Foreign over here foreign to the app sunmed Houston open trust me the puns and amount of times that we say Houston we don't have a problem Houston are you ready for some pickleball Houston what's going on it's going to be too many to count so just like put a.

Counter up in the middle but thank you so much for joining us here in our head pickleball pregame show Lauren McLaughlin here first I have to start out with two big birthday shout outs to two of my good friends in England Anthony mcilvaine his birthday was yesterday a big happy birthday to him and then Louis laville the number one.

Pickleball player in England it's his birthday today so definitely give some shout outs to those guys but just wanted to start with a big happy birthday to those used to but here in our head pickleball pregame show a quick rundown of our tier one weekend we are back to our tier one here which means more money on the line all of the heady hitters.

That you're used to seeing here on the ABB tour are all here and we are going to have a championship Sunday so we have our Pro singles today we will have our mixed doubles tomorrow followed by men's and women's on Saturday and then all of our gold medal matches in our pro events will be all in one place on Sunday so we're streaming on Facebook and YouTube.

As always and again thank you so much for joining us definitely hit that subscribe button like follow share all that good stuff that we love on social media but we have a fantastic match to start us off two of the best nicknames really in pickleball are going to face off here we have Zane Gucci navratil he's taken on Austin the Amazon man.

Chicken to love and it is going to be a great matchup we have as I mentioned tons of the faces and names that you are excited to see this weekend all here in Houston so well as I mentioned Houston let's get ready for some pickleball thank you.

Foreign foreign up oh foreign.

foreign welcome back everyone to the app sunmed Houston open Lauren McLaughlin and I am joined by Adam Stone who will be here for a good part of today he actually is.

Uh dipping his toe in some singles today but he's on a break right now and then you thought you'd be joining me permanently shortly Adam is that the deal uh well I I unfortunately have the pleasure of playing the loser of rafikut and Gabe tardio both very very good singles player so uh I might take a little 15-20 minute break and get back.

With you all right well we are excited to have you as always here in the booth we have Marcia freszo our USA pickleball certified referee for this matchup it's a second round for Zane navratil who had a buy he is on the far end he takes on Austin chickatilov on the near end aka the Amazon man I think most people familiar with navratil 27 years old.

Originally out of Wisconsin now in Austin Tech quickly 23 years old out of Fernandina Beach Florida 6'5 is his height Adam Amazon I mean you can't you can't describe it any better Atlantic explosive but and not the envelope enviable position of facing Zane navratil right.

Now who is just a stud on tour tons of results Austin trying to get there he has the tools oh absolutely cut the shots it's not not just the physical stature he's got the skill hits that back corner yeah just a little barrage here from Zane navratil early in game one and Austin wants to stop that.

Bleeding as soon as possible and probably the right decision he is a student in chiropractic school right now actually he got the triple crown and won our last next-gen tournament that we had in Dallas so back here in Texas he's hoping to have some good results again here in the Lone Star State.

Yes and I had uh I had seen him in a couple singles draws in the Pro division but I got a really good look at him in that next gen in Oklahoma City and like I said he he's got the tools absolutely but I love too that he's such a humble guy he knows he's gotta put in the work first he doesn't expect it to just be.

Given to him just walk out and be amazing he's putting in the work he's putting in you know the training off Court when he has time and appreciate that yep Lauren we talk about it a lot these days maybe Talent could two or three years ago Talent could carry you a long ways you you better you better pair that.

Up with some hard work ethic on and off the court if you want to be successful these days absolutely good time out here for chickatilov as he has managed to get a point on the board now very nice second volley from Zane didn't do a whole lot with the first one but able to get chicken alive on the run on.

That second volley unable to come up with the passing shot but he did half the lead oh okay it was five two not four two so what's that 40 cut 40 of the lead there you go it's a quick math right there next level Mental Math you're welcome everyone not just a pretty face.

Good ball from Austin catching uh Zane navratil in the transition zone unable to pick it up off his shoe tops yeah well we know navratil is a big fan of that cat and mouse comfortable having both players at the net have talked to Chicken Club in the past it's not necessarily his style that he wants to get into so I don't think we're gonna.

See a lot of both players at the net too often both trying to keep the other back sure I think you're exactly right he's looking a little more to to rip away uh but I think he probably adapted his game a little bit with that wingspan to maybe get a little more comfortable in that kitchen game Zane definitely.

Does not have one of the bigger Wing spans on tour but man he has the quick feet that's for sure oh yeah catching the back line with that slice return check it to love yeah definitely a couple different ways to uh to cover the court with the reach and the footwork and a couple of few of us are blessed with both.

Yeah that's that happy balance combination when you can have some reach in the footwork yeah definitely good uh we uh we're both right on that line here in the commentary booth did curve little and there's there's a good Breeze here in Houston right now so that is kind of affecting some of these shots something to keep in mind.

Definitely in the past two days have been pretty crisp out here for Houston State oh yeah at this time of year kind of getting into the highs in the 60s but as we move into the weekend the temperatures are going to start to rise for sure yeah it should be a really nice weekend here in Houston great passing shot from Saint navratil.

We talk about it a lot some especially in the singles uh with the quick points and the big hitting those early matches with the crisp air can really get away from you oh yeah the great dipping passing shot from Zane navratil making uh chicken talav uh very difficult volley unable to convert.

You know a lot of the players that we're going to see here this weekend coming off MLP last weekend you guys played indoors which is a whole different sort of environment coming back outdoors I mean yeah we talk a lot about the adjustments you have to make to your environment and is that going to be something the.

Players have to readjust back to if they were playing indoors last weekend absolutely for sure and it was quite cold in in the indoor facility as well so we're missing missing that ball but yes so uh for sure and maybe similar conditions for these first couple rounds but as it heats up and that ball gets.

Softer you definitely need to make an adjustment in the middle and the end of a singles day so check it to love I mean he's trailing you know a little bit here nothing crazy but he he hasn't let navratil run all over him so certainly you know put things here and there that haven't gone his way but I think.

They can never to work for it here for sure no for sure and in 8-3 that can look a lot of different ways this is a tight eight three in my opinion sometimes you have an A3 where it's very clear someone is in complete control but uh yeah Austin's right there missed a couple couple balls on the lunge uh sprinkled in an error or two and that's.

The difference right now that wide I thought that was very interesting I don't did it did it just have spin did it skip off the line like I don't know what happened yeah he kind of called it out and then dropped his shoulders and then asked Marcia and then asked Marcia I'm not sure I thought it was going out.

And then he just didn't really try for it and then it like created that weird outcome but yeah I must have caught a line nice shot by Zane navratil I would say himself and J.W Johnson with that carved backhand volley angle uh two of the best in the business at it yeah I think Austin was thinking Zayn.

Was going to drive that ball to space and Zane kind of went at the body a little bit and Austin not able to come up with it s job little his hips and his shoulder said he was going to go cross-court with that forehand but he pushed it inside out and Zane unable to get anticipate that and.

Get got there a little late all right Austin here we go putting a little pressure make it make him feel your presence a little bit big man yeah that was a nice return from navratil we talk a lot in singles that the return is often up the line depending which side you're on especially you know Austin if he's going.

To stand far to the left when he's serving it navratil comes up that right sideline for Austin it's a lot of space to cover even with his very long legs makes for a difficult third shot for sure and he's he's he hasn't done anything to earth-shattering with the serve but it has a lot of shape and it.

Has a lot of depth so uh nice return from zaverto on that previous point I just called him zavertill I heard you but I was gonna let it go I'm a professional you're a professional that could be a thing it's ever until it's kind of fun yeah maybe you'll find that it's better than Gucci nobody likes that that's outdated anyway I'll date it.

I usually call myself out for those as well so I appreciate that you did no definitely all right navratil gotten a little momentum again here now so he will have a game point yeah made the made the big man bend a little lower than he wanted to on that.

Uh backhand roll but Austin made him feel his presence a little bit towards the end of game one but they never told too much uh seals at 11-5 we'll see if chicken to love can push him a little harder the second game will be back into the action here in Houston right after this foreign.

foreign there's only one back to the action here on Championship Court Lauren McLaughlin and Adam Stone here in the booth we have Austin at chickatilov on the far end taking on.

Zane navratil our number one seated player here in men's Pro singles oh hello yeah trying to break some ankles right out of the gate send a message definitely Zane coming in hot Austin doing a great job getting inside of the ball pushing that inside out for a clean volley winner till taking game 111 five looking to.

Close this out in two let's see if chickatoave makes some adjustments just missed had a tough ball there Zane definitely guessing line correctly stinks when that happens you know you have all that extra Court over Cross Court.

It's a it's a real part of single sometimes uh you're in certain situations and you kind of have to lean or guess a certain way it can look like a champion or a little foolish at times wow great job push checked all back I thought he had the ability to keep coming forward chose to take that step back yeah I agree and uh from that.

Position about as good of a volley as you could hit from Say Never till I would have liked to see the Amazon man come forward and take that out of the air we felt this in a while Adam since you've been around the game but when you're a new player looking to break in kind of starting to get a little bit of.

Results there has to be still a level of you're up against players that you know are the top players in the world and you know you're you're maybe a little hesitant there's something that's like I gotta play perfect I gotta hit the right spots and I imagine it's hard to play as Loose as you need to when you just kind of have it that I don't know how do you.

Get that out of your head can you just missed it absolutely right I think that when I burst on the scene it was kind of a it's kind of a happy to be there and then that transitions to okay these guys are kind of like me I can play with these guys and to uh yes to to kind of get over that hump of I'm just playing with these guys.

To I'm competing with these guys and I can beat these guys is definitely a mental hurdle that some of these Young Bucks have to get through great backhand Austin stepping over to his right and Zayn with the Top Spin short angle roller on the backhand side just a a phenomenal shot from him.

Oh my gosh the windscreen uh-oh coming down we finally get on the screen there he goes you were one too many Adam kicked it over right right but but I do think that that is a really important point that you brought up because I I you can almost see it someone they're kind of laughing maybe even possibly joking with.

Some of the top-seeded players and then you play them a few times and you realize they make a they make them they might make a couple more balls than me they might have some good Pace on these certain shots but there's nothing nothing or shattering there they're just good solid pickleball players so so it's so to get to get over that and and to.

Kind of uh realize that you know they're they're up here with you and you have a good shot to beat these players is definitely a mental thing that that everyone needs to go through and we talked too about you know Austin has the goods like no question but never Till's got the time over him he has the Reps under his belt that.

Austin just hasn't had yet and so we talk a lot about the big difference between sort of those up-and-coming pros and the higher level if you have someone with the talent sure to get there is the consistency you have to do it enough times that you know it's not as intimidating to be on Center Court it's not intimidating to play those top.

Players even maybe start to come close to beating them take a game off of them and just build your confidence that's just such an important level at that top that you know navratil goes into every match super confident that he can beat anybody because he can't right and it's been proven so it's like you know that I think again comes with time.

