Good morning are we saying good morning to the people are we are we here right now you're very loud loud always Chad Edwards so so loud I must talk I must talk larger than Daniel does I yeah larger that's yes I appreciate that well welcome everyone to our third day of live coverage here at the app sunmed.

Mesa open at Lauren McLaughlin with Chad Edwards here at Courtside for our men's and women's doubles day we have had a bit of light rain come through the area so we have quite the crowd here on Center Court here this morning as we have luckily a covered Court here at Legacy Bell Bank Park so here for our head pickleball pregame show we're about.

To kick off into our first men's semi-final match of the day we have Rafa Hewitt and Julian Arnold teaming up to face JW Johnson and deckle Barr looking back at their routes here into the semis Johnson and bar were with the number one seed how to buy their first round then taking out Danny Jensen and Adam mitzel.

Before facing Johnson and frat and then fighting off Austin Gridley and Todd fought in their quarterfinal matchup to get here to the semis while Rafa Hewitt and Julian Arnold the number four seed here today took out Nick Pederson and Brian Ashworth then dispensed of Aaron D'Onofrio and move.

Agatessen before finally Federico Stacks route and Chuck Taylor in their quarterfinal matchups so now Arnold and Hewitt on the near end deckle bar and J.W Johnson on the far end here for game number one good spot there from Bob going behind Hewitt not able to catch up to it with.

The forehand look for doing a pretty good job playing on the right side these days and we've noted several times you know when Johnson and Barr first teamed up it was a little rough little rocky at the start they both kind of figuring out which side suited them more figuring out their roles together but once kind of.

They settled on mostly JW Johnson on that left side you are seeing them switch it up here wait up guys come on making us look like idiots thank you I love of course Rafa Hewitt Julian Arnold teaming up seeing them play against each other is always usually a.

Fiery match very emotional vocal players so them together is powder cake waiting to explode in a good or bad way we'll find out yeah I think it's a a good strategy for them to go and be aggressive they both play really really well uh when they're high intensity striking those balls just just missed that it's nice because.

We're sitting literally on the base we haven't we actually have a really good view this way Bud's eye view even it's a deckle bar serve of course do it try it oh trying to get back up there but again just keeping the ball in play and bar with the air.

A couple of reach in errors there from barge it's not quite getting underneath the ball enough he does like to have that backhand and forehand flick oh ref took one off the shoulder so Julian Arnold 31 years old out of Austin Texas now in rafiu at 28 now in.

Auburn Alabama both of them had very successful runs at the Alabama tournament not too long ago pretty sure that ball was going out that was a good spot for Hewitt to speed up right there Johnson catching it just a little late and it stayed up but Arnold couldn't get out of the way a little.

Short from the 20 year old J.W Johnson of Boynton Beach Florida very recently turned to 20 year old and his partner deckle bar 29 in Dripping Springs Texas just outside of Austin a good spot from bot Arnold tried to clear himself in sorry sliding to his left but by still going.

Into that right hip jamming up Arnold and a free point right there with the missed return s oh my goodness very good move there by Hewitt getting up to that kitchen line off of the good drive.

Two good drives back to back right there Julian telling Hewitt he loves it didn't work out but I'm gonna see probably a lot of that from Hewitt and Arnold they both kind of love to poach and get aggressive laughs.

Tied up at fours here in this first game of our semifinal s good hands from recognizing the second speed up there from Hewitt didn't try to do much with it just got out in front pushed it back down to the feet yeah it really uses that height to his advantage on the serve obviously but when he's up at the net and get down on.

Those balls very easily yep yep I'm gonna leave that one right there it's commentating together is just a series of looks that we give each other where we're like was that appropriate was that not did that sound weird oh Julie and Arnold playing with that brand.

New full layer paddle I have seen a lot of balls the last couple of days not come up especially off of the sub they're kind of uh they're sliding on the court a little bit more yeah so we're seeing a lot more missed returns a lot.

It's wide I'm not sure if you noticed yesterday on court 2 Chad but Dan and I certainly on this one have noticed an unusual amount of missed serves and returns yeah yeah and and uh actually Simone draw me in the booth a little bit yesterday and we and we discussed it so there's a little bit thinner here because it's.

It's drier uh it's cool cooler so the dura is playing much harder much firmer wow great hands from Hewitt oh my gosh what a rally wow all four guys getting a piece of that but the hands from Arnold and Hewitt oh it's that good reach-in from Johnson does that backhand flick so well reaches.

In makes it look like he's just gonna bump it back over and it's a quick flick up into the body yeah oh just a miscommunication there in the middle sort of the the one tricky part about having those two forehands in the Middle with Hewitt being a lefty both those guys very aggressive players.

So expecting the other to perhaps go for it another good spot there from Johnson I guess the the noise in here is distracting Julian Arnold just a little bit I'm mean it is raining right now as I realized because I was sort of thinking it was a little loud as well but it's raining right now so off of the.

Cover there's the rain noise similar to you know whatever and there's obviously a lot of a crowd I mean you can't have it both ways you want you want some people my voice carries a lot no it's you I got us three times yesterday I have told you Chad well you are very loud that's hilarious I love it.

But Arnold obviously very frustrated I don't know would he be more frustrated not playing and having to sit during a rain delay oh I think for for school it's just you know you you get into a nice shot there by Hewitt good flick you get into that hey I've just giving away a couple of points you know I need something to.

Blame other than myself not that it was potentially doing that but you know he wouldn't just throw out something he would never and we should note it is the chilliest that it has been here today the breeze a little bit more than it has been in the past obviously a little rainy but you can see everyone kind of still.

Layered up for the most part eight four one go wow great hands good anticipation of it coming back and being able to work that angle watch her out oh another phenomenal rally they're all around I mean these are.

Fantastic that time Arnold and Hewitt do not come out on top of it after decal gets too high of a shot there and able to get a good angle on it yeah that ball it's pretty close to the net to see what goes for that possible Ernie this didn't quite have.

That again just such quick hands and at that height he just is able to push the ball down Hewitt trying to already console Arnold Shake him out of the clear frustration he's feeling but game one going to JW Johnson and deflebar will back into the action here in a Chile Mesa Arizona.

Right after this the pulse the beat the vibe you have a place to turn it on Talking Stick Resort thank you house.

foreign welcome back everyone game number two here in our first semi-final matchup on our Men's Pro doubles side Lauren McLaughlin and Chad Edwards here.

At Courtside as Rafa Hewitt and Julian Arnold take on deckle bar and J.W Johnson trouble yeah I'd like to see Arnold and and Hewitt come out a little more aggressive here in game two they they were aggressive in sports in game one uh but didn't really go with it and when they were aggressive they weren't always.

Expecting that poll to come back yep I think if you should chill in with his comments uh I think if they allow Johnson and Bob to dictate the pace of play then we're going to see a similar game two here Arnold trying to do just a little too.

Much with that backhand cut volley great recovery from Hewlett after the poach I don't like that speed up from Arnold I'd like to see them try and get into a little bit of dinking and really just wait for their moment to attack all right that's that's Arnold's bread and butter speed up right there.

But he didn't sell it like he normally does that was a nice Cut there even right the JW's ball just floats and he's like most people are like ah yeah I'm in trouble he's like all right bring it I'm just gonna count it he just stays there and flips it right back all right just making sure he's got.

Everything's set Hewitt and Arnold trying to fire each other up I'm sorry I'm sorry sorry I'm sorry I was looking at I was looking at Jacob's face but it came out as zero zero two he does have some great faces.

Could leave that one just never came down nope Anno kind of it was a half crash he wanted to go Hana then he's like I won't yeah that's just tough wow nice little roll yeah we see Bob just dropped the paddlehead way down on that one.

Very tip of it pointing down to the ground brushes up the back to get that roll there has definitely been on this court some issues sort of with the Sun at different times of the day some Shadows some glare got a whole lot of that going on now but different backdrops for sure now being.

Overcast helps in in that Essence bystanding a little tall there uh I ended up with a terrible migraine last night oh being out there on court 2 with how much sun and glare there was so it's definitely tough conditions better move there from Arnold that's what he needs to needs to get fired up.

With Hewitt saying a little prayer thanks after that as well same guy I mean he does he needs some shots though like that last one that are gonna fire him up foreign they need that he needs to get going for.

Sure because Arnold has felt you know clearly frustrated in this match he's not playing just a little wide pulled it across the body foreign was sitting all over that I mean that was.

Ridiculous yeah I mean one thing yo Johnson's had his couple of flicks and and shots here but bar has definitely been the one that is reaching in taking those balls putting good swings on it using his legs while usually when he gets into trouble we see him standing up I think our court mics just went out it.

Was very possible oh they're back see that one there he's standing up solar the elbows come back in the body he gets jammed up yeah I just can't think watching this I mean I think Hewitt and Arnold they just need to try and get into some longer rallies they.

Need to slow it down a little try and just Dink and wait for their moment just kind of not really settled yet that's what they need to wait for they need to elongate these a little bit they're not when a rally isn't long enough they're not giving you know enough space for perhaps Johnson and bar.

To make an error good pal on both Johnson and Boz shots right there uh yeah there's there's not a whole lot of ball movement you're not creating you're not creating any holes you're not putting any pressure on with getting balls behind.

Yeah Arnold just late getting up there thank you the thing is they know they know when he's gonna speed it up because they know if they've left it up a little too high so you can also also watch Hewitt and Arnold in that one they look really really tentative with their dicks they weren't trying to leave any ball up but.

I'm missing that Ernie attempts just deep but yeah it was kind of like it was like a patent they were patty cake things and then something sits up a little bit and JW's just gonna reach in and flick it right into you seems like you know we mentioned they came out extremely confident in game one.

Had a couple really nice rallies some good results and they've just it's almost you know they've been knocked out of that Rhythm and like you said they're a little hesitant to be going for Stuff they're not playing very confidently foreign.

Yeah both Hewitt and Arnold definitely frustrated with their their play right now big Serve by bar Hewitt obviously making a motion that he thinks that serve is illegal I mean ultimately that you know that's just a tiny piece of the puzzle right.

Now that's not going the way of Arnold and Hewitt was all over that one just got a little big and I mean they're they're feeling very confident they're up 10-4 here have themselves a match point so we'll maybe see a little bit more shots like that oh d shots JW's just like like what.

Else foreign just out right there on the Arnold Drive quite getting enough Top Spin on it into the crowd there off the angle uh what time are our metal matches starting on Sunday are we doing doing the 10 o'clock start time like we typically do or what was the decision I imagination.

Probably going to be the case but we'll of course keep you guys updated on that start time so JW Johnson and deckle Barr coming out ahead they will move to our winner bracket final tough one there for Julian Arnold and Rafa Hewitt but they're still alive still going to fight another match I believe we have our women's.

Semi-final coming up they got interrupted by the rain so we're gonna finish out that semi-final match coming up next we head to the Franklin Studio though and back into the action here in Mesa right after this foreign.

