Good morning everyone and Welcome to our final day of coverage for our final Tournament of 2022. I can't believe we're here seems like just yes yesterday we were here we were off 2022. you know the years seem to move faster as we go on they really do I just constantly where am I what day is it it's non-stop pickleball all the time but thank you so.

Much for joining us here for Championship Sunday at the app at Sun Med Mesa open here in our head pickleball pregame show we're gonna give you guys a quick rundown of our day it's still a little bit in flux as we had to push our men's back draw to today to see who's going to make it back into that gold medal match so that is still being.

Played out right now but we're kicking off our Championship Sunday with our women's gold medal match Georgia Johnson coming through the winter bracket taking on Mary brasha then we will have our women's Pro doubles gold medal match which is going to be Simone and Georgia Johnson coming through that top half they take on Susanna Barr and Etta.

Wright who we saw just last night make their way back into that gold medal match and then the final three matches here for Championship Sunday a little influx because of that men's draw still being completed however I believe we are going to have our men's singles match as our third match of the day which is going to be Federico statsrud versus JW.

Johnson then our mixed doubles is going to be Simone Dylan Frazier taking on Georgia Johnson and DJ young and then of course that men's doubles we have deckle bar and JW Johnson awaiting who their opponent is going to be in that gold medal match so of course here we're kicking off with our ladies ladies first we like to say of course so what are we.

What are we looking for in this matchup Chad well you know first off George has got a chance for the Triple Crown she does this was her New Year's resolution so for next year a shot at closing out the year with one is pretty exciting she may uh May finish out and and then go for 2023 with her first one one but George has been very.

Very consistent on the singles on the singles Court uh Mary Brasher has that extensive tennis background she is a very good singles player she's shown some flashes of uh really really high level singles play throughout the year but just hasn't had as much consistency as uh as Johnson has so I think it'll be interesting to see if.

Johnson's going to try to conserve a little bit of energy as this goes on because she is going to have back to back and then obviously mixed doubles later uh whereas married this is her this is her soul final for today picking up bronze last night in uh women's doubles with sister Maggie of course you know I would look for Russia.

To really try to move Johnson around not so much go for the winners but but go wide and keep moving side to side until you can open it up if she tries to go I think if she tries to go Baseline to Baseline with Georgia Georgia's got a little bit more power yes so she will run into some some troubles there and checking in with that bracket we see how.

Our two ladies got here into our gold medal match this is a rematch of the winner bracket final where Georgia Johnson defeated Mary 11-9 7-11-11-3 so a close match they're of course going to three that dropped Mary brasha into the bronze medal match where she was able to defeat Lena padigamette 11 8 11-5 to get back into this gold medal match so big.

Congrats to Lena our bronze medalist here but getting into the action here in just a moment Georgia Johnson is going to be on that far end for game one she is 16 years old out of Boynton Beach Florida playing for team Franklin she is in her sophomore year of high school which she attends online in her only just slightly younger years.

Was a tremendous softball player where she played that catcher position also apparently a tremendous Chef who has an overly protective dog who barks at everyone that comes near her in the household but according to Mom Julie Johnson Georgia Johnson runs the Johnson household so excited to see her in action and we will.

Give you guys all the info on Miss Mary brasha in just a moment little delicate there on that return Johnson trying to hit with a slice return but just oh two three points off two missed returns and I mean even though there is the warm-up period there there's those.

Little little bit of nerves the first match of the day is always going to take just a moment I think before kind of shake off any of that first match jitters well certainly not the start that Johnson was looking for Russia will take full advantage of this.

Let's get that down the line of course because Johnson coming through the top half through the winter bracket she will only have to win the two out of three portion but if barasha wins that we will have a tie breaker to 15. foreign little unlucky with the net cord there again like you said if Johnson is kind.

Of able to get up to that net control a little bit more she does have a little more power than brasha oh just long on that one Johnson's standing a little tall on there she got the return that she wanted from brushing shortened in the middle of the Court yeah Johnson's.

Slicing that return underneath and I think that is creating a little bit of these sailing along gosh you're trying to make her move up to the kitchen it catches her on the way up yeah it's trouble there for Russia Georgia using a little bit of a spin.

Serve it's not kicking a whole lot but it is uh staying up so it jammed Mary a little bit there didn't get a deep return hard to come into the net behind that foreign from that back corner she's going cross-court with that forehand.

A lot of her best shots four hand Top Spin roll almost similar to a thumb a third shot drop there it's gonna sail again time out here from Georgia Johnson yeah we'll take a moment to take a closer look at Miss Mary brasha 22 years old her birthday coming up on.

The 11th so make sure to wish her a happy birthday out of Mission Viejo California playing for team Selkirk played Varsity tennis all four years of high school and was also on the golf team in her time there then playing college tennis at the University of Dayton before switching over to finish her career at Biola University.

In her freshman year at Dayton she earned the best mental attitude award which no surprise at all both Russia's sisters are always extremely positive out there but she ultimately graduated with a film degree from Biola University and we are very familiar with one of her younger sisters Maggie but she also has a younger sister Molly who is a very.

Accomplished diver so very athletic tripling the ladies there foreign who is out in front here in game one of this gold medal match nice job by Russia there taking that ball early well that return was about as close to the sideline and Baseline as Georgia.

Johnson could get a deep ball there from Johnson pushing brasha back Johnson needs to do a little bit more on that volley good job by Russia getting over there being able to hold it and go down the line past Johnson much better return from Johnson.

Foreign from Johnson she's suddenly hasn't found any rhythm just yet foreign we're at game point for Mary Brusha certainly a good spot for her to be and it puts the pressure on Johnson who will.

Now have to win the next two games to avoid that tie breaker but more than possible of course Mary had her opening down the lawn just overcooked it missing it deep foreign excellent return from Russia pulling Johnson out wide to the backhand let me see brother J.W Johnson and.

Women's doubles partner Simone judging it holds off another game point foreign especially in Singles things can turn around so quickly probably see a timeout from brasha if Johnson able to get one more oh she will and it's cool that's the.

Timeout look at you look at me but just like that Johnson grabbing three quick points and looking at how the end of this year is shaping up for our app standings list on Our Ladies Single side and we of course have Miss Georgia Johnson's securely in that first spot almost 2 000 points more than salame.

David say who is in that number two spot and we have Mary brasha in number seven looking to add a few more points to conclude this year and possibly rise a little bit in those standings before the year concludes we of course have Mr Daniel rodidi out of the booth and in Coach's Corner now for this gold medal.

Match of course has coached both the brasha sisters in Southern California for quite a while very good friends with the brasha family foreign nice get by Mary Brusha on the Run ball was behind her able to flick that two-hander back it'll be interesting to see I imagine Ro.

Diddy probably told brasha to be perhaps a little bit more aggressive or try to really get up to the net oh very nice just something like that something like that good return down the line recognizing the cross-court roll from Georgia Johnson as deep ball from Johnson Russia not even able to get back up to.

The Baseline referees for this women's gold medal match we have it here in sabata as lead referee and DD Jackson as second big forehand passing shot and the tough spot is Brusha this would be a huge momentum Builder going into game two if she could close this out.

Even if she is able to get this though a lot of that has been sort of calmed down by Johnson coming back and getting so close here so I mean she needs to close this out pretty quickly because if Johnson has too many more opportunities could certainly snatch this away from brasha foreign.

Starting off that game point for Mary Brusha all right so brasha first box checked off here in this women's singles gold medal match we'll take a short break back with game two right after this the app sunmed Mesa open brought to you by power plate the official recovery.

Sponsor of the app tour so Selkirk an official paddle sponsor of the app tour sunmed your official CBD sponsor of the app tour and a pickleball Central your pickleball Superstore catering from beginner to Pro foreign.

There was a time when I was young my brothers were young and we actually lived in just a small motel room for about nine months my brothers my dad and I and it really taught us that you don't need a lot to be happy in life foreign.

foreign only one welcome back to Legacy Sports Complex complex complex trip over that I was trying to do your accent and it came out super weird so that's I mean I'll just stick to mine I guess complex.

At uh Bell Bank Park here in Mesa Arizona we have Georgia Johnson facing off against Mary brasha here in our first gold medal match of Championship Sunday Russia out to a big lead in game one that dissipated quite a bit but she was able to hold on and take that first game so Georgia.

Johnson now needs to win the next two to avoid that tiebreaker match to 15. a much better start here from Georgia Johnson I think though the difference in game one is obviously the six Miss returns from Georgia Johnson nice deep ball using her legs much better already here in game two.

To stay down through contract contact she was standing a little tall there in game one let me see another good forehand roll so cc2 will be up soon the court is still wet we were we had rain here until a little after nine o'clock this morning so they were able to dry off Court one.

But the surrounding Court's still a little damp yeah we will have that rocking though I've yelled at Daniel rodidi so many times about the way he chews gum we just uh I can't even look at it I can't even look at him get him off the screen get him off.

Oh my goodness but uh a quick 4-0 lead here for Georgia Johnson in a Timeout called from Mary brasha getting some coaching from Daniel Roe Diddy here let's see if turn things around a little I mean an error there from Johnson unfortunate but good way to come out of that timeout.

Let's see if burasha can get a little something going foreign she is a bouncer oh that might have been going oh there's a lot of space on that shot I'm not sure she might have caught that back corner but foreign.

Just kind of got stuck there and leaned for that oh yeah that I'm saying that that cross court on the forehand from brasha I mean you can see Johnson wasn't sure that was staying in so she just kind of waited to see and then wasn't really ready for that next shot there it is again I mean.

If I'm I'm staying away from the full hands if I'm Johnson I need to unless you can get it unless you can get it into the body but right there where she has some extension she has some separation away from the body she's able to roll that inside oh she missed it deep don't mind her.

Coming in to take that out of the air she can be very effective when she makes those moves just didn't what was that in I guess Mary called it in it must have been right on the line yeah I looked I thought she just missed it uh I would say from Al vantage point and we are looking at at the uh right side of the ball.

I did see separation between the line and the ball but anyway Mary Brasher can be an overly generous life she is very nice so that's a tough one there even though Mary's ball was sitting up if you have to get lower there if you stand up with the height of that bounce it comes out flat just like Georgia hit right there.

Right on that sideline foreign first missed serve of the match a good setup from Johnson I think with Johnson's Hott deeper so there and adds some spin to it Mary's got to get a little bit deeper obviously she's not going to be able to hit a deep return and come forward on it.

But right now George is getting those shorter returns mid-court that she's able to spread Mary out across the court of course we talk about on the women's side the ladies don't come to the net quite as aggressively as they do in men's so they're sort of waiting for their moment.