Which chickatov is working on building so definitely yeah we'll get there yeah that court time and that tournament experience is so important and to yeah to just yeah not to to not just feel privileged to be on the court with that player to to feel that you can compete and beat with beat that player that that is.

Definitely something that is more mental Than Physical absolutely I don't think anyone's looking at Austin chicken I've been thinking he's always he's always has some some nice outfits too I like it I appreciate the uh the Thunder quads you know poking out of the.

Shorts I mean it's crazy the dude is just just absolutely ripped and a total physical specimen so like we said get that court time get that experience and you know watch out everybody yep all right and it is just 1-1 here in game two as we have now moved past our windscreen Houston we did have a problem.

See what you did there yeah number one of Minnie got a space about can't make them space that was unintentional oh all right so there was a little cat and mouse and I grew up about 10 minutes from NASA so I've heard all the all the puns all anything you can do with Houston we have a problem I've heard it.

I can't wait to see what you got Lauren oh I feel I feel the pressure now that's the one got to have that one moving right into the court had his balance underneath him he knows that was a mistake and he he definitely enjoys that inside out forehand so uh I I imagine he will convert the next opportunity he gets uh jammed up have.

The the T-Rex arms there couldn't get those those big limbs extended uh with the with a nice deep spin serve from Zane navratil I think he might have got away with one right there he uh I think he could have done more with that ball from the kitchen line and kind of pushed it to the Zayn forehand but saying uh unable.

To clear the net oh there's the there's where the length exactly and so it comes in you're totally correct he he is with that frame and that skill set he has got to find a way to be a little more comfortable in the cat and mouse because man he took one step and he's there off of a good shot from Zane.

He had what he wanted so it's cool it's cool to see a little adjustment here kind of a side out battle early in game too but definitely some different constructed points from him in game two early he's not putting a lot of power on these shots I I agree and and I yeah I said I said the same thing a couple earlier he.

I think he could have released a little bit more on some of those shots from the kitchen Lauren I actually think that's throwing navratil off a little bit because he is expecting them to come back harder and he's just not I don't know if he's yeah if it's it's the follow through if it's where he's hitting it.

Or maybe just looking at him and being like how is this not 80 miles an hour on this paddle I do agree check it out I think could be doing a little bit more here with the opportunities he's gotten oh that's just too good yeah nice shot from Zane navratil with the Crow Hop right into it all his momentum and.

Balance forward obviously the position you want to be in when hitting ground strokes doesn't always work out that way but great execution from Zane quiet time out from the Amazon man I didn't even realize it was I when I'm watching you know watching him at next gen I'm sure you saw this as well very.

Vocal really gets into it you know he's that player that likes to kind of get loud when things are going well of course and it's just it the energy is a little lower from him than I saw last time and you wonder if that is a little he's thinking much more about I I have more work to do here against the number one seated team it's kind of created a.

More thoughtful Austin as he's approaching the court creating a little bit more quietness and uh I mean just some phenomenal players in the app NextGen series but we we are in a little bit of a different stage here and I think I think that's very clear so it is it is interesting to.

See his demeanor uh in the two events that's that serve long after a nice backhand volley from Chicago on the previous point two points ago but same guy missing the serve long five three three five three here in game two never to looking to roll a little here maybe get something started.

Yeah he's got the wind right into his face yeah another one from from chicken to love where you see the mid-pace attacks a decent amount and doubles but I I haven't seen the mid-pace shots from the kitchen and singles saying not 100 sure about it but concedes the wide call again we obviously saw the windscreen go.

Down earlier if you were watching so we definitely have a decent amount of Breeze here on court certainly affecting the shots depending which end you're on it's going to make a big difference definitely yep I I have a feeling from what I've seen that the be a little Breezy.

Throughout the weekend here in Old H-Town the old stomping grounds I know it's been a while what are Houston's like nicknames what is this Third Coast oh okay all right yeah H-Town you know that's that's good stuff right there nice recovery length almost bailed him out Zane with a.

Good anticipation of the line shot from chickatoave tough yeah fortunate he tried to let it go I think he thought it was going to go out it looked like he was pulling his paddle tried to get it out of the way yeah either either way it looked a little funky and as it often does when it Clips off the tape makes even the.

Best players look a little silly at times nice deep serve saying never till should get to love talking to himself I think another effectively short I think if that if that return is a couple feet deeper Zane probably would have a better crack at the passing shot I would just love to know if it's a.

Intentional strategy at times or he you know maybe just isn't hitting a few balls as Christmas he wants to but either way he's been successful with a few of those so far in game two I think a lot a lot of pro players they're expecting the speed in that that helps their shot they're expecting the pace to help their next shot as well and.

When you don't have it it's like it's kind of like what happened definitely and it's a real thing in the doubles game if you you see a lot of those defensive players in the mid court if you rip it they get it back if you hit a heavy spin kind of medium pace shot they struggle with it a lot more oh that was nice great inside and there.

From the Amazon man chicken tall off needed that uh in this game too has Zane has come out with a few point lead and now Chick-fil-A back within two chicken to love right on par with uh pediga Maite as one at one of the uh better 5-0 plus names out there always always making it tough on us in the.

Booth oh what a get he thought that was done I I did you see chicka tallah he was done 100 percent he was not fully ready for that ball great get from Zayn navratil with the fancy footwork credible Court coverage first time we've seen him get a little.

Animated here in this match wow incredible for for uh chicken to love to just get to the kitchen line after that amazing serve and he was able to hit a crisp volley he was at a big disadvantage early on in that point but you see the footwork on that previous shot Zane made that decision I can't take this out of the air took four.

Or five little adjustment steps to get back to release on that backhand just phenomenal footwork from Zane navratil and is a uh you know under six foot player that I am I really respect it when a shorter guy has has that great footwork and can uh you know create such a consistent contact point to hit such uh crisp shots and perfect example of.

That and as you mentioned finished with the tomahawk a little little ball change out here a little cracked ball I think and you heard Zayn say just tossing the ball over to chicken to love letting him know it's a little a little more fresh than the previous one that's good sportsmanship.

Uh a worn down ball and a fresh ball definitely playing differently all right nine six here coming back from this ball change oh my goodness two-handed back and Cross Court yeah fully committed to that one I think the previous ball he had the same shot he kind of wasn't sure which spot he was going to go for he picked his.

Target there and he absolutely hit it match point and he will get it done but chicken lava again I think really good showing from him here I think a few more shots a little little more Pace a little bit maybe more confidence behind some of them and it's even closer than it was already but uh navratil will continue on.

Chickatoave now gonna go battle in the back draw Adam Stone you get called yet or are you going to play no they're having a battle it's already going to expect we still got you for a minute then so don't go anywhere we're back here in Houston at the app sunmed Houston open right after this foreign.

foreign thank you.

Foreign there's only one window foreign foreign.

Foreign thank you foreign hold up.

Foreign under the set inside foreign.

Foreign go welcome back everyone to the app sunmed Houston Open Lord McLaughlin and Adam Stone here at Courtside for our first quarterfinal matchup of the day we just saw Zane navratil defeat Austin chickatilov to get him into the.

Quarterfinals where he will face Yates Johnson but here we have the other Johnson twin Hunter Johnson who will take on Jack Foster Hunter taking out Grant bond in his previous match while Foster defeated Nate Matthews to get here into this quarter so winner of this will face the winner of Yates Johnson versus Zane navratil and you know Hunter.

Very well out of New Braunfels Texas just about an hour outside of Austin him and brother have kind of burst onto the scene here in this last year and he takes on Jack Foster who I think is pretty well known now especially in the single side of the game came off of a big silver medal in Alabama two weeks ago was his first time hitting the.

Podium in about a year so a big result for him and I think well deserved he's put in a lot of work this year but we'll see how we can do here facing off against the former professional tennis player Hunter Johnson hell of a starting there Jack I mean that's that's a good way to good way to get things going yeah I did.

Have the the privilege of playing an MLP with Hunter on my team this past weekend and we had a couple real nice wins and doubles my first time playing with him a really really good partner really talented player and I would definitely say that in this moment singles is his best event sure people.

Great pickup from Foster yeah nice job I think Foster early in that point thought that uh that Hunter Johnson was going to carve that drop ball he ended up pushing it deep great deception from Johnson Foster doesn't have a tennis background so he has a pretty unique Style with sort of that windmill.

Forehand serve all that could be very hard to read for sure a player that doesn't have traditional Strokes no no question and having a little little bigger back swing a little more frivolous with that backswing in singles you can you can get away with it a little more difficult in doubles but he he can when he gets hot with the.

Forehand it's it's trouble for his opponents No Doubt Hunter also with a very very good forehand drive we played some nice shake and bake points uh in this MLP last weekend and uh made my job easy as the poacher with some of those those dipping forehand drives make it making it very tough on on our opponent so uh.

Definitely an intriguing matchup as a quarterfinal I think this should be a very close match yeah Foster doesn't have any spin on that serve but again he just puts a lot of action on it very similar to a decal bar serve I would say just all power right just traditional nothing nothing too cheeky nothing too deceptive about.

It just a good a hard serve with depth and that can get the job done just as much as a spin serve these days a little early on the cross court pass attempt and I would also say that that is Hunter's favorite spot to go with the forehand is Cross Court foreign spot there from Foster.

Johnson thinking is putting that Cross Court makes a move for It Foster goes back door a little too much air underneath that passing shot from Foster ball back to Hunter who is at a quick three-point deficit early in game one oh sign up.

I will get yeah definitely uh you know not that they can't do it but I would consider both players more of a one two one two three punch type of player so to to see some of this cat and mouse I think could be a a big factor in this match some of the dinking and dunking because both players have very solid.

Serves and first ground stroke five one side out just missing that back corner yeah great return from Hunter Johnson uh Jack Foster not able to get his body fully out of the way of that ball even though he did have it lined up to a good Target with the inside and forehand maybe lots of shape on that surf lots of.

Tumble at the last moment with the spin created by Hunter Johnson and it created an heir from his opponent there to get with back within three uh early in game one yeah definitely a shot that I I think Hunter will will find as this match progresses.

Just unable to miss the tape on the last one yeah just a little bit of audio issues with the referee Mike well the speaker 2 is right behind gotcha Johnson so I think he is wanting to either and again I mean certainly within his.

Right a lot of players can be distracted by things certain things are going to affect certain players that are not going to affect others so totally get it yeah for sure and they're just gonna figure that out off court and have our our referee Lydia Blackman just take off that microphone for the duration of this.

Match Blake Blake blakeman oh my you stop it I don't believe it someone asked if you were a Houston native Adam and yes I know that you are not you're not from here okay so you can spend a lot of your life here but you're not from here so I was uh I'm a mountaineer I was born in West Virginia.

