Foreign good morning everyone and welcome back to our final day of live streaming coverage here at the app Sacramento open Lauren McLaughlin here with Daniel rodidi and it is singles day which you sir you're a singles guy at heart I think how fun is it to watch uh these guys Slug It Out Here in singles oh I.

Love it and especially as we've been talking about all weekend seeing the new names and new faces we've been talking about Connor here he had a battle with uh with Hayden Patrick Quinn there on first round which was tough on both went three games Conor's still in Hayden advance but guys like him Kyle Lewis we're going to see here.

Immediately it's just a lot of new faces I'm excited to see some high level singles play absolutely in our head pickleball yeah we like to highlight the fact that this is a tier 2 tournament we've seen already some first time medalists in Pro some first time gold medalists it's always super exciting and looking at our.

Men's singles there is no women's singles today there is only men so we're going to have a lot of really new names for everyone at home I was looking at we have about 20 guys in our draw 15 of them are from California so every time we're on the west coast brings out those local Cali players which we love to see and highlights so.

Uh you're not going to see any of the big singles names that you're used to seeing but that is what we love about these tier two events kind of opening up the field and really it's anyone's day to hit that Podium for the first time ever is there anyone in particular besides Conor that you're looking forward to maybe seeing hit that Podium.

Today yeah I think Zach Taylor we saw him do well in the mix uh certainly a good singles player but the competition is so tough Kate nimoff could very easily you know jump up there maybe for his I think it would be his first medal maybe but so there's several guys that I think have a huge chance uh it's just who's gonna perform I know to the end of.

The cowboy Kai mcmaken in here as well we're going to see some cartwheels I have no doubt so it's gonna be an awesome day to conclude our weekend here in Sacramento we are streaming on YouTube and Facebook all day all the way through our gold medal match so stick with us thank you for joining us all weekend it's another gorgeous beautiful.

Soon to be very toasty day in Sacramento so we'll take a short break and we're into the action with Kyle Lewis and Ryan Gilbert in our first quarterfinal match of the day don't go anywhere foreign foreign.

welcome back everyone we are getting ready to kick off here for our final day in our Men's Pro singles bracket we have on the far end Ryan Gilbert in the white as I mentioned so many California players here today he is not one of them though 30 years old from Reno Nevada but just across the border so not too far.

Away and he will take on Kyle Lewis who we talked about uh yesterday had right obviously a really great showing and he kind of broke through in SoCal this summer getting a bronze medal in singles in a extremely deep very talented field there with a lot of the top names in the mix unlike today but he's 33 from Santa Barbara California he certainly is one.

Of the players we'll be looking for to possibly hit that Podium at the end of the day without question and this is my first time getting to see Ryan Gilbert play up close and personal so should be a fun match to watch here in the quarterfinals we have our second quarterfinal match already on Deck coming up next we are going to have.

Hayden Patrick win taking on Kai mcmaken cartwheel and cowboy yeah two out of three to eleven Adam McKenna is our USA pickleball certified referee and Gilbert will start serving game one into the action quick side out there for Lewis and you mentioned earlier when we saw Lewis it does look like since we saw him this.

Summer like he's lost a little bit of weight not a ton but looks to be you know in even more fighting shape than we saw him this summer so clearly you know that singles game is a grind on your body you have to be in really good shape to be able to hang the whole day especially at the end of a weekend so.

Yep looks like he is definitely focusing on being able to have the endurance yeah to grind through those singles days yeah I meant to ask him that very question because I do I do I mean it seems pretty obvious to me from having seen him at SoCal that he's gotten in better shape he moves well.

Already and so that's obviously only going to help him but I was very impressed he does hit his serve pretty hard again he's not a guy who spins his serve but likes to hit it hard be aggressive we talked about it even in his doubles likes to do that the line slide out can't overrule Gilbert thought.

That missed our ref thought it caught the line so very close call yep again that was a very hard hit drive from Lewis get from Gilbert yep good ball wow and Lewis is our number one seed here today so like I mentioned none of the top names you would expect maybe to be here in singles are tier two tournament.

Who just misses with that forehand running around his backhand to hit that forehand up the line certainly had him had Gilbert beat but just missing line out he's good he's good he's good you would not have been good no no no we're down and not getting up I would.

Have rolled my ankle believe me yeah okay oh great job almost identical so we saw Lewis with a great drop volley in the previous point that that's when Gilbert fell and then he did the same thing he's outstretched with our backhand it's a beautiful Drop really hard to do.

House oh just nice angle yeah and there's a little bit of you know when you're when you're in that exchange there whether it's forehand side or backhand side going back back and forth Cross Court you're just sort of waiting as to who's going to hit the first ball up the line you know someone's going to do it and that's what Gilbert thought.

Instead Lewis goes behind him Point yeah that time he doesn't he doesn't go for the for the pass he just goes right at him with so much Pace Gilbert couldn't quite line up his paddle yes good similarly there just these drives from Lewis and you mentioned yesterday when we saw him in doubles.

You said he has that huge serve and he uses it in doubles as well a lot of singles players will kind of dial back their serve and doubles a little bit but he just goes for it all the time so we're seeing that big serve rocking here appropriately in singles but we saw it yesterday in doubles as well yeah and we saw him he just tried to change it he.

Went for a slice serve and it just sailed long he was trying to change it up just trying sometimes with serves it's kind of like a pitcher you're trying to you know you don't do it as much as a pitcher but you are trying to give different looks from time to time.

Important is it do you think for you know if even if you're not a pro player to have a variation on your serve because thinking back you know I don't have a lot of variation on mine it's very similar I think most amateur players just have one serve that they do should they mix it up a little try and yeah a couple options I think so I think.

You're going to have one main serve unless you're someone like uh you know Zane or Hayden or you know guys who like to spin you know so they have obviously some variations but spin serve aside if we're just talking a regular serve regular toss you're going to have your main serve that you go for you may you may vary the locations.

But you're going to have a main serve what you're going to mix in from time to time is maybe one of those lob serves or just a different like a slice like like Lewis try to do I don't know that it's something that would require you to practice two or two to three serves that's more just change of pace you know you see.

Them throw up you know an easy shot to hit like a like a lobster but it's more just to change the pace yeah the shot there was up the line I think Lewis knows that uh it was too too wide to get around it and I think the ride shot was up the line but maybe it's because he saw Gilbert cheating that way Gilbert.

Certainly was anticipating a ball up the line hit that in the middle yeah that that serve was just kind of right to Lewis and that he's not really making them work and that's foreign looks like the Gilbert is a fantastic player I think.

Lewis is just throwing a lot of power at him right now and it's it's got some free points got some errors yeah and he's mixing you see some of those some of those pass attempts right there on that point he's not hitting the ball that hard he's maybe going 60 of what he can hit but it's a placement right he's keeping it low he's rolling the ball so.

That ball is dipping below the net as soon as it goes over the net it dips down that one stayed up a little and that is game one for our number one seed Kyle Lewis will take a short break we'll see if Gilbert has a little bit better luck on the near end back into the action in this quarterfinal match right after this.

Foreign there's only one window back into the action here and talking to Kyle Lewis in between these games we have noticed that he sort of has on his.

Left hand that pinky and ring finger sort of wrapped together and we were asking him about that and he tore the tendon in his left finger a little while ago he caught it on his pocket of his shorts which sounds so terrible to think about but that's why he said he has no two-handed backhand.

Right now it's all one hand but he said in another month or so he should be good to go with that but I mean if he's playing this good without being able to use that left hand my goodness well it certainly explains why he's running around his backhand so much and um I will see how much that plays a part.

Today I would think at some point it's going to potentially cost him as he faces you know the later rounds as he faces maybe a Hayden or a Kai or you know Connor or somebody like that that can just put some Pace on the ball and not really give them the option of running.

Around that ball but really getting deep balls to his backhand to test out his one-handed backhand we have a time out here from Gilbert fairly early here in the second game he's clearly very frustrated kind of toss that paddle calling the time out I mean seeing how these two are facing.

Off what what are you noticing that Gilbert maybe needs to do that's gonna help him stick a little bit more closely with Lewis well I think one of the things is you got to pull Louis if you I mean if you do want to attack that backhand which you have to uh now Gilbert probably does.

Not know what we know but he should be looking to attack that back in any way because he can tell that Lewis keeps running around it I mean right there we see the slide so you know you're going to get a drop from the from the backhand side and that's exactly what Gilbert is doing he's going after that backhand now sometimes what you have to do is.

Actually go wide to the forehand side pull Lewis over there so that the next ball that goes to the backhand he cannot run around uh I don't know if he heard me saying he probably did I told you you talk very loudly or you have a microphone in front of your mouth you know right oh I mean that was not in his backhand but a.

Beautiful place of the line shot and Gilbert might have heard my coaching that was not on purpose apologize but yeah I mean you you pull them wide to the forehand so then on the next ball he doesn't really have that option of running around it again.

Yeah I really think it seems like Gilbert's getting himself into trouble when he does put the ball too close to the middle and he was frustrated about that in game one because with someone like Lewis who's just so good you do you have to move them around much more than he's doing I mean that right to him and he didn't come in.

Yeah gotta run the corner yeah you know sometimes you the times that you would go middle is if someone keeps passing you cross court from the wings sure so they're creating a lot of uh it was going to be a good volley but that turned it into an impossible one to get.

Um so sometimes you do want to return middle if you keep getting beat with cross-court passing shots that are you know at a sharp angle so then you would want to attack middle but I don't think that's why he's doing it he's just misplacing the ball a little bit can't see them run around that.

It's just yep just missed yep and you know we talk about you mentioned you know the the players that do the spin serve and that definitely is an advantage to them but Lewis is proving without a doubt you don't need it to get some free points off that serve he's gotten several out of Gilbert here just by.

Whipping that serve super hard well and and the Spencer makes even more difference in in singles there's another one right there I mean it's just yeah just overhead it's just so tough overheat it five one one what I've noticed I feel like from.

SoCal I feel like he's taking a little bit of pace off of his shots and using more of the spin which I think is making it more effective and now relying strictly on Pace no Point yeah Gilbert upset with himself not the right ball to come in on he was too late making that decision so then he got.

Caught in that transition zone with the ball right at his feet from Lewis's forehand yeah I mean you got exactly what you wanted right you went to the backhand he can't pass with the one hand he can only drop with a slice and he got what he was looking for just did not execute.

And you mentioned earlier the serve and return in singles is critical much more than double so you know Lewis is absolutely sending it on his servant Gilbert knows he's got to get that return deep right but we had a foot fault call there on Gilbert.

A match point I appreciate that he said I thought we were friends to the ref all right so again I think Gilbert got so much talent he just he didn't execute nearly the way he wanted it no he missed some easy balls even that last ball right there you know it's a ball that he would normally I'm sure put away but yeah too many uh too many errors on his.

Side and again maybe certainly forced from Lewis because Lewis was playing so well so sometimes it forces you to try for too much or yeah absolutely so we'll take a short break head to the Franklin Studio Dr Lewis on his way through the bracket and we're back with our next.

