Good morning everyone and Welcome to our head pickleball pregame show at Lauren McLaughlin here for Championship Sunday the culmination of all of our days of play here at the app sunmed Houston open culminates today with all of our gold medal matches in our Pro brackets the schedule for the day is as follows we kick off with our women's singles Megan.

Fudge takes on Paris Todd that is followed by our men's singles gold medal match where Federico stacksrude takes on Hunter Johnson then we have our women's doubles match Anna bright and Paris Todd take on Georgia Johnson and Vivian David that is followed up by our men's doubles Zay navratil and JW Johnson take on decklebar and DJ young and we conclude.

Our Championship Sunday with our mixed doubles JW Johnson and Paris Todd take on Vivian David and Thomas Wilson the big story to watch for today is of course Paris Todd looking for that triple crown opportunity but it will be a tough one she will have to double dip in every single gold match that she is in in order to get that so a tough road.

Ahead of her I certainly think she is up for the challenge but we'll find out here on Championship Sunday and I am going to be joined in the booth today by Chad Edwards and Adam Stone so it's going to be a jam-packed booth full of fun and exciting pickleball action commentary and Analysis so thank you so much for joining us whether it's on.

YouTube Facebook or Twitter and if you were wondering if the wind is going to be a factor today yes it still is it is not terrible currently here this morning in Houston but I suspect it might pick up a little and we're certainly going to keep you guys posted on where that's looking at today but beautiful day in Houston for our Sunday wrap up and the.

Ladies take center stage in just a a moment Paris Todd takes on Megan fudge in our first gold medal match of the day right after this foreign foreign.

foreign oh there's only one window there's only one.

Welcome back as always as I mentioned two championships Sunday we have Paris Todd and Megan fudge on Deck first in our first gold medal match of the day Lauren McLaughlin here with Adam Stone and Chad Edwards here to bring you all of these amazing gold medal matches to kick us off Megan fudge coming through the winner bracket 35 years old in Bel.

Air Florida played her college tennis at the University of Illinois she had the number one spot her senior year originally from Germany all four years at Illinois she had Big Ten accolades that she was awarded and 97 single wins in her college career third most in the school's history she takes on Paris Todd as we mentioned.

Looking for that triple crown today but she's gonna have to double dip in every single one of them 24 years old now in Fort Myers originally out of SoCal at eight years old she attended a elite Tennis Academy in Florida and went on the pro ITF tour just at the age of 14 when these two faced off in the winter bracket Final on Thursday Megan fudge.

Came out on top in three eight eleven eleven nine eleven one was that score Adam you were able to join me that day for singles Chad you were not here for that what are we looking for in this matchup again with these two ladies oh well yes uh uh happy to be here and I was here with you on Singles Thursday to watch.

These two ladies play and one of the big things for me in that match was the basically ridiculous Court coverage in anticipation for Megan fudge and I think that Paris Todd does a phenomenal job on both Wings forehand and back and win at the Baseline hitting to all spots of the court but occasionally when she comes forward she really prefers that.

Cross-court volley and someone with a court coverage foot speed and anticipation of Megan fudge I think I would like to see her have a little more variety up at the net to not give fudge that Head Start and I think that was one of the main reasons why fudge was able to come up with so many great passing shots in that in that matchup absolutely.

We did see these two ladies sort of prefer the ground stroke game Chad we see that a lot on the ladies side especially when they're coming from high level tennis like both of these ladies are do you anticipate we'll probably see that again as they're most comfortable with that do you anticipate one of them looking to get to the net a.

Little bit more yeah I mean typically for for women's singles we see that that ground stroke game a lot more than than in men's singles you know one common factor is that the women don't have the reach that the men do so they they are a little more susceptible to that passing shot um you know Megan fudge a little bit.

More of a counter puncher when she was a tennis player uh I got the opportunity to watch her a few times uh when she was at Illinois when Michigan State uh played against them so yeah I would say Todd if she's going to come forward she has to choose the right ball she hits a very heavy ball heavy Top Spin if she can get a deeper ball.

That's going to penetrate that's her time to come forward she if she comes forward too soon just like Adam said it opened and and she is a little bit predictable as far as where she gonna go when she volleys then she'll open herself up too much for that passing shot all right we are just moments away from kicking off into our first match.

Here of the day Diane Anderson will be our first referee while Don stanik will be referee number two looks like Todd is going to be on the far end for game one fudge on the near end as I mentioned Todd will have to double dip if she wants that gold medal so she'll have to beat Megan fudge in the two out of three portion of this.

Gold medal match and a tiebreaker 215 if fudge is able to take two of the three first games she will be outright our champion here in Houston having gone undefeated through the day sorry uh just to piggyback on what Chad said from that Thursday matchup we did see Paris come forward more frequently.

She certainly wasn't just kamikazeing and she was picking her spots but uh fudge definitely was the the player that was coming forward the least in that matchup side spend and wind not the great combination for a missed return wide because uh kind of going with Megan fudge but a little bit cross.

From left to right as well foreign choosing the right ball on that one those are those are the type of balls that she's got to hit if she's going to come come to the net going deep to fudge his backhand we do mention a lot watching fudge she loves the slice you'll see it a lot on.

Her returns and some of those forehand volleys I think Megan fudge looking back at her team not exactly sure what was said but she's got her ryler to heart back as cheering her on really nice job by Paris picking that spot.

Not necessarily on the first ball but that second or third ball like Chad said with a good depth coming forward and a nice overhead uh fudge unable to come up with the pass nice combination from Paris Todd foreign lucky there for fudge the wind.

Probably the calmest it's been all weekend still still a little Breezy but much less than we saw yesterday when it was at its highest mile per hour cracking over 30. do it give it time Lauren and there we go we see that combination.

With a very high quality topspin volley from Paris topic pushing it wide maybe knowing that that fudge gets a lot of balls back could have caused an error there not sure if the wind is really playing is is what's shortening up fudge's returns right now or the balls in general I mean she's not.

Getting very deep on that ball she's got to get a deeper ball because Todd is just stepping in and really able to hit that deeper deeper ball and put the the pressure on fudge so she's got to find a way to get some more depth in these balls that she's hitting oh now we feel the wind in our face oh yeah I shouldn't have said anything.

So yes the wind is playing a factor so why fudge can't get the ball as deep I mean we talked about it just so inconsistent really swirling uh uh calm for a few points and then picks up so I just gotta gotta manage it a little off balance from Paris Todd right there so with that wind in the face you look to.

Angle and drop a little bit more Force tied on the Run because you're not going to be able to get a deeper ball to really keep it pressed back very nice combination from Harrison I think you're exactly right Chad you can really let loose on your shots when you're against the wind but it is tough.

To keep them deep but I think about it in doubles when the wind is against me sometimes my dinks get pushed wide for around the post so a sharper angle and that ball dipping can can be a good option when Against the Wind and there is that passing shot from fudge Todd did make a move to the net.

Just saw a little bit of hesitation though after after she hit that ball she didn't fully follow it in here here you go Chad delayed steel there you go baseball let's go delayed steel yeah I didn't walk in that situation certainly didn't fudge having some words with herself some early early.

Words with herself at down 4-1 in game one also been really impressed with paris's cadence she's really committed to her routine before the point that's the the count of Pancha defense from Megan fudge she's going to get to the majority of balls and make you hit another one Paris Todd looking.

To go a little bit further out pushing that one too wide and we mention it often when we have a Championship Sunday that you do lose the momentum you had throughout the bracket coming into that gold medal match without any losses so do you think there there's something to be said about you have a brand new day.

You have to kind of start fresh and rebuild the momentum you had in the bracket oh I think 100 you know even there are times um whether it's a championship Sunday or whether you're playing it all out on one day when you have that longer break before a final you got to try to find your your rhythm again and and get back.

Into it and this is I wouldn't say game one is kind of a warm-up match for for both of the ladies but yeah you're trying to find your Rhythm that was nice Inside Out backhand mentioned it many times before I don't understand how people hit that shot with topspin but.

Paris has it in Spades no doubt uh go into all the spots with the ground strokes and the approach shots and it's uh you know a big part of her 4-1 lead early in game one foreign and I talked about Paris Todd hitting that heavy ball you're you're saying it like you said Adam on both sides she's.

Hitting heavy Top Spin both sides those balls are going so deep and just dropping in the back back of the court that it's keeping fudge yo four or five feet behind the Baseline she's almost playing up against the the barriers here in front of us foreign I thought that was possibly Gonna Miss.

But what a job bear from fudge yeah good read and good anticipation from fudge recognizing that Todd was going to go down the line uh Todd doing a great job really making sure fudge was not going to have a good look at that yeah it seems to be a little bigger part.

Of her game early in this match to go with a few drop volleys I believe that's number three uh fudge very very quick player like we mentioned but uh you know when you have that in your back back pocket with the dropper puts a lot in Megan fudge's mind and again when fudge is not coming up at all and she's shown that she's really.

Not going to be doing that Todd's so smart to start dropping some of those because again like you said now it's in Megan's mind sure she wants to stay back she's more comfortable there but beliefs are extremely vulnerable to that drop volley that's right maker not only move laterally but move uh forward.

And back as well just another little Wrinkle In the game plan of Paris Todd I'd like to see it so far and we see fudge trying to to switch up to Top Spin in those last two out of me talked about fudge hits mostly with the slice when you're heading into the wind that that slice has a tendency to sit up in the wind a little bit more so we're.

Seeing Todd being able to step in and take those balls early where with with Todd's Top Spin fudge isn't able to move up into that to hit that slide so it's that that combination right there is keeping her back as well popping up for that Dropbox for sure and I think fudge does a nice job with the slice neutralizing the big.

Ground strokes of Harris Todd but she needs to be careful about using it when Harris Todd is coming forward that that is I think that is a big issue as it really sets up nicely for those Paris Todd volleys but uh sprinkling in that slice especially she's obviously comfortable with it to neutralize the big round trucks I'm all for uh but.

Definitely needs to pick her spots when to use it fudge coming off a silver medal in singles in Alabama just two weeks ago after coming through the background we got Lily over here Lily coach Lilly coach Lily talking to Megan fudger talked to her with the interview she loves having her family here her.

Daughter with some kind words and a high five you just really love to see that you can refocus up here Todd was stuck at four for quite a while fudge was able to slow her down a little bit but has creeped back up that scoreboard just missing deep and again we saw it.

That fudge hit a couple of Top Spin balls early cap Todd back but as soon as she switched to that slice it shortened that ball up again and Todd was able to hit that good deep ball and come forward and didn't quite get there with the feet for Paris nice cross-court ball for Megan fudge and uh Paris didn't just have her.

Balance underneath her loose error on the forehand side have not seen many of those if any so far in this game one fall on I was watching it slowly trickle off the canopy coming over from the senior Pros playing their singles over on the courts next to us.

Much better ball from fudge good Top Spin kept that ball nice and deep dropping using the wind to drop it inside the Baseline I think a lot of gold medal matches game one is so crucial for the momentum for either player whether or not you're the one that needs to kind of double dip or you're one coming through the winter.

