thank you thank you thank you.

Very much foreign foreign.

foreign huh this is Steve Dawson from Pro Connects I'm the designer and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles.

I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology has proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries.

Thank you foreign foreign.

uh so he's playing let's go can you man shoot it doesn't look like an issue let me correct let me get the um referee shape and she gets here maybe so I'm pretty sure that's.

Something oh man shoot that's a different player than the one that just played the other one was himesh is it yeah is he also from India yep yeah foreign that's it.

Oh there's another human too is it I don't know that's a mess it must be because this looks like it's gonna be an exciting match real life I'm assuming we are here this is realize.

The Asian pickleball open we're just in the warm-up here we're about to watch um it's a round of 16 now what yeah or not yeah it is around 16 yeah it is around 16 just confirming that we've got Asia's number one player adicha up against himanshu and what will be a great match because.

Both Indian players are quality players I'm sorry a few more muscles their points loaded in you must have caught the line beautifully so great start for a teacher one more one zero foreign so this game will be to 15.

Win by one no Second Chances good eye coming to Manchu who's there to be put away it was I wish my only was as good as that wide just pushing wide both players look like they're feeling each other out here a little bit one one.

Nice looking return there but just gave the DJ too much room to put too much space on that I think two one moving up goodbye just keeping him right back in that corner looks like a very patient Club the great temperament even in clutch situations it just seems.

To remain composed beautiful rally nice display of slice and top skin volume detail because he certainly has more than one tour definitely it's fair to say his toolbox is very.

Loaded great good and another get running it down unable to get to that one great Court coverage five one lead ER he'll be thinking about a timeout yes there's a Time yeah.

It's got a lot of quality you get to tell your player to play to your streams you know if that plays if the other player hasn't got any weaknesses you've just got to get yourself to the rallies as comfortable as possible playing your game that's a good point Tom because.

Sometimes you just can't coach against someone who's got what do you think um Humanity's strengths are there what what weapon should he be going to do you think oh there's an uncharacteristic unforced error so maybe this is what the man she needs to yeah.

Get a bit of momentum going here it's a nice deep return so perfectly with a teacher inside out he said there's a beautiful touch from a teacher he's got to get to bananas as much as possible nope that serve had a bit of extra.

Kicking nothing from from primadita just catching him Humanity by surprise there it's a decent big lead here it's the third that's the third service area I've seen yeah uncharacteristic from Asia's number one player the wind's picked up or something.

Change of ends maybe and another one into the net that's mention time because it seems to be coming under the going to be hitting into it wasn't getting it too many passing shots I think he needs to come to the network the ones.

Point maybe he does need to go to that well again let's put some net pressure on him oh sorry not sorry looked like he changed his mind there right yeah low Drop Cross Court and then decided to push it long and.

Ended up nowhere really of a comfortable height oh and there's one ship there the effort paying all the shots yeah there's quite a few service areas he looked really comfortable yeah just imagine if he.

Didn't make it make those services but um yeah very solid effort there from the detail it's very hard to see who's gonna beat him it's so smooth hey I'll see if I can get him you might do an interview tonight yeah sure yep.

So Gordon's racing over we might have a interview for the Indian fans out there you won't see me on screen but you'll definitely hear his voice how was that that looked thank you Gordon first of all it's so good to see you after a year oh my God you'll become smart I saw you working on Facebook and.

All so yeah and congratulations for the medal but this match is about you that was amazing like himanshi is a very accomplished player but you were very confident there 15-2 yeah yeah uh we have played before Danny always asks for me for the advices and he did feel good today and I just said yeah let's go for another match so I'm.

Prepared yeah and how are you feeling how are you feeling confident to go further into the draw get to the semis in the final that's the plan yeah that's the plan I'm hoping to and let's hope for a positive result uh you're the ultimate Ambassador for.

People well done a day check congratulations thank you okay so we're going to go for a commercial break now and we'll be back with our next exciting match from Court one foreign.

But make a very good foreign thank you foreign.

foreign everybody.

foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign ER and originator of all proconnects pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle the kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used.

By myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries foreign foreign.


foreign foreign.


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thank you foreign foreign.

foreign this is Steve Dawson from proconix I'm the designer and originator of all.

Proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries.

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Thank you foreign foreign foreign.

Come on number five come on yeah foreign good morning.

do you understand foreign foreign foreign.

so if you're just joining us now on the live stream we are in the round of eight out just call foreign the line at the cafe was a little bit.

