thank you and welcome to the Australian pickleball championships 2022 my name is Dylan kimlin and I'm sitting here with Gordon.

Watson and we are currently looking at the open mixed division gold medal match teams are currently warming up how are we feeling Gordon feeling pretty pumped and yeah what a what a day of pickleball what a day of mixed doubles it's just been absolutely fantastic since the round of 16 I mean even before that the whole draw because.

Of the wet weather has been changed to a round of 64 format and um to an elimination format and it has produced cream has certainly risen to the top for this final yeah we've just watched an absolute thrilling match between Rossi and rajbal and Richardson and rubery all the hours uh I'm glad you said that one.

Yeah so talking to Mr um but we also had uh Clark and Burr had just managed to get on top of Kingsley and Vine to get through the game and from a lot I've heard it was an absolute Thriller an absolutely Thriller apparently in that match uh King uh Burr and Clark got off to an absolute fly out through the first game and then Kingsley.

And Vine fought back in the second to take that easily and then the third went to 11-9 and that was an absolute nail bite absolutely wild and I believe the the game that Rossi and rajpal just won was also a three-game though that when when the distance as well so you know uh I think it's fair to say that the players have earned their spots at the.

Top currently and listen to every game has been cut through absolutely and um you know from the on the uh broadcast before we had International guest mark rennison from Canada and he was talking about the level of the pickleball here in Australia and he's just blown away by the by the.

Standard here at the Australian championship and to be quite Frank so are we yeah I'm not wrong I think um we we've centered several times before in the just the the level of growth throughout the tournaments both state and National level has skyrocketed just you look at not only by numbers but just sheer skill.

Level the guys have been something like drilling is now a regular occurrence but everyone it's not just the top Empires it's everyone sees streams like this they want to be good and the other way you can do that is by practice and practice alone absolutely and we're all getting on the courts and practicing we're just talking to Mark.

About it earlier about just the amount of uh you know coaching of the people he talks to he's actually right behind us playing after our last broadcasting he got pinched by a player and they're out there having a whack now because the sun's out well it was out and uh thankfully the the outdoor ports were usable for a little bit there and.

You were talking about numbers before um Dylan and we have mentioned it but this is this is now a new Benchmark for pickleball in the southern hemisphere this is a record competition of pickle foreign things point to us.

Actually we haven't covered that I don't know it is going to be either way someone someone determines it maybe it's paper scissors rock the way it looks like the decision has been done now this game will be the best of three as as the finals that we've covered games to 11 win by two if it.

Goes to the final third game which it seems to be every single game that you and I are covering happens uh we've been absolutely blessed yeah with the games we've got to see today yeah not wrong um if it does get to that stage the uh that game is the third game will be a swap at six points for both teams will swap sides and uh continue playing it.

Looks like Burr has first served and we run away we're underway zero zero two they're going to the Burke Clark combination look like Rossi thought she saw she had an opportunity there but unfortunately hit it a bit too low look at this transition.

all right wow okay rajpal just has such control what a rally and also uh Clark and bird were on the ropes for a bit there and they managed to pull back yeah I mean the placements are around and some of those shots in particular.

not the great power but just placement thank you oh it's a great reset back into the link below I think this is going to be a common theme for the rest of the series.

Quite similar in the I don't know bird capitalizes just waiting just set that point out beautifully but just waiting for that loose shot and I was putting away the winner that was uh something we saw quite a lot in the women's singles uh women's doubles game that we covered earlier with uh Rossi and Ruby versing Burr and.

Kingsley last time last night it was it was a lot colder then there's that soft touch Again by rajpal oh great core coverage by all four players names.

slow the Gap and just went for it once again I record scrambling there as you mentioned there is an amazing Scrambler and they've pulled themselves out of it great start by the Gold Coast and there I've done it again.

Commentators curse as the side away to the Brisbane team yeah so that's zero four one serve Rossi this is southeast Queensland certainly will represented in the finals today yeah I mean we've I know this has probably been after some major event that's been streamed here in Australia.

But the history between let's just go on Route the history between these two teams they it seems to be part of the course of this rate these guys are always versing each other in gold medal matches and that's not discrediting any of the other competition we have had non-stop Thrillers all day uh.

I'm a little bit tired if I'm being honest we've just it's just crazy how much how many good games we've witnessed today and I tell you what one of the surprise packets of the day was the duo from South Australia yep who almost made it through to the semi-final it's a fantastic airport they beat some big names on the way to their.

Quarter Corner that's side away but so and it just goes to show not only is people a storm in Queensland but other states South Australia and wa they've shown at this event as well so pickleball is in safe hands as a defensive it's our first time out yep we.

Might go to a break from one of our major spots all righty Leah back here at IPC Australian pickleball championships and something worth noting Dylan as we watch this gold medal match the bronze medal match is underway on the opposite.