Bracket final it really is a good whoever can take game one really sets the pace I think for the rest of the match I want just missing wad look like the wind kind of blew that cross just at the last second very nice pass from Megan fudge and I believe that might be number five or.

Number six attempt to drop volley from Paris Todd so definitely a point of emphasis for her early in this match much different than Thursday oh she almost got there yeah of course she did get that possible ATP was coming here that's a tough one to hit ATP I mean if she pulls it off it's phenomenal that's.

Really the only kind of option she had there with that ball being back behind her but so difficult to to even bring that ball back once it's past you I mean we're seeing exactly what you said Chad the reason the lady sometimes a little hesitant to come up is they don't have the wingspan that the guys do.

You're seeing it right there Todd getting pulled off of her feet trying to extend and reach these passings out from fudge gets the first one couldn't Quake at that second one hey she'll take it at this point she'll take anything uh with a six-point deficit in game one but uh yes definitely definitely true.

And also uh mentioned with the wingspan also these ladies are very often hitting two-handed volleys which is also probably the main issue with the two-hander yeah you obviously get some great stability and some great power from the two-hander but you are sacrificing a few inches of reach so just another little.

Little Factor uh uh coming into play with with the frequencies and how often these ladies are coming forward all right we're gonna have a timeout from Todd yeah I think it's good just kind of kind of stop it early um as I mentioned a couple times with the Paris Todd Drop shots really cool to.

See the adjustments and when I did an interview with Megan fudge she was talking about how she has not played Paris but once or twice and how she had studied tape of her uh and I think that that's just a really cool little progression that we're seeing in the sport as you know a handful of years ago considered a game it is very much a.

Sport now like I like to talk about and when we got you got people studying tape uh having having hitting Partners practicing doing two a days and things like that it's it's just very nice to see the progression how really seriously these players are taking it yeah absolutely and a little weather update just a very minimal 20 mile per hour.

Wind today beautiful 76 degrees a lot of cloud cover which I think is really nice for today gonna keep it a little cooler the 80 humidity is why Adam and I are sitting here sweating right now hey hey that's that's why I tanked this whole tournament because I I didn't want to play an 80 humidity on Sunday I mean no way I can do that so hey happy to be.

Here in the booth guys I will say that right before the timeout fudge has made a very good adjustment of hitting some sharper angles and pulling Todd out wider she early on she was going a little bit more middle of the court because Todd was putting so much pressure on and now she's creating the angles back and forcing type to try to.

Hit on the Run it's in great spot I mean I like the movement from Todd I think she picked the right moment to come in she was in a good spot just really thought that was not going to be going in and beautiful spot there from fudge with not a lot of room to work with.

And a really uh two points ago when Chad was talking about some of the planar more uh just average balls that Megan fudge was hitting on Thursday Paris was giving her some errors off of those and she has not today so a good observation from Chad noticing she has to do a little bit more with the ball now that Paris is not giving her freebies.

What good spot in that back corner as Todd gets to the net and able to handle anything fudge is throwing at her and it gives her a game point you're right Lauren in a very crisp up the line volley there from Paris Todd I'd like to see her switching up those spots with drop volleys cross-court.

Volleys and up the line volleys very nice so that ball is called out on the baseline from Todd we could not tell from this no chance for us no no chance for us to see that no challenge unfortunately for fudge in place for this one yep and.

That's a difficult Bowl to ask the referee to to see as well but Todd takes game one 11-5 first check mark off the list here on her way to a possible gold medal double dip we'll take a short break back into game number two of our women's Pro singles gold medal match right after this oh.

Foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign match of Championship Sunday here at the app sunmed Houston Open Paris Todd on the near end for game two taking on Megan fudge.

Todd coming through the back draw so she needs to win the two out of three portion and then a tiebreaker to 15 she's got game one under her belt so far another good spot from Todd and we'll see lots of you know see a lot of lopsided game one in game.

Two with the win factor and then close games three we'll see if this wins a huge factor and changes up some of the patterns in this match foreign definitely gusting now and we're back to strapping on the belts and tying ourselves in Twister I'm always so impressed.

With in women's singles when the ladies do stay back it just seems like it's so much more effort and energy that they're exerting because the rallies are much longer they're having to move much more I mean the fitness level of these ladies through the roof to be able to play how they're playing here in this singles match.

That ball curved a lot off of Todd's paddle a little bit of side spin coupled with the Wind oh this tent is we are swaying in the breeze for sure the durafost ball in the background is upright for right now it was so sad yesterday but hopefully we don't get any pine.

Needles today yeah that was that was rough that was crazy off off of the roof a waterfall that looked wide I think Paris was trying something a little different uh I mean she could have Miss hit that ball but maybe trying to bring Megan in or come forward on a pro shot a little different than uh.

Megan's used to sing referee Diane Anderson little confused on that one okay oh that ball literally stops near the air and just dropped yeah she played it perfectly and I'll tell you right now I see I think that Megan fudge is a little.

Irritated with the pace of play I think she's showing a little bit of frustration with being ready in Paris and not being ready example just long but it comes down to you know you're talking about Harris's Cadence and and the Rhythm that she wants to play at she's well within her means to.

Have the time you know it's it's not excessive no a couple quick points and some nice shots and a loose error or two from Paris Todd and all of a sudden Megan fudge with the slight lead in game two and I really like that set up volley to the fudge backhand and then the Cross Court put away combination from Paris.

Todd there really looking Sharp with with the volleys today much more so than Thursday love to see the adjustment oh yeah it's gonna sail well long and that is part of you know you have the break to readjust you can look at tape like we mentioned coming into Sunday you know fresh mindset fresh Focus Todd definitely seems much more in.

Control here than she did on Thursday yeah fudge she is a grinder she will Gutt it out back there and gets to a lot of shots but if she's gonna stay back and Todd gets up and she gives her the opportunity puts her in a really tough spot to stay in it but again it was the volley from Todd to fudge his backhand.

Like Adam was saying that set her up for the finish on that one foreign oh that ball dropped yeah I mean you could see her contact point I mean it probably dropped a foot it probably dropped a foot from shoulder level to waist level and a fraction of a.

Second yeah too good there from fudge really nice initial pass getting Paris a little off balance and then able to finish on the next ball maybe two later I can't remember exactly all right we're gonna have a time out here from Todd let's fudge.

A little bit it's still so early you know four two yeah you just see uh you can just tell that uh just just a little more chaos created in this game too for Megan fudge where Paris was really in control of the rallies Megan fudge on the stretch on the reach on a lot of these approach shots from Paris on game one and just a.

Little more in position and a little more uh balanced in her feet underneath her uh so far in game two so she's rewarded with that with the two-point lead well I think the the end change played a big part of that as well is that fudges slice is more effective with the win behind her now it's staying down and.

Sliding into Todd where it's not sitting up like it was when she was on this end and closest to us and trying to hit into the wind yeah you Chad you definitely have the the skidder and the floater when you go to that slice and obviously the wind uh is a big factor in all of that Stan's getting close to being full here.

Already for our first gold medal match I imagine we will fill up any empty spaces as we get into our Championship Sunday now you can just see the rotation on Todd's ball compared to fudges even when fudge is going to hit Top Spin it's you're still seeing the holes just roll over slowly Todd's really cranking the.

Top Spin in these rallies right now good spot from fudge pulling Todd out wide aren't able to keep that ball down on the Run out oh but that'll work anyway did she get that on was that one bouncer two bounce too bad oh I was gonna say if she got.

That in one my goodness she's way faster than you buddy I wasn't even going to mention I'm not even gonna mention that you're you're pulling both cops yeah seriously I'm pretty I think that was pretty obvious it did not need to be said but thank you thank you Chad Captain Obvious.

Foreign yesterday and I don't like paris's side it's very tough very tough to control these shots yeah ball sailing on Todd again difference is is now that you know like you're saying Adam on this side that ball is is blowing into you so it throws off the timing big time and you're not.

Able to take that ball as early or you're not able to fully get extended on it so those balls flatten out Bud's feeling it right now oh yeah she needed that I I was she was getting a little down on herself showing a little frustration and game one maybe even early game two and she's got some some.

Nice positive energy and fist pumping going on the last couple points and that is exactly what she needs to get back in this all right then time out from Todd oh we got Jr now we had Lily saying some kind words yup and now we got Jr that's good stuff Pat and Mommy on the shoulder letting her know I mean now go.

Headline oh I was just is this a good time I feel like when we're talking about the kids is this a good time Adam oh oh oh oh yes everyone yeah it seems it seems like a reasonable time to little boy Jr over here so the The Profit myself Corinne Carr will be expecting a sun in May of next year so.

Exciting news Prof and stone procreate and they gotta love it gotta love it we need a little so I I I get the first mini me yeah that's exciting a big congrats to Karin gar and Adam Stone and I was going to say if I I have seen ryler and and Megan's kids around the tour quite often compared to my children.

they are like they have Halos around there oh yeah so tough I mean just just well played passes I'm not sure uh Paris related anything wrong there just too good for Megan fudge as the past three or four minutes it's just been too good for her.

Foreign wow it did almost seem like Todd brought her in that was I am very convinced that's what happened that time I was a little unsure on the previous one I'm almost positive that's what happened in that situation and it's it's it's like I said it's good to see the adjustments and the wheels turning not just beating.

Her head against a wall trying to figure it out and that's why this sport is so great the recognition from fudge is is off the chart I mean she's she's moving she's getting to bolts it's not that Todd's not hit is hitting bad balls right now she's yeah I'm I've been impressed with with.

Megan's singles games for the and and how far it's progressed yeah there's nothing you can do that ball just every which way yes you see a cow fly back well I feel like the tent is like you know those old kind of like leaning to the side oh yeah.

Oh yeah how is it still standing that's how this tent is right now oh that looked just wide wow I'm really surprised that fudge played that definitely wide from from my vantage point but you know can't make them all especially with the wind but uh to piggyback on what Chad said a couple points ago that first step the first.

Step when when after Paris hits the ball the first step of Megan fudge is just she's at top speed almost instantly great anticipation and great explosion to the ball foreign Todd's done a better job controlling uh taking a little ace off summer shots after he sailed a few long.

But that last one just a little long and pushes them along as well yeah she just she just she just runs out of court that ball is that ball tumble that ball tumbles it's just it's just not quick enough so she always has the rotation on the ball but just not fudge's defense again forcing Todd to.

Push that one wide and and yeah if you go too heavy with the spin into the wind it drops it short so you try to go deeper but by not going as heavy acceleration and then it like you said Adam runs out of core that Ball's gone as well all right so it does seem that far end of the court is playing favorably With.

The Wind we'll see how game three fares as each ladies will have their time on both ends of the court but game three coming your way here in our first gold medal match in Houston right after this foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign our first gold medal match of.

Championship Sunday and our first game three we have Megan fudge starting on the near end Paris Todd on the far end as Diane Anderson calls us back into the action Todd was on the phone in between games I have to imagine getting some tips and advice from perhaps someone at home watching.

