Welcome everyone to our final day of coverage here at next gen Dallas we are here of course at the beautiful chicken and pickle in Prairie Ridge Texas it's been such a fantastic weekend as always with our next gen young players we are hit here in the head pickleball pregame show and going into today which is is our final day of singles a reminder.

Throughout the weekend our players accumulate points based on where they finished during the day and at the end of the weekend we Crown a champion based on their accumulated points throughout the weekend and going into today at the top of our leaderboard for the women is Sarah Williams followed by Ivy cheddar and third place is Taylor Crabtree for.

Our gentleman Austin chickatilov has that top spot followed by ursilio cabiasis and Jack Foster so going in today those players are for sure going to be fighting it out for a top spot finish today to be able to be crowned next-gen Champion here in Dallas it's going to be a fabulous day of singles hopefully we'll have some new players.

Here on Center Court that we have not got to see yet here this weekend it's going to be a really great time thank you again so much for joining us whether you're on YouTube or Facebook all weekend a reminder next weekend the app tour is in Alabama we will be be live streaming that tournament it's a tier two tournament so again some new faces.

Being introduced to the pickleball World some opportunities perhaps for some of our players to hit the podium in a pro event that have not yet but right now it's all about that upcoming next generation of pickleball we're going to take a short break starting us off here on Center Court are going to be our ladies Riley bohnert is taking on Bella.

Nelson after the short break we're back into the action thank you out there.

Foreign welcome back everyone for our first match here today Jack Foster get out of the camera to see his mop of curls in the camera all right we have Bella Nelson.

On the far end almost served before Bob has done calling sport Riley boner is going to be on the near end wearing very similar outfits Bobs will sell my USA pickleball certified referee Isabella AKA Bella Nelson 16 years old out of Deerfield Beach Florida a junior in high school yet on the far end is.

Bella Nelson great sport there from bowart Riley boner on the near end 17 years old out of Louisville Kentucky point boner the number four seed here for our ladies in their singles bracket while Nelson the number five great shot there and again the cool.

Thing about next-gen is all of the players have to play all three days so a lot of players perhaps are not normally singles players but because we are trying to round out a player's development in all areas it's really cool to be able to kind of have everyone play singles and get exposed to what it takes to play singles what.

Shocks go into that that are a little different from the doubles game and a good amount of these players may not play singles in tournaments maybe just for fun or in wreck but it's a good exposure for them and again these next-gen tournaments oh almost Nelson but the point of next gen really is the.

Player development of these young players I got to talk to them yesterday during our mentoring program where we have some chats with them Paul Olin our Senior Pro Mentor has talked both days on some different subjects Aaron Resnick out of the pickleball Clinic talked yesterday as well but.

Talking to them it you know we think a lot of these young players certainly they are the future of the sport of pickleball but realistically there's there's a good chance a high number of these young players don't ultimately make Pro pickleball their career they'll maybe go to college.

You know get involved in some other hobbies and activities that they like so it's just a really great opportunity when they are young to expose them to some things to think about if they want to perhaps pursue pickleball ultimately we want to prepare them as best we can give them the tools and information to make good decisions about that.

Great spot there from Bella great job coming out of that timeout just sort of regrouping foreign getting settled a little bit zero seven oh great recovery off the net there from Nelson I thought that might sneak by her after.

This catches the net one seven sign up great job by boner getting up to that net putting a little extra pressure on Nelson there cutting down some of the angles a lot of the women's game in singles we.

Are seeing skew a little bit more towards sort of that ground stroke Style game as a lot of tennis players are coming into the sport they are getting up to the net eventually during some of these rallies some players definitely making moves earlier than others but generally.

Speaking on the women's side they stay back a lot longer owner doing a great job getting up there though but Nelson finds the angle in the beautiful Drop here that two-handed backhand really well placed I thought that might have been a little wide but.

Again just boner hits a lot of power on her shots eight one she had a little bit of an angle there as well ah that ball died a little bit there as it reached Nelson making it hard to get that back up and over points go a little long and that's gonna.

Be a game point here for Riley bonart ten one point and game all right Riley boner takes game one we'll see if Bella Nelson has a little bit more success in game two able to hit.

Some more shots get that served back a little bit more often we'll take a short break back into the action here for our ladies singles right after this foreign.

Only one welcome back everyone to chicken and pickle Dallas for our final day of coverage here at next gen on the far end for game two is Riley boner 17 years old out of Louisville Kentucky her opponent on the near end 16 year old Bella Nelson out of Deerfield Beach Florida finding the shots she needed to hit in.

Game one to take her over the top point let's see if boner maybe makes some moves here to get to the net a little bit quicker looks like she was trying to do that during that last rally oh good idea from Nelson trying to switch it up here after.

Boner hit kind of put her shots in the same area I will follow it in oh yeah awesome making that move just a little late she had a good shot she needed to follow in she made about half of a move and that put her actually out of position five zero.

Foreign textbook great job hit a nice angle got up to that net gotta pop up and unfortunately the air into the net put away she found the right formula though I'd like to see her seven zero one minute again a lot of these players don't play singles a lot.

Definitely looks like this isn't Nelson's first time playing singles for sure I would like to see her as we talk a lot even at the pro level a lot of the women we talk about needing to get to that net quicker they need to follow in some of their really great shots especially if they're deep.

And they're going to be dropping and their opponent is not going to be able to volley them out of the air it's a great shot you got to just recognize as you get more used to playing singles when are the right moments to make that move up to the net cut off some of the angles for your opponent put yourself in a little bit better position.

To control the rally boy eight zero oh boy just missing that back corner tough spot Nelson's head the right idea she's having the right strategy picking some good spots she's just not quite executing as you see there you know the previous rally a little bit.

Wide on her shot that one a little long foreign gay man mess but again that is that's the right spot for her to be returning down that line you see that at the pro level all the time but ultimately Riley boner Just a Little Bit Stronger here in this matchup so she will continue on in our upper bracket as I mentioned we have.

Men's and women's singles to conclude the day at the end of today we'll be able to Crown a champion based on the points accumulated throughout the weekend and we will take a short break back into the action here with our next singles match here on a beautiful Sunday in Dallas Texas don't go anywhere.

Take me out foreign foreign foreign oh.

foreign foreign foreign.

No time to waste under the set inside thank you all right welcome back everyone as Garrett takes a seat on the court I was like I was just taking a rest taking a rest we have a.

Quarterfinal match here for our men's singles bracket we have Garrett Whitehead on the near end 17 years old out of Draper Utah he takes on Josiah the denim demon Ouija Josiah 19 years old from New Braunfels Texas this should be a very good matchup these two players are both very good we.

Talked yesterday in our talk about branding and image and uh Josiah certainly has one people might not know who he is or his name but if someone says hey have you ever seen that kid that plays in jeans all the time they might know who you're talking about it's Josiah.

