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thank you foreign what's up uh this is Steve Dawson from Pro kenix I'm the designer and originator of all.

Proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology has proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm related injuries oh.

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Foreign foreign this is Steve Dawson from Pro kenix I'm the designer and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have.

Kinetic technology within every paddle uh the kinetic technology has proven to reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm related injuries foreign.

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all right all right welcome to the gold medal match of the times event here at the Asia pickleball packets and what a day we've had 12 teams has been whittled down to two the gold medalists.

Playing off team Australia versus Team Singapore in what will be a fantastic match Tony this is going to be difficult because we both played matches for Australia today that's right we'll do our best to remain neutral I can't promise too much.

Um but we'll be uh enjoying the pickleball no matter what happens great achievement from both teams there's been some good results the Indians were knocked out in the last semi-final by the Singaporean team yeah so a slight upset on paper but the Australians well we had a strong win.

Over Taiwan to make it here to the gold medal match so this is um to explain the format there's a men's doubles game it's worth two points if there's a victory and happening on another Court is another men's doubles but we can only show you one game so that's going to be.

Worth two points as well yeah so the in total there's six games three games are worth two points and three games are worth three points and the way we're playing today is we'll have two matches played at the same time until the last two three-point matches so potentially we're in for a lot of well hopefully a thriller but not too close because my.

Heart may not take it Tony okay and also to explain what happens in each match is it it's a time-based game so the players will play for 10 minutes then they'll switch sides and go another 10 minutes there's no timeouts and it's continuous scoring so it could go all the way out to 20 30 40 points you just keep playing and you play to.

The buzzer that's quite unique yeah it's a very unique event and there's a big fat trophy at the end of it for the winning team as well as a beautiful gold medal and a silver medal for the team that comes second and in the other on the outer courts we'll have uh Team India versus Team Taiwan so it has been a super strong.

Teams event and in this so in this first rubber I think we're about to get underway just waiting uh the referees conferring so start will play with the whistle and then there'll be a 10 minute once the game starts there'll be an announcement of 10 minutes at which time the point that's being played will be.

Played out and then the teams will swap sides and then there'll be a final whistle once the 20 minutes is up so it's one set to for 20 minutes and today I would have to say has been the hottest of all five days of the Asia pickleball open it's been like a furnace in here and.

It's taken the toll on a few members of the Australian team myself included so whoever's out on court their Fitness is superior to mine so we're gonna have a start very very shortly David and tire warming up at the back.

Courts doing some nice volley speed up practicing and the Singaporean guys are just chatting getting some strategy making sure they're ready to go so this team for has been really popular like I said some games are worth two points some points so I'm going to wear three points so you cannot get a draw.

There's a maximum of 15 points up for grabs so three matches worth two points and three matches worth nine points those three matches that are worth nine points is obviously a men's doubles a ladies doubles and a mixed doubles with the two point games being two men's doubles games and another mixed doubles.

Games these team must have a minimum of two ladies but those ladies can also play in the men's doubles games if the team chooses to go that way so very interesting concept very fun um the time format means game stay on time.

Pressure of the clock okay but we're set for a start and David is serving for Australia Singapore we've got Jay and REE re re and Jay are closest to camera re in the white shirt and Jay in the blue just waiting for the Umpire to come oh the whistle's gone so time may be.

Ticking down but memories of the clock thing else is happening on those other courts either umpires in place one on the Main Court where are the other games uncaught three and Court four here we go.

So the umpire's about to start the clock the 20 minute clock this is for the gold medal match of the team's event at the Asia pickleball open cider Singapore to serve we're drinking rally now oh the speed up goes into the net.

Singapore get a second serve so there's no score just yet Jay to serve as he's taking the pressure on now it's settled into a dinking game the lift that's gone long no it's foreign.

Beautifully so Singapore getting the first point of the match so both these matches this match and the match next door are worth two points Singapore off to a good start such a good atmosphere too when when there's a point when it's when there's a.

