All those years of summer tennis camp in the Hamptons for nothing this girl looks mean though like she only swipes left just to prove to herself she doesn't need a man she's been dating a woman for three years and she's like I'm not even gay I'm just dominant I'm an alpha look I didn't know they were making Vikings in vegan now.

Frankie heard there's a place with a giant kitchen that you can lose weight in he's really disappointed right now yeah he thinks missionary is actually talking about the church and trying to convert a girl one white girl and now he wears Lululemon's everywhere damn right are your parents disappointed in your career.

Choice yes hey any chance I can borrow some forehead Andre Agassi looks like sagacy yeah this guy can impersonate everybody but an athlete how's it going dude those are sick socks man in support of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle I love that dude well she's mixed I know she was like we ain't staying in the castle.

God damn Montecito