Foreign only one foreign foreign.

foreign thank you foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign only one.

Welcome back everyone we are actually going to be kicking off into game three here in this women's semifinal matchup we have Andrea Coop and Lauren stratman taking on Etta Wright and Susanna Barr they have split games one and two so luckily usually a rain delay if it happens in the middle of a game and you kind of.

Break any momentum that either team had that can be tough to come back into it but a little bit easier here for our players as they're starting at the very beginning of this third game again they don't have any other games to fall back on though so they will have to sort of give it all they have a bit of a sort of one game to 15 or 11 situation.

But we will see how this goes we have Andrea Coop and Lauren stratman on the far end Susanna Barn at a right on the near end they'll switch ends at six just getting an update on the scores of those first and second games that because we're always just in each.

Other's heads Chad love it good good teamwork I will say I was pretty uh impressed with Etta Wright's play yesterday she was playing with Todd Fort and Fort was kind of the the setup guy in that one and Etta Wright was just ripping balls yeah they had a really.

Good run yesterday oh bar has the put away and comes underneath it instead of on top of it unfortunately but uh bar and right coming through Kim Leighton and Casey Rogers in their first round matchup then defeating Pooler and tit snore but that was by.

Withdrawal oh good anticipation from stratman is that was going into that corner but just overdose it a little bit Coop and stratman the number one seed here taking out Julie Akai and Andrea Olson in their first round then Sarah Burr in Sierra Gayton Leach to get here to our semis.

The winner of this match will face Simone Georgia Johnson in the winner bracket final as they have already come out on top of the brasha sisters in their semifinal on the other side of the draw foreign spot there from right on the put away angled one to pull strapman to her right.

A little bit to open up that middle at a right 30 years old out of American for Utah Susannah Barr 44 out of Boise Idaho she had some hesitation that she was going to speed it up and then I'll try to slow it down and did neither of them dumping that one in Luna Lawrence stratman.

28 years old out of the Seymour Tennessee and Andrea Coop 31 out of Grand Haven Michigan oh good move by right moving to a left to clear herself able to get on top of that forehand yeah she almost sort of fell to the left to get out of the way of that put a good.

Paddle on it have gotten to see her play just a handful of times this year but certainly she is making waves I gotta start to make a move here they come good ball movement yeah from right and Bar phenomenal rally there stratman doing some phenomenal defense there in the.

Middle of that rally is to keep him in it but trying to go at Coop right there but standing up a little tall came on top of that bolt and get the roll that she needed foreign don't mind that poach there from right that ball is just a little low didn't.

Quite come at the pace she needed it to perhaps committed to that just to hear Too Late good job from stratman the resetting ability on the ladies side is just I mean it's better than the men oh yeah I'll just say it it's I mean they're just well and they're all so good at it.

That's that's one of the big areas for women's pickleball especially is focusing on the defense uh as more power has come into into the game oh good spot good reach in from stratman and you have to think too with the with the women's with women's pickleball is you are getting attacked in everything that you're playing.

Because you're getting attacked in women's doubles and you're getting attacked in mixed doubles by the men and that one's sitting up just too high from bar coupe not going to let that one go unpunished I think is a little a little smile as she hits that one about five feet deep again she's got a lot of power in her.

Game so in the cooler conditions just gotta make sure that that kind of stays focused now Buzz visibly frustrated right now want to go a little too big with that forehand I need to get back to consistency rather than trying to go harder.

Yeah Coop just about put behind that kitchen line kind of put her just a little out of position you can see from the scores in games one and two Barn right taking that first one 11-9 but then stratman Coop eleven eight so both very close games stratman read that speed up from right.

Very well sitting on that backhand side waiting for the flick through the middle the way on the ladies side it sort of evolved you you know we've been around the last two years to see the sort of evolvement of the game and the way they stand back off the line now and have kind of that's become the.

Norm and the lady sign is to give them that extra just that just expression a fraction of anticipation time but it also allows them to be more aggressive and it was kind of it was the waters that that started that trend uh because they still do play with a lot of power.

But when they first came in they were just ripping balls from everywhere on the court and it was typically you know that a foot two feet behind the kitchen line that they could step in if they needed to or they were sitting there giving giving time to get that bigger swing one five one.

We will switch ends at six in this third game uh tough right was just a little too early on that she was trying to take that before the ball started dropping she got overextended and the only thing she had left was to flick her wrist at it flip it straight down into the net.

Again right doing such a great job backing up she knew it was getting sped up resets it gets right back into it and then lets that next one Sail a little bit of communication there between Coop and stratman about who has taken that shot I don't know why but I feel like I ate a.

Handful of dirt from the parking lot I don't know if it was the wind or what but I just taste like Arizona desert in my mouth right now definitely sounds like a you problem Chad could reach in there for the put away I don't know what you do in here.

I think it was the wind that we were sitting up here now that we're blocking but I I it's literally a lot of I taste dirt yeah all right yeah that right hip to right for uh right armpit for the for the right hand there's a very tough spot to get to if that elbow's already come behind the body right picking that spot perfectly.

Jamming up Jensen right there on the right hip I'm sorry who oh my stratman what the heck I was like some for some reason I'm reading PPA right here oh yeah yeah I don't know what they did used to play together all the time so there you go.

I absolutely Miss hit there off stratman's paddle could hear that it was just a mid-pace little roll there from bar and and sometimes with the slower pace and the spin causes you to have to do a little bit more with it all right defense again from stratman oh yeah she just kind of let that get on.

Her too much instead of taking that one out of the air and it is all tied up here at five so the lead that Coupe and stratman had gone after some adjustments from right bar looks like it's gonna be another close game just didn't quite use the legs right.

There for at a right or just rolled off the paddle down into the net foreign yesterday first one today though I was gonna go long right spot Coop was staying out wide to hit that two-hand backhand rolled dink.

Sorry I'm not trying to pull your head off by stepping on your cable but just a little too much power on that flick from right there's a little surprised Coop didn't get a little bit more aggressive on that previous shot she kind of stayed back and let it bounce I thought she could have easily.

To get a couple steps of taking that out of the air oh great angle there from bar and the big thing she did there was she slid to her right and got off the court a little bit so she could hit that angle rather than staying planted and trying to swing across the body well the courts are definitely soaked on.

The outside it's still raining I can see it that's missing just deep my weather app is clearly trash was it supposed to rain until like one or two all right so it is right in bar that get themselves to six trigger the end change here in this third game.

Of this semi-final matchup as I mentioned Georgia Johnson already in the winter bracket final winning their semi over Maggie and Mary brasha I believe coming up next we will have our other men's semi-final match as I take a look here we will oh excuse me no we're gonna have the.

Conclusion of what I know was already started on another court it's gonna be a quarterfinal matchup between Rob nunnery and Rob Cassidy taking on Stefan Auburn and Zane navratil that game was going on clearly got interrupted by the rain so we're going to finish that we're leaving that school 11 1 10 12 11 1. that is a very somewhat that is.

What happened in that second game or speaking of the Auburn navratil versus mcmakon lohani match-up previously that is a very unusual score that's pickleball for you though so it looks like Hayden patroquin and Pablo Tellez taking out DJ young and Dylan Frazier in their quarterfinals so.

They are in the semis and they'll face the winner of that match that I just mentioned we're going to finish up with next before yeah good spot there from bar strapman and Coop have played together several times.

In tournament play pretty successfully each time if my memory serves me correctly and I believe Barn Wright played together in Atlanta that I'm not quite as positive about oh nice big oh good finish from right so after.

It looking like Coop and stratman had the upper hand in that one the defense again like you were talking about before the defense brought them back into it and switched the momentum at that point about a spot there from stratman just a little roll.

There's some topspin down at the feet of bar she wasn't able to pick it up oh good effort on bar just couldn't quite sneak it over the tape all right never want to give away free points yeah we haven't we haven't too many freebies in this third game not exactly sure if there were any in those first two of.

Course so we didn't get to see those good pressure from buck started with just a little Top Spin roll and then kept adding some Pace to it so that ball got popped up high enough foreign love the aggression there from stratman just fortunately clips that tape otherwise that's probably a winner.

There's a little there's a slight hesitation from her there as far as coming forward stratman disappointed in that finish ing missed a very easy ball backswing got a little too long I would think maybe a timeout coming if right and Barr put another point on the board.

All right all over the court oh that was I mean look at that look at the defense and then right back into it it's just ridiculous oh she tried to disguise it but that is very very tough to control on a flick LOB ster oh no oh I mean Andrew scream it.

Was the ride yeah put on the kitchen there but again I think that happens too because that ball was so close to the net she was hoping you know she'd have a better shot at it but that's the tough thing about the Ernie it's it's anticipation of the ball being in that Strike Zone to.

Be able to go around the kitchen and take that but if it's not in that spot then you're caught and it doesn't have enough space on it like that one did so it's just kind of you have to commit to it one way or the other you can't sort of in between it because then you're in the kitchen so that one unfortunately just really.

Close to the net and Coop was hoping it was a little bit more but he bet did not pay off for her so a time out as far and right two points away from taking this semi-final match to head to the winner bracket final and again are you are you seeing much if.

Any strategy change that needs to be adjusted at all or simply just some execution I think it's just it's just execution and consistency it's what it's been fit for this whole whole game and I would say it was kind of how it was for the first two games as well those types of Misses we've seen from stratman.

A few times in in this game she's getting the right balls to speed up but she's trying to do too much with it so she's going larger back swing and that creates that flatter ball that sails deep similar there from right excellent job from Etta right there starting the firefight.

Stratman completely off balance after that first speed up great pickup oh just wow that one-handed backhand just kind of smacked with that insane angle big angle so another Match Point here for bar and right okay we'll go to Matt's Point number three oh huge hold.

Coop and stratman's still alive here tight much oh big forehand from Outer right six ten two that's good interesting choice from right there oh just wide oh I mean that was almost a collision slash No One's Gonna Get it.

And then right on top of that tape Seven Ten two again the angles from right have just been spot on here all right another opportunity to close out this batch tough but another extremely close game here as this whole match was but is.

Susanna Barr and Etta Wright who head to our winter bracket final to face Georgina and Johnson and we will have as I mentioned the conclusion of that men's quarterfinal matchup coming up Stefan Auburn and Zane navratil take on Rob Cassidy and Rob nunnery we'll see where that match was at when it got stalled by the rain we're back into the action.

Right after this foreign foreign.

With everything welcome back to the Franklin Studio Laura McLaughlin here with Susannah barnetta right as they are heading to our winter bracket Final on the ladies side we unfortunately did not get to see games one and two because of the rain delay but very close games as was that.

Third one having a rain delay always a little tough kind of breaks the momentum what did you guys discuss how did you stay warm and fresh knowing you only have now that one game coming back in from the delay right I mean there's not a lot of room to move around but we just tried to keep warm put on some music and just stay in the match.

