And welcome to day two here at the app sunmed Mesa open presented by head pickleball I'm Chad Edwards we are here at Bell Bank Park in Mesa Arizona it's mix Pro doubles day and then men's and women's Senior Pro doubles our next match up here on Championship court number two is between the two seed.

Deco bar and Andrea Coop taking on Millie Rayne and Pablo Tellez and rain moving on with a win over right and Fort 11 3 7 11 11 2. and Coop and bar winning their first matchup against Katie Pooler and Ryan Gilbert 11-6 11-7 yeah good ball down the line there by.

Tears zero zero one all right so just a little date so quick side out there if it's a is in ring oh that ball was definitely going out Ray not able to pull her paddle down in time Coop giving a little.

Good step out there from rain giving herself plenty of clearance tayers is going to take a lot of the Court big forehand from the Lefty and that ball just did not sit up enough for bar to drive that one missing it into the net so we're at zero one one crane giving her paddle a little look.

There see her playing with a Yola paddle now she was playing with paddle Tech that ball missing wide on the third shot drop so another quick side out for tears and rain still trying to find a little bit of Rhythm here good around the pulse defense from tears but.

Bar able to put the pressure on with a big forehand and taya's ball missing out deep that big serve of bar giving Rain a little bit of pressure so three zero one now for Coop and Bar make that four zero one for one now for Coupe and Bar make that four zero one.

Good ball movement there bar trying to get one through with a mid-pay speed up but rain all over it catching the Baseline good setup there from bar using that first speed up to get that ball up to be able to put it away now that ball sells deep from tears.

Just a little flat on that forehand didn't quite brush up the back of the ball enough to bring that back down in and one of the issues there with rain sliding over as far as she is right now we see her straddling the sideline Coupe able to pull her out a little bit wider going at the body and then not able to come back and lift the hole open.

And then another Miss return are up eight zero two now big honey there from bar first one of the match I haven't seen I was watching the first round match didn't see much from him in that one but as the day continues and he starts warming up big part of his game.

And a good speed up there through the middle so rain and Tay is still not able to get on the board to serve at eight zero one good setup there from rain and a good finish by Tears sliding over with the forehand put away foreign but I tried to go with that pancake half.

Scorpion on the forehand but taya's read it well we've seen a couple of good speed ups that speed up used as a one-two combination and Tay isn't rain on the board now that Miss return from coop they're at one eight two Paul's sitting up too much from taya's bar easy ball to put some power and.

Pressure with eight one one catching that one too late backswing on that two-handed backhand a little too big Coop and bar up 9-1-1 yeah good speed up say as has the ability for that quick flick.

When we see him going more in the middle of the Court definitely a lot stronger on his forehand than his backhand that neck cord throwing bar off a little bit missing that Ball Deep so Byron Q able to get one rain and Taz 191. third too good from coop.

Coop and bod definitely two plays that you can't give any height to can't leave any ball up they will make you pay for it and we see good spin from Barr on that Top Spin forehand taya's not able to pick it up and get that back over that was the setup from Bob are using.

That big serve to get that short return see him driving a lot of those thirds it's just too good of ball movement there from both bar and coop rain clearing herself in the middle of the point that hit that forehand but again what we saw earlier in the in this game when she moves out that far it opens up the right side of the Court.

And that ball missing wide so Coop and bar taking game one a score of ten to one we're going to take a quick break and we'll be back here from the app sunmed Mesa open presented by head pickleball for game number two.

Foreign foreign thank you.

So back here for game number two bar and coop taking game one ten one Coop giving me the bring the level down of my commentary a little bit yeah I better start there from tayers really being aggressive there in the middle of the Court taking control good.

Movement nice short compact swings so better start already up one zero and we hear Coop say watch out in the middle of that point that ball sitting up just a little too much potatoes continuing to put good pressure on I like the aggression definitely need to change something up from game one.

And now we continue him pulling the trigger speeding those balls up he can keep up that intensity for this game oh he was there swung down on that one a little too much catching the top of the net so zero three one Tays and rain getting.

Three on the board observe another couple of good balls there tires with the big forehand finish to the feet of bar today is trying to come over and take that one rain and Tay is getting a little caught up.

Good balls that from rain I think on the pressure so coopenbach getting one grain and Tay is up three one one again good aggressive play there from tayers and Rain Taya is reaching in on the backhand quick flick speed up Rain there to put the big forehand away on that ball that set off off of the speed.

Up four one one third all right just catching that full hand a little too deep behind the body came out flat see bar with the Ernie off of the floating third shot drop from rain okay is trying to defend it but catching.

The top Edge oh Bob missed that one just wide that's what that big sub does it sets up that short return and allows him to step in Coop all over that speed up from rain and getting a little extra help off of the net cord so a quick side out for tears and Rain coop.

At 141 why don't say his nose we got a little lucky with that one off of the top of the net cord Drive sails deep so four two two here oh nice hands from tears scrambling all over the court on that one five two two.

And we're here bar saying again those two balls into the top of the net just catching them a little late not quite out in front enough sometimes a couple of inches closer to the body means catching that neck cord and chops that ball down a couple of.

Inches so it's a good counter-attack from rain recognizing that her ball was going to float knowing that the attack was going to come but she got a little too big on that last forehand a good spot there from Coop going into the body of rain she tried to clear herself to hit the forehand but just not.

Able to catch up to it so we're at four six one well hey there hey Shay I just got a delivery of a hay shade pickleball t-shirt all right shout out to Cayman Steve good to see you guys as well good shot there into the body of bar not able to get across on that forehand.

Good speed up from Coop but was standing a little tall that next four hand sail deep on her brain almost able to pick up that one at her feet but a good ball from bar 742 oh nice defense there from tears only around the post but again Coop catching rain trying to slide to the left to open.

That forehand rain couldn't do anything with it except try to catch it with that left hand say I would say that doesn't count it it hit his body first and then came off the paddle but the defense from Coop got them back into that point.

A good eye from Barr good reach in speed up to the right hip of rain she's definitely favoring that for him but it's giving her issues as far as they're going into the body so we saute as defend a couple of around the post from bar there but far taking a little bit of pace off that around the post not giving tears the ability to.

Just get a paddle on it smart play there from bar getting a Little Help from the net cord on that one kicking up a little too high for Tears so we're going to take a timeout from tears and rain fire and Coop able to get themselves back into this one.

After a much better start from tears and rain being more aggressive to start game two here it came out a little flat in game one I played the fifth Shea on answering that one but I think most of you would already know my answer.

So Coop and bar are up eight seven one now full sailing beat from rain not comfortable on that backhand side at all in this match good forehand put away there from tears I mean definitely not feeling comfortable we see a little bit of Miss footwork.

That jammed up popped that ball up and it gives Match Point here for fire and coop so big comeback there from bar and Coop good finish on the speed up into the body of rain Coop and bar taking this one 10 oh sorry 11-1 11-7 we're going to take a break here from.

Championship court number two and we'll return for more action from the app sunmed Mesa open presented by head pickleball there was a time when I was young my brothers were young and we actually lived in just a small motel room for about nine months my brothers my dad and.

I and it really taught us that you don't need a lot to be happy in life foreign foreign.

Foreign there's only one window is only one.

foreign foreign you have a place to turn it on Talking Stick Resort foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign there's only one window only one.

Back here at Bell Bank Park in Mesa Arizona for the app sunmed Mesa open presented by head pickleball our next match up here on Championship court number two is between the six seed Lauren stratman and Julian Arnold taking on the 3C Georgia Johnson and DJ Young.

Stratman and Arnold with wins over Tatiana Rule and Noah zwern 11 5 11 8. and then a win over the 11th seed Mary brescia and Stefan Avon 11 5 11 5. Johnson and young with wins over Kim Leighton and Zach gabrovic 11-7 13-11 and then push to three games against.

Michelle and Daniel de la Rosa seven eleven eleven four eleven eight still waiting for DJ young and Georgia Johnson to come out to the court but yesterday was Men's Pro and women's Pro singles we've already got our match-ups for Championship Sunday Federico Stacks rude.

We'll take on J.W Johnson for the Men's Pro and Georgia Johnson will take on Mary Brusha on the women's side let me see DJ and Georgia coming across the back side of the Court a little bit of a chilly day in Mesa 61 degrees right now but that being said anything other than.

Florida feels chilly right now so Georgia Johnson's out here still DJ went to the restroom really quickly before coming out but I was giving Lauren and Julian a little bit of a hard time here before and it's definitely Julian Arnold that is all for the matching outfits Within.

Their partnership Lauren said she gets dressed in the morning and Julian is already matching and then she tries to change and he's got and he's matching again so I wouldn't be trying to pickles buttons down the side definitely trying to be one on the court.

So DJ young out here now we're gonna I'm gonna go back to the brackets and see some of the other matchups here in this Pro mix doubles draw we've got the one seed Simone jajing playing with Dylan Frasier they won their first match against Andrea Olson and Michael Enright 11-4 11-3.

And then one over Lena padiga Maite and Rob nunnery 11-7-11-1 we just saw the two seed of decobar and Andrea Coop winning over rain and taya's 11-7-11-1 we've got our threes here in action with Georgia Johnson and DJ Young and then our four seed Susanna Barr and Zane navratal.

Winning their first round against Casey Rogers and Lucas Crippen 11-3-11-2 and then winning against Sierra gate and Leach and Mario Barrientos 211 11 3 11-2 teams still alive here in the top drawer the 9C Christine McGrath and Rafa Hewitt won their first round against.

Chris T deal and cam luring 11-11-6 and then beating the eight seed Sarah annsbury and Austin Gridley 6-11-11 5 11 5. five seed Vivian David and Yates Johnson won their first match 11-4 11-6 they're out on court nine playing against Maggie brescia and Hayden Patrick Quinn who won their first round against.

Jennifer to Vernier and Carl katzut uh kazuta 11 4 11 5. Coop and Barr will take on Sarah Burr and Kai mcmaken up next and then judging and Frazier will take on McGrath and Hewitt over on CC1 so they'll probably hold that match.

Until our stream starts over on CC1 at 11 A.M couple of minutes left here in warm up I think we'll be looking for both the guys in this one to be aggressive taking a whole lot of middle I mean typically we see that in mixed.

Doubles anyway but you've got two very strong very well moving guys in this one Julian Arnold good two hand flick roll on the backhand side and then DJ young one of the more aggressive players on the men's side right typically what it comes down to.

With him is how much control we'd call it a controlled aggression whereas if he starts going a little too hard both the balls fly and spray on him he's gonna sit around that 80 90 percent aggression level stratman and Johnson.

Both having high quality two-hand backhands and a lot of power on that forehand side as well so this should be a very good match up here all right here we go so set to start here with Georgia Johnson to serve one zero two quick point for Johnson and Young.

