In this video we’re going to do a deep dive into The topsman Swinging volley at higher levels if you don’t know how to attack from below the net you won’t be able to put enough pressure on your opponents so now let’s Jump Right In all right Top Spin swinging volley when do we use this shot we use this shot anytime we are trying to attack from.

Below the net when we have balls that we are striking below the net and we want to put some Pace we want to put some spin we have to utilize topsman to get that ball up and over the net and down at our opponent’s feet to start off I want to talk about the grip which is the most important part now you can hit this in a continental grip some players do it.

But most players even the pros they use a Eastern grip why is this I’m going to explain this now um this is the topspin pro Link in the description we can put it down there but this is a good tool to actually practice your tops spin but when we talk about grips the Continental grip is a good grip for for most volleys and things like that but when it comes.

To Top Spin this is what it’s going to look like when I actually contact the ball um with a continental grip if I have Eastern grip I just want to show you my Eastern grip is going to be like that now that little change there okay so from Continental to Eastern what does that do hopefully you can see it in this camera it closes that paddle face a.

Little bit more so that when we get under the ball and when we apply Top Spin it’s much easier so I would recommend an Eastern grip again your Continental is going to be that hammer grip here just like this and then that Eastern what you can do it’s fairly simple I can actually grab this um edge of the paddle and I’m going to rotate it.

To my left a little bit and that’s a kind of the easy way how to get in that slightly Eastern grip okay next I’m going to talk about the stance Now The Stance is really important when we talk about hitting this topsman swinging volley because these balls are coming low remember we’re attacking from below the net and we’re trying to brush up on.

The ball so if we are in a very narrow stance you can see in this camera here if I were to get low to get underneath this ball I’m going to have to bend at my waist right like this if I’m in a really good position and I want you to imagine when your opponents are hitting their third shot drop or they’re hitting a fifth shot reset when we’re trying to.

Keep them back I’m in a good low position so that when I drop my paddle down here I can actually Bend with my legs and then I can actually follow through up and use that Top Spin that I need okay so Jordan talked about a nice wide stance now when I’m setting up for this roll shot typically our contact point is.

In the center of our body when we hit this shot believe it or not we want our contact point to be in front of our body but actually with our dominant leg and I like to say typically right in front of our dominant knee so in this case I’m right-handed I swing with the ball at my right leg if you’re left-handed you swing with the ball at your left leg now.

From here when I drop my paddle notice I drop my paddle and my wrist is very relaxed and loose what does that allow me to do it really lets me drop my paddle head low and get my paddle underneath this ball so I can now brush up now if this ball is the top or the tape of the net in this case I need to make sure that from my setup point to my.

Right leg I’m dropping my paddle head and my paddle below this net so I can now brush up on this ball all right let me show you a couple quick examples all right so Kaden just did a good job explaining that contact Point um just to reiterate you have this angle here we are hitting it out in front and just like Kaden said we want to get that.

Contact point a little bit towards our right kind of in front of our right knee and contacting it here I just want to show you what it would look like if we are trying to hit this ball and it’s coming straight towards us and it’s right in front of us right it’s very very difficult to actually get that brushing motion which I’m going to show.

You in a sec so as that Ball’s coming over we’re going to show you a couple Clips here you might might at times have to move and slide over to get that contact closer to your right or um let’s say the ball is way over here right and we might have to shuffle over here so whatever you need to do to move your feet and prepare for the ball as it’s.

Coming over we want to make sure we get that contact in the right position now we’re going to talk about the actual technique Kaden talked about how we have to drop this paddle head down so you can see in this camera here um we’re dropping it down that paddle tip and why this is really important to get that brushing motion up we have to start low.

We’re going to get Top Spin by swinging low to high and now we’re going to talk about the swing path one of the things that is super crucial when we talk about Top Spin is pronation a very simple way to explain pronating I know it’s a a weird word but our forearm is right here and when I pronate my forearm I’m basically turning my forarm forearm over.

So this is what you’re going to see so you can actually do this really easily um here at home you can have your four fingers down just like this relax and then you can just come up here to your left shoulder so like this this motion is so key when we’re talking about um a lot of different Top Spin shots so when I’m here now with the paddle here okay.

And then I’m rolling it over like this so my forearm arm is up right now and then after I swing it faces down so what you will see a natural swing path for most players they’re here and then as they swing through they’re going to come up somewhere over here now to create Top Spin we have to have this upward swing path so you can see in this camera here.

When I drop my paddle down it has to be brushing up on the ball like this this is the only way we’re going to create Top Spin and dip that ball down if you’re doing this at home or you’re practicing the shot and your swing path is really linear or forward like this right we’re not going to actually get the Top Spin we need we have to be.