Moved here in fourth grade and I lived here all the way through uh high school and actually came back for a few years after so I've spent probably a good 20 years in Houston so I definitely consider this home oh no that was definitely sort of the best hit slash net cord.

Hate to see it yeah first first sorry not sorry of the day oh that was yeah that's beautiful yeah that's that's the balance the control right there so he's two or three feet inside the Baseline and man that makes it really tough on Jack Foster not get that return deep ER Point giving up on the serve.

I got a foot fault regardless it was yeah they're out so foster just stands to calm down a little sure definitely that was two I mean it's all it takes is two or three short returns and in a three-point lead completely disappears so foster even guessed right on that last passing shot by Hunter Johnson but when when Hunter's that far inside the.

Court hitting the ball as crisp as he does uh real really tough on Foster Foster 21 years old in Vero Beach Florida currently full-time student as well so I know that a lot of tournaments I'll see him doing homework in between his matches what a champion for doing that no I mean just what a good student he's being a you know preparing for his.

Future as I should say Johnson 28 long of course with his twin brother Yates they played professional tennis for about eight years we're hitting partners with the Brian's Brothers Brian Brothers Ryan brothers I was like there's no s in there what am I doing Brian Brothers yes he's throwing some.

Asses in there no they're very cool very very solid accomplished uh doubles players and um Hunter with the one inch height advantage on the twins there yep I have learned to tell them apart a little bit that's right and the white socks that gives it away too.

All right and from this time out we'll see if Foster can just settle a little bit here and get back some of the control that he lost there it is that's that's the key to the match for me so far is contact point on third shot drives when those returns are short the player serving has a big.

Advantage and we've seen it from both players so far in this game one great ball from Foster there he was uh not near as in the court he was on the previous one but it was just too good about two inches inside the sideline with that inside and forehand well executed an effort from Foster a couple almost.

Splits on each sideline I can't believe you've even got a paddle on that you can almost see Hunter thinking no no no yes he is oh gosh she's there yeah Foster does not he does not give up he I've seen him sacrifice the body on more than one occasion.

I'll just kind of pulled back on that yeah I'm not I'm not exactly sure if he he decided to change his spot or just kind of short armed it a little bit but that return definitely looked a little awkward friendly game a couple loose errors on her return and a serve from our players.

Johnson definitely a little frustrated with himself yeah you you're exactly right and he has not shown much at all but you you can tell a little a little droopy on a couple opportunities that he didn't come up with and uh you know tough not to not to show something out there when you're battling.

a return just staying in a nice little poke volley from Jack Foster I was wondering if we might see a timeout this time from Johnson and we do indeed trailing Again by three this is definitely I mean we talk constantly pickleball especially singles is a game.

Of ruts and we have seen that textbook here in this first game between these two yeah we've even had I mean we had five or six minutes where there wasn't a lot of points being scored and then just pow one or two minutes and and and the lead increases to three so uh you're exactly right with the runs I think it's a common theme in the sport in all.

Aspects of it but especially in singles just clumps of points we see it so much it's five or six here five or six here uh you rarely do you just have a full-fledged back and forth match with just a couple uh I mean it certainly will happen but these runs and these little hot streaks that only take two or three minutes can be huge factors in the.

Match absolutely it's starting to warm up a little here in it's like the breeze dying down just I think is probably helpful for our players in that deal quite as much with the win Factor see if Foster Ken oh.

Misses that just long yep all good uh I believe that's the first service Miss he might have had one more earlier but that's you mentioned it and that's definitely part of his game it's really uh so as you see Hunter sometimes his serve will land a little bit shorter but hunter definitely has more action more spin on his serve and.

Foster has more uh just raw power and depth Hunter had both yeah he had it all on that one he had the depth the spin and the power on that last serve and you saw the result players calls his second final timeout here in game one you can see he's telling himself to calm down but he's a.

Player that I love to point out he uses his timeouts really well he is very aware of when he needs one and he's not super stubborn but like you see some players they'll just kind of gut it out and no I've seen him call timeout so early I wonder what in the world is he doing calling a timeout this early it's like 2-0 but he just he knows what he.

Needs and he uses them accordingly and I I respect that tremendously I think two a little too frequently on the gutted out guy and I I think I should probably I'm naming names uh you're exactly right and I've commentated on a handful of his matches four or five and I think you're exactly right there's been a couple times where we're deep into game one and.

He hasn't used it and a couple times after two or three points he just didn't feel the vibe so uh as they say you can't take him with you why not use them when you have them and uh it's it's there's not a lot of little things that you can do to help yourself why not use those timeouts especially in singles.

With partner should be sure down giving you you know pep talks whatever the case may be agree completely but we are tied at nines now again here's the run now on Hunter Johnson's side wow three-point run four-point run can Hunter Johnson make it five in a row.

If he does he will seal this game one a little bad luck from Foster on the let court but a very nice pickup from Hunter Johnson on the previous shot to seal that game 11-9 with a five-point run incredible play from the fellas all right game number two in this quarterfinal match up here in men's Pro singles at the app sunmed Houston open.

Coming your way right after this foreign foreign foreign game two in this quarterfinal matchup Jack Foster now receiving on the near end from Hunter Johnson.

A game of back and forths for sure in that first game Johnson able to Edge out Foster just at the end taking game one we'll see if Foster can push this to a third game looking for a spot in the semis so much angle there from Johnson yeah did a phenomenal job getting outside the ball.

Kind of last second flipping that Cross Court Foster couldn't quite come up with it good deep return that's what it's going to take from Foster yeah Lauren pretty much exactly what I expected in game one a tight little seesaw Affair I would say you know Foster labeled as the veteran with some very good talent and Hunter.

Johnson the up-and-comer with maybe a little bit more Talent so so the fact that it went to 11-9 not shocking at all zero zero there we go right on cue did he call timeout I heard the paddle drop I I heard the pedal drop I didn't hear him say time out but I heard the paddle drop.

I know what that means look at this I just talked about this he he was like let me prove a point let me prove your point yeah for sure one zero and he calls the timeout that's right we got the camera on him he's just you know he's in he's in his own thoughts there I totally get it I've been there so many times just you know taking a second.

And just you know just regrouping so uh yeah he didn't like how the second game started boom immediately nope got a hard reset hard reset here from what I've seen of foster he's not going to be taking many at any time outs because he's tired so so it's it's all it's all strategic and it's all you know just to to squash some momentum and and use.

Those timeouts that way lots of different ways to use them we do have the twin in the stands watching if Yates is able to defeat Zane navratil in his quarterfinal match and Hunter takes this one they could face each other in the semis whoa twin versus twin just another storyline.

You know just that's they've been doing that their whole life right add it to the list you know one of them has to have some kind of mental Edge though I mean it's yeah they've been battling their whole lives you know they're they're so there's no way it can be 50 50. somebody's got to have an edge isn't it.

Always the firstborn with twins like like three minutes older than you okay I feel like it's usually the firstborn that makes sense to me one two both players is a little too loose seems like in this second game starting out here just swinging away perhaps a little too much.

I just caught it wasn't sure if that one was going to be able to drop or not but it does see how we backed up just a little bit giving himself a little bit more space to work with oh boy very interesting is Foster kind of like myself almost always hits a.

Forehand return and almost always hits a forehand ground stroke after the serve so he will run around that for sure and while that you create some angles and you know if you have a big forehand that's great occasionally you can get out of position interesting did that hit the I almost thought that hit the pole I actually I.

Don't know if that was the the sound because we have a we have a microphone on the net but it almost sounded like it hit the top of the pole not not the net tape that's interesting because if it does hit the pole that's that's uh point over just rip that thing cross-court like your your first uh your first.

Inclination you could see the Mind change a little bit there probably over thought it a little bit and uh missed his passing shot wide thank you I'm not sure he actually could have hit that but he pulled back like yeah that he was confident it was going to go out and it did not.

Again yeah that's two and easy Hunter off balance even switching the paddle over to the left hand as the ball just drops right in front of him yeah he was already switching Pals to try and get it in the first place paddle hands excuse me I mean monster.

That's silly to hit I mean everyone follows it up with this right I mean they get they get it's great they want to hit that shot from that spot that that combination is fantastic and just a little icing on the cake let's let's rip across Court Winter on the next ball because that's what we do we got a time out here from.

Hunter Johnson as he is now trying to I mean if your Hunter again this is just such an evenly matched here with these two players what is what can give Hunter the edge here as he's trying to regroup well I think you said it two or three minutes ago or two or three points ago where it was just loose.

It almost yeah like just intensify that footwork a little bit more lock in a little bit more because I think both players have been in some pretty good spots with passing shots and just not hit it like they wanted to so um that's the main thing I like Hunters passes a lot especially on the forehand side so just intensify that footwork make sure.

You're super set get that contact Point as consistently consistent as you can and and I think if he does that he he's going to be just fine five three I mean hitting returns like that also helps the situation as that was you know a few inches from the Baseline giving him that Court position Advantage.

Which is always nice whether it's singles or doubles it jams Foster up a little higher than he was expecting it just another opportunity for me to say T-Rex arm one of my one of my favorite sayings in pickleball pick up those are some nice drops from Johnson.

Just can't close it out yep you're exactly right they were very nice drops kind of squealing the tires a couple times and put them in really good spots but when he decided to let loose on the pass just couldn't quite curl it in just just missing that yeah it looked out from this vantage point a little block.

From the net but I am right on the line so I do think it was wide yeah we hear Jack Foster exclaim that he's going up the line every time with his backhand and that he needs to be sitting on that and a little more prepared for that shot from Hunter Johnson I feel like now Hunter's not gonna do.

That though I mean I'm pretty sure he heard it I mean for sure and that was the uh definitely the times that I have played and seen him play that is the shot that really explodes off his paddle as that cross-court forehand from Hunter Johnson and we saw.

It right there and forcing his opponent to take a time out oh we got we got some techno beats going let's go in the booth where's my glow sticks yeah no you need something it's a rave in here I love it yeah so what do we have here we have a we have a uh three I believe it was two two so a three-point run from Foster and now four.

More from Hunter Johnson almost a similar kind of carbon yeah carbon copy of that that first game I I spy with my little eye at JW Johnson high in the stands I mean he is playing today but it doesn't look like he's playing he looks fresh as a daisy up there has this kid even played no he's not playing today is he yeah you sure he.

Was supposed to be is he not I don't think he's playing oh well never mind well if Zayn's the ones hated and Stack's root is the two seeds that's true he was in the draw he must have decided not to play he went cross-court with that one backhand.

Yeah Secret's out yep I'd like to see j-dub taking an event off occasionally oh yeah I super respect him not playing today yeah especially coming off obviously all you guys had a big big weekend last weekend oh my God too good too good very nice is that back-to-back cross-court backhands from Hunter Johnson.

