Unknown: because you know why?Why? Because it feels right. It feels right my last F bomb. That's my lastwhy's this thing? Okay. Yes, Adam, take it from here. I will Well, everyone, everyoneit's been a it's been a holiday hiatus for us. I guessit's been I don't know, like almost two weeks since we'verecorded it feels like an eternity. But what better to getback in the high end content creator streets and having awonderful guest here and a.

Bright. So happy to have youwhat's going on? Thank you. Hi, Adam. Hi, Rob. I'm stoked to beon. I was a little insulted. You guys had James on first. ButI'll try to one up them here. I won't be hard. Yes. For sure. As long as your aslong as your Wi Fi works. You already? You already won. Yeah.All right. All right. I hope. So you said you got a littlesession and this morning, who? Who would you hit it with? Iplayed with Anna Lee. And we were just we're playing theMasters together. So we were.

Practicing. And we playedagainst Johnny Goldberg and near chum. Are you your drummer Rob.So you're playing the Masters together? Let's just get rightinto it. How? Go Robert. So we're playing I think we havethree together and the first three months. I'm basicallycalling it tryouts. You have to make sure she's goodenough for you. I get it. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah,that's it. And then we'll see. So I've left I've I'm mostlyplanned out through six months I.

Think on the women's side andwomen's doubles most I haven't talked to anyone who's planningout past the first six months so we'll kind of see how things go.try outs and and the baby just have deals as well for mixeddoubles at the Hyundai masters. And is that a tryout type thingI know you guys played a couple of times a few times last yearor is that something that's going to be pretty solid in2023? He's rattled, he's rattled. So before the whole MLP PPAmerger before everything so my.

EPP slate was mostly with Dylan.And then I had a few with some with James and then some someother random ones. But then actually, Riley Newmanasked me to play mixed in the PPAs. But I wasn't intending tosign the PPA at this point. And so I said I can play like 14 or15 PPAs. And I was going to just kind of have another hardcoreyear of playing both. But then with how everything has shaken out nowthat I have signed along with a lot of other people. So I've gotthis one with Dale and then I'm.

With Riley the rest of the yearAssuming all goes well. So a little unfortunate because Ilove playing with Dale and we've were like five for fivemeddling. And we've played together including my like,third ever pro tournament and Delray Beach. She like carriedme to a bronze here. But yeah, that's just kind ofhow the cookie crumbles. So it's unfortunate, but we do and I do well. Yeah, lotsof lots of people in assembler situation. I don't think there'sany way to avoid it. It wasn't.

It wasn't ideal, but that's kindof how it shook out. But so got some got some aniline got someRiley in there. Pretty, pretty reasonable partnerships. I'm notsure about a couple of the other ones that you have mixed in. Buttell me just a little bit about your mindset because we'vetalked about it on here as well. About when you are playing withsomeone of that caliber, and what kind of mindset you have.Is it diff it's easy on court at times, but also there's somedifficulties playing with someone you know, that is, youknow, that highly ranked? What.

Are your thoughts on that? Um, you know what, I reallyknow, I was actually talking to her today and I was like, Idon't know how people are gonna play against us. Are they goingto hit me like 90% of the balls, like kinda like how it is withKatherine and her mom. I just don't really know. And I don'tknow how we'll handle that. I mean, of course, when I firststarted playing with Jessie like it was like that I was seeingevery single ball and I think I handled it decently well.

So I don't really know it'sactually funny the first time Anna Lee and I ever practicedtogether it was after her mom got hurt. So usually her and hermom pretty much practice other people come to them they don'tplay with too many women. But we were like practicing togetherand our first game today like I was like spastic. I was like sonervous. Oh, my God, I was just making so many mistakes. So, you know, I don't reallyknow. I think it'll be really, really interesting. I tend toplay well under pressure. Like.

Of course, it's not a perfectplan with Annalee like anything less than winning is pretty muchnot a successful tournament at her level and her dominance. Ido think that kind of dominance is going to get harder andharder like this year, you know, You just look at the field forthe Masters and you still have some people not playing likeAndrea's not playing Paris isn't playing. But it's still like sodeep I don't know is going to be many like you get to sleep untilyou hit the semis anymore in any event, but women's ishistorically of course been a.

Little weaker than an MCs withRiley, you know, I think it's funny. I think I'm one of the Iactually asked Riley to play. Next when I was first talkingwith the PBA was around like the time of Houston or SouthCarolina was just like a shot in the dark because like, why notjust ask and he'd never, we had never played against each other,or anything. And he was just like, oh, no, like, sorry. And Iwas like, Yeah, okay, like, I would ask that my responded,that's nice. That might affect the decision. But then in thecase of PPA, me and Dylan played.

Against him and Lindsey, we, Ican't say we should have won. But we really had momentum, andwe were playing really well. But we ended up losing three, andthen we beat them in the backdrop. And just we just had agood tournament in general. And then he asked me to play becauseI think I'm one of the few women that kind of, I can play bothsides well and mixed, because I've played so much with Tylerthis year. So I think I kind of fit thebill a little bit for what he might have been looking for.First of all excited about that.

We'll see. I don't really knowhow to play. I don't know if because obviously him and AnnaLee just completely like kind of walked through nationals, forthe most part. They had some tight ones, I think while theywere figuring it out. But then, you know, you watch him playwith Lindsey. And it's like, totally different. It's like Ican't I'm not a resetter of that caliber. I don't I don't really thinkanyone is you know, when she's covering, like, when she'splanted like the ball is coming.

Back? Yeah. Um, so I don'treally know. And we haven't really talked, but I think we'llfigure it out. We'll see. Yeah, and it is. I think that flexibility helps alot with Riley, because he's so used to playing right withLindsey often. So obviously he can he can play both sides. Butto have that ability to where he's got the pancake in themiddle on the left and then the big two hander in the middlewhen he's on the right. I think he's one of those guys that canplay right in a fairly dominant.

Fashion. So no, you know whatthis sounds like Anna, this this sounds like when you threw outthat shot in the dark to Riley just to see any kind of shot youdown. It kind of sounds like me asking you to play after afteryou destroyed my wife at Punta Gorda last year. And you werejust you were like you were like, you're like Adam, thisit's been a huge whirlwind. This is my first tournament. Let meget back to you. And and I'll let you know on that. And Inever heard anything. Well,.