He comes from a family of ten he has nine brothers and sisters and he has no bracket sport background at all and he said he gets all of his power from the ax throwing that he does so a unique individual for sure one of the nicest guys as is Garrett Whitehead I don't think Garrett has ax throwing in.

His resume however maybe I should ask and not assume though oh wages got a floater he was drooling about that one possibly just took his eye off the ball there for a moment Courtney Johnson back out as our USA pickleball certified referee.

He was on the line I saw it too see it that left foot kind of snuck a little forward onto that line when he served two three out three two white Whitehead has a four two eight.

Very intense spin serve Works to his advantage oh my goodness that little wrist flick on the backhand side from Whitehead here watch this one right here I mean I thought for sure it was going up the line with that didn't even think he had the angle again.

A little bit different from the ladies match that we just saw previously you're gonna see these guys getting up to the net as quickly as they can Whitehead there following his return that one stays in Whitehead thought for sure that was going out again Whitehead getting up to the net so.

He's able to control that rally a little bit better found some of Josiah's options out three five out just miss that sideline yep does look like he just missed it five three.

Oh again look at these hair else I mean great angle there from Wagey it's handling the Spencer very well oh oh tough great anticipation was in the right spot just overcooked it a little bit all right we're gonna have a timeout here from weiji.

As Whitehead pulling away just a little bit again I think Josiah's right there I think he has had the opportunities just a little bit of execution he's getting a Secrets told to him yeah I think you know I think both these players doing very well I think there's been a couple unforced errors or forced errors.

On the side of Josiah weiji that has put Whitehead in a little bit better position on the scoreboard here in game one we'll see what the advice here is if we have any noticeable change in the way that wages going to come out of this timeout.

That was a long good timeout good result three seven yeah I mean he just smacks that ball again he doesn't have traditional Strokes per se without having a racket background but just doesn't matter pickleball doesn't matter oh unlucky break there some of the top.

Pros in pickleball these days do not have a racket sport background and have never played tennis so that is certainly not an indication of whether or not a player can be successful in pickleball which is one of the cool things about the sport oh nice hands nice hands both these players doing such a great.

Job again they know in singles how important it is if you can volley that shot out of the air it doesn't allow your opponent as much time to set up see you there Luigi oh great job by Whitehead but again Ouija being aggressive getting up to that net following his shots and you will notice it does seem like.

Wagey is much more comfortable with his forehand he's running around his back end again great hands we've had some nice exchanges from these guys so far here good recovery off the net and again look at wagy just coming out of nowhere crash in the net getting up there being aggressive.

Foreign yeah really nicely done for the white head he's already at the net a little bit more established if you can see wages making a move to cover the middle and that far sideline White had great recognition of that just out there four seven.

Side out and fairly even right now the score has been stuck here now for several side outs and we've had a few really nice hands battles at the net about 50 50 who's coming out on top of them right now foreign great job again.

Wagey is tall he's got a little bit more length than Whitehead does right now so he does a great job getting on top of that ball and again he's just being very aggressive in a Smart Way he's being very deliberate big serve there for Whitehead hasn't gotten many free points off his serve.

Maybe the second one here in this first game but certainly coming out of that timeout does seem like Wagey has had a little bit better handle on the situation here has cut into Whitehead's lead Whitehead is the number four seed while Wagey is the number 20 here.

And just for context we had 43 young men here this weekend for next gen and 13 young ladies so mentioned it earlier in the weekend as well but especially if you know any young ladies that play Pickleball that would love an event like this who would like to meet some other people their own age perhaps get some high level play.

That they might not have at home I mean we are looking for all young players but especially some young ladies we'd love to get them involved get them into an event like this and start to build the ladies side of the game which even at the pro level is certainly less deep than the men's.

Side right now just in terms of numbers and therefore how deep that Talent runs great job Whitehead just in control that whole rally really dictating what was going on such a smart player that's such a young age a tough break the net cord yeah we've seen Whitehead and Wagey at.

Several next-gen events now and seeing their growth and development is so cool we are back into the action with game two after this short break don't go anywhere foreign.

Foreign welcome back into the action here for game two in this men's singles quarterfinal matchup here for next gen Dallas Lauren McLaughlin here on the mic as I have been all weekend thank you so much for joining us we have Josiah Wagey on the near end aka the denim demon he takes on Garrett Whitehead on the far.

End just missing that foot away we saw wagy Miss put away in game one as well he has one of the craziest overheads I've ever seen he just hits it so hard and he told me he attributes that to the ax throwing that he does yeah Whitehead just is a little bit at a higher level than Wagey right now he.

Just seems to be a little bit more in control able to be a little more deliberate about where he's placing his shots and he's of course I'm stealing this from Aaron chicken to love he's talking about some of the gnarly spin serves that we've seen this.

Weekend and Whitehead certainly has one of them staying a left foot fault here oh yeah absolutely I didn't even see it I kind of was like Courtney what are you talking about never question Courtney Johnson I have learned my lesson yeah and again just Whitehead just at the net just wagy back and forth back.

And forth and again wages did a phenomenal job he got so many of these shots back but just look how calm Whitehead is over there while Wagey is EX falling so much energy White had a little unsure what the score was don't see too many serving faults in.

Singles as it's fairly easy to know which side of the Court you need to be standing on right side for even left side for odd but I've seen it before it's happened oh nice hands from weiji nicely done here up at the net that one a little tough to get to it's too good there.

And Whitehead making very few errors right now in this match good return there from Ouija and he looks back wondering if that was maybe going out I do think that was for sure dropping in so I think that was the right decision to play that ball but again just gotta be able to hit the.

Shots and Luigi struggling just a tiny bit with that right now we're gonna have a timeout tough to sort of wonder what if anything is a good strategy change for Wagey singles it's a little tougher to make.

Any sort of drastic changes not like in doubles where you can switch up your stack put your partner on the opposite side of the Court than they have been you can play the slow game if you've been speeding it up too much try and be more aggressive in singles it's a little bit more limited I think how much you can change about.

The way you're playing or try to change the way your opponent is playing you can certainly try and get up to the net more try and slow things down with a little more cat and mouse I think really mostly you can mix up where you're returning the serve where in the court you're returning it try and cut down some.

Angles generally you'll see at the pro level in singles they'll return down the line but right now Wagey is returning right down the middle right back to Whitehead which I think certainly should be something that he changes yeah he's just going right back to him.

And again he's got that spin serve to deal with so it's a little bit harder to return in a specific spot when you're just trying to return it at all it's wide there so that might be a factor in that Wagey is simply trying to return Whitehead's spin serve get it in the court oh.

Two eight point all right some success here for wages getting three eight there's something going here all right kicking up that serve a notch getting a free point off the return Ouija doesn't have a Spencer but he does.