But I think there was even a stretch there where where JW was playing every tournament and he was playing the the split Pro so he's playing four events like six weeks in a row like Jada stop it I know you're 19 but come on yeah I mean your hope hoping you read your opponent right but.

Johnson quickly now with a match point that kind of came out of nowhere and that'll do it so one of the Johnson twins makes it into the semis the other one Yates Johnson face off faces off against a navratil and another quarterfinal match but we will head to the Franklin studio now as Hunter moves on you are facing sir Rafa.

Hewitt in the backdraw how are you feeling about that ah he's pretty good at Singles so you know we'll just we'll just see what happens I'm sure he'll be yelling stuff and whatever else so it'll be a good time either way all right well Adam Stone we'll be back whenever he's done with his day don't you worry but we'll head to the Franklin Studio to.

Talk to Hunter and then back into the action here in Houston right after this foreign which brings the best pickleball content to your smartphone tablet and big screen TV.

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foreign foreign foreign.

Welcome back to the Franklin Studio Lauren McLaughlin here with Hunter Johnson as he is heading to the semifinals so Jack Foster a little untraditional of a player you come from a very heavy tennis background he does not sort of have really easy readable Strokes in the way that he plays is it a little tougher facing an.

Opponent like that that doesn't have sort of the easier to read shots yeah I mean uh that was my first time playing Jack so I was a little I've seen him play a lot and I wasn't I had a little game plan but but obviously his four ends pretty deadly he runs around his backhand really well so I was trying to get his backhand so he was putting up.

Some big shots and I just kind of stuck in there and luckily was able to pull out the win we talked a little bit in the booth me and Adam you know sometimes your body language you're a little tough on yourself get a little frustrated occasionally definitely both of those games seem to be both of you are going.

On runs at different times how do you just sort of mentally stay in it when it's kind of see-sawing back and forth like that yeah I mean I kind of play games with myself in my head I mean I'm not too tough on myself maybe I could have better body language but but it kind of keeps me in the match kind of like self-talk uh so yeah just going.

Back and forth it was just trying to see who could you know get over the line you know as fast as we could so I was able to do that so it was great you are a little bit new were on the scene this year you and your brother of course as you're moving through the year as you're getting more reps more tournaments under your belt are there things that you're.

Feeling more confident with still have things you want to work on in your singles and your doubles as you're moving through towards the end of this year yeah I mean you're always working on something um drilling is a big new thing that we've kind of developed in our games we just.

Kind of started playing Rec games right away and then just kind of went from there but yeah just every day it's like we kind of figure something else new out and we're like oh I have that shot now and you kind of put it in your Arsenal and just kind of hopefully you can put everything together in the bigger matches and that's where you can kind of.

Make your way to the top so that's kind of our goal here and just trying to get better every day Yates faces off against navratil in his quarterfinal there's a chance you guys could face off in the semis is it always tough to play him do you feel like one of you has an edge over the other every time you play how is that to face off against your twin I.

Mean Yates I think we played he's 2-0 against me so so we'll see what happens with Zane I mean whenever we play together it's just it's super competitive so we'll hopefully he can he can defeat Zane and we'll have a good little matchup for the semi's uh we'll see how it goes yeah we will indeed but you were into the semis congratulations.

We'll take a short break we're back here with more singles in Houston right after this foreign foreign foreign.

foreign thank you foreign.

foreign hello am I back Spencer am I back everyone can hear me hello just oh that's me that's me we're good all right everyone welcome back we have another quarterfinal match here at the app sunmed.

Houston open more McLaughlin here at Courtside Adam Stone's Off plan his singles match he'll be joining me whenever he is done for the day back in the booth we have a Johnson Cola on the far end he takes on Gabriel tardio on the near end sinkola defeating Brandon Lane in his previous match while tardio had a.

Tough match with Rafa Hewitt ultimately going three four eleven eleven eight eleven six so a big win for tardio there tardio 17 years old out of Jupiter Florida Johnson Cola 42 out of McHenry Illinois in the Chicagoland area Breeze has picked up just a little bit more.

Again now into the face of tertio sinkola with that wind to his back boy what's it called holding that shot until the last second trying to not let tardio read where he was going with that oh Little Neck cord there stays in for sinkola putting him up by three now here in this first game.

Some cool the number three seed here in men's Pro singles cardio the number 11 seed tardio one of our next gen players who is continually working his way up the ranks looking to make a name for himself he has a lot of really great people to play with where he lives in Florida he's.

Got the Johnson family mercha marario Jonathan Wilson just a big crew there in southeast Florida Anna bright foreign good spot there from tardio see it gets up to that net putting himself in a good position to volley that forehand.

Foreign has a couple little trick shots that he pulls out and likes to use sometimes I can try and force those or Rush that call is gonna be in to call them much too underneath that drive turnio easily able to put a lot of pace and a good angle on that.

As it sat up a little too high and cicola follows it up with a free point on that return long both these players have a version of the spin serve that they are rocking cardio two free points recess oh my goodness your chest.

I mean he didn't even put a lot of watch the roll on this chest dips up and over the net that was a beautiful shot wait what not seen too much cat and mouse yet between these two players they both can.

Play the cat Mouse very well far these rallies really haven't extended long enough to get into that cat and mouse definitely have some serve return errors quick put aways like that so so far very short rallies here in this first game but both players still in it again talked in the previous.

Match oh singles especially a lot of runs that go on and coal is the one back on a run here after tardio was able to get much closer she call her possibly stopping his run there though with a serve into the net.

Arnio's such a talented young player very exciting always watching him struggles a little bit with consistency oh great anticipation there from tardio as cincola tries to go back across court with us again takes it out of the air so he sets it up a little high because that previous shot from.

Tardio was a good one tardio is he's a tall player certainly has already hit his growth spurt he's got that Long Reach recognizing when to take certain balls out of the air.

Foreign back within one but now cincola two points away from taking this first game made it about two more inches of clearance there wasn't cool to dip that over the net oh great anticipation there from sinkola but.

Tardio just never really relinquished control of this hands battle here had a lot of options to work with after he left that last shot drop right in that back corner it's cool I did a great job not pushing that oh my goodness oh.

Oh wow really nice job on both sides both of these players had some really good gets in this rally I mean tardio did a great job getting to that just try to do a little too much with it just needed to get it over the net try and make some Cola hit one more shot push a little wide though on a game.

Point here for sinkola and he'll get it done the beautiful little Cross Court shot there and again a game of runs certainly this first game could have gone either way we'll see if game two follows a similar pattern we're back into the action right after this also foreign.

foreign game two underway with a good amount of people already in the stands here for our singles Day first day of coverage and pro events here at the app sunmed Houston open Gabriel tardio on the far end takes on John cincola on the near end Andrea Gately is our USA pickleball.

Certified referee for this match I am Lauren McLaughlin thank you so much for joining us sinkola able to take game one after it it's similarly to our previous quarterfinal match kind of seesawed back and forth on that scoreboard turdio never able to get into the lead though looking to push this to a game too.

Though you will have some different wind conditions to deal with on that far end now similarly sinkola will have to adjust as well decent anticipation there from tardio just looked a little unfocused wasn't quite balanced sort of.

Running through that a little just missing that back corner yeah not a whole lots and cola can do with that again look how far off the court he is there to the left he loves that forehand does put him out of position occasionally wow it's that tape just does not quite.

Get the roll over tardio's looking for my sincerest apologies that is Diane Anderson our referee for this matchup it's that oh manages oh I was like it didn't stand okay could not quite see it right in front of me it was blocked oh wow oh my goodness that get from sinkola was ridiculous.

And he has fully extended he barely gets that up and over the net and of course tardio just tries to do a little too much with it he tried to put a massive angle on that and it wasn't needed he didn't need that much angle he's just got to get it over the neck cincola completely pulled off the court out of position there's almost no chance.

He's getting to really any shot tardio hits there's that forehand that sinkhole loves that's exactly why he runs around his forehand because he can hit shots like that it's Mitch hi Mitch thanks for watching he says snazzy Championship Court I think that's for you Spencer.

Shout out pickleball TV rocking our production this weekend Spencer Laurent at the helm tardio's just been just ever so slightly too low on his drives hit right into that tape a couple times needs to give himself a little bit more margin to work with pretty sure it was the pickleball Clinic.

That put out a tip of the day a couple days ago that they were reminded of from Paul Olin at our last Next Gen which is getting the ball over the net is more important than hitting a perfect shot and you're seeing that a little bit here between these two players sometimes just trying to do a little too much.

And they really just need to get the ball over the net I mean that right there is Goldilocks just right too much didn't do too little oh and follows it up pretty sure sinkola called a timeout no he didn't he was clapping I thought.

He was calling a timeout as oh no he did I don't know what's going on over here definitely a couple fantastic shots from tardio and the thing about tardio and I mentioned it in game one is he he still struggles a little bit with the consistency so he can have a couple amazing shots like you just saw the previous two rallies.

Just perfect beautiful shots but he has a tough time stringing too many of those together and a weather report here in Memorial Park Tennis Center in Houston we got a there's no way it's only 67. is that it's only 67 it feels warmer with the.

Sun all right 8.2 miles per hour this is like a live weather reading that Spencer's brought in so we love it giving you guys basically The Weather Channel over here as well pickleball with a side of weather I'm back all right we are tied at fives here Oh see it's the oh.

Great job tardio handled that so well put a couple great angled shots here a couple really great gets from cincola but tardio stayed calm didn't try to do too much because it wasn't necessary when cincola is on the Run and out of position as much as he is you don't have to put too much you just.

Gotta keep the ball in play puts him back up by one gorgeous right on that left sideline see that path that ball traveled taking a left turn there that is one of sinkola's if not his favorite shot that run around forehand.

Cross Court passing shot oh just clipped the net ever so slightly throws off sinkola here come on he had that does Turtle even get a paddle on that I mean that is defeat behind him like to maybe see a time out here from.

Tardio sinkola has gotten some momentum building here a couple errors from a tardio there there was a gigantic butterfly that sort of flew past cardio on that serve I do wonder if that almost distracted him a little bit oh great job from tardio got up to that kitchen line stayed in control.

Never really allowed sinkola to get up to that kitchen line oh yeah just ripped that forehand drive there with a lot of topspin good little hand exchange there haven't seen too many of those yet today as that gets sped up here cardio back within one.

Oh too good right down that sideline followed up immediately by the cross court shot and sinkola now with a timeout as we are tied up at nines here turnio hoping to take the second game and force our first game three here on Championship Court as I mentioned stands filling up here at.

Houston Memorial Park enjoying the fabulous weather and fabulous pickleball that we have all of these stands Courtside really nice Center Court area for everyone to be able to see and also stay in the shade anyone knows and a very sunny tournament weekend.

all right Gabe coming out of that time out not giving anything up he's got a game point here doors still open for sinkola to try and take this match in two again sinkola hits such an amazing forehand.