You were injured. You didn'tlike beat me ever? That would have been a different story. Itwas insane. I was like, I felt like the belle of the ballsgetting so many tags. Oh, yes. No, for sure. Yes. It is cool tobe in the cool kids club. And I think I think everyone who'smade it to some substantial level and Pickleball has kind offelt that way at some point when they when they burst on thescene. So and actually, Anna, I mean, you made a mistake. Youcould have been the if I wouldn't got injured. You couldhave been the beer city Open.

Champion, because we were wewere scheduled to play beer city last year. And of course, I hada little calf situation and pass you along to James. But thatwould have been a fun ride if we were able to do it. Oh, well. Weprobably would have beaten Declan Meg charity. Oh appsthere's deep in his head like oh, well, since you brought upDec well, I might as well talk about how the last time weplayed singles I want so that's cool.

No, that's all I have to say.That's it. Let's move on to the next. Okay, so, let's see here. Okay.Yeah, let's talk a little let's talk some just stuff about youfor a few minutes before we get into more pickleball stuff. Whatkind of what was your kind of sports background growing up?Obviously you have a great tennis pedigree where you youknow a lot of people that played high level tennis it was kind ofyou know, you had a few people or some percentage of thatplayer pool that was kind of the.

Intense psycho tennis was yourwhole life was it a little more laid back with a variety ofsports that you were growing up? Tom tell me a little bit aboutthat. It was pretty much psycho tennisas my whole life for a long time. So my dad played walked onto like Tennessee Tech small small d one school but he wassomeone who started playing like 14 or 15 and was completelyobsessed. like kind of like how you know we are with pickleballlike shoudl swings in the mirror teaching.

One of those with and I was theI'm the oldest and there are photos of me like with like aracket at like two or three like just like a yard from the netbeing dropped balls. So I pretty much say I got serious withtennis is six when I played my first tournament, and I set acouple of records in Texas for youngest do a couple of thingslike they've probably been broken by now. But just superobsessed family moved to flow Arda when I was like 12, largelyfor tennis. I was at the USGA for a couple years. So I waslike that kind of Provigil.

Status, I guess, when you're 12.But then I fractured my back was out for a couple years. Not completely out, butcompletely, you know, playing for six months, and I wasn't. Yeah, that really burned me out.That took a toll on me. So then I went back into public schoolwhen I was latter half of eighth grade anddid high school and from there, it was much more chill. I did the high school tennisteam thing I played softball on.

Like just a local league, I rancross country. So then then, I had a pretty normal life normalhigh school experience. I just also played a good amount oftennis, but we didn't really travel that much. Played like Winter Nationals.And Arizona was like the only turn on travel tour. I didn'teven play Orange Bowl and it hurt. Like my last year. Sorry,people probably don't know what those are. But those are biggerinternational. When so yeah. Once I went backinto public school, things were.

Chill, and I was having more funwith it. And still still getting good results. Like when I playedlocally, plenty of good players here. Yeah, pretty tennis. Tennis wasthe whole life kind of until I got hurt. got burned out, youknow, wasn't winning quite as much as I was used to. I always knew I wasn't going to gopro. I knew I didn't want that. I knew I didn't love tennis asmuch as some of my peers. You know, I always hoped it wouldrain. I hoped some godly event.

Would happen. So I didn't haveto practice you know, I think a lot of but I kind of learned as I gotolder on my college tennis team, like not everyone is like that,like some people actually want to play and I was like, Oh yeah, I think I think it's acrazy crazy percentage of people that play high level tennis havethat love hate relationship with it. So kind of sounds like youhad a mixture of some hardcore years and then some morebalanced years when you were in.

High school. So that that's verycool. So So what happened with your back? Was this like a slowkind of grinding injury? Or was it like some, like an actualevent that happened that broke it? It was a slow grindy thing.You know, I was complaining of back pain. And everyone all thetrainers thought it was muscular. But I took so it was gonna goplay in Arizona, a big tournament and I hadn't playedany tennis for like two weeks prior to kind of rest the backthen we went over there and.

Practice for one day. And thenthat night I was like in excruciating pain. Just just like, I remember like, like really sad like I was like13 years old and like screaming like trying to move or get outof the bed or like my dad thought I should stretch and Iwas like in so much pain. It's obviously it didn't play Ididn't play in the tournament. But we were like stuck inArizona for a week like the flights already booked. And itwas just so bad. It's like my we.

Were in the car and like my dad,you know just go into a restaurant and he would beinside and I was just like, gradually like trying to get outand just work myself out. So yeah, it was it was uh, then wegot the MRI like I had completely or pretty bigfracture and I don't know which one um, I don't know we'll see we'll go with that. Oh wait that's a fingermetatarsal L for.

VR so that was that was a longrecovery process and pretty sad honestly, but all worked out forthe best I mean really happy with my life andstuff but it was yeah, it was kind of a tough time for sure.Yeah, so injury suck injury stuff we all know that RobertRobert knows about that and yeah, that's is too badespecially at that age you know that's like something I shouldbe dealing with now back pain and not not someone as ateenager so same thing with Connor Garnet. I was justtalking to him and Oh really?.

Yeah, when he was when he wasplaying junior tennis he broke his or fractured his back aswell and it kind of derailed a lot of stuff but Joe Yes, Joe?Yes. Yeah, similar situation high level tennis player so didyou did you mentioned somewhere in there Anna that you wereliving in Texas before Florida? Yes, I live born in Texas livedthere until I was 12 Where Fort Worth okay cool. Awesome. I'mgonna Texas boy so that's cool did not know that excellent. GCUis going down on Monday therefore worth right is TCUyeah they're playing Georgia.

Right Go dogs go I think I'm gonna have to rootfor say so you can you can you want to do a little furtherlater? What did give me an offer that guy strung me alongWashburn see wouldn't give me an offer. Like yeah, they told metheir number one. All this stuff start telling me freshman yearlike came down with free practice twice. No offer. So no,I know I remember that on the because I threw Drake in to thatone list that I made an animated comment about that. And you.

I think I think Drake's responsewas I just didn't think she was going to be that good. That's fine. Go bears go no, I think Ithink I think his point was that you you proved him wrong and yououtperformed what he thought you were going to do. Yes, there yougo. So hey, here's his loss. Athens is fun though. Athens Ilove that yeah, I visited and everything really cool placeBerkeley's kind of similar I think but this was here Yeah.

Yeah, so we can we talked aboutDrake making that are you making that comment about me puttingDrake in there. So I You seem to have a pretty good vibe andonline personality and you'd like to get in the mix is withsome Twitter comments here and there some posts here and there.I just recently saw some video of you and Lacey Schneemannbeating your chest or something like that. Tell Tell me, she sheis on your current MLP team. I know you guys were Yola buddies.What was that? I didn't really get to see we were just we werejust getting high. We were just.