Have a very hard good pickup yeah I would have liked to see weiji come to the net on the previous ball it is a nice drop shot that Whitehead had to let drop maybe apply a little bit more pressure yeah that was a.

Beautiful return from weiji but again yeah Whitehead I think just just playing a little bit better getting some better shots some better opportunities great shot gonna be a match point here for Garrett Whitehead and he will get it off of his serve with.

The return law but really nicely played from Josiah such a great guy such a great player love watching him out here but Garrett Whitehead just at a higher level here in this matchup oh my gosh where'd you just jump The Back Fence I mean look at this kid look at this kid we did we did we'll take a short break.

We're back into the action here for our final day at next gen Dallas right after this foreign thank you.

foreign thank you laughs foreign.

no time to waste under the sight inside foreign thank you.

foreign thank you welcome back to David versus Goliath I'm sort of joking but absolutely not on the far end Carson lore 12 years old out of Durham North Carolina have seen him at.

Next gen before really fantastic kid fantastic player he takes on Austin chicken to love at 6'5 I'm pretty sure his legs go up to Carson's shoulders 23 years old out of Fernandina Beach Florida the number two seed here today lore the number 18 though out of you know out of 40 players the number 18 seed not too.

Shabby Carson lore has taken a game off of Jack Foster at a next-gen event really great player has seem seen him develop here boy and we have such a large bracket I misspoke that was not a quarterfinal match earlier it was the quarterfinals.

Of the top half of the bracket this is a quarterfinal of the bottom half of the bracket oh Jeff break there oh great get there from lore oh wonderful angle oh nice pickup oh look at him just work the Amazon man around.

Zero three I have to imagine the entire crowd watching is cheering for Carson here one three oh my come on Lord just again look at the recognition to come up and take that volley and he smoked that shot.

Again 12 years old everybody 12. oh come on with that two-handed backhand let's go you're 12 years old is what seventh grade I want to say seventh grade he's probably in two two separate there.

Chickatoave is currently in school to be a chiropractor big Yogi 's nickname the Amazon man partly due to his height which is six five partly due to his love of nature sort of being in tune with all of that very health conscious hello.

Foreign good effort there from lore trying to work those angles again he's a little bit smaller so has to hit shocks a little bit differently oh doubles up look at these pickups look at these pickups oh well done I mean chickitilov.

Did a great job I think he had to switch his paddle hand I mean look at this angle oh previous shot I mean Laura's making them work for it no doubt a little bit too much there Laura's gotta be able to get those shots either past chickatoave.

Which is a tall order given his wingspan or he's got to drop them a little bit closer to the net break yet good shake out there from chickatoave there I'll tell you right now Carson lore could crush me in singles absolutely destroy me without question.

Foreign got a couple nice shots back handling some of these quicker shots from chicken Talon with a little bit more pace just giving them right back foreign not quite as great obviously but we're hitting some really nice shots.

Right placement tried to go Cross Court with that block which is the right thing to do the right shot to look for just overdoes it a little bit oh tough oh it goes wide like a break for lore there great spot I mean look at this look at these drives three nine ah this is why I love next.

Gen so much like look at the talent point two gets him on two I mean the work that Carson has put into his game since the first time I saw him and a handful of next gens ago is so evident it's so look at that effort what a get great pickup.

Fortunately that much effort to pick up a ball usually means you're gonna be popping it up easy put away there for chickatooff that's the thing two lore is playing well enough that he's forcing some errors here from chickatilov four trying to keep it away from him he knows he's getting to so many of these.

Shots he's gotta hit them very precise nine four oh tough point good effort though from lore he is gonna give everything he's got on the court no question we got a timeout from Laura here you can have a game point from chicken.

To love he just needs just needs a drink needs a little cool off here Brian Hickman's gonna help him out over there as I mentioned in our head pickleball pregame show Austin Chicago is at the top of the leaderboard currently here for next gen Dallas after his first place finish yesterday in.

Men's doubles and a high placed finished in mixed as well on Friday with Riley bonart so he is looking to secure that number one finish oh he's there great effort great anticipation But ultimately chicken to love is able.

To come out on top we'll switch ends back for another fun-filled second game here in this men's single match at next in Dallas right after this out here.

foreign foreign we have our youngest participant here this weekend on court 12 year old Carson lore there on the near end he takes a 23 year old Austin.

Chickatoave on the far end absolutely made Austin work for his win in game one zero zero points spot down that sideline one zero I think chickatoave knows he maybe needs to take it up a notch here in the second game not give lore the opportunities he.

Perhaps let him have it game one and if anyone is just joining next-gen is just Open brackets each day simply done by age currently next year there may be some tweaks to how the next-gen format is but currently it's an open skill bracket you do have to have a minimum 4.0 utpr in one of the categories well done there from lore.

Either mixed doubles or singles so if any of your ratings in those three categories is a 4.0 you are I'll let you go look at that look at that are you serious with that shot from lore like that's a pro level shot right there J.W Johnson wishes he could hit that shot I mean I'm also just joking obviously JW.

Johnson can't hit that shot again at 12 years old the recognition the ability to see the court place these shots where Carson is placing them is phenomenal look at that are we serious like who cares how old the kid is he can play.

So well so well age is just a number everybody I mean great pickup four two oh just missing the backhand ATP foreign just a couple of shots right idea but he's overdoing it just a little bit.

Again probably has to put a little bit more effort into hitting these shots as hard as he wants to and of course he's a little bit lower on the net so he's got to make sure tough on some of them coming from a bit of a lower position to keep some of these shots in.

Point s why not receiver H2 one minute all right we're gonna have a time out here from Carson lore as chica to love pulling away here again in the second game again Austin is the number two seed here today I imagine Jack Foster is the.

Number one seed ah Austin is the one at the top of the leaderboard here for the men at next gen receiver you have one remaining timeout server you still have two time in gentlemen point.

Nine two I mean great gets great effort again Laura is making chicken to love hit one more shot multiple times I mean ultimately match going to chica to love here but such a great job from Carson really well played and he's not done yet this is just his.

First loss of the day so he's still in it here he'll drop to our backdraw in a pretty deep field of gentlemen we have 43 here this weekend so quite a big bracket to play for them our lady's a little bit smaller so they're working their way through much quicker but we'll have some of those ladies matches still to come on.

Center Court here we will have a short break don't go anywhere though more singles action as we conclude our weekend here at chicken and pickle Dallas right after this foreign foreign.

foreign foreign oh foreign.

Foreign thank you no time to waste inside.

Into our wild history follow me into our wildest dreams foreign to our next match up here on Center Court we have AJ kawaja on the far end in white 22 years old out of Fort Worth Texas just graduated from Texas.

Christian University as you can see on his shirt have a couple pickleball players here this weekend for next gen that are currently attending TCU or have he takes on Spencer Lanier who is our number three seed Spencer 19 years old out of Newberg Oregon currently at Portland Community College.