Looking for the right time and if brasha's return is going to be short that invites Johnson to the net and puts her in a more offensive position so that can be tough and I completely agree she just needs to get that a little bit deeper looks like she's got a signature on her.

Hat as well oh look at that smile see look he loves the fans go talk to JW Johnson he loves a good chat yeah good boy from Mary Brusha uh it's funny because you get JW in the in the interviews and he's kind of like outside of it it very well very well.

Spoken and actually quite funny but I think I mean he's hilarious he's an interview he's just a little more nervous when he's put on the spot with the interviews you know he oh he is quite funny in the interviews that's for sure foreign forehand again Cross Court this time.

From Johnson this really sets up well follows through getting that roll over oh that stayed in that was a very very good return there from brasha but Johnson somehow able to create a little Inside Out forehand angle and we'll have a game point this time.

For Georgia Johnson tough chord there but similarly to game one where Brusha had a fairly comfortable lead Johnson now has one here so we'll see if she knew she was going to come forward on that one and she started moving too soon before she'd made contact.

Foreign just sitting up too high off the paddle of Johnson Brusha that's easily put that one away with a big forehand I hear from Johnson but anticipation of where brush was going with that but can't do a whole lot with it and ends up just throwing up that LOB.

And the timeout's coming you're on point already my name is Lauren McLaughlin with your time out calling I'm just like a time out Guru over here I'm gonna do one thing good it's going to anticipate when timeouts are going to be called or should be should be cold oh look at the King Charles it's actually I mean it's a.

Lovely girl named Bella got to go over and spend some time with her earlier I cannot resist a gorgeous dog and I think that is your child my child all over the both of my children there they don't give our dogs that much attention they kind of strangle them around the neck trying to cuddle them but that makes sense makes sense yeah.

All right we'll see here if was this one out oh Mr Ken Herman coming up to hang out with us I mean all the all the the love and thank you to Ken Herman for the things he does I mean I can't believe he's still standing after this year another Miss return from Johnson so a.

Bit of a momentum shift here in favor of Mary Russia oh great leave there right as I say that she misses a bowl weldy man that Bell didn't come up a lot on that serve oh that's gonna miss there we go she called that one out yeah that definitely did look out.

Oh yeah that was just I mean same story as last game here that was close to that sideline I think potentially a little wider than what it looked like yes for us but I don't think it was as wide as what Johnson thought it was going to be yeah very good coverage there from.

Russia putting the pressure on Johnson not giving her a whole lot of room to work with for that passing shot foreign Johnson on a really nice shot from brasha I have another opportunity to try and close out the second game to force a third.

Mary didn't think that ball was going to come over yeah she stopped and then it went over left that ball up and there's the aggression there from Johnson this time she keeps it well in control and so a game three coming our way here in our first gold medal match of Championship Sunday don't go anywhere back into it right after this.

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Foreign back into the action here for game three of our first gold medal match of Championship Sunday which is our women's Pro singles we have Georgia Johnson taking game two after Mary barasha took.

Game one so here in this third game if Mary barasha wins this third game we will have a tiebreaker match to 15 and if Georgia Johnson comes out on top she will be our gold medalist here at the app sunmed Mesa open they'll switch ends at six foreign oh too close to overrule yes.

He's pointing like this that the ball was good I know that's sometimes I get confused with the referees sort of hand motions oh just quiet I mean brasha took a pretty significant lead in game one Johnson doing the same in game two both ladies able to kind of get much closer.

So it'll be interesting to see if this third game plays out similarly Johnson's been plagued with serve returns going long here in this match well she's she's trying to get that deeper ball because she's very much aware that Russia has the roles on both the forehand and the backhand side but yeah that's gonna be long too.

I would say we're at the point of at least 12 missed returns right now yeah that's just tough let serve there oh it's wide good pressure from Russia coming forward on that deeper ball yo you talked about the ladies don't come forward as much as the men there's a lot more pressure for the.

Passing shot in women's pickleball obviously not having the reach advantage that a lot of the men have so you really have to choose the right ball to come forward on Johnson doing exactly that ball right on the line pulled brusher out wide great job from Johnson.

Covering the court well sort of keeping within herself not overdoing it we've mentioned many times it's been very cool here in the desert the ball has been sailing much more than it would in say a Florida climate.

and that's just good pressure balls from Johnson there going out wide to the forehand going back across to the backhand I served there from Johnson and she put it a little closer to that Center Line so I think brasha all right so.

Barasha taking a timeout it looks like she was just telling the ref she's feeling really hot so I don't know I'm not sure if it's something more than just kind of the usual you know you get a little obviously heat it up while you're playing the sport.

She's talking to the ref okay for I'm not sure if she needs just maybe a little bit a little bit of time before yeah before the service was called honestly hopefully it's nothing more than just the the normal you know singles obviously a little bit more.

Taxing on the body than doubles but hopefully she's not you know overly short of breath and just maybe asking the ref for that just a couple couple beats longer maybe on on the serve being called we'll keep an eye on that job there from brasha Johnson not able to catch up.

To that wide ball oh great spot there from barasha she is going to get the sixth point which triggers the end change but unlike games one and two very close here on the score sort of been going back and forth we'll see if any difference is made on the end change with the sort of different.

Backgrounds sit upright you know it's coming to it oh it's already honest I'm sorry where was my mirror Chad unbelievable again thank you so much for joining us here for our final championship Sunday of 2022. it's been I mean it's been such a pleasure this year has been you know it's ups and.

Downs it's massive influx of talent that we've gotten to see here on the app tour getting to see some of these players just sort of blossom into what they have become has been you know just a privilege to be here Courtside to watch it and get to talk about their phenomenal matches one underway right now.

Again if Georgia Johnson takes this third game she is our gold medalist Mary brasha wins she will force a tiebreaker match to 15. foreign taking that ball out of the air and just using the angle of the paddle already typically when we come with a flatter paddle and then you try to hit it cross.

Court that bolt is going to push wide this little brush is set up early with that angle foreign so great from both of these ladies I mean look at Georgia Johnson she is five feet off the cork there we're gonna have a timeout.

From Johnson certainly probably needs to just catch your breath a little bit there and the thing that's tough is you know Johnson doesn't really have that tennis background she's very young obviously only 16 so she hasn't had a chance to sort of play in a high school or college situation so her.

Strokes are a little bit unorthodox not necessarily as traditional as some of the players that come from tennis so she unfortunately when she gets on the move so much she doesn't really have those wrist collects that a lot of the tennis players have to be able to kind of get behind a shot and that that will come because we we have seen uh in the last.

Few months more Top Spin on her forehand she does hit a little bit she was hitting more of a little bit flatter forehand so she's adding the Top Spin there the wrist control on that backhand side isn't quite there yet but she's starting to add it a little bit more so like you said tennis players have that platform that they've already built up.

So they get a little bit of a leapfrog phone on it for somebody like Georgia you'll still young so still able to develop a lot of The Strokes let's see that one there the timing is off a little bit she tries to roll it but not having fully developed that stroking.

Single she has it in pickleball on uh pickleball and doubles my goodness doubles but it's certainly a different uh stroke for singles all right so a match point here for Mary brasha to force that tiebreaker match to 15. and she'll get it on another server turn long from Georgia Johnson.

But again she did have that tiebreaker in her back pocket to pull out for just this occasion so we've seen often a player that sort of loses that two out of three can turn things around tremendously in that tiebreaker match to 15. so if you're Johnson I have to imagine the biggest issue she knows she has to fix in that tiebreaker 15 is the.

Server return oh 100 I mean how many did she give up more consistent with the Silverton yes she's going for deeper balls but I think if she can go short of it create an angle yeah you know it doesn't always have to be that deep deep return but she has given away a lot of free points on the service return and I think also to just work on using the.

Legs a little bit more making contact a little bit earlier I think we've we've talked about in the last three days that the air is a little thinner the bowl is is harder because of the cooler weather so it's getting on her sooner than what she's anticipating so for Brusha you know she had a little misstep there.

In in game two um the same thing with a couple of Miss returns some water balls but she's played fairly consistent throughout those three games yeah and we'll see we'll we'll take a break here the players do have up to 10 minutes that they are allowed before into that tiebreaker 215 we'll see if they take it.

All or come back a little bit sooner but it'll be certainly key to hold on to the momentum that was built in this two out of three over the break so we'll take a short break back into the action here for the conclusion of our first gold medal match in women's Pro singles right after this.

There was a time when I was young my brothers were young and we actually lived in just a small motel room for about nine months my brother's my dad and I and it really taught us that you don't need a lot to be happy in life.

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Go welcome back everyone for the conclusion of our first gold medal match of Championship Sunday we are into our tie breaker to 15 here between Mary brasha and Georgia Johnson after able to take games one and three in the two out of three portion to force this tiebreaker to 15 they'll.

Switch ends at eight and one of these ladies will be crowned the gold medalist here for the final app stop of 2022 oh nice passing shot there from Russia again it's a very good read off of Johnson's paddle another Miss returned from Johnson that might be the headline of this first.

Gold medal match is the missed returns from Johnson that one much better oh nice pickup she I think she changed her mind about what she wanted to do with that she was gonna go around and then she was gonna go Cross Court yeah like we always say second guess yourself and it never comes out well.

Russia really trying to get to that net early it looks like you're on that one one one a good serve there from Johnson you know she has given up a lot of free points off of her missed returns but she also has picked up a good amount of points on.

That deep heavy serve of her just out foreign course Georgia Johnson in all three gold medal matches today that she can be so that triple crown is on the table for her but Mary brasha making it a little.

Difficult here to try and pick up that first one oh nice hands Brusha putting that right back to Johnson's forehand yeah it was good anticipation there from Johnson recognizing that Russia was going to catch that backhand just a little late.

She wasn't able to go cross-court with it again quick timeout early time out from brasha she's been using those timeouts very early but wisely I think as she knows how quickly things can get out of hand so only down 4-1 here in this match.

To 15. again coming up next in our second gold medal match of the day it will be our women's Pro doubles gold medal match Georgia Johnson will be back on court with Simone Georgine taking on Susanna Barr and Etta Wright foreign.

She's like I'm gonna watch it all the way until it bounces just a little flat there from Johnson one five oh that missed that was deep yeah Mary looked to the sidelines so was that out yes good spot there from Johnson who got up to the net and really I mean brasha was.

Pinned back well behind that Baseline one missed opportunity there we saw Johnson's serve really kick up let me brush it taking that above her waist and it jammed her up Johnson didn't do anything on that short return he gives one back with the Miss serve.