Long looks like um we've got a tight match here Tony we have um we're up coming back yes he's come right back enough oh beautiful shot play.

Thank you so this is the round of eight Gordon um so this is a quarter yes 10 to the quarters so the winner of this straight into the semi-finals that's right still a game of 15. beautiful drive there from the detail.

It takes him to 11. right great great net play from gura oh I put this marker on him he's doing so well at the net there he's getting those shots back great core coverage by both players just.

Pushing that one long I think they're good edging closer to another victory it's two points away side out here see if you can make another little run you can get a few points here on serve put the pressure back on the detail.

Could be a different game thank you must have clipped the line that one that was such a such a close call 13 8. Asia's number one player in control at.

The moment he's been pushed it's been pushed by an up-and-coming Cloud definitely his toughest match so far and that's what happens we're in the quarterfinals like you say expect this at this stage oh beautiful.

The coverage from both players the ball was cut out no place thought they won super chord coverage from both players there just to compose thank you just wrong footing the duty there nice.

Put away from garage there's not much to him no it helps him get him around the corner I would imagine so nimble oh wide it's so close you needed to make that one stick but you're right you should be using a.

Timeout just to break that momentum so that so that bit of doubt and indeeds his head and get a point here nice change up of speed there from a teacher just a beautiful slice back.

We're up getting some great support from the side here nice Play What a rally 9 13. effortless dinking these players getting the ball into that kitchen nice and soft and oh.

The touch is incredible oh you miss it I think he's pushed it wide anyway our vision's blocked by the support group I know I might have to watch the monitor yep oh that one's gone long brings up in that point.

I'm not using his timeouts very interesting heading to the semi-final so you'll want to definitely tighten that up let's hit double figures he's got some support pressure coming back up the top seed so if you can get another.

All right wow what a great play Super play from both players and all of a sudden it's 11 14. this is getting close could be a teacher calling timer and all of a sudden it's 13 14.

This would be a little bit of an upset if this continues how's that put out the fireball Match Point again fabulous hands what a match what a match from both players Sensational shot play all the way through that match unbelievable.

I get there okay so I'm here with doing our data yeah all right so far oh I think yeah he's coming here okay so I'm here with you in our data yeah that was a hard match you'll pushed all the way on that one what are your initial.

Thoughts I'm gonna lose after losing to 13 points after getting a match point and I hit her out I thought I was just gonna lose this one but somewhere between I lost here last year or semi-finals and I didn't want let that to happen so I just grabbed myself from the bottom and let's go pick up just do whatever it takes you need that win and.

It was a positive result and I am very happy yeah so you're now into the semi-finals yeah and um do you know um your next opponent probably not yet uh they're playing a match they're playing a match now okay okay and so the apparently you just played in have you played in before oh yeah a couple of times and uh before the last matches.

Were very I would not say very difficult but this time he has improved a lot he was dinking every ball just played very well he gave his 200 today and I want to congratulate gaurav Rani for such an amazing game yeah there were some amazing rallies in there so what do you think got you over the line was it just determination to to go one step.

Further this year yeah and I practice a lot for this tournament and I just didn't want it to end in a quarter final I wanna represent my country in the finals and that's the target for now or I can say you're representing yourself and your country very well yeah and we wish you the best luck for the next match thank you so.

Much yeah okay thank you thank you thank you what a champion wow that really sets the scene yes.

Foreign this is Steve Dawson from Pro kenix I'm the designer and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology has proven to.

Reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm related injuries thank you foreign.

foreign thank you.

foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign foreign.


Foreign foreign this is Steve Dawson from proconnects I'm the designer and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very.

Excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries foreign.

foreign foreign.

foreign foreign foreign.

thank you.

Foreign foreign foreign.

thank you this is Steve Dawson from Pro kenix I'm the designer and originator of all proconnects pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology is proven to.

Reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries thank you.

Good foreign foreign.

Thank you welcome back to the live feed here from Phuket Thailand it's the Asia open pickleball championships and what a treat we've got here Asia's number one male player adicha going up against the Philippines number one player in Las.

Linoa and what a match this is going to be these boys last met in the final of the Bali World Championships where a teacher turned up the heat and managed to get the win so there's a bit of rivalry between these two they may be expected to meet in the final but this is going to be a cracking semi-final Asia's.