If fudge takes this third game she will be the gold medalist Todd will have to win this game and a tiebreaker to 15. and you were both discussing during the break that if fudge can get a few points on the board here she's gonna finish out this third game on that far end which seems to be playing more favorably and that might give her the advantage here.

Ultimately possibly taking this match dropping and what a get yeah we've definitely seen the advantage being that far end so if if fudge can just scrape out a couple of points here two three I mean four would be would be huge he doesn't need to to be ahead on the end change but she's got to have some.

Momentum kind of going into it and Todd looking very off balance after game two right there certainly not how we saw her come out in game one really nice approach shot up the line with the backhand from Paris Todd getting fudge a little too stretched out on the forehand side couldn't come up with the.

Kind of half pass half lob just trying to get that ball into court when not cooperating thank you what nice job little couple couple slightly frustrated mannerisms on those first couple Point good to see Paris Todd come back with.

Some real positive energy and a nice come on uh getting her first point of this game three um the wind and the sun yes tough combination good good choice from from fudge to throw up the the lob on that one she's definitely stretched out you know Paris Todd looking for the.

Middle slice approach and I don't really hate the option she was unable to convert this one but uh fine with the overall strategy to occasionally approach the middle of the Court that is sequence from from Todd right there going deep to fudge's backhand a few times keeping her into that corner and then ripping that big forehand.

Cross-court when we talk about sequences and strategies being so important in both singles and doubles and we've seen Todd make moves to the net occasionally but really fudge almost has to be brought to the net she is certainly choosing to stay back even when she's had I think some great.

Opportunities to follow her shot up to the net she's not doing it that was another no doubt in my mind example of Paris Todd bringing Megan fudge forward and as Lauren mentioned just a point ago I I can I can count on one hand maybe even one or two fingers how many times she has willingly come forward so get her.

Out of her comfort zone she obviously doesn't want to do it oh just deep Todd going for a little too much there after she'd again kept fudge over on that backhand side left side of the Court classic pickleball there Paris had no idea what the score was she thought it.

Was five three yeah slice slice sailing Megan fudger looking at the referee but uh definitely six inches long or so from my vantage point yeah I don't think Todd set that one up well enough for her to come in and follow the fudge getting to that ball nice and.

Early able to hit that good Cross Court ball back behind the closing it's hard up to the net fudge not happy about Todd again not realizing fudge was on an odd number and then goes to use her towel.

Let's go and you know I would say cute and and I'm for all four sportsmanship and and a little bit of Mind Games right this it's not bad sportsmanship from from Paris Todd but she's recognized that her kind of delays or going to the tower is starting to frustrate Megan fudge so anytime you can get into the head of.

Your opponent and kind of throw them off the game a little bit you're going to continue with that nice job I agree completely Chad she's well within her right now there is a threshold that she can't go over in terms of time but that has not been called on her so do do what you have to.

Do play at your own pace if it's if it's within the rules then here we go fudge definitely on the back foot off to some really deep heavy Bolts from Todd but able to get that last one a little bit deeper and Todd not moving her feet as well to get there catching a little late and hitting that one into the net who knows maybe Megan fudge might be.

That super rare player that likes being on her back foot because she certainly is lying off of it a lot yeah and she can come up with some pretty sweet shots from that position uh very very high degree of difficulty on some of those passing shots uh with with her Court positioning being a little behind the Baseline and on her back foot great shot.

Making on a lot of these for Megan ball sailing just I mean roughing it out played from his back foot a lot yeah he's decent oh we got ryler to heart over here he's played the guy before yep oh the wind throwing off the movement of Todd that ball just kind of kept let's pull it out.

Oh a little little confusion from Diane Anderson again but yeah Todd trying to hit that as a full hand but the wind was oh she couldn't get out of the way tropical in the house seeing what uh what Snippets they can get from us today yes white again from uh that's a it's a cross-court backhand.

And the net uh three points ago I believe and then the cross-court backhand wide from Paris Todd I believe I mean all three of us have been featured on tropical yep so you know love those guys pretty funny stuff going on if you don't follow them yet definitely sure.

Thank you I mean she would come up when she gets pulled up the Trap Valley hey I mean they say you can't hit spinning broke don't fix it that's what I'm saying uh Paris it begs to differ with the Top Spin ground strokes and that that drop volley completely checked up.

With the backspin uh did not travel to Megan fudge at all I'm sure uh some slight wind assist but great ball Landing in the kitchen with backspin uh great mover for Megan fudge uh still couldn't get there we got the end change like you get Megan's only down by two she's in a really good position the.

Better four four was was a bonus yo she needed to get at least at least two she's gotten four um I think she's in a very good position now with the win behind her we saw that it frustrated Todd uh in game two uh but going back to you know you guys are talking about fudge with her being back at that Baseline and not wanting to come.

Forward yo that was her play style in tennis as well she's she's a counter puncher she's going to get to a ton of balls she's going to force you to make the error by making a lot of balls and I think you're exactly right Chad I would give Megan fudge down 6-4 I would give her a slight advantage in this exact matchup.

Having that four points so a big factor for me here as we start the second half of game three is can Paris Todd clean up those errors sailing long that we saw several of in game two whether that's picking a spot shorter in the court maybe a little bit more low to high instead of through the ball on her.

Stroke she's got to figure it out all right under the action after the end change fudge will finish finish out this third game on that far end Paris Tad on the near end oh my God oh my God that was that ball change direction as soon as it got to the net I mean and let's be clear that if if the sides are.

Reversed that Ball's out too long oh yeah instead it lands in the kitchen oh tough but the winds definitely definitely swelling because you're not expecting for this this Todd's supposed to be hitting into the wind from this end is from.

Games one and two and that ball from fudge literally hit a wall of wind balls wide and again it's difficult for it's hard to get that ball to come forward on from this end wow great lateral movement from fudge there on that Baseline.

As I thought tab was gonna catch her moving middle and she got back over there and I I like the combination for Paris I'm I'm completely fine with everything she did just one more ball for Megan fudge wow it's no I mean I I can't I can't tell but I just was hoping one of the.

Referees would have seen it with that exclamation we've got two referees out here now I understand it with doubles that the referees are standing there watching the kitchen because it's all played up in the kitchen right now there's hardly any bolt all they're doing is stand there watching the kitchen line in a in a singles match.

Where we're not playing at the kids they're not coming to the kitchen oh yeah oh oh referee got it in the ear hole and great great spot from Paris Todd who I think let up just a little bit on that passing shot I mean on that approach shot sorry uh good adjustment as as we saw those errors long in game two.

That ball wide as well yeah we're definitely seeing a different shape to Todd's swing right now she's shotting up the backswing and she's shortening up the Finish shaping it a little bit more playing into the wind rather than trying to uh really get extended on those balls very nice and some positive energy from peristotle exactly correct Chad it's.

Always a balance of through your stroke and low to high and she has made that adjustment a little more low to high and a little less through the ball releasing on it and I have not seen one air long from her on this near side foreign I do think she brought her in but just did not work out that time.

And I think she's I think she's two for three or maybe three for four bringing her in so still uh cool with occasionally using that strategy but a nice volley and a nice finish for Megan fudgel in that particular point all right we're gonna have a timeout here from fudge.

Todd maintaining that lead here after the end change but fudge within two oh wind I mean still I feel strong but the gusts are much more than that I have to imagine that's sort of the average which again still pretty high 78 degrees it's dropping I like it but but uh.

Definitely I I like these matchups where you have deer offensive player and a clear defensive player and I I don't have the stats with me but I would say that Paris probably has 10 15 more winners and probably 10 or so more errors as well then so it's it's a kind of an established role uh we we have the aggressor we have the counter puncher.

And it's you know it's it's it's what sports is all about 100 we're here at Houston Memorial Park for our final publisher at the sun Med Houston open again all gold medal matches will have our men's gold medal match coming up next Hunter Johnson faces Federico stacksroot.

Is this match ball just wide from just SWAT from fudge good pressure again from Todd fudge just does such a great job of anticipating where Todd's gonna go when she comes up to the net I mean fudge was fully sprinting across the court Todd's.

Got to see that can go behind her good deep ball from Todd yeah and like you said Adam she's definitely cleaned up the from this end and still able to get those balls nice and deep keeping the pressure on fudge.

Little side out battle here five or six points in a row no score change just as we talked about it yep commentator's curse commentators curse I think the first one Chad though and I mean there there had to be one or two but uh making fudge with a nice that's long uh call on the Baseline.

Letting everybody know thank you all right so that's three balls from Todd right there too wide on either side and a ball deep it's now allowed the fudge to tie that back up at eight we're gonna have a timeout here from Todd as a result definitely I think.

A good time for a timeout getting into a very critical point of this third game Todd needs to take it to force that tie breaker so just looking to close it out right here you can see they are neck and neck on the top 10 standings list here for the app tour Todd just ahead of budget number four.

But Georgia Johnson nobody's catching up to her this year that is for sure definitely in that top spot and we will see her in our women's doubles gold medal match with Vivian David coming up in just a few matches I'll tell you right now Lauren these these ladies are.

Competitors we have oh absolutely Paris talking to herself the entire time out Megan fudge in the zone with both legs shaken while she's sitting on the uh sitting in the chair these these ladies want it this is this is crunch time right now let's go oh too good from fudge I mean Paris did as well as she possibly.

Could have with that first volley but but fudge never never thinking the point is over and being right there for passing shot number two it's third game much closer than games one and two Megan fudge is going to have a gold medal Match Point coming out of this time out.

Good use of her final time out here in Game of three as Todd just hoping to regroup refocus on simply getting the side out coming out of this has this third game played out how you expected it to after games one and two were a little more lopsided uh yes yeah I I had the you know the thought that that Todd was going to be ahead on the.

On the end change just because of what we've seen from one and two as in that far end being favorable conditions she's done a good job um of getting a couple more points when she switched sides here but now we've seen the the the errors slide into her game down the the home stretch.

So that's been the difference here for for a fudge in this one there it is wow great job from Megan fudge and again just really nice first gold medal match here for Championship Sunday fudge merrily avoids the tiebreaker match to 15 Paris Todd a big congratulations our silver medalist here in women's singles.

We head to the Franklin studio for our first gold medal Trophy presentation and we're back with our gentleman next Hunter Johnson and Federico Stacks rude face off in that singles gold medal match coming up right after this oh my God.

foreign foreign.

Welcome to the Franklin studio with our first gold medalist of the day Megan fudge you guys faced off in the winter bracket Final on Thursday that also went three similar situation here but you were able to close it out avoid that tiebreaker to 15. games one and two a little more lopsided than the third do you think mostly wind is the factor in.

Why that played out the way that it did yeah definitely I mean I know I started a little bit Rocky but she was definitely on the better side of the beginning so I know I just had to kind of get as many points I could of it to kind of find my groove a little bit then I came onto the better side I was trying to just get as many points in the.

Beginning of the third on the bad side and then just ride the wave I mean we we see you coming off of a silver medal in Alabama now a gold medal here in Houston are you feeling very confident that your singles game is really kind of getting to a level that is getting you these results that you're looking for every time yeah I mean like I'm still trying.