You guys have played together before you got a bronze mother a little bit earlier in the year in Atlanta so how kind of do you guys strategize what's the best way that you two partner together honestly it's just bringing the energy and just figuring out like who we're playing I mean every round is tough and so we know that we have to start strong and end.

Strong you have a tough match in that winter bracket final against Simone regime and Georgia Johnson what are you guys going to discuss in terms of how you're going to face them well I don't I guess we haven't even thought about it yet we were just trying to get through that match.

Um because Andrea and Lauren are obviously an incredibly tough team um but we'll probably change our strategy just a little bit well no secrets given away yet so congratulations to you too we'll see them in the winter bracket final and as I mentioned we have the conclusion of a men's quarterfinal match coming up Rob.

Nunnery and Rob Cassidy that's that's nunnery right there blocking my shot I love it Stefan Auburn and Zayn navratul are who they're taking on so we're back into the action right after this foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign thank you oh.

foreign only one.

thank you foreign.

welcome back everyone as I mentioned we are breaking back into this men's quarterfinal matchup between Rob Cassidy and Rob nunnery who are taking on Zane navratil and Stefan Auburn Auburn and navratil we mentioned that kind of funky score in their previous match against Kyle mcmaken and anik.

Lohani 11-1 10 12 11 1. so something happened in that second game perhaps that end was maybe weird wherever they were but nunnery and Cassidy taking down and right in kravchuk in their previous match 11 5 11 2 and I'm sure our production team got the scores here of.

Where we're coming back into this matchup John friesner as our USA pickleball certified referee here as the rain still coming down pretty heavily here in Mesa Arizona and it's gotten even colder yeah if it was possible to get colder it has so that's a good time had by all I literally cannot feel my fingers so I just it is everyone feel.

Bad for me 50 degrees right now oh it's too cold for Arizona I mean I know it's December but my goodness gracious they never till 27 years old in Austin Texas now after moving this summer from Milwaukee Wisconsin stavon Auburn also in Austin Texas sure they got a lot of time to practice.

33 years old and Rob Cassidy originally from Rochester New York was in Southern Florida but him and Michelle Esquivel making the move to Southern California now back to where Michelle is from and Rob nunnery in Hawaii for the time.

Being so a little jealous of that so it's supposed to rain for the next four hours straight amazing news so it looks like we are still in game one here of this quarterfinal matchup Auburn and navratil up 9-7 and I definitely see a Heise shirt sighting.

Uh nunnery oh he is I didn't notice it I may or may not be wearing that shirt under all my layers as well mine is is layer number five oh it's excellent all right so we all have it on somewhere all right game point here for Auburn and maver till I believe their first time.

Playing together in a tournament two lefties of course Auburn and Cassidy both lefties so we're gonna see them on the right side foreign wow great job there from Cassidy staying in that Cassidy very well known for sort of being a little chaotic on court diving.

Rolling around gonna ask you what the over under is on him diving on the court or at least putting a part of his body down at some point and you're already put his knee down oh my gosh oh wow I don't know I was gonna have that maybe sometimes it can get him a little into trouble kind of gets him out of position but it's it's what he does it's who he.

Is can't cage an animal like that it comes from the ultimate frisbee background this is an extremely intriguing sort of pairing and match up to me because while navratil probably the most I don't know successful player on the court I want to say um Auburn's still kind of trying to make.

His Mark in the pickleball World certainly has been climbing improving but only hitting the podium maybe a handful of times in his pro career so far and nunnery while he was a very high level player you know has been plagued by some injuries the last year kind of been in Hawaii for a bit trying to deal with.

That so he's been out of the game a little bit kind of tried to re-establish himself now and Cassidy always kind of been you know he's been there been there yes so this is an interesting pairing like it it just seems very evenly matched all around just what.

That will be game one non area and Cassidy did have a good result last year when they play today yes that was before uh the the injuries yes so we'll see if they can kind of get back into a Groove here see if they can force a third game here we're back into the action right after this.

Foreign foreign foreign navratil and Stefan Auburn on the far.

End here for this second game Rob nunnery and Rob Cassidy on the near end for game two very close game one was interrupted by rain and just concluded but eleven eight that final score with auburn and navratil coming out on top so we'll see if.

Again it's always tough with a with a rain delay stopping sort of how you were playing in a game but we'll see if nunnery and Cassidy can kind of warm back up here a little literally and figuratively try and push this quarterfinal match up to a third game they will face.

The winner of this match faces Hayden Patricks in the semis great pickup from navratil but cannot get the second one on the other half of our men's draw JW Johnson and Deco Barr beating Julian Arnold and Rafa Hewitt for a spot in the winner bracket final down the line from.

Cassidy sorry I didn't mean it interrupt no no no you're fine more important than me blabbling on over here good recovery off that net cord we were one of these teams whoever comes out on top is going to roll right into their next match in the semis after this as this half of the bracket just a hair behind due to that rain delay.

And then we're into our winter finals oh he read it well it just got way too big didn't need that much swing a good spot see Naver so just dropping the head of the paddle down and come right up into the chest to Cassidy there I mean I have to imagine nunnery and.

Cassidy have discussed needing to sort of hit more of their shots to Auburn kind of make him prove his abilities certainly never till has already done so way to keep him pinned back there oh such a nice poach there from Stefan.

Auburn and I mean Cassidy I think I'm not sure if he saw him coming but he did try and keep it very close to that line so I had to avoid that oh Auburn goes for it again High formation navratso was just hanging back saying you go boy.

You cover I am fast enough that I can get there anyway all right we're gonna have a time out here from the robs as they are down 4-1 only trailing by three in pickleball that's really you know not a big cushion so certainly I think.

That I mean no talking going on here Cassidy and nunnery very far apart here on the court well I think it's more this is more of a momentum slow down type uh timeout compared to a hey yo we need to change strategy here kind of deal yeah I mean they certainly.

Aware and expecting that poach from Auburn he's shown it a couple times going for it he is a lefty so Cassidy especially if he is going to be on that right side needs to be aware of that need to be super patient you know nunnery and Cassidy sometimes can struggle being.

A little impatient trying to speed up some some shots that should not be sped up so we'll see if they can sort of settle in stay patient and wait for the right moments because I think that will put them in a position where they could be pushing this to a third.

Yeah that stuff just too high as Cassidy short hops that yeah I was gonna say Cassidy trying to take that on the hot Folly and rushing through it that's going to create that pop-up taking on the hot Folly but stay nice and nice and controlled with it it's Auburn again looking for that pouch yeah see that's what I want to see I.

Want to see Cassidy especially going cross court with auburn and really making him show that he can stay in that dink rally got the error that time getting those shots low closer than that I think oh all right battery with the drive gets the air from.

Never till this time just wide good defense there from none are able to get a couple of balls back but the pressure from Avon just a little too much foreign poach there from Cassidy certainly expected to see some of those.

From him I think nunnery was surprised a little oh and number two again yep possibly going out but I think if Cassidy reads it really right and gets the right shot he's usually very successful on the poach oh I don't like Cassidy staying up though all the way.

Yep backs up a little bit ugh I mean ultimately Paul never came to him but that is unacceptable there Mr Cassidy just came up on top of that bowl and flicked across his body has to extend through that a little bit more great cover from nunnery let's see if they can slow it down a little here.

Oh notary trying to tell him to let that one bounce potentially going out not too sure but just got a little big ger oh there's a question of if something hit a shirt yeah that one word never took it from from right hip.

I'd like to see a time out here maybe after a couple errors from Cassidy he's obviously a little frustrated there nice hands from a bun good counter attack stayed in that firefight again using his ring again using his reach right there and well now you've got true timeout.

At match point I mean I know they say better late than never but I don't know if I agree with that now I think it typically what we say is like a three to four point yeah this one two this one went on a six if not going off points that you're giving up you have to especially but if that.

Frustrated and the thing is you know nunnery should sense that Cassidy has had maybe a couple errors for your team you do not it doesn't have to be necessarily a discussion and agreement I think if you see your partner clearly frustrated and struggling just call a timeout just do it and you know there's some players.

They're just more stubborn than others I just want to kind of gut it out and not always for the best match point here for navratil and Auburn apples out tough tough all right so it is Stefan Alvern and Zane navratil who will head to the semi-finals as I mentioned we'll be back into it pretty quickly I'll see if they want to chat.

With me in the Franklin Studio or if they want to just kind of stay warm and get ready for that semi so we'll be back into the action though shortly here at the app sunmed Mesa open right after this there was a time when I was young my brothers were young and we actually.

Lived in just a small motel room for about nine months my brothers my dad and I and it really taught us that you don't need a lot to be happy in life foreign.

foreign welcome back everyone in the Franklin Studio Lauren McLaughlin here with Stefan Auburn and Zane navratil as they are heading now to the semi is gonna.

Have a quick turnaround for you too but you sir are now in Austin Texas moved from Wisconsin this summer this is the first time you two have played a tournament together but of course I assume you play a lot together in wreck both of you being in Austin how sort of have you guys decided to team up together and what was going to be sort.

Of the strategy with your two styles um yeah like you said we we practice a lot together it's it's fun we have good Styles and whatnot Stefan's a cool dude and so we said let's give it a whirl all right I mean you're a cool dude that's all it takes I guess for navratil to uh partner you up so how do you think the day has gone obviously getting a.

Match interrupted by rain and having to come back into it can be a little tough but how have you guys sort of navigated today so far yeah it's not easy but um you know we try to stay warm we come out warm up and then just do our best and try to put all the difficult conditions aside and yeah just play our game I mean the quick turnaround of course.

Right back into the semisphere I have to imagine you know it's much cooler I'm obviously dressed like I'm in Antarctica it's what it feels like so not too tough coming back into the semi are you guys looking forward to the quick turnaround staying warm and getting right back into it oh for sure we just got to keep Stefan hot he's so hot right now.

Um yeah we've actually never lost together so um yeah just gonna say it we're 3-0 not yet who knows Big H owns me this tournament so public we got we're playing the the incredible team of Big H and little Pablo so I love it I mean so much fun to be had.

You know both of them of course as well is there going to be a thought process going up to face them or just gonna try to out cool them out here I think I'll call them yeah yeah that's the plan it's gonna be tough plan is to stay hot stay hot stay cool all the things all right don't go anywhere we're back into that semi-final match in just a moment.

thank you I can't feel like the pulse the beat the vibe you have a place to turn it on Talking Stick Resort.

Happens thank you no time to waste under the SAT inside foreign.

thank you foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign.

Welcome back everyone as I mentioned a quick turnaround for Zane navratil and Stefan Au Vern coming off their quarterfinal win that we just saw over Rob nunnery and Rob Cassidy here into the semis where they will face Hayden Patrick and Pablo Tellez who are having themselves quite a day had some big wins took on cam Loring and Brandon contrato.