Pickleball Talent will be on full display as these two just warm up right now so we've been lucky enough to have all of the beaches matches on this Center Court and we've been lucky enough to commentate each of those matches and he has certainly cranking up the gears as.

As he's progressed through this tournament you wouldn't expect anything less from someone who's such a consummate professional chat to the Umpire and a big call out big thank you to the umpires on all of the courts today they've done a wonderful job there's been lots of close.

Calls and just do a wonderful job helping the players the referee okay here we go beautiful double-handed backhand right into the back corner there and have landed in beautiful placement from Linda.

Foreign beautiful shot by Aditya down the line all laughs it's calling the ball along there it's a teacher one the one oh beautiful drive there just forcing the error indeed you're taking a 2-1 lead.

S was it called what's the call on that one two two you lost the mouse again two two thank you oh you got it back.

Yeah just had a bit of mouse trouble there again we're back on board let's match again is the best one match to 15 points win by one hey from both players there three two.

Um did he say three three I'll save all these things oh lovely backhander from a teacher dating score it's 3-3 oh what a Super Cross Court forehand from a teacher there that had fire on it.

Foreign just pushing it wide I heard a noise on I wonder if he's changing his pedal yeah no I'm just grabbing the towel maybe just losing his grip you certainly got a grip on this match.

At the moment up four up four three okay nice little push down the line there's enough to draw the error from Linda there oh there's four stretch three times five three beautiful no.

No it's volley that can drop her from Leander that's just such a tough shot to make and he just makes it look so easy it's part of pickleball it is very expected in the semi-final oh what a beautiful down the line drive there from Leander Filipino power on full display there.

I was thinking and the crowd loving this match and why wouldn't that for one seed versus the number 16 Asian rankings but there's nothing in the scoreboard I'm just going wild.

Now remember you can leave your comments you can watch this Live on YouTube if you're watching live on YouTube leave us a comment tell us where you're watching from a support there for the leader so far all right this is such a tough semi-final.

This would be a this would be worthy of a final any other day one player has got to dip out thank you five five they're literally literally locked in battling I can't very good thinking very quick.

Thinking from a teacher there to put the lob up and force the error from meander so even though the temperatures dropped the plants are still spreading like crazy oh what a shock it's almost like a push Drive yeah it's.

Just a breathing space here the players will change ends at at eight they'll change now so detailed change ends with the nose in front eight five remember we're playing to 15 win by one.

So it's literally sudden death Pax Jolie she's watching from the Philippines now to pronounce that right Pax is it hey did you pronounce that hail attacks I wouldn't say Pax but yeah that's because we're Aussies so thanks for tuning in it's great to have you on board.

See if your player can get home yeah and tell your friends share it on social media and tell your friends to watch your local champion doing the Philippines crowd really starting to find his stride a few fist pumps coming now from the DJ it was growing in confidence.

Foreign superb play such control on the run from a DJ that's just Talent personified you think you might call a timeout he's he's won the surf there so he might just put that on hold for a second.

You just get a point or two now to get his confidence back it was under pressure there by uh incoming yeah opponent to the net then enough to make anyone nervous he just tried to stop back and again just pushing it into the net.

Foreign he's in a bit of a hole here Tony what what do you reckon he needs to do to get back in this match gets to the mess as soon as he can he's in the rally don't go for that backhand winner because that's the one that's letting.

Them down at the moment let's keep that one in play the details just playing so well now it's really lifted the gear for this match that's for sure when we interviewed him before he was talking about that passion he really wants to do better than he did last year which was the semi-final which.

Works so he's doing well he's doing well so he just needs to keep this going and he'll be a very happy man just playing right now so you can get to the net again that's it get in there I can't let him down again shot the teacher's movement is just so smooth.

So clinical what foreign but it is match a point persuading pushing the net cord referees doing with the jobs fantastic job and that's it it's all.

Over a relatively cruisy win there for a teacher he'll be very happy with that so I'll go grab him you're making a habit of this you're winning winning today how was that game oh it was the one of the best matches I've played this year I gave him a.

Hundred percent till five all I was a bit tense but then I when I opened my wings and I started running for every ball giving 100 to each and every point and the result came out too positive and so I'm happy yeah well you mentioned opening your wings like because Leander is a very good player and and that score line is very comprehensive so.