Like kind of imitating Tyson andRafa a little bit of jumping aroundlike Tyson does like some barking. Round them up. I think Lacey and I were sayingthat as a team, I think maybe we should all on timeouts. Likejust stack the paddle the way Rafa does. Oh, yeah. I mean,lace, you're playing women's we're just going to stack thepath. I love it. Yes. Well, just just just stuff like that.That's all. I think my my.

Favorite comment you made onTwitter was someone was, it was after the draft. Someone wasbreaking down, like the teams. And someone was talking aboutManassas team and talking about this that, you know, not themost talented what happened there done it. And it just saysmake nasty laughing face clown. Clown emojis underutilized. Itreally is, you know, and someone else told me other day that hewas that he just said I was like alittle annoying, and I don't he.

Probably didn't particularlycare for that comment. But just like, I don't really care. Like,there were some names that should have gotten drafted. And ya know, I got a random text outof the blue from McNasty. That just said, and I think it was inresponse to our podcasts. I mean, remember what we said, butit just said, not a GM? Not not a G him. Okay, sure. Yeah. Who knows?Robert, I think we both had a slight buzz in our last podcast.So yeah, I'm still a stone cold.

Stone cold sober today, though.So it's all good. It's all good. So, so have you I know you saidyou only planned out half the year and women's at least butare you? Do you have a number of the amount of tournaments thatyou're going to play? Or or like a some form of schedule or totalnumber? Because that's that's been a big factor. We've talkedabout that a lot in terms what what's the perfect amount oftournaments? Is there a number or a threshold you get to whereburnout sets in? I'm sure it's.

Different for every person, butwhat do you think about that? I play like a ton of people. Idon't think anyone really played more than me last year, likefrom when I started. So I think definitely some people played asmuch like probably Federico and like J dub, but I don't thinkanyone played more. And so I'm kind of planning on doing thatagain this year. Right now I'm planning on playing. I mean, thePPA schedule keeps changing, but there's one I'm planning on notplaying. All MLPs is going to playnationals. I mean, I think the.

US Open is little up in the air,but I would I would really, I'd like to play. Let's see if there. Do you knowthe story on that? Because last I heard was that PBA players canplay it. But is that is it? Is that not like final final? Ihaven't heard anything. I don't think unless other people havehad personal conversations. I've had no like officialcommunication from them. So we'll see. I definitely wannaplay the over under Events though. I love super fun events.I just love them. I had so much.

Fun. The Nationals had a lot offun. getting called up last minute as a replacement for usopen last year with Scott Fleagle mint. I just thinkthey're a blast. So it's super fun. I wish more terms weactually just do that just for fun if people want to sign upcreate if they don't don't. Exactly. I think they're superfun events like I'm playing with Beth Bellamy and I'm playingit's like Kelly Smith and Evel Wiltshire and I'm playing mixedOh, like I'm the guy. Total blast and it's like, Leahwas telling me that she was.

Watching and she just thought itwas so funny like watching me and Kelly play mixed doublesagainst each other. Because none of us really knowhow to play and it's just a blast. I think it's really fun. Oh, definitely. Yeah, I'veplayed a couple of those events as well. And yeah, she Annadefinitely still has the game. Bright eyed pickled Enos sosometimes that fades but you're you're in the prime prime ofyour career here after that that extreme first year and I don'tblame you at all for for going.

Full force for another yearsimilar to similar to James actually like James is like Ilove ya know definitely does he whowho likes the more you are James Anna? Oh James and I'm reallysay that yeah James like obsessed obsessed withpickleball obsessed always like talking about it thinking aboutit. Yeah, yeah, so nobody watches more pickleballthan some it fades for some peopleand some people it doesn't it just, it's it's real, it's real.So I of course I always label.

Everything or compare everythingto poker, but it's the same thing. It's like those peoplethat play for a couple years, they're obsessed, and they burnout. And there's the people that play for 40 years, and they'rejust as excited as the first day. So it's different foreveryone. But just just wondering, you know, after thatextreme, extreme schedule, if there was any possible burnout,but you know, with with the year you had and some of the resultsyou've had, that also makes it easier to stay locked in. Sobesides fun when you win. That's.

For Dang. Sure. That's for Dang.Sure. So besides for actual on court play? Are you going to beworking teaching? Are you involved in anything? Or do youjust full force? 100% pickleball on the court? I just playedpickle really? Do like, sometimes random things come up.Like I taught a clinic after nationals with the piccolo formfor women. So some random things that come up? I'll do but Ihonestly think I'm a really bad coach. So well, it's good selfawareness. Because a lot of people that are goodplayers are just like they're.

Like, Well, of course I cancoach them because I can play. Yeah, like I think I think at ahigh enough level, I could definitely provide value justwith like thinking and stuff. But with people who are like,three, five and below, which is like most people who playpickleball and anything technical anything I have reallyno idea. Cuz Yeah, cuz we never had to go through that. Right?It's like, yeah, first time I ever played was a protournament. So it's like, you never go through that, like thatlearning curve of like somebody.

That doesn't have a tennisbackground, which is that's most people that are playingpickleball now. Yeah. So I mean, I could get better, but we'll just see, you know, Ithink I'll go hard for another year, maybe maybe two, and thenkind of just see, I mean, I think the whole landscape isgoing to change. Right? Right. Like, who knows if the pro gameis really fully going to take off? I really hope it does, uh,you know, with what the PBA and MLP are doing and kind of theirplans, and just everyone.

Involved in pickleball. But itcould also be the pro game kinda like teeters off and it doesn't.And, you know, the recreational side continues to growmassively, but, you know, we'll see I think some of these likeMLP owners and investors in the PPA and stuff they're gonnastart wanting some return on their investment too. So yeah, we talked about that withJames and he thought the same thing there's no real way to plan atthis point that the changes are.

Fast, fast and a lot so I'lltell you if that if that report that came out today is accurate.It's pretty wild. That one I don't know if you saw it out inMiranda but 36.5 No, I did see people playing play pickleballbetween like August 2021 August 2022 or something like that.It's insane. When the last like highest reported, I think theprior year was like 5 million players to have 36 millionpeople that played at least once. I think it was like eightand a half million that played more than eight times over thepast year. Like that's wild. And.