Nice rally that everyone Embraces the high level of play oh that's a fire up to a strong start here Singapore beautiful put away athletic put away by Jai and I love Jay's socks.

Oh just pushing that one into the net and it's side out we've got some live stream Comics already uh Aaron Blitz uh Sumi and one more um media into a dinking rally probably just wasn't wide enough no.

Maybe a few bit of excitement in those in that shot from David oh great speed up high there celebration as well yeah little celebration two foreign equally good speed up there from Marie from the Singapore team inside out.

just pushing that one along there David you know what I find that's quite scary good is how how Thai might celebrate if we win he must we have something planned I think there's a long way to go before already.

There's any celebrations for any team at the moment that's true but if you're watching the live stream the other day you would have seen chewy nice drop oh beautiful play nice smash by Dave and forcing the singaporeans back and then the cute little drop from Thai.

From Sandra Kinsley to the live stream Don and I are watching the bigger screen let's go Aussies so where's the support for singaporeans um I'm sure she doesn't know where you are I'm sure Michelle and Macy foreign.

Just been straight into the net there it's not getting down to that one there David would be you know weary legs because we're getting it has been a long day and it's oppressive heat today yeah all teams had to start at 7 30 today uh starting off with two cool matches in the round of eight and then we had.

The semi-finals now the metal matches oh beautifully placed down the middle second server or three foreign 's light with delight five three two.

Oh lovely little drop into the kitchen six and I love I just love Jay's socks there must be one colorful character that has to be a purpose thing isn't it well we do we have a similar person on.

Um in Australia Indonesia actually by by and he has an Instagram page called the sock man I think pickleball sock man and it always wears different socks or just yeah all colorful socks colorful socks goes long nice so I recommend if you're an Instagram fan.

To check out that Instagram page oh nice I think that's what we call a dinner Tony a dink winner so the singaporeans dining out on Australia at the moment it's seven four David's power beautiful drive there forcing that error from the singaporeans there we saw that in the semi-final David David.

It's been strong all day we're strong in my game he gave me confidence when I played with him earlier in the full matches seven five one seven five one so this is a new combination today isn't it David and Thai yeah I'm not sure if they've ever played together but um beauty of this competition like I've.

Never played with David before and we've had people who've never paid um with print for now or the Taiwanese girls that are playing for Australia yeah the great thing is like we have 11 members in the Australian team and we've all played today and um.

And unfortunately Dr Martin Clark isn't feeling well so he's had to pull out of the gold medal match this gold medal match and um so hence hence the reshuffle so there's a few combinations that are I guess untested okay we've got a question uh about the time clock so we might personally do a Time.

Clock when they change ends to begin idea so there will be an announcement at 10 minutes at which time both teams will swap ends goes along and this match is tight not even blasting is about it in the.

Buttocks I missed that I was trying to look on the outer Court to see a replay let's see if there's a replay and there we go so that was the win the winning with Australia with their nose in front and I'll get confirmation of the score there'll be an announcement and so with.

So with the players so with the players switching ends here we've just had a score confirmation 762 actually to Australia it's seven six two to Australia so switching ends with their nose in front nice put away from Jay there.

Those bright socks putting extra punch into that put away that was a beautiful dink just got David wrong footed and left a little left a little Gap open foreign.

Speed up will be quite effective for the singaporeans so far in this match it's interesting to see that um Dave was playing on the right hand side then because I know you've closed life where he is now so maybe Ty likes the right side as well and they're just learning because well maybe they're just mixing it up yeah.

Mixing it up okay I was thinking now oh right just hitting the side of the paddle I will have a second serve we have a two-point lead foreign match.

And there will be an announcement with two minutes to go and another announcement with one minute to go and is that that's just a lovely winner there by David just such an easy stroke Cross Court I love how he just waits to the last second and rolls into it so casual.

So here's the stacking oh easy Point that's um it was a nice little change up from Thai actually it looked like it was going to drive it and then just took the pace off and popped it over and it worked Singaporean pushing it into the neck so he's not getting a hold of that one as he would have probably liked.