Oh whoa young coming across there but having to jump the kitchen and avoid Georgia and not fall in good move there from Young oh laughs young asking if he made that one good stab get that came back over the.

Net it's set up in Arnold going straight at him I like that drive from strap in there just needs to get on the boat a little bit more little flat there from Arnold see him Shadow swing that same stroke that he.

Just missed getting underneath it a little bit more yeah good balls there from Julian Arnold Arnold playing with his new Volare paddle and the first Andiamo of the match there from Julian Arnold I do think stratman hit an apple after that.

Around the post defense there from Young what Arnold putting it away anyway that ball missed just deep thank you good roll from Arnold but a little too much power on that one who's there one so a quick saw it out for stratman and Arnold 201 Georgia.

And DJ Young good setup there from Young Inside Out forehand pushing out wide pulling Arnold off the court setting that whole sequence up it's a good spot from Lauren stratman recognizing that young was going to come back into the middle of the Court went back into the right hip young wasn't.

Able to clear himself so stratman and Arnold trying to get on the board stratman standing Just A Little Too Tall there on the third shot drop not getting through that ball enough to get the depth to get over the net oh it's a good move from Arnold yeah I'm almost able to defend it.

But Arnold and stratman now on the board one three two good spots good speed up from stratman right hip of DJ young and then going back past him Johnson not able to catch up to it all right good drive and step in there from Arnold heavy Top Spin on that forehand causing.

Johnson to pop that ball up so we're all tied at threes now see that heavy Top Spin it's that late movement with that Top Spin that is just dipping forcing Johnson to open up the paddle face when she tries to drop down with that movement three four one.

A little upset with himself missing that third shot drop good speed up from Georgia Johnson going crossbody on Julian Arnold we saw him sliding to the left looking for that backhand it's a little delay here with the ball going up and over the fence but I think it's in a locked area back there.

No there's a gate open so Arnold's going out there to get it himself four four two four four two here young was all over that speed up from Arnold but just got a little too big with the swing oh defense from Georgia Johnson.

Somehow able to get that ball back when she'll stretch out wide on the forehand side good spots from Young going up high into the chest of Arnold night out four five one second good hands there from Arnold.

Play netcode had a little hindrance there as far as timing for Johnson and young oh and then some miscommunication there oh excellent defense from stratman and Arnold in that one can we see young just going a little too big with the backswing it's in that one late missing it into.

The net chord and then a missed return Chapman and Arnold now up 7-4 1 good drive from Julian Arnold again with that late movement from the heavy Top Spin Johnson and young calling a timeout now down eight four one so Johnson and young came out strong going up 3-0.

Good aggressive play from young but we've seen him miss a couple Bulls into the net on that full hand side trying to go a little too big a little too aggressive needs to shorten up that swing a little bit and then for Johnson the Top Spin Drive of Arnold's been giving her a little bit of pressure.

Again it's that late movement once it gets over the net it just dips so when you drop that paddle quickly paddle face tends to open up and then leaves that ball up would be a bad idea for her to just take a step back from the kitchen line give yourself a little bit more reaction time Arnold and stratman looking to keep this.

Pressure on keep their roll going and a good spot there from Young shorting up his swing went crossbody on Arnold Arnold tried to go around the back to get that one another Miss from Young into the net on the forehand nine four two don't go.

Stratman was there she'd moved well just tried to go cross-court with it and hit it flat Johnson and young trying to make up some ground here down by five better better play there good counter-attack from Johnson and a good controlled forehand from Young going out wide behind Arnold.

Two big overheads there from Julian Arnold really uses his body well on those overheads you see him get down use those legs and that's of Mrs d ude so Johnson young able to get one but still down by four stratman and Arnold nine five one very nice spot from Lauren stratman.

Reaching and taking that ball early brushing up the back of it topspin and it's very tough on that right hip to right armpit we got game point and that is the first game for stratman and Arnold up winning that one 11-5 going on an 11-2 run so I'm gonna take a quick commercial.

Break and we'll be back here for game two at the app sunmed Mesa open presented by head pickleball hold up foreign.

foreign here at Bell Bank Park Mesa Arizona mix Pro doubles Arnold and stratman taking the first one 11-5 good deep return there from Johnson.

I'd like to see Johnson and young come out aggressive here in game two like they started game one yeah right good hands good read for me on that ball floated a little bit on Johnson's third shot drop but young was there for the counter attack it's a good spot good control there from.

Young tough ball to angle that backhand across his body yeah good reach in and again good paddle control there from Young brushes up the back of the ball doesn't overheat it and that height on it forcing Arnold to try to let it go when.

It drops in the back of the Court good spot from Arnold catching young with his feet still moving so the speed UPS don't always have to be hard it's been saw on the previous one from Young and an excellent third shot drop there from yarn.

Moving around it inside out forehand and we've got a quick timeout from Arnold and stratman excellent start here in game two from Johnson and Young so I'll go back to that reach in speed up from DJ Young you know it's a mid-pace speed up puts heavy spin on it brings it up it's.

Almost a half offensive lob there but Arnold Let It Go thinking it was going to go out but the spin created from Young with the brushing up the back of the ball gets that ball to drop back in 15 seconds there you go here we go.

You lost good angle from Arnold to finish that one but good defensive from oh yeah dive under the table try to get the ball zero four one Arnold was all over the two-hand backhand there but catching it late catching it too close.

To the body and we see and we've seen it in both these first two matches any ball that's kind of back closer to the body it's coming up very flat just a little too much lift from Arnold on that one but good pressure from Georgia Johnson so a quick side out.

Young setting that one up with the third shot lob throwing it up into the sun Arnold put a good swing on the overhead but young using that power to bring it back catching the net cord and getting a little lucky as well excellent job there from Lauren stratman young tried to stay in that point but.

She did a good job of changing positions with her shots with the ball adding spin when needed I think just a little hesitation there on the movement from Arnold up to that ball late on the only attempt 602 for young and Johnson I know trying to get out of the way of that one but.

Ended up hooking it back behind him I don't think that ball was definitely probably more than likely that was the most awkward sentence in the history of sentences right there that bowl was definitely going out from Lauren stratman yeah very good spot there from DJ young and we see right hip right armpit there.

To the right-hander two handcuffing Arnold good offensive love there from stratman wasn't a deep lob but it was effective because it was over the backhand side to get a strong overhead right then young not able to adjust enough after the net cord.

Freebie there from Young so Chapman and Arnold grabbing three quick points three six two now say wow good attempt there from young but very awkward shot to try reach out one time running back past that lob just trying to hit it.

Back over his shoulder so we see a timeout now from Johnson and Young similar start in game one when they're up 3-0 and then stratman and Arnold with the big comeback but a good start from Johnson young going up 6-0 they've allowed stratman.

And and Arnold back into this one however good adjustment from stratman and Arnold they've put a little bit more pressure on themselves so we're kind of seeing that the team that's being the aggressive first coming out on top of a lot of these.

Points and that's the big change in pickleball it used to be whoever sped it up first would lose it now it's who can get going with that fire fight really put the pressure on early good movement from Johnson she just was a little late getting to that ball you know it's a good setup there too her partner DJ Young.

That's a good side out there from stratman and Arnold oh got it good ball control from uh from Young there pulling Arnold out wide then going out wide to stratman hitting that ball to sit up enough for the speed up so it's good side out there from Johnson and Young on the return.

Let a one-hand pulp there from Georgia Johnson you know low enough on Arnold here we go seven four one yeah very good speed up there from stratman low foreign.

one oh Johnson had the around the post just over hit it marshmallow Johnson to answer your question uh yeah these courts are facing east west well running East West I should say so definitely one side.

Of Johnson with their back to the Sun it's a little tougher for Arnold and stratman on that side good counter attack there from DJ young getting up on top of that ball Johnson and young still holding on to a one-point lead yeah that ball stayed in as well.

So another good speed up from Lauren stratman again a mid-pay speed up with some height on it yeah that one not as good of a speed up Johnson all over that one so I haven't really didn't do much with the backhand just popped it up Lauren giving a big sigh there telling.

Arnold a couple of times out to let it bounce maybe that ball is going to go out but Arnold was dialed in on that one being aggressive oh young and Johnson both going for that ball in the middle flashing paddles and missing a wide seeing Arnold being a little more aggressive both with his speed ups and.

His court movement it's typically when he's playing his best when he's really getting active with that movement so if Johnson and young burning their second timeout Joe Perry everybody looks ready so we'll go time in.

Seven eight one good time out there from Johnson and Young certainly missing that drop into the net see your side out now after that timeout Johnson and young trying to close this one out fill up by one oh stratman tried to change direction.

And she had the speed up she saw a young girl to the middle and tried to go back behind him down the line put that one late decision closer to catch the ball a little late as well your control there from Georgia Johnson choosing to just roll that ball out of the air go back out wide to stratman rather than speeding it up we saw.

Stratman kind of get back on her heels so Arnold and stratman taking the second timeout now Johnson and young with game point here for game number two trying to force this to a game three here we go time in ten seven one deep return.

Second seven now ten seven two oh young slid into that one trying to counter attack again on the backhand side but good job from stratman Seven Ten one technical control there from Young and Johnson timeout uh good so good side out there.

From Johnson and Young brings up another game point a good reach in roll on the backhand side there from Julian Arnold doesn't go for too much power but adds a lot of spin to it that ball is wide Arnold and stratman saving four game points so far.

Good aggression from Lauren stratman two Big Four Hands Johnson catching that one late getting jammed up a tough ball for Arnold to try to come over and crash on that one it's a good drive from stratman but young did a good job of just absorbing blocking that ball down.

All looked like it may have been a little deep off the net but young and Johnson weren't able to see it oh boy I'm trying to add a little too much spin on that return so now stratman and Arnold bring it back it's all tied up at 10 10.

Timely errors for young and Johnson stratman misses that easy dink into the net worth that ball goes wide second service thought there from Johnson trying to catch stratman while she was coming up the feet moving.

Excellent job there from Georgia Johnson see stratman going with the Top Spin forehand dink Johnson takes a lot of those forehand balls on the half folly very close to the bounce so it neutralizes some of that spin it's the ball back on stratman quickly so stratman and Arnold save five game points so far.

Young just tried to rush that speed up cut his cut his swing short so we're all tied up at 11th DJ young says Nope on that speed up from Lauren stratman sitting all over it ripping that forehand back through the middle of the Court good ball there from Georgia Johnson back out wide to the backhand of Julian.

Arnold he's not able to catch up to it brings up game point number six for Johnson and Young he'd reach in from stratman foreign and a good spot right in the right hip of DJ Young oh that ball was deep.

So Johnson and young taking game two here 13-11. we're gonna take a break and we'll be back here for game number three Bell Bank cocky foreign foreign.

back here at the app sunmed Mesa open presented by head pickleball for game number three in this matchup between the three seed Georgia Johnson and DJ young taking on the six seed Lauren stratman and Julian Arnold stratman and Arnold taking.