Congratulations how do you feel now going into the final and we'll see the results excellent and you must be happy because you've now beaten your personal best from last year yeah so congratulations yeah yeah that's that's what I'm very happy about and last year I lost to uh last year in semi-finals and they said I'm in finals.

So I'm just gonna keep my Wings win streak alive and let's see awesome congratulations foreign there you have it we have just uh one more match to show you the final coming up in about five or ten minutes time we'll go to another commercial break.

thank you thank you.

foreign foreign foreign.

foreign this is Steve Dawson from Pro kenix I'm the designer and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very.

Excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology has proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries foreign.

thank you foreign.

Thank you foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign.

thank you foreign oh my God okay so we're back live now.

This is the bronze medal match for the men's singles open division and we have Leander from the Philippines versus himesh from India Umesh is still amazingly made it all the way through right there to give extra points for determination.

From who manage because wow what a performance he's put on today and when you've got shots like that who needs an ankle I mean seriously that was wicked okay so still no score foreign destroying that area there.

So if you're watching the live stream get behind your favorite player I'll give you we'll give you a shout out if you make a comment first point of the match goes to Leander from the Philippines always he's stumbled but he's kept his uh.

Composure I'm nervous watching this because oh just long I saw I saw himanish getting treatment between matches and and gosh that ankle is just causing him a lot of trouble I really hope he doesn't affect his rest of the tournament you know.

It's like it's a gutty effort today but no completely it might just throw you out for the whole tournament but and you don't want to do any further damage or maybe he's just putting it all into this one day and he's gonna be a single specialist so Danno writes just tuned in from his backing team Philippines but from Dallas.

In Texas wow so thanks for joining us on the live stream and Judy McKean she's going to Bangkok in December and she wants to know where she can play Pickleball there okay we can find out for you because um.

There's multiple venues definitely and and oh balls yeah he's watching he's the man he knows where to play in Bangkok you might be able to put it in the comments section of of the lead so keep your eyes out there Judy all right.

Oh a little bit of frustration there from Manish backhand just letting him down today he's just struggled a little bit in the semi and now here in the bronze medal match a little and this is the best of three Tony so yes but the set's only out to 11.

Win by one sudden death oh I think that's why yep was it was it just right or just here all right it was in I think it just it was a little it was a lovely shot it looked like he was going to play that shot to cross court and then just flicked it down the lines just beautiful.

Foreign with his ankle the way it is nice Quick Serve there from him he does have to probably put a little bit extra into it I'm missing beforehand down the line there I'm gonna shout out to us thank you uh Pax.

Now the real shout out to go should go to the organizers of this event have done a magnificent job he day one but it's so far it's been so smooth at the event has been just run so well and Humanity's definitely going for more on his shots yeah he doesn't want the drawn out early so he's just put that.

Extra five percent out in that serve and it's gone long so it may mean he hits a few more errors but hopefully he's gonna die on The Sword and he's probably thinking I'm probably gonna hit more winners than I am in errors that was a beautiful shot.

Score just to confirm that through for one so the scoreboard's correct it's it's interesting because even though his ankles injured he manage his his changing his footwork so that he can get to the ball on the strongest foot yeah he's taking a which is it's taking a good leap off.

That good leg when he needs to to close the distance okay so I just hope I hope he doesn't do any further damage to it by playing on it he can rest after this match I think we should we should be interviewing both.

Players after this match definitely definitely I want to hear the thoughts of both players because let's face it he deserves a medal just for getting to the semi-finals but you know he could still walk away with a bronze medal here oh.

So the scoreboard's getting away from the moment it's now A3 Miranda just in control just wide is he gonna do a timeout I think I think he just wants to play through the pain I know he wants it he wants it sees some frustration on his face it must be so frustrating know that.

You're knowing that you can't play your best but I think he's one one over a few fans this afternoon that's for sure that's our first set a little bit of frustration coming through you'll need the time between sets now to.

Regather his thoughts and they'll change ends here so Leander from the Philippines taking that first game like quite comfortably under these circumstances on the outer courts so for those who um.

Don't know for the Asia open here in Phuket there's 16 courts of action so we've got this Center Court and then 16 surrounding courts H with a match on at the moment this week there's going to be over 1200 matches across a number of divisions.

So it's quite a coordinate administrative task for the team here and you've got to hand it out give a big shout out to the admin team the management they make it run so smooth and and yarn and all of the volunteers all of the referees and umpires they do such a.