Oh look well I thought that was on the line because it had a bit of a skid I don't think so cold out thank you pushing that one into the net maybe Poetic Justice Tony I'm not sure.

Oh oh what a beautiful shot an ATP from Jay from Jay those bright socks certainly give him speed and a bit of flair okay so I was just Australian people got the surf back too much damage down there they'll want to get some more points on the board.

Here this is a tight bench very tight range mind you we expected that it would be oh I've just pushed it wide there Ray try and get confirmation what's happening on the other side for you soon I think Gordon's going to run over and return going long so we have a tired game.

Oh Dave just driving it into the high part of the net it's a nice Cross Court dinking starting another point to at Australia confirm the score 10 we're just eleven nine so of course for you on the live stream so let and turn that's what I thought it was okay so it was right.

Oh but I think we're up by five CP so on the upper Court We Believe Singapore has got a few point lead over the Australians so I think could happen and the beauty of this if you do win at least one match in these first two.

Rounds it all goes down to that last final round where there's six points up for grabs oh Ty was patient but then just took the top part of the net there Singapore with a point.

We have a very good match it's 11 11 2. nice reset passport thing oh it's hit the tape okay so the strains with the serve now remember this is a Time game would be probably many guessing but we will get a two minute reminder.

Dave Australia hitting the front oh good we've got a Singaporean fan online welcome well another point on the day of Drive the strands of a two-point lead gourdough so yeah sorry I was just doing Captain.

Duties um yeah we just had confirmation that um Dr Martin is n't feeling well so he's not going to be playing in the mixed doubles so we've just putting re doing the roster thank you.

nice play by David there Fierce play just kept the pressure on didn't he this is great for a confirmation in school 15. I missed one more you're talking team taxi stand according it's actually 15 11.

15 11-1 it's going to go long 16 11. nice little break for the Aussies here and one minute to go 15-11-1 we've seen some amazing countdowns today and you were part of probably the most most exciting one Tony yes I was against the Phuket Club pickleball Club yeah Dave and myself.

Were involved in a golden Point um situation where the time had run down it was 15 points all and we had to play that last one and didn't matter if you served or you received whoever won the rally won the match oh just wide so the Aussie's just getting just getting on top here on time.

Ticking away finishing very strongly the Australian team so it looks all over it what a way to finish the match nice that's a nice highlight reel wow so I think the first two rubbers are split so tying David getting up on this.

Court and then Singapore getting up on court two through two points a piece after two rubbers what an amazing one amazing match I'll be back in a sec we'll get an interview why not so don't go don't go anywhere we've got two more exciting rounds in this team format.

Next is the mixed doubles played on two courts the court that will be live stream will be up for three points and chord number two match will be worth two points so Gordo's doing some Captain duties the Top Mountain like we said before not feeling well reshuffling but that's the.

Beauty of having extra players on the roster Sharon I can see Sharon from Japan she's so nervous she's coming over to the commentary box you can have a chat with me while we uh well we've got this uh so Sharon how have you enjoyed this team format oh this team format's been.

Fantastic never played like this before in my life but it was a lot of fun because you were heavily involved earlier this morning one of the Taiwanese girls was just uh recovering in the morning so she missed the first couple rounds and you were used for the morning session but beautifully you picked up eight points eight points.

Great which um helped us to win the morning sessions which was uh great it was unbelievable um yeah I couldn't believe how well I played today but it was a good time too you've been playing you've been playing awesome Sharon the whole the whole five days um you're gonna take this experience back to European and.

Queensland and Australia and you are going to settle the light again absolutely absolutely it has been an absolutely fantastic experience I must admit thank you to my daughter Tracy for saying yes Mum go and do it um so why did trace and the girls and Mum and uh say hi I'd love to say hello to Jeff and Sharon Rooney and Alana and.

Just everyone on um at yeppoon for all the support that they've given me they're a fantastic bunch of people to work with Okay Sharon thanks thanks for keeping the seat warm for Gordo foreign so like I said we've got a great mixed mixed doubles match coming up.