Foreign was out quick look at the backdraw on our men's side which is getting close to being concluded our final feeder match is DJ young and Dylan Frazier taking on Federico Stacks route and Chuck Taylor to get into bronze versus Stefan Auburn.

And Zayn navratil right now very powerful forehand there from Johnson going down the line behind Russia on the backhand side oh beautiful job going right back to the spot Johnson was at if she's making a move cross-court to cover that other.

Line foreign down on Johnson I thought she she's her return in I thought it was a really nice spot I thought she might make a move but didn't oh yeah very late to contact on that one.

Foreign good coverage by brasha but Johnson again making her scramble going sideline to sideline and it is Johnson who is out in front here getting to eight triggering our end change as we are making our final switch of this gold medal match.

Yeah Johnson definitely has gotten the returns a little more under control here in this match to 15. I think that is a huge difference maker of course both of our ladies getting some final coaching and advice going into the conclusion of this first gold medal match.

Good spot from Russia putting Johnson on the Run not quite able to pick that up get it back over the net foreign doesn't miss it long it messes it into the net it's a little too much over compensation the other direction the brushes added a little bit more Pace onto herself.

In the last few points but yeah Russia obviously knowing she cannot miss opportunities like that foreign that passing shot nice touch from Johnson great touch there.

Russia taking the scenic route to get that ball as she she was rerouting foreign beautiful spot on that sideline Johnson once again watches it all the way but unfortunately well in Russia mounting her come back wow oh 10 no I mean it made it over the.

Net yes big forehand from Mary brush right there I think that's the hottest one that we've seen her hit this match yeah brasha clearly confidence building a little bit picking up the pace here as she inches closer only trailing by two now in this match to 15.

And sort of love to see both ladies getting coaching and advice we've talked to a lot of times this year about how coaching is probably going to become much more prevalent in the new year as these players have a lot more on the line in these tournaments more on the line they're able to make more money to afford to have a coach and you know.

It's becoming a full-time job now and it has been for the last couple of years and it's going to be continuing that as far as now with the contracts they're able to train more they're able to work on their nutrition more compared to the initial start of pro pickleball where it was kind of hey you've got to teach all week or you've.

Got a full-time job all week and then you don't play three days uh oh tough I mean singles we say it over and over again the serve and the return are critical in the singles game and there's been a sequence there from Johnson nice deep ball to the forehand side of.

The Prussia I mean Brash is doing a great job just keeping that in play forcing Johnson to hit one more shot and how far she's backing up there that opens up those errors for putting those overheads into the net so well done from Johnson she cranks up that serve on the next one.

Gets herself a free point back time out here from Russia Johnson three points away from trying to clinch the first of what she hopes will be three gold medals here today I mean again that this weekend has been the weather has been an issue you know the temperature has been an issue the.

Energy kind of all over the place it's been a little bit more of we were talking earlier kind of a sloppy weekend of pickleball not necessarily of course that the players haven't been playing phenomenally just a lot more errors than we're used to seeing from really everybody that stepped on court.

Just a lot less sort of focus or strategy seeming to play first but this time of year bun out is very very real absolutely um there's not a whole lot of breaks throughout at the year so you're coming to the last year of the of the last tournament of the year and I think everyone's ready for a break.

Everybody's everybody's kind of out in in Burnout stage and you look I mean I know for for myself and for you with commentary and stuff we've been on the road a lot a lot in in the last two months great spot there that two-handed backhand angle Johnson loves that shot hasn't really.

Had an opportunity to hit it yet in this match Russia is out of timeouts now so she will have to ride this out one way or the other foreign good touch from Johnson set up by another deep ball to the forehand side of Russia.

I mean heavy sub creating a shorter return and then going out wide just sideline the sideline corner to corner all right championship gold medal Point here for Johnson and she will get it with that error into the net from Mary brasha phenomenal first match in our.

Championship Sunday though Mary barasha our silver medalist here in Mesa so she is done with her 2022 pickleball season a big congrats to her but Georgia Johnson just one down two to go still here as she skips on over for some hugs on the sideline we'll be back in the Franklin studio with our gold medalist.

Georgia Johnson before we kick off into that women's Pro doubles gold medal match coming up next here in Mesa don't go anywhere foreign foreign foreign.

thank you thank you foreign.

foreign foreign go welcome back to the Franklin Studio.

Laura McLaughlin here with gold medalist Georgia Johnson let's hear it for her of course having the first gold medal match of Championship Sunday is always a little tough you know you have those first match Jitters how did you sort of prepare for your first match of the day um I definitely a long warm-up and uh.

Just get out here get stretched get food and water in me and uh hope that that's enough today it was I mean Mary brasha always a super tough competitor she is our silver medalist today so of course congratulations to her she did however take you to that tiebreaker match to 15 dropped the first game won the second lost the third what.

Sort of the adjustment that you make either mentally talking to some people going into that tiebreaker match any adjustments that were made going into that uh we'll have some very amazing friends who give me lots of incredible advice but uh yeah I think the main thing is just to reset mentally and think of it as entirely new match.

Because you know coming off a loss you're definitely still have that in mind but if you're able to start with a clean slate it's definitely easier to come out on top I mean last tournament of the year of course it's been a very long but great year for you we've had a lot of success here on the app tour of course finishing with what.

You hope are three gold medals but three medals regardless has to be a good way to finish the year how are you feeling getting that first gold under your belt uh well it was definitely nerve-wracking but I think uh started the day off strong and hopefully end strong as well I'm super thankful and excited to play with my partners Darian young and Simone.

Jargine all right well let's bring in Ken Herman here for our first Trophy presentation of the day go in the middle go in the middle oh come on here come here well Georgia congratulations we've been here a couple times this year both you and Mary America has got great pickleball with you two both leading the.

Charge of this next wave of talented young Americans you played great good tenacity with all the weather we've been having out here but congratulations we're real proud of you our gold medalist Georgia Johnson all right any final thank you shout outs for this first match before we get into the.

Second yes I would like to thank every volunteer who stayed here late and everyone who's been working so hard for the avv tour to get this tournament running uh even without even with all the rain weather problems and I would also like to thank my sponsors Franklin day one and chicken and pickle and the app tour for making this all possible.

All right let's hear it one more time for Georgia Johnson she has only a short break though because we are back into the action in our women's Pro doubles gold medal match Susanna Barr and Etta Wright Take on Georgia Johnson and Simone at georgin right after this.

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foreign you have a place to turn it on Talking Stick Resort back into the action here on a championship court for Championship Sunday here at the app sunmed Mesa open Lauren McLaughlin and Chad Edwards here at Courtside for our second gold medal.

Match of the day which is our women's Pro doubles Georgia Johnson back in Action this time with partner simonia jejing and we already got to know Georgia Johnson a little bit in her singles matchup they take on Susanna Barr and Etta Wright but Simone jerjing of course one of the goats of pickleball playing for team.

Yola 43 years old out of Naples Florida born and raised in Santa Maria Brazil came to the U.S at 18 to play tennis for Auburn University then transferring to Fresno State after two years where she was a two-time All-American got her Bachelor's in Mass Communications and journalism and then worked for three years as an assistant.

Tennis coach at Fresno State then becoming the head coach at College of William and Mary a year before eight seasons as the Head tennis coach at Michigan State University her and her family relocated to Naples Florida in 2016 where she was really able to take up pickleball full time she.

Was the number one pickleball player in the world from 2016 to 2020 and she is the co-founder and co-director of Peak Performance Academy I have to imagine along with you yes along with me was all of that correct do I need to change that was I was I was listening in you you did your research your your spot on right there all right so those two of course.

Take on Susanna Barr and Etta Wright Susanna Barr playing for team Selkirk 44 years old out of Boise Idaho attended College in Indiana at DePaul University where she got a ba in anthropology and religious studies and an associate's degree in Arabic studies from the Defense Language Institute she spent five years in the military as an.

Arabic linguist and then started her career as a college instructor at the College of Western Idaho in the English Department she also has a master's degree in adult education from Shenandoah University so quite an accomplished career she has had I think some of those facts a little surprising maybe to some people who.

Didn't realize her background but she was introduced to pickleball in 2018. she is a certified PPR Pro and coach and she also has a well-known pickleball player son Porter who is 15 also on team Selkirk and of course trying to break into the pro ranks and join some of his fellow peers that are already on the pro tour meanwhile at a right Marietta her.

Full name goes by Etta Wright a bit of a newcomer on the scene this year 30 years old out of American Fork Utah she was born in New Zealand but raised in Menlo Park California she played D2 tennis at Brigham Young University in Hawaii and also coached there for a time after graduating as an exercise sports sports science.

Special instructor too many s's in there too many s's in there she just started playing pickleball last summer in 2021 and played in her first pro tournament earlier this year she is married and a stay-at-home mom to her three-year-old daughter but of course transitioning into being a little bit more of a full-time pickleball Pro and we are very.

Excited to have her joining the ranks of all of the fabulous women talent that we have now flooding into the pickleball scene this is a rematch from our winner bracket final let's take a quick look at that bracket so we can see how these two teams got to this gold medal match as you can see bar.

And right defeating Lauren stratman and Andrea coop in their semi and then they also defeated apparently the brushes in the other semi so that was probably I believe georgieman Johnson who took out the brushes so we'll just make a conjecture there but they met in the winter bracket final where Jersey.

Johnson pretty handedly won that 11-0 11-4 dropping bar and right into the bronze medal match where they then defeated the brushes fairly handedly 15-4 to come back here so definitely some adjustments that need to be made of course on the side of bar and right.

Going into this rematch to try and have a different outcome than the first time we got to see that winter bracket final we mentioned it's been a bit of an awkward weekend for pickleball the conditions here the weather it's just been a little less honed in than we're used to seeing what do you expect we can see here in this matchup and hopefully.

What do Susannah Barnett need to do to have a different outcome here in the school middle match well I think Johnson and judging are going to take the same game plan that they did in that Winners bracket final as far as going at far more keeping the ball away from rot uh they did make an adjustment oh you're on in that draw as far as.

Just wide of course we heard Georgia Johnson yesterday in their interview after the winter bracket final win coming into today she has you know the three gold medal matches and they all have a different strategy and style to them so she's having to make the adjustments here from Singles that she just played.

Now into women's doubles so we'll see if she can kind of quickly get into that doubles mode let's reach in from right we saw a lot of that yesterday just been doing an excellent job with her speed UPS right in the middle there and a good job from judging and Johnson.

Getting back into that one being able to work our way from the Baseline back up to the kitchen oh that is not judging's ball on that one dude she did set it up well but Johnson was sitting right there for it good angle there from xiajing to force a.