I think the we've talked aboutthis before Adam like if if if the pro game does take offand viewership increases it's going to be people like the goodcomparisons golf Right? Like if you play golf you like watchingthe pros and seeing what they do and seeing how they play andit's going to be similar to pickleball in my opinion, likethe more people that play or you know the more people that aregoing to watch want to watch the highest level so I think ifparticipation keeps going like it is then the pro game shouldbe fine.

I agree definitely. Yeah, it'sit's it's just you know, with the you know, the the rapidgrowth It's just we've talked about it being a bubble a coupleof times and and how it could it could completely pop it couldjust pop a little bit or it could just keep going and onlytime will tell with that so we're all in the mix to it toYouTube on the court me outside the lines but you guys know Ilove the sport, whether I'm playing or not. And I'm excitedto see where it goes. So what would you say right now isyour favorite event of the three.

Anna? Definitely no singles probably women's is so myfavorite but I actually have come to really like mix itfirst. I didn't like mix that much. I think. I think a lot ofgirls feel like that at first because, you know for men it's likesingles mixed gender. I think for women it's like, generallylike singles gender mix. Just.

Because mix is the game you'dlike more nuanced for us. But I've come to really like it.I think my forehand has gotten better. I actually I probablyprefer to play mixed on the right than the left. I just knowjust like carving forehand digs, like being tricky like gettingthe guy and stuff is really fun. I don't think there's anythingmore satisfying and pickleball or James I had this discussionis like I think for me the most satisfying thing and Pickleballis like calendaring on a man and like clean winner or winningsome firefight or something like.

That. And James told me that hisfavorite is like, when in mixed a woman like you know, trash issomething sneaky. Like something kills it. Someone just crushes it. Thatwould be his favorite so funny. So he likes he likes crushingwomen, okay. Like I think that poor Eric Langhas been hit by James like more than anyone getting mixed andmen's like watching our teams play it. MLP like, and then itTOC like James and Maggie played Eric and Mary and I saw Eric gethit like twice like.

Happens to hit people walk withme in JP southron today and he bad like Andrea a bad day andlike he just getting everyone will get everyone. But if you ifthe girl challenges him up the line, right, the two weeks it'sgoing cross trouble. And that's very Eric's a big target. He isa big target. Right Great player, but he's a big target.Yeah, but I don't think it's just players meaning meaning youyour favorite part, I think it's the fans as well. When the guygets burned by the girl. The eruption is much different thanany any other point. So.

See, that's what they get for,like taking so much cord. They love they love to they loveto talk about it. So um, yeah, so I guess they're, I mean,there's not really much of an offseason and pickleball but Iguess we're kind of in the midst of it a little bit, even thoughthere's pretty much tournaments all the time. So when big thingin poker is you go, you play a few sessions, and then you goback and you research and they call it the lab. So you go playand then you go back to the lab, figure out what you're doingwrong, what you're doing right.

And then carry on. So for thelab, what have you been working on? Or have you been working onanything specific, whether that's patterns, frequencies, orjust new shots, adding to your game over these last few weeksthat you've been practicing. The biggest thing that I'm excitedto debut is I've actually developed I think, a pretty goodone handed flick. Let's go actually really good. I've beenworking on it a lot. I was actually about to completelygive up on it. But Lacey came we were practicing alot and I'm lucky that my dad.

Was my tennis coach my wholelife and so he's still really happy to like feed me balls andjust helped me a lot and just kind of, you know, I wouldn'twant to do it. I think it'd be pretty boring but he's happy todo it for me and so we've been working on that a lot and I wasgetting Johnnie Goldberg a little bit today you know he'sgonna sit here I'm kind of getting a little off speed in the rightarmpit let's go so I've been working on that a lot.

And then I've been working onyou know, my defense is good transition zone is good, but alot of getting better at that. And I've also been likecontinuing to work on the law but and and earning on the right butI'd say nothing. I haven't focused on anything as much asthe as the flick of one the flick and in general staying onthe kitchen line better on the left side, like now I'm I'm notbacking off the line as much as I'm reaching in and just likeeven volleying things with two.

Hands, because I watch myselfplay and it's like, there's so many, I'm more comfortableattacking off the bounce. But there are so many balls thatare very attackable that I just set up for myself and I justback up and hit another roll date, which is a good thing, butRight, right but the thing I've wanted to add is out of the airon the on the backhand side sure the one the one handed flicks ararity in the women's game so if you can get that if you can getthat dialed and that's going to be huge. Yeah.

Right ball and everything ofcourse it's gonna take it's gonna take a while to likereally good. You know, Georgia can do it at a can do it. Leahcan do it. I would say those with Lacey can do it as well,when she's playing. Well, very good. But yeah, not a lot ofpeople have it. I think we'll see more and morepeople have it though. You know, I think Pickleball is going tocontinue to grow and get more competitive. And if you don'thave something, it's going to be a problem. Like I think we kindof saw that with Callie Smith.

This year like she's a greatplayer, but when she's on the left like she doesn't have toomuch offense on the backhand side. She kind of has a littlelike kind of cope. But off the balance doesn't haveit. So now you see her she's kind of messing around. I'mthinking with two hands, and she's been working on it. So those are going to really startto get picked apart. Yeah, I think the best go ahead, Rob.Yeah, I was gonna say the best,.

The best cross training likethat like, that I found for the for the one handed flick out ofthe air is hitting just ping pong back hands like table.Because it's just, it's that same motion. It's just that sameupward roll. And yeah, if you can just dialthat in, it really helps. Yeah, I was just gonna say I thinkyou're right about that. And with Callie as well, it's likeif you if you go at her at the wrong time, and that her her twohanded backhand to shoulder level, then sure she's going tocrush it but creating creating.

Offense or or kind of when theballs at her thighs up to you know her her chest, it's thatyou're gonna have to you're gonna have to create somethingfrom that from that range. It can't just be a dink or, or apowerful counter, you got to have something to keep them offbalance. And having that that one handed attack that's beinghit four or five inches closer to your opponent is is a reallyhuge deal. And like Rob said, and you as well, and not not alot of girls have that right now. So if you if you have thatin your back pocket, you're just.

One step ahead. Right? Yeah,Maggie Lindsey also has it I forgot to say that it is prettygood. And I know Jesse can poke it a little bit to her reaches so far and herstrong. It's kind of a little bit different. But it's still agood out of the air. Yeah. So there's not really any role toit. It's just kind of a poke from her. And But you're exactlyright. She has very strong risks. But Jessie, she's, she's pretty danglinear. There's not a lot of.