In their first round matchup then a very close one with Zach grabovic and Scott Dorner 12 10 11 9 squeak through that one into the quarterfinals where they had a big win over DJ young and Dylan Frazier the number two seed 11 7 11 8. so Patrick is the number seven seed here while Auburn and navratil the three seat as I mentioned and we just saw defeating.

Nunnery in Cassidy but before that taking out mcmaken and lohani but that went to three so this should be an interesting match up here Patrick Quinn had a really nice day yesterday and mixed with Maggie brasha taking a bronze medal Phil plusha will be our referee for this match.

It looks like we probably still have a few more moments of warm up here before we get into the action yep it's green so we're gonna oh they're gonna go well honestly if I was a bun in navratil I would much rather have that quick turn oh sure they already had the long break at the rain delay so not a ton of.

You come out play one game and two points three points rather than you know you go you sit down for another two hours and then try to get going exactly yeah that thing granted they are younger than us Lauren so they probably don't seize up as quickly well not Auburn he's not quite as young as navratil but but close.

Painted Patrick was certainly the youngest on the court though at 17 out of Yucaipa California SoCal kid over there truly coolest kid I've ever met honestly every time I get to talk to her I'm just like I'm so glad Hayden's talking to me it's just so cool Pablo Deez 27 out of Bonita Springs.

Florida very close to you and Simone Chad yeah he's uh known Pablo for quite a few years but trains a lot with Simone Federico Paris and the rain is still pouring down here in Mesa Arizona very lucky to have this covered Stadium Court to continue.

Our coverage here for the pros as they work through their brackets so again two lefties on court say is also a lefty now okay Stefan Auburn Nice Shot going across the body of Patrick Quinn Patrick Quinn sitting a little bit more on the backhand side expecting that down.

The line and Patrick and says hey I'm just gonna put one back into your chest for that yeah shot you hit past me good roll there from Patrick Quinn but yeah sitting there waiting for it we can actually hear the rain falling in our headphones now this is this is the.

First time I've fully heard it oh great defense from oh okay all right slide back over big forehand from tears and great defense from navratil on that Ernie but the thing is under normal circumstances I love the rain it's like a rain person love to hear the rain coming down but I want to be like under three blankets on.

My couch inside watching television yes compared to 50 degree weather sitting up in the top of the stands where we are the only ones getting wind up here drinking my hot chocolate though that's making me very happy oh yeah a little too high there from navratil potatoes has has added he's always been somewhat aggressive and had.

Good Pace from his tennis background but he's doing a much better job reaching in lately very strong wrist very strong forearm another good spot there set up by Patrick went going behind ovonne forcing that ball to pop up and teo's getting on top of it.

Yeah we've mentioned you know several players over the weekend that oh there's the rain yeah nine mile an hour wind mixed with the 55 in the rain kind of a gross day bit low energy in the crowd as well as they're just you know trying to conserve all their energy to stay away we had.

That discussion it's you know we've got a good crowd in here however everybody is sitting in here and a little bit chilly yep we've got the rain it's somewhat miserable out there so the the atmosphere in here is a little different than what you would expect yeah yeah agreed but talking about some of these players.

You know Patrick Quinn has been around for a little while uh he's obviously very young thing Pro really maybe 15 certainly last year at 16 more but he's he's one of those players players are kind of on the cusp and I feel like he finally broke through really sort of this last summer.

And it started to have a lot more success just find oh he missed it he had the hope and caught but getting a lot better results consistently now for him and I think taya's is sort of the same he's been around for a little while and just you know the last couple months really.

Started to break through a little find what works MLP gave gave some of these plays confidence agree um you know Patrick Quinn was an alternate for for MLP and then he got his chance in Newport Beach and and he's kind of jumped up from them the same with with tears in the first MLP in Austin now he's starting to play more.

He's putting in more time uh recognizing that there's good opportunity oh yep he wants that one back good recognition good opportunity just oh great take up yeah that was trouble it was on thought of speeding up for a second there from tears and he changed his mind and usually when we do that doesn't end.

Well uh so I ended up leaving that ball up just trying to bump it but yeah good move by navratil right there got in the middle of the Court and then didn't hold back oh no water's starting to pour under the ground dive on it quickly.

Dive on it uh well we'll be stopping crud shoot dive on at someone sacrifice your body can you imagine someone had just like laid in front of it well we'll be done for a minute here while we probably have to get a blower I wonder how that happened though because.

I thought it was because it's raining so much it's eventually just pooling somebody had a watershed out there as far as pushing it around and I don't know if you went the opposite direction because that is a lot of water to all of a sudden yeah agreed yeah it looked like something maybe got knocked over or tipped or something.

But I don't know oh actually no I'm looking out behind that and there is a lot of water coming off the sides of this yeah this cover yeah I think that's the tough spot is it is covered but you have so much rain coming down it's got to go somewhere.

Obviously and this venue is all concrete so there's not a ton of vents so it's going to go somewhere and if there's even the slightest bit of an angle okay if you look right right between the bleaches there you can see how much water oh yeah oh yeah it's like pooling over there it looks like it's staying there though so I mean we're definitely.

Going to have to take a little bit of a break here while we get a blower or some towels out here to get that spot dried up so we'll take a short break don't go anywhere though we're hopefully back into it here as quick as we can be and make sure the court is coming in chat go late go lay down over there I'll go commentate from the side laying on in.

The rain all right everyone well we'll be back into the action don't go anywhere bye foreign all right.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign you have a place to turn it off Talking.

Stick Resort foreign there was a time when I was young my brothers were young and we actually lived in just a small motel room for about nine months my brothers and my dad and I and it really taught us that you.

Don't need a lot to be happy in life into our wildest dreams follow me into our wildest dreams thank you foreign.

just ice foreign.

The pulse the beat the vibe you have a place to turn it on Talking Stick Resort thank you foreign.

foreign foreign foreign.

thank you foreign foreign no time to waste.

Under the set inside into our wildest dreams follow me into our wildest dreams is foreign foreign.

thank you thank you foreign.

foreign foreign.

foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign we're back everyone what uh what a miserable little uh rain delay.

We've just had it is still raining uh the issue of course being while we have this covered Court uh the water is pooling up around and was coming into the court so that was quite an undertaking a big big thank you to Ryan treffry and his staff here at Legacy really going above and beyond quickly to try and uh get the situation as best.

Under control as we can we're good bill hat's off to Mr Daniel wrote video oh yeah he was out there and his butt off he's got it yeah he's getting paid today he's gotta do something they've built some dams with some bags and towels and sheets and whatever they could find so we are back into uh this.

Men's semi-final match Zane navratil and Stefan Auburn on the near end taking on Pablo Tellez and Hayden Patrick Quinn we are in the middle of game one Auburn and navratil with a two-point lead now as they get into this the update from the tournament desk I will relay in a moment.

So essentially we're going to try and conclude our women's bracket today all of the matches being changed to the 1 to 15 format and men's doubles we will complete the top half of the draw which means just the winner bracket final and then our backdraw will be rescheduled for.

Tomorrow so we should have quite a few ladies matches underway after this one but I believe this match will still proceed in the two out of three Avon and navital come out probably as hot as you could be after that break.

Yeah always can be tough regardless of what level you're at to come back in from a big break but game point here for navratil in Auburn and they will get it done with that error from Patrick Quinn so I don't know do we need to take another yeah okay keep rolling thank you I was like do we need to take a break we just.

Took a way too long of one Chad and I never till telling the crowd to get fired up here the the tried and true pickleball fans that remain here on Center Court obviously with a huge rain delay all of the amateur brackets got canceled for the rest of the day and pushed to tomorrow so of course a lot of people left.

As I can't blame them it's a little it's a little cold it's a little rainy I would have I would have left I would have left as well so nobody's blaming them by any means but we do have a little Core Group still left here love to see it cheering these guys on looking for some more pickleball action that's how you.

Know you got to pick them all over on your hands when they stay in this world we had people coming in just recently when it was raining so kind of a little changing of the guys that ball ends up staying in tell it taya's thought that was going out yep Auburn and never till now on the far end for game two taya's and Patrick.

Quinn on the near end oh so I was thinking before the rain delay never got a chance to say it but Auburn and navratil are both players that I think Gel really well with a lot of other players they're just kind of neutral players in that oh not necessarily you know super Alpha.

Super right-sided super fiery that kind of can't mesh well with maybe some other players in terms of chemistry I think they have the ability to kind of chameleon themselves to another partner so I like the two of them together I think they have just sort of Good Vibes between the two of them everyone is so long and lanky that he.

Can similar to ba when he can do that quick Ernie oh it seals that one long good shot there by Tears a little backhand roll down the line oh doth reminded me absolutely a huge shout out also to Simone regime and Lena padigamate who also jumped in to help dry the courts.

Packed up a little bit there well you didn't want to mention his other comment on it that I smelled good I do smell good oh okay who's catching that one behind him wasn't able to bring that one back down good spot there from Patrick Quinn good reach in and push out wide to the.

Navratil backhand causing the pop-up so not as smooth here for Avon and navratal after the first couple of points to end game one great recovery there from Auburn with that very awkward placed speed up I mean after a long break you're a little ramped up you got to kind of settle back in and.

Get back into a Groove which can be tough to do oh I mean great angle from patroquin but never till with the beautiful ATP there defended from tez but ultimately not able to come out on top of that rally I mean that was that point had a little.

Bit of everything right there I mean look at Patrick one here recognizing he's got it get up to that ball that trickles over the net nice speed up there from Avon recognizing the small hole through the middle speeds up to the tears forehand and a.

Couple back and forth and then switching crossbody to the backhand we already have JW Johnson and deckle Barr in our winter bracket final they will face the winners of this match we're gonna have a timeout here from Patrick Quinn and Taya says they did have a good lead but it is obviously a little upset.

Bit of a paddle toss there and coming up next we will have our women's winner bracket final Susannah barnetta Wright will take on Simone dream and Georgia Johnson and then we'll have to get into that back draw looking at our top 10 ranked players on the app standings list speaking of JW.

Johnson securely in that first spot and of course this is an accumulation of points received in the last year on the app tour based on where the players placed so quite a who's who of pickleball list there back in from this time out let's see if.

Patrick went and Tellez can settle in just a little bit here nice forehand there from Patrick Quinn big shout out to Clayton Bixby through his kind words there on the Stream I love Clayton Bixby who doesn't it's a little too underneath that needed to roll it a little bit.

Wow that is visibly frustrated in some of these errors that are creeping in oh just deep it was ambitious it was I mean he's clearly looking for that Ernie every chance he can get in it can.

Be extremely effective but sometimes overdo it a little when you're just not quite waiting for the right moment pull that out oh don't do it don't I don't think he would I don't know if Jeff Warnick was out there I mean.

Yeah I mean who Among Us hasn't like threatened the paddle toss it's just a it's the act of wanting to do it I think I'm at a 25 Court distance at East Maples one time thank you Porter we'll be on the lookout if the net ever so slightly but never came up.

