Back to day two here of our live streaming coverage on Championship court number one Lauren McLaughlin and Daniel rode Diddy here at Courtside once again for our mixed doubles day yesterday we of course kicked off the app Sun unmed Mesa open with our singles day and here in our head pickleball pregame show just a quick sort of recap of yesterday we of.

Course have two of our Championship Sunday matches already set on our ladies side we have Mary brasha who's going to take on Georgia Johnson in our women's Pro singles gold medal match and who do we have in our gentleman's gold medal match we have another Johnson Johnson combo J.W Johnson oh no Federico stocks for it.

Sorry Johnson Johnson Federico saxrer will be taking on J.W Johnson so yes Hunter Johnson was our bronze medalist as was Lena padigamette so congrats to them so today we will set up one more of our Championship Sunday matches here in mixed doubles and if you want to follow along of course on the brackets is where you can.

Find your favorite players and how they are faring today we are live streaming two courts today so you can of course find those on YouTube Facebook and we are also on Twitter oh nice so our handle on Twitter as official app tour so definitely check that out if you are a big Twitter person I am not I am not either I assume many of you are yeah.

That would be my excuse as well so we have a quarterfinal match set here to kick us off for the day Christine McGrath and Rafa Hewitt will face Dylan Frazier and Simone Georgine our other quarterfinal match will be Maggie brush and Hayden Patrick Quinn taking on Susanna Barr and Zane navratil and then looking at our other half of the bracket.

We have Yates Johnson and Vivian oh excuse me excuse me Georgia Johnson and DJ young taking on Lauren stratman and Julian Arnold I think that's happening right now on our other streamed court so you can definitely check out that action if you haven't already and it looks like Andrea.

Coop and decal Barr will face Kai mcmaken and Sarah Burr and that's also happening just right there behind the stands already so we are into those quarterfinals as I mentioned we'll have one right now and then we're into our semis winter bracket final and we will go through our bronze medal matches.

Today and then of course that gold medal will be on Championship Sunday so we are really kicking some some good pickleball off today Chad Edwards is over on our second streamed court so definitely check out that action as I mentioned on those different platforms but it looks like we are about to get going so we're gonna head down to the court we of.

Course have Simone Georgine in the orange Dylan Fraser in the white and they take on Christine McGrath and Rafa Hewlett both Rock and some black a big congrats to Christine McGrath just had her baby a month ago wow and she is out here on court so I mean all the props to her that is phenomenal no excuses people I'm pretty sure my first time getting.

Introduced to Christine McGrath she was playing and I believe winning the US Open like eight months pregnant so this woman can can do it all yeah she apparently thrives playing pickleball either pregnant just having had a baby I love it I love to see her out here always a good time so definitely going to be a good match up here to kick us.

Off for the day knowing of course these four players are you expecting anything out of this matchup well I expect Mr Hewitt to be loud of course I expect a lot of yeps and uh it's yeah it should just be a great match I mean it's it's so fun to watch these guys uh love watching Dylan Frazier uh doesn't not come from tennis unlike the other three.

But he is of course uh one of the staple of players here in the app tour has done so well so always love watching him but it should be an exciting match and uh so tune in and stick around this should be a lot of fun should be exciting very exciting Simone regime of course one of the goats of pickleball at 43 years old she is out of.

Naples Florida of course originally from Brazil and her partner Dylan Frazier 21 years old out of Ashland Missouri he was a student at the University of Missouri actually I believe he's just still 20. I don't believe he's turned 21 yet that is his tournament age and then of course.

They are on the far end of the Court here for game one all right Lefty Rafa Hewitt getting big already he is 28 years old out of Auburn Alabama now Christine McGrath 35 out of Temecula California oh what an angle yeah zero two yeah watch for that shot from Simone.

Jargime on her forehand side she does that shot not only when they're back but even when they're out with the kitchen she likes to pull that ball and attack cross cord with her forehand I'll be really interested to see how McGrath sort of fares having to play that left side because Hewitt is a lefty so he's going to want to be on that.

Right side and yeah if you're the female in mixed it's not necessarily used to playing with a lefty a lot it can be you know a little tough to play that left side so we'll see how she settles in over there oh yeah Frazier was there waiting for it but just right into the Net bill plushes.

Our first referee here for this matchup Diane vieda our second a little net cord there stays in foreign ER he's he's generally very good about that so surprising that he tried to speed that up so quickly that's the first one yeah it didn't take.

Long foreign ER yeah kind of caught the corner of the paddle oh oh yeah that was long yeah service out yeah nice great drive there from Hewitt this little backhand cut served.

Yeah I mean all four of these players can't give them anything even remotely a little high one so Georgie and Frazier are our number one seed here today how to buy their first round and took on Andrea Olson and Michael Enright oh nice pickup.

Surprised that he would let that ball bounce but uh ends up working out for him there's human Frazier then defeated Linna pedigamette and Rob nunnery in their match getting into this quarterfinal well there's that forehand I was talking about she likes to pull it she misses.

Wide she might not do it as much in this match being that Hewitt is going to be on the right side but I know it's a shot that she likes to hit and she tried it right there at Smith hit there from McGrath on her third oh there's another yup there McGrath and.

Hewitt defeating Sarah ansberry and Austin Gridley in their previous match in three to get here to the quarters yeah it's a big serve from Hewitt gonna have a timeout here from regime and Frazier trailing 8-1 a bit of a surprising score here in game one against the number one.

Seed but we did see yesterday especially with the sun positioning definitely creating a lot of these Shadows on court so I wonder if that is perhaps a little bit of the issue Happening Here yeah we definitely saw yesterday that the near cord was.

Um the preferred Court the preferred side and we talked about this yesterday is is the Shadows but for the far side is the glare the glare that comes off the court when the sun is that low that's what I heard from the players being on the the side with shadow it's more the issue of the ball coming.

Out of the sun into the shadow that is really giving them difficulty oh net cord right into the chest of Dylan Frazier I mean dominant performance here from Hewitt McGrath in game one they have a game point here.

Oh not a terrible idea when you're up 10-1 even if you're that far back you gotta he's been successful with that drive has gotten a couple Miss hits and yeah Hewitt just being so aggressive right now and just keeping that pressure on jargime.

And Frazier yeah I'm like to see jargime and Frazier maybe speed speed the ball up a little bit more McGrath see if they have some success there was a cross-court forehand yep and we saw I mean we saw jarjim trying to go hard at McGrath and it's a.

Good setup shot that Frasier normally makes was just a little late on that volley all right third game point opportunity here for McGrath and Hewitt to take this first game four ten one oh yeah beautiful ATP from charging Hewitt leaving that ball just too wide.

Five ten one nice job from Hewitt there good communication yep Hewitt hasn't been super taking over the court a lot this first game certainly in that rally he was yeah it's almost like they're just they're they're starting to get a little tight yeah with not being able to close.

Out this first game in Jersey and Frazier just walking right in that open door that was left for them yeah just too high there too easy for Frasier and they are on a roll here it's a great drive from Frazier going hard at the McGrath backhand I expect jargime and Frazier to keep the.

Pressure on and keep being aggressive here it's been working for them so far here in this comeback a little it almost seemed like uh Georgine thought maybe Frazier was going to take that ball she had to kind of lunge for it and another opportunity here I mean when you're facing the number one.

Seated team who really have to know if you can't close it out every I mean every opportunity there though I mean they came back to nine yeah that's a good job from Hewitt McGrath holding on here and closing that out because they might not have had another.

Opportunity so it was only their second chance oh no they said like five oh yeah yeah all right that's all right it's the first game we're on you'll wake up soon Dan we'll take a short break back into game number two here in the quarters right after this the pulse the beat the vibe you have a.

Place to turn it on Talking Stick Resort thank you oh foreign.

welcome back everyone game number two about to kick off here in this quarterfinal matchup in our mixed Pro doubles bracket here at the app sunmed Mesa open Christine McGrath and Rafa Hewitt on the far end taking on simonia Georgine and Dylan.

Frazier Hewitt and McGrath we're up I believe ten one yeah in game one ultimately able to close it out but not before Hashem and Frazier got nine on the board so let's see what McGrath have the same success here in game two or will the number one.

Seeded team push them to three wow great hands from Hugh oh phenomenal got the hard ones and missed the uh not the easy but easier than the previous ones oh very close yeah Frasier definitely playing an out ball in the middle of that rally but.

I was going out okay okay I know your eyesight's very bad bad oh I mean I don't mind obviously that step in from healing yeah probably sure a little bit more power to put that away yeah I just went for I mean obviously flipped than that but.

Try to play it too tight to that sideline uh just sales yeah sales that return and we are here in Mesa it's obviously it's a little cooler it's drier the ball definitely plays a little faster in this environment we saw yesterday a staggeringly high amount of mist serves.

And missed returns right long right yeah we saw a little speed up there from jajim at McGrath I think they need to do that more uh just so good from Hewitt using both Sidelines there see them pull Frazier wide Frazier just does what he can to get the paddle on that nope.

One one two oh yeah Frasier expecting the the ball up the sideline instead Hewitt pulls it towards the middle and just catches Frazier yeah Rafa Hewitt is one of those players that has been around for a while obviously Christine McGrath and Simone are probably the most experienced.

Players here on court in terms of their time on the circuit but is just one of those players he's just always fun to watch very entertaining he's definitely been a little kind of Hit and Miss throughout his career but I think this year has really dialed it he's had a lot of success this year that I think.

Was was long overdue I'm really glad to see the results he's had this year as it started kind of all aggression oh still in the bleachers but we're gonna get it over the windscreen there we go I hear Julian.

Julian and DJ on the court it's Gonna Get Loud oh just a little miscommunication so far definitely the trend continues at this near end of the Court seems to be the more favorable one yeah good ball from Frazier two one great return from a draft.

Yeah just too high Hewitt is taking up as much cord as he can with that I thought that might have been a little long that's okay oh thought I might have tried a tweener did not have a lot of options available.

To him after all right one got buy them oh cracked ball we're gonna switch that out not surprising he crushed that ball about three times in that point Frazier and Hewitt are both two guys that while the game has changed a lot over the last couple years in.

Terms of especially a mixed how much Court the men tend to take I think they are really good about not overdoing it there's a couple guys that come to mind which I will not name who perhaps do a little too much all the time and can get them into trouble but I think they have a good balance in terms of when they.

Step in and when they let their partner get into a rhythm of Their Own yeah that's a danger right there right I mean uh you know Hewitt is so good with that Lefty forehand being able to go pull the ball behind Frazier he's got him a couple times yeah that was just way too ambitious there from Hewitt ball way too low.

And even if it went over Frazier was going to handle that ball probably pretty easily some of the shots that Hewitt hits in the positioning of his body or paddle I mean this get right there and he hit it so well right from such a awkward spot more in here yeah.

Good idea good idea just missed it but I think it was the right the right time to try to pull that ball at McGrath all right so very similar to game one Frasier and Jersey had a couple opportunities to close this out but they haven't been able to and now Hewitt McGrath.

