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thank you thank you this is cool so we've lost our vision but I do believe we're live and it's three nice deep.

Return there from uh I think he's shaking his head I'm not sure if he can go on this is this is sort of painful to watch Tony this is courageous hopefully you can oh lovely and you can see the power of the shots that he would normally have but um that ankle really getting in grief.

Oh what a lovely shot take nothing away from David on that shot it's called dipping backhand it's just an absolute killer shot of his and it's coming to the fore there I'm just pushing that one long oh oh wow around the post around the post with it.

With a busted up Ankle that's pretty impressive from Hamish pretty much and another winner there and away from David here it's very difficult when you when you're playing against a ninja player plays this new situation oh that Ball's.

Head in the roof means it's out of bounds it would have come down into the field of play so side out the Australian on top here it's hard going up against the player in his injury better concentrate.

Oh a lovely off forehand straight down the line again from David great pressure there from David just forcing that error two five three lead pushing it wide just struggle and to get um oh just wide there by David because when you can.

And you can't get to a ball because you're into your engine balance is off so he's just making some unforced errors that it probably wouldn't usually make all over that one there four six so him there she's actually ranked number 13 in Asia and men's singles yeah.

We'll see that from The Colony beautiful lovely to watch and David getting the site out there five all right good oh even though he's got a busted ankle he's.

Still deceptively fast around the court he is I think David's amazed that some of the shots that are coming back I mean oh beautiful placement there such control oh nice pickup just long taken the lead here 7-6 in this elimination match to 15.

Oh lovely cross-court backhand from David I'd have to say last minute just rolled over it's I think it has to be his trademark shot because it just hits it hits at such ease and confidence every time Whites Whites Whites and then rolls over.

The top and that was a beautiful backhand down the line just to show that he can go down the line as well forcing the error oh sorry but not sorry yeah it's tough when that happens.

Especially when it's so close seven seven oh and there it is again it's such a beautiful shot in a change of ends that's a change of ends and David changes with his nose in front here in a very close match flying the.

Aussie flag the last Australian in the draw yep and oh baby I can feel the pain from here it is still managing to get to the shots Tony.

Oh having reduced shots like that Winners wow this will go down as one of them you know one of the most amazing efforts at the Asia open ever being on court in that condition is just phenomenal this brings it back at all oh that was a lovely slice backhand.

Took took all the time away from David and David wasn't able to get them all back foreign thank you foreign just when you think you've hit a winner that comes back with interest.

Ed hit a shot like that that is just incredible shot making from Hamish or just pushing along that Mouse Tony he's got the surf Ace it's 13. I'm calling that one wide so.

You know just pushing it into the net very composed here 10 13. 13. it's keeping it nice and tight here David forcing the timeout from him Ash so David hasn't used his timeout yet.

Like we're saying before 10 it's really hard to play against someone who's injured because you're in two minds and there's that psychological part of you that wants to you know if you're not a ruthless player yes that was David looks like a nice guy it can be um it can be very good but then you can't go soft on on a.

Talent like you match because yeah he's the hiring play and this is Do or Die whoever loses this is gone showing a bit of pain I'm just flabbergasted that he's able to be on the call such determination and for singles you had leap through on doubles oh and David Gets a net call.

Maybe the tides turned here Tony 15. critical drop you guys Dave David you'd rather get through it but he just couldn't steady himself to 30. oh what a rally I think that's the rally of the match what a sensational effort from both players there that brings up.

Match point 14-13 match point got a chance doors a job studies until himself for that one second match point here.

Oh and he's gotten out of jail what a match some great shot play from both players in that match there was some great moments David putting up a great effort in both of these last matches just going down in Thrillers oh my gosh and what determination from him.

It's just incredible that he was able to get able to get on the Honda to play that match how deep can you go in a time you still got another three matches he wants to go all the way so this was a round of 32 so 16 8. yeah yeah he's now true to the round of 16. so still got a few matches if he wants.

To go away I hope that ankle holds up for him as best as it can and for the rest of the time too this is only uh day one ankle imagine just how good he would have been with a good angle to that his uh ranking of 13s surely uh shows the class.

So we're going to commercial next match foreign.

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thank you foreign this is Steve Dawson from prochenix I'm.

The designer and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries.

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thank you foreign ER and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have.

Kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology is proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries foreign.

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ASIA Pickleball Open 2023 Phuket Thailand 14 March 2023