And as frustrated as Patrick Quinn and Tellez have shown to be here in the second game they are only behind by one I mean they're right here in it they just need to and now it's tied up so yeah I mean that's that's one of the big things of yeah you can get frustrated and you can make a few errors but if it starts.

Snowballing okay yes we've got an issue but it's pickable we've seen a seven around almost we've seen seven eight nine point leads to get blown out of the water nice job by Auburn and navratil kind of staying in Us in that ultimately backing Patrick Quinn and taya's off that line and into a defensive position.

Foreign we saw that same speed up from Yvonne a few points ago okay is making the adjustment on that one but a really good step in topspin drive from Laverne to re-enter head back up at eight now Auburn every once in a while a little impatient with those speeds up speed up.

Sometimes choosing the wrong one it's worked out fairly well for him percentage-wise here but just every once in a while I'd definitely like to see him really settle in more and kind of wait for the right moment uh clips navratil y we get it we get it.

Yeah someone mentioning in the chat who was it oh it was LSM a girl mentioning how you can see the player's breath so we did mention obviously it's a little chilly here a little chilly little plusha rocking it out in referee duties here yeah.

Eight nine two oh two missed the quick side out for Patrick's not something that you want when you're behind oh it was ready and waiting for it he was all over it just got a little big with the backswing too good patience.

Yeah I mean the first one was the right ball to speed up from Auburn right there but you can see it was underneath it so he keeps it high and floating and then when it comes back he can't handle he's got to get on top of that more the downward angle especially using his height to his Advantage there oh.

Oh never tell with a couple really good gifts and he's there for the third one too just got a little bit lower each time and ultimately oh it catches the net and goes in going back to those two speed UPS the difference between the Avon speed up where it was a good speed up but then.

He's paddle dropped down to his side Tellez kept the paddle out in front each time so he was able to make the adjustments so after struggling a little bit here in the second game Patrick's have themselves a game point to try and force the third oh and almost get it on the serve.

Good cover from never till wow that was tough because Auburn goes for that Ernie and stays planted across that kitchen corner navratil really reaching some hesitation there on Avon that was better commitment better step in on the two drives on the third and fifth good spot there from tears just he keeps.

That pattern down at his left side ready yeah he sits on his forehand side majority of the time that's why we've seen a couple of those awkward yeah okay it's going too much we've seen a couple of those awkward you know windshield wiper volleys yep trying to come even if he was just you know a little bit more in the middle just to kind of neutralize.

His paddle positioning say I was saying sorry Patrick didn't want to let one of those balls go so it's game Point again here for tears and patricklin oh wow I mean I thought that might have been tough he showed that speed up pretty early.

Patrick just got caught in an awkward spot still in it oh you can't have those I mean you just can't have that error yeah just over over extension you see the paddle up above the ball because wow that was.

Everything's just sort of a bit wild right now some of these shots but back tied up at 11s all right so now Auburn and never till have themselves a match point watch Diane in the corner the kicks you try to kick it behind her.

Still in it nope got a little wet going underneath the bleaches then wow I haven't seen just a clear winner in a while here but never till pulling one out good reach in from taya's right there sorry boy.

Spencer Lanier hi Spencer next gen Champion Spencer Lanier the Pacific Northwest yeah nice little the reverse from navrats Hill that little Tomahawk pancake shot Auburn looking for that poach net is not friendly there for Patrick.

Quinn did a good job just getting a paddle on it with it jumping up that high another Match Point here for navratil and I'll burn just for both sides it's here I don't know who those guys are but I love it.

I'll take it and run with it gosh take it and run with it again there's been a couple shots that you know are really good but ultimately the entire rallies that have been going on here haven't been super clean kind of matches the weather a little bit yeah as well rainy and cold but otherwise.

Doing all right oh no got cold got cold for a violation of serving before the ref was done saying the score wow that's tough but 13 12 or 1313 yep yeah.

All right everyone we got it we got it oh good resets from Patrick Quinn just getting up to the kitchen line but Yvonne applying the pressure foreign massive serve there from navratil right on that Baseline I thought it was right on the line another match point.

Grip I may finally get it done so a bit of a messy match but ultimately an hour till an Auburn hold on to take it here and we will take a short break now back into the Franklin studio and we're back with our women's winter bracket final.

In just a moment foreign foreign.

thank you foreign thank you foreign.

solution thank you oh foreign.

only one.

Hold up hey guys foreign welcome back to the still very rainy Mesa Arizona where we are desperately.

Trying to stay warm here 52 degrees 17 mile an hour winds though that's what's the kicker look at that humidity it's raining I know but of course of course the moisture I don't know how the weather Works Chad get off my back oh my goodness I'm not a meteorologist all right welcome back everyone we're.

Done fighting don't worry we have our women's winter bracket Final on Deck now Susanna Barren Etta Wright facing Simone regime and Georgia Johnson of course our ladies have been waiting for quite a while now with a big rain delay happening so getting a few moments of warm-up time here.

Uh they have not played in five hours yep so that's what I said they've been waiting a while thank you for putting a direct number with that but we said the same thing uh bar in right coming off of a big win over Lauren stratman and Andrea coop in their semi-final eleven nine eight eleven eleven seven.

And of course there was a bit of a rain delay with that as well we were able to complete it before the water kind of leeched into the court here stopping play for much longer and it's it should be noted we do literally have volunteers along the edge of the Court which you can kind of see continue to.

The right they're just Ouija because the water keeps coming like it just is coming in from the outside so they're continually sort of squeegeeing and brushing the water over there to keep it from coming on the court so again a big thank you to everyone who is helping do that I mean a lot of work was done to try and even.

Get this court back to being playable here under the conditions so big thank you as well Georgie and Johnson coming off their win in the semifinals over Mary and Maggie brasha 13 11 11 5. so again Georgia and Simone have teamed up how many times before.

A couple the last time they fight together of course Susanna and Etta talked about they have played together a couple times before as well got themselves a bronze medal the Atlanta open didn't get kicked off here in just a moment.

And again a quick update if you are rejoining us after the rain delay the women's bracket we are trying to complete today through that bronze medal match which will now be just 1 to 15. is this a 1 to 15. team no is it still two out of three uh.

I did not see a change in format for the winners bracket final I am seeing a regular score sheet on our referees I do believe the format has not changed so I believe this is a two out of three I know our bronze medal matches were changed to a one to Fifteen so we'll keep you guys posted on that but I do believe this should be a two.

Out of three to eleven per usual but our men's bracket we are only going through the winter bracket final which will be I believe after this but then the the backdraw of our men's bracket will be played tomorrow morning before we get into Championship Sunday.

So good good yeah she's bouncing over there just to stay warm I've been doing that throughout the day yeah there's only like a 27 year age difference between Georgia and this morning.

Both just deep from right again the ladies have been sitting for a long time it's very cold it will probably take both these teams just a little bit to kind of find a rhythm again a good speed up there from Johnson one of the things that her and judging discussed after their match with the.

Brasher sisters that for Johnson to speed up more balls down the line instead of going cross-court oh my goodness that was hit hard but we see there with Susanna Barr when she goes ahead at that paddle lays back completely flat so it comes out on a line instead of going down through the court.

A bit of a rough start here for right bar haven't quite been able to settle in here a couple errors something's not going their way so might look to see a timeout if they cannot get a hold of it here I mean Georgia hits the ball hard in the first place but the dura is quite literally.

Like a rock right now oh nice little off-speed kind of roll there from Johnson who she doesn't generally hit a lot of her shots with roll or spin it's it's something that she's added in the last couple of months okay she used to hit that that forehand drive very flat as well uh she's added Top Spin to that she's.

Added topspin to her forehand roll volume we don't have first saw the Bands so just getting that all squared away so a bit of a rough start here for bar we did see in their previous match against.

Stratman and Coop that Spa had a little bit of a slow start there as well I missed third there from at a right stay in great pickup right back into it okay I'm gonna drop to the Baseline just block a ball get it down in the kitchen and come forward on the attack that's.

That's women's pickleball summed up right there get overhead there from right looks like almost a bit of a collision but far probably get out of the way that oh all right pick up okay oh that was way I was I was just waiting.

For who was gonna make the air I just felt like there was an error Brewing somewhere and ultimately uh it's Georgia Johnson's just swings a little two in front of that one Clips it with the the paddle some amazing defense from Brighton Bar though in that rally.

oh she's got it oh oh my goodness they collided wow I mean another ridiculous rally the back of the hand there too all right I don't know.

What a big full hand finish yeah I mean uh bar was expecting the speed up just was a bit of an awkward spot it was tough to get back we'll reach in there for Johnson well there's a little little hesitation there uh because on that last ball that went up.

Judging actually hit Johnson's hand on that ball in the middle gotta get a table on it she's just been crushing those drop volleys every single time this has gotten into sort of this crazy scramble I'm sure James pulled out that drop Ollie well she knows she doesn't have much of.

A shoulder left so she's not gonna try to hit it as hot as she can get a great angle on it you just gotta foreign she is really sort of stepping into that role of being that left-sided player and being the more aggressive one and.

A tough start here for bar and we're right 11-0 in game one but I have no doubt they'll make some adjustments they'll regroup here going into game two and and clean clean a few things up all right we'll take a short break though back into game two of our women's at winter bracket final right after this.

thank you thank you foreign.

Back into the action here for the final tour stop of 2022 on the app tour the app sunmed Mesa open and looking quickly at our top 10 standings list on our ladies side we have Miss Andrea coop in first place but Georgia Johnson hot on her heels Simone her partner here in this matchup in that third spot.

Sergeyman Johnson now on the near end for game two at a right and Susanna Barr on the far end looking to make some adjustments after getting that pickle in game one oh that's a little bit of aggression being let out there by Susanna Barr good news direct there by zhajin setting up.

Johnson for the put away another reach in roll taking away the reaction time from both judging missing that speed up just flattening out foreign quite able to get under it enough sorry stepping on your cord killing me over here Chad.

Oh oh she almost switched with her and then she said yeah she said oh just wide there from right China do a little too much pull judging out off the court get one right really wasn't able to get super involved in a lot of these rallies certainly scrambling on defense but in.

Terms of creating offense that kind of iced out a little definitely looks like she's looking to insert herself a little bit more here in the second game thought that was dropping in but Georgia Johnson lets that drop foreign.

Or just the ball set up set up higher than what she thought but looked like she was gonna drive it and then she changed her mind to go for a drop oh great okay good catch by the rough yeah Johnson and regime are having a lot of success just getting a ball a little up and keeping Baron Wright really.

Pinned back there hasn't been a lot of extended dink rallies foreign good job catching the serve receiver error judging got a little jammed up there on that third shot drop foreign every once in a while you know you're.

Playing and sometimes your brain tells you to do something and your body's a step behind so maybe she meant to switch over to that backhand and just didn't turn that paddle over Johnson pushing that one a little wide let's pick up for bar so we talked a little bit about Johnson and that she's been working on.