Trying to put a little something together but I need to try and hold them two more times here and they will not be able to do it so game three underway here in just a moment as we split games one and two here in this quarterfinal matchup in mixed Pro doubles we're back into the.

Action here in Mesa right after this foreign foreign okay back into the action for the conclusion.

Of this mix Pro doubles quarterfinal matchup we have Rafa Hewitt and Christine McGrath who will start this third game on the near end Simone jarjim and Dylan Frazier on the far end they will switch ends at six still quite get on top of that coming up next here on CC1 we will have another quarterfinal Mash mashup.

Match up Maggie brasha and Hayden Patrick Quinn take on Susanna Barr and Zane navratil coming up next winner of this will face the winner of that I like that read from a graph just didn't quite get over there in time oh yeah it's almost like all that yeah it's almost like all that spin that he would.

Hit with ended up hurting him when the ball came back it I think it was still spinning yeah she's looking for that ball it's McGrath kind of trying to slide left and it looks like jargime is doing what we talked about a little bit earlier she's starting to attack on the graph a.

Little more and we asked uh we asked Hewitt and McGrath as they were switching sides back to the near side asked him how how it was on the other side and he just said so much glare when the ball's a little high in the hands battles you can't see it and so expect uh you know potentially.

Because of that then then maybe Hewitt and McGrath are going to speed up the ball a little bit more try to get into some of those hands battles knowing that they have a slight advantage with the limited visibility that uh jargime and Frasier are going to face at least for the first half of this game three.

Tough great spot from Frazier right in the middle and again I think this is the first time that Hewitt McGrath are playing together and if it's not the first it's been a while since they've played together definitely seen a couple of those sort of middle balls that are kind of being left.

Yeah and it's always gonna yeah and it's always gonna be obviously a bigger adjustment for uh well pristine in this case if she's not used to playing with a lefty having the forehands in the middle yeah sort of the general rule of thumb is you know forehand in the middle generally is who's gonna take those.

Shots yep so when you have two of them it can it can be an adjustment yeah great job from jargine going behind Hewitt getting him scrambling a little bit led to a little bit of a pop-up there that Frazier was able to attack great job setting that point up yeah that's a danger right I mean uh on.

That drive from jargime you saw just on the replay how far he would had to go and just got him out of position so we will be switching ends now with regime and Frazier up in front six two and they were on the bad side so that's uh big Advantage potentially there obviously they have the advantage on the points but now being on the.

Better side and we talked about it yesterday in singles where that go to three sort of both teams now know what both ends look like and the conditions so perhaps they're better adjusted a little bit in that sort of second look at that quote unquote bad side.

So certainly as the sun shifts in the sky we start in the morning very overcast which was nice because no Shadows to deal with right then came out as the clouds sort of burned off this morning and oh yeah call that a red Diddy.

Any errors yes yes pretty much I might have been going out too but wow that's an amazing shot from George Ames she gets a little shimmy she does a little shimmy he was just gonna watch the replay yeah up here.

McGrath didn't have a ton of speed on those speed UPS yeah or power but it was a good setup I ended up working out okay yeah Georgie needed to stay on McGrath on that I should try to switch it foreign ball I mean she just loves she can do it from anywhere she can do it you know she can roll it off the dink I really feel.

Like to do it when he gets pulled wide he tries to go back very Cross Court and I'd like to see him just kind of flatten it out a little or straighten it up because he's trying to he's giving himself the hardest of the options yeah I think he's trying to get it back to Simone but but you know he just needs to go middle obviously it's a.

A little higher percentage shots yeah just a great great drive from Hewitt of course he would a a great singles player as well so it drives the ball there goes again oh wow great hands and the little whatever that was with a head knot yeah it's like a head knot.

Yeah let me see it yep there it is it was internally yup but outwardly enough yeah it's hard to say yep when you're down 410. that is out thank you yeah great to read there from Hewitt of course expecting Frazier to go back.

To McGrath as she was back all right well they're trying to fight their way back it's not over till it's over so time out here from Fergie and Frazier as they're just trying to slow this momentum that Hewitt McGrath have started to build Dylan Fraser looking at that info there again I believe.

Still 20 I think 21 is his tournament age playing for team Selkirk now after being an unsigned player for most of his pro career yeah out of Ashland Missouri where he is a full-time student oftentimes targeted him I I mean so much respect for these players that are full-time students or full-time still in.

Their careers I mean I don't know how they do it could barely function not having anything else going on inside of this see if McGrath can hear it a few more here keep the pressure on know yeah that was a tough spot to try to pull that ball from I would have liked.

To see You'd Stay a little more patient wait for an easier ball to to speed up match point a little hook shot there from Hewitt on the LOB does love a good offensive LOB huge hold for McGrath and Hewitt yeah absolutely.

there's the drive yeah he's almost exclusively been driving that ball Russian Hayden Patrick win facing Susanna Barr and Zane navratil foreign yeah good spot they're from Frazier realizing McGrath was in that transition zone he was able to put it on her left.

Foot I made some great digs from Georgine but each one unfortunately just sitting up a touch higher right finally giving Hewitt that winner that'll do it so uh someone in your dream Dylan Frazier head to the semifinals we'll know who they face after our next matchup but looking on.

The other half of the bracket Andrea Coop and decal Barr defeating Sarah Burr and kite mcmaken but uh extremely close match 11-8 10 12 11 8. so that is quite the wind that they squeaked out there and it looks like a barn burner over on our second streamed court is still going on between Georgia Johnson and DJ young who are facing Julian Arnold and Lauren.

Stratman but we will take a short break here on CC1 we're back into that quarterfinal match up right after this foreign there was a time when I was young my brothers were young and we actually lived in just a small motel room for about nine months my brothers my dad and.

I and it really taught us that you don't need a lot to be happy in life stop oh.

Foreign foreign thank you thank you foreign.

solution foreign.

Foreign only one foreign.

Foreign Mesa open Lauren McLaughlin along with Daniel rodidi here at Courtside for Pro mix doubles day on our first streamed Court we have a second one racking as well so double the action.

We have coming up here Maggie brasha and Hayden Patrick Quinn taking on Zane navratil and Susanna Barr winner of this will face Simone Georgie and Dylan Frazier in the semis which we just saw in our previous matchup Brusha and Patrick Quinn defeating Vivian David and Yates Johnson in a very close three-game match 11-8 11.

11 9 to get here to the quarters while navratil and Barr defeating gain leech and Barrientos also in three but those scores a little more lopsided two eleven eleven three eleven two so Bara navrata will be on the far end to kick us off Patrick Quinn and barasha on the near end we of course saw Patrick Quinn and barasha get themselves a gold.

Medal together in Sacramento just a few months ago Linda Krueger is our first referee for this matchup and Dede Jackson who just became a certified ref here in Mesa this is her first ever certified referee matchup is in second position Linda Kruger is her Mentor so very excited to have Dede rocking it out here.

See a lot of Spencers from navratil and Patrick Quinn they both have a nasty Spencer which they are happy to use as long as they can took a weird hop there set himself up just tries to go behind navratil Sails are wide.

And speaking of our referees the app tour is a proud supporter of the USA pickleball certified referee program all matches this weekend for all players are refereed awesome so always a good that was uh I mean she hit that standing off of the Court yeah hello yeah yeah got a little bit.

Impatient there bar and brasha twinning with their soccer gear my gosh and their outfits yeah yeah that's what I mean those are Selkirk I think those are Selkirk uh oh well there that makes sense then yeah Susanna Barr 44 out of Boise Idaho navratil 27 now in Austin Texas originally from Racine Wisconsin.

Maggie brasha 20 years old out of mission at Viejo California the younger sister of Mary brasha and Hayden Patrick Quinn 17. you say hit where he's from I say it wrong Yucaipa you keep her oh Yucaipa yukaipa I know I was like you corrected me before and I was like I couldn't remember what it was Yucaipa California.

So both SoCal representing their oh yeah Hayden was on that ball just overheads it a little bit yeah oh my goodness good take there from Patrick Wayne coming over flicking that ball right up the middle that's going to go yeah surprised we didn't see uh navratil in the singles yesterday we know.

Why he didn't enter sure foreign gets there from navratil and that right shoulder typically a very difficult spot to defend but he did well defending it just couldn't come out on top of that point I speed up.

Perfect spot right it's sort of that right chest shoulder area of patroquin yeah bar sitting on that yeah yeah and Patrick was a little too far off the court I think to pull that ball unless he's sure it's going to be a winner because it just leaves him out of position for the counter and a lot of times you know we talk.

About what kind of differentiates the pro level versus some of the lower level even high level amateur right plays and I think one of those is at the lower level the speed up is just that it's just a speed up there's no sort of Point behind it but the pros when they speed up they have a placement that they're trying to put it in they have sort of a.

Sequence they're trying to set up yeah like that that example right there brasha goes right at the right hip of navratil just such a tough ball to defend she put that bulb a foot to the right and everything would have had a kind of an easy backhand counter yeah great job from Patrick Quinn to go.

Behind navratil as he saw him sliding to the middle yeah that just caught it looked like it was gonna sail along for sure it stayed right there on the line thank you I appreciate that we have two teams that are the silkirk Franklin combo oh yeah.

That's right I saw a bar looking for that Ernie and and probably was more to show the Ernie to force the ball back to the middle to never till see that a lot in the mixed doubles foreign very evenly matched play here as we're getting into this first game.

Foreign deep serve there yeah that slice return has so much spin on it hard for brasha to handle oh it's a beautiful drive from brasha behind navratil see it here on the replay never until cheating over.

Maybe not expecting her to go behind him especially on his forehand side but it's a nice clean drive from her oh on the wide yeah you saw there Patrick and missing wide obviously so much of that is because navratil's putting pressure taking the middle away you try to push the ball further over leading to the air.

Return there from Russia I just kind of had to lunge for that quite get under it oh I mean such a great job getting back into that great defense yeah great law from Barr I can see her I mean that's the thing too a lot of players they get lobbed they run it down and then they feel they have to just hit.

It as hard as they can to get it back over the net and you don't if you get there in time just a nice drop try to get back into the rally no need to overdo it yep never till was not though yep yeah for the viewers if you're constipating lobbed.

Or sped up on it's not a bad idea to play a little bit off the line just gives you a little jump start on either one of those shots coming at you foreign yeah just sailing and there's not too much of a breeze right now but uh seen a couple balls sail long.

I mean one he telegraphed that yeah and she backed up she could see it coming yeah and then just leaves it super flat ah yeah the keys to an effective speed up it's not so much the pace that you hit it with it's really it's the element of surprise and then location is are you catching them off guard and are you.

Putting in the right spot same with a lob it's the same same principle the more you can make your speed UPS look like a dink the more effective you're going to be with them or a navratil mixing up their stack I'm fortunate there for brasha navratil seemed to be honored with his backhand.

But it clips clips the net yeah that's gonna be nice angle there from navratil again we talk about that a lot at this level the defense is so good you really have to put an angle if possible on those overheads to really get it out of the reach of your opponent pickup.