Coming underneath the ball androlling. And you know, she's great at what she does, butthere's not a ton of margin for error there. So I woulddefinitely consider that that a little more of a poke than aflick. But yeah, all I'd say I'd say right now it's probably, youknow, four to five or six ladies that really have a legitimateone. And if you have that as well, that's, that's great. AndI hope, I hope we'll see we'll see forgot it. I heard about it. Well, so we're in a tournamentthough. Yeah, no, I know. It's,.

It's hard, it's a little easierwhen they're when you're just getting the ball fed to you inthe right spots. And it's, it's not just the technique, breakingit down, it's like, recognizing the ball to do it or when not toand that's, that's just time. That's just time. So we're onthis topic of practice. So Anna, who is your kind of normalgroup? I know we've talked to a lot of people down in that area.I know the waters don't always like to play with the ladies andI think that's kind of maybe changing a little bit but who isyour typical group? And do you.

Guys just you guys just jump outthere and just play or? Or is there a little structure to whatyou guys do maybe some some drilling or or some kind ofroutine that you guys have when you practice? I would saythere's pretty much no routine the court situation here isactually not the best because so many people play especially withsnowbirds here right now. And so like last year on this time, youknow, you could go to a park in the morning go to park at nightin the evening and pretty certainly you're gonna get aquart but now it's not really.

Like that as much I thinkpickles just gotten a lot more popular. So not much routine toanything. We had like this one spot wasfour quarts that was pretty much always open in the mornings. Butnow that people have found it so now there's kind of unfortunateum no private courts in the area.What there are I figured Florida would have a bunch of privatecourts to people's houses not too many people have privatecourts there's one family with a private with two private courtsand we play there sometimes but.

Not not too much. But yeah, it'stough. It's not that tough but it's like it's it's a bit of ahurdle to like routine so normal group is definitely myselfJames, GA and Jade up. And then like Murcia GA Jade it's MomJulie. Johnny Goldberg Regina Regina works so she can alwaysplay Millie rain, Gabe Tardeo. When he's around, he's I don'tknow if he's back from Bolivia yet. So that's like the coregroup but I'm at least not involved in too much drilling. Idon't know if the Johnsons drill a lot with each other but Igenerally drill with.

Like my dad and I grow with Krista good Shava adecent amount she got drafted to the Challenger League. So she'saround here as well. So it was a drill with Milliesummons me and James too, but it's tough to deal with Jamesbecause I feel like it's just always losing and that gets alittle draining as well. Or sometimes we would put we don'twant this anymore. We'd play games and if it's like Iwouldn't even hit a bad bank and he just speed up the ball.

I'm gonna lose shots. There's nothing I can do,right? Or we're like playing deep games crosscore And he'lllike, take something through the middle. And I'm like, cheatingshooter. He's like, Well, like, I would do that. I would do that. And see thething is, is I wouldn't, but he actually would, because hewouldn't do that he would just speed it up for whatever reason.So, tell me tell me a little bit. She's one of the onlyplayers in the whole player pool.

That I didn't know a lot about.Chris Ticka Chiba What? Is she a newer player? Is she taking itserious? What's her background? I don't know anything about her.Um, she is taking it pretty serious. So she moved fromNewport Beach to Florida. Like, I think around August maybe. I'mjust related to work, but I think she's been playingpickleball a little over a year now. I'm decent tennisbackground. She like smacks the crap out of the ball. She hitssuper hard. But just right now prone to like mistakes. I wouldsay she just makes a good a fair.

Too many mistakes. Barely. Butshe's got the power in the hand speed. Just just errors. Yeah, no,that's I mean, you need the hand speed. So if you have thatthere's always something to work with. That was sounds likesomeone on this podcast right now. Robert, nunnery. When Ifirst started playing there, Rob, you know, you were youwould, you're a big fan of those head high dinks. But you had you get the onething I remember, you were very.

Good at letting the ball goearly, which is a big indicator of skill, I think. And youalways had the hand speed and the exchanges. So I think yoursoft games come a long way. So I think that's a kind of, youknow, something that happens a lot with these players. Buthaving that hand speed is I would rather go that way thanthe other way being very competent, soft, but not havingslow hands in the counter. So having that raw ability with thehand speed and the power is just awesome tools to work with. Sothat's great. So now I know a.

Little the Selkirk that I've beenplaying with the the 002 I think James is playing with the ticker100 to a but the zeros are too. It's I'm having a tough timetrying to dial in this, the softness of it and the recessand stuff. But the counters are so heavy, like it's so nice notto have to take a big whack at it on exchanges that can just bereally short and compact and the things coming off hot. It'snice. Yeah, you're not you're not very compact Rob. So that'sgood. Oh, I am now I don't take.

Swings anymore. Yeah, I couldtake I could take a little note from that as well as I sometimessometimes hit my back with my backswing. Probably not good. timing has tobe pretty good in that situation. So Anna, how aboutthis? So what do you think about when you're on the left?Attacking the person's body in front of you more frequently?What do you think about that? I think you're totally right. Sofunny. You just text me that like out of the blue. I thoughtabout myself for a while because.

I'm always thinking about like,what's are they sitting on? I'm gonna go to the opposite side.But I especially against women, like most women don't aren'tstrong at the body anyways, like, straight to the sternum. Idon't know why it's just, I've been trying to do it more, butit's just like a, it's just like a habit to desert, well leftside or right side. But I think you're totally right, I reallydo. Right. And it makes a lot of sense. We know when you're freshand new as well. It's like you're like, you see themleaning or you see them in a.

Certain spot, then you you thinkI'm gonna go line this time, I'm gonna go middle this time. Andthen of course, I have my roll dink that I'm going to hit aswell. So I think that you're exactly right though, attackingbody on AJ Kohler or Deckel. You know, probably probably not thething to do there. But a lot of those ladies with their bigswings and how they come around the ball as to this right here.I think that you know, having a quality attack wherever it isright hip, right shoulder, just maybe just flat out chest ingeneral and then look to clean.

Up on the subsequent, you know,ball or two, I think is a really good strategy. And I thinkthat's a big difference between the women and the men wherethey're most comfortable countering from so I would saymaybe squeeze that in a little bit more in 2023 there, Anna. Yes. Yes, sir. Yes. Nice coach client relationship.I like that. Yeah. No, I would love it about him would be mycoach. He would I'll get his.

Ask. Yeah. All you got to do isask That's right. So I can pay up there you go. So that's thesituation there you go. That's the situation I'm in I'ma obviously a high end content content creator and internetpersonality of course. But I'm also I'm also a coach and a GMso hey, I'm just throwing it out there somebody get at me get atme. People are Somebody's gym four, is it? Theheart eights, the heart eights. Yeah, so I would say I'mprobably SoCal heart eights,.