Quarterfinal matchup as I mentioned kind of Megan takes on Hayden Patrick Quinn right after this foreign only one welcome back to the Franklin Studio Booth happy to have you you are the.

Number one seed here today in singles not a lot of the top guys here are you feeling pretty confident in your ability to maybe hit the podium for the second time here today I'm feeling good forehand's locked in right now so that's about you know my only strategy is hit the forehand as hard as I can Big Surf feeling good so far but a lot of these.

Guys are tough like that first round I lost the game um and uh there's just a lot of good players just out of nowhere so can't take anything for granted we saw you kind of break through for the first time in SoCal this summer getting a bronze medal in a very deep talented singles field what have you been working on kind.

Of since then as you continue to hone your singles game yeah um it's a few different things it's Fitness mainly because that's I think what got me at the end of that uh last tournament that I did while in um and uh just trying to keep putting in the work every day just grinding the gym and hitting big.

Forehands how I mean you mentioned to us the torn tendon in your hand is kind of limited your ability to kind of have that two-handed backhand or the backhand in general uh what's been the strategy in terms of how you've had to mix up your singles play because of that right well I always kind of ran around my back in any way and now I'm just.

Fully committed to it so I'm just gonna go there pretty much every time and um but you know hopefully I'll get the 200 back in about a month and start crushing those again too because that was that was one of my things that I was really working on before I injured it but kind of a fluke thing and hopefully it'll uh be uh you know on its way all.

Right well congratulations you are into the semis and we'll be back with our next quarterfinal match here at Sacramento don't go anywhere into the action right after this foreign.

Foreign foreign thank you.

Please foreign thank you everything.

Welcome back for our next quarterfinal match here in men's Pro singles at the app Sacramento open we are here at the gorgeous Johnson's Ranch Sports Complex beautiful dedicated courts all around here lovely Clubhouse locker rooms all that good stuff and we have had some fantastic crowds here this weekend as well enjoying this.

Very high level pickleball Lauren McLaughlin and Daniel rodidi here for our final day of coverage and we have Hayden Patrick Quinn taking on the cartwheel and cowboy Kai mcmaken and I please everyone from now on only refer to Kai as the cartwheeling Cowboy that is his new name that's right locked in love the tank top he's rocking today.

Makes those cart wheels a little bit easier having more flexibility in those arms but this is a quarterfinal matchup as I mentioned Patrick Quinn squeaking by Connor Garnett yep in his previous match seven eleven eleven five eleven four while Kai mcmakin took out Thomas Morton 11 8 11 1 to get.

Here to the quarters and coming up next you mentioned him in the head pickleball pregame show Dan but Zach Taylor another SoCal player to watch for sure oh speaking of he just appeared Courtside he takes on Elliot Markowitz next in their quarterfinal matchup which will be here on Center Court following this one.

And then we get into the quarter files it looks like Kyle Lewis who we just saw previously will face Noah zwyrin who defeated Kaden nemoth 311 11 0 11 7. wow so that went through as well so tough battle there but Lewis will take on zwirin in the first semi-final and again the two quarters will have back to back here will determine our.

Second semi-final match-ups there is no women's Pro singles draw today as I mentioned earlier so it's not that we're not showing the ladies because we don't want to they're just not playing today so we can't nope looks like Patrick Quinn is going to be on the near end to start as they get a few final moments.

Of warm-up here mcmaken on the far end Adam McKenna back is our USA pickleball certified referee and I mean we've seen both of these guys the last two days right putting on a really great display in both mixed doubles on Friday and men's doubles yesterday both having some good results obviously Patrick Quinn.

A little bit better results getting his first ever gold medal in mixed doubles with Maggie brasha on Friday and then yesterday taking bronze with Wyatt Stone I'm in the eleven making let's have some fun yeah this is what he says is to get going and trust me he will he will absolutely be having some fun here no question.

Yeah thanks to uh keep an eye on is uh you know how many free points Hayden can get on a serve he's got the spin serve that as we've said certainly can be difficult in doubles but in singles it's that much more challenging as a returner because you have to do so much more as you said earlier with that return whereas in doubles if you just get it.

Back I mean you're basically in the point they might drive it at you but of course you have two people defending whereas here you got one person trying to defend a pass it takes a lot of times in singles a lot of players try to return up the line yes because then of course it allows you to get more into the middle and pulls them.

See there it is right there the return Right Down the Line puts Patrick went in a good spot in the middle yeah the main reason is because if say Hayden were to go cross-court there now he's got to go from this far right corner near near side to the left side of his kitchen to cover and that's a long way to go so you will.

Only see players especially some of the top players go cross-court to kind of mix it up just to you know maybe something they're not expecting that we saw a free point already off the patroquin serve yep did return there much better return zero one Kai just said he needs Chuck pointing.

Where Chuck Taylor of course you played with him yeah oh that's what a beautiful backhand cross-court pass from mcmake and he just kind of slaps it you see it's not a big swing but he just slaps it with that left hand keeps it so low yeah making a very good singles player.

Oh tough that cord stays in yep yeah short return there from Patrick Quinn Patrick been wondering if the cord is dirty or if it's just his shoes it feels like it's a little slippery just long on that serve right idea as we mentioned two more Cali players.

Here on court mcmaken 37 in the San Diego area while Patrick Quinn just 17 out of Capa California Yucaipa thank you oh yeah I think Hayden was trying to go cross-court but he couldn't quite get his paddle on it right here this ball right here he wants to pull across you.

Could see him trying to flick that hand and uh instead it goes up the line which that's exactly where mcmaken was of course for the Easy Down the Line backhand pass yeah there it is again he is yeah and he doesn't dialed in yeah and he doesn't put a ton of topspin on it it's kind of flat but it's kind of a.

Slap that just never comes up Patrick when one yeah absolutely making a very very capable singles player a lot of you know people may not be familiar with him he's probably seen more Center Court action you know in doubles than he has maybe in singles but uh very good player obviously as we can see already.

Looks like Zach Taylor might be given a couple words of advice to Patrick when here during this time out as he is sit in front row in the pretty much already full stands here this morning very supportive crowd here this weekend a lot of cheering a lot of gasping of course having a lot of local.

California players here a lot of friends and family have come out to support the different players yep five one all right let's see if Patrick went and get a stop here oh my gosh only mcmakin can give you a fist bump when he misses a shot I think he has a fist bump after he.

Misses this oh let's see yes I missed it I mean what to get from Patrick yeah and it was the right shot for like making yeah it was beautiful he ran around it and again if he doesn't get the free point immediately off the surf he is hoping for what happened there which was the short return from mcmaken which then.

Puts him in a better spot too come in and attack have a little more option of where to put it well and again mcmakin was coming from that opposite corner right so he had a long way to go which Patrick couldn't recognize that runs around that backhand pushes it up the line before mcmakin could get get there to that spot.

Turn there those were tough especially because mcmakin didn't do anything particularly difficult with the serve strives I think McMahon kind of saying yeah knowing that that was the right shot he's made that a couple times just.

Missed it that's a great return off of that Spencer yeah like that really great return given how difficult that Spencer was he goes cross-cord which may be caught Patrick Wayne off guard a little bit and again that's when you would go cross quarters if you're trying to.

Change it up a little bit is Patrick gonna do it there it's kind of more in the middle love is out well out no McMahon likes to throw up some lobs from the back that that ball sounded uh weird but this bounce right here make it almost.

Falls returning that serve but hustles his butt up to that kitchen line after he recovers and yep nice put away foreign yeah and he he's making is going to have to go up the line a couple times with that backhand because.

Patrick Wayne is already reading it he's reading the cross chord we've seen mcmakon go there three times in a row this is maybe the fourth one oh it's so pretty I think mcmaken was wondering if that ball was going to get wide enough for an ATP and you see a moving thinking it's either going to look for that and uh just a beautiful.

Shot there from Patrick Quinn yeah that one had a lot of action yeah just so tough so tough mcmakon knows the whole other side of the court is open so he is hustling to cover but Hayden goes behind them knowing all his momentum is going in One Direction very.

Very smart play what you said for mcmake and he's got a mix up where he goes with that two-handed backhand and Patrick one's doing just that is mixing up where he's going with some of these shots that yeah we saw a little come on there from mcmaken he is uh certainly likes to have a lot.

Of fun but he is a tough competitor foreign yeah well played for mcmake and started with that return they just put Patrick in it in a tough spot he wasn't going to be able to try to even pass so he goes for the drop make and handled it really well with his backhand kept that volley deep and then.

Put away the forehand yeah sold out four or six Oh I thought he was gonna go up the line I think he 'd see maybe yeah the line was open and again A lot of times you're trying to guess what your opponent is gonna guess so maybe he thought mcmakin.

Was gonna kind of make a move to cover that line that would be the obvious choice I would think but oh just a gray ball gray ball great spot okay bacon does change up goes up the line with that two-handed backhand but Patrick was ready I'm joking struggling a little bit with.

It third shot drives he's when he doesn't yeah when he's not getting the short return he's having a little tougher time with those which it's understandable it is a harder shot to hit but uh oh good hands oh my goodness.

Gonna be upset at himself he had that he had that I mean if he just goes back in right there it's an easy put away instead he reaches all the way across that should have been put away right there I know he's upset with himself Staying Alive in that we have been uh stuck here at 4-6 quite a few side outs we'll see who's going to.

Be the first to break off and try and build a little momentum yeah Patrick and was guessing cross you could see the way he tried to reach back for that backhand that he was guessing the other way good job for mcmaken again a lot of it's kind of that guessing game of where you think your.

Opponent is going to go and vice versa oh yeah that was deep that was deep three serves long so far here this first game he's okay yep Hayden Falls no one worries yeah Hayden one wondering if he won that.

Point but he did not he did not no I mean he was laying on the ground he did not see how it finished yeah yeah yeah yeah sorry I hate to break it to you you lost that one a fairly graceful fall though it was I I've seen it look better worse I've seen and felt worse.

Yeah good deep service wow we got it I'm surprised on this shot right here it was so good oh yeah and I thought mcmaken was gonna come take that ball out of the air and I think he was just hoping yeah it floated out and it doesn't it stays in the corner.

That was an incredible shopping yeah great spot his first game he mean he's hitting some amazing shots and then you know he's dumping some of those drives in the net some errors other places so he's had a bit of trouble stringing together yeah I think he's looking to play more of the drops versus trying to drive past.

Mcmakin of course mcmakin is long so that that that's going to make it a little bit tougher to pass with his length so it looks like Patrick Quinn is choosing to go for drops and then trying to get into that cat and mouse game with oh there's that up the line yeah yep I.

Think uh Patrick when was hoping he'd go Cross Court kind of guess that way stayed there a little bit longer than he should have and uh make him recognize it push it up the line yeah I think inside out would have been the uh I think uh Patrick when had that volley anyway he kind of sat on that line.

Yeah my Ball's long again you're okay with giving up a few serves if you're getting some free points or or a big Advantage out of it but you still want to keep it at about 10 10 percent fifty percent max misses oh it's just so nice so good.