Magnificent job here we go game number two that was a beautiful forehand is that Amanda again ish you won that point yes right down the line let's just wired that one excuse me.

I haven't had to do that before you bring up a second set we have a second set and that line you know just wired on that one two zero beautiful shot from Leander there nice control.

Just jumped out to a three love lead the first one oh see wonderful oh I wince every time a Manish lunges for that ball on that ankle four one I think they need to invent a um another.

Metal oh because the determination that's been shown today from himanish is just unbelievable all right oh it dropped in it looked like it was going to float and Float out but then.

Suddenly dipped in and I think that's just a consequence of trying to keep the rally short yeah hoping hoping that he didn't have to hit another ball beautiful down the line from Leander oh and a beautiful forehand drive for a win a bear crowd loving that.

Certainly findings form in this in this match foreign just trying too much now okay now oh oh we did well together but when you haven't got the skates.

When one of your skates is broken it makes it hard to back up it's really struggling oh still putting enough pressure on me just to get the air there tripped on his own foot coming in and see what I can do here that's one point you can just get a few more points on.

This side out but it's hard when Leander is so commanding at the net like that foreign and he's played a good tournament so if he ends up getting the bronze match medal you.

Oh what a lovely backhand Costco you would have certainly deserved that medal well when you've got shots like that in your repertoire pretty hard not to walk home in the middle match point bronze medal pool and there it is what a match.

The bronze medal layer going to Leander from the Philippines so the Philippines have done well here I'll just see if I can get both Manish and Leander over for an interview we'll get them both from the interview yes so that was the Bronze match going to do the player from the Philippines Leander.

Getting him over for an interview now and we'll try and get the Indian player as well get his thoughts on the day with his injury and okay but stay with us we'll have the gold medal match on court one very shortly.

okay okay so I'm here with the bronze medal winner for the open division um Lander from Philippines uh what were your thoughts on that match I know that he's injured yeah and I feel bad for for him because I know the.

Preparation that that we all players do before this so um I'm sorry but still we have to play so this one yes it is very hard going up against the ninja player so um what was your tactics in the game did you feel like you had to move him around or you just played just concentrate it on your own game.

moving him around is just an additional strategy yeah of course because I know that uh he knows that I know that he can't run yeah so he knows that I'm gonna make him run and he's hitting hard on on the first set and first game even in the second game so I have to cope up and not relax on it.

So have you played him before in the past have you played um it's the first time I play with him okay so um you've had a great tournament so you should be very proud of your front your bronze medal yeah are you happy or you think you should have gone a little bit further no I'm happy uh I was like I said I Was preparing for this and yeah.

Uh uh I applied what I practiced these past few months that's good so you've been practicing for a few minutes on what's next on your calendar what's which which event are you playing in next I'm just focusing on this week yeah um will you go to Bali for the board championships in uh later in the.

Year yeah for sure I'll be back from Bali and what about to Philippines have you got a national tournament coming up or uh national uh I'm not sure but I hope there will be good I know you're playing uh doubles in the rest of this tournament yeah doubles and mixed doubles and team event well you got a.

Full calendar ahead okay well thank you and um once again congratulations on your on your bronze medal today thank you yeah it was great watching you play thanks thank you so much thank you Tony nice to meet you nice to meet you we'll see you again.

Uh huh I couldn't find him try and get him that's it uh this is Steve Dawson from proconnects I'm the designer and originator of all prochanics pickleball paddles uh I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle.

Uh the kinetic technology has proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm related injuries thank you.

okay so I'm with uh him Nash from the Indian team um he unfortunately lost the the bronze medal match but we'd like to get your thoughts and congratulate you on a great tournament so far so firstly can you.

Tell us about the injury um when did you get it and how bad is it I got it in the first round when I was playing the qualities the round robin match I was up 10-3 and that time I twisted my ankle but then you know I thought I can't give up like that so I just pushed for one match and then the another and the next so you did it in the very first match.

Yeah but you thought just keep going one more match take each match at a time yeah I can't give up I can't give up so easily I guess so um congratulations on making uh the last match uh if we could give you a medal we would but just on Courage alone but um tell us what your what Your strategy for the rest of the tournament you're still.

Playing in doubles and mixed doubles yeah yeah definitely I'm going to play tomorrow at 12 o'clock and the mix doubles on Friday I'm going to play all the matches and the team's event as well no no no not the team event okay unfortunately I have to go back to India but uh I'm going to play the men's and vegetables for sure I recovered today.