Pop-up for off of right Susanna Barr is well known for almost over communicating on court I'm sure some would say but I would much rather see the over communication than the under so oh right on that Baseline oh wow well done some good defense there from.

Jackson and judging as trying to stay alive I I think sure Jing and Johnson have their strategy pretty well set about which balls either of them are taking when they get kind of popped up still love to hear that that vocalization of a minor yours good attempts there from bar to.

Keep those balls down but the pressure from Johnson and judging is too much second guess that shot there from judging she hit a nice drop good angle from right to pull her back outline oh wow I mean I'm just not a little long.

At a right and Susanna Barr have a tough road they will have to win the two out of three and a tiebreaker to 15. if they want that gold medal here uh too much wrist on that bowl from Johnson leaving it high and bar taking full advantage going right in the body of jajing good attempt by right there to cover got.

In the right position yeah it looks like children thought that might be going long almost held off but then wisely I think chat I'll miss serve that from zhajin good hands by bar finding off a couple of attacks there oh.

I thought that caught the line I thought just the outside of it it was very very close I thought it caught the outside of that line good pressure that from right but just got into an awkward position on that backhand overhead oh I think that was dropping.

Going to go in bar I think realizing that at the last second tries to hit that two-handed backhand over her shoulder on that third shot attempt there for judging cow's return kind of skid along the court nice duck.

And Dodge there for charging and yesterday in the winter bracket final for our ladies Georgia Johnson was very aggressive she went for a lot of poaches really tried to force the issue while georgin was the steady sort of support and we'll see I mean that was just oh I'm gonna throw the I'm going to throw.

The paddle out there really I manifested that into happening she didn't even look like she was going to go for it but she's definitely looking for that so must return that from but and Johnson of course has that pinch spin serve and just hits it pretty heavily.

Oh so smart just that's the the difference at this level the setup the anticipation the sort of working the steps in this methodical chess game that is pickleball I mean that's why she's oh almost well I can't tell you uh from when we used to go out and hit tennis balls I would just want to go out.

And hit and she thought it was funny to love me then drop shot me then love me and drop shot me so she already had that kind of lob drop combo in her repertoire yeah I just got a little too far behind Johnson's body then I speed up from Johnson it's a it's more so the spot there she recognizes that bar is sitting on the forehand side so.

If she comes up that's going to be very hard for bar to keep that ball down um and I'll just have to get close to that sideline oh what great work there from Georgian Johnson but Lauren Wright Hold Steady had to hit quite a few more shots than they were hoping to but did not lose focus and bar and right.

Have switched back to right thing on the left bar on the right what we saw more of yesterday oh my goodness she had set herself up perfectly but the defense from judging and Johnson is what created the Miss there from right because they'd been doing such a good job on defense right knew that she had to go harder.

Took too big of a swing that can kind of be the Fatal flaw for a lot of pickleball players they get frustrated not being able to put a shot away and then you see either the overhead into the net the long shot just because we're just trying to overdo it a little bit back to back.

This balls into the net there from judging and Johnson oh and then a Miss uh from Bob oh good spot there from right bar that kind of fake honey trying to put some pressure on it and chain make some decision changes oh yeah we are planning out balling that.

Oh my goodness oh my gosh oh to be 16 again and I was like I know that's so cool I know Simone is going to mention that because every time she just likes to pair up with with the Youth of pickleball yeah.

Because she doesn't have to do quite as much well we did talk about it yesterday 27 years aged gap between Johnson and judging foreign yeah I think she thought it was potentially gonna go out she tried to get out of the way at the last minute.

I thought she was out of the way and then it hit her from my angle I just I didn't I thought she was easily gonna get out of the way that shot things up game point here for game number one judging and Johnson and there it is nice play there from Johnson to close out that one I mean she.

Is clearly ramping up the aggression and I imagine that we'll continue in game two they'll switch ends we'll take a short break and back into it right after this this one foreign foreign you have a place to turn it on Talking.

Stick Resort we are launching Selkirk tea which brings the best pickleball content to your smartphone tablet and big screen TV foreign this is 24 7's pickleball proudly brought to you by yourself.

Game number two about to be underway in our second gold medal match of Championship Sunday here at the app at sunmed Mesa open where it's actually a fairly nice day turned out here at 62 degrees the rain has cleared the area zero wind that humidity is still a little too high for my liking but I'll uh I'll survive.

I'll survive so we have Simone and Georgia Johnson on the near end here for game two Susannah Barn at a right on the far end ergine and Johnson taking game one and now hoping to close out this gold medal match in two Georgia Johnson certainly ramping up the offense.

And the aggression really keeping the pressure on bar and right expect we will see more of the same here in game two yeah just a little Miss hit off the tip of that paddle I'm not too sure why and bar went back to right on the right and bar on the left.

Off the lake did make a little bit of a comeback there in game two with a change ah yeah good spot man from right such a great speed up sense that judging was off balance wasn't going to be able to get back to the middle foreign.

Johnson great job poaching big serve there from bark kind of pinned back Jean right stepping in and taking advantage ah you could see bar and Wright just never able to get past sort of that middle positioning in that transition zone.

Really is a tough spot to be at when you're opening up sort of your feet oh great pickup anything more right she read it she just you see that big back swing in the pace off of judging speed up there getting on her too quickly.

Nice hands by Johnson she's getting everything back right now yeah she is absolutely I mean she's the only player that has already played a match today so obviously she's coming off being a little bit more warm the confidence of winning that gold medal match foreign there is something to be said about you.

Know a younger player like Georgia Johnson being able to team up with such an established accomplished player like Simone it can absolutely bring your confidence up to a new level because you know you have such a top-notch partner that's going to be able to just battle in there with you nice power from rot again going right at.

The body of jejing foreign I mean yeah she just she cannot miss right now doing us so well I mean even that drive from right she absolutely ripped that it was low it was a couple of inches above the net and Johnson just sticks a paddle on it.

See J.W Johnson and decobar waiting for their men's doubles gold medal match we have been given the final three matches of the day we will have our mixed doubles gold medal match coming up next followed by men's doubles where we will see JW and decal and then we conclude our day with our men's.

Singles match oh a little backhand punch Ernie attempt there from bar just misses good leaves and it was Federico Stacks root and Chuck Taylor coming out of the bronze medal match over zaynaverton Stefan Auburn so they.

Will be that final team into our men's doubles gold medal match against JW and decal that's a stacked screwed and JW will square up against each other in singles and in men's doubles yeah just too good I mean she's it's too good she knows even if bar and right know she's gonna.

Do that you just can't well you if they start running forward then she's going to hit up exactly so it's like you're just caught between a rock and a hard place all right and I have to say I think this is going to be Federico Stacks Ruth's first gold medal match in men's doubles yes.

Certainly No Stranger On The Single side to a gold medal match but I think his first Final in double so congrats to him and I think a first possible at least Championship Sunday appearance in a final for Chuck Taylor I believe I would say you're right on that one as.

Well I'll fact check myself in a moment oh my gosh she missed it tough she knew it as soon as you went to hit it as well good setup from Johnson great pickup there from right foreign.

Georgia Johnson take over those overheads oh okay nice step in there from uh big counter-attack oh just short thank you oh justy and botronic put a little more power.

Into that one that's needed that pedal lays back and comes out flat foreign oh yeah just be in between whether or not to drive and drop that kind of didn't do either oh yeah that was good oh wow.

Foreign I know there's words that want to come out of your mouth right now a jaw was just on the table that entire rally I don't I don't have words such a great spot from jajim she noticed of course bar a little pulled wide right has to step in to cover the middle and she puts it back behind her.

Ah okay great anticipation from right that's a big overhead there obviously judging trying to go over the backhand of ba again like she has previously and we are gonna have a timeout here from bar and right offensively as they are getting the side.

Out I mean if I'm Susanna Barr and I have been burned however many times Simone has gotten her on that drop volley I mean that is that mentally is just my blood would be boiling every time I see that coming or you know it's coming there's nothing you can do I I think what potentially what's going to happen is rot is going to go back and.

Get more uh of those lob retrievals Ba's gonna stay up kind of mid-court to to potentially take away uh the the drop volley from jajing so yeah it's just been so effective yeah we'll see if they are kind of able to counter that and of course your Gene's been throwing up a lot of those lobs as well pushing them off the line.

But they will have the serve only trailing by two so certainly still easily in this second game although the play would make you think that Johnson and regime are a little bit more out in front than they are foreign.

Right just need to get a little something going on there serve though so it translates onto that scoreboard that's good good talk foreign oh my gosh what ah we're not worthy we're not worthy oh.

My gosh I mean the defense the offense all right Ryan and and aren't playing bad no but the the misses are just their misses they're not big misses they're just catching the net cord all right a couple of flat balls there from Johnson.

Again bar is gonna keep trying to come in but that again it just when you're on defense it's so hard and you hope for an error you hope for the air that just that came out left straight off of the paddle big stuff from uh yeah I haven't seen Georgia we saw a lot.

Of missed returns in her singles match but she's gotten that well under control here in doubles I think probably not going for nearly as much well you know you don't have to go for as much with your return in in doubles like you do in singles foreign yeah beautiful spot as Wright was trying.

To come up just a little bit or staying back Johnson did a perfect job just splitting right between them nice drop there from judging picking out the left foot of right foreign ER with that return attempt and again sometimes when the serve goes right up that middle line it can throw off your.

Opponent because they're so used to it coming in a particular spot when you mix that up a little can be very effective good spot from right catching Johnson still on the move it's just trying to get up to that kitchen lawn I have to pick up that bowl right at your toes.

Right now on the right side Johnson going for a little too much with that speed up and it came out very flat you see that paddlehead staying up nice drop from far I guess I still have my puffy coat that will become my travel puffy coat now it was definitely going out that one's.

Going out oh Etta no uh again I mean Johnson didn't need to do as much as she did with that lava I mean it works out both bar and right hitting an outsert or an out ball excuse me no question about it oh I mean miscommunication right there and again Barn Wright kind of switching.

Up that stack a little bit so you wonder if that sort of played a role and oh no yeah I mean they're a little yeah it just seemed like there was a little confusion going on in that previous rally and now tough at this stage of the game have a.

Mistake like that oh that was an excellent drop a good fifth but just too big of a swing trying to end that point judging wanting to make sure Johnson didn't try to hit that one and it brings up Championship point for Johnson and judging she wanted it that's it that's that's.

The second one right and that's part of that not having a tennis background when she goes to roll a lot of the time it's all rest there's no extension coming through it she's just trying stuff flick it and that's tough the stage has to be some ground gained.