But he is in the grilling group and playing group with Wes gabrielson Eric Lang Jason Bach a couple of those other guys up in the Pacific Northwest they are singing his Praises big time got to see him play in some doubles earlier in the weekend he is also 6'5 just so everybody knows we have two six foot five gentlemen here.

This weekend which is wild every time I had to interview them it hurt my neck Lanier of course has that very long reach good effort I stand by my observation when I saw him play earlier he very much gives me JW Johnson vibes kind of very mellow seeming.

Sort of almost slow motion in his movements doesn't expel a lot of energy moving around the court very deliberate in his movements I mean even look the way he stands is a little bit like JW Johnson it's stage DJ young back in the house everybody.

Interesting to see what kawaja's strategy here is definitely gonna have to cut down on those errors though if he wants a shot here moving on point five zero a little bit of a spin serve out of linear.

Sort of a simple spin with that left hand nothing too crazy got it I thought I might have missed that in that back corner first time we've seen both gentlemen up at the net quick hands exchange that's gonna go long five zero.

Oh Courtney almost got taken out right there from Spencer almost got an extra little hug there really great effort again got some long legs that get you places much quicker kawaja does seem to be a little hesitant coming to the net or following his return he's had some really nice ones a little long on that return from Lanier.

One six kwaja has sort of adjusted that drive it looks like he's driving much better now I think he's stopped trying to cut it so close to the net give himself a little bit more margin to work with again kawaja didn't follow that in too aggressively to the net his returns.

Haven't been super deep so that may be where his hesitation is coming from big serve wow I mean that was a fantastic angle kawaja has driven every single one of his third shots so far.

And short return so he doesn't follow it in butcher definitely add a bit of a disadvantage when you have a player that's so tall up at the net they can do so much with their shots three eight.

Wow massive return there from Lanier kawaja does come up with the return but he's hitting that next shot still several feet behind the kitchen line if he can get up to that line a little bit quicker sort of establish himself some nice solid footing.

That was a great return but again I mean he he comes out on top but again just yeah foreign so a little bit of confusion about whether that last shot was in I think kawaja thought maybe it was out.

And then he was calling a timeout but it was in and then he kind of didn't want to call time out but he'd already called the timeout so just a bit a bit of confusion here so a bit of an accidental offensive time out here for kawaja I won't continue to harp but I think if.

Kawaja were to watch this back later I think he'd see that he missed some opportunities to get up to the net be a little bit more in control perhaps of some of these rallies part of the reason too kawaja might not be following his return in is that line is serve is so good and so deep he's a.

Little bit moving backwards his weight is perhaps shifting a little back as he's returning so that's tough if you hit a shot needing to back up it's tough to then get your momentum moving forward in a quick enough way that gets you up there great job guaja a bit of a pop-up here does let it.

Bounce but again linear makes that move to cover left anticipates the wrong way all right so Lanier takes game one again we'll see if Quadra can can be a little bit more confident in game two to follow his returns up to the net or at least look to be making that move sooner than.

He is currently and perhaps give himself a bit of a better opportunity here to keep that score a little closer look back into the action here chicken and pickle Dallas right after this foreign foreign welcome back everyone did I just hear.

Ivy cheddar somewhere I heard someone yelling oh no Ivy's sitting right next to us it wasn't her oh some of these ladies they are Fierce competitors out here just random screams throughout chicken and pickle all right we need a green light Niche we need a.

Green light got it we got it we have this awesome new system of Lights you can see it right here guys if you're looking at me on camera it tells the ref when to go when we're back from the string pickleball TV just coming up with all kinds of fun stuff I like I like the move kawaja got his.

Butt up to the net follow that return oh she's missing it ripping some of those drives just misses oh great pickup like I mentioned earlier all players play all three days so there's a lot of pickleball players that don't normally play singles that are playing singles.

Here today just because of the format of next gen and we want to kind of expose all the players to all the different ways to develop their game foreign that is nice I have to imagine uh kawaja does play singles he definitely seems smart enough in the strategy that he is a singles player in pickleball maybe not.

His main focus but I think probably you know the top 20 or so seated gentlemen here today are actually singles player but a little bit lower seeds might not generally play singles so not as comfortable with the strategy of singles or so working three one that strategy.

Uh well done well done again I mean it's the the lofting serve followed it again it's even when he does make a move to the net it's not again that was a nice calculated sort of step forward I like that very smart all done he's there it's over.

I made some really great gets there from kawaja really nicely done but one once your opponent is able to get you on the move as much as Lanier did you might be able to get a couple shots back but usually they're not going to be really well hit shots oh.

That is a beauty right there that's beautiful I mean kawaja needs to rock some more of those passing shots if he is gonna stay back knock it up to the net those are going to be key here if he wants a shot at pushing this to three oh doc you make me laugh long kawaja all right a little momentum.

Here I do think he's done a much better job here in the second game being a little bit more aggressive getting to the kitchen a few more times than we saw in game one and again most of these players at the next gen events have never played each other these are not the pros that travel all.

Over the country they see a lot of the same players a lot of these players stick kind of their to their local area maybe they play some tournaments but they're generally not going to be traveling a ton just because they're younger families have to travel with them it's a bit tougher to do than.

Players that can travel on their own and you know on their own dime so a lot of these players have never seen each other a lot of these first games between some of these players are completely a feeling out process so kawaja maybe took game one as a bit of a a learning experience and he's made some adjustments here in this.

Second game I think yeah just a really nice drop volley there foreign call oh yeah caught that line that was that nice Top Spin shot there from kawaja yeah.

He's really the confidence is showing here the change is noticeable in the shots that he's hitting here in the second game yeah I just let that get behind him a little bit five seven point I haven't seen too many of those errors from kawaja here and the second.

Game did see a handful in game one definitely led to a lot of free points and lamia is also missing quite a few of his serves this second game oh boy out just a little bit too underneath that one.

Kevin oh unlucky another time out here oh Clips the net keeps it even close to the net gives it a little bit more angle so collagen just does not have a shot at that and we're gonna have a timeout as linear retakes a one point lead.

It's my first time getting to see Spencer Lanier player this weekend and he I don't know who it is but he reminds me of someone so much like he looks like somebody I know or that sounds I can't place it can't place it but it's just in my brain that he looks so familiar to me just thought I'd share that with.

Everyone this little little personal tidbit about what's going on with me everyone is having a lovely Sunday morning wherever you're at thank you for joining us with some fabulous next-gen action and some new faces again tough kawaja was struggling a little bit with the serve in game one he.

Has handled it very nicely here in the second game and now the wheels are just falling off Okay Kevin magical here for linear oh again nice pickups but such a great job from Land here with that drop volley can be absolutely so.

