That's right best of three to eleven win by two games foreign all right out one one two three.

Foreign foreign all right now time up four zero two okay slide out foreign.

oh right it's good six zero one zero what happened.

foreign or something.

foreign all right let's go foreign foreign three hey what exactly right out.

Come on hey everyone thank you nine three one nope here one one I know.

Again thank you dead what.

One 10. all right come on all right up there one one.

One one one foreign foreign there we go foreign foreign thank you.

Okay let me see that now thank you foreign foreign.

Foreign thank you hi everyone five guys crazy one.

And um come on eight four two three I'm a receiver 942.942 thank you right out.

Four nine one nope questions all right now all right at 11-5
Mary Brascia and Hayden Patriquin vs Jennifer Tavernier and Kyle Koszuta
I enjoy watching Maggie and Hayden play but I was rooting for Jennifer and Kyle.
Jennifer aka MinneNinja was on the championship team on season 1 of Team Ninja Warrior.
Check out her channel: @minneninja-jennifertaverni2312
Enjoyed meeting and talking with Kyle…he has been documenting his journey to pro and he’s an exceptional writer. Highly recommend his weekly newsletter
Maggie Brascia and Hayden Patriquin battle through to bronze.
I realize not many read the description but I wanted to share this with you!