With vicious and chai ciao so ciao for Australia ciao has had an awesome tournament she's had a fantastic she she's had the Triple Crown she's took out the lady Singles Ladies doubles and the mixed doubles yesterday well this would be a quadruple Crown Drupal Crown I don't think is would that be a world first Tony uh we'll claim it we'll claim.

It it could be it could be so you love her first don't you love her first you know that Tony and I think Jan would too it'd be a great way to to win the tournament so yeah we've got the names of the other players yet let's grab that one that has the plaza warming up we've probably got a little bit of time.

Hope you're enjoying this at home um on the live stream please keep those comments going and we've got Wesley vines chining in sumi's chipping with some comments Boom Boom Boom Pow David I believe David and Sumi are Partners.

Back home on the court yes yeah and trip boom um I think you're from Singapore thanks for your comments there's a couple of Singaporean fans out there so please interact enjoy and sit back for this next.

Amazing match a yes so just to refresh the rules this match on Center Court that's been live stream is worth three points the other mixed double in court two is is worth two points so every Point counts and because Singapore have won at least.

One match in Australia's won at least one match the third round will come into play and it will be anybody's game yeah so yeah this one's worth three so so for Singapore on the far side of your of your vision we've got Basha in the white top and black visor.

And Boon chai or he likes to be called BC foreign skills of the opponent not a bad strategy early so what's can you tell us why who's playing on the other court Gordon yeah so we've got Singapore and Australia on the other court too Tony no I'm just.

Joking Tony um so on representing Australia on court two we've got David Richardson and Tadpole from Taiwan and we've got looks like Penny Lee who's Singapore's number one female player with I can't make that face out from here you need your glasses I do I do so I'll I'll.

Get confirmation of that of who that is shortly but that will be a cracking game if Penny's on that Court Anything Can Happen she is an absolute Dynamic player for Singapore okay so Australians handing the serve back over they do still have a two-point lead in this one I think Vash has won a few medals at.

This at this um event already so to his BC oh really pulling that back from behind him Singapore now on the board but interestingly enough Tony um BC and his partner went down to fish and Thai in the gold medal match for the over of the 35 Plus category so.

It's maybe a little bit of Revenge here for BC if you can get up over this friendly revenge of course yes Redemption maybe a better word than revenge 222 great change up there from varsha you.

Approached with the slice and then had that stinging forehand topspin attack ciao and Vish played together no this is their first time so literally Anything Can Happen Tony the beauty of Team formats is there's different combinations different styles tried to go down the middle.

Just collecting the top of the net two for one it's bargain time Tony in a good lead too what a point it wasn't helping much everyone back at currumbin would say Gordon would hit that yeah she'll get a surf Channel second serve three three four two.

I'm just waiting for child to start asserting yourself oh nice down the middle with this vicious that's what we call it that was just a nice little push but there's nothing vicious just beautiful placement that time just just going to show you how's Grace.

And Power to back down in the little shop and you know it's not a bad strategy because a lot of these team combinations probably haven't played together very much and that middle area is always is that yours is it mine yes it's probably nice nice push from BC.

You saw that ciao was just a little bit out of position getting the handout for Singapore side out Australia took the lead nice at the toes five a piece they say you didn't have to serve you've got one eye on the other court haven't.

You got it can you tell true Captain Great Rally I tell you oh my gosh child you don't want to favor one over the other either oh I'd say vicious families be washing nice play live streaming oh great point.

Great speed UPS great resets East Coast east coast pickleballs watching that must be Mike and Yuki welcome aboard yourself that's okay you'll do that for both sides so we know that well like in the previous match we had to shout ATP for the singaporeans oh oh.

And ciao like a fencer there like a what is it a pure you know what the fences do that was crazy good I like Australian getting a good little run here that's three straight points you must be due for a change soon again shortly so now listen out for the announcement.

Nice little lob oh cantaloupe oh beautiful BC very controlled shot there by BC nicely done it was resisted the urge to power it through it and got the result and the BC does have power we've seen it before in this tournament get from the fish recovering neighborhood oh and a nice.

