Arizona deaf pickleball is a group founded by Francisco Hermann and Sean benevente to merge both the deaf and hearing communities through pickleball the group was founded in January of 2021 and now has over 400 members I want to work with this group because I want deaf people to come together I want to see Improvement in pickleball where.

Deaf people play with hearing people I want to see more deaf people involved the sport that is a mix of ping pong and Tennis has become highly popular in the U.S both haraman and benevente wanted to meet more hearing players and combine their groups to make for a more inclusive Court our mission is to education and Deborah pray together see.

Team player had to score one through ten we met most of him play through the park and a tournament and that's how we got them involved and they were like very easy to learn the as I remember we're very inclusive we don't include anyone to include as long they learn air Style Both the ball huddle and the baseball signs ball and strike were created by.

Deaf athletes Francisco Herman of Arizona deaf pickleball thinks that pickleball is going in that direction with the signs being one two three four five six seven eight nine ten for the scoring death prayer can understand that it was like oh no no huddle a huddled you relive understand break boom now do they use it and then baseball to the pro.

That you ball strike bought before you shouted throughout a dead baseball player let's see the Empire like no I do ball strikes They Know video of the universal signal both been Lessard knew nothing about deaf people before sponsoring them I reached out to Sean and we ended up meeting at Gilbert Regional Park one night they taught us.

How to sign the score we taught them a little bit about pickleball fell in love with those two gentlemen that night if I remember correctly I invited them both into being sponsored athletes for armor pickleball pickleball is so accessible to the general public which is why this is the fastest growing sport in America once you play you're hooked which is why.

Benevente continues to play the sport when I first played I was like wow I love this I fell in love with it and have been playing for over five years pickleball is more fun but is also good for your mind and your body you can play with different people older young it doesn't matter pickleball is for anyone.

Arizona deaf pickleball group is only growing a quarter of their members are hearing and have learned sign language along the way with pickleball becoming more inclusive to all communities it will continue to grow rapidly in Phoenix Ireland warback Cronkite sports report
Francisco German and Shawn Benavente started the Arizona Deaf Pickleball League in 2021. Since then, the league has 400 members and counting and is educating others about American Sign Language.