To tweak my game I mean I'm still trying to figure out the game style I want to play there's a lot I still want to work on a lot of a lot of things I've got in my mind where I want to get to I'm definitely definitely far from it right now but I but I I just keep making one more ball and just kind of working on my fitness.

Um trying to make my games better and better and but it's definitely uh paying off right now all right well congratulations you're our first gold medalist here today on Championship Sunday Ken Herman with our Trophy presentation it's a great way to start off a Sunday what a terrific final Megan you played.

Awesome all week long uh and for those of you that home she's her husband plays on the tour she's also a mom with two terrific young children that are so well behaved here they'll be on the tour soon I'm pretty sure she does it all but Megan congratulations our gold medalist the Houston open job well done congratulations any final shout outs.

Before we get going yeah and a shout out to everybody down in St Pete and our neighbors for watching our dogs as usual and uh yeah just everybody thank you for drilling with me and this is for all of us all right congratulations to Megan fudge our first gold medals of the day our men take Center Stage next in their gold medal Federico saxrude and Hunter.

Johnson are coming your way here in Houston right at this brought to you by pickleball Central your pickleball Superstore catering from beginner to Pro foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign oh my God foreign.

there's only one way only one thank you.

Foreign foreign thank you foreign.

just one way foreign foreign.

Over H-Town and back into our Championship Sunday gold medal matches here at the app sunmed Houston open we have Hunter Johnson taking on a Federico Stacks rude coming up next Hunter Johnson coming through our winner bracket final so far undefeated in his singles run ultimately defeating statsroot in their winter bracket final.

11 9 11 3. he is 28 years old in New Braunfels Texas played about five years of professional tennis along with his twin brother Yates ultimately getting to a 250 top ranking in doubles tennis four-time state champion in his High School tennis career and played at the University of Louisiana Lafayette for a year before.

Finishing out his college career at Southern Methodist University takes on Federico Stacks Route 26 out of Fort Myers Florida originally from Argentina coached tennis for a bit at Hanover College was an NAIA All-American in his 1718 college tennis career he began at Tennessee Wesleyan finished at New.

Orleans University and these two now face off here on Championship Court Federico Stafford will have to win the two out of three and a tiebreaker to 15 if he wants that gold medal Hunter Johnson having a very good run on Thursday in his singles also unfortunately had to take out twin brother Yates Johnson in the semifinals.

In order to get here but I'm sure no love lost Lauren McLaughlin here with Adam Stone and Chad Edwards Courtside for the action Chris galon our first referee position James Otto our second and we are ready to get going crowd fill in the stands energy High loving this pickleball action here in.

Houston for our final day Hunter Johnson will kick us off first from the near end nice start from Hunter Johnson right there definitely going to see these guys come to the net a lot more than we just saw in the ladies championship match yeah much shorter rallies on the men's side for sure okay.

Yeah so picking up where he left off uh Federico statured obviously an absolute single stud but Hunter Johnson was just on fire on Thursday and if anyone can weather that storm it's certainly Federico but the shot making from Hunter Johnson off of both Wings forehand and backhand was just electric uh on Thursday if he can keep that run going.

It's going to be a tall task for Federico statsroot today immediately after life thank you Johnson taking three straight yeah on the quote unquote bad side exactly taking three straight I didn't think it was coming back he was thought he had four going right there.

But yo interesting though hitting into the wind with those angles because these guys are hitting heavier angles different different passing shots and the ladies were that Ball's now gonna dive whereas stack screwed when he goes for the passing shot it's not going to get that dip that was seen from Johnson.

Being at this near end oh pushes that just a little wide but as you can see a couple very nice up the line backhands from Hunter Johnson and even though he missed that Cross Court ball he can go to all the spots on that backhand side huge weapon yeah good ball from Stacks rude.

Holding that nice and long giving himself the potential going down the line or going back Cross Court depending on Johnson's positioning on the court we see that roll right there yeah back to back line and Cross Court really kind of holding that front shoulder not opening up too early just very deceptive.

And very difficult for Hunter Johnson to read all right after an extremely strong start from Johnson errors have crept in here these last few rallies but Stacks are now up by one Kai McMahon just passing a little note here it's private I was gonna read it on air.

You share your privateness oh what oh what oh just that was that was that so yeah stacked shirt I think called the ball out without calling the ball or or did he maybe have a brain fart on the uh let rule possibly uh there was there was something going on there he yeah he's yeah I think he's saying it right there.

He he thought just a momentary laps oh beautiful and I just realized we talked about it all weekend Texas and Florida major hubs for pickleball right now we are not going to see a single player today that is not in Florida or Texas which is a little wild to me.

It is oh good good attempt from Stacks through trying to adjust with that ball off the net but yo you talk about Texas and Florida coming it comes down to where you can train all year long you're outside you've got different weather conditions because again from what Adam was saying and what we.

Talked about a little bit yesterday no longer is it hey I'm going to teach or work all week and then go and play some pickleball on the weekends I will Chad and I I mentioned all the the tape watching how serious everyone is taking it but at the same time I do miss the days of you know eating a large pizza uh the night the.

Night before the tournament yeah waking waking up you know 30 minutes before Play Time hitting for five minutes then playing there's not as much there's not you know just a little light large pizza a night before yo it was it was always heavy pickleball in our household someone who's always been one of the ones that that has.

Watched uh her matches to learn from her mistakes but more so now there's never a moment where there's not the sound of a pickleball echoes in your mind at all times but when you can't watch it with the sound down for some reason you have to hear yeah I mean to be at the kitchen line and.

Make contact a foot below the net it's just a testament to how good of a shot that was from Federico statue but hunter Johnson there with the answer went for a little too much from Johnson thought he was going to roll back Cross Court behind statue but opting for the down the line and just tried to rush it a little bit in a very.

Small Gap and I think there's only been two or three cat and mouse points but Hunter looking a little shaky on a couple of those more touch shots as opposed to just releasing and ripping ground strokes yeah the gets from Johnson and the control.

Coming off of his paddle with some very very tough balls from statue I was just pressing a little gotta give himself a little bit more room to work with especially on those Sidelines I think that was the triple no from stack through no no no just wide five six.

The 360 from the Johnsons one of their trademark moves gets the jab done and while Stack Street has several gold medals to his name and singles this would be Hunter Johnson's first gold medal in singles he has hit the podium before but he's looking for that top spot oh look at that I brought Simone into the.

Chat so she's probably about now she's probably on her fourth cup of Cafe Bustelo would you say uh yeah we we did do the uh Starbucks run then uh did she grab coffee before we left the hotel on the way to Starbucks oh wow fantastic job again I mean stackstrom's.

Gonna probably expect the down the line you can see that's where his body weight was shifting Johnson doing a great job doing the opposite and if you're wondering if the wind is still going on you can see from the bobbing of the camera it sure is just wide from Johnson what's creating errors on the sides is.

He just trying to be too perfect yeah I mean for for both staturud and Johnson they both move extremely well so you're looking to be really really fine too for that passing shot and we see right there it's actually pushing that one wide as well it even though it looks like a big.

Gap either downline or cross-court these guys move so well that the the window for opportunity is so small that you're trying to be absolutely perfect and paint a line a little bit of frustration from stature it's showing yeah you're exactly right Chad and I said there's you can obviously hit offensive shots but when.

You move extremely well and you have proper Court positioning that's just another way to be quote unquote offensive it forces something from your opponent and uh these guys obviously move extremely well when that Target is so small it's just another form of offensive and a form of pressure you can put on your opponent.

Wow great get from stack suit I thought there was no chance he had that the back spin on that I mean great slide but then Johnson just stays steady expects it to come back and he's ready for that next shot oh ill feet and I'll tell you right now.

Crazy shot making from Hunter Johnson and even though statue has not been playing a long time he is a veteran on this court and let's see if he slows things down a little bit with some cat and mouse um Johnson trying to run rush that one so yo the the difference is in in this one between the the ladies the ladies.

Game much more ground stroke so the wind played a different Factor with with this one the guys are hitting these sharp angles so into the wind is actually pushing that ball down more which is helping Johnson create create those those drops we see another good one from stacksrude there taking that ball early.

11 10. again another beautiful Drop volley from Johnson Stacks Roots there but again when you're rushing up to the net leave a lot of court to work with if Johnson gets a good paddle on that next one another game point here for Johnson.

Oh right now yeah good spots from stack shroud going deep to that forehand side of Johnson a couple of times in a row Johnson trying to come back into the middle of the Court yes and it was a great control of the.

Kitchen line for Federico statue because several of those drops were uh uh where Fed was was hitting up on the ball a very difficult shot to execute and he stayed in full control of that point rewarded with uh with a great deep volley and a missed uh missed a drop from Hunter on that on that sideline timeout was called by Hunter Johnson.

What was it Hunter was it not because it was it was it wasn't the receiver after the side out so I think he has had a couple opportunities he hasn't been able to close out this first game Stacks rude been able to put a point.

Each time closing the Gap a little so I think Johnson just looking to really refocus here get this side out and close out this first game without giving Stacks route another opportunity to get closer because with staxruth's shop making ability you just cannot give him any opportunity to do so it actually took a little off that.

Passing shot right there went for a little heavier roll oh wow great hands oh my goodness great go go gadget arm there from Hunter Johnson third game point opportunity for him very short return gets it.

Stacks are definitely not happy with his performance here in game one did get that lead a little tighter but Johnson is able to hang on game number two here in our Men's Pro singles gold medal match coming your way here in Houston right after this.

thank you thank you foreign.

Comic making getting the crowd fired up here in Houston quality pickleball player and great hype man Kai mcmaken yeah sorry Matt here on Santa Claus yesterday in men's doubles played very well yesterday I'm back I had to facilitate away with guy yeah so let's uh I I expect some not exactly sure what it will be but some.

Form of change here from Federico Stacks route to start game two maybe a few more drops possibly uh mixing up some of his uh patterns on his passing shots but uh Federico great student of a game really smart guy loves to drill and and uh go back to the lab in between tournaments and work on things and I I expect to see an adjustment from him here and uh uh.

Really excited to see what it might be we did see Hunter Johnson defeat stacksrude in two when they faced off previously 11 9 11 3. so if Stacks through can indeed make those adjustments here and force a third game that will already be an improvement from the last time these two.

Faced off on Thursday oh setting it up just going for a little too much and and you see Chad two drops in a row yep so two drops in a row to start the game uh won the first point and got everything his heart could desire on the second one but couldn't convert yeah I think that I think that stayed in somehow I was blocked by Statute yeah.

Yeah the reaction yes Hunter it was just the shoulder the shoulder drop oh man come on that same shot that we saw from Johnson there going down the line past statue stature now giving it back I just saw Kathy Dimitri jump up and cheer as a woman was walking past her and she scared the.

Living veggies out of her it was actually Adam's sister Adam I think it was my sister that's amazing she doesn't know Kathy she does now oh yeah Johnson just pressing a little here the start of the second game I think it says a lot of of how new uh Hunter is bursting onto the scene Kathy.