Little flick Cross Court from BC he's on a bit of a roll so it's side out at this point five eight oh beautiful down the middle again bish 582 I think a good confirmation yep five actually five eight two oh beautiful backhand.

This is just so controlled place that at his feet uh right we've just had confirmation actually BC is playing with Penny on court two we've got Cs on this chord thank you Jerome for bringing that to our attention.

And again just exploiting that middle it's nine five we've got Dolly Parton score line everyone's working oh was it long just long oh proud.

So can't have been so much so CS okay singaporeans picking back a point I must be getting close to that 10 minute clock Oh What a Beautiful put away second server.

Foreign I think 961 . this is ambitious that was vicious American Science 10 minute change if I can get a score update from court number two Tony okay thank you very much Captain Gordo.

Okay so we've got a change of ends with the Australians up 10-6 in this three-point match on Center Court we're straight into it there's no delays there's no timeouts and we'll have an update on the other call for you very very soon oh that just went wide from CS giving.

Australia another point they now have Five Point Break so pressure mounting for the Singaporean thing better yes she's put a hand up but it was a good Vision to come across and hit that one by Chow over on court number two BC and Penny.

And Ted Paul and David it's um Australia up ten six two and you've just missed a round of points by Australia oh three in a row so it's now a seven point break right oh well you know that's good about this format Tony as you can't call.

The timeout so actually it happened once earlier in today by mistake one of the teams that were actually coming beautiful trailing on the scoreboard well it's an interesting tactic toning especially if the other team fell for it I suppose.

Maybe it was a mutual timeout because it was darn hot it was the first match of the day and and it was a young kid that called it out so obviously he was so eager and thought that was the strategy I'll tell you what the pickleball um the Phuket pickleball Club had some really future of Asian pickleball is in safe hands.

That's for sure we've seen some great players on this play this whole tournament and we're gonna see him again a bit later in the year hopefully a few times beautiful Hands by varsha Oh see it's just stepping back yes just come forward.

To that one Singaporean team yeah oh and you hit the nail on the head Tony in this format if you if you do get behind that scoreboard does play on your play on your mind because it's not like you can let the set go and say to yourself.

All right I'm gonna pick it up in the second set or second game you can't you've got to really knuckle down and pull yourself together and just hang in hang tough because it's all about just getting that surf back just pushing it wide there you see I've got to get the surf back.

Take Little Steps even if you're even if you're a few points behind because we have seen comebacks you can get on a roll seen some great comebacks yeah and it really is you know just one coin at a time and maybe that's what Singapore need to do now is just take one point at a time they've got to serve.

Oh lovely Cross Court lovely pink wow to Pace off that ball beautifully at Kinsley we welcome you to the live chat it's like he's a magician and that paddles his wand it's just ridiculous just long I think it's second serve.

1962 comfortable comfortable lead for Australia I get 20 . so this match on court one is worth three points the match on the other court is worth two points and after the first two matches were all locked up.

Two points a piece Singapore and Australia long is it yes 21-6-2 so a nice break here for the Australian team oh I know a lucky man this could be the break they need nice exchange here nice reset beautiful.

Oh that's going over and fish with the touch over taking time out to high-five the crowd on her way back break point now she's got a civil emergency wasn't that a great that was a beautiful it was a great Point all around.

Fully deserved shot uh Point fish with a cross-court touch but then the rundown 21-7 side out no second service let's see see if we can get an update on that part of the Court Captain Gordo is going to run over and get a score check for you on the other court.

Thank you so I'll just playing the Cross Court battle with Basha on around the post ATP from ciao she's done that numerous times today he's so balanced when she hits that shot that's why she has a Triple Crown to her name and shots like that we're in the dinking rally now.

I shut the speed up great defense by fish faster with the speed up but fish equal to the task putting that ball down the middle sure the score Tony gonna stop the strap is up on court number two okay that's good news for Australian live streamers and Mitch Hargraves has joined.