Incorporating a little bit more spin into some of her shots is there anything Simone has been working on sort of this last part of the Year looking to go into next year that she's trying to work on in her game yeah I mean there's She's continually walking on that on on her game adding new stuff uh I've been working on the the hook backhand and.

Forehand on those balls that are a little wider outside that we see more in the men's game not a good misdirect there by zhajin but I think I'll it's interesting because the men have added a lot more to hand backhand roles coming from the women's side yep now the women are starting to.

Add you know the the hooks the the low speed UPS from the men's side so there's definitely some crossover between the two uh as as far as strategy change mechanic change on on strokes and I mean that's that's usually evolves the players usually one player kind of find.

Something new and then it just spreads like wildfire throughout you know the world after you sort of show what's possible I mean just happening more and more in pickleball you're just going back even you know a year to two ago and the game looks entirely different now imagine it'll.

Change a little in the next year as well as we keep going well certainly in the last year with the addition of spin with the the Yola paddles the carbon Frank and the skin serve played a huge Factor this last year as well although that will be going bye-bye after this year.

Yeah at a right on the court literally there well you see that the reach in from right to speed that up but Johnson's all over it and does a good job of going back at Wright's body oh some great defense there from charityman Johnson.

Laughs we've got a little like things you got a cracked ball I mean after all the overheads have been hit in this match I am not surprised at all oh and especially with it being colder now exactly as well this Ball's definitely a little bit more likely to crack in colder conditions.

I caught just a little flat-footed there standing upright forehand from Outer right that fully outstretched arm see that good amount of players very effective similar to a jazzy oven stratman's got that as well yeah great speed up there especially the Cross.

Court speed up can be very tricky catch that person a little bit more off guard looks like bar and Wright were definitely off to a better start here in the beginning of this but just haven't been able to really they haven't looked that's going comfortable.

playing badly by any means I think regime Johnson just the defense has just been on point and then they're just getting a few more opportunities that they're able to get some winners on but right bar haven't necessarily had oh can't win them all I guess.

You go and see that's I mean that's been the successes that Johnson and your dream have been able to push reitenbar off the line opening up sort of those shots at their feet getting the speed UPS the pop-ups and the opportunity to really get them back on defense.

A little over ambitious on the reach in there from zhajin I buy Johnson letting that one go I love how she sort of just like leans and stares the ball down as it's going I'm gonna watch it all the way to make sure it lands out oh yeah like that pouch there from.

Johnson let's go along on that sir uh yeah just not get a hold of that the way she needed to could hear that coming off her paddle that was going to be short oh wow good recovery off that net cord match point.

Johnson for a spot on Championship Sunday got it right on that line Simone thinks no replay she's looking for the replay and if Johnson and Georgian get into Championship Sunday that will be the third appearance of the day for Georgia Johnson.

So she will have a Triple Crown opportunity if they get into that gold medal match great return right on the line so that skip off foreign pops off the net right coming back in avoiding that.

Kitchen corner oh she need needed to get underneath that one just a little bit more careful kind of sums up how it's been going for bar and right in this one that's match point for judging and Johnson is the match so Georgia Johnson and Simone charging head to Championship.

Sunday third spot of the day for Georgia Johnson she will have that triple crown opportunity Susannah barnetta Wright will drop into bronze and looking at our tournament desk update next we will have our men's winter bracket final and then we will get into those backdraw matches on the ladies side into bronze but our men will be done after their winter.

Bracket final next so we'll take a short break and back into the action right after this thank you foreign foreign.

out back station.

foreign welcome back to oh that was a very loud excuse me welcome back to the Franklin Studio Laura McLaughlin here with Simone Georgine and Georgia Johnson who are.

Heading to Championship Sunday your third of the day ma'am and you're second so definitely some fun matches ahead for tomorrow of course the rain delay massive you guys are sitting for a very long time what's the mentality after such a long break to try and be able to as quickly as possible get into the batch well my history is not good when I.

Sit down for so long I play like absolutely doo-doo uh so my goal was to stay moving stay warm uh so the squeezing it may be helped that was good strategy but Georgia play grade it helps like China is being funny but I thought it was great like you know it helps when you have energized bunny hopping around next to you it's like how are you gonna.

Like be standing still it's impossible what were you gonna add Missy uh in the dancing of course oh we had a dance party oh some salsa I love it wonderful okay I mean coming into that you seemed clearly like your strategy with the two of you is you're gonna take over you're gonna be as aggressive as possible while Simone is sort of steady keeps it in.

Play looking for those poaches did you feel like you had the energy kind of built up from waiting to be able to go out and just play as aggressive as you did yeah when the rain comes you know I definitely am getting antsy just sitting around all this time and I really wanted to get out there and started playing and I always kind of bounce around and I'm.

Glad it helps my partners I don't know it's just something I do I mean again going into tomorrow we are expecting a little bit of rain tomorrow as well and now we have some matches coming into tomorrow you are in two you are in three what's going to be sort of the process when you have several gold matches in the same day how.

Do you sort of compartmentalize One Versus the other I mean honestly I think it's more so the the for for both of us for her is even more so is they are all very different singles women's doubles and mixed doubles it's almost like you've got to regroup like it's a restart button every single time so um I think it's it's honestly like her.

Maturity for her age is amazing so I have no doubt that she will be successful tomorrow because of the ability to do that some players sometimes struggle when they can't get over one like let's say having not a great result in one and then moving on to the next you gotta like that's like it's almost like the day is over restart.

And it's difficult but that's the difference between a good player and a great player so that's it and you have a Triple Crown opportunity tomorrow now your brother has gotten a couple now do you think it's more than time for you to get your own well it was actually like my New Year's resolution so maybe before the year's over hopefully.

I'll get one I love it great resolution so if not tomorrow though next year without a doubt so a big congrats to Simone Georgia and Georgia Johnson heading to Gold tomorrow and we have our men's winter bracket final coming up next Stefan Auburn and at Zane navratil take on Deco bar and JW Johnson right after.

This my name is Georgia Johnson I'm 16 years old I'm from Boynton Beach Florida the first time I ever heard about pickleball I was with the neighbor my neighbor introduced me to the sport my immediate family all started to play when we moved to Florida I remember thinking this is really fun because I got to hit the ball.

As hard as I could and all my family members so then we kind of got into it playing wreck games and then tournaments from there I don't know if my game is special but I like it I wouldn't change it definitely like to play more on the powerful side of things I always like pickleball better intense I always say that no.

Hands battles in tennis like I think you miss out on that part of it and I just like it because it's faster I like the app tour format because it's a little bit different than everybody else's and from different sports it's a little unique to pickleball and I like the fact that you can come back through the backdraw I think that's special.

I think pickleball is definitely going in the direction of one of the bigger Sports I think it could be pretty iconic and uh I could definitely see it going to the Olympics in the future there was a time when I was young my brothers were young and we actually lived in just a small motel room for.

About nine months my brothers my dad and I and it really taught us that you don't need a lot to be happy in life foreign foreign.

foreign under the sight inside foreign.

foreign I have uh it's me Lauren McLaughlin I'm here with the yeti trying to survive we shouldn't have to say we're trying to survive Arizona weather in December and yet here we are here we are in our all of our winter.

Gear trying to just stay warm and we have our men's winter bracket Final on Deck here this will be the final men's match of the day as their backdraw was rescheduled for tomorrow morning to get kicked off we have J.W Johnson and decal Barr taking on Stefan Auburn and Zane navratil looks like navratil in Auburn will be on.

The near end to start us off for game one Wild bar and Johnson on the far end we got a couple drops of water coming through little Center area of the court I don't even know where is that water coming it's just running down the road ripping yeah I think this is running down.

Running down the rafters I got a little spot over there too but for the most part as we mentioned we have non-stop volunteers squeegeing the edge of the court to keep the water at Bay because otherwise it would still keep leaking in so a big thank you to everyone we could not be continuing our day without that.

Lex almost died all right deckle bar with the serve get out and I imagine similarly to the lady's side we'll see these gentlemen take just a little bit to kind of warm up and get into any sort of Rhythm or Groove after they've been sitting a little while navratil and Vern have gotten to.

Play a little bit but Johnson and Barr have been similarly to the ladies sitting for quite a while here before getting into this matchup foreign take a look at the drops falling just there near the net in the kitchen good spot from navratul going behind bar.

Elementary ball as well aggressive little throw from navratul with the towel going across the court choosing a new stone they're not even pickleballs right now each other tickle bar doing a little shopping over there one chair View.

Oh nice reach in that from uh good drive from Johnson to set that one up I don't know if there's a little bit more moisture than what we see dripping on the court there we'll see kind of all the players kind of like kicking the court scuffing their shoes to make sure.

It's dry but it looks like that wall might have skid on that sideline knows the call was in YouTube again we saw the last few times Barr and Johnson have.

Teamed up Johnson has taken that left side while Barr has been on the right but today we've seen him mix up a little bit yeah they've played a little more a little more regular today not as much snack stacking well I've done the occasional hofstack now we got some more water.

They're checking the lines right now too looks like there's some water creeping in the back corner where we initially had it all come in and probably you know we got sheets and things barricading the side but of course they're saturated so probably some moisture is sort of retained in there.

All right Deco doesn't want to play somehow I had conditions changed between our women's match and the men's match right now we're never till having a word I don't know the exact rule about how they sort of agree to not play or they all have to agree to not play if the court is deemed playable you know.

By the refs or what's the situation so I mean it's obviously still raining pretty heavily here in Mesa we are able to keep the water at bay on the side here a couple drops here and there in the kitchen of kind of creeped in but other way this thing's got to find the camera find his good angle.

So having a discussion here can't hear unfortunately what they're discussing but it was sort of my understanding that if the courts deemed playable by the refs and refs and tournaments I'm not sure one player can just sort of decide they don't like it but of this four it would be Deco bar if.

It's going to be somebody so well yeah if if it's deemed playable by referee head referee tournament director uh and only one player does not want to play but the other three are okay with it or even you know let's say JW and Deco all four players have to agree to not play and it doesn't look like they're waiting.

On anyone to come in they're simply just kind of deciding what to do because if they don't play will probably get the ladies back on court I imagine and seem to be any issues in that previous matchup all right well.

We are still figuring this out so it'll be just a moment while we're waiting why don't we take a quick moment and learn a little bit more about Mr Zane Gucci navratil I am Zayn never tells 26 years old from Austin Texas via Racine Wisconsin is where I'm originally from my dad started playing pickleball when I was in high.

School as a good tennis player and kind of heard about it but I was not convinced about this one until I tried it my approach to playing is very percentage based and calculated I am probably a little bit more aggressive in singles than other people I try to use my bit of athleticism and figure out patterns and whatnot that works but I.

Think it's just the enthusiasm that people have is infectious being able to interact with the person next to you and also the people across the court makes it a lot more social a lot more fun and I think there's a pretty solid case for it to be an Olympic sport I think that will happen at some point or another nobody has the crystal ball but it's.