Does not have a a cut out of his head yet that's wild yeah that's how you how New You Are oh tough yeah unable to convert the first body shot uh sailing it deep but going at the body once again with the pass and getting a friendly roll from the tape Federico Stacks route off to a fantastic start in this game too mixing.

Up the passes and the drops so Far Side was favorable for the women with the ground stroke game near side here closest to us closest to the camera much more favorable for the men's play with the uh more cat and mouse even though we're not getting into those cat mounts points uh just because of the angles and and the drops.

So interesting how the elements play off the game style so differently oh huge we talk about it all the time with cold weather conditions a softer ball harder ball if if you're just doors Outdoors if you're just if you're just playing and and not adjusting to these things at the pro level you are very much behind the curve shot selection all.

Different things affected and your general strategy should obviously be different when the elements are are rough or or clean so uh absolutely a huge deal and these guys make those adjustments and like I said if you are not you are in trouble but but not just at the pro level I mean I crossed the board for the amateurs like some of the.

Biggest questions that we always get asked go through the academies have plane wind uh there's no answer to that I mean you have to have to be able to make adjustments if you push it into you know the elements and oh that Ball's sailing deep for Stack Street as well uh but if you go out in.

The elements and and you just keep trying to play you're standing game when there is no win and now you're playing in 30 mile an hour when obviously it's not going to work out too well for him oh no oh my goodness three in a row here coming out of the timeout from Johnson what a turn of momentum here.

Statured again very frustrated just nothing you can do about that net Court rule oh good passing shot from Johnson snatcher not able to do a whole lot on those balls just slicing trying to keep it down but Johnson coming in taking that ball.

I can see on the sideline we have Hunter's twin brother Yates along with Thomas Wilson who we will see in our mixed doubles gold medal match along with Vivian David oh look at that the wind's up to 38.87. what but uh yes yes indeed but that last shot Chad.

Hunter is only a couple feet behind the kitchen line the ball is about mid-shin level and he is able to flick a backhand up the line and keep that ball in that is just such a really high degree of difficulty wrist wrist strength forearm strength just being able to like you said get the get the paddlehead underneath that ball crank up on it.

Without having a big spin yeah a big a big swing right and and from the Baseline you see it a lot more frequently but like I said from where short in the court that is such such a tough shot right back in from this timeout let's see if Stacks rude can get a job from stature the similar balls.

But he was able to do more with that one creating a little bit more angle on that last backhand to pull Johnson out off the court and opening it up for the Finish oh my gosh again great hands from Johnson really good kind of needed guess in the middle of that point he he left one of.

Those drops pretty high and uh rarely are you are you just fully guessing in doubles but occasionally in the singles game you just got to pick a spot and hope for the best foreign getting up there getting a good paddle on that shot just a casual little two feet slide no big.

Deal just another day at the office for these boys oh get out of town I mean the nod from Hunter it's just the Yelp yeah easy game guys no big deal that that lands halfway into the kitchen I mean he doesn't even get into the dark blue with that angle he puts it in the light blue of the kitchen just absolutely ridiculous back.

Foot bye snap of the wrist just push that one a little wide and you know for the amateurs watching this and going out and trying to attempt that shot good luck um the the can paddle control that you.

Have to have to be able to hit that shot because it is so risky we always talk about hey don't use a whole lot of wrist and until you can kind of Master some Spin and then you start generating more risk more risk more risk but that is wrist off the off the charts an amateur is going to find it very difficult to try to hit that shot.

Getting a paddle on that almost keeping it in but just a little too much on it yeah you're exactly right Chad uh these guys are professionals that's let's let's be clear so let's all do amateurs at home establish That Base up consistently and then five years later try the wrist off because uh you you just can't just jump out there and start.

Hitting shots with that kind of degree of difficulty like Hunter Johnson has pulled off uh so a good good comment there uh leave that one to the professionals by all means have some fun with it sure sure go play professional tennis for a few years into pickleball it will help.

Tremendously Johnson trying to rush through that one and close the yeah gap before yeah and Chad we see some of those flickers but if you approach the middle it takes a little angle away yeah that that brings up an interesting point there so.

Um you know with students and and let's say they're coming out and playing singles they're three five four we talk about going deeper returns you know sometimes to the backhand or or deeper Corner returns we don't see that as much in Pro pickleball because the deeper you go or the more angle you you create on the turn on the return.

Oh he almost gets there that was the more angle you you create on the return it gives your opponent the ability to hit that sharper angle back if you go into the middle of the Court it takes away those sharp angles that's right gotta know your opponent you're playing a shot maker give them give them a little less to work with playing playing.

Somebody who's weaker on a certain Wing or possibly struggling with the backhand like uh many many amateurs do keep picking on that spot so all opponent dependent whatever level that you are playing time out here again from Hunter Johnson as Stacks rude widening the Gap here up 8-4 in this.

Second game looking to force a third I have noticed the couple times that Johnson has done the drop volley over on this right side of the court that we are facing right now on camera staxrude has then kept it close to the line and Johnson has gone back down the line every single time it's become a little predictable I'd like to see I.

Don't mind the drop volley but then go hard angle Cross Court gotta mix it up I think stack through it is now really reading what he's doing with that shot yeah definitely the mix-up the guys are too good and especially the court coverage you can't go to the same spot too frequently must adjust and I like that I'm completely fine with.

That a little shorter return occasionally statute will be ripping that and occasionally dropping it so uh didn't execute that ball but I think the decision is completely okay a little freebie there from staxrude yeah just too high on that triple yeah let's see we had a triple no triple no triple yeah and that's that's the.

Patented Stacks rude lunge getting a lot of pace uh on the full stretch yeah and again it was oh I think it was already broken okay okay it wasn't paddle abuse I think he uh the the paddle broke on the return gotcha yeah yeah yeah yeah that's why.

That ball went went wide which what's the call here then because if there's a crack ball that affects play oh let's oh let's let's watch this then you're allowed to replay that stats Stacks rude wants Byron Stack Street is let let's maybe let's watch this a little bit it's actually not happy.

That is the ruling though if the ball or I assume the paddle if due to a crack it being broken affects the shot and you know it does clearly and you bring it up immediately to the ref it is my understanding that you replay that yeah but I know the bowl because it's that the ball is affecting both players sure the paddle is is that.

Makes sense okay I'm not sure that yeah uh so I believe what's actually oh yeah through the paddle to the ground kind of joking because it broke and staxrude thought that it broke because yeah look at the paddlehead literally falls off yeah and then he throws it down yeah so uh now you can clearly see it break on the.

Return I actually remember a couple years ago at the Grand Canyon State Games Curtis Campbell broke his paddle and almost hit his opponent oh we're broken correct it was inches from his opponent yeah oh gets it so we did not Replay that is that my is that how we did not rope we did not Replay that one yes a nice little Inside Out sexy time.

From Federico there I don't know I was wondering where the sexy time was gonna come into it we had a couple previous opportunities but I I know I passed those up I had to I had to go for it for the right one oh oh did he get it Johnson going big I mean he's just ripping that one he was going for it all yeah it looks like.

It catches the line right there yeah stack screwed unsure of the call asking the referee who says he saw it in it's let me let me just throw this out there it's a bit of the South American flag yep no how do you know that Chad yeah that was a side out not a point it's it's it is five it's five ten staxrude is definitely showing some some.

Frustration for someone up 10-5 in game two he he has to he's got to play a little fight on it it gives him that that energy oh what a get oh my goodness that I've started so Johnson after he hit that one and kind of got oh.

I was extremely awkward looking yes to missing it yeah good spot I'm very impressed with a variety of Paces from Hunter Johnson it's not just gripping and rip it or drop the ball he's had some really nice mid-pace passing shots that have been very effective for him.

Side out you know as as a somewhat newer player you know a lot of that stuff comes down the line and to see that early in his career being able to adjust those Paces is uh you know very promising for him moving forward another game point here for Stacks rude and he'll get as Johnson pushes that wide so unlike the first time these two.

Faced off a game three is coming their way here in this gold medal match we will take a short break back into the action right after this foreign foreign.

We got to keep on moving here in this gold medal match bad transition but I had to do it fair enough Lauren McLaughlin Adam Stone Chad Edwards here in the booth Fort game three in a very good match up here between Hunter Johnson and Federico stacksrude Stacks rude forcing the third game here looking to try and force that.

Tiebreaker to 15. as he was defeated by Hunter Johnson in the winner bracket Final on Thursday again both players will have a chance at each end of the court they'll switch ends at six here in this third game uh scores pretty close in games one and two unlike the ladies who were a little bit wider.

Do we think we're just gonna see more of the same I can't imagine there'll be much yeah right and so I actually mentioned at the beginning of the broadcast where we'll often with uh with the win situation we'll have two lopsided games and then a close game that's exactly what we had in the women but uh the fellas uh both both.

Of the first two games tight and I would say if I'm looking for a couple things for Stax root in game three I want to see how frequently he is approaching middle and I would like to see him drop a little bit more when he's serving and make that ball bounce in front of Hunter I think once he has made that ball bounce Hunter's been a little loose with.

Some of those uh backhand slice uh cat and mouse uh Dink and dunk kind of points so if I could pick two things from staxrude who obviously might not make any adjustments having won the second game 11-7 uh that's what I'd be looking for here in game three Chad if you're Hunter what are you looking at to try and avoid that tiebreaker to 15. uh.

I think right here Hunter has to come out because we're already seeing that he's going to finish a non-favorable side for for the men's singles here um I think he's got to come out and and put some whatever significantly try to try to switch ends here six one six two Max uh not allow statue to scrape away or or scratch and Claw some points out.

Here on this one because it is going to be a little bit more of an uphill battle once he switches side so he's got to go in with a significant lead he has to um do what he did similar in in game one as far as pulling you know Adam talked about Stack Street coming in middle I think Hunter has to pull Stack Street out a little bit wider when he's trying.

To come forward to open up that down the line with the two Hand backhand or open up a good a good Cross Court so it'll be uh it'll be interesting here who can find the Rhythm first Federico staxford will start this third game on the far end Hunter Johnson on the near end.

Oh ball just dies start for Stacks Rude the old no bouncer sometimes that's a product of the serve and the spin sometimes it just doesn't bounce so it's like we got a new diadem paddle foreign little upset point one fired up point two a little annoyed 0.3.

You think he wants it you think he wants to win you think he's given a good effort out there are you kidding and he just he hit the ball into the net so he had to go get it and then the wind blows it to the other side so he didn't even have to go just throws up his hands what the hell man nothing nothing's going your way.

Oh a Big Woo out of Hunter Johnson with the quick hands the two-handed forehand oh yeah I think he's done it a couple of times but hunter Johnson with the response and like I said a little awkward with the two-handed forehand but in a perfect spot great hand from.

Hey Johnson with a little Miss hit there in the middle giving staxter the opportunity to stay in that point yeah it does just too good from sex group good angle heavy drop really getting inside that ball coming up underneath it and back the other way okay.

Yes and and as I mentioned a couple times it was like a half drop half half passed on both of those Landing short in the court not just completely driving through the ball an aggressive draw oh man very very nice to both sides of the Court coming in uh aggressive but but a con controlled aggression quick tempo.