To be one of the best points he said that's we've seen some great ones Mitch we'd love to get you involved in this tournament in years to come or months to come but we wish Miss Hargraves I'm going he's going to the states yes he's off to the stage.

He's going with Martin Clark and Sarah Burr I think he leaves next week actually so watch this space plenty of international activity American open or Nationals American open nice open yeah coming up we had the Bali World Championships.

We have a one minute time one minute one minute one minute just getting a little bit carried away 21-7 in this match this match worth three points for the Australian team lovely just delayed it slightly pushed it between both players.

So we should clarify for the viewers at home or viewers at home I sound so old fashion Tony but um you're an 80s show but if he was on YouTube a digital um people Australia we've got a few International Imports in the team from Taiwan and also from India.

So we're lucky very lucky I'm very grateful to have pranav from India and there it is Australia as well as ciao and Tadpole from Taiwan and that's a great result for the Australian team they'll be very happy with that well well so if you can get the result on the other court we can update the.

Whole viewers but regardless of the resulting out the court of the Australians will have a lead going to the last round so stay with us and if you're a Singaporean fan it's it's still up for grabs you could still win the last two matches.

And steal a victory but Australia had the scoreboard pressure at the moment but we'll get a confirmation there's high five from the team to my right just off screen oh we're just watching a replay of vicious uh the Singaporean.

Around the post that was a beautiful point and that's the final point of the day so some great highlights we thank our production team for giving us such great vision you think the organizer of the tournament for.

Putting out an excellent tournament together it's been played in great spirits everyone's had a fantastic time in a great location eventually run smoothly and we're unfortunately coming to an end of the tournament we've only got one more round for the whole.

For the whole contest so captain for Australia is coming back to the commentary box so get confirmation I'll let him deliver the news he's got a smile on his face but let's see what he says they got up 16-14 Tony so Australia is in an enviable position now so 7-2.

Seven two and only needing one Victory on either Court either Court will get Australia the gold medal so we will have immense doubles on on all the ladies doubles well I guess that's up to the tournament the tournament organizer who's who's sitting to our left with a big smile on his face okay I think we should get you on the live stream yarn.

To give us your thoughts on the tournament please so oh we're gonna have both matches oh separately nice excellent showcasing the talents of all all there so uh would you like to go to just do a quick interview with Jan just to get his thoughts on the whole five days come on come and sit in.

The chair young you can have my seat for a second with with the last five days here at the Asian open how do you feel that's so close to the end happy you look happy but again as I always say it's it's it's a teamwork always um we we all go up and we all go down.

You know and in this case we probably work more up than down but um there was cases in the past when uh when the tough times came and we still had to hold together so but I think this was a great tournament so far this tournament everybody's raving yarn it's been so well run the camaraderie with all of the players today's teams event is.

Incredible it's just it's it's been a huge success and we've got the dinner tonight as well all right yes well we need to rush in that case so we don't miss the dinner no I mean um honestly I didn't expect maybe I expected a little bit um Australia in the finals today great because about City number two but uh.

That was a huge surprise that India didn't make it they were loaded with all the best players yeah I still I didn't see their magic in Singapore but but I think that must also show how how wide and deep the Singapore team is because they had two teams here actually and um honestly it is a big surprise for me because like obviously younger people.

Are faster stronger more reactive you know and but Singapore seems like they are going against all the odds and how great is you know like 14 team for the 50 pluses aren't they yeah absolutely and really and really showcasing the benefits of playing pickleball into into your later years.

Really right right yeah well this is one of the sports when you when you age you are getting experience for sure um but you are maybe not losing as much Edge as compared to other sports uh but truth is that you are losing a little bit of that speed I don't know about that yarn because I saw you and maybe you're not but I do I.

Saw you in the over 50s I saw that Ernie that backhand Ernie you did with with Annie that was pretty incredible yeah there was one morning highlight because the next really I damaged my hand well I saw it so um it was pretty pretty incredible so it hats off to you and and so what's next what's next for.