Game one 11-6 and then Johnson and young taking game two 13-11 stratman and Arnold saving seven game points before losing game number two spot from DJ young into the right here for Julian Arnold.

Right there too foreign backhand Cross Court from DJ Young oh yeah I'm getting really big on that forehand foreign speed up there I'll be Zone from Jolene Arnold with that two-hand backhand cross-court going.

In the body of DJ Young one two one second turn one two both oh just out stratman turned all around on that one excellent spin on those balls from Young and Johnson.

Keeping on strapping them back yeah Julian Julian a little confused that saying that they're all that they're on the wrong side arguing that they had one and Georgia returned and said yes that is correct Georgia started serving well I think that.

That's a whole bunch of Jillian's created a whole bunch of confusion on the car right now but we're all square one two one oh that ball was going way out good pressure there for me on crashing hard speeding that ball up in stratman's run out to get that one back.

Behind the fence here on Championship court number two one foreign good offensive lob there from Lauren stratman that ball wide to the forehand going back to the middle of the Court Cross Court to the deepest part over the.

Backhand side of Johnson very good spot for that offensive lot Johnson's telling yourself she needs to lift that one up and over and she came very flat to that ball so we're all tied at twos oh right into the chest of Arnold stratman trying to go that same offensive lob positioning but young.

Recognizing that early catch in the net court and missing deep good speed up there from Arnold selling it like he's going to go back cross-court to the backhand of DJ Young and then quick change of position and roll back through the middle.

Communication and good job taking the ball out of the air picking out Young's backhand while he was still moving again another good spot Arnold doing a good job of selling that with the body young has to hold his position there Johnson needs to slide over a little bit more middle.

Good spots there from Lauren stratman looks like Arnold just didn't quite see that ball was thrown off a little bit there is a lot of glare out here on these courts that out I've seen a couple of times a little late in reaction.

Good defense there from Giuliano a couple of good resets keeping that ball down good mid-pace drive there from DJ young just added some spin stratman's still trying to come across the court after that's that catching a little too much metal a little too short.

On that return a good counter attack there from Arnold watch oh that ball just didn't come up excellent job from stratman Arnold to stay in that point good job from Johnson not trying to do too much.

And she was still moving coming across the court with the stack too big of a backswing there from stratman got on top of that ball pushed it down into the net cord now we saw Arnold trying to come back to the middle too soon on that one set himself up well for the roll down.

The line but with that movement back to the middle flattened out on him initially that one would look like it was going to go deep off of the paddle of young bit certainly short enough just missed wide big overhead from Julian Arnold three five one.

Foreign Johnson with the around the post Arnold with the miss defense but it catches Johnson in the backside when she's outside the court foreign young did an excellent job there in the.

Middle of the point in resetting back into that point but too big on that forehand back on the backswing of the forehand and again too big so young and Johnson were up 5-3 now we're going to switch sides with stratman and Arnold up six five thank you.

Back and forth battle here but we've seen some errors creep into both teams games most noticeably for young and Johnson the big forehand misses from Young when he tries to go for too much and both Arnold and stratman have missed some balls into the net on the ball getting just a little too.

Close to the body and flattening out on their swing all right here we go came in six five one let's return from Johnson free point good serve there from Arnold with some spin what's up excellent defense there from Lauren.

Stratman getting them back into the point and then the speed up into young young again getting a little too big with the backswing oh he had it Arnold had that drive but tried to rush getting rid of it before Johnson could get over to cover yeah good spin again there from DJ Young.

So we're on the backhand side brushing up the back of the ball causing the ball to skip up and then on the forehand side he came over it a little bit more in that ball so that stayed down Johnson caught with her feet still moving on that backhand nice deep return there from Arnold.

Pushing young all the way back behind the Baseline tough to drive off of that ball good pressure there from Georgia Johnson telling Arnold to watch it knowing him balls sitting up a little too much and Johnson going back behind stratman and she was trying to come back through the middle.

Good recognition there from Georgia Johnson we're so young dropped down into that scorpion position knowing that stratman was going to come at him oh and that bowl is going to go too high and Too Deep let that one go oh let's.

Not a very good offensive lob there from stratman didn't get the height and didn't get the depth easy overhead there from DJ Young quick out a quick timeout from stratman and Arnold gotta switch to the sunglasses Mitch the glare is killing me so we've got a.

A nice app tent here beside Championship court number two but we've got white sides on it and the Sun is beating down on this tent which is good because it's keeping us a little bit warmer but the glare is really starting to kick up and there's a lot of glare on the corks as well.

here we go seven eight one yeah good job there from TJ young point eight one so Roll Tide here at eight good pressure from Arnold Johnson not able to pick that one up salmon in complete control of that point.

There but a good job from young stepping in and just blocking it Chapman trying to go too big and missing into the net a lot of an easy error there from DJ Young and it turns around and gives a little bit of a laugh to Georgia Johnson Karen Hill to answer your question.

Someone who's playing over on CC1 with Dylan Fraser she missed Nationals because Andrea Coop got coven right before the tournament so she did not have a women's fontness oh just missed that one wide out 981 I'm out serving team scores nine eight.

Per four so strategic offensive timeout here from young and Johnson two points away from taking this one that fought their way back in to game number three and it just imposing themselves.

So I can see the scoreboard over on CC1 zhajin and Frasier taking down Hewitt and McGrath it's like 9 11 11 5 11 6. good hands there from Johnson going head to head with Julian Arnold yeah hey what that brings up match point for Johnson and Young.

That ball missed just why good effort there from stratman and Arnold but Johnson and Young fighting their way back in game three and then continuing the pressure we're going to take a quick break and return back here to the app sunmed Mesa open presented by head pickleball right after this.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign.

thank you foreign foreign the pulse the beat the vibe you have a place to turn it on Talking Stick Resort out.

There foreign we're back here on Championship court number two at the app sunmed Mesa open presented by head pickleball with a women's Senior Pro matchup between Eva walsher and Helen Wilhelm taking on Cami McGregor and Jennifer.

Dawson Dawson and McGregor coming in as the two seed walsher and Wilhelm coming in as the four seed Wilson and Wilhelm with wins over Kim Jade and Chris Hodges 11 3 11 6 and Jenny klitsch and Natalie Bagby 11 uh uh four eleven eleven nine eleven one.

Ball missing just a little wine and Dawson and McGregor with wins over Hafford and young 11 4 11-5 and Julie Johnson and Anna Shirley 12 10 11-0 third zero zero two glitch and Bagby were the number one C well in that bowl.

Still stayed in the vicinity of the court but almost went over The Back Fence there from Jennifer Dawson the ball there from Wilhelm McGregor just a little late catching up to that one with a little jammed on that forehand side first.

One zero two bold deep off of the paddle of Wilhelm good speed up there from McGregor to start that one big backhand from Jennifer Dawson good job there from Helen Wilhelm getting on top of that ball and heading down through it.

The commentators curse there saying good job and then she misses the next return into the net points hey visibly disappointed in itself there missing that forehand yeah good job there from McGregor coming in up to the kitchen on the Johnson oh sorry the.

Dawson Drive good Top Spin forehand from Jennifer Dawson Dawson catching that one just a little a little late a little too big of a backswing on the backhand side and that ball sailed deep so free point.

There again Dawson getting a little too big catching the net cord on that one missed out wide with the deflection you are so Wilhelm and welsha up 4-3-2 now Wilhelm caught a little off balance was expecting that ball to go more middle it also went into the body.

Good firm volley there from Wilhelm Dawson trying to drive it but the firmness of that ball coming back threw her timing off a couple of good backhands there from welsher so good sight out there from Welsh and Wilhelm looking to extend their knee their lead.

Good read there from McGregor recognizing that walsher was going to speed that up through the middle typically speed up a little bit more Cross Court it's your partner that pays for it Wilhelm wasn't able to catch up to it she got some luck there with the net cord McGregor was.

Moving for a half funny but hit off the net chord popped up and over McGregor's paddle and then that ball didn't come up as all at at all my goodness I'm tripping over my own tongue right now a better backhand speed up there from Jennifer Dawson it's more compact.

Below that ball and a quick flick up that was a side out no was not a point you gave them a point well we got a little referee screw up here gave him a point off of the Dawson speed up instead of a second server.

Thank you ladies so it's four three two McGregor a little frustrated there right up a Little Help from the neck cold there on the forehand like Dawson five two that return from Wilhelm going deep.

Dawson and McGregor now bringing it back all square at fives oh six five two oh Wilhelm asking well she if he wanted to take a time out before that one wolf just said no but then missing that return deep so time out here from walsher and Wilhelm.

Where Dawson and McGregor up 7-5 now it's due to too many arrows creeping into the game of Walsh and Wilhelm the last few points left a couple balls up missed a couple of returns I got a special guest that just stepped into the booth with me so.

Indoor force or my outside voice I don't know did you say voice so Simone joining me in the booth let's go nice overhead there from Helen Wilhelm uh one thing that I noticed that has been really difficult is the third shot drop and I think that that's if you're scoring on your serve I mean it's just.

Really difficult the returns don't come up they skid off the court quite often dropping is very difficult so if you can score in your serve that's you're in good shape don't have to runs are hard I think and you're talking in general for this tournament you're not talking about this.

Match there's a good shot there from McGregor selling that she was going to go down the line and a quick slice backhand through the middle it's harder to get a rhythm here because of how the ball it's drier and I think we are above sea level as well so it's I don't know what.

The but if the balls feel like it flies more so on the drops yeah it's a lot of ball with the temperature yeah as well so I'm driving I think it's a lot of players are finding that that's a better way to score sign five one and that ball getting a little too.

Behind Wilhelm there it's the second time she goes with the flicker down the middle ten five one one minute so game point number one for Dawson and McGregor Walsh and Wilhelm going to take time out trying to freeze it a little.

Bit but yeah back to back to your point Simoni as far as we are seeing more drives today uh and we typically see that one it's a when it's a harder ball and we've seen a lot of balls not coming up off of the Court well I think it's a mixture of two things I think that uh it's hard to get a rhythm because when you drop the ball.

Is tending to stay a little higher and then also on top of that I think um even if you are making the drop it's not doing much damage I mean it it definitely brings you in but you have to be so perfect with it um so it's pretty tough uh where the drive it kind of it's lower percentage.

But I think it gets you more points and ultimately it gets it gets you in um because the volleys are hard oh nice game one for Jennifer Dawson and Cami McGregor bit of a slow start but they come back and win this one 11-5 we're going to take a.

Quick break and we'll be back here from Bell Bank Park in Mesa Arizona for the app sunmed Mesa open presented by head pickleball oh foreign foreign game number two here of this women's.