Court and that's between Vine and King ery and Richardson so yeah no would also be a thriller it's a bit of a bummer but we haven't got uh four sets of eyes called him because I would love to be watching that one as well solar transition.

lethal getting out to a sixth love lead thank you second serve six zero two five to seven to do quite a few frostings already and that's.

Just dropped the fish loving the knit cam yeah I think uh sometimes players not in the oh look at Burger close one I think players sometimes don't recognize the sheer difficulty of these shots that the fire is going up and also the velocity these these guys.

Do not hit it softly especially that forehand from Sarah Bird yeah it's unfortunate I just went out so we have zero seven one Rossi to serve Brisbane gy get their first point yeah I'm forced air out there Oh Hang gets the stretch.

Button here we go but in saying that absolutely Immaculate recovery pull themselves back into it and I think Sarah just taking your um her top layer of the is a reflection of.

Just how cold it is it is here in Brisbane that doesn't make sense Gordon you're the same taking players off because it's cold I think it's one because exactly right wow incredible that is an awesome rally absolutely.

Sensational Clark and bird retain surf seven two one it's uh it's almost like they're sitting just an observation Park and there's almost daring to sit in the middle of that Court space try and get that.

Perfect soccer channel they can pass it back in and Slide Away we'll see in large part of two seven months when we had our discussion earlier with Mark it was interesting is interesting that uh he mentioned he thought we didn't drive it enough.

That's always interesting you know he's a top end level coach and I think he he made it very clear that the players have no problem when they're at the net whacking the ball hard but it's actually that transition phase just trading boys grabbing a point there um seven two one.

uh just compounding that problem and that could have another timer or another defensive timeout and we're just going to Chuck another add-on we've actually got the pan packs uh muscles coming up so let's have a look.

At what those guys are up to foreign.

Um that uh the bird does now but uh they've played each other so many times it's it's simply uh come on we we know what they're gonna do they know what we're gonna do as that rolls out by death actually doing I was just uh thinking if um.

Sarah and Martin can manage to win this on this gold medal it'll be an Australian Championship triple crown for Sarah yeah I want an effort after just coming back from International play and winning the World Championship Triple Crown offensive end here saying a lot of transitioning in it so.

Really speaks volumes about the fun that Sarah over there by Rossi as our camera lady Janice is uh getting the ball we have to give a bigger shout out to her tonight part of the baq committee and she has.

Made our life so much easier she doesn't know we're talking about it right now she's sitting over there enjoying the game she actually knows she's listening right now so we'll see her smiling in a little bit and she's been playing in the tournament herself she made it through to the round.

Two I believe she had a wink ler yeah she took on Mike and then lost yeah there's no no shame there not exactly right so we're back to Gene Crowley currently eight three two o'clock to serve.

wow let's see what's going on using that same tactic going into heavy Brewery in the last match and she was like 940 I guess we'll find out soon enough few easy points and and Mark was saying this earlier that.

That's the benefit of driving if you can get a low drive like that and they hit it into the net you just give yourself a very easy point and that looks like the first game first game those games are both very comfortable first game for yeah they would love that that's the.

Kind of win where you just want to get out of the way uh and now the story will be how to Rossi and Russia and never discount they are Fighters so quick sip of water quick chat and maybe we'll get straight back into it just glancing over.

to still I can get a um well if you want to go for a longer go for it you can ask our friend Leanne who's sitting up nice and high over there cold beverage in a hand yet uh if you're gonna watch people you.

Might as well do it with a comfortable beverage game two has begun also to serve zero zero two and baron Clark of retained sir zero zero one oh look how hard those shots are returning.

How are they looking Gordon you've just returned I couldn't get a score unfortunately the referees obviously doing her Duty and um a friend in the high chair had no idea I think she was engrossed on the same match we are yeah well Leanne's giving us hand signals I just saw a six and a four.

Now I do not know who has since game and that's Wesley that we can just hear I was thinking rally here Onslaught by a clock there we've just got confirmation that.

Richardson and Ruby uh up six feet and I think that's that's the type of rally that I think Rossi and Raj power will be hoping to get Clark and dirt into is that dinky yeah well they definitely prefer it I think um it's it's you know it's funny we we.

Talked about the differences between International and Australian play there's differences between like Brisbane and Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast style of play as well Brisbane I know has renowned for a lot more dinking slow game uh whereas Gold Coast how's the balls rolling over near our.

Table it's a great uh athleticism by the official to retrieve it zero one two cool I do have the right school that's good to see tournaments don't happen without them and they're all volunteering their time.

Right transition with authority one zero one park to serve come on amazing rally.

the best of three here in the final of the Australian championship of the mixed doubles open Crossing and we're talking earlier Dylan about whether the players would be tired but I.

Think I think they'd be fairly used to days like today yeah that's when you're your nutrition kicks in Colorado oh wow they're on fire you know it's when your nutrition kicks in make sure you're keeping your energies up I mean you and I were fading earlier on today we had to have some.