But when he runs around it on that left side he's so out of position he just can't get all the way across the court to get the next shot from Target when he places it so well timeout server ten nine one minute all right offensive time out here from tardio.

As he's going to have a game point coming out of this wants to just reset refocus you know shake off anything else that's happened before this one point none of it matters he just needs that one final point on the board here in game two to take this to three all right and tardio close this out.

That was a great return from sinkola right up that sideline when tardio free point at this stage 10. oh oh wow so I I've mentioned earlier that tardio sometimes does a little too much but.

This time really well executed goes for that angle the net cord sinkola is not gonna be happy with that another game point here for tardio oh and sinkola gives it to him with the return into the Nets of game three indeed coming our way here in this quarterfinal match up one of these.

Players heading to the semi at the conclusion we'll take a short break back here at the sunmed Houston open right after this foreign thank you.

Out welcome back everyone game number three and Adam Stone is back he's excited to be joining here for this tiebreaker third game Johnson Cola on the far end Gabriel tardio on the near end I mean Lauren they split the first two games I didn't need to be here for that is very unnecessary didn't need you at.

All oh tight ones too 11 8 10 12. yeah excellent very very tight sinkola definitely had an opportunity to not let tardio take that second game ended up losing with a server turn into the net so we will switch ends at six here in this third game I just love I just love the kid versus the veteran though I believe what's in.

Cola 42 yep oh it's awesome oh great spot there from tardio Terio loves to work those angles he's just he's all legs and arms oh yeah it's true I love the kid I'll tell you that much I've had some good conversations with you everything he's kind of like you see tardio and you just you kind of smile you know you just get a little a little.

Happier so he's my guy he's got a lot of talent and he definitely is at a at a very young age one of the better shot makers out on tour I mean some of the stuff that comes off his paddle is just ridiculous and if he if he ever finds a way to fully harness that and clean up some of the some of the mistakes watch out everyone yeah I literally was saying.

Basically exactly that his consistency is just a little lacking still oh just you know in inside inside out two-handed backhand up the line uh three inches from the line easy game easy game please oh yeah that's disgusting yeah that was that was nasty Houston that was disgusting Houston yes.

There we go that's that's only number two I'm sure you got a couple in when I was gone so I didn't I needed you to witness them and judge me oh I mean the consistency is here right now I don't I hopefully don't jinx Turtle but like every single shot he's hit this third game has been spot on.

A little high on those first two sinkola able to keep it back yeah better volleys from sinkola but I actually watched uh tardio and Travis rettenmeier play at the beer City open and doubles a few months ago and that is when I was really like this kid can win games now before he was just winning points he was just winning points and I was like he he's.

Got what it takes wow great recovery off that net oh sankola though Stand calm in the backcourt here the veteran and I just want to give a shout out to sinkola I mean this is so tough on the body a great great volley too too high on the drop from sinkola but like I said this is this singles game is tough on the.

Body that changes the directions and first and cola to be at the very top of the game at age 42 is just fantastic and just a quick shout out it was in the chat but we are not only streaming on Facebook and YouTube per usual but we are streaming on Twitter as well our handle is official app tour so check that out if you're a big Twitter so is.

Is Twitter is this is the first time we've done that so it's an experimentation the Twitter I signed up for Twitter one week ago so I do not have Twitter I'm a Twitter guy now I guess I know just a week is all it takes near a Twitter guy oh.

Oh Houston yes yes that was but just they just look at me just look how effortless it oh just a little slide step in one big jump uh sharp angle with the tomahawk backhand just just crazy stuff from from tardio and uh loose mistake from sinkola and Gabe with a one point lead.

Wow and that's to be honest with you I think that that initial shot from tardio might have gone wide and for sinkola to stab that volley and then clean up on the next one phenomenal Court coverage at the kitchen line from Johnson Cola oh tough break every week so run around forehand he just loves it.

And it gives him so much more to work with for sure and he even likes to do it in doubles as well and he's gotten really good at being able to go to all the spots so to flip that inside out with the short angle is is very good from John cincola I can't make that call sorry oh I see it's called long gotcha gotcha.

I wasn't exactly sure what happened there he was running past the ball I mean look at the shot he's running past it and pulls that forehand out to still hit a great shot follows it up with that one not quite as good but I like the tone change that one yeah not good enough there from sinkola.

Good forehand put away from uh Gabe tardio but that backhand up the line leaving it a little high Gabe knew what to do with it a little too far inside the ball that inside out forehand's a good shot for him but if it gets away from you and get away from you a lot.

Nicola is the one crisping it up here a little as he was certainly struggling at the beginning of this third game tardio definitely playing a little cleaner but a great deception on that last ball from San Cola you could see tardio kind of leaning towards the Cross Court some Cola put it in the perfect spot.

And as you mentioned stepping around to his backhand side to hit Four Hands can be a very good strategy in a lot of situations but if you're a little late with your footwork puts you in a very tough spot not only get caught a couple times earlier in this match being pretty out of position.

For the next shot when tardio put it cross-court yep sounds about right and sinkola with a feathery touch on the drop volley one of the better uh deceptive shots that he has in his Arsenal it kind of has that that paddle in a higher position to to stroke through the ball at the kitchen line and he can just.

Come right underneath it another player that I think of when I think of that that deceptive drop volley is Jay de villier oh yeah Jocelyn Jocelyn Jay I think Jay is actually a little better on the forehand side and I would say Johnson Cola better on the backhand so uh just just a huge shot to have in the singles game where.

Your opponents aren't sure whether to hang back or come forward tardio to call it one of the older players on the men's side at the pro level still extremely competitive great shape a lot going on he does have you know a family at home teaches a lot and I think probably the last six months or so his.

Results haven't been quite what he would want or that he's had in the past so I think that's probably been a little frustrating for him but certainly Always In Contention but I think uh results have have slipped a little here probably a little lower than he'd like get right back at him but yes I think you're exactly right Lauren and the.

Thing is is when you with the talent coming in the game to to maintain your level or possibly get a little better at age 40 plus the amount of work you have to put in is crazy and and you know I like you said he's got he's got I believe is it one or two dogs twins exactly I mean sometimes you're teaching you got kids you know.

Life life gets in the way sometimes and some of these Young Bucks they just they're just on the grind playing great pickleball out there from sekula getting the angle keeping it very low look at that slice oh that's great it's great like a textbook really really clean with.

This technique as well all they can do is chuckle to himself there God hit three or four shots to get that one and then and then catches the tape always a little frustrating oh I mean it just makes it look so easy it's a little yeah you know it's you can.

Look at look at it as he it's easy for him or it's annoying it's a little Annoying it's so easy for him to be honest yeah makes me hate him just a little bit right exactly wow I mean that's that's a back foot Inside Out forehand uh you know a couple inches from both lines just just great shot making from Gabe tardio last couple.

Points uh as they switch side to sides at six yep we will conclude this match with Gabriel tardio on the far end John cincula on the near end I am getting some updates in the chat here that we have a bit of an upset situation uh-oh who's who's telling you gotta confirm for myself here fact check.

All right we have oh I don't know is this an upset ryler de heart over Pablo Tellez no I I I would not three I would not say 211 11 8 13 11. oh 13 11. so maybe just meant that that very tight third game but ryler de Hart will take on Federico Stacks rude who defeated Travis rettenmeier okay that's coming up next.

Yeah I would I would say Tellez and the Heart Is is a pretty a fairly contested match so yeah maybe a slight Edge to Pablo but I can't imagine it being more than a slight Edge and did you know it's tayas hey yes is how you say his last name we've all been doing it wrong and he let us do it I yelled at him yes I like it I like it.

Great forward movement from Gabe tardio exploding to the ball not waiting on it at all I always love to see that once again the forward movement uh so important always tell my students and you guys back at home if you're taking time away from your opponents no different than hitting a better shot so.

Great job by Gabe nice high backhand volley from Johnson Cole let's see if he can get back in this thing oh wow wow I mean was that around the post I don't even know it's kind he was up and over okay it wasn't clear just cleared it but what a spot from sinkhole.

On that line oh like he's it's almost like sinkola is also struggling with consistently just consistency a little bit more than he used to because I mean look at these shots I mean he's got.

Every shot just like tardio does they're just kind of going back and forth on who is able to get consistent for a couple rallies you saw it I mean he had the as you mentioned the crazy drop on the line on the Inside Out forehand and then the very next Point rips across Court uh winner so I mean like you said the the.

Shots are there the shots are there no doubt for both players I don't I don't really struggle with the too many options uh so uh so some of these guys they a little different mindset when they have all these options and all these abilities to to shot make so uh you know sometimes sometimes too many options is a thing and uh.

Absolutely you know just picking one or two to really go to in the big moments uh I think can help a lot of players all right cardio hoping to throw some cold water on the momentum that sinkola has these last few rallies stay out in front here try and close out this match I think he accomplished that beautifully with that uh return there.

About an inch over the net yeah just popped up a little early so when he has that that nice low center of gravity exploding forward it's great but if you you come out of that Crouch a little early makes it tough to be consistent foreign I might have chose a different word if I.

Was in that situation in the past we all have right back essentially detardio's paddle right yes for sure again when you have so many options we look at that and we're like sinkola go do it go to an open spot what do you thinking but in his mind it's like it's not so clear-cut sure.

Nice car volley from sinkola to get the ball back dardio coming in hot crunch time who wants it rubber meets the road here oh oh stop it send Cola one of tardio's favorite trick shots I call it the pretzel and a boy Johnny I don't know what it's been named yet but.

I call it the preps fair enough I can roll with that yeah right it makes sense to me you're gonna have to uh if you end up doing an interview after this match you're gonna have to bring it up to either one so John Baden gay with his shots what he thought about John using his.

Shot against him interesting all right tardio again the offensive time out here saw this in game two as well uh he didn't close it out immediately after his time out he's probably hoping to do so here though take this match we'll see if cincola can hang in there what what are your thoughts on the offensive timeout.

At 10 9. I mean you're trying to close it out obviously immediately but then you're giving cincola also the time out here to adjust refocus I I'm kind of with it so uh you know this is obviously a very tight spot so you know I'd maybe have to think a little bit deeper about doing it at 10 9 but I think that there's lots of times.

When you get stuck on a number or you have several side outs and you can't get off that eight that nine that ten whatever where to regroup offensively and kind of set up a game plan or a pattern that you want to get into I think I think it's completely fine all right let's see yeah.

he went body yeah I've not I mean I've only been here for game three but I've not seen him go body yet and sinkola ready 9 10. and it says well I heard another word in there as well Adam okay he kept it quiet.

Oh my gosh it was a fudge but not no is she on yet and that'll be it so I he lost game two sort of similarly with an error on the the server term which is such a tough spot to be in but tardio uh he's a a teen of of many many words so I'm sure I'll get so many out of him in this interview oh I can't wait.