Both of those oh yeah I got exactly what she wanted yeah it's great great read from brasha just a little bit pulls it a little bit long look at that toss it's so high it's beautiful well handled by Patrick Quinn Well Done by brasha handling that tough.

Serve that Not only was spinning but actually it's a sideline yeah bar just a hair too late getting to that one yeah foreign Barr has uh you know she's been trying to go behind Patrick in a few times I would want him to keep in mind the the possibility of an Ernie when he.

Anticipates her trying to dink up that line and he can jump in and attack her but you know right now it's things are working for them they got a game point I'm wearing a timeout as a result and a big shout out capacity first of all that is Sam bastard who is one of the co-tournament directors of the English open along with.

Karen Mitchell he is in the States on holiday so we wanted to make sure and give him a shout out but a lot of Pros here watching their peers supporting as they're waiting for their matches to get called around the venue but love having Sam bassford here a bit of a surprise visit.

You and I both were at the English open this last year we're very good time lots of fun was had and that'll do it so close out game one brush and Patrick Quinn taking game one here again very evenly matched though so certainly could see a third if navratil and Barr can take this second game but we're back into it right after this.

thank you thank you foreign.

welcome back to the app sunmed Mesa open Lauren McLaughlin and Daniel rodidi here Courtside for game number two here in this quarterfinal matchup in Pro mixed doubles Maggie brush and Hayden Patrick win on the far end taking on Susanna Barr and Zane navratil now in the near end brush and Patrick when taking game.

111 nine pepper till a bar gonna look to force a third here in the second winner of this match will face Simone Georgie and Dylan Frazier in the semis and then that barn burner that was happening on our second stream Court it looks like Georgia Johnson and DJ Young defeating Lauren stratman and Julian.

Arnold 5 11 13 11. 11 8. so they will face Andrea Coop and deckle bar and that is coming up next here on CC1 see if the trend continues with the sides I could see Patrick's face after he did.

That wow definitely catching never till they're really well read wow oh no yeah after all that I mean Rachel just shaking his face but I mean both ends of the Court some great gets some good speed UPS a lob on each end yeah.

Yeah it's a good spot I think uh Russia might have been expecting a harder hit ball instead of a little off speed roll there from navratil very effective that Ball's gonna sail yeah that Ball's out see they're going out from here it's just one of them exactly we all have that problem that's all right I have a.

Great iPhone right here right oh that was uh very close chance I might have missed but you know just it got by them so fast yeah that's one of those ones never telling bar couldn't even right turn around to check.

Fast enough and I'm right over the line I'm I'm still not sure but it looked like it could have missed but it's too close to call foreign wasn't the case in game one which was very sort of marching up the scoreboard shot there from.

Bar they uh had a dip you know they reverse their stack for that point or didn't stack for that point but they're right back to their preferred formation here 's in this match so far all four of these players been extremely consistent with their Dinks.

It's a good deep return ah that's unfortunate there for Patrick and set himself up really well but you saw the pressure from navrotto taking over that middle oh that toss almost landed in the transition zone oh that is tough I mean yeah we see the.

Replay here I mean that's a ball that Barr would have a very easy forehand there bar never tell have played together quite a few times so they're not new partners I think bar is definitely one of those players that she likes to be just as aggressive so it's tough for her.

Sometimes to kind of back away and let navratil take over especially when it's that far on her side and that's a little yep a little overreach yeah and I don't know if he just sends that that brasha was just too far back and that's why he did it but I think both.

Both guys right now are are really trying to kind of press the action they're getting more aggressive certainly for navratil they're down obviously so he's gonna he's gonna try to get more involved that's out now just miss out yep.

Yeah oh that was very close very very cool yeah it was a great drop from bar she has a she has a such a good forehand roll uh drop that is really difficult because she puts so much spin on it we saw an example right there and especially with navratil and how aggressive he is crashing it just puts.

So much pressure on their opponents Federico pointing out they're on the screen Pablo Tellis we got a little Johnson College Little Baby Dill oh fed stop stop abusing Pablo so during this time out here from patroquin and brasha navratil and bar making their move here getting right back into it down 6-1 and.

Now they're they're five six here you mentioned it Patrick and maybe pressing a little bit is if you're talking to them during this time out how how would you let them know you know I would just say you know keep playing the way they've been playing you know but you know wait for their spots uh you.

Know the navratil is going to be more aggressive right now so certainly being aware of when you can go behind him because he's he's trying to press a little more and I certainly caught him a few times already yeah great good defense there from Russia.

Probably a ball that bar normally can handle but just makes the the error the rare oh that ball is just long yeah that ball missed yeah that's unfortunate for them because they were you know so close to tying it up but yeah that was a great time out they got both points watch for the LOB.

Oh you can just really good movement good dinking oh yeah that one was high enough that I already knew Naruto was looking to speed that up yeah Patrick win did too right but again just couldn't handle it good patience though all around oh yeah yeah I just got a little.

Handcuffed there yeah yeah Patrick can tell himself get this paddle up a paddle head up to be able to block a little bit easier for that particular shot oh great recovery there from Patrick Wayne after Barr handled that nicely I think we're gonna see a lob from bar at some point here that's my guess.

Oh oh Patrick and just trying to go right back over that net nice and short that's what you want to do with a short ball like that give you time to get out of the kitchen no sales that return long.

And after being down 6-1 navratil and Barr have the lead for the first time here in game two seven to six this is a must win second game for them yeah the rare dink error yeah and I think Russia had a ball there that you could tell she kind of thought about taking out of the air and she's really.

Good when she reaches in with that forehand foreign Johnson oh that's a good ball that's a great ball from navratil George in the stands oh yeah great spot perfect spot in between his feet.

Oh there's a lob had a feeling we weren't gonna wait too long before we saw that again it's been working thank you a good spot from brasha not that right though I think it's a good location yeah just a good spot to come out with that.

Oh yeah I don't mind the idea of the drive just put it right I mean right it went right to navratel just needed to obviously go a little more cross-core trying to get that ball down to bars feet good way good leave there from Russia survival.

Instinct there getting her face out of the way yeah again that didn't have a lot of pace on it I like that she reached in but just didn't put it in the right spot I mean just too easy there for navratil foreign there from navratil y.

Oh man that serve was right on the line I mean Patrick went asking the ref after the Rally's over the serve was in yeah does not matter anymore Aiden I think he's curious if they just missed a call this was a little too much in that transition zone it's a tough reset from that position.

That's gonna be out okay see if Patrick can try to maybe get a couple freebies here with this Spencer way to take over I like it chicken baked himself yeah I would think uh Barr has probably plenty of practice returning difficult serves being that her son has one of the sickest spin serves in pickleball.

There you go that's a much better drive and of course navrata wasn't taking over the middle there because he's trying to get to the kitchen but that was a good placement there from Russia May retake the lead and have a match point now oh wow gosh what a way to end it baggy my goodness what a shot all right so it.

Is Maggie brush and Hayden Patrick and who will face Dylan Frazier and Simone Georgine in the semis as I mentioned coming up next we have Georgia Johnson and DJ young facing Andrea Coop and decal Barr in our first semi-final match we're back into the action here at the app sunmed Mesa open right after this thank you.

thank you foreign and Maggie brasha who are heading to our semifinals Hayden you guys have played together quite a few times you're very good friends off the court as well as on.

You guys got gold together in Sacramento for the first time just a couple months ago what makes this partnership work so well do you think uh we just got the best chemistry I think I think we're just having fun I love it I mean you had one of the sickest shots there to finish that catching navratil going across do you.

Think besides having great chemistry your Styles just kind of mesh really well together on the court yeah they do uh we strategize really well together like we're just super in sync with when we want to be more aggressive or if we want to slow it down and yeah it just works I mean you guys were trailing in that.

Second game you had to kind of come from behind did you guys talk about anything that needed to kind of be adjusted in that second game that wasn't working yeah I think we went up pretty pretty big and then we started uh getting a little too aggressive and doing like things we're not supposed to and we just I just we just said that we need to get.

Back to like the consistent high percentage shots we're sort of finishing up the year wrapping up the year here in Mesa you have a bit of a longer break coming up but have you guys already discussed possibly next year still teaming up together for some tournaments for sure yeah we're totally playing more next.

Year yeah we're excited all right well congratulations to the two of you will see you in the semifinals and we're excited to continue to see you together in your improvements so don't go anywhere here in Mesa we have that first semi-final match coming your way right after this thank you.

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Selkirk an official paddle sponsor of the app tour sunmed your official CBD sponsor of the app tour and a pickleball Central your pickleball Superstore catering from beginner to Pro the app welcome back everyone to our first semi-final match here in mixed Pro doubles at the app is sunmed Mesa open we are going to have Georgia Johnson and.

DJ young facing off against Andrea Coop and decal Barr so not that one that was our previous match looking back here at their paths into the semifinals Georgia Johnson and DJ Young facing off against Kim Leighton and Zach grabovic in the first match of their day.

Then defeating Michelle and Daniel de la Rosa before finally defeating Lauren stratman and Julian Arnold in their quarterfinal matchup again 5 11 13 11 11 8. while Andrea Coop and decal Barr had a buy their first round then defeating Katie Pooler and Ryan Gilbert.

Then Millie Rayne and Pablo Tellez and then finally Sarah Burton Kai mcmaken in the quarterfinals again extremely close 11 8 10 12 11 8. so a couple really nice matches that both of these teams had to get through here into our first semi so the winner of this will head to our winner bracket final and a spot on the podium with a.

Chance at Championship Sunday on the line any backdraw updates I know we saw Rob nunnery and Lena padigamette defeating Lauren stratman and Julian Arnold so they are done for the day big win for those two yeah and then uh Mary brasha the other half of the brasha sisters and Stefan.

And I'm Gonna Miss Auburn Auburn okay they took out Rafa Hewitt and Christine McGrath all right 15-10 and they're gonna be waiting for the winners of schneeman and stocksrude taking on bar and navratil we just saw in the previous match a lot of great teams still in trying to fight their way back.

Yeah so Georgia Johnson's 16 years old out of Boynton Beach Florida her partner DJ young 22 in Dripping Springs Texas originally a SoCal boy after coming over from Spain they take on one of the few remaining Pro players with a full-time job lawyer Andrea Coop 34 out of Grand Haven Michigan.

Partner deckle bar 29 also in Dripping Springs Texas right now Andrea Coop certainly has had some big wins the last several tournaments that she has played in Georgia Johnson already in one championship Sunday matches she will face off against Mary brasha in the.

Women's Pro singles on Sunday looking to had another gold medal match to her Sunday yeah two sailed laws there from Johnson and young you know young and uh Barr are two of the men that you know because of their length you know their their height they like to take up a lot of that chord and.

Mixed doubles I'm sure we're gonna see a lot of that and you know one of the keys is going to be uh for especially for the ladies to be willing to go behind the guy on the opposing side we'll see who does it better foreign there forehand volley and although bar does not use any spin.