But two more opportunities closes out and one one blown A little sloppy the last last four or five points all right Bird chance oh no it's out oh my goodness gracious out on the line right on the line with that return I thought it was going out.

So Championship Point number four oh my goodness right off her feet judging coming forward anticipating Johnson's drop was going to be a little bit lower oh my right on that sideline oh the change of pace from judging.

Throwing up hey big congrats to Susanna Barr and Etta right our silver medalist here in Mesa but Simone and Georgia Johnson take gold into 11-7-11-7 getting Georgia Johnson her second gold medal as she is looking for that triple crown the third one's gonna be a little bit tougher though as she's.

Coming through the back draw so we will see how that fares and that is coming up next in our mixed doubles so we head on court three back to back to back for Georgia is tough I know those that rain the rain really really messed us up but we head to the Franklin Studio to present our trophy to our second gold.

Medal match of the day and we're back with that third as I mentioned Pro mixed doubles coming right next Simone and Georgia back on court with their respected Partners Dylan Frasier Frazier and TJ young get it out blah blah blah all right we're back into it right after this foreign.

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welcome back to the Franklin Studio Laura McLaughlin here with second time gold medalist today Georgia Johnson and Simone Georgine let's hear it Forum one more time everybody all right coming off of of course your gold medal in singles we talked to you yesterday a little bit about half how.

You have to sort of switch your mentality in terms of which match you're going into coming out of singles into women's doubles what sort of adjustments did you feel like you needed to make to settle in here in this match well in women's singles there's absolutely no dinking so I definitely had to warm that up and some drops I don't drop very much.

And as you can see they were looking a little rough but I was we Simone was able to carry me to the cold so super thankful I mean you let's just get it out of the way she's younger you rely on that no actually actually I was moving really well today that's surprising uh but uh uh I mean.

Honestly like from the get-go I think coming into the match we were both feeling pretty confident uh even though at times like us but we were counting on each other and dug some points out I think even though some of those we don't sometimes we don't win those but it carry carries out to the rest of the match where they.

Your opponents feel like they have to come up with the shots because otherwise we're gonna get one more ball back so I think at the end of the day that was you know definitely helped even with according to Georgia not so great Dinks I mean the defense certainly on point you were not I mean again you were not missing you played so clean in that.

Match very well for the two of you uh you have of course a rematch in this match did you guys talk about anything that worked really well the first time that you wanted to make sure and do here against them again um I think we were just uh like in the first match when we played them there was a long writing delay and we were.

Just sure to get a good warm up and come out hot and firing and I think we did that again today because you know on Championship Sunday you don't you haven't played any matches that day and so you want to make sure you come out firing and I think we did a good job of that I mean again last tournament of the year.

Really nice to have you in two matches and you in three of course so a great end to your year you will face off against each other in our next match we won't ask for any secrets or strategy here but how are you feeling sort of about your performance for the year going into next year are you feeling good yeah I mean honestly it's been a.

Roller coaster at times feeling good and sometimes not so great so uh I think it's more about me than anything else and just realizing that I I gotta have fun I gotta enjoy myself when I'm out here and it was a blast playing with Georgia uh it was so I think it's like a I don't know it just feels like a weight lifts off my shoulders and just kind of.

Move on and move forward all right well congratulations yet again to our gold medals we'll bring in Ken Herman here ladies congratulations two hard days with weather conditions you guys prevailed our 2022 Sunman Mesa open gold medalist Simone in Georgia big round of applause all right well they have to get ready.

For that mixed doubles match coming up next so we will let them go up again a big congrats as well to Susannah Barn at a right our silver medalist here today but these ladies take it there's nothing in there you can't wait nothing to drink I know I wanted to make sure it was like why is it so heavy I'll help I'll help you I got you I got you all right well.

Don't go anywhere we have our mixed doubles coming up next the app sunmed Mesa open brought to you by Yola for the champion in you Talking Stick Resort and Casino Scottsdale's entertainment destination Pro XR pickleball an official paddle sponsor of the app tour and pickleball Central your pickleball Superstore.

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You have a place to turn it off Talking Stick Resort I am Zayn never tells 26 years old from Austin Texas via Racine Wisconsin is where I'm originally from my dad started playing pickleball when I was in high school as a good tennis player I'd kind of heard about it but I was not convinced about this one until I tried.

It my approach to playing is very percentage based and calculated I am probably a little bit more aggressive in singles than other people I try to use my bit of athleticism and figure out patterns and whatnot that works but I think it's just the enthusiasm that people have is infectious being able to interact with the person next to you and.

Also the people across the court makes it a lot more social a lot more fun and I think there's a pretty solid case for it to be an Olympic sport I think that will happen at some point or another nobody has the crystal ball but it's just exciting to ride the pickleball wave.

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Stick Resort and Casino Scottsdale's entertainment destination Pro XR pickleball an official paddle sponsor of the app tour and pickleball Central your pickleball Superstore catering from beginner to Pro under the set inside.

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And we are back apology for the longer wait time both of our gentlemen on court here for our mixed doubles we're a little bit farther away at the indoor venue that we needed to use today for finishing up that Men's Pro doubles bracket that got pushed to today but coming up next our third gold medal match here on Championship Sunday at the.

App sunmed Mesa open we have at simonia Georgine and Dylan Frazier taking on Georgia Johnson and DJ young this is a rematch from the winner bracket final that happened on Friday where judging and Frazier won that in three eleven three nine eleven eleven seven we have already been introduced to miss Georgine but her partner Dylan Frazier 20 years.

Old playing for team Selkirk living in Ashland Missouri he is a full-time student a junior this year at the University of Missouri where he is studying business he played football basketball baseball and soccer growing up but notably absent tennis from that list he was introduced to pickleball in 2016. he ended up partnering with his.

Mom for his very first pro mixed doubles match in January of 2021 they now have a pickleball court at their home in Missouri so he is able to train a lot and he has quickly climbed up the ranks of pickleball a little bit unorthodox style because of that lack of tennis background but it has served him very well and of course Georgia Johnson we.

Have already seen twice today picking up two gold medals along the way she is looking for her third and a possible first ever triple crown she will have a bit of a tough road ahead of her though and a partner DJ young who is 22 years old originally from Spain but grew up mostly in Oceanside California at around 14. he is now Dripping Springs Texas but.

He did play very competitive junior tennis in his youth growing up in Spain picked up his first racket at age four after coming to the U.S at 14 he was in the top 20 Junior players in Southern California played Varsity tennis while in high school earning multiple MVP awards and picked up pickleball in June of 2018.

Not following the traditional College route he is now just full-time pickleball Pro and he has been around for a little while on the pro scene I think starting to get a little bit more consistency in the results that come with it here this year specifically had some very good results so him and Georgia Johnson are going to have to win.

The two out of three portion of this match as well as a tiebreaker to 15 if Georgia Johnson wants to pick up that Triple Crown but it is Lauren McLaughlin along with Daniel rodidi now here for our next two matches glad to have you back in the booth we sent Chad Edwards over to cc2 for a time so definitely check that out.

We do have that second Court up and running now if you are interested in checking out any of our I believe Senior Pro singles going on over there right now but right now it is going to be mixed doubles so we'll be getting into the action here momentarily or I'm about to get on the.

Court myself and start playing after how long this break has been you and me Lauren will take on that exactly I will take Dylan and simonia right now as long as it gets this match going so looking back at that bracket as I mentioned a rematch of the winner bracket final dropped Johnson and young into that bronze medal match where they faced.

Maggie brasha and Hayden Patrick Quinn who ultimately were our bronze medalists so big congrats to them but that got Johnson and young back here into Championship Sunday and you know we we know all four of these players well we got to see them play on Friday so what Daniel do you think we are going to be looking for.

Here in terms of this matchup and sort of style of play yeah I think uh you know we we talk about this every time uh DJ young is playing especially mixed doubles he he's very aggressive which you you tend to see in mixed doubles sometimes he could be over aggressive in coming over to his partner side and taking maybe some balls that doesn't.

Quite need to which leaves the court open uh for his opponents to go behind him and so we have to keep an eye on that and he'll tend to do that either when they're down and he feels like they need to kind of get back into the match he can you know get more aggressive and press or when they're up ahead feeling confident sometimes he can do that but.

Obviously an amazing player uh to get them to this point and as you said Georgia going for a Triple Crown that's exciting uh it's been great to see her uh play and uh and have so much success and and then on the other side I mean Dylan incredible player as you said he's he's more than Orthodox as you'll notice for the viewers this paddle's kind of.

Straight up and down when he dinks and uh but can speed up from anywhere and some of the quickest hands in the game so this should be an exciting game we have a synchronized hop there from Young and Frazier maybe that's what they were working on on the way over here made them late choreographer a warm-up routine yeah just a little hop and um if.

It took 45 minutes to get that synchronized then um Johnson and young teaming up for the very first time here in this tournament so always a gold medal match performance oh it's good yeah yeah he definitely thought I was not staying in but always a good sign if your first time.

Partnership ends you in the gold medal match yeah Johnson and Jardine of course teamed up in our previous match taking gold in women's doubles now across the net from each other so we saw Georgine lob right there and that you know early in this match so usually when someone does it early maybe.

You know especially successfully maybe she's going to be looking to do that more and more risky of course to do it over young him being the tallest person on the court but uh a good lob is a good LOB ster foreign Johnson of course uh warmed up already.

But the gentleman first time on court here on Center Court I believe they both were playing already earlier this morning in men's but again different environment you're now outside yeah Ball's gonna play a little bit different and of course just sort of the crowd and the pressure of the gold medal match is.

Going to be a little different so yeah in that long drive they had you know concernally you know you can get cold you can get a little tight well maybe not when you're 20 but yeah that's true Inside Out forehand missing wide trying to catch Frazier as he's trying to switch sides with zero Gene but just.

Couldn't keep it low enough in return there turning right down that sideline into that back corner all right it's a good deep return pushing charging back oh really ramping up those drives Clips the net on the last one.

You could hear the Miss hit yeah that blue Franklin paddle one three two oh almost recovers off that net cord yeah good job from Johnson to get to that drop shot but just leaves the dink a little high allowing Frazier to attack once more foreign.

S here from Johnson and Young some unusual errors that we don't typically see from these four players but like you said there's been a long wait it's cold yeah this entire weekend has been sort of a higher amount of Errors than we're used to seeing from players oh.

Miscommunication in the middle there about who was taking that yeah and the court just opened up a little bit because jargine moved back a couple steps to defend and it just opened up the middle a little bit oh go to Johnson right back at you Dylan great counter from Johnson did we.