You yarn oh well next I think that I will be sleeping for the next 24 hours or 48 and then we'll sit together and uh try to sum up you know what went well and where we can still get better um I really am think on and pay and um and all the team basically from Thailand pickleball Association they're incredible you know they are so easy to.

Work with and so dedicated these people come here actually all of us come but speaking about them they would come here 6 30 and they would leave maybe 10 30 p.m the first day we put like 414 matches you know and we actually were on time right you were ahead of time yeah let me slow down a little bit so yeah amazing it was incredible yeah.

Well okay I think we're ready to start oh my gosh thank you for inviting me here for me what was that Tony um you want me to keep it going yeah sure hey doubles for Singapore we've got Basha.

And Singapore's number one Penny Lee Time Penny Lee is on the Court anything can happen but so too with the Australia Australian Taiwanese Duo tadpole and ciao did the gold medalists from the women's doubles earlier in the tournament so.

This match is stacked with Talent Australian team here two two quick points beautiful serve down the middle what's going on I do believe uh Penny Lee and Basha won the gold medal in the 50 plus category so this this rubber has a lot of talent in it.

He Vice it just couldn't quite defend that one she's used to hitting them not defending them five zero oh just pushing that one into the neck oh that one going wide as well so the singaporeans have got a chance to get on the board now.

Zero five do we know what's happening on the backboard India India going for a bronze against um the Taiwanese team to Taiwanese and that will be a close match because Taiwan have been but they're not the surprise of the tournament because we knew they were going to be strong but.

They'd really come to the floor and the Indians all so strong just all over the Indian team are just so strong ly that's why she's the number one lady for Singapore yeah she has the power and the touch.

It's got every shot in the book we know they're watching I was lucky enough to team up with Michelle yesterday and it was one of the best mixed doubles experiences I've ever had the Singaporean team are just every single one of them are just the EV the.

Friendliest team you could imagine you know I know many badminton players uh they were singaporeans and yes they're great people so I love Singapore myself good job okay so let's slide out two one.

So it's good that the singaporeans get on the board there staring down five now wasn't that oh did that drop I mean I might have just gone why sounds like India is on top in over on the outer Court must be the men's doubles match that that's always fiery.

That much some of a best talent I can see tjs yeah adita versus Singaporean young guys is it is it a d no is it someone else yeah tedious is just a tiger.

Seven two Australia in control of this rubber and if and if Australia can win this rubber they will win the gold medal regardless of the men's doubles regardless of the men's doubles so it's a must oh beautiful flick there from ciao just.

Superb angle and not putting too much on it no and the dip was perfect make sure everything what kind of assistant must win situation for the Singapore team I've got to capitalize on their serves I said just pushing that one wide go into the net and um.

And we like we were speaking about before turning if Chow wins if Chow winds here it'll be a quadruple crown singles doubles mixed and team event which I don't think has been ever done before and we can say we've been part of it well maybe a little little tiny part of History.

I was there in 2023 E3 it's all nicely done tripping to the feet do you remember two seven they're hanging in there Singapore oh lovely touch that's tough I've seen that in earlier rounds that's.

Keeping the opponents at the Baseline and just that lovely touch and taking all the pace off the ball and David Richardson and Vish play that shot perfectly as well nice speed up oh great place Great Exchange just a little Nick behind Penny Lee coming to the fourth there oh.

Penny can spot a target from from anywhere on the court oh that's not going over we've got a side out chance for Singapore to get some points here and before they cross over it'd be handy beautiful oh just wide I think.

So the pointy Penny Lee working herself to the net just perfectly in that previous previous point ciao spotting the open space and making varsha hit on the run there which is hard to do unless you're going around the post like she did earlier yeah yeah so she had no room to do that.

This time now oh that's it but it was a lovely shot deceptive shot from Penny Lee perfectly placed that's the point isn't it it's now full slide out explanation.

Oh look at that pouncing like a tiger Penny Lee so they have tigers in Singapore I think they do well maybe in the zoo maybe not in a while but can you leave pouncing great pressure from Chow there and we're swapping over.