I took on having a little bit of a hard time with with this footing on this court he has kind of slid as he's trying to stop a couple times is it running away with this Patrick no he's staying yeah with him he's only you know.

Few points behind now for a little bit more as it Megan's kind of pulling away here but certainly not too much to overcome here it's again I think just he's not stringing together several good rallies in a row he'll he'll have a great one and then you know an error two great.

Ones but one is just the side out so he doesn't get a point on it it's just harder time rolling some stuff yeah and I see we got a lot of Pros in the stands watching as well out of our Cali peeps as we mentioned Zach Taylor but Derek Shearer I see Lacey schneeman yes Chuck Taylor I see in the stands.

Love to see him supporting their peers and friends off the court yep oh good McMahon was on it I don't know why he was facing sideways what he gets that ball oh I see he's trying to recover he almost thought that I thought he was looking for the behind.

The back thinking maybe Patrick was going to go there oh yeah it's just so good so good such a tough shot right there inside out forehand I mean that is a really hard shot to hit on the Run it's an incredible touch yeah we see what he's trying to do he's.

Trying to drop come in get into a cat and mouse yeah that was a really nice kind of setup Patrick when that shot you could see he almost took it out of the air but then lets it drop and I think that's you know like making Bez then has that half a second to think oh no now he has more options on.

The bounce yep and then he ends up doubling him up yep trying to yeah it's tough when when they put that drop on those Corners you know as a person at the kitchen line you know they're coming and so then you're focused on one trying to get to the ball but then deciding where am I going to go am I going to roll it up the line am I going to you.

Know slice a cross-cord where are they as they're coming in and so it just puts a lot of pressure when you make a good Drop Like That again Patrick when as I've mentioned he really nice rally there let's see if he can follow it up with another and put another point on the board of course with Megan's trying to not let happen.

With this timeout s yeah he left that too short too high I think he knows that right here on his forehand he just doesn't get enough on it I mean the ball just sits there too many options for Patrick Quinn of course he's got that great forehand he he had.

The down the line which of course he chose to use but the cross cord is also an option yeah Patrick went finally it's like finally starting to get what he wants execute it the way he wants yeah I mean it seems pretty obvious that he had a strategy in mind coming in.

Against mcmaken using those drops and coming in yeah I thought it was out I thought I missed I thought it was out um I thought I missed I thought it missed as well I mean make Megan just he well and it.

Certainly was not weigh-in but uh yeah I think what he means is that he's pretty sure it was wow that's tough that's tough but uh Patrick when definitely got it together a little bit there got back in there was hitting the shots he needed to hit so ends up taking snatching this game one away from mcmaken uh game two anything could go.

Here so we'll take a short break into the action right after this foreign just one way number two time in welcome back to the.

Action game number two kicking off now Hayden Patrick when on the far end Kai mcmakin on the near end great spot there from Patrick Guinness he continues the momentum that he built at the end of game one bit of a tough call there at the end kind of made the difference I think it did with Patrick's side out instead of.

Gave Patrick or game point excuse me and who knows he might have won anyway but yeah sure absolutely that certainly was a big big Point tied at nine would have given mcmakin the serve and again you know he's like making his job now that he's got to let that go that right can't move.

Forward continue to just kind of be frustrated about that because it's done nothing you can do about it now but Patrick would I mean he was struggling that whole first game until you know once he broke off of six he just started to really everything kind of clicked into place and it looks like that is continuing here.

At the start of the second game well and I think mcmakin needs to if he does not yeah if he does not get a deep return he needs to not come in because right now okay that ball wasn't too bad it was actually a pretty decent return uh Patrick Grinch has made a great shot but a lot of his returns have been short and.

So it's just given Hayden so many options with those drops because he knows he only has to take three steps after he makes that drop to be in a good spot because the returns have been so short so if I make making and I return short I stay back and then you rely on your ability to pass as as Hayden will probably try to come in.

But you know mcmaken's been effective passing so sometimes you have to kind of go back to that even though you're the returner and you're thinking I need to come in but it's not working right now he's leaving the returns short too many times too often so I'd like to see if he will mix it up maybe stay back rely on his ability to.

Pass and see if that gives them some luck and some you know string some points together here right now he's a bit of a run here for Patrick Quinn so then that's that's what you do you overcompensate because you don't want to leave it short.

You know you're telling yourself get a deep get a deep and then then that happens and so it's just tough it's tough as a returner yeah so that ball stays short yeah he's just hitting everything it's not that mcmakin is playing badly it's now that Patrick Quinn is playing perfectly yeah Patrick.

Quinn is playing really well but I think mcmaken is just missing a couple spots you know not not making Patrick wouldn't work as much as he'd like yeah yeah that's what he needs to do yeah that first volley right back at Battlefield but then he did obviously a great job on the next one.

Control of these rallies and she needs to do to be able to move Patrick when where he wants instead of letting him dictate it yeah seeing a little bit of fire from from Mr mcmakin as we said earlier very nice guy loves to have fun but he is a competitor oh yeah he does not want to lose.

Especially having had the lead in that game one he's gonna fight yep getting a little getting a little something going some confidence here wow third shot LOB oh just a great shot wow incredible great shot from Patrick Quinn.

With that backhand roll right there but then even a better job of stabbing at that ball there from mcmake and creating so much angle Patrick went expecting the ball going to go up the line but it does not all right Patrick went now with the timeout mcmaken McMahon giving out high fives he's just.

It's three six here for this timeout and mcmegan's definitely feeling it he's feeling it a little he's now getting some of the shots that he wants a little more Smiles coming out of him yep and Patrick went I mean to his credit in the first game he was clearly very.

Frustrated with how he was playing but he just he stayed calm about it he he worked for it he waited until he finally was able to get something going and it was a roundhouse that wasn't even a cartwheel roundhouse nice I love it so much yeah and I think you were talking about.

Patrick Wayne in game one and he did say it you know he said it out loud he was just missing those drops he he just left a few of them short yeah and that's what I mean right there mcmaken just doing a lot more with that volley really making Patrick Quinn work whereas I think that you know as Patrick.

Went on that run I think mcmakin was leaving too many volleys at vulnerable spots there where Patrick went really had a lot of choices much better job there in that point foreign wow great shot yeah I would have loved to see him move up on that first ball you see how he.

Could have taken it out of the air had he moved in a little bit sooner his third was so good but he was coming from kind of a deep spot but well done there from mcmaken yeah it goes for the wide serve very smart a lot of times of course you try to try.

To go after the back end if you can but most most players will run around it but at least it puts them in the Middle where they can't create that angle so that was a great great change of a spot there from mcmaken and he goes yeah so that's a little bit we talked about this yesterday sometimes.

You kind of fall in love with it it worked it worked before oh turned off I couldn't remember I said roundhouse that's a kicking you know martial arts yes yes good pressure here from mcmaken right and neither am I since I didn't correct.

It my wife was yeah foreign gotta think at some point Patrick is going to go up that line right so he's kind of guessing that way and then yeah he just keeps doubling up so tough in that spot because Patrick.

One has either option open to him and it's risky right because if Patrick went doesn't execute that shot he's pretty much going to lose a point because the court is wide open by him choosing to hit a forehand there but just a confidence we've talked about it certainly has it in doubles and in singles.

Very confident shot yeah notice how quick he is to move in yeah he misses both of those he misses yeah but he's done a much better job reading his drops and moving in on them whereas on my mcmakin's shots he's kind of hesitated a little bit when he's had a chance to move in let's see if he can uh.

Maybe do that on this point he gets the opportunity there he goes oh wow that is not an easy overhead to hit he was so far back and look at the angle he creates look how far back he is as he makes contact that is so tough the margin for error on the shot that he just hit is literally.

Inches inches from the net inches from the sideline that was pretty impressive very and he has tied it up here at sixes slipping again in out here oh yeah I was going to say I I thought I can't be in patrickman didn't even try for the ball yeah that's what we saw a little bit at.

The beginning of the first game right he was missing those those same drops that later on he did not see another example of it there yeah caught the line had a couple of really good exchanges up at the net between these two yeah just not enough angle from that.

Forehand from mcmaken oh boy oh my gosh just that shot from Pat that one that shot from Patrick Wayne is just sick I mean it's just yeah yeah not a lot of people can hit that shot.

A missed return yep yeah he's been he's pressing a little bit Ben do you doing well with the returns hasn't been giving away free points at least no not too much it's only a short return but definitely in this game I don't think he's missed a return yet that might be the first one here in the second game.

Hey six yeah too much Patrick when right now I'm out nine six one minute just a couple errors here these last few rallies is let's put Patrick when up now two points away from heading to the semis right I mentioned before we are going to have.

A third quarterfinal match coming up next which is going to be Elliott Big E Markowitz taking on Zach Taylor and then we will be into those semifinals I mentioned Kyle Lewis and Noah zweeren in one of the semis.

The winner of this will take on the winner of the next quarterfinal match as we work through our Men's Pro singles bracket here on our final day of coverage at the app Sacramento open and there is no women's singles today which is why you will not see the ladies on court just gorgeous passing shot there from Patrick Quinn to put him on a.

Match point here yep see like making change it up maybe stay back on this one just give them a different look nope oh it's just I mean Patrick went absolutely just played much better here in the second game that he did in the first I mean they make him played very well also but.

Just just not enough to overcome Patrick Quinn so patrickman heads to the semis mcmakon still in it though he'll drop into the consolation bracket try and get back up into those metal rounds we'll take a short break head to the Franklin studio and back into the action right after this up.

Up foreign foreign welcome back to the Franklin Studio Laura McLaughlin here with Hayden.

Patrick Quinn who has got himself a spot in the semis you just mentioned we talked about it a little bit before as you are getting farther in these days it is a long day when you get to those metal rounds you've had two already singles at the end of the weekend is always a bit tough how are you feeling today coming into it uh we're pretty.

Tired but I'm just trying to find the energy I had a ringer first round Conor so that was a battle and Kai was pumped up so it was it was it was a battle on this one too so I'm just trying to find the energy and I went in the Koozie last night with the boys so I'm back nice little recovery I like it so that first game uh it looked for sure like he was.

Gonna take that you kind of were struggling to get anything going really but managed to kind of lock it in there just at the end did you feel a little off in that first game maybe after that match with Connor and you kind of had to as you mentioned work to find the energy to kind of get back in it yeah definitely felt a little off my game and.

No energy and uh I guess that's just how it's going this weekend I'm down like 6-0 in every first match so just trying to grind it are you now kind of getting the sense that if you're gonna be playing in more tournaments and getting to the end of those days that we maybe need to work on uh maybe our working out a little bit more a little uh energy to.

Keep it up for those long days yes definitely need to start working out you're you're 17. at 17 you're like I don't need to work out I'm like always in amazing shape but congratulations you're into the semis we'll see you there and coming up next another quarterfinal match we got Zach Taylor and and not Kai mcmank and he's just.