Yeah DJ's not gonna get that oh does DJ think he can reach it oh we got it all right didn't sneak too far into those bleachers yeah that Spencer of Johnson primarily kicks to her opponent's left sometimes it curves into their body sometimes it goes away from them to their backhand.

Can haven't quite gotten into a more extended rally yet in this first game here it's been pretty fast paced again some errors I mean just another one plaguing everyone really all four have had some there's our lob this time from the back line a little more risky for sure.

Especially when your opponent is up at the kitchen line but it's another shot we're starting to see a little bit more some of the pros using a lot from the back line from time to time there's young using his length to reach in there yeah I think Frazier probably expected.

Young to go back at Georgie and steady goes inside out catches Frazier off guard great drop yeah good call they're from Young calling Johnson off of that ball a little Miss hit from Frazier Sails Long we did see Johnson and judging in their.

Women's doubles just played Super cleanly Johnson especially just was on fire and now of course both of them played by airs a little bit but it is switching from you know gender doubles to mix doubles it's a different game plan it's a different strategy and there there has to be that adjustment made in terms of what's going.

On so we're certainly seeing both of them not play as cleanly as we saw in women's great attacks from charging right at Young is Johnson and young up here though ever so slightly stuff because Johnson was doing such a great job being very offensive going for.

Those poaches in women's doubles I'd almost like to see her do it a little here in mixed I thought she had a chance there for a poach but again in mixed uh the ladies can sort of really default to letting some shots go to the men yeah yeah we've seen Johnson certainly not afraid to go right at Frazier uh when she is.

Straight Ahead from him which is going to be most of the time as they're stacking there's another LOB third one we've seen from jargime yeah I would have liked to see young as he was coming in he sped up at Frazier when jajim in front of him was actually two three steps back I would have liked.

To see him go more at jajim in that case kind of merrily missing Frasier there as that ball gets sped up oh just launched oh good dig from Johnson but young just not quite ready for that next one coming back we talk all the time you know Dylan Frazier has essentially no backswing.

Right so when he speeds that ball up it's so disguised it's so tough to read because it's just a flick of the wrist yeah and he's really upped his game The Last you know six months you can you can tell the work he's put in and the progress that he's made seven seconds and he has.

Worked on incorporating more tennis-esque sort of strokes and especially that two-handed backhand now as well so time out here from Young and Johnson as they are now trailing by one I'm charging him and Frazier inching closer to taking this first game definitely see him some you know some.

Good communication there from Young and Johnson like to see that something on uh Friday sometimes we did not see them talk too much so love to see that saw Jack Johnson of course also come over the brief word of encouragement yeah uh yeah I mean great hands.

Yeah we see here it's got the first one good job from young to get that ball back at a kind of an awkward spot but Frasier quick enough squatting down and then put that ball away oh yeah yeah Frazier got exactly what he wanted off of that really really good really tough third shot drop from jajim just.

Couldn't couldn't put it away right out 971. it's a little quick side out here puts regime and Frazier back in the driver's seat oh boy two points away from taking this first game two.

Yeah Johnson probably should have just dinked that shot right kind of showed him she was going to speed that up and left it a little too high game point oh I mean Frazier does a great job moving laterally super well he of course comes.

Over to take that shot on the right side and quickly moves back as he knows that's most likely where the next shot's going but couldn't quite handle it yeah there's that charging forehand likes to pull that Cross Court almost always sometimes she will go up the middle.

But loves to pull that ball Cross Court low at her opponent's feet all right two more opportunities to take this first game yeah just missing that on that two-handed backhand from Johnson and Frazier take game one they only need one more to take the gold medal so we'll see if Johnson and Young have the.

Adjustments they need in the second game to push them to three and our third gold medal match of championships Sunday back into it right after this foreign you have a place to turn it on Talking Stick Resort.

Thank you oh foreign welcome back to game number two here in our mixed Pro doubles gold medal match.

Here on Championship Sunday in the final app tour stop of 2022 Laura McLaughlin and Daniel rodidi here Courtside as DJ young and Georgia Johnson take on Dylan Frazier and simonia jejing Frazier and judging already taking game one 11-7 and they are coming through our winner bracket so they just need one.

More to secure that gold medal oh yeah Salem long but Frazier just can't pull off quick enough if you are Johnson and young what do you think is going to make the difference here in game two to try and force that third you know we we talked about something and I don't.

Remember the exact match but um you know sometimes young starts speeding every you know he was driving trying to speed things up when really if he just slows down gets himself to the kitchen line we have not seen that you mentioned it we haven't seen a lot of dink rallies we've seen just things moving way too fast.

So if I'm Johnson and young I want to slow it down I want to I want to have longer points yeah point I don't know if that was a good thing to happen to him or a bad thing because we may see a few more drives that may not pay off but that time it did yeah so that was a little bit I was.

Afraid of right he drove one they were successful but I just don't think that's a game plan I mean Georgie and Frazier have incredibly quick hands great at countering that's more what I want to see I just I want to see young slow it down try to make these points a little longer oh I think you missed it.

Yeah I mean I I saw it out yep confirmed by referee in the second position they saw it out he's just driving so high yeah and on that ball that popped up I would have liked to see either Johnson come over or young just move in I mean it was a little far from Johnson on the.

Backhand side but I would like to see young move into that drive yeah that was better that drive was much lower and he followed it didn't keep him back oh oh Frasier but he didn't really call it I mean Georgia obviously definitely.

Thought she got that we saw a few of those in the singles it's some amazing shots all right we're gonna have a timeout here sort of wisely from veteran Simone charging and she knows Frasier maybe missed that call over there and of course misses the next shot so they are down 4-0 here in.

The second game they have the cushion of the third game and a tiebreaker match in their pocket if needed but of course no team likes to have to use either of those so if you can get it done in two they want to do it absolutely what if any adjustments do you think will help them get back into.

This yeah and I mean I I he was checking mircha marario was right on that sideline mircha told him that ball was good so okay that probably helps Dylan to not feel like he gave away a point there but um yeah I mean things are starting to speed.

Up now if I'm Frasier and Jojo I want to slow it down right so so it's it's it's just trying to you're always making adjustments to what your opponents are doing yeah that's smart because I have to imagine young and Johnson knew she was gonna speed that up but she they didn't know where right she disguised.

Wear really well maybe she was hoping it was going to be wide uh but uh either way stayed in yeah you saw how far back uh Georgine moved there to allow Frazier to move in four zero one oh nice resets but then she tries to turn it into offense from a bit of a tough spot yeah back off that line she's.

A little bit on her heels yeah Georgine hesitant to let that other ball go that that ball go out because she just let one go and stayed in so it kind of makes you second-guess yourself wow I mean great pickup there from Johnson yeah that was a that was fortunate there for Frasier uh and jargime as as he left that ball high but.

It was such an awkward spot for Johnson that she couldn't quite get that ball down oh boy I'm staying in oh tough good scramble great job I really thought Frasier was going to let that go and let Simone get that but committed and stayed with it so I gotta respect that as well.

Almost worked out sort of falling into that yeah she was still moving I think she anticipated well but moved right into that ball instead of kind of doing a split step as Johnson was hitting to give herself a chance to react a little bit better 412.

Okay uh balls out yeah it's a good lead from Young the ball missed by I don't know not even a foot there's a hard coming off of uh fire fights or quick exchange a great job by Young letting that ball Sail all right.

I mean even though young can hit those so hard he's not putting an angle on it just right up the middle yeah and at this this level those are easily returnable for most Pros oh I thought that might have missed why I thought it was too and again up the middle that one tried to put an angle on.

It but sure reads it well and I mean she was already working her way up yeah yeah that was wow yeah I think Young committed to the drop shot way too early and as Georgine was making her way up he needed to adjust and either try to put it at our feet or just hit it deep to Frazier and try.

To keep him back but great read by jajim expecting the drop shot I saw her do quite a few of those in the women's so she knows how to read that I imagine yeah when that paddle turns up it's usually going to be a a drop from that spot yeah Young's starting to get really.

Frustrated understandably so he is not getting a lot of those drops to go in yeah there's uh one of his favorite shots that backhanded forehand kind of inside out Cross Court yeah good job from Georgetown with that ball after it Clips the net they are all tied up.

Yeah Frasier just some of the fastest hands because when you don't have a backswing you can be that much quicker because you don't have to waste the time in the backswing yeah so a perfect example there the setup looked exactly the same when he hit the Dink and when he did the speed up that's what makes it so.

Difficult and what you'll see some players will do is they actually do a wind-up and Dink and that's another way of hiding their speed UPS is taking a big loopy swing and then they just dink it uh we see players like zaynavertill comes to mind he's one of those that likes to do that there's a few players like that either.

Way whether you have a sort of a windy swing or no swing you just want it to look the same for both a dink a speed up and a lob it's the same thing for a lob for your lobs to be effective you need to make it look if you're at the kitchen lines what I'm talking about but you need to make it look like a dink so they're not expecting you to to then lob.

That ball love it we have a of course the big screen up here at legacy's Championship court it's been super fun to have the spectators see themselves on the big screen and usually give a nice wave no kiss cam yeah yeah I was just gonna say that but maybe next year maybe next year nothing like really trying to awkwardly.

Force people to kiss in the stands especially when they don't know each other they just happen to be next to each other we could make a love connection you never know okay okay there's that lava game yeah it's so tough Georgia thought DJ.

Was gonna run that down and then he called her to get that but I mean Dylan Frasier playing singles most of that rally oh super in the kitchen regardless you watch the inside foot that back heel easily on that kitchen line but misses that shot that's where a little bit of the.

Pressing you know maybe starts to come into play oh my goodness what then of course that was Young's ninth overhead in the last five minutes he's had to hit quite a few of those I think six of them were into some one point foreign was well back she had a lot of options.

Of where to put the ball went for a little too much oh good get there from young very awkward spot yeah and there's for sure an element you know you mentioned obviously jargine Frazier coming from the winner side getting that first game is so crucial is.

Yeah it really just sort of lets you play a little looser a little bit more put so much pressure on your opponents now they know they have to win three in a row that's just it's a tall task against anybody but certainly Frazier and jargime oh DJ almost sat down on the court in.

Anticipation of that miss it oh my gosh yeah what great hands I mean she is the one who kept them in that that was yep that overhead from uh young with the missile but it was still a tough ball to return and they're just going to Second server here so still could keep the momentum.