Which is Riley, AJ, Lindsey andMary Brusha. Okay. I would say I'm probably a little bit moreteam coach than GM, because I think the heart eights owner,Timothy parks is one of the most competent owners out there interms of knowing about the players, player, personnel, thatkind of stuff. So I obviously gave him a lot of help andrankings and we talked a lot, but he is very capable of makingdecisions when it comes to drafting or player personnel. Soit's been a lot of fun working with him. So are you doing thoseseasons? Are you just Yeah,.

First season, but it'll be it'llbe for the year. It'll be for the year. Yeah, it is pretty exciting. AndI think it's gonna it's going to be growing a lot. And I've hadsome people reach out to me, just kind of like, I wasthinking about getting involved in the team. Tell me about it.So I think it's really cool. So speaking of that MLP situation,Let's chat a little bit, and a bride member of the New Yorkhustlers and that is Tyson MacGuffin, Rafa Hewitt andLacey. Schneemann Tell me a.

Little bit about your team, thevibe, what you think are some of your strengths maybe some ofyour weaknesses Anna? Like, my team is like builtaround energy. Yeah. I don't think like anyone looking at alist for what's going to be like the loudest team, you've gotsome pretty huge personalities on the team and like myself,Roth and Tyson and Lacey gets fired up as well. Just a lot ofpeople haven't haven't seen it. But yeah, and we'll see. So.

I think our our friends is like,we're all like, you know, almost everyone in NLP is like a greatcompetitor and everything but I think that Lacey a lot of ourteam is going to kind of ride on how lazy so we picked the lastfemale and that was a really tough spot to be in. And thatlargely came down to my mind decision there. You know, I, youknow, I have, you know, the input is different for everyplayer, every team, but I had like some input here and there.But the last with Lacey they just let that be my call. And Iwas just like frozen, you know,.

And I can hear the time and it'slike hustlers like, oh my god, you know, becauseLacey is my friend. So it's kind of between like, Lacey andSusanna and probably Sierra. I felt like the singles wasimportant for me, we have a strong singles team, and Iwanted to maintain that. And I have personally almost lost toLacey a couple times, and I have lost her and mix. Like when,when Schneemann is hot, she's scary, like some of the fastestand heaviest hands and, and like what you're saying, she'sactually super strong and her.

Body, like very masculinestrokes, like gets the ball down really well, I think her andGeorgia are the best at that. So I've seen her ball out andI've played against Susanna a couple times at MLP. And I feltlike she kind of didn't play her best when it kind of countedlike Jackie and I just kind of wrecked wreck the heart eightsand the semi and then her and flaying work like 20 to 12 toput away James and Jackie and beat our team and ended uplosing so I felt like if I'm playing to like, consistentlymake the semies or the quarters.

Like I'm definitely gonna gowith Suzanna with that pick. But MLP you're kind of playing towin you kind of got to swing for the fences a little bit I thinkand I think some teams did that last year and it was reallystressful like the hard days with with picking Sierra or are like kind of arrangerspicking James or like, but then you also have like not totallypan out like with the five you know, kind of taking Ben Newelllike that didn't really pan out as expected but you got to playto win you know, there's not.

Much money or prestige in makingeven the semi finals so yeah, that was kind of the mentalitywith that pick. I love Lacey and she has been training a lot Iwas really impressed with her this week when she was here wehad a lot of fun hit a ton of pickle balls to figure out whatsides were playing right or left because she first left as welland I am I'm honestly very come from both sides to think alittle more effective on the left little more dangerous butyeah, we'll see that's something we'll have to kind of figure outand iron out a little bit yeah.

No i Yeah, no, that's that's agood good description. I think I think you're right we've talkedabout it multiple times Rob with the you know, the kind of thetop heavy payouts and going kind of shooting for lightning in abottle as opposed to you know, say someone that's a little moresolid and you know us us and I think that we would have lookedas the heart eights we you know, with our especially with thatlast pick and Lindsey Newman if we didn't have the firepowerthat we did on the men's side, I think maybe we look for a higherhigher floor I mean higher.

Ceiling lower floor player thanLindsey Newman, Sierra or somebody right exactly like aSierra who has a little bit more power, maybe some heavier handsbut On less consistency so teamconstruction is so important and kind of kinda you know you haveyou have a rock or two already on the team you go for it if youhave some firepower real heavy firepower early on maybe maybeyou go a little more solid with those later two picks so No,that's good good inside so I have I have a tricky littlequestion for you here Anna.

Okay, if the New York hustlers playedthe ATX pickle ballers for 2022 who wins? So your team from didn't knowyour team where you weren't at x pickle ballers? Were you Whatwere you your answers ranchers? Here? If if Jackie DJ and yes,James, Jackie you and DJ verse The New York hustlers who wins?Okay, are the are the ranchers like frozen in time? Now we're talking now, I wouldsay right now, at this moment,.

It's mainly James James now,James has improved a lot. Yeah. Very recently, like, let's see James and DJ. I think Tyson and Rafa shouldwin men's there. Um, I just don't think James andDJ mesh too. Well, women's it's hard to bet against me andJackie, I guess, for sure. Yeah. So that and then me and Tyson versus me and DJ,that all depends on DJ. Never know, like, DJ to rubberchin. That's good. She's.

Thinking. You know, I kind of felt like itMLP this last time, like, I felt like, I kind of kept us in thosemixed matches. Because it's like, DJs like throwing up acouple lobs a game and or it's like, it's like, I set up agreat point. And then as I'm like watching him go for a dropvolley. And I'm like, no. Oh, my God, no, please. Youknow, but he also like really stepped up on big points, youknow? But I would, I haven't playedwith Tyson. But.

I mean, their polar oppositesreally are so opposite. Because I feel like we'll play some if Iplay with Tyson, which is kind of what I'm thinking, you know,we'll see. But me and Tyson are just going to be like, supergrindy. Like, there's there at all. Yeah, likeI can play some really grindy mix or I can play some prettyaggressive mixes and attack them a lot. But I think with Tyson,we'll just grind so. On DJ, I think that one's a tossup. I think Jackie and James versus Rafa and Lacey.

I don't know, it's really if itgoes to two though the the hustlers this year aredefinitely winning. Yeah. If it goes to two, and I think thatwill probably go to two. Yeah, I think it's likely that goes totwo. So I think the hustlers would win. But I think it's it'sreally tied to go either way. And on a on the note of NLP andjust kind of Yeah, how the matchups are, what's yourthought on rally versus traditional? Because that's abig topic. And obviously, you probably got that player surveyfrom from MLP. And.