He was he's not even tired he's out here just warming up but he takes out Elliot Markowitz so don't go anywhere back into the action in Sacramento right after this foreign foreign.

foreign foreign foreign.

Just one way foreign foreign welcome back everyone to the app.

Sacramento open Lauren McLaughlin and Daniel rodidi here Courtside for our final day of live streaming coverage on Facebook and YouTube we have our final quarterfinal matchup here in men's Pro singles Zach Taylor on the far end we'll be taking on Elliot Markowitz on the near end both of them.

Again out of California Zach Taylor in the Los Angeles area Elliot Markowitz 33 out of Santa Barbara you know both of these players Daniel of course I think Markowitz we saw him yesterday as well in doubles uh but I think you mentioned you know him and maybe even Zach Taylor a little bit better at their.

Singles game right now get a little bit better results yeah I think that's um certainly true for Elliot uh I think Zach is good good singles player for sure uh I think he's more well-rounded I think he's progressing and you know maybe all aspects of his game.

Uh equally but uh certainly singles is I think because of his you know Fitness and speed obviously he's going to be dangerous he had a decent run in SoCal maybe tied for fifth we keep Yates Johnson he had a couple of a couple good wins there yeah both these players still trying to.

Chase their first pro medals though as a lot of players have been which is so awesome we've already had a handful of first-time Pro modelists here this weekend which is always very excited I exciting I think we'll probably have a couple more today here in singles it has a pretty open field some some very good players some good competition as we've.

Seen already so far here today looking at the list of players I cannot even remotely say that there's one that even stands out as oh this one will for sure win I think it's any number of these players could end up on the podium today and so should be an exciting day yeah I mean certainly.

Obviously Hayden's got to be one of the favorites right but he's had some tough matches already um but uh I think he would probably be one of the favorites Lewis we'll have to see what happens with that yep how much the backhand side of things affect him moving forward in the.

Tournament of course these two guys are still fighting as we have the people in the back anybody's game yep Taylor on the far end is the number six seed markets is the third seed here today so already a bit of uh discrepancy Taylor thinking the ball is out Marco it's insisting it.

Was not oh that was gonna be yeah nice that was a nice shot certainly had Marco with fooled that's going to be the key there for Taylor is reduce reducing those just on forced errors which can happen to him in doubles a little bit too he can be a little streaky.

You can kind of get in his head a little bit when he makes a mistake that's a great return I don't know why he didn't come in on the first one yeah I mean he had an incredible return should have been all over the kitchen at that point but does well with the next one referee that was just a great return from.

Markowitz again but you know also not enough on that serve from Taylor I think he's got to get a lot more aggressive with that serve we see well that ball looked like could have been long but just we don't have the best angle from here but 3-0 Point come on.

Yeah we're seeing just uh number of Errors from Taylor certainly Markowitz has hit some great shots but I think overall has been more about the mistakes than about the winners I thought ball missed Maybe yeah.

Maybe not good shot from Taylor foreign oh wow yeah Taylor went for the change of pace serve but it was so short I mean he went for that kind of lobster but didn't really hit it deep enough he was in trouble but got out of trouble with that LOB.

Ster which doesn't come in oh yeah that's just a great shot I mean if you're if you're not going to come in you've got to be able to hit shots like that from the Baseline otherwise you're not going to come out on top so what's proving he can do it from the baseline or the kitchen line.

Four one good served yeah Markowitz knowing that he wasted an opportunity there he had such a big serve got a really short return and then misses with a relatively Easy Shot followed by a misreturn okay we're finally on the board here see.

If he can capitalize on could reach for Markowitz wow just too much from Taylor gets a gets a paddle clap from Markowitz right here he just pulls it so much angle Markowitz kind of leaning gives them a paddle clap three four oh my oh.

Wow I think Markowitz oh my God four shots that he hit with the tip of his paddle how did that go I'm surprised he didn't hit it off his tip here and wrapped it around the post I mean he had I mean you talk about just seems like Taylor Just a few too many errors coming out just a.

Little slow start for him but seems like he has again kind of clicked in now a little bit a little more 50 50 of who's going to come out on top of some of these rallies or marcoats we've definitely hit and everything they wanted to 15 seconds players.

Next week we are in Dallas Texas for our next next-gen tournament it's gonna be awesome Paul olin's gonna be our Senior Pro Mentor for that tournament I'll be there at the chicken and pickle I love going those places are the coolest and those spots like that are popping up all over the country.

I don't know if he thinks wasn't in but he didn't call it or it was just too good yeah great shot very close oh couldn't quite get around that ball as he's trying to push it up the line because of the angle it was coming from.

He's tough to get outside of it to pull it up the line that's missed five five foreign yeah good job from Taylor yeah Taylor's so good with that backhand Cross Court loves it we've seen him.

We've talked about how he likes to use it in doubles it's the same swing that he uses when he speeds it up from the kitchen very compact on his backhand side yeah that's just tough I mean especially in singles when you don't have the two serves you yep you have to get that return in seven.

Five a little ground stroke action here that's wide I often see a full rally with neither of the players on the men's side still at the Baseline yeah that's yeah we see that a lot more on the women uh oh it's a great shot from Taylor holds it nicely.

And he has gone so many times cross-cord I mean he just went cross-court there and so Markowitz has to kind of hold he can't really cheat Any Which Way looked like he was expecting another cross just right on that Baseline inside the inside the line I hate more lines out.

Here a couple great shots I'd like to see a time out here from Markowitz but ten five game point for Taylor good return oh and another gorgeous great Cross Court I'm surprised honestly I'm surprised Markowitz is still going to that backhand he needs to start.

Working the forehand side all right let's see if he he's quarterfinal Mass Sacramento right after this foreign foreign here for game two of our final.

Quarterfinal match here in men's Pro singles at the app Sacramento open Lauren McLaughlin and Daniel rodeitti here Courtside on the lake we have a Zach Taylor now on the near end Elliot Markowitz on the far end Taylor after a bit of a slow start in game one finally found what he's looking for ended up taking It 11-5 ultimately.

And see if he can stick with what was working in game one the semis here in two or we'll Markowitz push this to a third zero zero right now Mark what's has to be careful because after he loses game one you don't want to be sort of.

Keeping those margins so slim that you're going to start missing some shots because you're trying to be too perfect let's come in yep good cover yeah well played well played for Markowitz just okay yeah Taylor didn't quite do enough with that forehand.

Violet I think he wanted to generate a little more angle cross-court leaves it where uh barkowitz can get to it easily no he's there he's there he got what he wanted was going to have Markowitz on the run on that ball but Smith hits it 1-0 short serve there that's out yeah too.

Short for Markowitz and we see that's the risk you run a little bit sometimes when you go with that little lobster if you don't hit it enough it's tastes too short it kind of backfires on you know the ball's out and I think it was going out I probably would have missed that sideline but I don't know if uh.

Taylor was going to try to hit it in the air and singles it's a little tough when you're on the move and you don't have a partner to kind of watch the lines as well call you off of it oh my goodness yeah that class Court yeah the back end has just been yeah rocking.

Look at this they're so compact not a big swing just a little flick foreign is getting the shots that he wants and he's just you know inches away from hitting the shots that he wants and he's just getting just cutting it a little too close.

Yeah yeah and I don't know how his other matches have been how much fatigue is starting to play a a part in this I mean certainly it's hot out here thank you that's the only way Markowitz is coming out on top of that well you know and I was just going to say that's why you.

Don't give up on a point because you never know you never know I mean that's um one minute yeah you would have thought there was no chance he was going to come out yeah on top of that but that's why you always if you have a chance to get the ball just get it back you never know what can happen exactly if they have to hit one.

More shot there's always an opportunity for an error I mean we see Pros they dump overheads in the net all the time yeah especially coming off of a really good get from your opponent sometimes you overthink it and you try to do too much with it or get too cute or whatever it is and and you know and just miss so.

Hopefully it won't cost Taylor too much but uh certainly Markowitz is hoping that he can turn the tide a little bit I think the longer this match goes that only benefits Taylor in terms of you know he's very uh very fit young guy you can kind of run all day yeah.

It's great it's like the club all right let's see if Markowitz I mean Again Taylor comes off of the air but the immediate timeout is a good reset for him so it'll be interesting to see if it affects anything oh yeah I mean that's the best way to forget about that point is you get the very.

Next one you get the side out back and now really no damage done you you certainly gave up that point but uh three one if you get the served back foreign four one Point yeah yeah tell by me Markowitz it's clear the the difference here in the second game for sure has been the.

Errors from Markowitz it's just not hitting the shots he wants to a little later back in tries to go too much on that sideline just misses it again with a log serve but still a little short again and that's on the opposite side well and I feel like Marco would sort of.

Just look how slow he's moving forward he should have been all over that kitchen line yeah he should have been planted there easily before Taylor even hit the ball and you know look at him now he's definitely fatigued you could tell he's got his he had his hands on his knees coming up next we're going to have our.

First semi-final match which will be Kyle Lewis versus Noah zuiren who I have not seen play before so again another new face we're going to highlight here after the conclusion of this one yeah saw just a few points of him playing neem off and uh from what I saw which wasn't that much moved really well around the court.

Younger guy starting to see more and more obviously especially on Singles day the ball misses great job by Taylor just making Markowitz hit another ball we said it several times you just he looks tired you just gotta make him hit another ball that's him that's in yeah.

What's he doing back there I think at first he thought Taylor's gonna take it out of the air but the moment he lets that ball bounce to me what that says is that Markowitz is tired he knows he should move up but I think he's tired yeah and it's you know not trying to diss the guy I'm all too familiar with that feeling that's.

Why I know why you're not coming in a state of tiredness Dan like yeah I know what he's thinking he's thinking I can't do it I know I should be out there especially in singles oh absolutely but it's hot yeah it's hot it's the the end of the weekend you've played two days already yeah part of it you know and I.

Know it's you're obviously covering the whole Court that's the obvious part of it too but gosh come on yeah that was very close but I think it caught but you know if you think about it it doubles you're hitting a lot of dinks a lot of shots that don't require a ton.

Of energy for us in singles almost every shot you hit what you're swinging out fully so your whole body is just engaged in every shot and so it just wears you out other things when you're crisp strong footwork footwork is key and I mentioned next week I'm in Dallas for our next gen but the week after that I am in Alabama look at me I'm just.

Crisscrossing the country all over the place I live in hotels guys I live in hotels and on airplanes but two weeks we are in Alabama at a gorgeous new facility in Opelika October 6th through the 9th registration still open on get on there see if you can still join us at one of our tournaments this year we got a.

Handful still left to play before I close out the 2022 season but Alabama it's going to be another tier two tournament similar to this one probably not a lot of the top names so a really good opportunity if you are thinking of dipping your toe into the pro Waters come do it in Alabama it would be a perfect place to do it.

Oh that was a great get okay two examples of why you don't give up on a point Markowitz again is seemingly out of the point throws up a lob out of desperation fortunately for Taylor not able to put that ball away Markowitz guess the right way ran it down and stayed in the point and then he wins it.