Rolling uh yeah he just kind of floated yeah a little high obviously she knew that's what he was going for you just left it way too high I mean that was up by Georgine's knees typically obviously you want to keep that ball as low as possible and eight four kids I'd like to maybe see a.

Timeout from Young and Johnson especially if they get one more oh yeah she was in the kitchen and after that kind of error there they go for the time out but uh it'll be charging and Frazier two points away from a gold medal ruining Georgia Johnson's Triple Crown chances but if that is the outcome I.

Mean two golds in a silver a phenomenal last tournament of the year for Georgia Johnson if that is how it plays out let me think if I've ever no if you've ever triple crowned no no no even the two goals in the show or anything three medals in a day yeah yeah yeah I didn't have to think and I have to think no easy easy math zero yeah.

All right I mean again I think it's exactly what you said it's the looseness that Frasier and Georgina are able to play with here in the second game after taking the first clearly sort of paying off even though Johnson and young had a four-point lead to start this clearly they're tightening up a little they're pressing a little.

They just need to it's got again nothing to lose at this point they need to start to to hit the shots that they know they can play well and not try to overdo it got a match point coming up next will be our men's doubles gold medal match.

Oh and a long return from Georgia Johnson puts Simoni uh for her a second gold medal of the day Dylan Fraser his first so big congrats to them but a huge congrats to Georgia Johnson and DJ young our silver medalists here in our final Tournament of 2022. Georgia Johnson.

Ending her day with those two gold medals in a silver so a big day for her regardless but a good outcome for It DJ young as well in their first time partnership taking silver not a bad not a bad first time pairing so we will head to the Franklin studio for our next gold medal uh Trophy presentation and then again back into our Men's Pro doubles.

Gold medal match coming up next it will be deckle bar and JW Johnson facing Federico statsroot and Chuck Taylor don't go anywhere we're back into that much quicker than we were into this match so we appreciate you guys staying with us we're back here in Mesa right after this foreign.

There was a time when I was young my brothers were young and we actually lived in just a small motel room for about nine months my brothers and my dad and I and it really taught us that you don't need a lot to be happy in life.

hold up thank you foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign Mesa open brought to you by powerplate the official recovery sponsor of the app tour Selkirk an official paddle sponsor of.

The app tour sunmed your official CBD sponsor of the app tour and a pickleball Central your pickleball Superstore catering from beginner to Pro welcome back to the Franklin Studio Laura McLaughlin here with samonia Georgine and Dylan Frazier are gold medalists in mixed doubles let's give.

Them a round of applause this was a rematch against both of your doubles Partners so of course you know them very well have played together with them you were able to beat them the first time what was the thought process coming into today and what worked well the first time that you knew you needed to do again here yeah well before I get.

Into that I just want to take a minute to say thanks to Ken and the app for a great year it was a lot of tournaments and they're all really fun um so thank you guys I also want to say thanks to my my sponsors Selkirk and chicken and pickle for making all this possible as well uh you guys are great and then thanks to Simone for playing and DJ for.

Grinding with me uh today this morning we actually had to play men's doubles a different venue and then come back here and play against each other so thanks to everybody for for playing um yeah to answer your question I think I think we I think we played I think we just had to get up to the kitchen line like we were talking about how it was a.

Little hard to feel the ball out here the conditions were just a little different than usual uh so getting up to the kitchen line was key and then and then once we got up there I felt pretty comfortable with Simone in the dink rallies I mean you've played together a few times usually pretty successful.

Partnership why do you think the two of you and your Styles and sort of what you both bring to the court work so well together uh I mean we're just talking about it uh we kind of literally like went over the tournaments that we played together uh I uh I think honestly for mixed doubles and I know a lot of people will hear.

About it but when the guy is aggressive and moving around it does make a difference because everybody's so good out here and it for the woman for the woman partner I just feel like if he's taking balls I don't care sometimes if he misses is the part that I'm the consistent one and he's the one taking the chances I think that that's the best.

That like he's like literally yes was it yesterday I feel like it was so long ago but yesterday there was one point that I watched the whole thing I thought it was a thing of beauty because he was like you know sliding all over the koi and I think that that's the part of it is mixed doubles at this level it had the most aggressive guy is the one that puts.

The woman at most ease oh maybe maybe is this controversial is this no no I mean that's that's not too much hotline I get a lot of a lot of backlash for this no no not none again you mentioned it's been a long year I know you've been working super hard to incorporate some different kind of shots into your game I have to.

Imagine you feel pretty good about how the year is ending going into next year have you already sort of set some goals for yourself in terms of even more things you want to work on in accomplishing next year yeah nothing specific just just continue to gradually get better and Tournament results and consistency I think is the big one just.

Continue to uh finish high at every single tournament there's a few shots I want to work on between now and next year that I'm going to get a chance to um but yeah that's it all right let's bring in Ken Herman for our presentation here in mixed doubles well did Simone say you were aggressive is that what I heard her say I love it I.

Love it well Simone and Dylan great job we had certainly a lot of issues with the rain we faced the last 24 36 hours our gold medalist Simone and Dylan very proud of both of you all congratulations Dylan gave all the shout outs do you have any before we sign up uh the list is big for me but I of course Yola uh jigsaw health and lucky in love but also.

My family who's been traveling this year made it a lot more fun and in my family at home I have a lot I have a big family away and in Naples so love you all I love it let's hear it one more time for our gold medalist and mixed doubles simonia Georgine and Dylan Frasier I gotta I'll help again I'll help again all right our men's doubles coming up.

We're back into it right after this thank you foreign.

Foreign foreign you have a place to turn it on Talking Stick Resort oh.

My God foreign foreign.

foreign welcome back to our fourth gold medal match of Championship Sunday second to last in our final championship Sunday in the final Tournament of 2022 we have JW Johnson and deckle Barr coming through the.

Winner bracket and they will face Federico staxrude and Chuck Taylor while both Taylor and saxrude have been in a final before this is their first ever Championship Sunday appearance in a gold medal match so a big congrats to them working their way through that backdraw deckle bar 29 years old playing for team engage out.

Of Dripping Springs Texas grew up in Israel playing tennis from age nine he ultimately went pro at 18 but continuous injuries of his abdominal muscles during his serve resulted in him having to sort of give up that tennis career perhaps a little earlier than he had hoped but that sort of introduced him to the pickleball world he did end up returning.

To Israel to start college where he was studying economics and Entrepreneurship but when covet hit he was able to study remotely and relocated to Naples Florida he credits Adam Stone and their partnership with him kind of really going full into pickleball and pursuing that full-time he is part of two pickleball businesses.

And of course J.W Johnson playing for team Franklin 20 years old out of Boynton Beach Florida he attended a tennis academy in Florida for high school but completed about half of that online also due to covid and that really is where he kind of experienced pickleball for the first time and really got into that ultimately deciding he was.

Going to go pro full-time and pickleball and sort of forego uh the traditional College path or returning to tennis at all and I think we've talked to him a couple times and he's pretty happy with that decision it's obviously paying off it very well for him here but on the other side of the net is going to be Chuck Taylor 39 out of Lehigh Utah.

Playing for team Yola born in Seoul Korea he did grow up in Washington near Bainbridge Island which was the birthplace of pickleball played tennis in high school not in college though and played a lot of basketball and it's his sporting background he attended BYU university and started his career as an actuary shortly after graduating which.

He hopes to only continue for a short time longer before able to go full time into professional pickleball he has four children at home was originally introduced to pickleball in High School PE class which is where I also played it for the very first time ever a lot of people I think did play Pickleball in high school they just.

Didn't know that's what it was right so a little interesting there which is funny plastic paddles and or wooden paddles this kind of this weird game that sort of looked like tennis but wasn't and rounding out our foursome here on court Federico's tax rude also playing for team Yola 26 years old originally from Buenos Aires Argentina.

Now resides in the Naples Florida area played college tennis at Tennessee Wesleyan for two years and then finished up his college career at New Orleans University which is a D1 school he was named an NAIA All-American in his 2017-18 season was in the top 10 in Argentina's under 18 rankings reaching as high as 7th in his Junior career was.

Then an assistant tennis coach at Hanover College and worked at a software company while teaching tennis and attending full-time for his Masters which he got in Information Systems he of course now is into pickleball full-time as many of the pros are able to sort of dedicate now as a little.

Bit more money coming into the game a little bit more opportunity dedicating really I mean players are realizing they have to that there isn't the ability to move up into the higher ranks of pickleball when you do have something like a full-time job I mean there are Pros that are doing that now but few and far between so definitely.

More rare these days yes Lauren McLaughlin and Daniel rodeitti here Courtside for this matchup as I mentioned deckle bar and JW Johnson coming through the winner bracket so they are just going to have to win the two out of three portion before taking that gold medal while Chuck.

Taylor and Federico staxford will have to win the two out of three and a tiebreaker match to 15. so a tough road ahead of them against the number one seeded team but certainly possible anything's possible in pickleball yeah but jobs in a bar on the far end for game one Stacks Ruden Taylor on the near end and we're.

Going to see stocks were going facing JW in the next match in the singles right is that correct absolutely our final match of Championship Sunday coming up next we're Stacks rude and Johnson will indeed face off I know there's been questions and comments on the deckle bar serve I had.

My own and I actually recorded him in slow motion as he served yesterday and at least a couple times that I watched it it's legal Place very much legal definitely pushing the aunt below oh yeah it's it's uh certainly could be borderline at times but uh.

Because he gets on his toes and you'll know what he wants he does get on his toes which obviously brings his frame up allowing him to hit the ball a little bit higher and still stay under his waist and this paddle is definitely below his wrist when he strikes the ball just a.

Cannon of a serve so you're if you're his opponent you're hoping it's not legal but one of the biggest serves in the game nice speed up there from the speed up against JW Johnson and there's that second ball right I mean usually your first ball isn't going to be a winner you got to be ready.

With those quick hands and I mentioned his pro career in tennis cut a little short due to his serve so no no surprise that in pickleball equally as gigantic no AB muscle injuries that I'm aware of though due to that pickleball serve oh we had it yeah and people loves hitting that shot he kind of.

Just sort of slices it up the line I've seen him make that shot many times but that time he just sails a little bit just frustrated with himself not putting them all away yeah I mean no one gets more frustrated at themselves than I think JW Johnson shirt on backwards JW's.

I mean they'll be weird for the Franklin to be on the back well wait until you see the other side that looks like I should be in the front and it looks like he's choking him so I'm just guessing I mean maybe we'll ask him if he we have to talk to him you make an excellent point Dan you know.

You have to find things that he does wrong because there aren't many but maybe putting on a t-shirt is one of them oh yeah easy wrap easy wrap it almost went cross-court he had so much angle definitely on backwards on backwards oh is.