Just exciting to ride the pickleball wave foreign Johnson I'm 19 years old and I'm currently living in Delray Beach Florida first time I ever heard about four years ago I saw the tennis player and I started we went to a park one time tried.

It out and ever since then we had logged and kept my uh I think the social aspect is competitive but there's also a lot of people that like to be social and friendly as opposed to other sports uh and aside from that kind of like anybody can play it too it's definitely a short of course so that's a lot better it's also a lot like a faster reaction time.

Like other than that whereas tennis usually one's back one's up or both are back so that's a little bit better I think and uh it's just more fun I would like to see it in like the Olympics in like two years probably that way you know they can get different places to play Maybe European countries maybe so that'd be exciting.

Foreign still being had here as we're figuring out the court so we're going to take a quick commercial break give us a shout out to some of our sponsors and then we'll be back into the action hopefully soon if these gentlemen can get it together.

And we're back into it after this into our wild history follow me into our wildest dreams thank you foreign.

Still it's been pouring since the rain started but looks like our gentlemen have agreed to get back into it here so we are gonna give our ref the okay to get going here seconds all right so back into NS we're barely kicking off into our winter bracket finals they.

Never till Stefan over and on the near end deckle bar JW Johnson on the far end goal is out JW trying to do his interpretive dance to get that ball to call back in to the sideline it's been a minute since I've seen the butterfly from JW Jones this was the inflatable post wacky inflatable guy at the car.

Dealership anybody out there knows what that name is put it in the chat oh Sam I guess it's so nonchalant about it I mean it's gonna stand there and J.W Johnson look at it right here back over.

The right shoulder of stefanovan foreign two guys that you can't leave a ball up to is Deco bar and JW Johnson Auburn couldn't get his paddle in the correct position that's part of what we talked about earlier where he just leaves that paddle down by his side.

Foreign good pickup there from Johnson right at his toes ball goes wide off the net oh four one two for Johnson and Bar nice job by navratil they're getting a little bit of a poach and then getting a good angle I'm gonna do a quick little wipe up of.

Those dots that are dropping in in the kitchen going for a little too much with that roll never to wiping his paddle off potential a little bit of moisture hanging in the air I mean we saw that humidity is at a super high level with the rain coming in.

So just kind of moisture in the air in general good job by Johnson taking those balls early one average so it's awesome both referees if they saw that one in quick flick from JW Johnson nice job from over and that time.

Handling the backhand flick from JW Johnson we'll see Johnson make an adjustment on the next one of those that he does go more right shoulder on over it burns backhand roll surprising Johnson oh.

I mean a little backspin certainly helped so it's always having a good time out there if I shoot good spot from uh I think navratil wanted to chance trying to come over and get that one.

Not able to adjust on the ball as it kicks up off the neck cord good move by bar on the third shot drive from Johnson I bought that return just not quite getting deep enough like there's a little miscommunication between a bun and never till on that one cool.

Bar wondering also what happened there that had no chance of going into court oh interesting moved by Johnson right there very late getting to that one foreign I think the movement by Johnson threw bar off there.

I'm gonna wipe off those little dripsy drips I mean luckily it's in a place pretty close to the net that players aren't going to be moving too drastically so it doesn't pose quite as much of a threat as water in the back courts oh nice job from navratil getting low a.

Little pancake scorpion scorp ion you just call that the scorp now whoop scorp I don't break it nope yeah that was tough Auburn clearly kind of changed his mind in the middle of that because Barr left that up a little.

High and then he was gonna let it drop and then decided to take it out of the air but pops it up a little bit second guessing yourself never really works out well a little too hot again to the bar forehand foreign.

Fortunate for navratil and Auburn again Avon sitting on that forehand Johnson we're all upset with himself on that but again you're when you're used to playing against right-handers that's going into the backhand right there yeah now Vern is uh he has a bit of a.

Weird kind of way he hits his shots oh no Auburn originally from France came over to play tennis in college and then ultimately kind of foregoed that path to play video games literally oh really he was a bit of a high level gamer for a while in college and a little bit after.

So ultimately he's decided to pursue that instead of college tennis let's get another pancake shot there from bar and that will give them a game point here in game one of our winter bracket final and that serve long return long excuse me from Auburn we'll get it in the bag.

For them we'll take a short break back with game two of our winner bracket final final one of our men's today right after this foreign.

Foreign welcome back game number two we're kicking off in our men's winter bracket final JW Johnson and duckle Barr on the near end Stefan Auburn and Zane navratil.

Far end got right on that back corner so winner of this we'll head to Championship Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday I know that's why it's just like so I'm wanting it so badly it's on my mind the loser will head to bronze which will be played oh no tomorrow that'll be played.

Tomorrow because we have to work through that backdrop of the men's tomorrow so this still our final match of the day good pull there from navratil y one zero one the good spot from Johnson navratil came up just a little early anticipating a run to hit a good drop.

Um I love reading it's the best so cannot repeat the next five words dumb that's blocked okay keep it in play and you know might come out on top of it don't give up on anything zero two.

And I told just did not come up for a bun I had to drive the ball over the net when you're coming above it at your knees well just wide almost brought it back in yeah he kind of slightly step back hand versus coming back around it.

Three point there puts Johnson and Bob back within one take that all square threes wow a couple of amazing gets though from navratil and then Auburn to keep them in that a little bit longer than they had any business being I don't even know how to describe how.

He's hitting because he he like gets low inside he hits with a cocked wrist where the the paddle's still up so it's very tough to roll that sometimes he always looks jammed up yeah regardless of what shot he's saying just kind of yeah the tip of the paddle is pointing straight up where most of the times when you roll your your fingers.

Are on the side so it takes it takes the paddle on uh kind of a 45 degree angle he's sitting at like a 90 degree angle with his paddle and that's that's one of the reasons why he missed that last ball into the net when it stays down and that paddle's still sitting at a 90 degrees you can't get the paddlehead underneath.

The ball to get that shape back up over the net so we see Georgia and Julie Johnson Georgia is done for the day having got herself in a third Championship Sunday gold medal match but of course right again oh.

It's nice pickups oh he's waiting for it and he expected it high because he was so low he put that just so far in the air five one if possible it is raining even heavier than it has for the Lost six hours well probably is possible.

Because that is the day we are having Lawrence is getting hurt Starbucks delivery up here in the booth a diva all right now we're so laughing at that one I think for sure that was going out but he's just like hey I want to hit it anyway.

Why is it universally when you take a sip of something hot you go a happy noise oh yeah oh yeah he got a little caught that was really the only option Johnson had right there good ball punch his battle not the best to speed UPS there from Avon and laughing about a little bit.

Knows he got away with one square at fives good mid Pace roll there from bar painting It Right Down the Line I've gone never came across actually to cover ah great hands are from Mavericks Hill.

Really jammed up there with that two-handed backhand right at that left hip but nailed it really well I thought he missed that we're gone oh what's good oh nobody's left over there whoops oh geez Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.

Are you sensing that the two of us are going off the rails a little bit slightly yeah I'm sensing the screening good recovery off the net cord there happy let's see we've been it's been six hours and we've done yeah three messes happens I think the play is a little loose out.

There right now too yeah we've we've talked about it throughout the day that is a little foreign weird day it's a weird day good choice ankle breaker navratul sets up like he's going to.

Speed that one up and then an inside out forehand with some spin that kicks out wide as it hits that Court oh Johnson didn't move his feet there just stuck the paddle out then like earlier he he wanted to punch the paddle and then that one he did a very very tiny knee break motion.

I can tell from well I haven't done the knee break I've snapped it on my leg but I can tell from personal experience you cannot punch a paddle yeah I mean people do it but it's good yeah yeah I snapped it I snapped the handle as soon as I hit a full swing it just kind of just like real good form like just right through it good kind of like punching drywall.

You know that it's yeah yeah yeah unless you hit a stud that's kind of going to go through I feel like it would be my luck if I went to like break a paddle over my knee that it like wouldn't break and I would just end up like really hurting my leg I snapped 20 in one year just just by hitting my.

Calf like this not meaning to snap the handle you broke 20 paddles in a year yeah yeah that's why I don't play tournaments anymore did you go to some Fair to that or that seems like a larger issue Chad oh nice oh oh I had a chance.

Too competitive was my issue now good play there by navratil oh it's just wide I mean just just sort of overall today the The Vibes on court the style of play has been very sort of chaotic oh scrambling a lot of wildness.

Right there from JW was a little chaotic as well brings up game point for a run and navratul here in game two gonna push this one to a third oh boy that there's not a whole lot of Rhythm yeah no it's just I might speed this one up or you know we're gonna hit this ball.

Here hasn't been a whole lot of consistent ball movement oh no I mean I like the poach but again it just puts navratil in a tough spot there because he doesn't quite know where to go ultimately not able to back Auburn up there.

Oh couldn't get the paddle out of the way that bowl for sure no certainty uncertainty about it that bowl was going out well bar and Johnson back within two now we're gonna time out uh from never till in Auburn is.

They're trying to slow the roll here and get themselves back into a little bit of a rhythm they're pressing a little too much trying to force some things to happen that are not there foreign all the rain gets out of the way today and we're a little bit better tomorrow that would be ideal.

I don't think I could do another day like this Chad I don't think I can do it I'm not strong enough I have had permanent Goosebumps since I got here today and they still are on first server too so they gotta get two stops here if never till another I want to stay in this oh nice spot there good coverage of.

The line from navratil I can't do oh oh my gosh I think in that situation that you're looking to reach in and speed that up and then you can't get to it you're not able to do that double speed up thought processor oh oh we got a paddle on it but now we're all square.

Attention oh but oh JW was ahead of it oh I mean Auburn got lucky there that was a very I don't know if that ball was going to stay in either oh geez wow the.

Chaotic play continues bringing up game Point again here for everyone and navratul I'd like to see especially uh Vern not do that um who are you going I would like to see Yvonne stay in this point a little bit longer just as he does it.

Stuff oh but that one sails deep all right game three come your way I expect probably another sort of chaotic third game why settle into a rhythm now we're back into the conclusion of our winter bracket final to see who's heading to the final championship Sunday match right after this.


All right foreign welcome back to the conclusion of our men's winter bracket final this will be the final men's match of the day as ducklebar scuffing his way onto the court.

Just checking the moisture level and JW Johnson will start the third game on the far end Say Never till and Stefan Auburn on the near end they'll switch us at six in this third game I believe if Stefan and never till get into this gold medal match that might be Stefan's first final.

Period that he's been in certainly his first championship Sunday appearance you're correct with that one boss selling that one with good body movement and then going back down the line behind navertzel oh great pickup you know what.

Oh I mean I'm just gonna start I don't have words anymore it's just gonna be sounds sounds and noise I could do it I mean I have to it already let's be honest a lot oh a burn has been getting so many shots back that ultimately he's not coming out.

