If you're missing your shots when you're playing pickleball you probably have too much swing in your shot pickleball swing has three major components it has the point of contact it has a backswing and then after the point of contact there's a piece of the stroke called the follow through the problems that arise in our games a.

Lot of times happen because we have too much backswing what happens when you add backswing to your stroke is you introduce a concept of variability you introduce variability into your stroke the more variability you have in your shots the higher the chance that you.

Might make an error when you're hitting the ball
Popping up your pickleball dinks? It is likely because of your paddle swing. Specifically, too much backswing in your pickleball shots.

Same happens with your pickleball volleys. You are missing them long or into the net – sometimes missing them outright. Too much swing in your shots.

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