Good of a shot in the singles works much better usually than doubles is that it Nicholas is it that Spencer looks like Andre de Esco it might be is that it that might be it yeah kawaja totally on the run on the move there not gonna get a good paddle on that.

Another match point oh such a smart Oh I thought thought I got it my mistake again doubling up you just missed it was a smart placement barely missed it great drop oh so good Lanier just waiting for his moment he finally gets.

That drop shot opportunity follows it immediately up to the net and then Takes Over Control there's the drop comes up to the net little hands Exchange oh really nice job from kawaja but now he's on the defense head to back all the way up gonna be so much tougher for him and.

That is what is going to ultimately get Spencer Lanier over the hump here in game two to take this match really well played kawaja incredibly Better Effort here in game two really made some great adjustments coming out of game one he's still alive in that back draw and we will take a short break and back.

Into our last day of singles men's and women's rocking right now here at chicken and pickle we're back into it right after this foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign no time to waste.

Inside into our wildest dreams follow me into our wildest dreams foreign.

Foreign foreign welcome back everyone to our actual first quarterfinal matchup here in men's singles as I mentioned earlier a very large group of gentlemen playing singles here today so it's taken a while to get.

Into our quarterfinals but we do indeed have them on Deck here Garrett Whitehead will be on the near end he takes on Jaden Broderick who we have not seen yet on Center Court this weekend but got to meet him in San Antonio which was our last Next Gen event also.

Stupid tall kid is stupital I want to say he's ah c652 there's no way we have three six Five Guys six four I'll ask him six four just a little baby a little baby six four everyone Jaden Broderick 16 years old junior in high school out of Greenville South Carolina see him around uh the app.

Circuit as well always good to see these next gen players out in the real world at some of our bigger tournaments but we have seen Garrett Whitehead already today 17 years old a senior in high school out of Draper Utah foreign broderick's gonna have that length and reach as we have seen with some of our.

Taller players zero zero side out Bob swissel back in action as our USA pickleball certified referee zero zero just wide have to give another quick shout out when I saw Jaden playing in next gen at our previous event he was actually.

Partnered with Jace Lanier who is out of Michigan fellow michigander was super impressed with both of them Chase is just 14 years old I believe he was 13 when I saw him I'd actually still be 13. I don't know what his birthday was but super impressive just the nicest kid every single player here at these next gen just so awesome.

To meet everyone is great not gonna name names but some of some of the pros around the circuit you know they got some egos they got some attitudes they're not always necessarily fun to deal with but these next-gen players love it love them all.

Great spot from Whitehead there making it a little difficult when you are as tall as Jaden it can be a little tough to get low pick up some of those shots oh yes the serve the serve is out in force here two quick free points my gosh my elodie mac and cheese has been delivered by Chris.

Without a fork or something I'm gonna have to dock it some points he's getting the floor remind I took extra points and I just slide there from Whitehead zero four Whitehead doing a great job pinning Broderick back at that Baseline not letting me get up.

Whitehead knows if broderick's able to get up there again he's got a little bit more reach a little bit more height than he does makes him very dangerous up at the net oh that one goes wide off the net five zero point right half of his points now three.

Points off the serve massive put away there from Broderick I did Oda sign out Mitch are we able to turn this camera around get a shot of my elodie mac and cheese for the people while it's untouched and looking gorgeous oh geez I don't want to burn myself on.

The skillet I almost did that before look at look at this guys look at this beautiful Skillet of a Lodi mac and cheese here at chicken and pickle it's my new favorite thing in the whole world if you go to a chicken pickle and haven't had it oh my gosh it's so good no one tell me how many calories it would ruin my day.

But worth it worth it I may have had it three times this weekend no one's counting though no one's Counting zero six back into the action from the time up oh geez oh that kid smacked himself is that the same kid so that is a player here that was behind.

Me one time got really frustrated and smacked his paddle on his I assume his thigh like you see some people do it literally scared me so bad it was so loud oh it just happened again I don't like physical punishment of yourself all right people big announcement earlier this weekend.

But the 2023 next gen stats are out Joshua I saw you if you're planning on joining us hopefully next year these are our three stops put them on your calendar put them in the back your mind we start off in February San Antonio Texas July middle of summer Overland Park Kansas and we will conclude next-gen.

Back in Texas and Grapevine two new locations for chicken and pickleball that we have not been at yet so it's gonna be a super fun year next year with all of our regular tour stops and also those next gen ODOT don't tell me then yeah Broderick is much more dangerous if Whitehead allows him.

To get up to that net side out it's missing here on that two-handed backhand drive again you may have noticed Broderick is a lefty doesn't change things all that much in the singles game but certainly in doubles when you have a lefty playing you're gonna generally stack them on.

That right side put two four hands in the middle great job Roderick keeping Whitehead pinned at that Baseline three seven oh great oh great hands great hands wow nice little hands exchange there I Whitehead got two more than I was expecting him to.

That last one just a little awkwardly placed four seven oh he's on the ground he's all right though it's a little slippery over there 7-4 side out hello Miss Ivy four seven points got it I saw it in all right.

Whitehead asking Bob did he see that wasn't quite sure about the call looks like it caught that line foreign I mean that little wrist flick look five seven angle back Cross Court so well done point eight five.

Foreign uh just pops the net as that sails over might have finished it just a touch wide uh yeah I think if he had just cleared the net that would have been a really nice drop all right so while Whitehead came out pretty hot was up four or five zero.

To start this first game Broderick has made those adjustments gotten back in here handling the serve a little bit better than he was seven eight and he is looking to tie this up oh that drive was massive again some of the power that these young players have.

Is just so impressive we got anything else to talk about Mitch you want to throw anything else up oh Houston yeah speaking of Texas while we're still here everyone in just three weeks we are going to be in Houston for the first time October 19th through the 23rd registration is still open not for too much longer though is a Golden.

Ticket opportunity for the 2023 Nationals it's gonna be an awesome tournament awesome time a lot of Pros there come out and watch come out and play get up pickleballtournaments.com look at what tournaments we have open for registration Houston included come join us.

I mean not surprising and pickleball at all but it is now Jaden Broderick with a game point here after Garrett Whitehead seemed to be in control in this first game very close I expect a close second game as well we'll take a short break and we're back into the action right after this.

Foreign eyes foreign here for game two in our first quarterfinal match here for our men's singles on the near end 16 year old.

Jaden Broderick on the far end 17 year old here at Whitehead Fifth and fourth seed respectively Whitehead came out with a big lead in game one I believe he was like 5-0 at one point but Broderick made the adjustments he needed to.

And some lucky breaks like that do not hurt at all foreign oh my gosh he's so disappointed that he doesn't come out on top of this but the fact he even got a paddle on those is so impressive I can't believe it he has such deceptively quick hands oh that's just too good Broderick looks.