He's got one of the toughest curves on tour destroys it yeah and of course being so tall I mean that ball just right on the corner yeah he gets up on that toe and he really kind of pulls his arm up so he gets on top of it yeah as he comes over it pushes pushes the boundaries of uh.

Of a legal serve there from where he's hitting it he's not alone no right exactly he's certainly not the only one who does that oh Andrea Coop national champion from UCLA in her tennis career there decal Barr a former professional tennis player of course originally from Israel yeah I mean they are rolling right now.

Big lead it's gonna sail yeah we'll see what kind of adjustments yeah we got time out because it took that long but yeah we'll see if uh if young and Johnson can make some adjustments here try to get back into this game one we talked about this yesterday with singles that you know even if you lose that.

First game you want to get something you just want to get a little bit of something yeah it works exactly I mean even if it's too late for the first game at least finding something that you know you can exploit or try in game two and just build a little bit of momentum so I'm used to seeing from DJ not a lot of talking during timeouts with uh maybe a.

More established partner I do not like not seeing them talk right now because adjustments do need to be made right so they should I'd like to see them talking through that And discussing what can be changed you can't just tell your partner that telepathically so I would have liked to have seen more talking about what adjustments maybe.

Needed to be made here or some possible something to try so I I mean when you're not talking to your partner what adjustments can you make when you didn't discuss it yeah if you were talking to them during that what would you have liked to see them maybe mix up a little bit coming out of that time out I mean you know we we.

Talked about it just trying to see if you know if Barr gets really aggressive trying to go behind him a little bit just giving them some different looks but right now I mean everything's going right for bar and Coop um you know they're not really giving them much to work with but I think they do need to slow the.

Game down everything is kind of going really fast points are going fast we're not seeing a lot of long exchanges so maybe try to slow the game down thank you yeah and I mean coop is one of the best counter attackers on the ladies side so when you have someone as good as decal bar and someone as good as again yeah.

I'd like to see them as you mentioned slow it down a little eight one two that's long yeah such a tough serve I mean it's so big land's so deep of course it often leads to an easy Drive off of a short like that foreign just pops it up too much.

Yeah Johnson catching Coop trying to get to per spot there great job from Johnson defending the Ernie from Barr which is a tough in and of itself but then good Court awareness as Coop had to come over to cover for him yeah I mean that that's much much better.

Point set up there right just slowing things down I love young hitting that drop forcing bar to come way over great hands from Young oh yeah definitely an elbow service yeah I've said in the past you know Deco.

Bar in my opinion goes for too many earnings uh a lot of times he does get caught having to Ernie like that one from underneath the ball which is usually not gonna be effective little scorpion shot there from Young loves to use that shot.

So it's not just beginners who don't have a backhand actually the pros like to use it they're the rare third shot lob well well done from Young I mean bar was there yeah they really had bars scrambling in that.

But seems like even though they didn't talk apparently they did we made some adjustments tell each other with their minds what to what to change up because yeah and it might have been working yeah it might have been as simple as just saying hey let's just slow it down and you know maybe that's all it took just.

Agreeing that that they needed to take their time DJ's showing off his muscles for the live stream because you can see that he's on it uh what muscles I didn't see any yeah try again DJ sure yeah I just I couldn't get my binoculars out maybe but okay now I mean bar and Coop obviously having a discussion over there.

Now on their end what's the adjustment they now need to make yeah I mean if if young in in Johnson are slowing things down then maybe they they will need to slow you know down a little bit too and not not press you know they they came out yeah there's that lob again but this time not.

Effective since bar kind of saw it coming and of course with this with its height it's tough to get a get it over his head that's gonna be out yep together nine five two drop yep young is extremely good.

At using that sort of drop volley shot when he's gotten his opponents sort of pinned back in the back court yeah that's an easy one for Coop she just crushes that backhand Johnson yeah great job by her handling the attacks from Barr in the transition area.

And then it just moves in once she makes that drop oh it's gone okay don't you underestimate Georgia Johnson like that Dan I just meant eventually that's gone it took three but I mean under most circumstances yes great job great job from Johnson there.

Trying to stay in it foreign like the idea I definitely would have got him on that but just over does it a smidge yeah that's just it's tough I mean young tries to make something happen there but didn't quite get a good enough look at that yeah but they gotta you know they.

Got a little bit of a running like we said right they at least they know what worked and what didn't work and so hopefully they make that adjustment going into game two we'll take a short break and we'll see if they can indeed make something happen in game two right after this foreign.

Foreign I know the pulse the beef the vibe you have a place to turn it on Talking Stick Resort we are launching Selkirk team which brings the best pickleball content to your smartphone tablet and big screen TV foreign.

this is 24 7's pickleball proudly brought to you by seller welcome back everyone to game number two here in our first semi-final matchup here in Pro mix doubles at the app sunmed Mesa open Georgia Johnson and DJ Young on the far end here for game two taking on deckle.

Bar and Andrea Coop on the near end Coop and bar taking game one eleven six good hands there from DJ young well it definitely seems uh that they do want to slow it down Johnson and young did a good job there in this first point yeah well done they're just they're doing a good job of countering the speed ups and kind of like what we said bar.

And Coop what was working for them is them being aggressive and attacking and they're going to look to continue to do that whereas yeah that's too much yeah child abuse right there a little bit so true.

oh young gets tagged that time oh with a little scorpion shot too oh it's out and a kitchen violation yeah bar a little upset at himself for missing that one two two oh on that cord there almost Sails Long.

Because of the pace but luckily stayed in foreign it out so obviously in game one we saw Coupe and bars main strategy was going to be power and pace.

Who did uh JW play mix with today I don't I'm sure he's in there but surprised we haven't seen him actually don't think he's playing I don't think he is right I haven't seen him at all today it's very odd I wonder if.

Evolves right on the line oh yeah oh bar upset with himself he got the more difficult one had a you know not an easy Ball but easier than the first three two one shot that he had but leaves us short yeah I I yeah I don't know what Young is doing trying to drive the ball from back.

There twice in a row what's been working for them is just dropping and coming in I'm sure he'll make the adjustment foreign yeah just too much Deco bar there Johnson doing a good job of staying in that but just leaves the third one too high that's he's doing a good job counter.

Attacking these drives from bar again I just I'd like to see him drop that ball especially on his backhand side out young catching bar sliding to the middle puts it behind him just enough thank you.

Fog is called wide here I mean very close close but it's always hard on the screen too to see you know the the lines do tend to look wider on the screen so it just really tough that falls out yeah I mean Bar's gotten quite a few free points on.

That serve how far he leans in it's not just the ball is high but he's so far into the court when he makes contact foreign Johnson it's just so fast right now there's I can't even remember if there's been an actual dink rally in this match.

There has it's been a couple shots at most oh that's out Johnson young they're staying in this.

Second game a good good spot there from coop stringing together a few points on the board we're having success here and there but you definitely need to go on a bit of a run perhaps and just pick up some steam oh that's fortunate We're Young there you have.

Five six one foreign not very long at all wow yeah better job by Young there dropping that third getting himself to the kitchen where he is the most dangerous instead of driving from that back line.

Like what I see right here from from Young and Johnson making a push taking a slight lead here in game two this might be their first lead of the entire match yeah I think you're right unless I don't know maybe really early.

In game one but not really right they were down quite a bit yeah bar as I mentioned 29 years old playing for team engage out of Austin Texas specifically dream land area and Dripping Springs where he's been for quite a while now I mean again.

The pace is still super fast is it that Johnson and Young are doing a better job of counter attacking or their their hands are just a little better here in the second game I think I think for young to get to the kitchen line obviously is so key right like we saw he was trying to drive through them quite a bit and he's got a.

Good drive but Coop and bar are so good and they cover so much of the court that they just weren't getting free points out of it and I think him making the adjustment of dropping especially from his backhand side and coming in and trying to apply pressure I think has worked out and certainly they've gotten some hands battles but.

It's I think it's set up by them slowing the game down a little bit more yeah we saw Johnson trying to slow her down just leaves it too high and easy Ernie for Barr yeah that's just tough I mean they've done a good job not just sort of giving Coop and bar those.

Opportunities right but if they start to creep back in here Coop and Market easily just run away with a second game oh just goes for way too much angle on that overhead nice Johnson three backhands in a row puts it away with the one-hander the ATP well defended.

Oh yeah eight seven two and both Johnson and young off their feet for that speed up but young quick enough hands to handle that one oh great cover from Johnson foreign.

great reach first from Young and then we see here on the replay as Johnson is moving to her left having to reach back behind her that's a great drop yeah again the setup is coming from those drops right just being able to get themselves up there.

And apply pressure well done there from Young and Johnson they're definitely confidence building a little here as they retake the lead two points away from forcing that third game Johnson going toe-to-toe with bar and coming out on top and we'll have a timeout from Coop and bar yeah the.

Difference yeah the difference between young driving and Johnson driving of course is when when Johnson drives it allows young to move in and crash on her drives whereas when he's driving Johnson's not really crashing in and so it just doesn't set him up for success and we saw in that last Point she drove well of course DJ crashing in and so it.

Works a little bit better if she's the one driving and he's crashing when that return goes to Young he needs to go for the drop and try to get himself up there Andrew Coop as we mentioned one of the remaining Pros few and far between that have a full-time job as well lawyer out of Grand Haven Michigan.

She's been practicing for several years now playing for team at paddle Tech a game point here they'll have two chances at it oh just missing here's the replay oh so I thought he might have yeah yeah.

I thought that was a great look there for DJ I mean watching John she's slicing those dinks so she's coming underneath it which is causing them to float a little and that's just tough just watching those yeah I think she's trying to cut it but when you don't do it just right it will just lift the ball way too much.

Yeah we see the little cut there yes what she's been trying to do and that ball is wide on the ATP attempt from Coop just missing foreign huge hold here for Johnson and young to.

Have two more opportunities young can resist the temptation to drive this and choose he needs to be patient he can't try and Rush this yeah good job by Coop reading that ball not a bad ball from Young but a better one from Coop coming back all right let's see.

One young dropping Johnson driving good oh that was probably going outside yep all right so Georgia Johnson and DJ young battle back here in game two to take this first semi to a third game we'll take a short break back into the conclusion right after this foreign.

thank you foreign game number three about to kick off here in this semi-final match.

Lauren McLaughlin and Daniel rodidi here Courtside as DJ young and Georgia Johnson take on deckle Barr and Andrea Coop they will switch ends at six coming up next here on CC1 we'll have our second semi-final match Simone gergymen Dylan Frazier face Maggie brush and Hayden Patrick Quinn after this one.

Winner of both of those semis head to our winner bracket final zero one bit of a scramble yeah again I think where young and Johnson are just getting into the most trouble is when they're just leaving a shot just a little too high because Coop.

And bar they're both too good you just can't give them those opportunities they've definitely had a lot more success when they have been able to kind of get into a bit of a dink situation and then try and wait for the right moment right Kevin there is that.

A bit of a rushing mentality from Young one zero two oh yeah the ball was going out but just caught Coupe and she did not expect that speed up from Johnson one one.