On top of a lot of these exchanges but he is keeping it in play far longer than it should be I do like that reach in flick from Johnson but sometimes he uses it just a little too much sort of well-documented Healy likes to go to that shot so you can pretty much start to anticipate it.

That's a not not a good speed up there from over and he was out of position oh yeah there's a there's a few players that kind of come to mind immediately that are kind of on the cusp of being maybe a top 10 player and I think my opinion is Auburn being one of them is really the impatientness yes is what.

Holds them back yep yeah I think you're right with with that one they've got good hands they've got good power and typically you know you pull the trigger on the ball too soon because you're not as comfortable staying in that uh dink Rally or or moving the ball around so you get edgy and you're like yeah I.

Don't know how much longer I can stay in this I'm just gonna try to end it right now uh but Auburn does like a faster pace of play as well so a lot of players will will speed that ball up to try to Speed the game up itself something is if you like that that's fine but you have to do it on the right shots yes it can't be just whenever you.

Feel like it you have to have the knowledge of this is the correct one to speed up and kind of sit in it until you get that opportunity I mean again never till that's impatience from him and that's that's the right ball to be a little bit more aggressive on but it's not a full speed up and his body was moving before he hit.

That one as well oh boy talk boys I can't feel my toes I'd like everyone just to know uh mine went numb two hours ago I feel like I'm on stumps yeah oh oh we I almost saw you like touched me he almost hit the post but the net WoW I mean that is a little.

Extra spin to bring that out past the Net post oh that's big again like what that was kind of I'm gonna put but that also too that goes to show when a ball is hit hard at you you don't have to do anything other than get a paddle on it yeah create a wall you don't have to hit it back you don't.

Just block it and get it over a lot of players they swing through you don't need to do that the power is coming off your opponent's shot and that will take it back across the net easily it worked out but again not the right speed nope Zayn do not encourage that oh Vern and Naruto able to get three.

Back closing the distance to one bar has been changing up his surf the game he's taken power off of it which is interesting to drive there from Johnson and the thing too is about Auburn besides the kind of funky way that he hits his shots he doesn't like a backhand yeah.

Everything with the forehand and that last shot that he missed easily a backhand it just hit a backhand but when you're not comfortable with that he he puts himself out of position trying to hit a forehand yeah oh that's wide would have stayed in it had the depth right.

So left to right was a little off oh that was right on that Baseline because all right let's see how long they can sit in this what saved him there is that they kept trying to hit back through him one ball down to the feet and it's a.

Different story there but all right but we are tied up and Naruto and Auburn looking for that sixth point to get the end change oh boy he had it moving a little too much overrun it even yep divide by one all right so quick side out there from.

Johnson and Barr yeah both of them getting those thirds in the net oh let me pull ammo you are hilarious LSM Courtney actually works for me she knows she knows it's me so she was beautiful she was being facetious on the other end.

We're actually doing a camp last week in Brendan long called Courtney Becky for Becky Ryan just so then she could start calling me more that's where it came from I like it in it so all right Barr and Johnson are the ones to finally break off of five and get the.

End change uh never tell Oscar if they can switch out the ball as well oh all right this has a bit of I guess a bit of a exhibition slash Rec game feel yeah is why I think the The Vibes are a little weird here just a little too far out in front of that one.

However I think sometimes he he is sort of that player that swings through some defensive shots a little too much which tries to do a little too much with him Aboriginal thinking about the ATP anticipation from navratila's bar tries to speed it up down that sideline.

Yeah but I'll just out of out of position a little bit there too with the speed up wow nice coverage now that just happened to go right into a Vern's wheelhouse where he had his paddled down by his knee so he is very tall so he does have that.

We use really well nice job reaching in from navratzilla as that one got floated just a little high off the neck cord six seven two oh off the left thigh of Auburn that might have gone out too if he was out of the way of that little flat from Johnson it's good.

Back oh full swing I mean honestly burn had to be careful there as far as hitting the net with oh no he wasn't that close it just looked closer for me yeah we're a little higher up but uh we've had a jump in the numbers coming in so all of those coming over and catching this match it has been raining all day here.

In Mesa Arizona yes it is 50 degrees Lauren and I uh we cannot feel our toes anymore we had a good three hour ish rain delay maybe not that long two hours I don't know I lost track of time oh this time never till gets one in the thigh oh just stays in that Baseline.

Seven six one seven six two a good spot there from bar and if is certainly not dumping on a Vern nobody was they're just being annoyed we think he is a phenomenal player I just appreciate the comments about one thing that we say and not everything that we say those are my favorite.

Comments yeah another good spot there from bar tougher well it's a it's a tough situation there everyone doesn't want to stick his paddle out because he knows navratul's going to come back great pick up good reach in there from Evan.

It's reset oh I'm waiting for him to bite the paddle he's done that before or almost a little square here at Eights oh wow served there from navratul putting a little bit more Pace on that one okay that he swapped at it and it rolled.

Along the paddle and went the opposite direction I mean he read that one well but but it was it was a little bit more on Orthodox as far as how it came off the paddle yeah this is our final men's match of the day the conclusion of the backdraw into.

Bronze will happen tomorrow morning and then we'll get into after this our women's backdraw matches into bronze planning on trying to finish up their bracket today good reach in from Johnson no Larry I'm from the Midwest and I'm used to this weather when I'm in the midwest I am not used to this weather.

When I'm in Arizona exactly oh that is tough dates oh again a couple just really nice gets from maverton Auburn in that rally to keep it going no we've got water creeping in the back oh no who's On who's on water Duty yes I can see the water coming out there.

Get a towel get a towel we might need to stop yep we're gonna stop yeah the dam had held on for most of the time and then it just broke that's where all the water was coming in during our rain delay earlier in that back right corner so this was just a timeout but.

Play on here or not oh didn't David going in with a t-shirt grabbing it out of the place we've there we go chance in the bar with Match Point here all right Match Point here for Johnson and Bar.

And they sort of Miss it on a nice drive down that sideline from navratil puts Johnson and Barr into Championship Sunday Auburn and navratil into bronze Jacob Johnson looks very relieved to have come out on top of this match certainly a little messy but we will head to our Franklin studio and then we're into our women's backdraw matches.

As we work our way into bronze right after this so stay with us thanks for joining the app sunmed Mesa open brought to you by powerplate the official recovery sponsor of the app tour Selkirk an official paddle sponsor of the app tour sunmed your official CBD sponsor of the app tour and a pickleball Central your pickleball Superstore.

Catering from beginner to Pro hold up laughs.

Foreign foreign there was a time when I was young my brothers were young and we actually lived in just a small motel room for.

About nine months my brothers my dad and I and it really taught us that you don't need a lot to be happy in life foreign welcome back to the Franklin Studio Laura McLaughlin here with JW Johnson and deckle Barr as they have got themselves a spot on Championship Sunday standing on my core Jada excuse me sorry.

Sorry all right a lot of a bit of a messy day a lot of rain a lot of sitting around a lot of waiting it seemed like neither team really kind of settled into any sort of groove or Rhythm kind of a bit chaotic in that match do you feel like that was kind of how that match played out yeah for sure it's uh cold conditions the balls are.

Very hard uh it's you know tough to control so there's a lot of drives a lot of kind of Miss hits or just floating some drops so not the cleanest match but uh you know I'm glad we could pull it through at the end you two have kind of worked on your partnership throughout the matches that you have played together and the.

Tournaments you starting on that left side then ultimately you kind of taking over the left side and now it seems you're mixing it up a little bit have you sort of settled on you're both comfortable kind of switching back and forth yeah I mean I'm kind of right side material material right now so I mean you know I'm working on that always but.

Uh yeah we just switch it up now I think we're both comfortable with both sides so uh we just like to mix it up a little bit a little interesting that tomorrow going into Championship Sunday because of the rain delay that backdraw is playing tomorrow so you won't even know who you're playing in that gold medal match.

Until a little bit later in the morning how are you sort of mentally gonna prepare for that gold medal match knowing that's kind of how it's going to play out uh we can watch them play tomorrow so the I think that's in our favor we'll need a good warm-up of this they'll be coming uh from from playing already at least one match so I'm gonna.

Get a good warm up watch them play and discuss I mean you were quite emotional for you out there in that match a little frustration there was some some fake paddle snaps some punches are we gonna see the day when you actually snap a paddle on court do you think JW Johnson's possible absolutely not no all.

Right just absolutely not just the fake just the fake do you do you feel like that frustration kind of builds and you express that sort of you yell at yourself a little bit under your breath you kind of get annoyed your mom's said you're a bit of a perfectionist do you kind of just work through that frustration pretty quickly and turn it.

Around the next point yeah uh one point and that's about it all right he brushes it off easy good to know good to know well congratulations to these two they're into Championship Sunday and we are back here in Mesa though working our way through our ladies backdraw into bronze so don't go anywhere still quite a few matches still.

To be played on our ladies side and we're back into it right after this foreign foreign.

Foreign there's only one window only one.

Foreign foreign you have a place to turn it on Talking Stick Resort foreign.

there was a time when I was young my brothers were young and we actually lived in just a small motel room for about nine months my brothers my dad and I and it really taught us that you don't need a lot to be happy in life all right.

We're ready we're ready we're back I don't know put me in coach put me in coach are we back yeah we're back but like Spencer are you still on TalkBack I can't hear myself eight eight two two when we start all right so we are breaking into this match all right so we are breaking into a.

Backdrop match here that was interrupted by the rain six hours ago so yeah well a million years ago another lifetime ago we have Vivian David and Linda padigamette predicamente at 29 out of Austin Texas and Vivian David 25 in Dripping Springs Texas very close by they take on Millie Rayne and Alexandra Hudson bless you.

Thank you 28 years old out of Austin Texas in Rain 24 out of Boca Raton Florida so rain the lone Floridian here on court with a bunch of Texans did not get a chance to ask askian where she's from originally but I I'm very sure it's eastern Europe I would I would say that yeah possibly.

Russia but we did not get a chance to ask her before kicking off into this match so the score is going to be eight two two eight two two David thank you to serve and we did already apologize to hatsun for I'm going to pronounce her name wrong a thousand times I mean there's only so much we can do with our 15 points as well so again.

This is a match to 15 in our back draw oh Vivian David did not take her pants off yet so she's gotta get rid of those the winner of this match faces Lauren stratman and Andrea coop but next up on court after the conclusion of this match we're going to have a rule in Walker taking on.

Burr and Gayton Leach I am not sure whether or not that match was already underway as well when the rain came but the winner of that will face the brasha sisters all right then so we have eight two two I believe six matches still to get.

Through here they will all be to 15 however all right just coming out firing here two eight one good pal there from padiga Maite partnership here between the bigger my team David David predominantly right side player and a very good one at that a left side player.

Actually her and Stefan unburn play together quite often oh yeah that's definitely sailing out but David quite sure about that again these ladies have been sitting for quite a while so tough to come