She's got it oh doesn't quite look at that flexibility my goodness yeah I'm not getting up after that one Adam's not even getting to it no something yeah if I did that we got we got fishes real ambulance coming in for me something's exploding oh and we are going to have a timeout.

From Johnson after that rally yeah and he's obviously just uh just stopping the momentum because this has been a a handful of Point flurry from Federico Stacks route showing it all the court coverage the the spot picking uh we got Brittany Wilson sitting uh Thomas Wilson's wife sitting over with Yates Johnson kind of.

Giving some hand motions let letting Hunter know uh that that uh probably translating from from uh brother Yates there some some strategy about some Port position for Hunter we'll see if he can come up with it here as we come out of the timeout absolutely we are back in just a week in Hilton Head South Carolina for the sunmed Hilton Head open.

So put that on your calendar plan to join us online both these guys are going to be there with me as well Adam you're you're still playing a little right is that correct yes that is correct so uh I believe that will be my last tournament of the year of the year of the year oh oh man let's let's see I was blocked.

By the barrier I mean um I would call it in that is very close very close I wish I wouldn't have been blocked by the barrier in real time because you're right that's why I'm standing up there yeah you see you see fed he's asking this he's asking the exact same question.

How why are both of you guys looking at the kitchen so we have we have one head ref and then we have one referee for the line call so I understand the frustration uh but yeah just just a tough ball very very close oh that one's out Johnson just pulling that one a little too wide trying to rush it as stack.

Street's crashing the net oh my God Johnson tried to hold that as long as he possibly could Reddit well but by the time he went to hit it it already started dropping down too far I mean these points I mean what would I think that section would have did a little bit of Hunter's uh given a taste.

Of his own medicine with the 360. that was a 360. he definitely hit it with his back towards unbelievable play five two one and Stack's rude has done it exactly what you talked about as far as not trying to hit through it too much and dropping the ball more it's it's getting down even lower to Johnson as he's.

Coming forward because if we saw his ability to take that ball from a foot above the ground and still be aggressive and roll it in he's kept it down even lower and he's I like also a couple times earlier in the match when he was uh going for a little softer drop he on that backhand side he was carving it with some backspin and some one-handed.

Slice the last handful that I've seen he's able to get underneath that ball and get that ball to Tumble down at Hunter Johnson's feet and he's been very successful with it if Johnson cannot pull out this third game we will have a tiebreaker match to 15 and as we have all seen before anything kind of goes in that new.

Matchup so it'll be interesting to see if that needs to get pulled out of the back pocket or not continue check I was just gonna talk about yo Adam Adam was saying that he's getting that ball to Tumble uh for those of the home that want to try to work on that one you.

Really gotta get underneath that ball and it's it's not with the paddle on the side it's the paddlehead and the the tip of the paddle pointing all the way down to the ground and coming up up up to the bottom yeah definitely Chad and I would say you want to you want to move up half a point on your on your rating or maybe a full.

Point just aggressively bend your knees that's a tip to just instantly be better it makes it much easier to get underneath the ball when you're doing that yeah you're supposed to use your leg that's right and a taste of uh uh Hunter Johnson going right to what statute had success with earlier in this game three a little taste of his own.

Medicine again all right Johnson I think has been a little streakier in this match than staxrude has just in terms of some some quick bursts of really great rallies and shots that have gone his way and then you know a few definitely not yes and I think you're right not just this match I think.

In general that is more correct some more Peaks and valleys uh from Hunter Johnson and more just a Steady Eddy uh grinder who also can make some high-level shots as well as Federico so uh kind of the ladies we we had something similar with defensive offensive and here I wouldn't label it quite defensive and offensive but.

Definitely some some crazy three or four minute stretches from Hunter uh followed by by a couple loose errors in Federico a little more of a Steady Eddy again packed stands here at Houston Memorial Park for our final day of coverage here at the sun Med Houston open only a few tournaments remain here in.

The 2022 app season before we kick off next year in Punta Gorda Florida in January registration is now open for that tournament it will fill up as well so definitely get on and check out the details of that tournament if you are in Florida plan to be in Florida in January come and join us the.

Weather's pretty good there in Florida that's fantastic yeah that's I was going to mention that as well Chad get those Florida tournaments in the first couple months of the year before yeah 70 75 feels lovely when it's 30 everywhere oh my gosh.

Oh I don't like that Cross Court decision from Johnson not not the best choice especially with that ball back behind him and he's not able to really hit that heavy roll it kind of just floated allowing stature to catch up to it yep and I've definitely noticed not that it's a drastic difference but Federico slightly more comfortable when.

Both players are at the kitchen line boy I do have to say do you guys remember Punta Gorda like two years ago when it was 30 degrees oh yeah yeah you know I almost died we do get the one week of of oh my God raising temperatures yeah a huge shot from Federico Stacks route yeah he's I mean.

He will absolutely have our first tiebreaker match to 15. coming up shortly here yes that was great in Punta Gorda I didn't even get tired that one because it was so cold and then and I ended up winning with the prop there was no cramping for Adam's Stone in the cult yeah good roll from Johnson there I.

Don't understand how we can do that this shot is so good with the inside inside out backhand it's uh heavy left hand it's almost like hey it's almost like the forehand inside out you're just treating it as like a left-handed backhand and that that right hand is there for for stability absolutely Chad and just just can't can't describe to.

You guys how tough that shot is even though Mr Johnson makes it look very easy steps down oh good we're the jump of the kitchen and here is the the Peak yes he was in the valley he is back on the mountain top here that's exactly right and I think that.

Absolutely deserves a nice little sexy time for Hunter Johnson already had one already had one from Federico and you even he comes to lay his paddle down right next to the booth and he kind of gives us a head nod like too good those last couple of points yeah exactly exactly right that is like you said he looks he makes it look so easy those are.

Maybe my favorite comments that people watching this have at home right oh it's so easy what level is this oh my gosh like I could be at this level in two weeks it's because they're both at such a high level it looks easy for the two of them and that's also why nobody wants to watch a 3-5 take on a pro because it.

Would just be Carnage yeah good word perfect word one time oh can't have that Miss from yeah Johnson on that one I think that was a an effective Miss hit from Federico over there Point here for statured and he will get it with the air from Johnson.

Has the safety net we have up to 10 minutes that our players can take if they want it before we get into that tiebreaker match to 15 we will take a break and we'll keep you guys posted don't go too far but we'll have a bit of a longer break here as our players will probably take most of that time I imagine so back into the action for the.

Conclusion of our men's gold medal match with a tiebreaker match to 15 between Hunter Johnson and Federico Stacks through to Crown a gold medalist coming your way in just a few moments foreign.

Foreign foreign into our wild history oh.

my God foreign foreign go back.

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Hold up foreign points are all that separate one of these players from a gold medal Federico Stacks route on the far end Hunter Johnson on the near end Stacks are taking the two out of three game portion of this gold medal match.

Coming through the back draw giving Hunter Johnson his first loss in the bracket and because this is a double elimination tournament he'd have to lose twice which is why we have this tiebreaker 215. we'll switch ends at eight can crystalline our first referee James Otto second Laura McLaughlin Adam Stone.

And Chad Edwards here in the booth foreign Johnson not able to make the adjustment oh the gust of wind we got stuff flying through this holy crap I mean it's the wind yeah I mean that was three feet three feet maybe blow away from Johnson trying to.

Go for that one stuff that was such a good rally for him fully in control had what could have been a possible put away Cross Court it's good wow wow stack through just hanging in there and I think I think that was probably.

With Stack Street dropping the ball in front of Hunter and making a bounce it was probably the best shot Hunter is hit in that exact situation all match and he was unable to win the point great Court coverage from fed all right just cannot have the return error at this level.

Giving up three points and singles can easily go away from you good depth from Johnson on that one just catching the line so a stack should pointing at that Cross Court not able to get there great job from Stacks through closing ground there.

Yeah it would have been a big mistake to hang back and let that ball bounce seeing Hunter Johnson in a little bit of trouble and charging forward great play from fed oh great anticipation from statured he was already moving to that spot here you can see him look at him move gets that shot and it's basically two.

Two examples he should have let that one bounce the previous one I like I like the anticipation I like him crashing hard it's just so tough to you know when it ends up at your shoe tops to lay off when you're when you're charging in so hard again a good deep return from statue but he's going more middle he forces Johnson.

To try to create an angle that's that's not there and that ball goes out wide no just out that's a great eye and I think uh it is it is a slight bit of crosswind as well so I think that's just such a phenomenal eye and being very Court aware because under regular conditions that might have dropped in Great lead from Hunter.

Wind is blowing in literally everything sure sure there is no direction it's not a fatty you can you can see the the elevated camera with a little bit of a wobble and it's not even that elevated really oh that one taking the ball early that was ridiculous I mean he is he is charging forward flipping the ball off.

His shoe tops right as it hits the court incredible degree of difficult on that passing shot difficulty not difficult thanks for not calling me out Compadres it was just wait for you to correct it or I let it go foreign.

I mean with the wind you just really don't know and and a really incredible hold from Hunter Johnson who is often I would say much more often than not taking that ball up the line and of course uh that being the case Federico having to kind of hold in the middle of the court and then at the last moment Hunter Johnson.

Pulls that Cross Court just incredible deception and shot making from Hunter that ball missing deep as well from Stack Street Johnson doing a good job the last few points of not being so fine forcing Stacks through to make the shots oh my gosh and again he's coming into the court when he takes these shots look.

Taking I mean that's that's five feet inside the Baseline Chad maybe so but he's taking it earlier to cut down the reaction time of statue statue is trying to come forward if Johnson Waits on that ball a little bit then statue gets into position and then is able to make the adjustment well I do and I think you're exactly.

Right Chad I always say this to my students hitting the ball early or taking time away from your opponent is no different than hitting the ball hard it's literally the exact same thing so whether it's quality of shot or or taking your your time away from your opponent uh the results are oh no stop.

It 41. 41. goodness gracious you said it earlier you were like just wait that's steady that's not Gus some of the gusts that we're getting have to be closer to 50. Wild and that temp certainly Rising as well as the humidity drops though good amount of cloud cover still here at the venue Houston Memorial Park.

Uh do you um you guys are you're from Florida Chad what what is a tropical storm what's the threshold for wind 60. oh my little look at here I mean come on we're approaching a tropical storm I would say so on the horizon Hunter Johnson wants some cowbell from the crowd walk out Al all right two points away from the end.

Change again it's so tough the wind just pushes that down and then Johnson's lunging a little for that yeah sure tough in the moment to make the adjustment but he's got to drop that ball oh.

Stature not having a whole lot of success going down the line on that backhand side oh second this stuff right there and we have Chad Edwards is about to blow away that is a strong wind I do not have a chance oh was that good that was good he kept.

It in and then statured reading the spin waiting for that to come back outside the net in the ATP under that I think he got a little loose with the one hand but maybe he didn't have the reach with the two Hand as you mentioned earlier Adam that two hand sacrifices a couple inches a.