Senior Pro women's doubles matchup Jennifer Dawson Kevin McGregor McGregor taking the first one 11-5 good balls there from Ava walsher or Eva I should say to the backhand of McGregor that's a great drop a little deeper a little lower nice well she's gonna do a little bit.

More with that one stepping forward with an open face popping that up oh man oh he's got some love that's some lock from the net cord Alan Wilhelm trying to will Jen to get there even though all good friends on the court what were you gonna say no Kim like try like three times to a block that's so tough It's so.

Tough to block those balls because the ball does not stay on the path it's just the feel and I mean Kim has like one of the best hands in the game and she's having a hard time with that so three zero two for Welsh and Wilhelm Drive sailing a little deep ER.

Good reach in roll from Welsh on the forehand side Dawson caught with her feet still moving trying to come forward or catching the Baseline never came up nice move recognize Jen's Drive was great and there she went point.

So Dawson took a step forward there and then stepped back Wilhelm saw the first movement tried to girl hard at her and pin up then over swung so the movement by Dawson created a little bit of pressure then nice Ball by Dawson up into the body of Wilhelm four three two.

Ball didn't come up either one minute is it have you noticed any any dead spots on the courts or is it just the fact that the ball is is sliding on it it's not quite round honestly it's going out around it's it's like uh you have to check the balls every six seven points.

I checked like three times and uh 15 seconds so Dawson and McGregor going back ahead now after a early 3-0 lead from Walsh and Wilhelm that's a combination good good deep sub from it's awesome and Then followed up with the the good drive and then cam for.

Pressure through them they had a ball from Wilhelm getting it down to the feet of Dawson as she's coming forward that's great good ball movement good positioning there from Helen Wilhelm I think our son thinks that he's uh a window a window.

You're very cute but we need to do it doesn't need to take that one a little earlier or get underneath it a little bit more one of the two she kind of let that one drop and get close to the body all tied up at sixes now this you're correct.

How long have uh Kim and Jim been playing in this position uh as far as Jen being on the left side on the right they're only just switched to to Jen going back to what I'm saying uh Kim is the first server or has just she's just the first server and then she's been playing on the left.

You've been sitting here next no no I know I'm joking I'm joking I'm not gonna get myself in trouble on air uh no Kim came in Kim came in I had started this one as the first server they they started off in a stack with Jen playing on the right on the right a little too big there from Dawson let me see the face of the paddle lay back.

Take it further back on that ball that's up good hook shot overhead there from Eva walsher tough the sun's kind of changing a little bit but earlier on definitely those offensive lobes working stadium side looking up into the sun oh McGregor tried to.

Hit down through that a little too much yeah good forehand roll there from welsher took the ball early added some Top Spin to it kind of kicked a little bit on Dawson she wasn't able to get it up and over the net that's nice good change of Direction down the line from Wilhelm.

McGregor just lean to the middle a little bit giving Wilhelm the window of opportunity she needed so time out here from Dawson and McGregor second so walsha and Wilhelm trying to get take game two here to push this one to a game.

Three one oh Wilshire wanted that one but she came too flat that ball started dropping and once you're above that ball and it starts dropping you have a tendency to continue down on it instead of getting underneath it and brushing it.

Well see the only thing is even sometimes that she does such a good job with some of the counters and attacks but then she appreciate it sorry Ava and then she'll step back and leave a bit of a hole which enables them to then counter back to her feet.

Gives up space and opens up the feet and I mean because we teach a little bit we see that all often happen with some of our students that they will hit a good Ball but then they will kind of just watch instead of moving up to the line and finish finish off what they started eight nine two.

Just on the line that one's not though so love return I mean love Surf and then one minute I love the third shot good change of pace there from McGregor on both of those ones well definitely irritated so I saw the in your first round match.

Uh the guy was hitting sky ball Subs but it was it was weird because you couldn't really do any I mean he he from around here or something because you do not want to overheat those because they just fly you don't want to come on top of it and try to you know put a tuna paste the ball just sails so.

That's kind of we we just were being a little bit more conservative didn't do too much to it so Patrick Quinn and brasha took game one over on CC One Eleven eight but I think the bar and never till it's now six seven well seven six for bar and number two.

Well just a little wide so game point number two here for Welsh and Wilhelm set up too much I should say this is game point number two previous point was game number two gay point oh my.

God yeah Walsh and Wilhelm take game number two and four six one two a third game we're going to take a quick break and we will return here for game number three on Championship court number two at the app sunmed Mesa open presented by head pickleball.

foreign foreign doubles match up Dawson and McGregor taking game one.

Walsher and Wilhelm taking game number two wow nice exchange there from Wilhelm and welsha excellent coverage from welsha and the big finish down the line McGregor recognizing that that ball is going to go out that was gonna be tough.

To get that ball from down below the net and shape it back into the court just gets out of the way a little too flat on that drive from McGregor well sure visibly frustrated with herself again we saw the same thing from Welsh that McGregor did just coming in flat behind.

The ball and hitting through it has to have some shape to it could speed up there from McGregor even though that ball was probably going to go out forces well Paul Owen tried to hit the ball over from the court in the side three times and hit the same.

Advertising sponsor sign it's around the court you go ahead there from Jennifer Dawson yeah that's a good move there from McGregor a little shake and bake recognizing that oh knowing that Dawson's going to drive that one.

McGregor moves up high to the kitchen line so a lot more aggressive here in game two similar to the second half of game one for McGregor and Dawson like when they are the aggressors there or putting a lot more pressure on welsher and Wilhelm.

They're having a lot of success if they're allowing walsha and Wilhelm to kind of extend the point a little bit that's giving the upper hand to Walsh and Wilhelm so if Dawson and McGregor want to take this one I think they need to continue being aggressive Walsh and Wilhelm need to find a way to kind of slow the pace.

Down a little bit spread the ball out create an opening and then choose their time to attack good defense there from Cami McGregor Dawson's ball popped up a little bit Wilhelm put a good swing on it but McGregor able to keep them in that point a good eye by welsher there one five one.

Good ball there from McGregor and good movement clearing yourself and giving yourself some room what five one one five one two three so we've got a wrong receiver call here on this one.

McGregor and Dawson off to a quick 6-1 lead here game number three find it six one two oh that ball just hung up there a little too long McGregor not able to get behind it two six one good deep return.

Good job there from wall show right ball to speed up from Dawson but she flattened it out too much four six two well how sorry Welsh not able to get back deep enough to set herself up for that drop all too good there from Dawson taking a step back to give yourself a.

Little bit of time and and clearing that forehand sliding to the left foreign McGregor but staying standing a little too tall oh Wilhelm wants that one back never fully got the paddlehead underneath the ball eight four two.

The error there from welsher so a few arrows sliding into Wilhelm and Welsh's game here in game number three Dawson and McGregor neither continue with the pressure they've been putting on doing a good job being aggressive when that ball is up Walsh and Wilhelm just have to play.

Clean pickleball they can't give away those easier points anticipate that this ball is going to come hard time moves you that ball dismissing wide off of the deflection off of the neck chord from Dawson.

So Wilhelm and Walter a little bit of work to do here down four nine I don't mind that the speed up there from welshever again having to get that paddlehead underneath the ball a little bit more this was a good drive from Wilhelm and that second bowl from Wilhelm just sat up too high McGregor getting on top.

Of it hitting it hard down toward the feet of welsha oh excellent ball from Jennifer Dawson on the backhand side too lobs up into the Sun from McGregor that brings up Match Point here for Dawson and McGregor oh well should try to pull the paddle down right at the last minute but caught.

The edge guard Dawson and McGregor taking this one eleven five nine eleven eleven four we're gonna take a quick break and we'll be back here for more action at the app sunmed Mesa open presented by head pickleball there was a time when I was young my.

Brothers were young and we actually lived in just a small motel room for about nine months my brothers my dad and I and it really taught us that you don't need a lot to be happy in life foreign.

The pulse the beat the vibe you have a place to turn it on Talking Stick Resort hold up thank you no time to waste under the set inside.

Up oh foreign foreign go two minutes players.

Foreign one minute remaining back here at the app sunmed Mesa open presented by head pickleball for a men's Senior Pro doubles match up between the three seed Scott Moore and Scott Crandall taking on the 1C Dave Weinbach takes forever and Dane Gingrich.

Crandall and more coming in with wins over Milner and Flynn 9 11 11 6 11 6. and then Furman and Miller 10 12 11 3 11 8. and most recently with a win over matcha marario and John.

Sperling 11-2 5 11 11-1 so they've been pushed to three a couple of times a little bit easier Road for Weinberg and Gingrich with wins over Andrew and Johansson 11 4 11-2 and then most recently went over the four seed Rick whitskin and Jose derisi 11-11-7.

No let's go good hands there from both teams but just too strong from Weinbach and Gingrich and that ball not quite able to climb up and over the net from Scott Moore one zero one no second third ball a little too flat.

From Gingrich set up early set up nicely but it flattened out on him missed a couple of feet past the Baseline good hands from Weinbach on the first one but not able to catch up to the second overhead there from Scott Crandall yeah good ball there from Gingrich more.

Getting a little stuck that ball got back behind that left foot he wasn't able to bring it back forward enough to get it over the net you set up the flick well but didn't quite use the legs enough standing a little too tall good moving good finish the Crandall and more.

Dave Weinbach with some of the fastest hands on the tour and a nice finishing forehand there from Dan Gingrich keeps that paddle out in front and finishes with the extension rather than taking that big back swing more asking Crandall wasn't sure letting him know that that ball is.

Probably going way out yeah foreign equally impressive counter there from Scott Moore keeping that ball down levels just a little wide Buck missing an opportunity on the short return from Crandall.

Good deep sub from Gingrich forcing that shot return spot there from Weinberg or more and Crandall could do was watch that one go past point good spot from Maul you knew that Weinbach was going to come back to the middle on that one try to.

Counter his attack some more just went back behind him good ball from Crandall ah could move there from Gingrich saw that more was stuck and stretched out knew we couldn't do anything but gold down the line.

That balls wide horn Crandall can't have those errors right there yeah good read there from Crandall in order for gingrits to go down the line on that one he's got to clear that left hip so Crandall read that knowing that if he did speed up as far as he could go was through the middle.

But because Gingrich had cleared himself so much and left a big hole in the middle crandalls all over that they tried to do a little too much think that ball from Gingrich was going to stay in but the pace caused the issue for Crandall that Ball's wide from Weinbach tried to.

Do a little too much with it all square at fives tough ball floating from Morgan a little too close to the body gingrich's doing an excellent job reaching in and accelerating through that ball with topspin oh.

Thank you sir I'll show what Gene Grace was anticipating that but he comes back middle and is ready for that attack definitely not a ball that more should hit too many times because it's a it'll be a big feed to the forehand so I'd like to see gingricks come back over.