Second server one one two three dig yeah reaching again two young has such fast hands but a lot of times he's not trying to reset those speed UPS he's trying to swing through them right which is I think what mostly causes those errors when he's kind of sailing.

Them out of the court because have that sort of reset block shot everything's a counter right oh okay oh we had a oh there's literally a bird flying around under the shade here distraction foreign the transition zone was the bass versus just dropping and.

Getting in there foreign Johnson covering after the Ernie little up update from the back draw Susanna Barr and Zane navratil took out stocks root and schneeman all right moved on to the next round yeah okay on that ball I just would have.

Liked to see DJ stay back I mean he had a he had a reset but the reset was going to sit up like it did right there he needed to stay in that transition zone and not charge in on that forehand from bar it was just made it too easy yeah that's a little far mixing up the stack a little on the.

Johnson Young end as well so DJ on that right side during that last rally and they're gonna stay in that position that cord unfortunately Sails Long there for Johnson three two two I mean Andrea Coop normally hands.

Handles those very well you saw her back up off the line expecting the speed up I think it just came a little softer than she was expecting right a little off speed four two two all right Johnson one point away oh yeah you know she's feeling good when she starts getting a little bouncy she's.

Bouncing I don't why yeah I thought it was wide I um if he drives another back and I'm going to go down there and just hit him and stop it stop it oh yeah she went she went for kind of a yeah and she kind of rushed it she had.

More time uh than I think she probably realized and slowed himself down a little bit it's a good return good good ball good speed up there from Johnson Coupe Shaw just sails a little bit wide balls long I mean.

Literally eight feet behind the line waiting for those serves from the sidewalk go yeah really nice setup from so much better when they're dropping no smack needed Dan well we'll see for now for now all right so it is Georgia Johnson and.

EJ young out in front 6-3 triggering the end change here in this third tiebreaker game of this semi-final match as they are looking to head to the winner bracket final but of course it's not done yet Andrea Coop and duckle bar more than have a chance to get back in here and retake the lead as a.

Reminder again that second semifinal coming up next Simone regime and Dylan Frazier take on Maggie brush and Hayden Patrick Quinn for another spot in that winter bracket final so we have the two and three seeds here on court now we're about to see the one seed but brush and Patrick win the.

12th seed let's go semi so they're definitely sort of the underdog coming into this semi so a really nice day already for the two of them looking to continue it I don't mind that drive because Coop was coming from the other corner it was the right ball to drive it just didn't.

Execute a plus whether it was with his forehand not his backhand yeah that stays in beautiful shot there from Georgia Johnson Yeah you mentioned being able to keep the guys honest here in this matchup yeah very important to do enough with that forehand.

Yeah I mean Johnson with that backhand she is uh look at her bouncing around she can feel it yeah their confidence getting close here we are on second serve yeah Barbie turns a favor going behind young that's just so tough because I mean young and bar they both kind of do that where they're they're looking to.

Poach yeah but leave too much space yeah so early as well I mean he was set up fully in the middle leaving that open yeah and I think he was obviously hoping for a little better third from Johnson hoping the ball was going to go down he committed to charging in and it just didn't work out for him but they get the first one here.

Hoping for a side out oh that drive is long from bar so a good hold for Johnson and Young oh we had an ATP and a tweener defend defending look at that but it's sales wide unfortunately wow that is long yep that is long all right time out here from bar and Coop no.

Surprise I'm very surprised oh that's out it's a good eye at the way to let that go in we're gonna let that go if they got another shot at it here though young is gonna try to end it in style if he has a chance not that time and again sometimes his counters are just he just is doing so.

Much yeah it's like he doesn't know how to swing without it being at a seven to ten especially on Match Point or game point yeah I mean Michael I think thought it was going out okay he just kind of smiles you know letting that ball go and landed inside the line yeah.

Right now all right two more opportunities to end this match for Georgia Johnson and DJ Young I mean so he does he gets the flashy yeah he gets the flashy ending and Georgia Johnson and DJ young are heading to our winner bracket final over Andrea Coop and deckle Barn no oh.

Yeah just great anticipation saw coops paddle just turn inside out he knew she was gonna go there great read from Young all right so we will head to the Franklin Studio to chat with them before we get into our second semi-final match here on our second day of coverage at the app sunmed Mesa open we're back into it right after this.

foreign the pulse the beat the Vive you have a place to turn it on Talking Stick Resort house.

Foreign welcome back to the Franklin Studio Laura McLaughlin here with DJ young and Georgia Johnson as they are taking the first spot in our winner bracket final you two first time partnership today.

Obviously into the winter bracket final is a good sign for a brand new partnership you know he is going to be very aggressive looking to kind of get in take over a little bit you I know are used to playing with some gentlemen that like to do that so what did you guys talk about if anything coming in today which was going to be how you two were.

Going to play together uh I just thought you know I'll just get out of his way and he can do the rest and I think it's worked out pretty well so far I mean sometimes you get a little little overly aggressive gopher sometimes a little bit too much you're talking a little bit about some of those drives weren't necessarily working especially.

After that first game what were the adjustments if anything you needed to make going into that second game yeah I think first game we were just uh forcing a little too many things and I just decided to play you know super passive you know very very high percentage pickable like I'm you know known to do and then Georgia actually you know she.

Stepped up played really well and I was able to do some DJ Magic you know from two feet above the net just putting both away so it was great I mean you started getting a little bouncy especially in that second game in the third which always means you're feeling pretty confident things are going your way how important is it you.

For you sort of mentally to be in that space and how that's going to help you play well uh I think I don't know it just means I'm happy I just do it automatically I didn't notice it until I watched myself on camera uh but I think it just helps me keep my feet moving and keep that positive energy up I mean you're gonna have a tough match.

Regardless who you're facing in the winter bracket final what are you guys going to discuss in terms of what you want to do coming into that match yeah I think just coming out with good energy um you know Positive Vibes and also just you know making sure that we're doing the right game you know playing the right strategy is very important for.

Both of us and just staying positive all right well congratulations to these two as they are heading to our winter bracket final we're back with that second semi next to see who they're gonna face right after this the app sunmed Mesa open brought to you by powerplate the official recovery sponsor of the app tour sunmed your.

Official CBD sponsor of the app tour and pickleball Central your pickleball Superstore catering from beginner to Pro into our wild history foreign.

foreign thank you foreign.

you have a place to turn it off Talking Stick Resort oh my God foreign.

foreign foreign.

foreign foreign thank you.

foreign thank you foreign welcome back everyone to our second semi-final matchup here in mixpro.

Doubles at the app sunmed Mesa open we have our number one seated team Simone Georgine and Dylan Frazier on the far end they take on the number 12 seed Maggie brasha and Hayden patroquin nice match up here this is for a second spot in the winter bracket final where they will face DJ Young and Georgia Johnson.

DD Jackson is our USA pickleball certified referee knowing sort of patreon and brasha are a bit of an underdog in this situation against uh Simoni and Dylan what do you think is going to be the best way that they have a chance of coming out on top here you know I mean obviously being The.

Underdogs they have nothing to lose right they're not always on paper they're not expected to win right but just to play loose to play aggressive as they've been playing to get them to this point is going to be key right into the body of Dylan Fraser.

Great spot from Patrick he mentioned in their interview after their last win in the quarters the great chemistry the two of them have yeah for you know for Maggie to play her best I mean it's not unusual but but she she has to feel really comfortable with her partner and she certainly feels that way with.

With Hayden Sonny attempting to go behind Patrick too high of all carries and I mean it really cannot be overstated how important chemistry is between the partnership I think everyone knows that probably all played with someone that wasn't as much fun as we would have liked to have out there or.

You know the level of support oh great back end there from brasha I think that's gonna be something she can look for a lot in this match because Frazier's going to be looking to do a lot he moves a lot he's scrambling a lot so I think she's gonna have some opportunities to sneak that exact shot past Frasier in this match.

IDP not as effective yeah I like that uh Maggie brasha was reaching in there with her forehand um got lucky there going across score which probably would have done been better off going middle but came out on top oh the Scorpion net cord there from.

Frasier had him a little jammed but fortunate for him yeah just hey no patch Quinn there was on the defense from the get-go got out of position four three one that's a great I mean not even sure she.

Did yeah I'm sure she didn't mean to hit it there but uh great hands nonetheless looking like The Accidental perfect scene yes yeah another backhand from brasha handling Frazier speed up she's sitting on it great job of going up the middle.

Maggie brush in a similar situation as Dylan Frazier still full-time student yep she is not playing college tennis like her older sister Mary did focusing on her schoolwork and of course pickleball golfer in high school very good golfer.

Following the footsteps of Corinne Carr yes and she's on it that's three backhands and I mean Simone has so many amazing shots but she does like that shot and she goes to it a lot so baggie is doing a phenomenal job of reading.

When she's gonna go for that and countering it very well foreign yeah she does a really good job with that forehand she just has no backswing just flicks her hand and generates pretty good pace wow I mean she's hit I think five backhand winners.

In this game one yeah I mean Patron had a really nice serve got a very short return sort of set that whole thing up a short return yeah Frazier is just so quick great job sort of isolating him from getting involved right managed to keep most everything away.

From him which is tough to do yeah there's that crossboard forehand of course that one was a pretty easy one up high one more such a nice job changing the direction getting a nice Top Spin roll with that backhand.

Great spot for Patrick one great return yeah great read there from Patrick when coming over taking that ball in the middle and putting it right back up that Center Line past Georgina Frazier to get the side out.

Yeah it's tough because georgin was a full stripe behind that line so she had so much more time to read that speed up from Patrick Wayne and able to counter it effectively wow Ace Lee Whitlow took that ball off the back in the stands like what What's Happening Here.

You say one more month is that what she said probably yeah not even oh a good reset uh yeah yeah I wish Patrick Quinn would have backed up a little bit more those balls were just too high and they're gonna you know obviously it's gonna come with a lot of pace if you're.

Taking a step back might have had a shot at that last one watch it yeah yeah good job from brush I'm moving that ball around going corner to corner then middle that was a very low ball for Simone to speed up yeah it was a little bit ambitious on her on her part there.

Just seems like regime just kind of tried to press a little bit yeah we're we've seen a couple balls up the line that she's You Can Tell She's been wanting to do that she came in with that mentality Cross Court forehand oh just misses could leave there from jargime.

Those right hands oh my gosh what an amazing wow great exchange from all four players so many times that point looked to be over and just great hands great defense yeah just too high for Patrick Quinn on that initial ball I'd like to see maybe a timeout from Russia and Patrick went here especially.

If Frasier and Jordan tie this up foreign yeah that's a good good drive good crash from jargime and Frazier yeah it's a good good dink from charging pushing Patrick going back difficult ball to pick up looks like older sister Mary brasha Stefan Auburn facing Jose navraton.

Susanna Barr over on cc2 right now there's the temp outside definitely think they need it if not simply to just settle down right I mean they know what to do it's worked they just have gotten thrown off the Rhythm a little bit here and I think they just need to take a Beat get back to what was working.

