It to last so just do three inches three inches by the way is the most at least with the mixed designs we have here in Minnesota the most that you can do with one layer of asphalt and still get proper compaction of it so that's 22 tons at 70 a ton one thousand five hundred and forty dollars asphalt labor.

22 hours that's 22 times 150 3300 a total price 9620 divided by 0.9 that's going to be some profit margin ten thousand seven hundred dollars now these you know these hours are the main um factors here so the hours are based of me.

You know like an average backyard with pretty good access a little bit of a stretch where you have to drive the Bobcat to get back to get a bucket full drive back to the street you know if you're gonna do it in your front yard or say it's closer to a row that they can use sometimes like a side road you can get to the backyard the easier you know.

That price can get down I ran some numbers for let's just say perfect scenario in the front yard everything's great you know you can get probably down to around seven thousand dollars so if you have really bad access I could see it being as high as like 20 000. and then some other costs you know.

Painting um about 500 to 4 000 that depends on if you want to do just some white paint for the lines keep the black asphalt or if you want to go over to the top with you know the forgot the name the fancier paint you know like the green or red paint that you see it like a park for a tennis.

Court I've seen that you know something like this as high as four thousand once again those can vary tremendously personally I would just what I would do is I would keep the black asphalt and I would call a striping company so that's a company that's going to do like striping for parking lots they're gonna.

Have you know good equipment um a lot of times you know it's all GPS or lasered so they can just paint out the lines perfectly obviously you can do it yourself I've actually did one myself at the cabin we just ran string lines and grab some spray paint spray paint it over and then my mom actually put a concrete sealer over the.

Top we got about a year and a half two years out of it and all didn't look great it's not as professional is getting it done but we were just like it's at the cabin we don't really care I'm just in the driveway but you know if you're going to spend.

All this money like my backyard if I had it I would definitely get it professionally done in the nuts you know they can range between 200 and 2500 once again on our cabin we have one that ranges about the 200 range and it's fine for us um.

But then again if I was doing this in my backyard I might want to get myself a you know a little fancier more professional net um but you know that's that's awesome that you can upgrade down the line too so hope this video helped give you an idea of what it would cost.

Um a lot of times you can do prep work yourself especially if you're you know handy like that or you have friends or family that can help you some of the prep work is um you saw those labor hours you can have someone you know help you dig it out haul it.

Away just throw in some bass and compact it you know you don't need to get it exact because like normally the company that's going to install the asphalt is going to want to get in there set grades and get a perfect grade and compaction of it anyway so just get it close for them you can probably save a lot of money as well.

Thank you so much for watching and I will be posting more videos similar to this you know on a basketball court pricing and I think I'm gonna do some driveway and some patio pricing videos as well um so definitely like And subscribe I really appreciate it thank you
This video provides what it cost to build a pickleball court.