Like he is really settled in here he's playing very confidently he's hitting his shots now four zero yeah a bit of a miss it I think there from Whitehead but he did try and take some Pace off of this shot here make it really tough for Broderick to.

Get there he's gotta get those serves in with Broderick up 4-0 here in the second game Whitehead cannot waste any opportunity he has to put some points on the board himself foreign Chris if you like Adam Stone's new.

Podcast you'd probably love listening to him on my podcast as well he was my latest episode feel free to check it out if you didn't did you guys even know I have a podcast pickleball after dark is its name Good Times all right time out here from Garrett Whitehead as he is trailing 6-0 here in the second game and after.

Broderick was able to overtake him in game one Whitehead in trouble here possibly get knocked down into our consolation bracket get Broderick 16 years old but 6'4 I remember I asked him at a previous next gen how tall his parents were I think his dad's even taller so I don't.

Even know if he's done growing which is Wild what is a little tough about watching some of these players in next gen is because they're so young because they don't have nearly as much experience just in general at High Level Sports in a lot of tournaments certainly they may play something in high school or you.

Know growing up but the pressure isn't quite the same so I think every once in a while seeing some of these young players definitely can get a little down on themselves get a little frustrated can be tough to kind of shake off some some tough breaks but for the most part these kids handle.

Themselves so well much better than some pros that I could name which I won't foreign just such quick hands we've seen it all weekend from him again just great anticipation oh too good too good well done Garrett just breathed a big sigh of.

Relief here actually coming out on top here oh so well done way to stay on top of it oh the serve point that's what Whitehead has been looking for and has not got here at all in the second game one Broderick has had the serve more often and then Garrett has.

Not capitalized a couple times that he has had the serve and this is our second to last Next Gen step of 2022 we're here in Dallas Texas of course but we conclude our next gen Series this year in Kansas City registration is still open for just maybe a few more days maybe a week I'm not sure might be longer that I might be.

Making that up the 11th I think the 10th yeah of October right so I think registration is closing in the near future but if you have a young player if you're thinking about next gen come join us in the middle of November it'll be awesome we're going to the chicken pickle in Kansas City.

Come join us it's fun I promise quick side out coming out of the timeout oh and the free point on the other side of it 7-4 Jaden I don't believe is spinning the ball at all he just has a good hard serve Whitehead normally is extremely good.

About getting up to the net trying to close ground as often as he can he's kind of moving that right leg around saw him kind of swinging flexing out his hip I'm wondering he's perhaps tweet something a little or feeling a little stiff in that right hip area.

Have a timeout here I believe the second and final one for this second game Jada Broderick two points away from heading to the semi-finals you can follow along in our brackets on pickleballtournaments.com as I mentioned this is our first quarterfinal.

Quite a big bracket so it looks like into another quarterfinal is Austin chickatoave Spencer Lanier will take on ursilio cabiasis in another quarterfinal yeah and there's four right head stretching out that hip a little bit oh that that's not oh it is he's finishing even though.

There is still one point left to go Whitehead is pulling out that's oh I feel so bad he definitely has tweaked something um I don't know if he's even gonna keep playing but ah such a great player just fantastic job all weekend can't wait to see where he goes in his pickleball career but it looks like he.

Has sort of hurt himself enough that he doesn't want to aggravate it anymore so that's tough I feel bad um so Jaden Broderick I I think was going to make it into the semi regardless based on just how this second game was playing out but tough way to end and coming up next here on court we'll have another quarterfinal match.

Jeff Foster is going to take on Nick Garza coming up next so don't go anywhere back into the action while I Chow Down my eloti Mac and Cheese during the break I need some time guys it takes a minute I want to savor it but we're back here at chicken and pickle Dallas right after this.

eyes foreign foreign we are launching Selkirk team which brings the best pickleball content to.

Your smartphone tablet and big screen TV this is 24 7's pickleball proudly brought to you by Celica foreign foreign.

thank you foreign foreign thank you foreign.

welcome back everyone for our second semi-final ugh it's Sunday I don't even know what I'm saying anymore our second quarterfinal match here in men's singles on the far end we have it Nick Garza 23 out of San Diego California he takes on Jack Foster the number one seed on the near end.

21 years old out of Vero Beach Florida and I am joined once again by Senior Pro specialist Paul Owen hello sir Senior Pro specialist a specialist at being a senior Pro I mean it's taken 50 plus years you're making it look easy though Paul just effortless so you are a singles player so you have.

To sort of appreciate being able to watch some of these young players and how I mean how talented some of them are at just such a young age lots of talent lots of Youth I wish I had their core coverage yeah and the recovery you can keep going all day long just wide there Jack Foster of course is.

Pretty well known for being a single specialist on the pro scene doesn't always hit the podium though you know some mixed results still for him as he's working on his game but this is certainly probably the day he's gonna feel most comfortable I don't think Jack and Nick have ever played.

I can't imagine that they have a lot of players mentioned earlier a lot of players facing each other for the first time here this weekend so they're both feeling each other out so to speak at this point and uh Nick haven't watched him play a few times early in the week it's got some great cross-court passing shots off of both.

Sides some great angles and Jack as we all know has a phenomenal forehand got that windmill Drive working yeah we talked a lot when we watched Jack play singles specifically that because of his sort of unique style of play and he doesn't come from that.

Racket sport background it makes him a little tougher to read because his Strokes are a little more unorthodox hides kind of where he's going to go with some of them do you think that's generally true yes I mean his forehand has already mentioned is great and uh he does a really nice job of running around and hitting that forehand from all.

Positions on the court and you can you know go inside in or inside out foreign stroke allows him you know essentially it's he's kind of holding his stroke off and hit it so you know there's a lot of Disguise in that very athletic can cover The Quirk and is comfortable in the cat and mouse game.

Too so you know he's got a really good game for Nick to be successful you know he needs to get to Jack's backhand yep that's you know easier said than done foreign spot in the singles game at the pro and sort of Senior Pro level generally I feel like we see a pattern of when.

You're returning a serve generally it's up the line that seems to be kind of the the preferred place to go to kind of cut off some of the other angles what would be the reason to return to the middle on a return of serve somebody that has really good angles so if they're able to hit a really good Cross Court backhand or forehand I may.

Sometimes try to go more towards the middle but that's dangerous against somebody like Jack because he can as I just mentioned hit that forehand inside in or inside out so you're giving them that forehand if I go into the middle of the Court we saw yesterday and on Friday watching.

Nick Garza play that he does occasionally get caught a little in that transition zone he kind of finds himself in between staying back at that Baseline getting up to the kitchen line and it's put him in some tough spots sometimes and I'm seeing sort of that pattern play out here as well.

It's a nice shot by Jack yep absolutely he uh you know he did a good job of coming in but then didn't you know just didn't complete it and that gives that takes the pressure off of Jack um it gives Jack a lot more options and angles if you don't close off the cord yeah of course is a feeling out process so.