Regime of course one of the most experienced ladies in pickleball period right 43 years old now playing 14 Yola of Naples Florida and I don't think an official statement was put out but it's pretty well known I think around uh the pickleball scene that she is no.

Longer retiring after this year she will be back for more next year and I'm sure everyone is happy to hear that everyone pretty sad about her announcing her retirement I think she was in certainly a much different place than she is now so looking forward to having much more Simone at your gym in our lives in 2023.

That's out good speed up there from Brash of Frazier a little late you know we're seeing jajim going behind Patrick playing quite a bit I'd like to see him look for an Ernie opportunity because she's not afraid to go behind him especially he doesn't have quite the reach as some of the other guys do but he just certainly has a.

Quickness and he can hit that Ernie if he can anticipate when she's gonna dink up the line nine seven two one yeah almost here kind of mistake from Fraser and jarjim kind of collashing in the middle is what.

Allowed them to come out on top there as Patrick would not expecting that yeah the regime has caught uh Patrick a couple times with that dink up the line to his backhand forcing him back and forcing a couple errors and that previous route I mean Patrick.

One is doing has been doing such a great job sort of stepping back to take those Dinks just those last couple ones that gotten those errors oh yeah good job holding his ground there it's gonna be good again I mean brasha has not missed right that's uh we saw a lot of those in the.

Last match and this is the second one very close but it caught the line foreign she keeps going there I mean she's dinking there trying to attack there certainly with her experience she's not intimidated by anybody and she is not afraid to go behind the.

Guy that's a good hold for Rasha and Patrick Quinn see if they can get off of this seven they've been stuck on foreign you know one of the things that I'd like to say Patrick and has driven a few balls I'd like to see brasha moving in a.

Little bit more looking for opportunities that she may be able to crash on his drives she's got a great backhand we've seen already several winners on that side I like that Patrick Quinn left it up a little high but stayed in it stayed aggressive on that line.

Finally off of seven yeah I feel like there's opportunities for Ernie there I don't want to see Patrick when take one of those for no other reason than to show her that he's going to start looking for it and it's gonna make her more hesitant to dink there foreign.

And there's a lot of glare coming off of this um tarp in the stands we can I mean we can even see the glare yep from where we're we're at and it's a it was right in the uh sort of sight line of Frasier as he's trying to hit the high back end even though the sun is not on the court right.

Now it's just just the massive amount of sort of yeah area still from the uncovered portion of this Court which I know in the past they have tried to put some screens sort of around uh this covered Court to minimize that issue but I think there's been some.

Issues with them not being the right material sort of getting ripped or not yeah I think they were saying but the storm that kind of blew the whole thing off they need them yes it's kind of for this court and the way the Sun comes in it's very problematic so I'm sure they're looking into Solutions oh wow I mean.

Very dominant in the beginning of this first game but took them a while to finally close this out but they do so game one in the books game number two in the semifinal coming your way round for this there was a time when I was young my brothers were young and we actually.

Lived in just a small motel room for about nine months my brothers my dad and I and it really taught us that you don't need a lot to be happy in life foreign foreign.

here for game number two in our second semifinal matchup here at the app sunmed Mesa open our final stop of the 2022 season I can't believe we're here already Maggie brush and hated patroquin on the.

Far end Simone Georgie and Dylan Frazier on the near end here for game two good attempt there from Patrick Quinn sails it a little wide again we have Georgia Johnson and DJ young already in the winner bracket final they will face the winner of this matchup wow just so quick from Frasier.

Drop oh also almost complete complete at a right and Todd fought have defeated Luna pedigamette and Rob nunnery they're getting near that bronze medal match from the other side still have a couple matches to go I'm still playing they just switched sides.

On the uh Russia tough competition in that backdraw still to make it back into bronze so teams duking it out back there nice pull there from Patrick Quinn recognizing that ball left up a little too high Frazier there foreign.

Drive there from Patrick Quinn I love watching Patrick when after some of those shots because he'll make a face I like that amazing I like that feeling himself on some of those shots I love it I mean he's already like the coolest kid I know ever foreign.

When he can't get his spin toss on the first time he usually just goes to a regular serve afraid to run out of time after the ref calls the score that's gonna say hello good luck Hayden looking around for her he's looking for somebody to tell him.

That ball was down yeah that's a tough speed up Georgine was two steps behind that line was not the ball to speed up at her she's way too quick I mean Patrick needed the dink in front of her foreign just misses that sideline.

Just a couple times is backed up yep perhaps a little too far put yourself a little out of position that's so tough I mean sometimes even when you know where it's coming or what they're gonna do with it it's just so tough to actually so hard right at rash's feet right into the tape.

A couple of those from Frazier this month yeah like he's having a that high backhand set a couple errors on that yes Cross Court yeah that's where she's going yeah I mean exact same spot as the last time again if you watch Simoni just during.

These rallies you just sort of watch her footwork she's constantly backing up off the line when she's expecting possibly a speed up then she'll move back up a little kind of shuffling in between really trying to gauge what's gonna happen that's a good lob there from jargine I mean they were in big trouble and that.

Lob just got them got him out of trouble got him to a better spot good use of it going over the left shoulder of Patrick Quinn not allowing him to really hit a forehand overhead Miss there on the return great job just dropping it in I mean that keeps him alive he doesn't overdo it he doesn't rush it yep unless you're.

Daniel de la Rosa drop those lobs much great pressure great pressure from Patrick Quinn going at Frazier back to back it seems like Patrick Quinn has missed the most drops on the backhand side struggling a little bit I like the idea.

A little unlucky there inside out backhand I don't know who won that here 's two oh come on thank you oh got a foot fault on Patrick win.

Yep caught on camera so just an update from our backdraw it looks like Zane navratil and Susanna Barr Advance over Mary brush and Stefan Auburn a close one it's a little too nonchalant there from Patrick Quinn on that attempt.

there you go semi Ernie oh unfortunate there for brasha and Patrick when us both go for the middle ball a good ball from Frazier that ball just too high.

We're gonna have a timeout here from Patrick Quinn and barasha it's your name and Frazier out in front this did happen in game one as well where they were trailing sort of at the End by a couple points and managed to get back in there if you're chatting with Hayden and Maggie during this what do you think is going to make.

The difference I I mean I still think you know their game plan has been good obviously I mean they wouldn't be you know they're only down two points here they're up a game I I still want to see Hayden try to take away that left corner you know uh backhand dank where Simone's putting the ball.

Right to his backhand and he hasn't you know except for that one point where she was sort of back in the transition hasn't really tried to earn any of those and I think there's opportunities there and again if for no other reason to get her to kind of stop going there and to switch her dinks back to the.

Middle or back to brasha there it is he's looking for it oh nice pickup Frasier oh look at that that's tough Russia just kind of swinging across her body yeah but I liked him looking for that because now Simone realized okay he's looking for that for that ball good.

He was there all right game point for uh regime and Frazier to force a third here in the second semifinal yeah yeah a little pressing a little bit there was Frasier of course trying to close out this game too oh a rare.

Third shot Miss there from Frazier let's see if brasha and Patrick can take advantage gotta narrow this Gap a little bit smelly with her patented yup half sitting on the court right side lunge it's gonna it'll stay down rash I think it was a good spot she just.

Needs a little more downward angle on that just kept it up in georgian's sort of Strike Zone there unfortunately oh another drop Miss foreign resets oh yeah all right so game three indeed coming our way here after jojiman Frasier.

Battle back to take the second game we'll take a short break the conclusion of this match right after this foreign foreign.

of this semi-final match in pro-mixed doubles here at the app sunmed Mesa open or McLaughlin and Daniel rodidi here Courtside as simonia Georgina Dylan Frazier face Maggie brasha and Hayden patricklin for a spot in the winter bracket final little switch ends at six Georgia.

Johnson and DJ young already there waiting Georgia Johnson courtside for this match as she Scopes out for opponents I think all these teams are doing a good job being patient and I think that is what everyone needs to do everyone's got very quick hands.

Everyone just kind of waiting for the right moment it's a great log I mean she's from Brazil I'm sure and they're in the world cup so you know they're the favorites that's great drop uh Maggie probably should have got that.

Lob great job from Patrick Quinn oh oh wow nice rally I mean Patrick went and brasha switching sides two times during that rally is chasing down those lobs but to Dylan great sportsmanship there Simone.

Correcting the serve open them out yeah I have a feeling we're gonna start seeing some more lobs from jarjim and Frasier over brasha yeah I like that speed up from brasha she needs to keep leaning in and reaching with that forehand two one two.

Now we've seen Frazier and Jersey mix up the stack every so often putting Frasier on that right side like we just saw yeah I think they're doing it when Patrick went is serving when he's serving to jajim like right now I think they're not they're looking not to switch on History because of the spin serve just leaving her too far out.

Of position to try to catch up to that other corner I think that's why they're doing that yeah you see that right there how difficult I mean there was no way she would ever get to that other side and so I think when when Patrick was serving to her on that left side they're not even.

Trying to switch es I think it's a good idea with his Spencer oh yeah okay good lead though for Patrick Quinn and garage and brasha here almost at the end change thank you yeah I mean she backed so far up she did.

There wasn't a lot of pace on it or anything really yeah and especially in those situations that's where Patrick Wayne needs to learn for the Ernie because she's backing up most likely she's going to go up that line yeah like like right there Patrick Wayne just needs to back up there's no way I.

Mean I know he did a great job getting the first one but not likely to get that second one unless you give yourself a little more space and back up a little bit three five wait yeah yep four or five yeah I think they need to try to return to Frazier uh now that charging is driving.

Some of those thirds and putting him in position to crash I mean they certainly needed a time out but they'll get one here in the end change but that 5-1 lead poof gone in a matter of moments it seemed as sergeyman Frazier Take the Lead just by one though so certainly.

Still in it and again just kind of played with some errors some perhaps putting their shots in the wrong spot during those last few exchanges yeah and Georgine and Frazier just got more aggressive right once they got that side out at 1-5 she started driving he was crashing and um things going well for them right now.

See if that's going in Russia can try to get a side out here yeah great spot there from Patrick Wayne great return and Then followed by that volley pushing um Jardine well behind that Baseline.

There's that lob again yep yeah I mean definitely have to be looking for that and ready to try to take that out of the air if they can send that wide it's unfortunate there for Patrick Quinn yeah at this stage I think they're gonna need to put at.

Least some points on the board each serving attempt they have a good progression there from Patrick when good Reed noticing that jargine was in a little bit of trouble there on that dink left it high goodread oh boy foreign.

Because normally jargime just will Crouch down on that and crush it and just caught her a little bit off guard there jammed around that right shoulder yeah yeah a little low a little low he was going for the same shot same shot that they just got the last point on.

but they do take back a two-point lead quickly give away one of those points with that air into the net one wow yeah great hands from jar Jame great angle there from Patrick Quinn it's a bad drive from yep and she's been very successful with that with Frasier.

Crashing that time just didn't didn't get a clean hit oh yeah that's uh I think Patrick got away with one there we've seen we've seen Frazier make you know three errors on a high back and oh yeah that's going to just sort of slipped a little bit as he was trying to.