Oh yeah just leaves it way too high of course that's the risk thinking straight ahead on the highest part of the net you have to give it enough air and sometimes it just hangs observe D buy one two here's saxrude and Taylor and you know.

You know how tough of a matchup it's going to be against Baron Johnson what do you think are just you know one or two things they have to get right if they want to have a chance at this yeah I mean obviously they're they're having to beat him twice right we've we've talked about this already uh in the previous match and so this this game won.

It's key you know they're down 6-1 I went to up to this point I think you have to be willing to take some chances right I mean you have to and it may end up you know biting you in the end but you you have to do that with these kinds of players that as soon as you get an opportunity you got to be aggressive not not you.

Know not aggressive for the sake of just being aggressive but being smart about it but you can't hesitate and you can't be hesitant on during the points I mean if you have a chance to to speed up then you got to take it pull the trigger and you know the other part this is certainly a great result and I'm not.

Handing the match to Johnson and bar already by any means but uh you mentioned this is only the second Final in men's doubles for Stacks root first championship Sunday there's an element of just getting here such a huge accomplishment that you hope there's not a just sort of happy to be here kind of feel.

Oh I like that I like that from Taylor just missing long seven one one and I think you definitely have to you know borrow his up to this point has been primarily a left side player yes uh exclusively with.

Stone he always plays the left side right I mean and so obviously now with with JW he's choosing to play the right side and I think that's a that's a right call but I think you have to go after bar because he's just not used to playing on that side as much yeah hard to do though when he's crushing those serves and you can't even.

Get into the point Taylor struggled a couple times yeah bar I think read that right I don't mind him going over to drive for that he just needed that extra half a step yeah he needed to move the feet just a touch more yeah Johnson catching Stacks were trying to hurry up to the kitchen line wasn't.

Quite set foreign we have seen out of deckle bar yeah and we and you see which side he was on when he did it right that left side he's so used to earning from that side and attacking just everything from that side so no surprise there.

That's good ball from Taylor foreign let's see if Taylor and stockster start working the middle a little bit more working on that inside foot of bar oh nice pickup from stacksrude oh Taylor in a bit of a tough spot there would have liked to see him maybe back.

Up a little bit that's exactly right so you are saying oh bar and Johnson mix up the stack just a little bit here and there get a recovery off the net there for Taylor oh just again he has that panel down by his waist already.

Just really fast hands think someone as big as decobar is could move as quickly as he's as he does but oh guessing right there but didn't quite get enough on it all right we'll have another chance to close out this first game though yeah I mean it's gonna be all drives I think all day for deckle bar here in.

This gold medal match but Johnson in Barr closeout game one the important step here they're going to be very confident and loose going into the second game we're back into it right after this.

hold up hello thank you foreign.

I just need everyone to know I I did ask JW Johnson about the shirt he knows it's backwards it was a conscious decision in his path to become the new fashion icon of the pickleball World he's just bucking the trends so I like it he did it on purpose everyone you heard it here first.

Yeah or so he says I mean well who can really know with JW Johnson but Johnson and Barr on the near end for game two oh boy great house there yeah should have let JW take that yeah absolutely but Federico Stacks rude and Chuck Taylor on the far end have a tall Order ahead of them having to win the next two and then a tiebreaker to 15.

Foreign yeah I'm uh yeah we're starting to see it run away I expect staxrude and Taylor start driving some thirds now you know they're both great single squares they both have great drives and you have to just try to get something going to try to slow these guys down.

Yeah I have to imagine Baron Johnson are probably not going to try and slow it down or really get into much dinking at all oh yellow a little too high there from Johnson yeah it's almost like stocks we didn't expect JW to wrap that I'm a little surprised I would have liked to see him.

Move back a little bit to try to defend that ATP just back on that return Ed obviously a little frustrated pretty sure I heard some Spanish yep time out here and I think you know we'll see if Stax root and Taylor have any sort of discussion here in this time out.

Or if it's simply more a cool off calm down try and settle in just a little bit here I mean like you said they really have to focus on what they need to do that right now I have to imagine they're playing a little defensively because they know how good deckle bar and JW Johnson are you know you have to keep your dinks.

Extremely low your drive's extremely low can't give them anything to work with and that can really kind of weigh on you when you're trying to play so perfectly you're you're playing not to lose as they say versus playing to win so this stage here I mean nothing to lose right you got to take some chances you got to speed up some balls that maybe.

You wouldn't otherwise oh see that's just a perfect little flick from bar there from such a low spot Taylor expecting that ball to maybe sail catches him off guard lands well inside the line tickle bars to front to back to front zero five one third.

Yeah just want to see him drive it and let Taylor crash in they both have of course great drives and at this point you just have to try anything be overly aggressive in a sense hoping for a little bit of luck too that's rude the previous one they come.

Out on top of that rally but again yeah you're not going to win too many rallies I mean it's JW yeah if you have any opportunity to reach in and take one of those dinks out of the air the best I like the idea I would like to see him go across Court instead of for the clean winter there up the line but.

Yeah I mean even there like you you thought Taylor and stockster had the advantage with that Taylor big backhand volley and then just JW just picks it up like it's nothing I mean this this golden match a little lopsided as it is now but you have to remember I mean statute and Taylor had.

Some fantastic wins against some really good teams to get here so they are no you know slouches by any means it's just one of those matches where you know Baron Johnson just bringing a little too much and they're just not able to really settle into something that's a workable strategy against them at this point time in 7-1-1.

Forehand there yeah the men's bracket uh was so deep that I mean this is a great I can't match it's not over but it's getting away from them it's a great result for them I don't know how much they played together but I don't think it's that many times I don't know if any yeah and so this is you know I'm sure before the.

Tournament started if you told them hey you guys going to come in with a silver they'd be like I'll take it yep that's a great result but of course you want to win every match you're in oh great pickup step in there from Taylor nice job just need like a lot more though just let's do some quick math 30 seconds.

But again like you said I mean just being here in this Championship Sunday gold medal match shows how much progress they are making how much the work they're putting in is paying off none of the top Pros today started out winning all the gold medals right right so you got to start somewhere there is a path that these Pros.

Go on I mean some get there quicker than others no no question about it but put in the work and you know you hope it pays off and the rain has fortunately held off and so some of our amateur brackets able to get some matches in at least if you've been waiting all weekend glad to see that.

Right now I mean it's gold medal match and JW is dinking like he's just on the warm up just it makes it look so easy oh there's a shot again he is determined to make one of those this gold medal match he's over two right now good return from Taylor thing that's.

Tough as well is Stack Street and Taylor if they're not able to get back into this at all saxrude plays in the next matchup against JW Johnson which he is more than capable of winning has beaten JW Johnson several times oh tough little eye formation there but Taylor just can't get it done yeah I.

Like it saxo's got to be able to sort of mentally put this aside even if he's frustrated with the ultimate result yeah and certainly singles is his better event or has been up to this point uh he's more comfortable I think and more confident playing singles come up find out yeah the stocks were.

Ready well just couldn't quite execute he knew that flick was coming right there yeah and he's sitting on it just miss hits it wow just crushed it foreign oh I think they're gonna give it to him.

Call's Gonna Stand that's out it was it was out gonna be a gold medal match point all right so J.W Johnson and Deco Barr taking home gold here in their final Tournament of 2022 but a big congrats again to Chuck Taylor and Federico Stacks who've taken home silver I mean.

Phenomenal result for the two of them in a very deep talented men's doubles bracket so a big thank you to them for all they did today yeah love it I love seeing them here in their first championship Sunday and we will head to the Franklin Studio.

Again one final match remains here for Championship Sunday it is our men's singles match we will see back in Action Federico Stacks route and J.W Johnson as they square off one final time this year in singles but certainly not going to be their last so we're back into the action here in Mesa right after this.

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foreign only one welcome back to the Franklin Studio Laura McLaughlin here with JW Johnson and decal Barr who are our gold medalists here in Mesa let's give them a.

Round of applause we've docked multiple times about it but the two of you paired up I think for the first time this last summer in St Louis was the first term at YouTube played together it was a little rough start but you guys found your groove you're of course finishing on a high note here in.

2022 with a gold medal together I mean as you went through tournaments what was kind of the difference as you guys talked about it kind of found that chemistry of what worked for the partnership right I think it's both uh who plays where and kind of what role each person does in each each place and also just getting comfortable with each.

Other uh getting used to each other's shots and just the team chemistry slowly got better so a few of those things I mean you've switched the shirt I was going to ask if you're the new crisscross of pickleball but you've 100 never heard of crisscross have you all right so we'll just leave that there I've aged myself terribly all right I.

Mean he just mentioned getting more comfortable together more chemistry you two both are very used to playing that left side so kind of mixed it up a little bit do you feel like you have settled on who is gonna play where most are you just kind of mix it up now that you've kind of found that Groove Together I mean I'm still playing live.

For a lot of it but I mean we're mixing it up you know I'll give them a chance to play left side and you know see you know I I have to make sure he doesn't do any more football so it was our previous dinner there was a few I was uh concerned with but uh for the for the most part we just mix it up we have fun with it.

Of course last tournament of the Year here busy year for both of you a lot of success of course going into next year we have a bit of a break of course to recover rest look forward to next year have you already sort of thought about any goals any accomplishments you are hope to accomplish next year that maybe didn't happen this year uh yeah of.

Course let's keep going uh keep working on the game uh add a couple shots would be it would be great there's always a lot of things I want to work on but it's hard during the during the season uh first take a few days off uh rest a little bit happy to finish here with a gold thank you Jada for playing all these tournaments this year uh yeah.

Thank you to the app for another great tournament uh and special shout out to the volunteers that just helped us play yesterday with the rain and uh yeah absolutely a big shout out to the volunteers here at Legacy you sir now have to finish up our Championship Sunday in that singles match of course better to have come off a gold into that.

Match feeling pretty confident what's going to be any mental shift that you feel like you're possibly going to need going into that final match up to get yourself a second gold today uh well I'm gonna try to get used to the to the Spanish words uh when he's healing those uh other than that um I don't know we're gonna see we're.

Gonna see what happens another fabulous matchup of course coming up but a big congrats to deckle bar and JW Johnson will bring in Ken Herman for our Trophy presentation Declan JW congratulations another win for you all you guys have been tearing up tearing it up this year in the tour our gold medalist decal and JW big round of.

Applause great job all right any final thank yous or shout outs before we sign off of course to all our sponsors uh lado and Gage uh Dreamland duper Sun Med uh yeah thank you for you know helping us pursuing