We'll see if Garza kinda can make any of those adjustments here in game one or if they will be left mainly for game two but uh yeah I think like you mentioned I I don't think he's kind of recognized yet that he should be targeting that backhand because as frequently as possible he's just having trouble executing it all.

Right and so I think you know in a lot of these cases you have to go to the strength you have to go to to Jack's forehand to get to his backhand yeah and if you can survive that first attack Jack that your chances of success go up but Jack's doing a great job a couple nice passing shots down the line.

It's difficult another great shot let's get so much power on those forehands too yeah I mean Foster sometimes he knows it he'll admit it he's a bit of a streaky player sometimes he can be very hot sometimes he's off you know he can get in his head a little bit sometimes but.

He's playing very confidently right now absolutely he's hitting every shot he wants to this is a Jack Foster that's on right now yep great mixed up his served so just gave him a different look on the serve uh handled a nice deep return.

Very well he's on his game right now yeah I think Garza is gonna have success if he can keep Foster on the move and while Foster is really good at that I think that at least gives him a little bit better chance of success oh nice hands on both sides Nick closed off the core too you know he closed in on this shot here.

Kept the pressure on Jack and because of the jacks style he doesn't necessarily have that wrist flick shot that a lot of players do so from that spot he can't necessarily go back really angled cross-court because that's not the way he holds his paddle so that does make it.

A little bit easier maybe for Garza to know he doesn't have to cover that really sharp angle because Foster's not generally going to go for that shot correct that was another good uh rolling forehand shot Cross Court a little bit of a run here I agree with you yeah he can anticipate that Jack is primarily going to come back down the.

Line on his backhand volley especially if the ball's down I imagine we might see a timeout from Foster if Gars is able to put another point on the board great return by Jack there getting to Nick's backhand nine five.

Out that was a great approach by Nick and he withstood the attack and that just that point right there just showed Jack's Mobility to get around to hit another forehand um didn't execute it but it was incredible footwork to get there.

One minute so here is the timeout and we've talked a little bit about some upcoming tournaments but the final Tournament of 2022 to conclude our year is going to be back at Legacy Bill Bank Park in Mesa Arizona Paul are you coming I am yes it's still open registration is open now.

On pickleballtournaments.com come you know escape the winter if you're in a cold place come join us in Mesa Arizona gorgeous venue there over 40 dedicated courts is that one of like the best venues you've been to it's huge it's humongous and to have all dedicated courts and like individually fenced off it's such a great place excited to be.

Going back and it's a dry heat right yeah exactly that's what they say like you're gonna Sweat Right you're gonna sweat but it's a dry sweat foreign out there and again that Mesa is our final Tournament of 20 22 but it's not our it's not our season Ender that is in Boca in January which is kind of our.

Championship Masters Tournament which will be super fun excited for that as well nice sir nice Serve by Nick right into the body kept Jack back just a little bit and a lot of them get that opening down the line foreign but definitely close the gap a little.

Here we talked about you know this is probably the first time they've played each other so Garza has done a really nice job making some of those in-game adjustments here not letting Foster just steamroll him here but Foster did get out in front and he has managed to stay.

There he's got himself a game point get it with that Cross Court drop so Jack Foster one game closer to heading to the semis we'll take a short break back into the action here in this men's singles quarterfinal match at chicken and pickle next gen Dallas right after this.

house foreign welcome back everyone I'll just cut you off right there Paul.

Just cut you up right there Courtney Johnson getting ready to get us back into game two on the far end now we have Jack Foster taking on Nick Garza on the near end it's the first time I have got to see Nick Garza play this weekend very impressed with him have any people sort of stood out to you Paul as some standout up and coming players.

Austin I can't begin to pronounce thank you I mean huge individual um I'm just really impressed with his Concord demeanor yeah his decision making and uh his patience yeah I mean he was a great partner a great player and just I'm very impressed nice spot in that back corner.

Yeah we'll see if Garza took some of those adjustments he made in game one and can roll them over into game two here and I think uh he's gonna need to get more on his backhand return that seems like Jack is kind of targeting his backhand and I wouldn't say his Nick's backhand.

Is a weakness by any scratch but he just needs to get more on that return yeah not necessarily more Pace just better placement just kind of leaving it up and giving jack a good look at third shots foreign we talk all the time I mean in singles specifically the serve and return are critical to how it's going to play out.

And how you're going to do yeah that was a nice return not clearly enough to make a call so foster clarifying that that ball went long not wide so Garza thinking that might have hit the line but nice volley just stuck that down the line I mean some other great names I've never seen before you know Spencer.

Lanier yeah six five incredible touch nice soft game to go power inside out great return bye Jack all right Foster's gonna take an offensive time out here C is down 3-0 and again you know three not even remotely and a number that's cannot be overtaken.

Easily especially in singles when things can shift so quickly I like the time out um yeah you know I think he just wants to get his head back in the game he's got a small deficit here nothing large but he's got the ball it's on his serve now you know for him hopefully he gets a good good run right here you know I really appreciate about Jack.

Foster is he will admit himself that he does struggle sometimes with sort of the mental aspect he can get in his head he can get down on himself and so even being able to recognize that he has become really good about taking time outs when he knows he needs them he used to be not great about it he would just kind of like.

Power through be really like stubborn not calling him but he's much better about that and I think it's serving him very well he's he's gotten a handle a little bit on not letting himself spiral like he used to foreign so Garza has a nice shot here but look.

How far back he is and he even made a move backwards if he had stayed on the line and just simply moved laterally he could have taken that out of the air this has turned out to be a great time out for for Jack he's imposing his will now on the game and get back to what he likes to do foreign.

We talk sometimes especially in singles about one of the players controlling the rally when we say that what does that mean like how is one player in control versus the other I like to use the word you know you're dictating the point sure same you know same thing as controlling.

But uh you know you're the player that's moving the other player around uh in singles if it's a baseline rally it's the player that's a little bit more up in the court you know it's more like a tennis match if you will um Andre agass used to be great at that he's inside the Baseline sure getting.

His ground strokes I think do you think generally in singles we would say if one player is at the kitchen and the other is back the person at the net is the one dictating or is that I would say that person has the advantage okay I don't know if they're it depends you know because there's some players that are great.

Counterpunchers sure and they don't want to dictate necessarily uh that was a great shot that's the problem if you're gonna go Cross Court you're just opening up a world of angles and it becomes much more difficult to control so that goes back to your point earlier about approaching down the line it just it's more often than not you can control the.

Angles all right so I think good time Mick is pressing now with that with that passing shot um with that backhand Cross Court he's just gone for too much he needs to get back to his game and uh you know he's trying to go for lines now for sure.