Reach there it is there it is fed let everybody know you're here to stay you're here to play Let's Go nobody wants to sacrifice inches no no I'll leave that with you guys another 360 . great angle and I missed an opportunity to mention two points ago he.

Did a double 360. two in the same point so he's getting frisky with it which is definitely different than getting jiggy with it right oh correct different oh almost definitely one of the parts of stat screwed's game a little bit more so in doubles is his.

Ability to put those balls away that are that are higher not as much power oh good cat it's in a while I see Hunter Johnson kind of relax and with staxrude being the one on the other side of the net I just I don't.

Ever want to see that until it's done yeah because stack suit has gotten some shots back you didn't expect oh that ball pushed wide he had it was what yeah he had it but the wind at that last minute a 40 mile an end go I'm 40 mile an hour wind going cross-court is not going to keep that ball in going down the line.

Yeah tough I'm glad I'm glad he didn't oh I mean he he could he didn't he confirmed that Kyle was out right I believe he did and again he wasn't looking before he was looking this time it's just it's as simple as that you're not going to look at every single shot.

Every single time oh my God that always out oh my goodness no way oh no way oh my gosh I did not realize wow I couldn't fathom it I thought he was just kind of questioning whether he can see.

One and not yeah exactly I thought he actually overturned the call that's let's not let fed know that we know because I I don't like it when they look in the booth and ask it it's very uncomfortable I mean regard regardless that I mean that was definitely out but staxrude has to shake it off there there.

Is no going back there's no changing it it's it's what's done is done and you can either let that eat away at you right and create more frustration more whatever or you put your head down and it's on to the next definitely and and I mean the only thing I can think from the the umpires uh the referee's point of view is the.

Wind is affecting the play and the players a lot and that ball was basically in until the very last oh yeah yeah I thought for sure he had a beautiful shot and then at the last minute the wind just pushed it out certainly but very very tough uh uh so let's keep in mind it's tough on the referees as well but oh I mean without.

Question it's I would never in a million years change jobs with them we now have the end change Hunter Johnson will finish up on the far end Federico stack suit on the near end that's half an inch from being unretonable oh we're playing.

we get uh we've got three cables running across the table headed to one spot so we can we get twisted a little bit it's cozy in here it's too good Johnson stepping in taking that ball.

Early again but with the roll Stacks root is flirting with a warning coming his way here if he gets a warning he's going to blow his top yeah I don't know I think he's he's willing to the warning is it's just a warning you know there's no that one definitely wide from Johnson oh he was falling backwards.

I don't know I I I I don't I don't like this I I I don't I gotta talk to Byron he's right there yeah it's just a really it's really uncomfortable in the booth because I mean he just overruled that again no no I think it's just nobody he didn't see.

That one I believe so um yes very a couple couple testy tough uh situations I don't know I thought that last one hit caught the line I I would if if I had to lean towards something I would say in but I am not 100 at all so close man that's the tough spot too is when.

Players like that artists no frustrated you you call things much much closer than you would you got in another situation he did yeah well I mean that is the right call I think what I'm just I was literally like I'm ducking if I feel a paddle throw coming oof I mean.

Oh no the crowd's booing fed I mean he he's he's starting to throw some stuff around he's starting to slam some things yeah I mean this is yeah at this level I unders I understand entirely but you just have to be able to be at a level that you keep yourself composed there's a level that you can go.

To and allow yourself to express that and they're happy because it gets booed and clapped all in the same sequence right there he's laughing I tell you what he's gone from being kind of blowing his top to like very next Point positive self-talk or kind of blowing his top to smiling so it's it's a range of emotion this is a.

Max effort everybody wants to win and I would be lying if I said I hadn't lost my stuff a couple times out on court so while it is such an important part of the game it is just so difficult in these tight moments especially when a couple things don't go your way can't find out.

But this is It's kind of it's kind of it's kind of fun though it's intense there's like a nervous energy that I have that I I don't mind no oh yeah and I was just waiting for that that straight hand to turn to a finger that ball went down no it looked good to me it's a terrible vantage point for me.

Though that back corner is as far away no no no it was it was it the stacks rude special so much Pace extremely subdued now there's no yelling there's no ending he's just locked back in it's uh a very quiet intensity that he has right now what happened what happened.

What happened now so Hunter was saying that he was not ready to receive the referee called the score Federico serves the ball and Hunter just catches it because I got you I was looking down at the monitor a better sequence from stacksawood right there moving Johnson around with some heavy spin.

7 10. the hands from Johnson at the net yes back to back good reads too stepping to his right on the initial pass and then a sliding over to his left to be very ready for the cross-court backhand from Federico nice Court coverage from Hunter in anticipation oh what a gap that bolt just missing out.

Though 7 10. yep but that was his friend was ready to lose it man I love this this is great it was in he smiled at us like okay showed the pearly whites there you know everything's all good with the smile but but I'll tell you what guys this really.

Has been an exciting five minutes however you want to look at it not standard uh typical stuff for sure so I I think it's great I don't think anyone has quite gone too far just to see the energy and how much they care uh I I think it's I think it's great yeah I'm down I'm down for all this I'm excited to be here I'm excited to be.

Witnessing it yes there was you know some some slight verbal thing said a slight paddle toss but nothing that quite crossed that line in my opinion but pretty close probably pretty close there were some lines crossed earlier yeah for sure for sure ah I've been trying to cut down on that and I did the double for sure man my mom.

For sure for sure yeah my mom's gonna get on me for that she has she has a tip for me every time before I get in the booth I see I get the call from my mom and it's like at least I get to hear your voice when you're commentating because you don't call me yeah good good kitchen control from.

Johnson and he almost overran it so he adjusted and kind of did a mini pancake right in front of his body great paddle control and adjustment from Hunter Johnson both sailed I am pushed a little bit more by the wind definitely changed Direction a little bit we're not feeling it as much in our.

Face right now The Crowd Oh my gosh wow I mean oh I'm not sure if another match is going to top the intensity of this one Our Ladies do take court next Vivian David and Georgia Johnson take on Anna Brighton Paris Todd they will certainly bring the.

Intensity but a different kind I imagine another good job by Johnson steppian taking that ball early oh what a pickup holy cow did not see that coming uh statues stature didn't see that one coming either he kind of stopped and then that's great great uh concentration from him because it was a.

Kind of a weird awkward uh shot from Hunter Johnson to get that back and to stay locked in at the kitchen line and hit that backhand for a winner well very good concentration what yeah Johnson's been playing pretty clean here this would be certainly a bad time to start letting some errors creep back.

In here good adjustment from Johnson with that ball catching the net it's no that was a just yeah 9 13. no 13 no I'm 13. okay if I thought it was 12. oh just ride.

Without the net it's a good angled finish catching the net just misses by a couple inches 9 15. oh that ball drifted on Johnson you saw him have to take a a second step and a stab at it wasn't even to miss it long and again I wonder if it would have gone.

Out if he'd let it go off the net but I couldn't quite see hit it so quickly we have a timeout here from Johnson has fed back within two yes Johnson just been pushing these deep yeah a couple couple mistakes from Hunter but I mean it's just I've been in a couple situations like this on the doubles Court uh not not so much the.

Singles court but you're just you're almost kind of you know you get that 13 9 13 8 lead and you're just like come on man just just fold just yeah come on just give me just give me a couple and I'll tell you right now Hunter Johnson is not playing the right person for that to happen at this moment you know fed will be battling for everything and uh.

Nothing's easy out here in between the lines and uh once again just uh really happy to see uh these great competitors out here giving up putting on the show for us yeah this is fantastic I mean definitely the crowd into it they've been phenomenal here in Houston well I don't know that James is not even stack suits still testing the referees.

Right there questioning if they saw that ball out oh my gosh oh I have a I have like that nervous feeling in your stomach gold medal match point would be his first gold medal in singles I think first gold medal in Pro.

Oh and he's got it I mean what a match excellent job from Hunter Johnson right there representing Texas well here gave it everything he had Stacks rude Fierce competitor the high five to the kitchen I love it I mean wow what a match we head to the Franklin Studio to talk to first-time gold.

Medalist Hunter Johnson who gets it done and he is feeling good he still wants the crowd on their feet for him we're back I mean I get my heart my heart is racing all right our ladies doubles match as I mentioned up next Georgia Johnson and Vivian David take on Paris Todd and Anna bright coming up next here in Houston do not go anywhere.

The app sunmed Houston open brought to you by powerplate the official recovery tool of the app Tour by Selkirk an official paddle sponsor of the app tour sunmed the official CBD of the app tour and pickleball Central your pickleball Superstore catering from beginner to Pro I want to do it foreign.

foreign welcome back to the Franklin Studio after one of the most intense gold medal matches we've seen here first time ever gold medalist Hunter Johnson I mean he takes you to three takes you the tiebreaker you're nervous he's coming back which he was I mean how just how.

Did that match go there was a lot of ups and downs a lot of intensity just how are you feeling overall at the conclusion I'm ecstatic I want to thank the Lord right now those I don't know how to pull that out um yeah it was just the wind was pretty difficult for both of us I just we both had to dig deep and I mean could have.

Gone either way honestly so uh yeah we just I was lucky to get those last couple a couple points I I tried to go bigger sirs which is a little risky I was missing a couple because of the wind so yeah shout out die them or my Texas item shirt today for to represent Texas uh yeah I'm I'm ecstatic I made a bit of.

An intense match obviously some tough line calls on both sides when that happens and some player obviously fed extremely frustrated are you using that to your advantage are you recognizing that and staying calm yourself to try and balance out that he's getting a little chaotic and the energy a little bit all over the place yeah I mean.

There's a couple tight calls I mean he's a fair line caller I mean they I thought they landed the ref saw him that's just how it goes sometimes uh but yeah I mean I just I think I just got a little lucky on those and and I just tried to stay focused uh he was complaining a little bit I tried to just block it out and just focus on my game I knew that if I.

Kept kind of pressing him maybe he would help and it would start to go my way and it did so I'm pretty happy I mean it has to feel pretty good to get your first gold medal here in Texas got friends family here that have been cheering you on brother Yates of course here as well I mean just any final shout outs or thank yous before Ken comes in with our.

Trophy yeah Shadow died again um shout out Yates because I actually had to beat him to get here so it could have been either one of us I mean we're both the same level so maybe next time he'll be the one to win um but yeah just grateful for my family my friends that are here crowd was unbelievable today I mean geez they the.

Stands are completely packed so yeah I just fed off the energy and I'm pumped to see how the year ends and how the rest of my career will go in pickleball all right let's bring in Ken Herman with your first ever giant trophy from the ABB tour let's go I'm here congratulations you have a lot of fans here Houston Texas a lot of new fans.

This is terrific our gold medals for the Houston open great to share this with you well done right a big congrats once again first time Hunter Johnson here in our women's doubles is up next as I mentioned Paris Todd and Anna bright Face Georgia Johnson and Vivian David in the wind.

Here in Houston it's coming your way right after this thank you foreign thank you.

foreign foreign stations foreign.

foreign go thank you foreign.

foreign foreign foreign foreign.

foreign something back here in Houston Texas for the app sunmed Houston open it is Championship.