Swinging up so you will see certain players right another kind of option on hitting topsman is just going straight up like this and you can see in this camera here right this is an option for um hitting topsman and creating it whatever we need to do to get our swing path going up but again for both ways whether you kind of do this or you come.

Across more like this two things are consistent and that is number one we’re dropping that paddle head down and we have to drop it lower than the contact Point number two is that we are brushing up here and the one that I do the one that I use all the time and Kaden as well as we drop it here we are making sure that we’re PR pronating with that.

Forearm so utilizing something like this you can easily try to practice that but you don’t even need something like this you can just do some Shadow swings from the non volley zone line here in that ready position wide stance drop that paddle head down and then from here I brush up so that’s going to be really important last thing I want to talk.

About is that swing speed okay depending on the height of the ball I’m going to bring this tops spin Pro back in depending on the height of the ball we need to adjust our swing speed why is that really important well if you have a ball that is very very low now this doesn’t go lower than this but if I’m contacting the ball from down here let’s.

Just say let’s just say it’s down here it’s really low if I swing way too fast it’s going to be really difficult for me to get that ball up and over the net I know it’s a little counterintuitive but the higher the contact point right if it’s some somewhere this High I could I might be able to swing a little bit harder because I don’t need to get as.

Much Top Spin I don’t need to get as much clearance over the net because this Ball’s a little bit higher okay so if you have lower balls if you have balls that are around your knee level and you want to hit this tops spin ball make sure that you drop your paddle down low below that contact and that you get that low to high motion and our swing speed.

Is going to be fairly slow to medium pace okay just for extreme example when we get balls that are kind of at net level or above net level we can actually swing uh use a swing path that’s more linear here and we could swing a lot faster right when the ball’s really low we have to drop our paddle head down more and our swing speed has to be much.

Slower than if the ball were higher all right if you’re working on your top spe spin forehand swinging volley this is the easy way that you can kind of work on it in a controlled environment it’s very hard at times to work on the shot when things are moving really fast so we’re isolating it here for Kaden um so Kaden we’re doing all the same things.

That we just talked about and the swing speed is the last thing we just talked about and I’m going to actually toss some fairly low balls to Kaden and we’re going to see how he adjusts okay when the ball’s higher he can take a faster swing speed and you will see his swing path more linear and then when the ball’s lower he’s going to have to take.

A more aggressive upward motion so we’re going to see him adjust on the Fly here so on higher balls like that right Kaden could swing more out like that when it’s lower see what he does let’s do a couple more here good nice good but see even that one you can.

See how how much slower he had to swing there he had to adjust it again let’s try a really low one Kaden have you swinging really fast Y and see if you can get that in barely yep okay good definitely a little bit harder yeah so again with uh Kaden’s good technique.

He’s actually actually it’s really impressive he’s actually um can actually control that but again if you’re reaching here we’ll try it’s a harder ball try a little bit lower oh yeah good okay and again the faster you swing too from a low position those those last ones were out it’s it’s a lot.

Easier to actually hit the ball out so controlling your swing speed is really important well and for the most part these balls are going to be popped up if you don’t hit them well so you know you’re either going to be forcing a ball out or you’re going to be popping a ball up to a crashing person coming to the kitchen line so maybe not the ball you.

Want to be swinging fast on but yeah all right Cadence do a couple more nice gotart there oh nice good good oh tricked them good okay so like that one I would say it’s probably the fastest you can probably swing yeah to hit a quality.

Ball remember these are balls that are hit from a third shot drop that we’re talking about or somewhere or they’re coming up through transition and you’re trying to keep them back now we’re going to do a quick drill to put it all together I’m going to start the Baseline I’m going to feed and he’s going to try to attack me with swinging volleys okay.

One thing that we didn’t mention um that’s really important if Kaden cannot take it out of the air as a swinging volley you’re going to automatically see him step back and create space but when he is when he can take that ball out of the air he’s in that nice low stance what we just talked about okay so kayen I’m going to feed the ball here and then.

We’re going to play it out oh so on that one kayen what do you or what would you say like definitely just have to be a little bit more upward on the swing that one I I tried to be a little bit more linear and keep it a little bit lower since I knew was a little bit closer to the kitchen line.

But in that case slow the swing down a little bit more lift on my shot good ball okay all right so obviously I’m feeding that first ball a little bit high so we can roll it but this is a good real life scenario drill that you can do with a partner feed him a ball try to work your way through trans.

Transition and then as I’m coming up through transition his Target is at my feet right so if I’m here right his Target’s right here if I’m a little bit closer here then he’s going to have to slow with swing speed down right that’s why it’s really important and catch me here because if he hits that same ball hard when I’m halfway up then I could be.

Countering up here um and really putting the pressure back on him but again if you’re struggling with your Top Spin volleys go out there and practice these things and we’ll see you in the next video
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