I think they they're obviouslypushing rally, but what are your thoughts on rally versustraditional? I think for MLP, I like rally and I like it as it'sbeen implemented. I think it's okay. If it's not totally fairwith the phrase like, it's fine. It's fun. It's exciting. Iunderstand the limitations on time. And, you know, it's niceas a player as well. But it's looking like, you know, withSteve Koons influence, and I know Jill Braverman worked withher. So if that's the direction the PBA tour is looking to moveto, I think we need to think.

That there were a bit more Iunderstood their point there for gambling, you know, 11 four, I think they said thatcould be like 5144, it could have actually been 11 for whenit comes down to rally, but it's the same as tennis, right? It'slike you could have a million Deuce and add an ad out. Andyeah, like, the losing player in tennis often wins more points.So I understand that point, but it's not super relevant, in myopinion. That's very true, too. I see benefits and drawbacks,drawbacks, but I do I don't.

Think there can be a freeze innormal tournament play. Like I personally, I don't I don'tthink that's fair. It kind of eliminates but thenif you don't have the freeze, and it's really hard to stagelike the big comeback. Yeah, it's tough. But I've watched alot of volleyball as well. And they you know, they really liketo talk about volleyball I went through a phase of reallyenjoying watching volleyball despite having never played it.And you would, you wouldn't often see the score get to scoreyou see an MLP like 20 to 12.

The score is usually like withintwo or three by the time one team reaches their match points.So I don't know I think I markedunsure on the survey is you as a player do you have a preferenceas as a player versus like, what's better for the sport? Oryou know? Well as a player who's resistantto change I prefer side out and tournament play. I don't reallywant to get let go of it. I think a lot of people probablyfeel that way. But yeah, as far as what's good and best for thesport, I don't really know.

I don't really know I think youknow, getting on TV more is important and maybe rally is alittle better for that. Maybe rallies a little better forscheduling but is people say like sideout is sodifficult to learn but my mom learned it and you know, she wassometimes isn't the fastest to pick things up just becauseshe's like, she's Chinese and you know,sometimes like things like that confused her but she picked itup I've seen a lot of people pick it up doesn't really seemto me like it's that much a.

Barrier to entry. Might be it's definitely boringa little bit when the score is two to forever even as a playerlike okay, like come on. This is the one like off to off too. So I don't I don't know what'sbest for the sport as a whole but I like my side out scoringand tournament play I like the kind of security it provides. I like that you it feels likeyou can play a little more risky when you're serving versus Ithink it MLP I didn't hit one.

Drive in the whole event youknow because I just don't I don't really personally thinkI'm not a good enough driving crash or neither were like Ithought partners as well for it to be worth it because in normalsight out if that's a 5050 play for your team. Yeah right likewhy not? Yeah, but in rally 5050 is not good enough. No, it's notI don't think unless you're like I mean Zan Rafa, like BLK wassuper successful. Like, good at it. Yeah, those odds are notworth it. So they weren't quite good enoughat it against the jackrabbits.

Myself and Hunter Johnson. Sojust continue I mean, no one toot myhorn. I have to do it myself. I loved watching you play. It was like inspiring. I thinkwe were warming up well, in your last match like you and Hunterbeat. Oh, Thomas and Chuck. Yeah,that's a fun match. And I wasn't even warming uplike the match point was sick. You were playing. I was like,That's Adam stone. Like, that's.

The guy I've been hearing aboutwho's like a stud. Like back down in stone. Like,what a frickin animal. wobbling around, you know? Your match plate or something? Just ajoke, you know, the Adam stone. gift to the world just a gift tothe sport of pickle odd. Words being tweeted. This is this is our best guess.Yeah, we've only had a few. But this is our best guess. Let metell you. I was blown away. And.

It was such a shame that I heardyou didn't get to play your last mixed, but I wanted to see it.Yeah. Well, I'll tell you what, I'm feeling a little morehealthy these days. So you might be coaching him for theChallenger League. Coach and GM for 2023. I might be in the mixfor 2024. Let's go. Right now I would not be able toclown emoji. Okay, good stuff. Okay. So Ihave I basically have one more serious question. And of course,I have like 20 rapid fire questions we're gonna do at thevery end. And there, there's.

Some good ones. I got one thatset you up nicely. I hope to take the bait on that. And, uh,my last question, we've talked about it a couple of times on thispodcast is Do you think I mean, I think obviously, there's a lotof strategy. There's lots of, you know, chess moves being madeout there on the pickleball court. But do you think that itwill get even more structured with set plays, I go here, youdo this, that kind of being really, really, really in tunewith your partner and basically.

Covering almost almost allsituations, especially when it's all for players at the kitchenline. I think men's will develop thatway. I think men's well. I kind of feel like women's issuch a spastic game don't see that as a women'sgame, but I see it. I see it more so than men's. I thinkyou'll see that with Ben and Colin. They're so structured andlike so regimented. So I think I think men's coulddevelop that way. You know, I.

Think it'll be interesting.People say Pickleball is developing into a faster andfaster game and I guess we see that kind of with Matt and Rileythis year, but it'll be interesting, you know, as thepaddles get poppier, James thinks men's may slow downsignificantly more, even as the counters just get better andbetter, like you talk about using the no to now, rather thanjust the difference in power, like you're not if someone issitting or can react like it's over, they're just gonnacompletely clock in. So I think.

It'll be interesting the way thegame goes, I don't see women's like not continuing to be a repbest, unless just a whole different, like breed ofathletes come in that have that ability to immediately justfinish points. Like, like pretty much all top men do. So I don't I don't know. I thinkI think things will become more regimented on the whole, but Idon't think it'll ever be perfect. Especially not the webgame. Right? No, no, that's that's a great insight. And Ithink that makes a lot of sense.

You know, you're you're justpaying such a heavy price for for you know, not really goodattacks and men's so in women's it's kinda start the fire inwith a reasonable shot and then trust your hand speed in yourshots after that. And men's you can't quite get away with it.You can, you can see it in certain matchups to where it's,it's pretty dang slow in the men's and then of course, youyou definitely have the xanes in the office out there with that,or it's a little more little more hectic, but no, I thinkwhat you said makes a lot of.

Sense that it might get that wayin women's but it will take longer. And it might be here aswe speak and sooner in the men's game, just kind of giving theskill sets of everyone. Yeah, it'll be interesting. Reallyinteresting. Rapid Fire rapid so so are we going you got nothingelse wrong? We're going straight. And I'm excited forrapid fire because I have. So I have about 10 or 12 rapid firequestions, but I have four percentage questions. First ofall, I say the question, you say the percentage and then the last10 or 12 or so it's just going.