Sunday two down three to go here in our gold medal matches coming up next Georgia Johnson and Vivian David take on Anna bright and Paris Todd Johnson and David coming through our winner bracket final over Todd and bright excuse me they faced off in the semifinals defeating them 11-4 7 11 11 9 so a tight matchup.

Vivian David 25 years old in Dripping Springs Texas her family originally from Slovakia she was born in Canada there for a few years before spending a good part of her life in Naples Florida Americans Slovakian isn't that isn't uh uh Lucy kovalova.

Slovakian am I wrong I know Mark Martina is Slovenian yes close close but she was homeschooled so she does not have a college tennis background but she does have a tennis background just not an official Collegiate one her partner Georgia Johnson definitely.

Doesn't have one as she is only 16 years old so crazy I mean she's in Boynton Beach Florida of course with the Johnson family we'll see older brother J.W Johnson coming up next in the men's doubles match this is the first time those two have ever played together Vivian David and.

Georgia Johnson first-time Partners here and they find themselves undefeated in the gold medal match it will be Paris Todd and Anna bright that ultimately again need to try and double dip if they can win the two out of three portion and the tiebreaker match 215 we've already seen peristad once today in singles ultimately taking silver.

Her partner Anna bright 23 years old attended University of California Berkeley for her hello Vivian college tennis career actually left High School a year early being recruited there very heavily one of the top recruits out of high school in the country also hiked the Appalachian Crest Trail.

Adam Stone oh that bald lands in Todd I mean not wrong to let that ball go when it's over your shoulder but yeah again hitting that wall of wind but we reached up to 41 miles an hour not today Vivian David I mean we have both talked that Vivian David is playing out of her mind this weekend some of the.

Best pickleball I think we collectively have seen her play She's definitely playing to her full potential this week a little bit of a change up there from David to the two-hand backhand of bright yeah very nice misdirect from Vivian David I would say I played Vivian David several times in mixed doubles I say.

She's one of the best players on tour at keeping the man honest with that misdirect and obviously it can work wonders and women's doubles as well I I would agree with that and I was telling Lauren I think she's the best one of the best if not the best right-sided players on on tour yeah with yourself in that mix thank you Chad not.

So sure about that statement but thank you and uh just just for you guys at home a misdirect what I'm talking about when I say that is when a player is receiving a cross-court dink uh from the opposite angle and then they push that ball Straight Ahead at their opponent fall sailing just deep it'd be.

Interesting to see if Todd and bright take the same strategy that they did against judging and Coop last night whereas when they got in those hands battles they took a couple of steps back from the kitchen line it's a counter attack nice put away power from Anna bright obviously all four ladies on court uh.

Well-rounded players but I would probably lean towards Vivian David being the most defensive minded of the four agreed well confusion in the middle there yes and I thank Vivian kind of tapped her chest like my bat I gotta leave that for my uh left-sided partner to smack that forehand she kind of creeped in a.

Little bit and uh Miss hit that two-handed backhand counter attack watching our Baseline camera it's almost like it's attached to a buoy in the ocean bobbing around in the Wind like getting blown around and the wind has changed Direction in the last couple of matches as well oh.

Not too sure about that let's step in from Anna bright right there yeah she was she stepped to her right to look to be aggressive in the middle unfortunately it was a shoulder High shot ran into the ball from Georgia Johnson okay great pickups.

Yes and we've seen that a couple times in the previous two singles matches as well with the wind wreaking havoc it's hard to clear your body Yeah Anna was trying to move to her left to get out of the way of the ball and just couldn't do it a little too much movement on that.

Paddle from Todd in that reset trying to cut it too much with that absorption and causing it to pop up and we will have a timeout from Bright and Todd here as they are now trailing 5-1 in game one of this gold medal match of course Vivian David and Georgia Johnson looking to close this out in two and go undefeated through the women's.

Pro bracket we'll have our men's doubles gold medal match coming up following this decal bar and DJ young take on JW Johnson and Zane navratil coming up next and we conclude our day here in Houston with our mixed doubles we'll see Vivian David back in Action as will Paris Todd be.

With their Partners Thomas Wilson and J.W Johnson and looking at that standings list we have Georgia Johnson in the number two spot for doubles points and a bright in seven Vivian David in four and parastat I am sure not far behind that top ten as she has been accumulating points pretty.

Aggressively yes this year she's burst down to the scene you're exactly right Lauren that's that's a volume issue not a quality of a play issue for her and she will be right there very soon Lauren hmm Georgia Johnson's saying test my hands I'm going to test yours and then reset in the middle there and does the 16 year.

Old hop around afterwards I was gonna say Vivian David has the strongest legs on the lady's side but Georgia Johnson her calves are going to be pretty strong with all the bouncing she's doing out here in Celebration foreign good ball movement from Johnson right there.

Heavy Cross Court ball toward right and we talked a little bit yesterday of new Partnerships and how much we like this partnership with David and Johnson definitely have some fun out there I mean that literally might been their first unforced air so far in game one crazy.

Mary Bitner is our USA pickleball certified referee in first position both balls in from uh from that first look from my point of view godson they don't do any anything too fancy too aggressive they're simply consistent I just hit the shots oh my goodness I thought she had a shot at that instead.

Of putting the paddle up she dipped down instead yeah and I would say uh Vivian David and Corinne Carr in a battle for the smileiest pro on tour and uh it's it's a tight race your question is does Corinne small as much at you as she does on the pickleball court she does not easy quick answer.

I have seen that oh my goodness I mean domination here what is that jock jams Total Domination here from Georgia Johnson and Vivian David I mean this could be easily the quickest goal of metal latch we've had of the day but we'll find out if Todd and bright have the adjustments to force a game three or if Johnson and David are cruising to a.

Gold medal here we'll find out right after this foreign foreign thank you thank you.

Foreign foreign foreign go back into the action here on.

Championship court at the Sun Meadow Houston open here on the app tour at Lauren McLaughlin Adam Stone and Chad Edwards here Courtside is Vivian David and George Johnson on the far end take on Paris Todd and Anna Bright Now on the near end Johnson and David just steamrolled through game one 11-1 I.

Suspect bright and Todd will make some adjustments here it'll be a little more competitive but what Adam what happened in that first game uh this is this is my high level deep analysis of the situation it is hope that they cool off because it was a perfect storm of consistent play good decisions and well-timed aggression by.

Georgia Johnson and Vivian David in game one wow and it continues perfect execution of the around the post by Vivian David fully outstretched bringing it back in going between the feet of Anna bright I would expect that we're going to see Todd and Bright Bay a little more aggressive here in game two.

Kind of put some pressure on yeah so you're exactly right Chad so you either you either pull off try to find some Rhythm for yourself and play a soft game or you just say man these players are on fire right now and picking their spots well let's just take it to them and see what happens and I would say the ladder is probably the best option given.

The player Personnel out there with the Firepower of Anna bright and Paris Todd yeah again they're two players that are going to feed off of the intensity I think they have to play that that high speed high intensity right now just to get themselves back into it then they can kind of move things around a little bit.

More whether it's the wind whether it's just simply a new game and a bit of a break but David and Johnson already you know more errors than we saw in all of game one out of them here to start game two like I can't I can't describe to you how rare just a two-game steamroll is with this quality of players on court there's.

Almost always going to be a little dip from the winners of game two and the rise in level from The Losers of game one all right digs good pressure from Paris Todd I'm pretty sure yes that Anna and Paris might have spit on each other after that celebration but.

That's that's the intensity that they need looking right into each other's eyes yelling getting that Vibe going and as you see quick early lead in game two picking up there again Mary Bitner our first referee here Daryl Wynn in second referee duties for this women's Pro doubles gold medal match.

Good leads just I think she definitely thought it was going out and then it oh I mean oh wow far away it looked like it caught it she just she said we'll just call it in that's what Vivian said Shocker from Vivian I know oh referee said he saw it and I'll be off the paddle of Todd definitely looked.

Like it was going to go way out uh with how flat the paddle was laid back but again that wind playing havoc that aggression there from Johnson two three two cover off the net yeah good adjustment from Todd very difficult to do but she was able to keep that paddle out in.

Front and just extend through that keeping the ball down with the adjustment off of the neck cord okay cannot give that high of a ball to Vivian David definitely not and as uh still a current Pro Player I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty sure I would be number five if you threw.

Me on this chord and put it and put away power oh yes they are hitting the ball with an incredible amount of pace angle yeah the good backhand roll from Georgia Johnson she takes those dinks really early goes heavy left hand with that one it just.

Accelerates through similar to a left-hand forehand it's a way to execute that two-hand backhand yeah tough break and Georgia just really really amazing a way she can control that backhand because that wrist is really and loaded you can see the angle of her paddle a little bit.

Different than a lot of the other players that go with two hands on the backhand side me just wide I thought she just missed it oh man man did you not think that just missed I thought it was wide but I thought it was in but I don't I'm I I'm not good at.

Those I mean same same all they could say is what we thought questions I mean the get from Vivian David in the middle of that point Anna bright put a really good swing on it David somehow brings it back an inch over the net and.

Then Johnson stepping in yeah I would say Vivian David one of the best players on tour of sliding to her right and loading up with that backhand side and these days she's not only releasing with two hands she will occasionally take that second hand off and poke it with the one-handed backhand a lot of variety and quality shots from.

Vivian on that on that Wing yeah and that's what makes us such a good right side player is that movement oh definitely yes a lot of a lot of tournaments and practice with Deco bar uh really working on the sliding and even the very first point of the match we saw her get real low in Tomahawk that forehand so she's got some really good.

Uh counter-attack options on the right side full sailing a little deep from Georgia Johnson right and Todd taking the lead here yeah great pressure from Georgia Johnson just such a young age so offensive and so crisp with the the power shots in the.

Initial speed up just incredible play oh a lot of a lot of people ask how Georgia Johnson's so good so young but you look at probably the fact that JW's been smacking balls at her since he started smacking balls over the net so she's she's seen this pace before yeah really solid play and definitely a.

Really good matchup of Vivian David playing several tournaments with Corinne Carr earlier in the year and they kind of had a struggle who was going to be that left side Alpha both very very good supporting players but Georgia Johnson taking control on the left side beautifully oh my gosh Come on Vivian David.

Oh it's ready paddle in the wrong position oh so good so good so not only with the the movement of Georgia with the youth that wing span is just a perfect fit for that left side in my opinion oh David wanting that one back it was all over it we're at it perfectly but.

Trying to execute a little too quickly no yeah she was going for the the inside yeah the inside underneath it a little too for sure and there could have possibly been some slight uh mind to change on that one uh but either way uh definitely two underneath the ball lifting it uh too high to keep it in the.

Court two very good speed UPS from Anna Anna brought David able to somehow fight the first one off and then she comes into the body of Georgia Johnson and handcuffs sir fancy footwork.

And I think sometimes too we talk about you know Georgia Johnson is so good at such a young age but she does have a bit of an unusual style in the way she hits some of h