And we'll get confirmation of the serve because we've just we're Spellbound by the action man plate from India yes and Captain Gordo is going to go to the other courts and get an update on the bronze medal match which has been played by India in Taiwan.

Okay we're about to resume play no let's hit the tape and gone out Australia will get a second serve nice so that's gone well gone wide Australians with another point hey so Pinky Lee foreign.

between Taiwan and India is it yeah so India need to win one either one of the remaining rubbers to to take the bronze medal they're up in one match and the other match is so close to him so that's going to go down to the wire over there and as the noise gets up from that area of.

The stadium we'll probably know if the Indians are winning or not but the Taiwanese have got many fans oh what a shot and thumbs up to the crowd as well on one knee oh let's see a replay please that's a shot for the Highlight Reel if we've seen any this tournament.

Delayed we'll have to we'll have to watch it back on YouTube Tony security oh here it is oh and one knee thumbs up to the crowd this is such a beautiful push I want to get a confirmation on the score because there's been so much action and I've and I've been leaving.

You in the Lurch Tony now you've got managing the scoreboard watching the last beautiful push we know they've got a handy lead the other way at this point in time the best try and listen for the score oh lovely Sean lovely touch.

Taking the pace Off the Wall yeah such a makes it which makes it look so easy getting the top of the tape on that occasion she wanted that one again a little smile advice put the barrels getting back to that game so it's a very hot day playing 40.

Minutes in a row he's tough foreign matches a quarterfinal and a semi-finals so each player today is really some teams have had the luxury of playing a few Reserves but some teams haven't.

Near the school I think it's 15-5 players just relax into every shot oh what a point right skew on display here now brilliant hands so regardless of the school blowing out we've seen some great pickleball foreign.

exactly exactly we've seen some great comebacks today oh I think that was a fatigue shot oh lovely shot by Penny Lee score 6 16. okay I think we're on the money Tony nice love.

Oh see the spin on that ball oh nice growling crowd enjoying that point I'll speed up by Basha great reset by tadpole that call Australian's two minutes away from a gold medal it's like a comfortable lead toning how's the captain feeling at this.

Stage yeah he's internally proud pretty happy I just know what it means to a lot of the team because we got knocked out in the quarterfinals last year so to come back this year with a different look team wow some members of the same yeah.

It really has been a team effort great hands great spirit oh unlucky pennies hands have to be the fastest if you had the fastest gun in Texas pennies would have to be the fastest hands in Singapore wow.

Good to go singaporeans serving out they might get a few points wow beautiful shot by penny Penny trying I know Penny trying everything oh point see if I need a couple more before the time Runs Out.

Well we'll take into consideration tadpole and ciao won the gold medal in the women's doubles yesterday 11-0 11-0 Singaporean scorings have done very well these are out of their seats.

If you could get a camera on through them oh there you are do you get the camera get the camera on them they're enjoying it we've still got one more match but gee whiz we'll see what happens we're waiting on confirmation but the Australians of all congregated I.

Should get out there myself and I'm going to leave the commentary box and head out because I'm part of this team myself so I'm back with you shortly foreign.


thank you thank you foreign.

foreign this is Steve Dawson from proconnects I'm the designer and originator of all proconnect's pickleball paddles I'm very excited that we can have kinetic technology within every paddle uh uh the kinetic technology is proven.

To reduce shock and vibration and is used by myself and all pickleball players as both a preventative and a cure for arm-related injuries foreign.

thank you thank you.

thank you foreign.

Foreign over here on on me it is all right so thank you once again and the whole thing the whole.

Preparation whole organizations everybody here I know there are some leaders everything is.

relationship s.

Foreign don't forget this foreign.

thank you really chunk and surprise but at the same time foreign I don't know.

What flexible videos thank you foreign foreign.

Assistant and that history is a tradition lives to this even better players some other players got an invitations I think three times right so the third the best Applause for Australia foreign.


Thank you foreign.

All right thank you
ASIA Pickleball Open 2023 Phuket Thailand 18 March 2023