To be yes or no. And you can'ttake too long to think about these. I know you'd like tothink but we're going to try to go quick here. Okay. Whatpercentage of the time that you play? Will you and Anna Lee wingold in 2023? At what percentage of the time?Do you pick the dinner restaurant over James? 20 What percentage of the time doRob and myself beat you and Anna Lee.

50 I haven't really seen you guysplay too much though. If I'm going to be honest. Yeah. That was that was too lengthy ofan answer and thought we're moving on. I mean, yeah, youguys probably. I don't know. I haven't really seen you guysplay much though. Comedy Drama or action? Probably comedy but I hardlywatch we hardly watch movies or TV. white grapes or blue? Orblue grip? Blue.

Sushi or hibachi? Susan both.Have you ever flown first class? I've never paid for it. One chess or chess or checkers?Checkers. If you were a GM would you have picked Robert Nunneryover gave tardio or hate and Patrick when she hasn't seen me? That was great. I am five eight would you say Iam over or under 175 pounds over as my initial.

Which would you would you wrapyour bowl so you've got to be under if I think about it, butlike that was the word that popped in my head. So I thinkI've got to say it if it's rapid fire. You have to say over youhave to say over did so would you rather play pickleballagainst Katherine or Edda I really play against Katherine.Okay. Is pineapple on pizzaacceptable? I don't like it but I don't havea strong opinion. I people people really fight over that.hamburger or chicken sandwich.

Hamburgers. I'm actuallypescetarian so I don't eat chicken burger with a veggie patty. Oh,I see. Would you rather visit Australia or Japan? Australia. When you go to the beach? Do youprefer James and board shorts or a Speedo? Oh honestly, Speedo. I thinkyou've asked me that before. I've sent you are you asking me?No, I asked her that in the interviewer and she thoughtabout it really hard. And then.

No, I was gonna make I was gonnamake an inappropriate joke. I was actually gonna make aninappropriate joke earlier on this podcast regarding the Like I was gonna say, Jameslikes work on in the shower. But I set you up perfectly andyou're supposed to say, That's what you told me after theinterview. And Hilton Head you said, I was gonna say speedo,but you can't. You did. That's my bad. Yeah, good. It'sall good, but cuz there's not.

Much to see. Because there's not much to see. Like, you know, there's no boltsand there's no nothing. There's just a guy and a speaker. Okay, okay. All right. That'sall I have, personally. Oh, also, I was gonna give you justto open the floor up for a second before we end about justsome people that have helped you along the way. Or sponsors oranyone you want to give a shout out to? Oh, okay. Um, obviouslywant to chat on my family, and.

Shout out old pickleball anddefinitely like Steve Kuhn and Joe Braverman they like, youknow, hired me to do brew, which really was sick and everythingSteve's doing so probably those people. Um, the Johnson family has beenreally great for me. Probably forgetting some people,but, and of course, Robin Adam, for having me on this amazingpodcast. Yes. Oh, I forgot one more question. So who's yourfavorite Johnson? Jack, Julie, Georgia, or J dub? Or hunter orit's.

Gonna be Hunter OR gates. I'mafraid I do think they're really nice guys. But um, hmm. Georgia, Julie. Man, Jackie,that's what Jaden said, poor Jack. He's struggling. He's great. I love to but I like I love data a lot, too.He's really come out of his shell a lot. And like the lastsix months, I would say, and he's like a super, super funnyguy. When he's comfortable and stuff like him and James likeabsum just very funny.

Conversations that are just nonswagger. They both have non dicks swagger, ya know, you'rereally mean Jacob had that oneinterview in Chicago that was so heavily James influenced. It wasjust awful. But it was funny. But it was like, no, like, itwas like, Oh, I think yeah, it was with you. And I was like,what his James done like, thankfully, I don't think Jadahas done that again. But he said Pokeballs massage balls. And something else in 15seconds. I was. It was amazing.

It was gold. It was it was a lotand I was like, wow, okay. So manyto get this guy away from James and Travis. I love it. I love it. The firsttaste I got of Jada. And his little personality that comesout when he's comfortable is I think it was at La last year,but he was he was playing the next tournament. I think whatgrant bond and men's doubles grant bond J dub. And grant waslike, Yeah, we should we should win that tournament and Jadajust like looks at him. pauses.

For a second goes, Grant. Idon't think your confidence matches your ability. It's so funny. Like, really like grant but somehowgrant is just I feel like become someone that everyone likeuniversally like, drags. And I don't know how it happened. James did a two on the pod withus. He was Italy, Italy would wreck somebody like Grant bonder I don't know how it happened. Ireally like grant but he's just.

Someone that you drag. Is thatguy. It's all good. It's all good. Yeah, we love him. He'sthat guy. I feel like it's happening to a few people too.You can like feel it happening in real time. Like, like, Jay Jdub and James like, and Dylan like, they love to dragFederico. They really like to dragfeathers. There's like a few others. But actually, I don'tknow how that happens. But I'm glad it hasn't happened to me.It's fun. I just find it if they can takeit. But I think generally like.

You pick people who can take it.Yeah, Greg can take it. Maybe? Yeah, we'll find out. So. Allright, guys. Yeah, that was great. Great insights, and bestof luck in 2023. And we will certainly be watching in personand on the Livestream. So best of luck. And I think that's awrap guys. Well, thanks, y'all. Because you know why? Why?Because it feels right. It feels right.
MLP, PPA, and APP Champion Anna Bright joins the pod for episode 19. Bright shares stories from her intense tennis background and meteoric rise in pickleball. She has become one of the most coveted partners in pickleball and has a star-studded partner list for 2023. Rob and Stone grill Anna on MLP squads, attacking the body and 20 more rapid-fire questions.
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1:30 Anna’s 2023 Schedule with Riley Newman and Anna Leigh Waters
5:26 Bright’s shot in the dark to Riley Newman
9:00 ‘Psycho tennis’ background until back injury
19:30 The honeymoon phase of pickleball
24:53 What is your favorite event?
27:15 Working on that one hand flick
32:40 The practice squad in Florida
37:50 Attack the body, the body, the body
41:07 Tell me about the NY Hustlers
48:10 Rally vs traditional scoring
52:20 “That’s Adam Stone! What a freaking animal”
56:30 Rapid Fire questions
59:50 JDub broken out of his shell