One seven yeah I mean that kind of just looks like fatigue yep on the shot because you're you're not holding your arm as tightly as it needs to be hitting that shot yeah and this woodwork is Silky yeah footwork is so key you just don't make that last little adjustment step when you're tired.

And it can be the difference between a winner and a ball in the net out one seven seven one support all right Taylor just three points away Kyle Lewis just kind of encouraging Markowitz over there that played.

Together yesterday in men's yeah they're good friends they train together same same area oh and he was going to the wrong spot he was going back across Court should have gone up the line doesn't matter puts it in the net oh boy 10-1.

And that is the match to Zach Taylor he moves on to the semis where he will face Hayden Patrick Quinn Elliot Markowitz will drop to our constellation bracket hoping to battle back into the metal rounds we'll see if he can get the job done we'll have that first semi-final match as I mentioned coming up on Deck I'll head to the.

Franklin Studio to talk to Mr Taylor and then we're into the action right after this the app Sacramento open brought to you by powerplate the official recovery tool of the app tour Selkirk an official paddle sponsor of the app tour sunmed the official CBD of the app tour.

And pickleball Central your pickleball Superstore catering from beginners to Pros foreign foreign welcome back to the Franklin Studio Laura McLaughlin here with Zach Taylor.

Who I requested the hat off because I needed to see this glorious Ginger hair we saw it a little bit yesterday I needed to see it more today so this is your first ever interview you're going to the semifinals you're going to face Hayden Patrick win in singles still looking for uh that first metal hitting the podium in singles singles yes we did.

Take a bronze and mix double so yes exactly so we're trying to we're trying to keep keep the momentum rolling in singles you know we talk about so much it's the end of the long weekend you're you're getting fatigued how important do you know that that Fitness that endurance is going into the singles game yeah I think it's completed in from.

Doubles um came from coming from tennis I just try to drive every Ball but it's really about working your opponent and I know if I just moved him side to side up and back that I was going to probably win out in the end do you feel like singles is a little bit better for you do you feel like doubles is where you're more comfortable or do you feel like.

You're starting to have really a well-rounded game all around I think singles definitely helps with repetition so I work on my drives and work on my drops without a partner judging me on the other side of the net so um it definitely helps out a little bit with that too so you're facing Hayden Patrick Quinn in the semis that's going to be a.

Tough matchup he should be he should be you guys know each other well of course what's going to be the thought process for you to try and come out on top in that matchup yeah Hayden and I are good friends we practice at the same facility together so we both know each other's games I'm just going to try to move them around you know he's a little bit I have.

Him in the height category so I might try to pass him on the left and the right wing and maybe throw up a couple lobs all right well congratulations we'll see you in that semifinal and hopefully maybe on the podium at the end of the day let's go indeed we are back with our first semifinal here in men's Pro singles at the Sacramento open right.

After this foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign thank you foreign.

foreign welcome back everyone to our first semi-final here in men's Pro singles at the app at Sacramento open we have Kyle Lewis back on court he is our number one seed here today in men's Pro singles had a good result in SoCal getting a bronze medal and he.

Takes on I think new face to yeah everyone Noah zwirin who's 26 out of Issaquah Washington hopefully I'm saying that correctly yeah gonna guess he went to UW like a a fair bet I'm no genius but so there's that that's University of Washington and for those of you who are.

Not uh maybe from the West Coast you may not know good shot from Lewis Mount zwern is the number five seed here today so we definitely has gotten some results in his tournaments prior to have that seed here today in a group of about 20 gentlemen side out.

I feel like he has to probably be friends with Brian Ashworth since he's playing with that one shot paddle which Brian also plays with watch this set up as he serves who does he remind you of I have to watch again I wasn't paying attention oh excellent it'll take you three seconds but now it's so much pressure right you.

Get three seconds okay three two one oh it's Tyson no Jack Foster oh Foster no Tyson kind of does that too yeah but it's different it is different you're right it is more foster-esque yes Tyson's a good second right one one yeah good read.

He kind of has that two-hander and kind of lets go of the left hand I haven't seen that in a little bit yeah you see that it's it's uh you used to see it in tennis a little bit with some guys but it's very very rare even in tennis as well kind of hits with the with two hands and then let's go with the left.

Oh yeah good spot foreign on his backhand side I mean he's got an amazing one-handed backhand still yeah but one cannot really use that two-handed backhand so it'll be interesting to see if Noah yeah that's a huge serve yeah he just crushed it just crushed it.

Don't normally see a lot of Aces on a non-spinster right right yeah look like that ball maybe caught the line and slid ing shot there from Lewis three three foreign off the net cord there and then just gotta kind of make a choice and yeah thinks he's going cross-court see.

Plants a little Center yeah good job I was wearing running that down though three four a little clip of the net there threw that off chords we're keeping track keeping track tied up at fours though here in game one of our first semi-final.

Spot in the winter bracket final and the podium on the line yeah good roll yeah especially you know Louis has been going with power here in his passing shots and he just changes the pace there throws he's wearing off a little bit oh yeah again you talked about it in a previous.

Match that when you get into kind of those cross-court cat and mouse both both player knows that someone's gonna go straight up someone's gonna change it eventually right and they have to try to anticipate when that's going to be yep that can be very difficult too much yeah big big swing there on the return from Lewis.

Mike kunkus is back as our USA pickleball certified referee is semi-final match too high from experience yep that's so dangerous and singles why if you're gonna drop it It's gotta be unattackable in the air because otherwise it's just so tough to cover oh oh wow what a great guy from Lewis.

Wow oh my gosh incredible got from him on that backhand yeah that was impressive yeah I don't think Baron was thinking that ball was even coming back let alone come back down at his feet incredible Gap ooh that was very close yeah that was an interesting decision from zeer and how.

He chose to hit that six seven what's Warren's background is I doubt it's tennis boy timeout receiver scores eight seven one minute all right so Lewis calls a timeout here trailing by one I mean besides a couple errors on both.

Sides does it seem like either need to switch up anything much they're very seems like they're both executing fairly well keeping it closer on the score yeah I mean it seems like it's Lewis's match to lose right like he he's it's really going to be up to him in so many ways I feel like.

Fearing his certainly his biggest weapon is his speed he's a good mover um his shots don't necessarily have a ton of power on them but he gets everything back I mean he just you know kind of a scrappy player.

What that does just puts more pressure on you is that the opponent feeling like you just have to hit a perfect shot for it to be a winner you see we'll run down most of the shots he hit now you see it right there he's similar to he kind of reminds me not this not the.

Uh his Strokes are not the same but similar to Frank Anthony Davis where he will run every ball down and just make you hit another ball another ball another ball and certainly he has certain shots where he can pass but I think he's more of a I think fads approaches let me lengthen the point get every ball back.

And uh of course he's an incredible singles player for a reason kind of reminds me of that a little bit it's very looks like swearen has a background in baseball a little bit don't believe he played a sport in college okay he is now a data analyst.

One minute all right so Lewis says gotten it together a little coming out of that time I was gonna have a game point here because we were in now the one to take the time out to try and hold off this first game yeah definitely not necessarily traditional Strokes from.

Zwear and like you said right where Lewis of course does have that tennis background it's a little more conventional time in 10 8. I did not think that was clear in the net it looked so low from swearing but.

Beautiful Drop 8 10. slide out yeah it's so tough in singles if you can't capitalize when you get that side out put any points on the board during your serve it's just serve what a serve to close out the game I mean he puts it right around the corner yeah big serve.

No I mean yeah just does what he needs to do so Lewis takes game one eleven eight very competitive though let's see if zwern can kind of stay out in front in game two push this to a third try and get in that winter bracket final back into the action here in Sacramento right after this.

Foreign foreign house back into our first semi-final match.

Here in men's Pro singles at Noah zuiren on the near end taking on Kyle Lewis on the far end Lewis taking game one so we're in hoping to battle back here possibly force a third game talk to him a little bit before the second game and he does indeed have a background mostly in baseball he said growing up but played a little bit of.

Tennis nothing too competitive though I said is his big win was in Chicago just a few weeks ago where he beat Jack Foster who we mentioned already his serve reminds us forehand's a little bit similar to Jack has a more of a wind-up but you see that little yeah yeah the kind of like wind starts.

Pretty high yeah it starts pretty high great shot there from Severin said he's played about six pro events this year so definitely still you know getting into it getting used to the competition at this level good effort there from his wear and a half the.

Banners but again Lewis just stay calm and put that ball in the open court she does I saw it a little bit with Lewis in the first match that we saw him in where his drives are just so hard if you don't have your paddle face in the correct.

Position when you go to block that it's gonna you know it's kind of Ricochet the wrong way because there's so much action on it great job going from defense to offense oh close oh Lewis's fatigued after that yeah.

Again it's very hot it's been 90 every single day here with zero cloud cover so just full sun for these players probably feels about a hundred on the chord s I mean we did see him you know he did look pretty winded to me this seems like a time out of just catching your breath.

Re grabbing a drink just a little moment in the shade I'm just going to take a dance break girls wearing just ready to go out here away oh my goodness it's really nice yeah great balls here and moving to his left just too tough.

Replacement two two what makes a super powerful serve is it the arm is it the shoulders it the wrist flick at the end like what are the factors in having as big of a serve as Lewis does yeah if you watch his hand so oh just too nice I mean just come on great shot.

Um it's no different from what makes a good drive or a drive a powerful drive it's all about paddle speed and you can generate way more paddle speed with your hand than you can with your shoulder so you'll see he just his hand is moving so fast through that ball his shoulder's not really he's not taking a big swing with the shoulder.

It's really all about the hand speed through the ball yeah good placement there a little bit of fatigue from Lewis I think on that volley he just didn't quite push off as fast as he would have liked three four yeah we compared the zwear and serve to.

Jack Foster in sort of the mechanics of it but certainly Foster gets a lot more heat on his shirt yeah this is a little more get it in play right cool yeah it's just more the wind up in the form he doesn't necessarily hit the ball super hard trusted just put some air under it yeah it's just great for him Lewis yeah so as Louis serves just watch his.

Hand and look how fast he moves it through the ball as he's striking it not a big wind-up yeah yeah there's like there's no wind up at all right by the side just uh it's all through that like wrist hand through the ball.

Sincerely wait right if you put your weight forward as we see you know a decal bar oh it's just that forehead that cross-court forehand is so lethal it reminds me a little bit of not the mechanics again but the placements and cola's forehand yeah absolutely very similar how it just dips.

So much he will call a timeout now as Lewis is picking up a little steam and Lewis definitely is coming to the kitchen a lot less I think again to conserve energy probably hoping to just hit those passing shots from the Baseline that are winners so he doesn't have to do too much since we're still making him work.

For it a little bit here but this is definitely trying to just lock into those passing shots update in the uh backdrop at least Conor Garnett number 15 seed will be taking on the number four seed Kaden Nema who was taken out by his parents in.

The previous round so they will be facing off well coming up next here on Center Court we have our other semi-final match Hayden Patrick when we'll take on Zach Taylor it should be a very exciting semi they will join the winner of this in the winter bracket final he's got it yeah well he was there.