Slide into that shot see here on the replay it just yeah kind of saw that left foot sort of giveaway see Simone looking for maybe a lob ster yeah so Patrick Quinn got fortunate on that one on um Simone's right shoulder and he's gone.

Back to it twice has lost both of those push it out of there a few rallies you know Maggie doesn't look for Ernie's hardly ever but that was the perfect opportunity with Frasier getting pulled that wide you know he's going to want to maybe go up the line I was hoping they.

Were going to call a timeout and they do very smart as it's tied up here nine nine and again a couple frustrating breaks going their way so unfortunately nothing they could really have do about that but again when you are sort of faced with those that can really start to knock you off your game a little so I.

Love the time out to just resettle again yep they've been playing well they just every once in a while they just have these little runs where they sort of forget what was working for them and try to do something else and then get themselves into a bit of trouble but.

Certainly either of these teams match the window here Christmas Johnson of course taking on the winner of this they are on first serve so that was out that was out yeah I thought it was out I thought it.

Just went outside that corner barely not by much but yeah just a little out foreign finally going their way Frazier read it right I mean he was crashing in on that attack from Patrick Quinn unfortunately for them it clipped in that.

High On That reset attempt from Russia we talked about it too with DJ young previously I I want Patrick Quinn to stay calm here he sometimes can press a little when he sort of senses the end is mirror wants to be maybe a little flashier than necessary just stay with that patience yeah most of the firefights have gone.

The way of Frazier and jargine that's gonna be long wow we have a match point foreign just such a tough break when you've played so well but what a match between these two teams and Russia and Patrick when they're not done they drop to our backdraw could easily see them back in.

That bronze medal match but it is your demon Frazier who will face off against Georgia Johnson and DJ young in the winter bracket final we'll head to the Franklin studio and then we're back into the action here in Mesa right after this foreign foreign.

Foreign go there was a time when I was young my brothers were young and we actually lived in just a small motel room for about nine months my brothers my dad and.

I and it really taught us that you don't need a lot to be happy in life foreign welcome back to the Franklin Studio Laura McLaughlin here with Simone Dylan Frazier as they head to our winter bracket final you two have partnered up several times in the past to usually some good success you know you dropped.

That first you know it's it varies it varies but you know you dropped that first game what did you guys discuss going into game two that needed to change to try and force that third I think we just need to execute a little bit more really um Hayden and Hayden and Maggie played really well um they were executing on.

Their shots in the big moments and when we got up a little bit we kind of we kind of played a little more passively so just just staying a little more aggressive and even when we got a lead I think whiskey I mean the game has gotten just faster more aggressive all the time you know this guy is going to be all over the.

Place you're very supportive partner just kind of keeping things in play have you felt like you have had to sort of up that aggressiveness in your game as well to counteract how much these especially new players coming into the game are doing these days I think for me is honestly like I feel like I gotta work on my hands constantly.

Because it's not like about hitting harder it's more about being ready to receive that hard ball and um so of course like as I get older they are not getting any younger sorry they are not getting older they keep the same age because new kids come in and I continue to age so I just feel like I gotta just keep my hands and and I feel.

Like at the end of the day mentally I'm I'm still in it so I think that that's that's still having fun I mean watching him you know from seven nine down to just take over I mean to me it's like it's fun I enjoy it I enjoy watching and the athleticism that they you know all of them they're just all over the court it's like yeah that is awesome I'm right.

Here with you like I'll just stand here and cheer you on I love it I mean you're facing Georgia and DJ in the winter bracket final you're very good friends with both of them have played with both of them what do you think is going to be the Difference Maker for you guys to head to Championship Sunday well without trying to give away too.

Much here as they might be listening um I think we're just gonna come out try to stick play our game uh execute on shots and and take take it to him anything to add uh I mean Georgia is my partner tomorrow so I hope she plays great just not too good she can save all of her best moments for tomorrow with you yes yes and DJ's my partner so it'll.

Be a battle of the teammates yeah I love it so we all have to stay fresh for tomorrow so especially you know Georgia because she's got to cover more court tomorrow so save yourself JoJo All right well congratulations to these two as they head to our winter bracket final coming up next we have decal bar and Andrea Coop facing off against Susanna.

Barr and Zane navratil as they are hoping to stay alive here in our mix doubles bracket don't go anywhere foreign foreign no no no no no no.

No no no no no no no no no oh foreign no time to waste under the set inside follow me.

into our wildest dreams foreign foreign Mesa open brought to you by Yola for the champion in you Talking Stick Resort and.

Casino Scottsdale's entertainment destination Pro XR pickleball an official paddle sponsor of the app tour and pickleball Central your pickleball Superstore catering from beginner to Pro back into it here in Mesa we have a feeder match on our back.

Draw side of the bracket Susanna Barr and Zane navratil face off against Andrea Coop and decal Barr for a chance to stay alive here in mixed doubles we have just a handful of matches in the back draw before we know who is going to be into that bronze medal match the winner of this match will face off against the.

Winner of Etta Wright and Todd fought versus Maggie Brusha and Hayden Patrick win who we just saw get dropped down into that back half so those two teams the winners of those two matches will play each other for a spot in that bronze medal match against whoever is knocked out in our winter bracket final which we'll have coming up.

After this that of course is Simone Georgie and Dylan Fraser versus DJ young and Georgia Johnson saw both these teams already and looks like the jokes are happening already Zane navratil very good friends with Andrea Coop they have partnered up.

Many times and he's wearing his Coop shirt that was made and given to him from odoth another of our fan favorites in the YouTube chats and it's actually based on Irena tarashenko who always is like oh got it say Andrea Coop so that's.

Where that comes from I have the you got cooped yes shirt I think he's trying to get in her head we're looking at her own last name on his shirt got overruled all right this is a batch to 15 they'll switch ends at eight great hustle for bar.

Now we're still checking that ball for possible cracks possibly what I thought it bounced a little funky all right the full point off the Savannah bar served IL with a nice two-handed backhand ATP right at come here what 901.

601 foreign quick shout out to the truck the score is flipped right now we got two bars makes it a little confusing but yep too many Johnsons too many bars it's making us real tough for us I haven't seen any Johnson's at the bar but later.

So they shouldn't be I believe is at retail just get way too hold of that one brought me up big lead here for para navratil y almost triggering that end change very quickly here in a bar wow squatting down a little bit.

To give herself a better positioning for that shot they're not going to be switching here probably same reason that jarjim and Frazier Warren switching with uh Deco bars huge serve just makes it very difficult to switch off of it oh yeah it's a great spot there on the.

Right shoulder of coop great spot on that sideline from Xena bar as she makes Andrea Cooper really Scramble for it sails it long and they do get eight in the end change so I mean a dominant lead here for Susanna Barr and Zane navratil as they head to the far end yeah we'll see if that side has you know maybe it's.

Still playing that way we certainly can see the glare coming off the tarp still just a little bit further to um to the right of the players on the far chord you can see from the side that the sun is coming in you can't see the tarp because it's below the the camera but looking from.

The far Court towards the near Court there's a lot of glare coming off the tarp on the bleachers that now navratil and bar will have to deal with see if that makes any difference at all or if they just continue rolling foreign just a little wide there.

I was a little surprised never telling poached this yeah I think he wasn't expecting his reach but I wasn't expecting it that high I thought the same thing that just especially with his quickness foreign.

and then he just pushes it pass bar very very smart play from navratil and uh not surprising that ball is cracked after several smashes from navratil y thank you.

Again it's just so tough when bar goes for those Ernies and he can't get a good paddle on and it's so low we asked to come underneath it he's at risk of sailing it long which he does a good amount when those are the shots he hits or you know just floats up high enough to oh yeah I was like.

Pretty out but uh bar just knocks it down to the feet of Susanna bar e one ten one ten two wow that was pretty close yeah yeah it was weird because knew the score hadn't been called yet.

And she almost Shrugged her shoulders like well I guess he's not gonna call it and then just served it which is so odd I mean every rough kind of goes at their own pace and has different you know rhythms but It's gotta adjust accordingly.

Yeah especially for players who like to play fast they want to get up to the line you know certainly the timing of of the ref can sometimes mess with them a little bit but refs just want to make sure they have the right score the right server foreign good pace of that downward angle that is.

Generally going to be very successful foreign and there's what I mentioned was the other possibility when decal goes for this earnings with the ball just a little too low as he's going to sail along that's out yeah I mean they are just running away with.

This is this an execution issue on the side of bar and coop foreign I mean I haven't seen them make a lot of unforced Errors I think they've just come out of the wrong end of a lot of these exchanges and things are not going their way you might see a few more drives here.

Trying to get back into this 13-1 and certainly we're gonna see some of the biggest errors we've seen from bar just because they're so far down all right so far with two errors on that right side with the drive and.

Then one let's serve that one yeah the reign of terror is over for death of our on that serve at least yeah I wish he would have gone back to Susanna Barr on that drive instead of trying to go through wow that's unfortunate she's talking about how the ref pauses before calling but you got it take your time.

Don't ever tell Returns the favor 1342 yeah it's a great ball she just kind of held it they never took looking for the middle ball and state Coop just goes a little bit sort of inside out there I mean she hasn't done that yet right so right.

I have a comfortable lead he's gonna kind of be pinching that middle for sure until you know hits those shots that was out wow I mean Bard deckle bar did a great job on defense there kind of keeping that in play and still being aggressive even from so far back.

Tough drives making Susanna Barnes Point all right so Match Point here for Susanna bar and Zayn never till no timeout from Coop and bar they're just gonna let it ride yeah that was tough I mean never till thought bar was still behind him yeah he's gonna shift back over here switch switch but it's too late.

Foreign yeah better job for bar handling that drive from decal she had missed a couple of them in the net the same shot in her backhand this time manages to keep it in play comes out on top Match Point again come to drive.

Oh man just really dominant performance here from Saint naverton Susanna Barr just handling everything declamar and yep Andrew Coop threw their way so they head to the final feeder match again we are still waiting on who they are going to face off.

Against yeah waiting for the brasha Patrick Quinn right Vote or fought sorry for the pronunciation so again that match that backdraw match that you just mentioned is going to be on our second streamed Court after the one currently on it so again just a handful well two now left in the backdraw to see who gets back.

Into bronze and then we are into those metal rounds but our winter bracket final is coming up next here on CC1 DJ young and Georgia Johnson face off against Simone jarjim and Dylan Frazier right after this short break.

Thank you thank you foreign thank you.

Foreign foreign thank you.

up oh thank you foreign welcome back everyone to our winter bracket final here at the app sunmed.

Mesa open and before we get into that however we want to go ahead and show our sun Med recovery point of the day we have Simone Georgie and Dylan Frazier on the near end facing off against Maggie Roshan Hayden Patrick Quinn good dinks there oh Dylan Frazier right in front of she gets that LOB.

Ster Quinn pushing him back they crash up to the net into a little bit of dinking good movement here between all four players I'm Patrick Quinn with the speed up to that right shoulder of jerjima she puts it in the net so that was our sun Med recovery point of the day.