Only in the night so um you haven't played that player before uh Leander now okay so what's it like qualifying for this uh tournament I believe uh the Indian players have to qualifier just to get here is that right okay.

And um so after this tournament are you playing any more future events uh you've got things coming up yeah sure I guess I'll be playing Bali in September yeah and then most probably the tournaments if there are in silent and all definitely but I think you should have a little bit of a recovery time yeah yeah one month recovery time now the next two.

Why not too much it's only rehab and then I'll try to you know start playing again with the ankles at work for sure so I hope you got some good partners that can cover you for the next couple of days yeah yeah have you got good partners my partner who played Leander uh divyanshu qataria yeah he's the guy I'm bringing double DIN rakshika oh yeah.

Yes yeah my mixed doubles partner good good okay well thank you very much for the time for coming out and we wish you the best in your body and for the rest of the tournament thank you thank you what a great guy seriously the first match and he's going to play the rest of the tournament.

Should be a bit easy I hope he um put some ice on it tonight it takes the weight off it it should be all right so yeah what's left we've left with the pistol resistance the gold medal match the teacher versus.

Um uh the other guy um we've watched their very first match thank you calendar of course.

Oh my gosh this is gonna be explosion awesome wow wow wow wow what a day chairs here's shares picking up a snaky Garden not telling us unbelievable.

Sneaky Garden I said I said this tournament's making you younger because by six years then you drop the 50s now you drop the third ridiculous it's playing well playing down 30 years just a number these days keeps you young.

So uh is Nick like nickname I'm assuming yeah yeah we've done well to pick it up just like that Tony yeah that's harder when you think you're trying to okay I'm trying to add more comments because like I know I can chip in with more but.

I'm trying to focus on I know what it's like with the home viewer they want to well do you want to swap yeah that's good so is that oh no that's not fire one that's so what's that is that the second second set if you cry again and what happens if there's a third you can add it in uh he actually bought.

It in I just minimized it I think are you alive well if you had too many art then it's hard to yeah I'm gonna need at least two anyway yeah that'd be great if we had three yeah give the final that Everyone likes yeah.

Make sure we save it for the live stream it's serious seriously don't mind and they're both like they're both great players on and off the court called humble like how humble is a glitch is not too humble foreign so it all comes down to this game Tony.

I thought they were announcing it okay so this is our yes our Dove middle match all Indian final we have the number one ranked player uh and the number four ranked player in Asia in teachers and we can't we can't pick a winner can.

We both just Supreme athletes and they've both got every shot in the book so we've seen more details matches on Main Court but uh um actually teach us is actually been blasting players away on in the back courts he's on the Center Court.

Ready to show his stuff see a couple of his matches early on in the pool matches here on Center Court and they were yeah easy easy wins I don't think we saw him in full flight at all so our viewers will be seeing both players in their Prime yeah so to speak well it's like it's like um a teacher said in his interview with you Tony like.

He grew Wings you know in that um semi-final just done ladies Unleashed his wings and um yeah just really steamrolled past Leander in the semi-finals and this is why he's here in this final which is the best of three there's the best of three.

And it's um each set to 11. yes that goes supplies just finished in warm up we're going to get a game very shortly okay so we're very close to starting the match.

So it just took time out to um congratulate the fellow Aussie there Sharon arson who just won his second middle of the day Tony I know and she did she didn't even tell us cheeky that's all I can say all right so it looks like we're about.

To have a start I uh I'm just so excited this match is going to have everything Tony buckle up this is going to be a beauty players can cover the court extremely well I've got all the shots in the and then in their bag he.

Who do you think's the more nervous player oh I don't know the teacher's the assume the top seed that he's mentioned how he's growing in confidence and we've seen him Buckle onto the surf a couple of times but I can see that tjs has taken a few deep breaths trying to.

Get Settle yeah both players we will soon find out here we go and was that a nervous shot it was a solid Valley for the first point of the match contagious gets the first point of the match.

So yeah get your comments through again for the live stream give you a shout out what are your thoughts on the on the players who who do you think is going to win no players on the scoreboard referee just calling that ball out.

So calling the return out two one first set in the gold medal match just pushing that one long there to just is really trying to charge the net after his return put some pressure on the net and parade Exchange that's what we're here for.

just wide was it I think they're calling it live five one jumped out to a handy lead here oh so the man he's really trying to charge the yeah just taking his after ball maybe there too eager to get up.