A little bit more middle when he goes Cross Court right here five two uh I fizzed to answer your question about the state of pickleball in Australia uh it's still growing but if I'm being completely honest.

Uh I have not been back to Australia since 2008 when I moved uh from the west coast to the east coast of States and had kids became a 30-hour transit to try to take a baby down there not the best so time out here from Moore and Crandall uh sorry from Weinbach and Gingrich.

It's been a good job from Moore and Crandall they've played relatively clean pickleball recognizing the speed UPS from Gingrich and Weinbach I think they would be a long way away from playing pickleball at Melbourne Park down in Australia we do have some there.

Are some permanent courts down there now there are some clubs coming up but uh I would say pickleball in Australia is kind of where we were in the U.S in 2015-16 yeah good ball movement there for more pulling weimbach middle and wide keeping him off balance opening that hole it's.

Blind box got fast hands but if you can keep him off balance too good there from Gingrich five eight one oh walked along the net there for a second good reach in for more again we saw it with gingrichs and we just saw it with Weinbach right there they're gone Cross.

Court but not coming back middle more reaching in not overly powerful with the speed up but able to get it behind him enough Hands by Crandall a good dark Matrix move from Crown I think one too many times with that same speed.

If he can dodge a ranch he can dodge a ball uh uh one too many speed UPS there from from Gingrich into the same spot more red that knew the second one was coming for sure maybe the uncharacteristic forehand Miss on a dink from Weinbach right there.

So foot fault cold there on one Buck trying to reach in he's left foot on the line I'll bring up game point here in game number one for more and Crandall come on oh and then the love from the net cord on that one good setup from more on the offensive love to start that one we're going to.

Take a quick break and we'll return here for more action from the app sunmed Mesa open presented by head pickleball right after this thank you thank you foreign foreign so a 6-0 run from Moore and Crandall to.

End game one them taking it 11-5 2 see if Gingrich and Weinbach can answer here in game two but excellent job from Lauren Crandall they want over hitting they were looking for the counter-attacks all right good start there from getting rich changing the spot of his speed up.

Going a little bit wider and down the line that ball sailed deep at hey Shea after this match we are going to get a couple of the backdrawal Pro matches zero two one yeah good spot from Weinbach right to the feet of more he could not.

Stretch out and take that one out of the air and if you had to let it bounce it would have been back behind him so he's in trouble either way point one Buck almost able to get that one nice hands for more and a good reach in foreign excellent counter-attack from Weinbach.

Somehow more able to get the paddle on that one get it back and then reached in on the next ball that was sitting up a little too high we could get there from Crandall but wasn't able to keep it down a good finish by Weinbach uh balls wide.

Can't give away free points regardless all sitting up a little too high off the paddle of more and then some help from the neck cord there from Wine Bar I'm gonna see a timeout here from one minute more and Crandall it's good reach in good hand Exchange but it was an even better spot from Weinbach.

Going into that left armpit of Crandall wasn't able to get out of the way or clear himself enough to put a good swing on it so over on CC1 bar and Coop taking on young and Johnson Byron Coop taking the first one looks like 11-6 they're up six three in the second.

One good raid from Gingrich but a little too big on the back swing going for that two-handed backhand spot there from Moore coming across the body jamming up Gingrich and forcing him to pull that one wide that falls in too high from Crandall.

Oh my God it's tried to reset that one but it set up oh with pretty impressive wingspan allowing him to reach in a little bit further than most oh Cranford was there.

Force the move but smart from Weinbach going back behind him on that backhand side so Weinbach and Gingrich still up by two and a good reach in there from Gingrich himself didn't overheard it just took away the anticipation time and the reaction time.

Oh it was there for Crandall but he rushed it that backhand hook he sensed that Weinbach was going for the Ani he had it going back behind him but just came out too flat as he tried to rush through the Finish no more didn't get underneath it excellent offensive lob pushed them back.

And a good drop from weimbach back into the kitchen but more just coming too flat on that one stood a little tall with the legs paddle had never really got underneath the ball so you saw it coming out flat off of the paddle go straight into the neck cord so another time out here from Moore and Crandall.

Down 7-3 looks like Johnson and young are now up 7-6 in game number two over there on CC1 .00.001 here eight three one so next up here on Championship court number two we've got mix Pro doubles at a right and Todd Ford.

Versus Lena padiga Martin Robert nunnery so Shea you get your wish as far as having Robert over here online yes 931 oh Gingrich had it Crandall was off the court.

And set himself up again but just caught that backhand late sir all right good counter attack that we got some fun it gets flying overhead 492 good read there from Crandall recognizing that Weinbach was gonna go.

Back toward Moore as he was hanging back just a little bit all right good spot there from Crandall as well so he's getting a little bit more aggressive there in the middle from Crandall going right armpit on Gingrich catching him trying to slide to his right and clear.

Himself for that two-handed backhand does have a very strong back two-handed Gingrich so Warren Crandall able to bring it back within three now six nine two point oh free point there where the Miss.

Returned from weibach it's not the right ball there from King grits trying to force the issue of that speed up good spot again from Crandall assault back to being all squared here at nines excellent job here from Crandall and more getting themselves back into this one.

Got it oh excellent setup there one minute players more using that reach again just flicking the ball up to the middle one Buck came over to the middle to try to count up but Gingrich going with the backhand.

And I've gone to what Crandall and finding the open court with Weinbach coming over the middle so that brings up Match Point here from or four more Crandall after looking like they were completely out of game two they've put together a nice run here.

Consistent clean pickleball there's spreading the ball out why taking their opportunities to speed it up one buck and more uh Weinbach and Gingrich looking like they just got back on their heels a little bit they were in full control so good time out there from Weinbach and Gingrich.

Yes 9 10 1. excellent drop he got up to the kitchen well but slipped a little tight on that forehand and that ball didn't come up at all part of what we were talking about with Simone earlier the balls are a little bit firmer here because it's cooler.

Drier air so it's traveling a little bit more just sliding on the court instead of popping up nice hands by Crandall oh nice misdirection inside out to end that one Lauren Crandall taking it in Two Eleven.

Five eleven nine so we are going to take a quick break and then when we come back we will have mixed Pro doubles matchup foreign foreign.

foreign no time to waste into our wildest dreams follow me into our wildest dreams.

Foreign no time to waste into our wildest dreams foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign you have a place to turn it on Talking Stick Resort welcome back to the app sunmed Mesa open presented by head pickleball we're here on Championship court number two for a mixed Pro doubles backdraw match between 15 seed at a right and Todd fort taking on the 17 seed.

Lena padiga mate and Rob nunnery the digamate and nunnery working their way through the back drawer with winds over Layton and grabovic 15-6 ansberry and Gridley 15-11 and then most recently went against Arnold and stratman 15-7 right and fought.

With match uh wins over Pooler and Gilbert 15-11 gate and Leach and Barrientos 15-4 David and Johnson 15 8 and most recently win over Burr and mcmaken 15-11 so we're ready to go here at a right to serve one game to 15. serving to Lena and Brock time in zero zero two.

Around good defense oh nonner he had it but he put it into the net good around the post good defense from right good spot there from nunri likes that flick drops that paddlehead all the way down hard to anticipate or predict where he's gonna go with it doesn't hit it that hard but it's the misdirect.

To get from right good counter attack there from predicamite but not only not able to pick up that next one so quick side out there for nunnery and padiga Maite I like to step in there from right but.

Used to set her feet a little bit more a good job from Fort good roles there from nunnery Fort tried to step in counter attack one but pushed it out wide yeah good one two combination there from kadiga mate speed it up counter and then a good finish there from nunnery on that ball.

Popped up from Fort you'd read that from right recognizing that pedigma latte was going to go back to the minute the middle I know he kind of caught off guard a little bit being out wider as well a little bit of help from the net cord there on the drop from nunnery foreign.

Did what she could to defend it but popped up just a little bit and right was that put it away two nice backhands there from nunnery just rushing that drop a little bit a little too much left hand pulling across the body trying to get extra roll I think that was there for nunnery just tried to do a little too much with it.

Sport getting jammed up a little bit there oh just too big there from naanery good firefight there from Fort and right watch yep oh big all the head from right again nunnery trying to do that hook backhand speed up just catches the net sits up a.

Little bit get some trouble off of there I do like that you're shot and I do like that speed up I just think he has to try not to rush through it another good spot there from Outer right getting too big with the backswing see that ball get past her hips.

A good speed up there or good roll there from Fort to finish that one so time out here from nunnery and padiga Maite so everyone Championship court number one young and Georgia Johnson move on taking down bar and coop.

We'll have and Frasier going up against Russia and Patrick Quinn up next over there but over here on Championship court number two non-oriented and in a little bit of trouble not too bad but.

Just need two clean up some of this I'll try to force the issue on some of these speed UPS ET a better roll from notary there didn't try to overheat it just added spin got that ball down oh too good from right stepping in taking over I think it might take.

Getting a little too big on some of those swings wasn't able to keep the bolt down yeah they've all stayed in foreign if you leave that ball up it's one part of the game that's coming along a lot better the more she plays.

Their ability to speed in and to reach in to speed up and to counter attack too good from Fort heavy heavy Top Spin very strong wrist foreign was all over that mid-pay speed up flick from nunnery but got a little too big on the backhand I think there himself.

So an end change here with right and Fort up eight four see if the end change has anything of benefit here for nunnery and pedigamate need to play a little bit looser yes as I know I uh just let Mitch know that he had it switched.

Thank you for point that one out could reach in there from right that's a good speed up there from padigmati I thought she may have waited just a little too long but she was still able to catch right off guard not able to get the paddle up in time to counter attack that's gonna land in.

Too much power there from right on that ball that sat up it was all started by the Top Spin from Fort trouble trouble too many balls popping up from it right now let's get those Hands Extended away from.

The body a little bit more getting jammed up too much yeah good come a good step across from Rob good ball crossbody holding that on the forehand side and then going forehand to forehand on right she was sitting on the backhand.

Uh he's rushed that backhand speed up quite a number of times in this match I think my team needs to do more with that if she's going to speed it up it's just a mid-pace speed up there's not enough power on it giving too much reaction time for just missing wide five one.

Some help from the net cord on that ball from Fort so timeout for predicamite and nunnery haven't quite been able to find a groove or a rhythm in this one just a little off balance at times but the pedigamate has chosen to speed up hasn't quite done enough with it left a few balls up and rights made them.

Pay for it you're an over-round control from Fort on that side heavy spin on the forehand side but it's definitely been right that's causing the issues for predicamente nunnery foreign yes time's in.

Yes again a little too big from pedigamata I just needs to shorten up the backswing a bit her hands I have plenty fast enough just trying to do too much with those speed ups and counter attacks and that's a good speed up from naanery in a good spot somehow fought was able.