Yeah you can just see he's tired Lewis is tired for sure don't blame them four seven oh that literally almost killed somebody in the stands all right maybe not literally wouldn't be dead right now that was just like a full drive through on top of people's heads can you imagine if that took someone in.

The middle in the face they would have probably survived yeah I think they would have survived but he did hit it pretty hard right into the stance oh he gave him that yeah just catching the edge of the line I said oh Lewis's yeah thumbs up I know he's at the very least tired.

Five seven yeah and that's what he wants yes to not have to do anything to hit one shot yeah and then that's a little bit of what you have too when we have the tier two tournaments and we have more of the local players these are not guys who are you stupid well they're not playing professionally all the time right so.

They have the level to play professional uh just great job right here but but often they don't have the schedule which means absolutely they can't train as much as a full-time professional can uh sometimes their Fitness levels are not at the same level because of that reason they have to work full-time they can't just focus strictly on pickleball five.

Seven Point yeah and I I feel like where he was in that spot at 7-4 you're thinking it's just right there just don't lengthen this match any more than you need to because you need to conserve energy and so I guarantee you Lewis is thinking that right now.

He was seemingly in control and you just want to finish it of course you got to move on to another tough match to get through this one we're dead at sevens though yep that just adds to the frustration I'm sure for Lewis.

He went for that little slice serve we talked about stays in yeah that's where that backhand hurts him he couldn't really drive that yeah it comes out on top though but you can see how uncomfortable he was driving that that backing with his one hand out server.

S yep there's gonna be the second final timeout for Lewis who is gassed it seems like yeah and the thing that's so tough in singles is I mean you we've seen it sometimes with players but it can be so tough because you're telling your opponent how tired you are that he is showing Noah that he's dying.

Over there and I mean he's gonna take advantage of it he knows it he's going to try to work him he's going to try and make him run try and exhaust him so he's gonna try and exploit that so it's it's really tough to not let your opponent see how tired you are right A lot of times you know you you don't want to show any weakness or show that there's.

Something that can be exploited but Lewis is not not hiding it super well right now yeah struggling a little bit right and it's hard it's hard to hide fatigue I mean it's just there's certain things that you do when you're tired that you just there it just becomes very very evident River no timeouts remaining.

Receiver and depending on who you are that's your reputation even if you try to you know everything like run sharing I wasn't gonna say right or me it's like yeah we know that they're gonna be dying here I could not see it he said wide oh well it definitely was not wide.

Oh it might have just missed probably meant long but seven eight certainly not one very close I will say though Ryan Sherry has been up in the gym just working on his Fitness oh yeah he's lost a lot of weight he's probably lost like 30 pounds yeah yeah doing great just makes seven.

All those party buses it's a little bit easier 30 down 30 to go we love you share bear oh of course who doesn't who doesn't love Mr Sherry smart smart you gotta run you got to run them I mean if you're severe and you want to make these points as long as possible.

And obviously the opposite is true for Lewis you want to end this in three shots or less and normally in singles the rallies aren't super long generally speaking so well and what would be considered a longer rally in singles of course may not be so long and doubles but for because you're covering so much more.

Court feels like an eternity stays in oh yeah yeah Lewis Lewis needed that he needed a side out big here to try and stay out in front even if it's just by the one point that he has right now because he can I don't think he can afford a third game.

Yeah and he's got to go for a big serve I was surprised that he went for that slide serve earlier especially when you're that tired you're trying to get a free point enough but again that tough forehand roll yeah that's you got to stay there you cannot give him four hits well unless.

You're putting it away no he's just lofting up shots I mean those they're not lobs he's just he he doesn't have I think the energy right now to crush the drives that we were seeing earlier in this match yeah that and spiron went to his backhand three times in a row and he we know he can't drive with the back end.

Right now all right see if he can get it a little bit deeper on the serve yep let's get a deep serve in it uh yeah he was there but just that's a really hard shot to hit a cross-core forehand Roll On The Run yeah I mean you could just see Lewis had.

Several opportunities to move in he's not coming in he's he's I've as we've been saying just tired yeah and he's just hoping to end this here in two points can be tough too when you're so tired and you want to avoid that third game it's in the back of your mind that I for sure to finish this like I can't afford.

A third one and you hope you know that doesn't cause them to press a little for things that was massive yeah yep generated by that deep serve get that short return what are this heads to the winner bracket final podium.

Oh yeah that's it wow I mean really nice matchup here's we're in another medal for Mr Lewis yup yup so as Aaron drops to our backdraw where he's got some some tough competition back there to make it back into bronze but Kyle Lewis heads to the winter bracket final we'll find out who will join him in our next semi-final match which is up next between Hayden.

Patrick Quinn and Zach Taylor don't go anywhere more singles action still to come here in Sacramento foreign foreign which brings the best pickleball content.

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Foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign thank you.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign.

foreign match here at the app Sacramento open in our Men's Pro singles we have Hayden and Patrick Quinn aka Big H taken on Zach Taylor AKA Zoolander.

A hundred percent that is his nickname I have now decreed it yeah go forth and spread it throughout the pickleball world don't start with a z so that helps exactly I mean it's an obvious choice considering what he does you ran us through his resume before Dan but uh he lives in Los Angeles he is a model yeah he has uh been on American Idol he is a.

Singer I imagine there's some acting thrown in there I mean there there's more to life than being really really really ridiculously good looking ridiculous pickleball yeah we have very similar backgrounds yeah yeah people did not know mine is the modeling singing acting those Runway.

Shows were really yeah really strutted your stuff I remember those during Fashion Week I've seen uh VHS videos we just but not about Zach that's all true about it yeah absolutely the 30 year old Zach Taylor again from Los Angeles Hayden Patrick 17. out of Yucaipa California also in SoCal so these two know each other very well.

To train a lot together Adam McKenna our USA Football certified referee for this match Patrick win the number two seed tailored the number six seed yeah good good and Bali there from Hayden one zero if Hayden wins this is going to be his.

First pro singles better I believe it will so too he's had obviously great runs he's had some great wins men's uh-huh God obviously his first mixed Maggie brasha good cat from Taylor I thought he was going to go for the ATP.

Yeah that's tough I think when you get pulled so wide it's almost like you have to go up the line because if you go Cross Court that leaves so much it does sometimes you go across chord because you can use the fact that the kitchen is there to try to create an angle that maybe they can't reach but.

It's really hard obviously the further wide the ball is hard to get around it yeah great there it is backhand Cross Court loves that shot just too short on their return they're from Patrick Quinn allows Taylor to move into that backhand Andy returned it right to him right wow.

It's just an easy Mist a couple missed returns from Patrick Quinn there Taylor not doing that much with the serve just kind of floated it high and deep it's not really hitting the serve very hard but you know if he keeps getting short returns then it's not going to matter he doesn't have to.

Take that big of a risk on the serve and of course I mean Patrick when knows how important getting a deep return is in single so he's really trying to put a lot on those returns yeah we see that sir just not a lot on it talking earlier to Patrick when he of course is struggling a little bit.

With probably some fatigue as well he's had longer days than he's used to the last two days hitting the podium both days very cute probably maybe commented on it I don't know but his mom Jennifer was in tears when Hayden and Maggie won their.

Gold medal match she was very emotional just they've been playing for a couple of years together on and off and really cool for both of them to collect their first gold together in fact they met almost exactly two years ago we all met kind of at the same smaller Anaheim tournament in Orange.

Counties where we met Hayden yeah good ball there from Taylor well Greg gets Patrick Quinn I don't know if you've noticed he keeps kind of hitching that right leg after some of these rallies almost like it's bothering him yeah it's stiff or something he keeps kind of shaking it.

Out almost at the end so literally three of The Five Points that Taylor has are off of missed returns yeah good job by Patrick so you know Patrick Quinn is Taylor serve is not particularly difficult so clearly it's something that Patrick has got to clean up.

In fact you would expect more missed Returns on Taylor side having to deal with that spin serve but instead we've seen it from the from Patrick Quinn not doing a whole lot with it just oh that is wow a third shot lob winner that is uh now here's the key don't fall in love with that shot it worked that.

Time probably not going to work a lot going forward so that's one of those you pull it out of the bag once and uh probably needs to stay in there yes maybe one other time maybe one other time in this match but it's not something you want to keep going back to yeah Patrick Wayne with the time out.

Here is Taylor up by three here in game one of this second semi-final and we've seen Patrick when you know be down a little bit in the beginning of some matches and he has been able to stay focused and get back in it chat a little with DJ young here update uh Mr Kai mcmaken has advanced in.

The backdrop beating Garrett white Whitehead 15-11 Garrett I've seen him at next gen he is a really nice up-and-coming player for sure sounds like he's a kid he will take on the winner of a biggie Markowitz that we saw here on Center Court and uh do you want to attempty yeah.

That's what we're gonna go with all right Taylor with the Loft surf this time out throw up another one yeah no yeah I said it worked although that was enough of a third but still awaiting results between Conor Garnett and Kate niemoff probably on the court right now.

We will update you as we get those results could drop great couple drops from Hayden there again loves that inside out forehand roll thing oh it's a beautiful forehand from Zach Taylor just uh.

Patrick one didn't do enough with it didn't really get him scrambling he didn't pull him wide and he didn't really get a deep so it's too many too many options for Taylor oh almost oh iqp right by the mic yeah now we see a missed return from Taylor this time.

It's been down before to stay just kind of calm shake that off not let it affect him he's right back in here tied up at six oh excuse me oh it's just great great job from Taylor mixing up his back end so he's been going cross-court a lot you see him go line.

Sets them up to go across on the next one great job so now Taylor's gonna have to do the same thing on the forehand side in the next you know if Hayden goes to his forehand again he's gonna have to mix in some Down the Line pass attempts as he just went cross-court twice in a.

Row I think Hayden's gonna be looking for that goes Cross Court again but he misses it and Hayden was definitely looking for the down the line shot you could see how much of the Cross Court he left open but maybe not always coming up to the net there are some moments that maybe hang back a little bit and it seems like.

I mean Hayden is a hundred percent like he's getting the net to the net as fast as he can which in singles generally is what you want to do is getting you know that puts him in a spot of a little bit of vulnerability with Taylor's passing shots is there ever kind of in singles like you sort of mentioned earlier where you do want to.

Stay back a little bit and not come up to the net always yeah and I feel like that happens more when your opponent has a really big serve or if you're dealing for example you're dealing with with Hayden Spencer and you're constantly getting short returns you may want to stay back oh wow that's just incredible on.

Hayden's side I feel like I don't think Zach is forcing anything with a serve he's not really doing much with the surf but he hasn't needed to Hayden has given them some freebies by missing some returns and then he's giving them some short returns so what I like to see Hayden is just really.

Be more aggressive when they return yeah I don't know that he's missed one long yet sure I think he's missed two in the net one wide I want to see him hit that return and just if you miss it long you miss it long but at least apply some pressure right now you did just that.