And defensive timeout from from footages here and a good timeout it's no point getting seven or eight and then taking that time out and the D2 will be very happy with this start it's a 6-1 start in the gold medal match so that if he did have nerves I think they'd be nice and.

Settled now that's right pressures now on tjs to make adjustments in his game we rethink that strategy of coming to the net yeah maybe just a little bit more patience so maybe you know something that we don't maybe use it exactly because these.

Guys would have come across each other a lot some great exchanges just pushing that serve wide it's one seven first game best of three inside out beautiful net plague from T just there we'll get some confidence from that exchange and see if you can get a good.

Third shot in great shot there and all of a sudden he's got two points so here we go is this the start of something fatiguous okay it's called out wasn't it just trying to watch the replay then game I thought that would have given us a replay but.

I love his serving action time teachers oh it was in it did look in from here there you go so you're even Whispering on that one great pressure contagious there that's why he wants to get to the net.

Because when he's there he just looks so commanded okay let's look oh look at the service section for you it's got that little kicking and then he finishes it with a drive like that and all of a sudden the score is three seven.

The T just right back in this first game foreign ER perhaps the return is just a bit too short of it I need to get inside out critical side out here just want to get.

A bit of momentum back here volley there so if you had any more Pace on it I think it just makes it look so easy Tony oh he likes that shot he's he's got two or three points I think that's his third.

Shot that he's played and all of a sudden that score line is five seven now sir oh trust me a little momentum shift here yeah he'll be looking to go to the break as soon as possible love to be.

Get a point on this one which you 'll choose that one out and it just I had a little Bobble up mine yep nine five it's a Dolly Parton teachers has already used their timeout so I think they only get one per match per set yeah I think in these shortening.

Games they are or shortened games in these win by one games they're only having one timeout each and to Dolly Parton score line it's nine to five thank you it probably would have been a winner anyway I reckon.

It brings up a game point the wind's picked up yeah oh and that's the first game so a detour taking the first game here 11-5 what turned out to be a confident display what are you reckon Tony yeah he started off well.

Um he just came back at him with everything looked like we're all going to go all the way but then a detail to his uh calming controlled manner he was able to just settle yeah and close out the first set and I think one of the one of the things I've noticed straight away and we're lucky because the teacher played.

All his pool matches and elimination matches on this court he made a few service hours but he doesn't seem to be making them this time and that adds up to points on the board so so he'll be wanting to keep that consistency going here in the second game.

Serving to just hitting that one into the neck fine line between going for the power and going into the net oh that one's out there just push along so a teacher again off to a good start first points beautiful return how good was that return right in the.

Back corner from tedious at speed yeah so the change of end may be hitting Against the Wind it's a service area it's from tedious he hasn't adjusted to the change of engine challenge it's in.

Was it now there's a line judge we've got official wine judges good run down that's in as well so just throws out what a get from a teacher that is just to get there and be able to control the.

Ball back over as well it makes it look so easy and that I think that's good too he's on a bit of a roll here if you teach us what do you do you just gotta ride out the storm here we were talking about gears being lifted before and.

DJ has left it to Overdrive I certainly got the momentum I don't think the teachers has adjusted wow the change of engine plus the scoreboard pressure was just yeah he needs to find he needs to find his rhythm starting with Reserve there we go around.

Kenneth's joining us from for the finals oh he's okay I just do after I manage human I have trouble saying his name after his injury.

Whenever someone Falls I'd just get nervous oh what a shot so he's going back to one of his favorite shots no where has that been here we go okay it's two two five and that was a huge backhand got down on that one and just so nice.

And flat sliced it and it stayed flat okay so three five oh I miss it just wide you just felt that didn't come off the paddle just the way you wanted it okay you have a match that's his shot again oh there it is and all of a sudden is it five five that's a beautiful shot too isn't it.

It's not getting under that one T just is asking the questions of a teacher here what's the date you're gonna responds just took some Pace off it seems to be mixing up the play a little bit more now too just yeah.

No players going for the towels and it is hot still hot even though the sun has gone down it actually we actually forgot to mention that this uh this open division attracts prize money says a lot to play for yeah not just Pride.