To clear his hips there not only questioning whether it hit his shot now good Exchange it was a better job from honoring pedigamate staying more compact so nanorian pedigamate able to save two match points here net Court not any help there for pitting.

Mighty it's okay John you want to hold this it's a cracked one you okay 5 14 2. just wide there from Outer right they definitely had an honorary and pedigamate scrambling but she went for a.

Little too much angle I like the thought process from nunnery there stepping in for it but wasn't able to pick it up good pressure from Fort and right yeah good spot from nunnery in good pressure pushing forward out wide to the backhand thought was never able to really bring.

That ball back Cross Court all right it's been sitting all over those speed UPS so right and fought move on fortunately it's the end of the day for nunnery and pediga Maite we're gonna take a quick break and when we return we'll have another factorial match for mix Pro doubles here.

The app sunmed Mesa open presented by head pickleball foreign which brings the best pickleball content to your smartphone tablet and big screen TV foreign.

This is 24 7's pickleball proudly brought to you by selker house the pulse the beat the vibe you have a place to turn it on Talking Stick Resort foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign Championship court number two for a mix Pro doubles backdrawal matchup between.

Susanna bought and Jane navratil yeah they're coming in as before seek taking on the 11 seed Stefan of burn and Mary Brasher fighting their waist and avern fighting their way through the backdrawal with wins over deal and luring 15-4 dela Rosa de la Rosa 15-11 the most recently.

Rafa Hewitt and Christine McGrath 15-10 bar and navratul knocked down just a little while ago they get knocked down from Oh by brasha and Patrick Quinn losing that one 11 8 11 9. and they took out Lacey schneeman and Federico Stacks.

Route 15-11 so just a couple of minutes left here full of warm-ups actually folks we have about a minute all right folks we're going to go ahead and get started and step on and marry you get to pick the ball you'd like you're over there.

All right folks 15 seconds I have Stefan and Mary on my left I spot that from Mary Brusha Alberto's stepping over to cover the middle but brush is going behind him to the backhand side one two good counter attack oh good punch volley there from Susanna Barr off of the.

Yvonne Drive good pressure there from Avon coming all the way over brasha was pushed all the way off the court yeah and using that big forehand oh I'm surprised that I don't know how navratil did not serve his fault right there I'm pretty sure he stepped into.

The court chasing after that spinster yeah good step in and roll from navratil right there counter-attack there from Mary Brusha on the bar off of the bar forehand one two one a good spot there from bar going behind Russia on the backhand side.

No that's not a point yes you are correct one two two Sports it's all squared at two one oh nice offensive lob there from bar Russia was back there with plenty of.

Time but rush through it just a little bit of fun getting all twisted up there with his feet fully outstretched couple of times there 'd marry Brash is saying sorry partner she knew that she popped that up and popped it up in the wrong direction oh good defense navratul was there.

Oh again trying to go for just a little too much like the movement like the pressure all right returns deep three five one so three five one yeah never until trying to get back to the Baseline as fast as you could a couple of net chords there threw off everybody.

As well no just stay out Russia popped up that backhand a little too hot a good ball there from bar all flattened out just a little too much from navratul ations good fall to drive.

By missing the sub so quick side out well just stayed in good drive from Avon but a little bit of confusion miscommunication between a bun and Russia oh I had it she read it read it well good reach in.

Oh just out off of the Avon backhand five five one a big forehand there from stefanovan nice movement it up um backhand and forehand side there from Yvonne so we're all squared at fives oh that Ball's gone out.

Good speed up there from Brasher but uh was set up just went a little too big on the backhand free point right there with his Miss return from navratul a so it's given brasha and Ivana now another free point we're gonna switch hands here with Avon and brasha up eight five.

A few too many errors from ba and navratul in the last few points over on CC1 Russia and Patrick went up 10-9 after being down 9-7 against judging and Frasier so now we're chilling bar having to clean it have to clean up some of their.

Errors here I can't let Evan and Russia get too far away that falls deep off of a van I like to move just got a little too big with the backswing Patrick when take game one over there on the CC1 11 9.

Good spot right to the feet of navratul five eight two some net love there for Mary brescia kicking up over Susanna bought neither her or never till able to catch up to it eight five one okay excellent step in from navratul just set up too high.

Good hands from navratul but Yvonne able to block get that ball back never till just a little late on that last forehand inside out five nine one oh dismissed that one wad around the backhand to set himself up for that forehand down the line and just pull it across the body.

Nine one six nine one good hands by navratulenba foreign and Brasher navratil and Barr able to get bring themselves back within one doing a better job applying the pressure all right we're good oh yes your folks are good.

Eight nine one a nice offensive lob there from brashley going over the left shoulder of bomb step in from a bun putting the pressure on navrats off what tough ball to speed up there for a van excellent job by navratula to keep that.

Ball down and a free point going back the other way ten nine two navratul and bar able to get back in the lead ice cream boys tough spot for brasha to be.

Trying to attack from back mid Court yeah good setup again from navratul good one two combination one of the backhand one to the forehand all sailed on navratul 9 12 1. around yeah caught the back corner I shoved that from navratil.

Speed helps but he got out there with plenty of time was able to shape it back into the back corner that same spot that we've been seeing all day ball just did not come up on the serve D well I almost picked that one up 11 12 2.

yeah good deep return there from navratil Avon didn't quite back up enough to try to drive that one kind of call it back foot oh good counter attack there from Susanna Barr brings up match point yeah too good there from navratul to end.

It ever tell and brasha had their chances but in the end navig is too strong winning this one 15-11 we're going to take a quick break we'll be back here at the app sunmed Mesa open presented by head pickleball right off to this.

foreign foreign foreign thank you foreign.

Foreign foreign the pulse the beat the vibe you have a place to turn it on Talking Stick Resort foreign foreign foreign foreign.

It's the women's Senior Pro metal match between the number two seed Cami McGregor and Jen Dawson taking on the sixth seed Cara Williams and takako tonago so I want to go and Williams and Dawson McGregor met earlier on.

In the draw with Dawson McGregor winning 12 10 11-0 and Williams had quite a few matches in the back draw beating the number one seed klitsch and Bagley 16-14 number three C Johnson and Shirley 15-4 and then the number four seed and Wilhelm in the bronze 11-4 11-8.

Good job there by Tony Gil she held on to that speed up looked like she wasn't going to go really deep with it and then kind of caught McGregor off balance second third ball missing just wide good spot good spot there from McGregor going down the line past Williams boom it's uh Missing just eight.

Good spot a couple of balls popped up but a good job by Williams putting those balls hard down to the feet of McGregor first it's spot there from Dawson I don't mind that speed up from tonago just needs to get under it a little bit more that ball is deep free point there.

With a missed return from Dawson I actually think Tony gonna hit an out ball on that forehand a couple of balls before good defense by McGregor just putting a paddle on it getting a float up and over letting it about three feet inside the Baseline.

I actually didn't quite get the paddle underneath it came in flat came in behind the ball so when she rolled it she rolled it down that's trouble one thing to realize is that you're not going to be able to keep your opponents back once that ball gets below the net.

You can angle it you can move it around but they're going to be coming forward good hands that from Williams but just too much Pace there from McGregor and Dawson yeah oh good pick up there from Dawson McGregor tried to step in and finish it but.

A little too big on the swing yeah good spots there from Dawson setting up McGregor for the Finish split the middle tonegu got a little too far forward McGregor recognizing that going back behind her and Williams is coming forward three two two.

Oh good try a little unlucky with the net cord in the middle of the point it's a little too flat there from McGregor three four one oh nice angle nice drop it's too good for McGregor to catch up to that one.

Foreign little overly aggressive overhead oh that Ball's out defense from McGregor McGregor causes the ball missing deep right there felt like she had to keep doing more with it so I ended up pushing it just a little deep oh and that caught the neck chord.

William's not able to catch up to it that one's not gonna come back Dawson catching that one late popping up to the forehand side of Williams a little too much that rest on that one from McGregor kind of slid along the paddle didn't quite get any push through an extension to get up and over the net.

Good movement good recognition there from McGregor she overcooked it so waves and Sonic are still within one here four five so we're all squared fives excellent drive there from Williams good Top Spin good late movement.

And Greg are not able to lift it up and over the net right show missing that third shot let's pick up right good defense Williams going up 7-5 now.

Oh she wants that one back that was a excellent opportunity to step forward and hit that one hard through the middle of the Court it's also McGregor looking to answer here giving away their lead now backbite now behind by two much there.

Good shot there getting that ball behind Dawson so quick shot out there for Dawson and McGregor oh good hands there from Cami excellent anticipation and recognition oh unlucky perfect rate got a good swing on it but caught in.

That chord and it kicked up and pushed it deep Dawson's not going to take an easy swing on that ball good spot right to the feet in McGregor yeah oh good Dawson on the Run trying to rip that forehand down the line.

McGregor stepped into the middle to protect as soon as you just blocked it went back behind McGregor all tied at sevens oh free point there with the Miss return it's in quite a few missed returns today combination of the hotter balls with the cool weather a little bit thinner air here in the.

Desert there's another one balls are kind of flying wow excellent drop pulling McGregor out wide opening up that hole Williams was stepping up rolling that ball through gives game point here for game number one in this.

Gold medal match for women's Senior Pro s remaining time is in 10-7-2 yeah too good for McGregor full control of that point sitting big time back in there for Tony feeding into it a good deep return Penny McGregor back to the Baseline so.

Game Point again if it Williams and towards you and that ball is deep a good comeback there for worms and torners with two get back ahead and take game one here in this gold medal match 11-7 we're going to take a quick break and we'll be back here for game number two.

foreign foreign eyes back here for game number two of this women's Senior Pro gold medal match to the app sunmed Mesa open presented by.

Head pickleball Williams and Tonys are taking the first one 11-7 00 foreign McGregor sometimes you're not able to pick that one back up and roll it over the net yeah better job good drive from McGregor.

Kind of handcuffed Williams a little bit Dawson steps in rips another ball hard at Williams quick 3-0 start here for Dawson and McGregor a couple of quick errors from tunju and Williams that ball just sailed a little too high good recognition by Williams.

She didn't have to do a whole lot just stepped across put that ball down caught McGregor trying to come forward on that shake and bake yeah it's the right ball to speed up from Dawson it was sitting there didn't do anything you just stood A Little Too Tall never got the paddlehead and fully underneath.

It and then pushes that one just wide again standing A Little Too Tall that ball gets close to the body changes the paddle angle and Williams tried to rush that one let's try to flick it off of the paddle stay through that just a little longer good pressure from Williams in excellent.

Defense in the middle there from tonijou three three two Greg are not able to make the adjustment offer than that there got a little distracted by Gingrich strony's paddle across the court not sure what the score is over there but if Gingrich is throwing his paddle around I'm sure they're not winning.