We'll take a short break again Gabriel tardio moving on to the semifinals coming up next we have who he will possibly be taking on ryler De Hart versus Federico statsroot here in Houston right after this foreign foreign.

Which brings the best pickleball content to your smartphone tablet and big screen TV foreign pickleball proudly brought to you by seller foreign foreign.

stations welcome back to the Franklin Studio Lauren McLaughlin here with Gabriel tardio as he heads to the semifinals had to do it in three three very close.

Competitive games a lot of runs between the two of you in game two and three you took an offensive timeout right at the end what were you thinking taking a time out did you just want to sort of refocus and try to only think about that one point that you needed to try and close out that game yeah yeah 100 percent every time I'm usually doing that and.

Like before uh match born and I'm just going for it when you have a player that you're playing and it's kind of going back and forth you know you're getting a couple points he's getting a couple points is that a little tough to feel like you're never fully getting into any sort of Rhythm Long Term oh yeah 100 happens happens to me all the time.

Of course we saw him pull out one of your favorite trick shots which is the I call it the pretzel do you have a name for it not really pretzel sounds good to me you think that works we can we can dub it the pretzel Gabe's good with that yeah all right you're headed to the semis you will face either ryler de heart or.

Federico staxrude depending how their match ends up do you have a thought in terms of who you play does anything change for you do you adjust too much if it's one player versus another um not really I'm just going you know to do my 100 percent either Riley or Federico so we'll see you in that semi maybe you'll.

Pull the pretzel out we'll we'll see if we see it but congratulations good luck in that matchup don't go anywhere that next quarterfinal matchup is up next at ryler De heart takes on Federico statute here in Houston right after this come on foreign.

foreign foreign thank you foreign.

thank you foreign to another quarterfinal matchup here on Center Court we have on the far end ryler de heart he takes on Federico Stacks rude on the near end oh.

All right again the heart is a lefty doesn't seem to play too big of a role in singles um talk to players about it a little bit would you agree Adam uh no it's definitely oh my goodness oh well I thought that point was over 10 seconds ago uh no.

You're like wait is this still going on no absolutely and I think it does play a little more role in in uh doubles because of spot picking when to speed up from the kitchen so uh it plays a role in singles for sure but at the same time uh there's less situations that you get in when it really matters and you can kind of.

Figure out your spots early but Federico Stacks were just playing absolutely huge these last couple months uh doubles game coming along as well uh with the singles game that is very much already there he's playing with Simone's regime in mixed this weekend so I'm very excited to see those two team up of course they have been training a lot.

Together he is in the same area of Florida that she is around the Naples Estero area and he's just gotta you can just tell he's got a legit work ethic oh yeah he's got a hunger for sure you could you can see it I've heard some Rumblings as well and we talked about it a couple times work.

Ethic and talent is a deadly combination very nice I talk about ryler kind of has that buggy whip forehand he just kind of slings it through the zone of contact before before striking the ball and he can get very hot on that forehand side what did you call it buggy whip I thought I was like did you say buggy whip buggy whip.

Love it yeah that one and uh rylord heart a little bit older either mid or late 30s I'm not the sure the exact age I know you have it 38. there you go so he definitely has the length for the court coverage play little uh professional tennis in his younger days oh yeah Lauren no big.

Deal he just you know played played Rafael Nadal at the US Open no big deal whatever haven't we all you're not special riler oh just misses that sideline yeah just wide very close uh kind of got a little eye contact from stack through there it wasn't for sure that ball was wide but I do.

Think it missed we're working on getting that scoreboard up don't worry everyone with ryler to heart with the great guess on the Ernie from Federico statue and had it right on his paddle but couldn't convert five two five two is our score here in game one.

Oh oh yeah I think staxter didn't think it was going to travel out as much as he did he could have let it almost give it give it another half second maybe and try and go for that back corner but again when you're when you're doing it and running for it it's it's tough for sure I think you're right.

Though but either way a beautiful feathery touch from riler to Heart out five three all right five three let's get that scoreboard up and running oh yeah I slipped a little on the side yeah ridiculous initial volley from ryler to heart on the full stretch to get around.

That outside of that ball to push it cross-court is very impressive had a good look at the buggy whip forehand sailed it a little wide that is oh yeah definitely been the shot of the match so far is the Inside Out forehand from Federica special oh yeah I mean just beautiful technique and just a phenomenal job with the feet to get.

Where he needs to to be in position to hit that ball three stack screwed up nice balance up at the kitchen from the heart who lost it a little bit after that first volley able to stay out and finish on the next ball foreign wow he took that next to his knee yeah.

That was that was impressive uh maybe maybe a combination of skill and being a little fortunate on that particular shot but either way great job from Federico again that was the spot from sex rude yeah that wasn't yeah but that was a great 38 year old grunt right there I do the same thing myself on the full.

Stretch oh yeah this bush is a little of wide Davey is just rocking my updates here in the chat we do have a legitimate upset alert on the ladies side Lacey schneemann takes out the number one seed Georgia Johnson in three eleven six six eleven eleven eight wow well done Lacy and you know what I can see that Lacy's.

Yeah she's been up in her game up and comer great shot maker real explosive kind of a little like which is small but explosive very athletic lots of muscle and great movement from her so uh absolutely a legit upset but not terribly surprising either oh my very nice Inside Out forehand oh my Lord yeah that deserves an oh my.

God thank you nice try on the stab volley and you can see the Federico Stacks rude pace of play I would say oh yeah of the top 10 guys or so I think he plays as quick or as fast as anyone and I thought it was really cool Lauren I've done an interview with him and I.

Asked him about that pace of play and he talked about how he just he just wants to let him know he's ready yeah it's a mental Warfare being ready for every point and ready to serve right away foreign at the top is super close a little Edge uh and mental Warfare can be the difference.

Great volley from ryler to Heart keeping himself in this game one getting the ball back serving at 4 10. I believe is this the last quarterfinal matchup I believe it is I believe the other one is happening on a side court so this is the last one we will see before we get into the semis gotcha oh I mean.

Beautiful hold from Federico Stacks Road and we haven't seen it yet this match but he does like to take that specific ball up the line so to change his spot and go across court is great and he will close it out with a return into the net from ryler De Hart so we take a short break at game number two here in the quarterfinal matchup winner heads to the.

Semis to take on Gabriel tardio game two coming your way right after this oh foreign foreign which brings the best pickleball content to your smartphone tablet and big screen.

TV foreign pickleball proudly brought to you by Selma 15 seconds Chris galon our USA pickleball certified referee kicks us back into the action here in game two and 26 year old.

Federico Stacks rude continue to roll here after taking game one originally from Buenos Aires Argentina played college tennis at Tennessee Wesleyan and then the University of New Orleans was an NAIA All-American in his time and I mean you you might think differently you've been doing a lot of.

Rankings lists recently on your podcast with Rob nunnery I think Stacks rude while there's players that might still objectively be better than him I think he is the most I'm not sure how to describe it he's the most threatening like he can take off anybody he can pick off anybody he might.

Not do it all the time but he could at any moment and I think he's so dangerous like he seems to be one of the most dangerous players in singles right now oh and there's no question and I have I've not done the men's singles ranking and oh shocker he'll he'll be in the top 25. oh.

Interesting the run around and then he goes up the line instead of cross-court you don't normally see the run around the line definitely and you got you got to change your adjust your spots every now and then keep them guessing even if he's in even if you are a little out of position occasionally I mean if he just takes.

That inside out every time uh against a player of stacks Roots quality it's going to be a long day or a short one yeah tough just a little slight breeze and a little side spin on that that return from saxrood uh another unable to get his feet completely Underneath Him side out three two can't make them all fed.

Nobody's Perfect yeah ryler the heart showing a little frustration obviously forced into a couple errors but that one was kind of sitting there for him he always hurts a little bit to get that easy opportunity and not be able to execute boy nice stretch and just a little a.

Little anticipation and just a half step over to his his left hand side with Federico being so good going to that spot side out two three Point tough break for dahart who was thinking his return was going to go out Houston we have another upset alert.

Yates Johnson takes out Zane maver till 11 4 11-5 the twins face off in the semifinals wow that is definitely an upset but similar to the Lacey schneeman there's a lot of Talent on the paddle of Yates Johnson so while certainly cannot label that not surprising uh you know it's it's the this is the world we live in in the.

Pickleball pickleball action now everybody is very good boy oh yeah we talked about it the twins battling it out who has that mental Edge it's gonna be fun to see that one later what not oh the slumped shoulders yeah good good.

Decision there from stack shroud mixing in a drop just uh five three change up the Rhythm boy yeah he's just putting in so much work in between tournaments training you know Fitness all of that I mean you can see it you can see it on the court every time you eat the place.

And I think the one of the most impressive things with him is one second what is he has he has all the movements we see a lot of players really move well laterally or maybe they explode forward there but are a little late in some of their lateral movements or changes of Direction I think the movement of Stack shrude forward and laterally is just.

Very very high end absolutely so on our ladies side we did mention that upset Lacey schneemann into the semifinals she'll take on Jenna hessert who is sort of a new name to watch on the ladies side as well she comes from a big CrossFit background oh interesting I saw her have a really good result in beer City uh on Center Court one ended.

Up cramping in that final match that she was in pretty significantly but uh I expect to see her name more often on the ladies side for sure in the other semifinal Paris Todd defeats Lena padigamette and she faces Megan fudge in the other semifinal who took out Alex strong what.

A3 Oh I thought that was oh my gosh that was there's no question that was lied it was a very very friendly call for Federico's tax rate is it even friendlier is it just the wrong is it just wrong wrong what four eight again closing ground.

Great spot yeah rightfully so de heart breaking to his left side to the open court and a great volley to get it back Cross Court from stacksrude oh sorry now funky bounce I think the very first point of the match ryler Dart had one of those so I think there has to be some form of crosswind we saw it on.

The hard drop shot as well it just it just moved to the outside of the Court and that does happen a lot when you have sort of bleachers or things blocking around the core you can get sort of that swirling or sort of weird spots of wind yeah a little tunnel action yep oh yeah just slice that a little too flatly.

It looked like does it I mean that was definitely a good look had some open court to work with but nine four sometimes that net just gets in the way now doesn't it it does it does four nine side out I mean it's so tough you can see the heart running all over the place as.

Stacks through doesn't even move at all annoying some some could say wow great anticipation just a great read that's exactly what it was to be honest it wasn't a bad draw but that drop was a little floaty it kind of floated there and for him to 104 to anticipate that.

Next ball just really high level stuff this is a match point for Stacks rude he will not get it done on his first try it out too good to hurt cannot get there again when you can hold the ball that long on your paddle before you show where you're going just so tough.

We're turning into the net we've seen a few games end this way but Federico stacksrude is moving on to face Gabriel tardio ryler de Hart drops to our back draw Anna Stone heads to the Franklin Studio to talk to Stack's root and then we're back into the action with more singles in Houston right after this.