Yeah this is the second final time out here now down five nine again not an impossible Hill to climb so really it really kind of depends then on your return like you have to feel out how good your return is if it's maybe if you get pushed off to a corner you're obviously not gonna try to rush the net.

After you're pulled off the court and then if you have a short return maybe you stay back yeah so it's really all about you judging your own return if it's a really good return you should always follow it to the net yeah absolutely you're you're yeah that's exactly right and again Taylor's not necessarily hitting Big Sur.

So so I think really it's just up to Hayden right now to decide to be aggressive in the return you try to do it last time missed it long we may see him he did he was trying to return middle because because he's been past Cross Court we may see him return middle a couple times.

It's kind of middle yeah see that's what I mean like it worked once you just you just don't go back to that shot too much because it's the margin for air is so small with that LOB and that's the other thing too is a lot of times you stay back because you're very confident in your ability to either.

Pass or drop and come in right now Hayden is not fine passing super clean or dropping very clean oh no he just got jammed that's tough couldn't see it oh I needed to be a backhand Taylor should have come up oh what I mean should have come up there.

Too or at least they don't move oh and Hayden missed it yep got what he was looking for he expected the cross-court pass he got it the up the line shower was open he just misses it hitting it a tad late oh just I mean he's made so many of those.

So many of those if I am paid and and he goes back to that forehand you just start moving to Cross Court you force him to go up the line he has not hit one up the line in a while oh just missed yeah Taylor says yeah I try to sell it I mean he's an actor yeah yeah man he.

Does that for a living there it is again oh that was a good round that was a great get by patrickman right there yeah this one yeah it's a gift to Taylor and he just over Cooks it yeah he didn't give it right back I said it when he hit it the first time.

That that's the danger of hitting that third shot LOB and it working is that you kind of fall in love with it think it's going to keep working we have some Breeze now he needs to stop trying that shot yeah good deep serve oh almost but even on those we've seen Zach try to.

Go across Court every time he is he's I think he I remember one ball of him going trying to go up the line it's been cross-court Cross Court cross courts so if Hayden comes in he's got to sit on the cross court ball especially on the forehand side from Taylor because he is.

Going for that and looking for that every time out here from Taylor Patrick quins starting to get a little closer get that side out close out this first game without letting Patrick win back in oh that's Spencer look at Spencer running our.

Production show Mitch Mitch stand up he's out of he's out of frame Mitch doesn't want him Mitch is shy everyone all right Patrick with the serve 8 10 here in game one of this semi-final winner will face Kyle Lewis in the winter bracket final and he went across court again and that.

One was going out yeah one Cross Court again and now this time Hayden just sat on it he didn't even cover the line that's normally a shot as far as wide as Hayden went normally you go sit on that sideline thinking he's going to go online but smart by Hayden reading it anticipating acrossport yep.

Everyone's got a go-to shot and certainly for Taylor it's very obvious he loves to go cross-court with his passing shots and so what he tried to do as the opponent is you try to force him off of their favorite shot to try to DARE them to hit something different something they're not in as much of a.

Kind of GrooVe with as Taylor is with his cross court passes we'll see here he's serving so assuming Hayden's coming in game point there he goes close cross oh man I thought that was probably going long.

Yeah told himself he was that was going over the fence but honor Garnett has defeated Kaden niemoff 15-5 foreign the loser of this match great drop yes not enough yeah and I go back to that point that.

Long exchange when I said that Hayden gifted a ball to Zach and he missed it Hayden was serving it was 6 10 at that point so it didn't seem like as big of a deal but that was a side out to give Zach another Match Point opportunity at Penn six instead Hayden rattled off a couple more points put the.

Pressure on went to eight now he's all tied up and it's just those points those those points that can make all the difference there and pickleball obviously when it matches this close there's just a couple points here and there there are literally the difference between winning and losing absolutely.

Boy can make it takes on Big E Elliot Markowitz to stay alive in our back draw that is coming up next and then I believe we'll have our winter bracket final following that because we're going to need one of these players to get a bit of a rest before heading to that winter bracket final to face Kyle Lewis.

Yeah he went line this time and he goes line back to back forehand backhand and again you've got to change it up you saw Hayden didn't even move he thought Zach may be coming back Cross Court with that backhand instead he goes up the line he goes back to it.

Left me I don't like that I don't like when a 17 year old is having a knee problem I wonder if he hyper extended it I don't know I know he's been having a hard time with the footing yeah great job from Taylor mixing up those backhands yeah that was so.

Necessary he went line lying across all right game one Zach Taylor eeks it out here over patroquin 12-10 will game two be as close we'll find out right after this foreign foreign.

foreign back to the action here in our second semi-final match at the app Sacramento open on our final day of the weekend and a final day of coverage here for pro singles we just have our men playing today no women's singles which is why you have not seen any ladies on Center.

Court I'm not sure if there weren't enough players that signed up or what the situation was but either way that is why no ladies today oh that's Jeff so Zach Taylor on the near end takes on Hayden patroquin on the far end very very close game one was tied up at tens.

Taylor able to come out on top 12 10. yeah that's exactly what happened with the women there were three only three entries all right actually really good ones and a bright Mary brasha and Lacey schneeman but I think we would have loved to see them play but just not enough players.

Oh yeah he's doing a great job mixing it up going up line again again Hayden's sitting on that cross and so again everyone's got a go-to shot but you gotta have a second shot to keep your opponent honest yeah now I mean Patrick when left now having to.

Try and figure it out you can't just sit on one right exactly both players out of Southern California Patrick went 17 years old very recently Taylor 30. oh that's beautiful a good try from Taylor what nice little role there from Patrick Quinn see him kind of flick it.

Well placed Taylor trying to go for the Cross Court short angle would have been a pretty amazing shot if he pulled it off but two one oh yeah I would have liked to see him Ernie that but still easy put away but I think he should have just jumped that kitchen.

And hit that ball hard stuff you don't see don't see a lot of earnings and singles ever once in a while again the opportunity probably doesn't arrive as often happens a lot more in the cat and mouse certainly when when players get in the cat Mouse but that wasn't a perfect example where he really should have been.

Looking for that oh yeah that Ball's gone wide anyway even if you made that over the net too much angle yeah great job hey man that was a great gift from Patrick Wayne but sometimes when the gets are that difficult again here you're not going to.

Have a good shot off your paddle as a result yeah you're just trying to get a paddle on it at all yeah I mean the reason we said Taylor was one of the players to watch coming in oh yeah great touch that's beautiful ah it's a great ball by.

Taylor what an incredible Gap just wide on that yeah you are too that was returned we saw some of those in game one early in the game though not as much late in the game foreign.

Choosing not to come in oh he missed he overruns that ball he again I thought he had a good a backhand well he's looking for the cross cord watch how much he's running that way he thinks he's gonna go cross-core and he gets jammed because Taylor actually hits it in the middle I think Hayden was expecting oh did he.

Get it take it straight in I mean Zach again he's selling it yeah I mean he yelled pretty early I think his yell started right there yeah yeah yeah all right we have time out here from Patrick Quinn obviously a little frustrated yeah down six two here again I mean similar positioning as.

He's gonna take a little nap he literally looked like he was gonna pass out for a second yeah he's pretty tired with good reason yeah I mean it's so tough on these really hot days on a long weekend you have to dig so deep to find any sort of reserve of energy that you have left yep.

And try and give it everything but again it's you know if you win this one you have another one and it's it's the well deep enough that you can keep finding something that is unused yeah my kid's gonna sleep well tonight yeah and certainly coming out with three.

Medals and three events and the pro division would be pretty incredible for Hayden yep absolutely his first time ever you know meddling in all three events yeah he needs this match to ensure that not that he wouldn't be able to do it if he lost this but certainly winning just pretty much guarantees it.

Too that pretty much does it does guarantee it I was I I want to make sure I was on the right and the right round of the tournament oh yeah son right in the sun you can see your nose he's got the sun right in his face so yeah now is a much better time to use.

Blobs yeah I can't tell what the wind is doing doesn't seem like a whole lot right now so when it's not going to be a matter an issue yeah missing see that ball he's a little bit further inside towards the middle of the court so now he can't generate the same angle that he hit the previous ball.

With that we saw just a couple points ago yeah I think Hayden needs to start attacking middle as he did the last two points there a lot of times too when players train they're training from the wings they're training hitting passing shots from the wings.

I'm gonna have a time out here from Taylor's the last three rallies he's missed either into the net wide it's not getting the accuracy he's been getting a little bit earlier in this match and again I'm sure fatigue is setting in for him as well he's got pretty far.

All three days as well his mixed purse partner Lacey schneemann in the crowd cheering him on foreign talked earlier not a lot of strategy change much for either of these players simply looks like you know they're both a little tired hitting hitting the shots not as crisply.

As they were earlier missing some opportunities yep I think it's going to be a test of nerves here for Taylor specifically I think as you know your your you know the underdog the perceived Underdog have a lead here four points away that's out.

Because you you know you're so close and so it just we'll see how he manages the nerves I'd like to see him stay aggressive keep doing what's been working oh and that was there it was there starting to miss Now by just a couple inches yep and and again it I I don't know if.

He was nervous necessarily or not but again you feel like you're so close yeah that's true tied up now oh that's tough foreign again I mentioned earlier when you get pulled all the way off the court it's almost like he's got to think about.

Going down the line because that's his only shot at covering the next one but he goes yeah right back to Patrick and he's just sitting there waiting to easily volley under the Open Court yeah sometimes you can overthink those you can think because the obvious shot is up the line you think your opponent's going to cover the line so then you can.

Try to go behind him and it just doesn't work Patrick when taking a one-point lead here in game two though getting close to the end okay we're at eight okay I like the idea you try to switch it go up the line at the last second hey hey oh boy.

Hurry up oh you missed it he's gotten two misses and you do have the sun right there right so it's a little bit of wondering how much that affected Patrick Quinn as he's looking up at that ball maybe not that much for some angles yep.

You went for a lot it's too short of a serve oh wow incredible forehand kind of gets away with one there the serve just not nearly deep enough but Patrick win doesn't put any pressure with that return Annie clearly made a move to cover the line where before he was not making that move.

Because Taylor was going almost exclusively across Court oh yeah eight nine Taylor I feel he has so many opportunities to take volleys out of the air that he backs up to let drop that you should I feel like in singles you need to be at least trying to move.

Forward because in those opportunities you could easily you know put you in a much better spot if you can Bali those versus you know getting on your heels oh that's nice wow smart great shot moves in yeah that's just something that I think it will come with a little more.

Experience playing high level uh throw singles I think for Zach I mean certainly something I think as he goes back and watches this match he will see those opportunities yep that's interesting I mean Patrick went only 17 years old but he has much more experience than Taylor and quickly moves in yeah quickly moves in on those types.

Understands how to be aggressive really good it's so nice so good first the return is so deep and then just to cut volley there you see the ball just bounces twice inside of the kitchen very hard to do good deep serve.