Right now three four one so some back and forth here with Aarons we're all tied up Force right there which she was still moving a little bit too much though and that one she didn't quite get far enough out in front so she could get.

Extended on forehand there from Tony zero good first ball from Williams five four one McGregor didn't have any role on that one either it's time to hit through the net instead of coming up and over it.

Oh she had it she'd set it up well going crossbody on Dawson McGregor had to come over and take that with the backhand good defense there from Williams going back and getting that offensive LOB you need a drop transitioning back forward a couple of Errors sliding back in again.

Here from Dawson and McGregor down 8-4 now it's coming down to it Williams and Tony should playing clean and pickleball have had their errors and their mistakes as well but when Dawson and McGregor have made their mistakes of kind of come in batches it's.

Not one here or there it's been two three four in a row Dawson and McGregor are coming in from the winner side so if Williams and toners will win game two here we will go to a game to 15. oh just missed that one date she'd set it up well there was a hole.

had a good step in from Dawson five eight one five eight two and a good job by Dawson go on forehand and back inside there on Williams that last ball just getting behind worms causing her to miss one that back inside.

Too sure if that ball that times you just hit 200 should just hit right there was going to stay in but Austin and McGregor now back within one ball from Williams eight seven one a good ball from Dawson have you spin good deep ball.

Oh she had it Tony just set it up well McGregor pulled the trigger trigger probably not on the best of balls but she got away with one it's gonna do just a little late to it and mix in a free point with the Mr ton right here.

We're all square at eight yeah good play by Williams consistent on that backhand roll no good Gap nice spot this has been pretty impressive with that two-hand backhand roll there especially going through the middle plenty of pace on it.

Nine eight two oh Greg wasn't able to get there in time definitely lucky with the net there knocking it down so match point on game number one to force this to a game to 15 and there it is Williams and tarnish will take it.

11-8 oh sorry 11 7 11 8 so we're gonna take a quick break here and we'll come back for the double dip game to 15. foreign.

Foreign I don't know okay last time so Carol one or two um foreign came to 15 for the women's Senior Pro gold medal match.

Williams and Tony were taking the first match 11-7 11-8 Dawson and McRae coming out of the winter side of the bracket so that's what took us to the game to 15 here a good play there by Williams zero zero one second big forehand there from Dawson.

Trying to find an energy pick me up here for this one yeah a good shot there from McGregor as well zero zero one just a little too wide wasn't deep that only missed wired by a couple of inches looked like it was.

Going to be way deep off the paddle of McGregor but zero zero one end up dropping down yeah good setup by 2001 through the middle to the backhand and McGregor forces to pop up and then that hard ball down at the feet I'm gonna grigging this out one just wide.

Trying to go a little bit more down the line laid the wrist back and pushed it off the end of the paddle yeah that's not the right speed up there from Dawson the ball's too deep can get any extension so once you sped it up it just stayed high toners will get on top of it straight down the feet.

And McGregor it's like a verb three zero two that pulls out tastes just a little too open for McGregor there so she hits more of a slice backhand volley so when it opens up a little too much it just ends up floating and staying up.

So Williams and Tony Joe touring Joe up 4-0 could get there from Williams five zero two I love this deep she stepped in well good brush but flattened out.

Too much the end zero five two uh balls wide definitely too many errors coming out of the Dawson and McGregor side better spot there yeah excellent spot there from Williams half offensive love half speed up there just getting it over.

The left shoulder and McGregor and can't catch up to it can't hit it nice defense uh turned Joe couldn't quite get herself cleared on that fully inside Williamson turinjo playing much loosa and Dawson and McGregor right now good pick up from Jen Dawson two six one.

You're correct you know there's that good move that we've seen from Dawson and McGregor deep sub from Dawson short return step in drive it and gravity crashes hard behind the drive the Dawson McGregor able to claw.

Themselves back into this one now within two four six good time out from turinjo and Williams trying to slow the momentum one time out remaining one timeout remaining time is in four six one could deeper time that from Williams a good counter-attack from McGregor.

Recognize it well Williams didn't have any time to react to try to get a paddle back on that one so turnjo and Williams still up by one now the freeze point there from Jen Dawson five one good recognition that from Williams reading Dawson speed up.

Looking to counter attack both times right there so they're going to switch sides with turinjo and Williams up eight five thank you turn Zone Williams looking to double dip here to take the goal also bench the earlier loss today to Dawson McGregor 10 12 11 12 10 11-0.

Oh the medium pace ball from turnjo is the one that forced the era nine five one two and Joe just brushed up a little too quickly on the back there have any forward motion to give any depth to that ball and that ball just died off of the paddle.

Thank you five nine one Williams paddle was never underneath that bowl she was above it the whole time we talked about earlier that ball starts to drop and you're above it you're just gonna follow it down into the net.

Good overhead there from turinjo foreign wasn't going to hit that one screaming at her no to John Williams up box four make that five nice two-hand backhand down the line there from Williams.

McGregor just overreaching overextending for that one once you get a paddle out when you're overextended really difficult to keep that ball down good control McGregor out white to Williams and out wife to tornado or turinjo left foot on the kitchen line there from.

Cami McGregor I just thought it was going to bounce into the kitchen and then it hits the neck cord and Pops back up uh just why yeah wrong spot there for Williams fed that straight to the McGregor full hand s.

7 13 2. the ball from touring Joe right to the left foot of Dawson you don't drop back and angle the hips give yourself some time and separation away from that ball makes it really difficult to pick it up let's pick up turn Joe kind of hesitated.

With the footwork there whether she's gonna take two steps or one took one and realized she had to take two late to the ball nice drop that brings up match point fear and Joe and Williams one point away from taking the gold oh that ball Josh Smith long.

Coming up on that one good job getting underneath it but she didn't need to lift it as much as she did oh good try good defense excellent job by McGregor going up getting that overhead and continuing the pressure on good job from McGregor sliding left.

There catching the net core getting a little bit of help I don't think there's no timeouts ratings time is in 10 14 1. good hands by Dawson it's awesome McGregor making a little bit of a comeback here.

Backed within three I can quite get underneath that one came out flat a good roll there from Williams so turnjo and Williams another chance here match point yeah too good for McGregor good pressure.

Good hands let's get nice drop oh no odd on that windshield wiper volley right there where we're hitting with the back side of the paddle to hit it anything but flat oh back within two now for Dawson and McGregor.

Good ball from Williams 12 14-2 now that high ball is a different story with that reverse backhand a lot of power coming out of those ones next Point number four uh good spot tyranjo and Williams complete the double dip taking gold here in the women's senior Pearl mix doubles.

At the app sunmed Mesa open presented by head pickleball we're going to take a quick break and we'll be back right after this foreign there was a time when I was young my brothers were young and we actually lived in just a small motel room for.

About nine months my brothers and my dad and I and it really taught us that you don't need a lot to be happy in life under the set inside into our wildest dreams follow me into our wildest dreams.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign you have a place to turn it on Talking Stick Resort oh.

my God foreign foreign foreign Todd Netta you good with that ball okay I'll grab that one thank you.

Back here at the app Summit Mesa open presented by head pickleball we've got a bacterial mix Pro doubles match up between Hayden Patrick Quinn and Maggie brasha taking on atarot and Todd foot winner this one will go through to play against Barr and navratil.

From four down low into the body of Patrick a lot of power in a small frame 17 years old good ball movement there from Maggie Brasher one one a good roll there from Patrick when thought he could reach in and.

Flicked that one but just got too extended on it wide there from right good move there from Fort a nice move early on in that one from Patrick Quinn three one two it's a good defense from Port right a good spot from Patrick Wayne going back behind fought as he's trying to.

Come across the court quickly in the stack I'm gonna spin served there from Patrick when not coming up right missing that one one five one two five one good drive there from right but even lucky a ball from.

Maggie brush it just gets a paddle on it and climbs up and over the net and dribbles down good setup just a little too ambitious there from Patrick Quinn hard to take a bolt from that load and try to speed it up that quickly well that ball just missed wide four five two.

All right and fought back within one four five and good hands there from right in the middle a lot of good defense from Fort as well we're all squared at five Brasher and Patrick when taking the time out foreign needs to be consistent.

With the step ends and how aggressive he is their times where he goes for it and then there are times where he doesn't a couple of good opportunities for him to step across and and go and I think Russia kind of thought he was going to she looked like she was caught off guard a little bit at times.

All right time in five five two I'm out five five one a good step in good flick there from Patrick Quinn on the backhand side good ball movement there from both Russia and Patrick Quinn actually took a couple of bowls out of the air took away the reaction time and.

Fought so we're going to the end change with Patrick Quinn and Brasher of eight five thought getting a little too big on that forehand there at the end change all right time in eight five one good deep return a good ball there from right ing the brass should drive and getting.

That down to the feet of Patrick green as he's trying to crash forward uh balls out good spot from Brash it going right shoulder on foot able to get a paddle on it but not a good swing good counter Texas from fought 682 .

2 uh both sells deep eight seven one yeah good move there from Fort recognizing that ball is going to drop into the corner of the kitchen just jumps over the corner takes that ball out of the air quick flick back Cross Court.

Patrick never cleared himself there got close to his body and he just tried to hit out of it good job there from fight Patrick Quinn really putting the pressure on pushing him out wide to that backhand side for it kept making him push it further and further out wide.

Oh that Ball's just just long I like the idea good defense keeping them in that point good aggression from patrickman oh it's out Light It Up 881 good Exchange.

All just wide there from Fort tough position to give up three points no the baldness is out wide could reach in there from mag Brasher a little unlucky to catch the net but she came to the ball just a little flat caught the net and ricocheted to the left.

Hover around the the ball there with the attempted Ernie yeah heads up night out nine eight one point that ball from Patrick Finn's going out if Fort doesn't hit that one but it was a good spot from Patrick Quinn tough to.

Lay off that one we'll get out of the way when it's going mid-chest Rasha wasn't expecting that one to come back timeout receiver take a timeout here from court and right Russia and Patrick went up 11-8 each team has one timeout left in the match.

Everybody's ready all right time in eleven eight one oh I like to step in for Patrick Quinn there but good hands from Fort to counter attack yeah good spot poet tried to clear his body but freaking going right into the center of.

It I like the speed up there from Fort but it came out a little flat Miss probably four inches deep for very upset with himself missing that backhand now you're trying to go over the high.

Part of the net there 1282 good hog good side out there from right and Fort losing his balance there after taking the ball out the RDM momentum took him onto the kitchen line and a good counter-attack from at a right to start that fast hands Exchange.

Nice pickup there from Maggie been an excellent job of just allowing the ball to hit the paddle didn't over swing didn't try to hit hard back at it got a paddle on it created a wall give her a compliment and then she dumps the next one in the net my bad Maggie nice move it's a good angle from brasha.