And of course half of those pairings we just saw are up next in our winter bracket final Simone Dylan Fraser Face Georgia Johnson and DJ Young should be a very good matchup as we learned in the interview with Frasier and Georgie after their last win these are their doubles partners for tomorrow.

So we will see DJ young and Dylan Frasier team up tomorrow and Simone sergim and Georgia Johnson so part of the fun part of pickleball is how oftentimes you're partnered one day and your opponents the next depending on the tournament so love to see new pairings this is the first time DJ young and Georgia Johnson have paired.

Up together and they have a guaranteed spot on the podium so it's going well for them again a reminder of how these teams got here's your human Frazier with the buy their first round then taking out Andrea Olson and Michael N Wright on route to Linna pedigamette and Rob nunnery.

Then McGrath and Hewitt the next team to fall to Jersey and Frazier and finally Maggie Brash and Hayden Patrick win who we got to see here on CC1 who are about to face off in the next match up on cc2 for their shot to stay alive while Georgia Johnson and DJ young faced off against Kim Layton and Zach grabovic in their first round matchup then.

Michelle and Daniel de la Rosa their next victims before dispatching Lauren stratman and Julian Arnold in a tough three-game match-up and finally Andrea Coop and deckle Barr who we just saw get knocked out for the day by navratil and Susanna Barr so both of these teams had some good runs some good wins.

On route to this winter bracket final against each other human Frazier on the far end for game one young and Johnson did see in their previous matchup young and Johnson it didn't quite settle in that first game.

But certainly the confidence built in that second game yeah they had a slow start once they started slowing the game down a little bit using more drops and getting themselves to the kitchen line they certainly had a lot more success leaning forward in a very low ball there to speed up.

Sending it long as a result georgin used that lob effectively in the previous match I anticipate we're going to see a few more of those until maybe young starts stepping into it taking some of them foreign ER of this match will be done for the day and secure a spot in Championship.

Sunday in our gold medal match beautiful little flick there from Frazier not a lot of pace throwing off young foreign Georgia Johnson the only player on court right now who already has herself a championship Sunday appearance.

Face off against Mary barasha in our women's Pro singles gold medal match on Sunday zero three two right now three zero one yeah Jordan Johnson just leaving some of those things a little too high.

down foreign this time young is there but yep just a split second behind yeah he needs to stay more patient on that see money was already backing up.

that's great hands Great Exchange there Johnson only got one shot at it but made a count that's all you need yeah flick the past Frasier okay great hands from Johnson young loves that inside out yeah dink.

Oh all right so tough I mean young tries to call her off but it's right out it's so hard to get out of the way of that ball just trying not to get hit in the face great job from Johnson yeah oh wow what a phenomenal job incredible she made a couple incredible saves there.

You're in a big hole but see if they can crawl away out on the board first things first yep this job Johnson recognizing a little behind getting up there being able to catch her on the move.

After their previous win and you mentioning that DJ needed to stop driving he even mentioned to you I'm terrible at driving I don't know why I'm attempting it well and his forehand drive is really good it's just when he was driving off his backhand it just wasn't being.

Effective um wasn't really creating any opportunities for them and it wasn't allowing him to get to the kitchen line which is where of course that's where he's most dangerous foreign from Young yeah a bit of a hesitancy there it.

Looked like from Young error there 931 one minute all right time out here from Johnson and young as Frasier and regime continue to pull away here in game one and we'll see if we see any talking going on between Johnson and Young too much.

Is it similar to the last time we saw them Dan just trying to slow it down a little trying to wait to create those moments yeah they look like they're talking a little bit here um and yeah I mean they made a great adjustment last time right they were down concerns fact they lost game one uh.

But just they slowed everything down which I think obviously worked out for them and they try to do the same thing here I I don't feel like they've made a lot of unforced Errors they just they've had a couple balls that they didn't hit clean a couple resets that weren't clean just execution as we've said so much.

They know what they need to do it's a matter of doing it well that almost went long looks like young even thought it was out yeah too much game point oh that was dirty beautiful shot he gets the behind the.

Back paddle clap from Frazier all right sign off one game point opportunity three and two yeah just great spots there from Frazier Georgia Johnson got caught needed to split step there as he was hitting she didn't she was still moving forward got caught there.

With the ball at her feet that's great game point for this is even Frazier taking game one here and truly I think if we look at the stats quite a few errors on the side of Johnson and young that if they clean those up in game two certainly have a shot at pushing this to three we'll find.

Out if they can indeed do that right after this foreign foreign.

Georgia Johnson and DJ young with the serve on the far end taking on some and Dylan Frazier what seated number three and one respectively there's even Frazier taking game one eleven three but Johnson and Youngs plagued a little bit by errors so we'll.

See if they can clean that up here in game two young and Johnson both take flight for that but young a bit of a height advantage yeah great touch there from Young with that drop we've seen him do it a couple times previous matches and we're keeping an eye on that last.

Feeder match going on cc2 right now Russia and Patrick Quinn are up five to two in the game to 15. Face bar and never till to go oh right I'm sorry not the last year after right that's correct this is to get into the Final Four.

Of the tournament what it was a bit of a risky speed up there for young pays off young is a very sort of high risk reward player to say the least oh it just Sails Long as a good lead they're from Frasier zero three one.

Okay zero three two that's a good start here for Johnson and young they're up 3-0 of course mom Julie Johnson in the stands supporting along with good friend Millie Rayne yeah I don't know what I don't know what DJ was looking for in that shot but.

I easily had a overhead put away on that I think he had three other options that were better than what he tried to do but sometimes that happens you have too many options and you just kind of short circuit about which one to go for and you end up just kind of yeah what you go for oh yeah goodness it's just slightly over.

Hit there in front of Frasier yeah we've talked about this before with young for sure one of the most naturally gifted players on tour sometimes he has so many options that it kind of works against him nice hands there from Johnson versus us you know normal people but we.

Have one or two options with certain shots he has several because he could hit a lot of different shots but sometimes that kind of work against them great digs for Johnson second logs are probably going out but young was engaged looking to put the.

Ball away too flat way too flat on that drop from Johnson tough one one three one point two three one foreign.

Is now the sun through that side Court angle definitely in the peripheral vision of certainly young and Johnson over there yeah there's a cross-court attack from jajim we've mentioned before three three two and four three two times called one.

Minute time out here from Johnson and young as they were up 3-0 now trailing 4-3 and they certainly know jimin Frazier could run away with this if they let them like they did in game one and again some of those errors kind of creeping in again whether four-store unforced.

And I mean I don't know if you're seeing anything besides them just need to clean up clean up some of these shots yeah and and it's a little bit of what you know we talked about earlier with uh you know with Russia and Patrick when they would get into those fire fights with.

Jajim and Frazier they were just hardly ever came out on top of those and and I think I think for young and Johnson trying to slow things down a little bit I mean they had a good start there in this in that game too Ryan had a little bit of a lead but uh of course Frasier Georgine came.

Back and now have a slight lead here come on on top that time but they were fortunate that the first speed up from Young at Georgetown it's fortunate that she wasn't able to do a little more with that she was as well too far back yeah good Ball by Johnson we talk about Johnson doesn't have a lot.

Of spin right on her so she hits very flat but on that forehand side she tends to slice or cut and when she does that because she isn't doing much else with the ball I can just really flatten it out leave it short sometimes whether that be dinking whether it be you know from a little further back right.

another high backhand Miss from Frazier seen a few of those today match on cc2 all tied up at eight again I mean the patience just isn't quite or it needs to be for Johnson and young they need to try and extend these rallies a little bit more.

Great answer from good touch from Young oh boy yeah I couldn't quite get the tip of the paddle around the ball there hand came first left the paddle open oh my goodness as if it wasn't enough.

That I had hit the netcore to spun back into the net so even if they were standing right there no chance yep there's that forehand it's just floating a little bit too much from Johnson I mean most Pros they Top Spin roll their forehand dinks yeah there's a few.

That like to cut it but on that when it rolls out on that replay you could see she tried to cut it but then turn the paddle and that just made the ball float didn't stay with the cut long enough missing a lot of time out here from Young and Johnson as.

Sure human Frazier widening the Gap again and I mean you saw those last two rallies just errors right right I mean that's yeah that's a ball that that young usually puts away went for way too much angle more than he needed he could have put that kind of Scorpion shot in the middle yeah it would have been.

Probably a winner there but weather update here in Mesa Arizona at Bell Bank Park 69 degrees 5.2 mile per hour yeah 37 humidity I mean we've been in worse we've been in worse it's tough someone's got to do it though so so after the conclusion of the match to 15 going on.

On cc2 we will have that final feeder match here on court between navratil and bar versus whoever comes out on top which currently brasha and Patrick Quinn out in front eleven eight so we'll have that final match to 15 here on CC1 followed by our final match of the day which will be bronze.

Right good luck eight four one I thought I thought that actually I mean he had a better yeah it wasn't going over it wasn't yeah that went straight up I thought from my angle it looked like it had a shot and then he hit it again.

I know not only hit it again heated it out even on the second one he didn't make it it's a rough spot for Dylan yeah great hands from Young first speed up wasn't the best but handled the counter from Frazier third shot drop versus a drive right there we go.

That's just really setting them up for a better chance of success it's all right he's all right try not to laugh yeah well we won't repeat what he said everyone heard it anyway yeah oh yeah and he's gotten Frazier couple times back door.

Johnson getting a little bouncy back there so and that's you know yeah fortunate there because yeah Frazier was there just a little stretched out but oh yeah yeah oh I mean that was again high risk High reward for DJ young here.

Yeah and I you know that was an amazing shot but mentioned it in the previous match against Patrick and of course Patrick doesn't have the length that young does but I wanted them to look for that Ernie the Mist drop there yeah good job tying it up though.

Point oh yeah good hands from Young and that is they have gotten it done so Maggie brush and Hayden Patrick when will face Zane navrata and Susanna Barr next here on CC1 in the final match to 15 into bronze 881 .

Nice talk no that's out yeah just great hands from Johnson and young I floats it just a little bit long all that amazing amazing work and then maybe they're oh that was like a gunshot at her shoulder.

Oh my goodness I mean I love the post I did I liked it and then just came right back great dink from Johnson yeah this one has just been rocking those lobs I miss it comes out it was out but nobody saw it.

Oh no oh DJ had a yeah and it was for sure why for sure oh again maybe one too many yeah in that time yeah young had his right foot back a little bit which that's what you want to do if you're the.

Guy trying to cover those overheads you gotta kind of pivot a little bit offensive timeout we like it in between the first and second server oh there you go well at least they tried to all right.

Nine nine two yeah that's just DJ Young I mean yeah she was out of position I mean she's been affected with the lobs but that time tries to go over DJ and of course he's very tall and we talk all the time about patterns if you get into.

A pattern for too long even if it was success yeah which they did oh yeah great ball putting the pressure on sure human Frazier here gotta make something happen.

It bounced before it went over so he was just saying the ball bounced on other side which I think ev