Foreign foreign hello everyone Adam Stone here in the Franklin studio with the winner of our quarterfinal matchup Federico Stacks Road Federico uh I think it's pretty.

Clear that the last six months or so you've really been climbing with your game and and I know that you do a lot of drilling and work on and off the court how important is that in this uh specifically in this game of pickleball singles peekable singles and also being able to play three events I think that's the the most important part if if.

You're not prepared for that of like off-court uh preparation you're just not gonna be able to handle it because every day regardless if it's doubles or things it's just hard well as we can see you're you're in Tip-Top shape you look great out there uh handling uh ryler the Harden that quarter final match up next up uh we have I wouldn't say it was a.

Major episode but a slight upset with Gabriel tardio beating John cenkola have you ever played him and if you have I know if you haven't I know you've seen him play what are you thinking about uh going into the semi semifinal match uh trying to be steady uh Gabe is a great player maybe sometimes he could be a little bit of ups and downs on his game.

But uh I'll try to stay solid he can have a really good run so I gotta be careful because he's a good player and he can definitely beat me well uh congratulations again on that fantastic match we look forward to seeing you back on this court here in about an hour or so uh yeah something like that yeah well yeah take I like it yeah exactly.

Specifically one hour I'm going with that so uh we'll be back with a lot more singles action the rest of the day here at the app Houston open foreign solution.

Foreign foreign foreign.

Hold up foreign welcome back pickleball junkies to the app sunmed Houston open I I believe this is uh our first women's match of the day we have Megan fudge versus Paris Todd fresh off a MLP Victory last weekend in Ohio this should be a good one absolutely this is our semi-final match.

Up here so our ladies have started already obviously this is our first streamed match of the day I think they knew what you meant okay good when did Adam the bathroom is very far away I feel like I ran a 5K goodness gracious but yeah and I think Megan fudge pulled off the default first round into the silver medal in Alabama a.

Couple weeks ago I heard you uh wonder about that did you get the story about what happened well I think that this I'll talk about a keeper right here I think ragler was in a very tight highly contested kind of kind of spicy match and she's spicy she chose to support him and watch him she was at the venue I mean that's a keeper yep that is that is.

Absolutely what happened in Alabama he was facing off against Rafa Hewitt Caliente indeed was that match I was commentating it uh words were spoken uh but yeah she decided to stay and watch that match and be there supporting and ended up through the backdraw into the gold medal match took silver wow.

Ultimately but yeah that's a Wifey right there that's it that's a keeper that's impressive and of course on the far end we have Paris Todd kinda just storming onto the scene just really impressed with her uh Improvement not only in singles and doubles but uh definitely a force to be reckoned with out on the pickleball.

Court had a slight uh muscle pull that she uh that she had at the second MLP so I don't believe that has been affecting her doubles game but possibly a little bit in singles so uh hopefully uh she is 100 physically because when she is she is uh quite a player absolutely she is the number four ranked player on the app standings list fudge hot on her heels.

Though right behind her at number five and a reminder our standings list is an accumulation of points that the players receive based on where they finish at each app tournament those roll over and sort of accumulative 52-week time period so this time last year if the players had points they will fall off the board and they will continue to.

Add on I actually think both of these players probably weren't even playing pro pickleball a year ago if if they were it was in their beginning of their careers for sure so uh yes that was a good description of the point system these days I have a lot more points falling off than being added on at this moment so hopefully I can hold on a.

Little bit longer to that Top Spin saw top top 10 spot because I have a bad feeling it won't be too much longer I mean get it while you can Adam tell you what that's right Angela Loomis is going to be our USA pickleball certified referee and oh my goodness tropical ball is in the chats no they're not they are.

I love those guys it's Lumen look at you correcting me I mean come on that's like three to one it's like three to one this is partnership I love it but a big shout out to everyone watching it is such a great time being here in Houston the crowds already is that Tim kletch that I see right there front row where is he owner of the.

Ranch oh it looks like he was playing looks like he was playing some pickleball awesome without the cowboy hat I didn't recognize him that's exactly who that is so cool to see him jumping in the mix and getting on the courts I love it I mean that's what they were talking about owners of MLP teams out.

Here playing the next day obviously a pretty short commute for him yes yes so happy to see him very exciting all right so we're about to kick off here again in this semifinal match again Paris Todd Megan fudge looking for a spot in our winter bracket final our other semifinal Jenna hessert will.

Take on Lacey schneemann so whenever this faces the winner of that our men's are just getting into the semis now as those shape up we should I believe probably have a semi-final match coming up in the next match or two after the ladies so Paris Todd will be on the near end for game one Megan fudge on the far end.

And here we go foreign yeah all right already see a slightly different strategy talk about this a lot with the the men and the women and some of the wingspan up at the kitchen uh the ladies staying back a little more frequently and picking their spots when to come forward instead of just crashing.

In on almost every point I expect that to continue this match that was a good get from fudge on the previous shot which was a really nice shot from Todd but it's not enough to get that next one back for sure Harris with two r's exactly just long yeah it didn't quite didn't.

Quite grab the ball didn't quite get the rotation she was looking for the Top Spin but I'll tell you what her her ground strokes are pretty ridiculous on both sides nice job sneaking in with a good volley and a clean put away on the overhead but just notice notice paris's shots they're the shape of them is really.

Spectacular so she is hitting the through the ball with a lot of Spin and net clearance so not only is it powerful it's safe and to have that combination is awesome right on cue three years old from Newport Beach California recently made the move to Fort Myers Florida.

Though and recently joined at Team Selkirk oh I'm in great angle as she just continued to close ground up to the net there yeah just a slow slowly working forward and then The Swinging backhand volley once again with the good spin allowing her to create such an angle.

So that's three or four net approaches from Paris taught early in this match we have yet to see Megan fudge come forward always an important thing to monitor as the match moves forward fudge 35 originally from Germany now in Bel Air Florida of course with husband ryler dehart and they have two young ones that are here daughter.

And a son who are both I mean they're going to beat you soon I'm pretty sure Adam they can definitely beat me already I don't want to play them I've seen him hit before it's pretty pretty impressive I would guess maybe five or six years old and just hitting a clean ball they got they got decent genes.

Fudge getting a little fired up letting Paris know I don't give give a dang who you are I'm ready to play kind of effectively short I'm not sure Paris was looking to return that short but it worked out very nicely in that situation thank you wow yeah too much power but tell you.

What fudge she can move she can move I know she's uh for the pro ranks a little bit older but that lateral movement and some of the gets that she makes and singles and doubles are very impressive and I think of course we talked about a little bit more when uh Todd burst onto the scene but she did play a couple years in her in her Juniors at.

Professional level in tennis so she does have of course really high level tennis tremendously helpful in her switch over to pickleball of course I always talk about that progression of singles the easiest to break into and then probably mixed especially for men.

And then and then that gender doubles a little more difficult takes a little more time yeah she she said it not us she knew that she lost her balance a little bit she had a good look at that up the line backhand but uh definitely the the Ascension of of Todd it's it's been very quick absolutely and there I can only.

Think of maybe a couple other players that have been this this good this quickly nice power on the volley from Paris Todd as you mentioned Todd definitely getting up to the kitchen a little bit quicker but fudge has been I think that's put her in a good position to control some of.

These rallies a little bit more good return for Megan fudge good depth returning middle often a underutilized play fantastic passing shot from Megan fudge and it was all set up for a by a dipping forehand that forced Paris Todd to hit up on the ball gave Megan a nice.

Opportunity to go cross-court to finish the point and she did okay very nice approach shot staying low with the slice approach Megan fudge was down locked and loaded for that passing shot but she came out of her stance a little early and that caused the air but the the slice approach a couple inches.

Off the net and a foot from the Baseline is a lot to handle inside out messed up hairstyle changing directions going up the line with the approach don't don't hate the decision but a little more difficult to keep that ball in play and she missed by a couple inches.

A little less Court to work with uh push that I mean she called that out right I mean she had to have called that out I mean I think so that was like four inches out it's like right okay and the thing too you mentioned the difference in the the women's and men's.

Side of singles is so evident we you know on the on the men's and not only do they get to the net much quicker but the rallies are exponentially shorter good hustle and anticipation and and I I've said this a lot of times I I do not think that that is because of any form of lack of skill oh it's just it's just wingspan the witness it's just style yes.

The style is very different I mean to have 15 16 extra inches on your wingspan when you're at the net it's just much easier to to do that when you're when you're a guy as well too I think if the women got as fast as the mended in that you know they followed every return to the net.

The rallies wouldn't be as long either sure sure I kind of like that it's different oh yeah funny look on her face she's like I can't believe it I mean I've hit like 25 of those already this match what happened there not always a reason sometimes you just.

Sail one oh Reef just sailing a serve along I mean a couple unbelievable gats there from fudge before Todd was able to finish that rally again we talk all the time make your opponent hit one more shot definitely and really Paris has been dictating I know the.

Score is very close but she's been dictating the offense in a lot of these points and I don't need Megan to blast away and charge forward but I would like to see a little hint of offensive play from her oh we got a plane Banner we got a lot going on we had a lot going on here and Memorial Park.

A lot of other sport sporting events happening around this large venue oh man right down that line yeah Beautiful Inside Out backhand able to go to all the places uh being the real key there we've seen her whip through balls Cross Court push them up the line uh very difficult to hit that two-hander two-handed backhand everywhere and she.

Can do it Paris on the previous shot wind picking up a good amount here just missed and that's the difference between topspin and slice if you're trying to create an angle that tops been diving down into the court helps a lot and often that slice sails too far as it did there for making.

Fudge when fudge has been on the stream that has generally been are maybe one of the the minimal critiques is that she likes to slice a lot of her shots when it simply isn't the best shot to be hitting.

It works sometimes absolutely but there's some just you know puts her in a disadvantage for sure no slice there on that backhand passing shot right in the middle of the Court Megan fudge and able to go inside out to the Paris Todd forehand great ball for Megan she does have the wind behind her.

So she is dealing with perhaps a little wind assist helping to sail some of these long but got to make the adjustment and take take a smidge off it's definitely there the breeze comes and goes but it's been more more here than not here to the last bit of time another example of that right there the.

Combination of Breeze and backspin really cuts down on your margin for air I like it smart move my fudge uh with that yes I mean it's it was it was really back and forth early on quite a few side outs that first five or six minutes of the match and peristat has definitely taking control in the last.

Handful of points courtside of course supporting no words of uh coaching however those fudge is on the opposite side of the Court it's uh yeah I saw I saw uh I saw a little bit of fudge coaching him and that in that.

Previous matchup not sure if it was strategic or just some words of encouragement but you know sometimes that that definitely helps a little bit you just need to you know come on let's go and uh and that's that's certainly better than nothing I really enjoyed they uh played together in Alabama two weeks ago.