Wow I mean I I still was like Taylor get it get he's got so many opportunities and I think part of it too he knows that hating is so tough on those shots that where a lot of players you pretty much assume you're gonna get a pop-up with Hayden you don't know he might roll across Court he might he could do so much from that position and that that's.

Probably making Zach a little bit hesitant yep but a great job by him he's two points away from his first good timeout good offensive time out here because he's been struggling a little putting some points on the board and I think he understands this next serve is critical if he wants to try and get that match.

Point yep on his paddle and and not give Patrick Quinn the opportunity to get it himself right yeah and certainly after a point like that where you use up a lot of energy you get the side out you you need time to yeah get your you know get your breathing control so that.

You don't give away a point when you have a chance to get to match point obviously as he does now with a serve you you want to feel as fresh as possible given the circumstances I know they're not going to be totally fresh but yeah as much energy as you can muster up.

Still absolutely even 90 seconds can make a big difference there there's momentum but there's also managing energy too much air under it and you know you wonder if he was thinking about that one he left in the net earlier right now wanting to do the same thing.

Instead puts too much air under it oh how many times have we seen it today that's why you make your opponent hit another ball absolutely I mean Hayden was apparently seemingly out of that point right back Patrick and I was wondering why he didn't try and move him around a.

Little bit more oh yeah all right another very close second game this time Patrick Quinn able to hang on forcing a game three so it'll be interesting again how these two players can manage their energy levels here in this third game trying to get into that winter.

Bracket final and on the podium game three coming our way right after this foreign foreign happy hold up foreign.

the app Sacramento open brought to you by powerplate the official recovery tool of the app tour sunmed the official CBD sponsor of the app tour and pickleball Central the pickleball Superstore catering from beginners to Pros back into the action here for a this is.

Game number three sure to be close at game three here in our Men's Pro singles semi-final match Zach Taylor on the far end Hayden Patrick on the near end and Taylor right out of the gate beautiful down the line passing shot our players will switch ends at six in this third game winner heads to the winner.

Bracket final to face Kyle Lewis who has secured his spot there already foreign both players stand back no one making the move yeah I mean Patrick went took him several shots to make a move up to that kitchen line but gets there and does a great job making sure.

Taylor spent a lot of energy on that get it oh don't like that Taylor looks like oh yeah I dragged his toe we caught his toe on the way up so I'm kind of shake out that left leg hopefully he doesn't tweak anything too much there.

Uh oh my goodness an ATP and singles and defended what what wow I don't know if I've seen an ATP that then got defended in singles as well as that just was but Taylor's sticking with it gets another great angle one one point I mean Patrick would just stands there and.

Watches again Taylor's favorite shot which is that two-handed backhand Cross Court Patrick went telling himself this isn't gonna cut it you gotta pick it up all right so Taylor close that ball out but Patrick Quinn and our refs overrule him only see from this far away.

Okay two one be interesting to see if Taylor keeps mixing up that passing shot down the line and Cross Court it's like Patrick and reading a little bit like earlier that he's going across Court a lot there's that shot down the line well.

Done almost into the crowd saw some flinching going on over there got it one two yeah beautiful shot he hasn't gone for a lot of passes but he does that time does it well nice roll.

A good return from Taylor nope doesn't quite do enough with it I think he meant to drop it just hangs it I mean we name dropped Ryan Sherry earlier but I I do appreciate that Patrick Quinn is taking a page out of his uh handbook for taking as long as possible to pick up the ball a little.

Bit with Taylor kind of rolled the ball to that corner I think they were both buying time let's work together that's right you push above the corner and I walk very slowly to it great shot that's out wow yeah great ball from Hayden point.

Four two foreign yeah hit it well looked like he was maybe going to roll it back to the Deep Corner maybe on the forehand side instead drops it foreign last few exchanges he's been hitting his shots.

At Patrick one a lot more than I thought he should be that one finally tries to work some of that open court to success oh that was like a miss it uh we're almost there again we got packed stands on both sides yeah I mean a lot of times singles day maybe a little smaller crowd you know.

But I love it Sacramento out in force here do we have mixed amateur today so there's a number of people here participating in that and watching the action in between but but yeah this is a great showing all right for a single Sunday.

Great effort from Taylor yeah too easy I might have a timeout no yes no I don't think so just a towel and four five foreign a lot about in singles you don't have a partner to pump you up you got to do it.

Yourself so it takes a little bit more willpower often a lot of singles players yelling and talking to themselves right out loud simply to do that try to fire themselves up foreign missed it he missed it.

It's top it was close yeah but he missed it yep I know he wanted it right it's okay I like them going across down the line just if if no other I mean that one was not well executed because Hayden had an easy put away but what it does is just it tells Hayden I will keep going there so it just keeps them more honest so you can't just cheat and run.

To that Cross Court pass so Taylor got lucky but uh good job going up the line there yeah too good sorry too good from Patrick Quinn I'm getting it I think Taylor as he continues to get better and play more Pro singles we'll realize that he.

Actually is expelling much more energy staying back and not coming up and being more aggressive trying to volley shots when he has them right just takes a lot more to Slug It Out at the Baseline yeah and I think for him is less about feeling tired and that's why he doesn't move forward but it's more just not.

Realizing that's that's the that's the best thing to do in that moment and that'll come as he plays more and more matches and as he watches other his opponents even you know as he sees Hayden crash in he's going to realize like yeah that really works I need to do it myself the the loser of this match of course we.

Know the winner moves on to the winner back final the loser of this match will take on Conor Garnett as we said earlier he did defeat Caden nemoth as you mentioned so he's waiting for the loser of this match well done one minute a very close score though but.

Taylor gets that six point triggering the end change here in this third game coming up next we will have a consolation bracket match Kai mcmakin will take on Elliot Markowitz next as we give the winner of this match a breather before we get that winter bracket final going here and next week.

I uh head home for a couple days but then I'm right back into the action in Dallas Texas for our next next gen event September 30th through October 2nd which is next weekend we will be live streaming that from the chicken and pickle in Dallas our biggest event yet for the next gen stops so definitely plan to tune in some amazing talent in.

Some of these young players that you've never heard or seen of that hopefully will be again that next generation of pinball players coming into the pro scene in the next couple years we have seen some of the household names played in next-gen last year in one of our first events and now they're dominating the pro scene so.

A really good event for those younger players to get a little exposure get a little development get used to that live stream on Center Court some money on the line as well thanks fine all right Zach Taylor on the near end to conclude this match gets a free point off of Patrick Quinn.

Sailing that return long okay again nerves see how Taylor manages them yeah I would have liked him to actually go the other way with that ball hard to create angle when you're not he didn't move enough to his left side to create angle on that inside out.

Would have liked to see him roll that ball Cross Court it's right on the line foreign momentum oh couldn't quite get their legs not long enough yet or maybe in another year and another year he makes it seven five.

Foreign Ed earlier this year and a match I thought between us between Anna bright and Cali Smith very similar situation and that one Cali got called for interference for exactly the same thing yelling yes I think Patrick had a case to be made if he wanted to appeal that.

But certainly could have and I think Zach of course thought the ball was going to go through he didn't think uh Patrick almost gonna get a paddle on it still mistake either way when you're yelling no your opponent's trying to hit it one way or the other certainly and he's got himself a match point and.

Patrick went after that call I think a little frustrated and then yeah I mean I think that I don't think the yell affected the shot but it was still by rule should have been Hayden's point seven five score.

Okay wow I mean that that is a nice rally to win it I was incredible I mean again they're good friends Taylor on the court during this really nice way to finish well you don't quit yep very first pro singles medal as he is into the winner bracket final.

We'll head to the Franklin Studio to chat with him if he has the energy to do so he's oh he's got it he will manage he will rally all right and then we're back with that Kai mcmakin Elliot Markowitz match to 15 right after this foreign.

Foreign thank you welcome back to the Franklin Studio Laura McLaughlin here with Zach Taylor who now does have his first ever Pro singles medal not sure what color yet let's let's shout out the fam at home first though yeah I just want to say.

Thank you to my family um I have a bunch of them watching back home my mom my sister my aunts and uncles all my cousins I see you and I feel all the love thank you I love it well I mean you we talked about it you know Hayden you guys play together all the time you know each other's games so well you guys that was a bit of a slug Fest there what are.

You thinking throughout that both of you looked a little fatigued at this point in the day how do you just kind of muster buy yourself out there with no partner to pump you up the energy to keep going I mean it's definitely hot out here probably another 10 degrees hotter on the court um all the audience is in the shade but I just saw myself to.

Make balls you know you never know what's gonna happen and when he was on this side I just threw up as many lobs as I can because that sun is so brutal the moment the ball goes up you just lose track of it yeah it looked like a little bit I think in that second game you you caught a toe looks like you might have tweaked something a little.

Bit hopefully nothing crazy but I mean when you're back and forth you're doing all this is the body holding up or do you feel like it's in good shape to continue well it's day three and I've played uh 11 Pro matches already in the first two days um I'm strapped up on my hamstring back here on the left leg and I've rolled this ankle before in singles.

Final so I was just lucky that I didn't completely roll it so Hayden's got me going left and right I know I mean you could very well face him again still today as he battles back in the backdraw but into that winter bracket final you'll face Kyle Lewis any thoughts about how you're gonna come up into that match with him I mean.

We're both playing with the same paddle so this is no Advantage there uh I know he has a big serve and a big forehand so I'm probably gonna try to keep it more to his backhand side all right well we'll see you in that winter bracket final after this match but definitely some rest is in order for you but don't go anywhere we're back with the cowboy.

Himself Kai mcmegany takes on Elliot Markowitz right after this house foreign.

under the set inside follow me foreign foreign.

foreign foreign foreign hold up foreign.

here as we are working through our Men's Pro singles bracket here at the app Sacramento open we're here at Johnson's Ranch Sports Complex in Roseville California beautiful Facility have enjoyed every moment here haven't got to see a ton of it because.

You know I'm here in the booth commentating all weekend but from what I've seen it has been fantastic we are back here in April next year for the 2023 app schedule which is out now so check out every spot we're going to be at on social media or the website plan to join us at hopefully more than.

One app event but the cartwheel and cowboy back on court showing off those guns in a beautiful tank top get ready to play he takes on Elliot Markowitz on the far end Markowitz 33 out of Santa Barbara California 37 out of San Diego still don't know how he keeps that.

Cowboy hat on his head through these matches but it must be secured tightly I can't hear me I hear her a little bit we have Legend legendary referee Marsha freszo gracing us with her presence on court I don't know how he got so lucky testing.

Testing are we good good okay okay gentlemen 15 seconds all right mcmegan's gonna be on the near end in the orange market what's on the far end as I mentioned zero zero this is a match to 15.

Almost catches it on the lob will switch ends at eight both of these players looking to stay alive here in the back draw hoping to get back into that bronze medal match uh just a great spot there for Markowitz Markowitz came up against the number six seeds Zach Taylor who we just saw.

Was defeated by him 11 5 11 1 in the quarterfinals and dropped down while Kai mcmaken came up against