Food ourselves but it's timeout yeah no I think it's um sorry I was looking over at the other game to see if we can catch a score but uh tiredness we are on the third day now this is the event I think all these players playing singles I'm not sure.

And I think it's the first time skinny singers has been played at a international standard Mark uh Mark had some opinions to share on that was nice to get his insight I mean I'd be fair I think it is I think it's nice to include it of course because it does make the sport more inclusive I'm all for it I'm more more.

Excuses we can have to play for pickleball um okay with that all zero two go to serve d foreign.

Well they're just striking the ball so well seeing bullet go some watermelon it's too cold to crowd alive with that shot that is a phenomenal shot that was on Thursday.

with a beautiful backhand design there is zero six one mom no it's gone long we're seeing a lot of uh it's almost like this is a we saw some battles of attrition earlier today with lots of green Crowley's one.

Of the men's doubles this thus far seems a defensive though it seems to be whoever can hold off against the sheer offense if they can get those resets in place whoever can get the results and get that transition soon to generally different point that we've seen thus far whereas.

The games earlier were both teams were just they just wanted to do 263. yeah he's trying to fire himself up find that self momentum motivation ironically when we when I spoke with.

When we had commentary with Burr the other night when we were watching some of the other gentlemen play uh she made a comment that if no one else will vacuumed who will just have a lapsing communication there I hope you're not hungry Gordon.

last night I might go to that world again speaking of Indian Cuisine I had the pleasure of having some by sumi's mum oh a couple of it would have been a couple of months ago now absolutely pristine we should stop.

Talking about food that is a beautiful shopping dude that's a good rally though fantastic incredible standard s.

Paul okay Okay so we've had the timeout I don't believe this is a medical timeout despite the breeze photograph they were talking about without fatigue.

You must say marshmallow have just come up with very long game and a very intense day because because of the rain here in Brisbane all of the games have been crammed into yeah you know literally six hours almost foreign.

what an incredible match I only took one one match point and they took it and that's that's all he wrote fantastic result let's go yeah we'll cross over to a quick break while Gordon gets ready and we'll uh jump into another chat.

thank you so think about that yeah head down over the wall and it's always well so last time I give you advice foreign s Australian Champions open mixed.

Doubles amazing words cannot describe what we just saw yeah it was just it all fitted together and Sarah was in beast mode as usual and I just felt so fitting because here is going to be a pro she's got the triple crown and um probably our last tournament together for who knows how long so it was it meant a lot to me to.

Win that don't make me cry Martin me too I don't want to I know yeah tears of joy yeah yeah a Triple Crown yeah oh my God two in a row Sarah go out with a bang right I that that was phenomenal that has to be close to the most Flawless game of pickleball I've ever seen and so tell us a bit because the Rivalry.

Between Brisbane and the Gold Coast is is almost known now so tell us a little bit about that and how how it feels um I don't know what to say we just have our game plan and we just knew that we had to getting and start solid and cut out errors because I made quite a few errors in our semi-finals so I knew I had to come in strong couldn't afford.

Errors because they're very solid especially the dinking and the drops so I just had to be patient wait for a pop-up and then punish it and punish it well so that it didn't come back because they're also very good at defending so I think we both stuck to our game plan we were just really in sync it's just an awesome feeling when you've got like a.

Really good partner and you don't have sometimes you don't have to call it or say it you just know they're there or if you miss it they've got your back it's just the best feeling and I absolutely struck goal getting Martin and I'm so grateful for the friendship and the amazing tournaments we've had together and I definitely want to come back and.

Do some more with Martin for sure and Sarah when when do you head to the states uh 12 days time yeah 12 days so wow yeah tell us a little bit about that Journey that's coming up yeah so I just reached out on Facebook and Instagram to a whole heap of players so I've managed to line up Austin Gridley Susanna Barr Steve deakin Sierra gate and leech at.

This point to be my Partners Ryan Sherry so just I'm very honored that they're taking on me as a bit of an unknown from Down Under um but yeah playing a Hollywood tournament All Over America until the money Runs Out basically we're just sort of pulling all the money we have out I'm literally selling my car tomorrow to.

Help go towards a couple of extra weeks um yeah just to make the dream come alive oh my God yep so unbelievable two Triple Crowns in a row I'm sure if they don't know about you now they're going to know about you very soon congratulations guys it's such a pleasure to watch you tonight.

Unbelievable congratulations and look forward to seeing that gold medal around your neck thank you it's good night from him and it's good and this is Dylan and Gordon we will be signing out for tonight uh Gordon pretty.

Good games amazing day Dylan and such a pleasure working with you it's what what a weekend we've had it's just been phenomenal absolutely I'm trying to get you in the angle here absolutely Brewing games we'd like to thank everyone who's been watching and providing feedback and Janice yeah I don't know if we get her on the.

Camera she's currently watching hiding but uh big thanks to paa as well for allowing us to stream and for everyone watch uh tuning in and also to the tournament director and tournament volunteers thank you so much we're going to leave you guys here this is Dylan and Gordon signing out