Saw definitely a a few times ryler ryler did something Megan did not agree with and she actually looked at me and gave me the look that women know which is like see what I gotta deal with like what what am I supposed to do here look at this I was like I know that look explicitly look she did get some oh yeah she got.

Her daughter there you go way to get in there excellent job let Mom know she's doing great out there she's got this game nine three I just it's just like her shots just kept getting a little shorter a little shorter it's like she brought Paris in yeah didn't even make a move she just.

Naturally went in because fudge was not keeping those shots deep enough if you're gonna get into the ground stroke game you gotta It's gotta be deep you got to keep them back I like it yeah I mean it's it's on earth right there yeah it's a it would have been a very tough pass on the next ball for Paris Todd if she was able to.

Convert that that volley so uh sneaking in here and there I I love it it just kind of puts in paris's mind that you know she's not just gonna always hang back there she's gonna sneak in occasionally and that can even force him heirs just her knowing that thank you.

And she has that full Comfort level of knowing her opponent's going to stay back and that's that thought's not in her mind it just gives her free reign to really to really release on her ground strokes three nine wow great stab volleys from Paris Todd but just too much.

Uh too much passing shot power for Megan fudge it took her three or four to finish it but she she did exactly what she needed to oh wow I mean Todd the breeze picked up just before Todd hit that you could see her crank it a little bit harder just I mean perfect perfectly placed I mean she's three or four feet behind the.

Baseline on that ball so just just too good on the passing shot and a smart time out here from Paris who I believe it was two points so it wasn't 9-3 correct yes so just two two quick points for fudge and the smart smart timeout to stop that momentum and see if she can get back going uh here fairly late in game one.

Yeah this is our number two and three seed we mentioned the number one seed Georgia Johnson got knocked out by Lacey schneeman who is in our other semi-final against Jenna hessert winner of that takes on the winner of this in our winter bracket final whose birthday is it that's Papa that's Papa that's Papa it's Dad's birthday.

That is the that is the president of the Greater Houston pickleball Association Harry Stone in the house well we're kind of doing something right now you got to say happy birthday to him you can't just be like my goodness mommy Terry still Mama Stone's playing three five singles today let's go let's go oh let's go come on now Stone Clan out in Forks I love it.

Family Affair happy birthday to Terry's too I think he's 71. I mean all right here a little a little tighter let's see what she can come up with man that breeze you can see it you know I mean the ball away from Harris hit the ball right to her and it blew all the way up to the referee crazy.

Thank you Oh I thought she just missed it yeah great yeah I was I was concerned for her approach shot but it dropped right down in there with the topspin and then a great two-handed full stretch volley uh fudge able to get there but not able to to hit the pass.

Something with the wind it just died so you know Todd hits the previous one harder than she needs to because she's into the wind and then it dies and she sails maybe the next one long it's such a tough thing to adjust to US changing non-stop yeah as as a you know as a pro player we we I don't even care if it's 20 miles an hour just be consistent.

Exhale be consistent and that very tough when it's swirling great put away I mean Megan fudge as soon as she hit that ball she left towards the open court but Paris taught too much power with that ball up about shoulder level able to create the angle with the pace thank you.

Not a tough one there after all that battle to miss the return and give Paris a game point I think she would like that one back kinda half-hearted attempt to there my yeah and you can really see just with you can see I mean these are elite players and you can see the contact.

Point in different spots there's not a ton of consistency with the contact point and I guarantee that is related to the wind oh yeah that was a great spot have a little side spin as well so kicked a little out yeah that was a phenomenal approach shot just on the outside of the ball so moving away from Megan fudge.

Very difficult shot to come up with game point here for Todd oh wow wow that was a great spot from fudge but a great get from Todd in that exchange and she does take game one uh fudge made it a little closer than she wanted it to be but 11 8 here in game one game number.

Two here in this women's Pro singles semifinal on Deck right after this foreign foreign foreign here at the app sunmed Houston open Lauren McLaughlin and Adam Stone here.

Courtside with our lovely group of fans here enjoying our women's Pro singles semifinal match up here oh Kathy the Dimitri is in the house again firing up the crowd she's got the heads love I haven't seen Kathy in a second I'm excited to have her back and see her there up on the right that that deserves the love to see it you just you love to.

See Kathy so great Paris Tad will be on the far end here for game two taking on Megan fudge on the near end yeah and we'll see if maybe a little change of shot selection depending on the different sides here so exactly that breeze can really affect the amount you approach the net some of the shots that you hit so we'll see if.

Uh either lady makes an adjustment all right so if you're playing singles in these conditions With the Wind do you prefer the wind to your back to your front where do you start well you have the choice okay I'll tell you right after this think about it and too much pressure from Paris so in doubles I prefer the wind to be in my.

Face okay so in singles I do have a little bit of a flatter ball so I can get in trouble with the wind some of these players that have the really good topspin Strokes I think the advantage is with the win because they're going to get the penetrating depth on that shot so uh that's what I would say about that for me with it hits a little flatter.

Ball sometimes with the wind I get in trouble making mistakes foreign but there's there's a little Comfort when you're Against the Wind to just know that you can fully swing out on your stroke whether whether it's singles or doubles and sure if they're Landing very short that's an issue but uh just.

Just to be able to fully release on the ball and not really uh you know push it or guide the ball I think really helps uh hit a consistent ball inside out and it has really seemed like again Todd is coming to the net much more consistently much more frequently but with that win to her back now she's able to pin fudge even deeper in the.

Court because she's got sort of the ability to put even more Pace on it along with the Wind that one's gonna sail along though and you know that's just gonna happen sometimes and that's okay but that that is the difference in my mind so far in this match is just a foot or two of average Court position with with Paris.

Being a little a little further in and Megan hanging back a little further foreign I mean you're gonna need to hit passing shots like that uh and the thing is while that is phenomenal and I've already mentioned how great of a mover is she is laterally that shot is a very high degree of.

Difficulty and if you have to come up with that consistently it can be very tough got it the pre the pre come on happened to land on the line though so quick couple points for Megan fudge who uh takes a a one-point lead very early in game two three two.

Great shots where I would say Paris made contact six or six almost maybe even a foot below the net on both of those those last two balls and with Paris coming forward and Megan fudge staying back forcing Paris to hit up on the ball is going to be absolutely Paramount for Megan not my other time out here from Todd she's trailing by two doesn't want.

To get too away from her here as fudge has now hit a couple really nice shots in a row and again like you mentioned that against Todd who's one of the top singles players now in the game fudge you know a great player herself but if you have to come up with shots that are that hard to.

Hit consistently it's just it's not gonna happen right and Paris is not going to allow her to do that and so you have to find another way right so yeah so it's maybe it's hitting those shots or getting in those situations when they arise but trying to maybe even avoid being in that spot is more of a sustainable long-term strategy so oh.

Looking at your little your little note here with places and ages look at this 53 from Paul Olin sneaking in sneaking in the main draw times yeah I have no idea what's Paul doing in there I have no idea how he did today but I'll tell you right now I don't want to play that guy he's he is he is tough yeah it's his warm-up he just wants to play the pros.

And singles for a warm-up for his weekend like it fantastic approach shot from Paris Todd but a great run for Megan fudge grabbing a couple points and kind of you know just putting Paris in a situation that she has not been in yet this match foreign.

Letting out a little emotion yeah yeah you see it a lot especially in singles uh nobody nobody there to bounce ideas off of or talk to just you out there so sometimes it sometimes it builds up you just gotta let it out great ball a couple of these last points it almost seems like fudges.

Trying to get Paris to come forward and give her a little bit of a Target to hit to I'm not sure if that's exactly what happened but a couple a couple pretty plain short balls uh almost luring is that the word luring luring them to the net foreign sure that was I think that her point of.

Contact I think was a couple inches below the net so to come up with that angle from that spot is uh very impressive I mean that was that was a foot behind the kitchen so that's that's just a crazy angle from Paris Todd and again she can't hit that if she's not up close to the net I mean you can't hit that farther back so.

Why getting up to the net can be critical morning another very nice swinging cross-court volley from Paris Todd one on the forehand side one on the backhand side point almost got me great setup you saw that approach shot.

Very deep in the court and then unleashing on the overhead gets a lot of power she's she's pretty pretty slight frame so to get to get the pace and kind of spin by whipping whipping through the ball is uh pretty impressive from Paris Paris not sure about that one uh Angela Lumen letting her know it was deep but.

As you can see you don't have to you don't have to look like Austin chicken to love if you have if you have good technique you have a good timing uh that's just if not more important than being you know a big strong guy so uh very cool to see the power on her shots great technique all right tied up at fives here.

Again game of runs we're seeing here Todd started first fudge answered and now Todd seemingly back in control I think that's exactly what happened I believe it I believe fudge got off to the 5-2 lead when Paris took that time out so that's that's four straight from Paris slowly uh working her way back.

Into the the heart of this game too and again it when you have the wind as a factor both of these ladies you mentioned you know there's not huge strategy changes that I feel like need to be implemented it's simply you have to adjust to the wind you know fudge as we've mentioned has not come up to the net she's not getting.

Up to the net do you think that is maybe the one key factor that would put her in a bit of a better position yeah and it's not it's obviously not her go-to style and I'm completely okay with that I don't I don't need her crashing but an occasional sneak in like I said just kind of putting it in paris's mind like oh is she gonna sneak in this time or is.

She going to stay back might create something it's kind of you know like squeezing The Middle on a poach and doubles just knowing that they're there you might not hit a winner poaching but they have a smaller Court to hit into and it kind of puts something in their mind so uh yeah but but you're exactly right when the wind is swirling the main.

Focus is yourself and getting set for your shots taking those adjustment steps making sure your contact point is consistent and it's just very difficult uh when it's Breezy so obviously uh strategy very important but in these conditions I think taking care of yourself is the most important foreign.

Just watch you know fudge is she's just not getting deep enough on her shots it's just gotta get deeper or she's naturally as we mentioned bringing Paris closer to the net and she's into the wind which makes it even that much more difficult thank you.

Very nice shot passing shot from Paris Todd but you're you're exactly right Lauren I mean we're we're just kind of trying to find something the these players are all so good oh yeah and their opponents are putting them in soft such tough spots it's very easy to be armchair quarterback and kind of talk about a strategy when in the moment it's.

Just so tough absolutely nitpicking for sure picking Knits oh wow oh point of the match point of the match for sure I think Paris was letting it go and Megan fudge after about 10 shots finds the back corner beautiful point from her.

Yeah amazing defense from fudge let's see if she can put one on the board here after getting that ball back on the side out there you go fist pump for Megan fudge fired up two fantastic fantastically played points good time out here from Todd I think so especially with uh the 0.2.

Points to go being so long I think it's uh it's a good spot because there's she's only put one point on the