Pounds American dollars oh yeah not pounds dollars I'm certainly not thinking about prize money you've got it certainly a good little bonus in the in the game of pickleball to have tournaments that are now uh sponsored and.

Good shot there I remember last year Tony when the players went home the because the Indian team were very very very successful last year and they so much publicity when they got home last year was so great so great for pickleball oh good pickup great pickup.

Super play oh wow nice round unbelievable rally TJ Step full strength just couldn't keep it down which gave a detour and nice put away volley so controlled exceptionally high quality pickleball so he's picked up a couple points so.

Scoreboard pressure now coming back on tedious knowing that he's a set down as well seven five service era of this game this game maybe a teacher can sense that he's getting close to that finish line oh beautiful Drop into the kitchen.

Nice play thank you sought out seven five oh surface error how many retainer just a little a little frustration there.

Contagious it must have been close to the line and down in that that corner he's crushing these couple he's crushing that guy a couple times now but the referee calling it in he just needs to just shake that move on wow it was a great rally T just just couldn't.

Find the inside of the Court timeout towel towel time we've got a dolly Dolly Parton score line again it's nine to five thank you that is really yeah oh I'm lucky to get away with that one I think there.

We had a good view on it yeah but you play to the course oh beautiful play there from tedious really controlling the net there okay he's doing better than the first hit on the scoreboard wise so if you can kick on and put some more pressure on yeah.

Just keep chipping away I had a feeling he was going through his best shot yeah just pushing it wide that right that's that time I had a feeling he was going to go for his wonderful when he does it bro I think everybody would love to have a forehand like that.

To get out of the way that one in detail we have set point match point game point this this is gold Middle Point gold Middle Point on the paddle of the Asian number one we'll see how the surf goes he's focused no problem.

Oh there it is there it is wow in straight games a teacher has beaten teegis so an all-indian final for the gold medal what a great effort gold medal and silver let's have a let's get them both over for a chat oh I think if you're an Indian supporter you'd be very happy with both players.

And the strength of your country we're going to get both players interviewed for you just hang with us for the next couple minutes at their thoughts on the game what they have coming up next what's up okay.

And here's Gordon Watson to interview the champion do you want to wow what an honor I get to interview the our gold medalist a teacher that was off the charts thank you so much Gordon it's such a good feeling to be Champion here after a very bad defeat but they just were last year so I overcome this Victory and I just gave my hundred.

Percent there was just few missed calls I'd say but the referee this is the last decision and I have to follow that so I am happy and so you should you played like an absolute Champion out there some of those exchanges at the net and the gets you were getting were just incredible what goes through your head when you're playing someone like tejus.

That I have to play beyond my potential to at least get him one point from him he's a fantastic player one of the best player our country has produced and I and we have a rivalry also and we are friends off code so I would love to play more finals with him in the coming future and I wanna congratulate him also they just be available oh well done yeah.

And do you do you ever play doubles together no we never played doubles together so doubles is gonna be an epic tomorrow I have a good partner and see where it goes so I'll just take a rest now well congratulations what a great effort you're at gold medalist well done thank.

You God and thank you so much thank you thank you thank you so much thank you and stay with us because we're interviewing the interviewing the silver medalist wow and I and I get to interview our silver medal as well how did that feel I'm sorry are these.

Very good players last year I am also bit same is Adi this year I am lost in ADI finals and very good match amazing match amazing match and um you should be you should be very proud being our silver medalist yes yes so how do you go into a match when you've got such good rivalry between you both.

No but matches are so good and so Top matches here yeah yes are they also good player I am also playing my best you're amazing let's face it you're amazing thank you like some of those exchanges we would we were just lost for words yes yeah sure so how do you train for a match like that I'm trying not I'm I'm not enough shots.

My clear and force there are so many playing yeah and what about next year do you think yeah I'm also last year also I am a silver medalist this year also silver medalist next year I am gold medal all right you watch this spice everyone this man for gold next to you thank you thank you go down.

okay so that was uh that wraps it up for today again we have um more matches tomorrow from probably about one o'clock local time but until then we're going to sign out yeah what a what a great what a great day of pickleball and we've got more to come this week today I don't know it's.

Only day one of uh five days of action so make sure you tune back in um gender doubles tomorrow for the next couple of days and that should be really fun there'll be more bodies on the court more atmosphere more more support from the to support people in the crowd so um yeah join join in.

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ASIA Pickleball Open 2023 Phuket Thailand 14 March 2023