Gonna do something else for that bowl when it came up and it brings up match point excellent ball movement there from brasha and a good win for Russia and Patrick and 59 they move on to take on Barr and navratil we'll take a quick break here from Bell.

Bank Park in Mesa Arizona we'll be right back with more action from the app sunmed Mesa open presented by ahead pickleball right after this foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign hold up foreign.

You have a place to turn it on Talking Stick Resort foreign there was a time when I was young my brothers were young and we actually lived in just a small motel room for about nine months my brothers my dad and I.

And it really taught us that you don't need a lot to be happy in life thank you foreign foreign foreign back here at the app sunmed Mesa open presented by head pickleball we've got the gold medal match for men's Senior.

Pro doubles number three seed Scott Moore and Scott Crandall taking on another four seed of Rick whitskin and Jose dirisi woodskin and derisi dating Weinbach and Gingrich 11-8 11 13 11 8. to get back here to the gold medal match.

And more and Crandall beating the same team Weinbach and Gingrich 11-5 11-9 in the winners bracket final to put them through to the goal hands there from more one thing more did extremely well against Weinbach and Gingrich earlier was using that reach speeding those balls up good hands by.

Crandall good movement there by Crandall stepping across that big Lefty forehand into the body of dorisi had a good setup there by more do a little bit more with those Dinks an easy thing to sitting in front of mole and he's going to take advantage of that.

Yeah good roll there by whitskin Crandall thought it was probably going to go out Let It Go but the Top Spin from whitskin brought that back down oh jerisi wants that one back good setup from witskin good drive of course that pop up.

Good combination there from witskin I do think that more hit a ball that was going out though and more tried to roll that one back out wide to the racy but cut himself off came across that body a little too quickly with the Finish.

Just wide there from dorisi read it well mid-pace speed up from more through the middle so we'll fight here at threes a good move there from Crandall one oh just out I like to speed up from dorisi but his first movement was a step back and then.

He stepped into that speed up so you didn't have a solid base what's that bowl a little too deep and that was a better reach in there from dorisi to start that one good solid base reach in good flick granddaughter just tried to rush that.

One nice drive from dorisi a good drop Crandall trying to just do that on one foot never fully got up to the line to reach in so we're all squared of fives oh good hands from witskin.

A good deep ball there from Crandall we're here with skin saying move your feet I got stuck a little bit didn't never got behind the ball oh that Ball's deep I think the movement of Crandall kind of threw more off foreign good pressure there from dorisi.

Handle a little off balance angle with the paddle around oh my gosh MOA had the round the pulse there but he tried to rush it a good time for a timeout here for more and crandock down by three Warren Crandall looking at getting a.

Little more under control here I got off to a Quick Lane and then the racy and wit skin I've read their attacks also exposed some of the holes I think there is he hitting that ball right there eight five two oh.

Yeah what's been going for the big move and crash and more got it down to his feet there is he tried to back up witskin but couldn't get back over shots all around that good pick up from more at the tolls oh Doris he wants that one back he read the speed up.

A good spot for more whisking trying to counter attack that's why bear from more tried to rush a little bit oh my God good counter-attack from witskin read that more speed up.

Got on top of it hit back through uh balls just deep from duracy good spot for the speed up but try to do too much with it another good speed up for more and good hands there is just a little late on that last bolt missing into the net yeah good move by whitskin set up like he was going to go cross-court Crandall.

With some heavy foot movement to try to throw him off but he quick flick down the line step in for more on the attack from whitskin good one-two combination there from whitskin and derisi which can again going at more more reading it trying to counter-attack it but to.

Reseat all over it going straight to the feet of Crandall foreign adjustment off the net cord there from Crandall so the speed ups for more were working earlier and I worked only on in this game as well.

The racing and whitskin are sitting all over them I think they need to set up the points a little bit longer move that ball around open up a hole one two combination again from witskin this time doing it himself oh this shot there from woodskin so the racy I mean uh more and Crandall saving one game point.

Could attack that from Crandall added them into trying to keep him back and he just stepped in took that ball out of the air now a freebie there from witskin throws his paddle down in disgust all right time out here more and Crandall within two definitely easy to give a game away.

Coming down the stretch here if you give away three points make a bunch of unforced errors one Crandall have to play nice and loose here don't put too much pressure on don't try to force anything to resee and which can look for the counter attack.

Stay within themselves don't overdo it either a good drop and good move there for more see him get up to the kitchen line and then slide across off as dorisi tries to go Cross Court with it use his reach to reach in and put that ball away oh nice pickup when that Ball's out.

Good counter attack from Crandall not a bad speed up from witskin but Crandall reading it well so we're all square it's all square at tens now oh that ball was going out the Crandall just hit what was going way out now handle and more going to burn.

Another timeout so good job from Crandall and mole walking their way back into this one I thought it was all but done here for game number one but a couple of good drops a couple of good counter attacks so we talked about with wood skin and.

Teresa not trying to overdo it not trying to force the issue they made a couple of errors more caught for called for a right foot in fraction on the kitchen line fault that was still squared at 10. oh can't have a quick side out like that from whitskin and dorisi to miss thud.

Shots foreign himself down a little bit to try to move too much around no he hit it short so now Crandall and more with game point here in game one gold medal match for senior pros and there they take it whoa.

The receipt flicking out and frustration we're gonna take a quick break and we'll come back here for game number two foreign you have a place to turn it on Talking Stick Resort foreign.

House foreign and we're back here for game number two of the men's Senior Pro men's doubles gold medal match here at the app sunmed Mesa open presented by head pickleball Moore and Crandall taking the first one.

12-10 oh good hands there from Moore and dorisi more coming out on top good step in there from crown or going hard into the body of dorisi yeah good we're all good flick from whitskin you know not quite deep enough on that.

Offensive love from Scott Moore oh it's getting got up well nice overhead yeah good been there from dorisi just coming across and punching that one with his backhand going back behind Crandall all square at once that one's just coming up a little short.

Off the witskin paddle well getting called for another right foot on the line yeah that ball caught up the line good attack there from witchkin could reach in for more taking that ball nice and early with not able to catch out to it so whitskin and dorisi.

Grabbing three on that one foreign good spot from duracy Crandall trying to crash to the middle teresi reaching in Rolling that behind Crandall again free point there from the Miss return of moles paddle that's overhead for more.

Oh excellent defense from dorisi get it keeping them in that point and then the setup and finish from wit skin timeout here from Moore and Crandall woodskin dorisi up 5-1 off to a better start here in game number two for whitskin and durisi they did have game points in game number.

One and we're up quite comfortably I gave up six points to lose that first one 12 10. not a bad move there from whitskin off the derisi drive but more reading it well punching that ball straight down toward the feet of whitskin.

Trouble once that Ball's up with more being so close to the kitchen line the Reese's got to get the paddlehead underneath that one came above it could counter attack that from dorisi almost got to go a little bit more.

Ahead on that one going Cross Court gives just a little too much reaction time good drop good flick from witskin but more and Crandall all over that one teresi not able to pick it up off the counter and they're both set up there for a long.

Time which one thought it could reach in and speed it up you can quite set up the body well enough nice hands by more yeah good angle there from dorisi going back behind Crandall a good eye buy more and a good spot for that speed up.

Went a little bit more Straight Ahead got that past witskin dorisi having to come over and cover a lot of ground to try to get that one levels out Rush that one from Crandall what's going to Darice you've been stuck on five for a little while looking to get off of it here.

I'm not gonna get off of it with that one good drive there from whitskin more coming down on top of that one jumped out at it a little bit it's a tough one there you see coming over and crashing like that he's got to win that point there otherwise he opens up the whole half of the Court.

Crandall knowing that just got a paddle on it come on man well missing wide after clipping the net so more on Crandall back within two knew witchkin was going to set that up was no hiding that one big back swing bold didn't come up like you thought it would.

A little more thought Crandall was gonna go different spot with that drive good spot from dorisi right on the body of Crandall a good move for more jump in the corner of the kitchen to be able to take that ball earlier not let it drop no.

What's been trying to use the lags but too much on the back leg hitting up on that ball it's gonna float a little too deep thank you racing whitskin let Moore and Crandall back into this one trying to overdo it yeah good return from zarisi heavy.

Backspin just slid along the court after it bounced not the right ball to speed up there from whitskin sped out while it is off balance good counter-attack for more and a good finish from Crandall.

Oh Maul needs that one back big swing by the time he got to it the ball had already started dropping down to his knees oh yeah where you see well Theresa and whitskin looking at Crandall on that one saying we had you beat.

Crandall said while I was there you know the Reese's can't speed that one up good job from Moore and Crandall weathering the attacks there from what'skin and darisi oh my hesitation from Crandall on that one but.

Greasy isn't right the reason isn't wrong as far as staying more controlled and moving the ball around good hands but in the end just a little too much power from more and Crandall yeah Woodson did not sell that speed up enough.

Pretty much every time he is set up his body that way he's done that quick flick down the line so important to vary your speed UPS vary your locations six six two flat from Crandall yeah good move good jump of the corner Crandall finding that hole through the.

Middle with the angle coming across good spot right into the right armpit there witskin by Crandall what's going to turn the body also yeah sit down here and went over here yeah.

And reach in there from witskin oh boy wants that one back but a good job in the middle of that point just able to get a paddle on it there is he was not ready for that attack to come back good read there from more oh that ball just took off once it hit.

The court good move there by Crandall to get up and get that overhead there for more it's not quite deep enough from dorisi what's gonna do easy taking time out more and Crandall back up by two remaining over here 15 seconds so 861 here with more serving.

Not even just a little too high there from Crandall oh my gosh tough spot to try to speed up from there really close to the net never really never actually got above the neck cord hands for more but not able to keep it down to Reese finishing that one off.

Well it's girl time for dorisi and witskin some hesitation there for more whether he was going to speed it up or stay in that Cross Court recent witskin back within one now we're all squat 91 1 speed up there.

It's a little tightness from Moore and Crandall so no timeouts left for either team here in this one foreign kind of get that third shot over in this situation you missed two of them that one worse than the other that one only got.

Halfway up just a little tentative there ah kind of question that love there from crando but it worked out what's been trying to go up and hit it left hand brings up match point to receive.

Rolling saving one ah not the right time to speed up there from whitskin fed that ball right to Moore's forehand and more and Crandall take this one in two 12 10 11 9. so that's going to end our feed here from Championship court number two we will be.

Back tomorrow with men's and women's Pro doubles and mixed Senior Pro so we'll be back here at the app sunmed Mesa open presented by head pickleball here tomorrow for more action here tomorrow for more action.

Join us at the amazing Bell Bank Park In Mesa, Arizona for the final tournament wrapping up the fantastic 2022 APP season!