But that's due to Jack putting more pressure on him yeah absolutely and we talked about our next gen 2023 schedule but our entire schedule for next year is out for the app tour I mentioned that Boca Raton Florida tournament in January is our season Ender Masters tournament however we kick off in Punta Gorda Florida the week before so a little.

Funky with how the schedule works out but we're in Florida several times throughout the year but we have some amazing venues throughout the year that schedule is found on our website or social media I highly recommend you go check it out see where we're at during the year maybe we're close to you maybe we're not too far away maybe it's a new.

City you've wanted to visit and haven't been able to but a lot of amazing venues and opportunities next year to join us on the app tour it's going to be a fabulous year of pickleball I'm very excited Paul Olin will be rocking out Senior Pro of course where are you at on the standings list right now Paul I am.

Number three all right not bad not shabby I think is it with skin and Matthias mercha mercha yep what'skin just overtook mercha all right well let's get number one Paul number one in 2023 long road right he started really strongly here.

But again that's the momentum we see it shift so quickly especially in singles and Foster has definitely snatched that back ooh just missed it three eight to your point though about controlling the point I mean since Jack's timeout he's been controlling every single point he has Nick on his back foot he has Nick.

Get caught in no man's land um Jack is imposing his rule on the game right now yeah it's just so tough you saw throughout that whole thing I mean Garza was up near the kitchen he comes back a little bit for the next shot and much farther than the next one so if you especially in singles are able to push.

Somebody back I mean it's kind of the beginning of the end for that rally on that that previous rally started off with a uh a shallow return and Jack was just that top and that's our Point conversely that last point Nick hit a little bit better of a return um Garza uses his second final timeout yep we're gonna have a match point for.

Jack Foster coming out of this timeout we'll see if Garza can stop the bleeding here a little bit or if he will find himself in the back draw going forward spot in the semi is on the line here for our players.

You Know Jack obviously has a lot more singles experience so I think this is a good opportunity for Nick he's a I think could be a great singles player just yeah absolutely needs more experience playing some of these higher level players winner of this match will take on Jaden Broderick in the semis who we just saw previously he's playing.

Great yeah he's got a great game very tall does a great job of getting low for such a tall player and that will be the match for Jack Foster as he moves to face Jaden Broderick in the semis but really nicely done from Nick Garza and like you mentioned a lot of these players you know it's simply a little bit more.

Experience getting those reps getting some higher level play which is what we're trying to do here at next gen is expose these players to maybe some higher level than they've experienced but he heads to the semis and our other semi will be set after Spencer Lanier and ursulio cabiasis face off in one quarter final and Mike Anderson takes on.

Austin chicken to love in the fourth winners of both of those will face each other in our second semi as we're working our way through our men's bracket of course our ladies are playing today as well much smaller bracket for them but I believe we'll have a couple more ladies matches before we call it a date here at chicken and pickle in.

Dallas so don't go anywhere we're back into the action right after this foreign hold up oh thank you.

Foreign foreign foreign.

foreign oh my God foreign.

foreign thank you welcome back everyone to our next latest match here on Center Court I probably should have looked up already where we're at in the bracket but I'll do it real quick because I can multitask I can talk with you this at the same time we.

Have Riley bohnert in the blue on the near end taking on Dylan champagne on the far end oh I think this is our winter bracket final this is our winter bracket final so one of these ladies heads to Gold the other heads to bronze at the conclusion of this match we have as I mentioned Riley bonart 17 years old out of Louisville Kentucky.

And she takes on Dylan rain champagne AKA rainbow which is where that name come from just asked her to to clarify she is 18 years old out of Riverdale Utah he said she used to hate it now she loves it so her middle name is rain her nickname from her family is rainbow and now she loves it.

Bob Swiss Helm back for referee duties Lauren McLaughlin here on the mic for our final day of next gen Dallas Dylan is one of the new players to me this weekend have not got to see her play in a previous next-gen event so excited to have been introduced to her she loves doing this paddle toss that I think I've.

Only seen no Hayden Patrick when might do it I know JW Johnson and Georgia Johnson do it great spot there from gonart foreign ER definitely has a little bit more traditional tennis-esque Strokes in the way that she plays champagne a little bit unique really great get.

There from boner Cross Court here watch the slice from Champagne on that backhand it's definitely a bit of a unique shot that you don't see in singles a ton three three four three ah some really good gets there from.

Champagne I'm a little surprise boner especially on that shot went cross court back to her instead of down the line she might have been second guessing that but definitely looks like champagne is she really loves that backhand slice pretty much anytime she gets a backhand she's gonna slice it so might be an advantage on some shots.

Perhaps a disadvantage on others we'll just have to see how it plays out Oh I thought Bob said fault for a second then I realized it was ball Mike Anderson has taken on Austin chickatoave on the next court in their quarterfinal match great placement there you can see how much champagne he had to extend here to.

Try and even get a paddle on that shot tough to get there and then hit a good shot as well foreign again it does seem like a champagne because she doesn't have those traditional tennis Strokes from a tennis background she does hit her shots a little flatter there's not a lot of Top.

Spin on her shots where bone art certainly is able to create a little bit more action on some of these balls six four backhand slice return oh nice hands wow great job from Champagne just hang.

It in there classic example of what we say all the time is make your opponent hit one more shot just kept that ball in play and eventually boner made that error light she's getting fired up five six inside out it's getting five.

Point seven five really nice spot right down that sideline there from bonart eight five oh that was nice uh I mean that's a great spot there from Champagne but then on the move the angle.

And the drop in the spot for boner that was that's a pro level shot right there without question well done her dad Chris given her some advice here Chris boner he is a really nice player himself I see him play a little wreck we mentioned it yesterday it's so fun when players here this weekend have.

Gotten knocked out of bracket play they still play look at that I mean that is look at that Hands-On coaching I love it so the players get a chance we have the whole facility booked through the afternoon so even when our players are knocked out of bracket play they get to play wreck with each other which is I think some of their favorite parts of.

The weekend they get to play wreck with new friends that they've made here some old ones that they are seeing again so higher level play than perhaps they get it home but not only do the players do that but the parents do as well it's so fun the parents are out here on court playing with the other parents I mean.

Everyone's just addicted to Bigelow I'd like to see her take that out of the air oh oh tough I really I mean beautiful oh I mean again I thought she was going ATP for sure I'm sure champaney thought she was as well goes back Cross Court is a little wide.

On her ATP attempt and that will be game one really nice effort from both these ladies some fabulous play Let's see if champagne can make a couple adjustments here perhaps keep that score a little bit closer had a couple errors she needs to cut out in game two but excited to see these ladies back for game two in just a minute don't go anywhere.

Foreign there's only one we know only one foreign welcome back everyone game two here in.

Our ladies winter bracket final match as I mentioned their bracket a little bit smaller than the guys so while our guys are still in their quarterfinals working their way into the semis we've already made it to our winter bracket final we have Riley boner on the far end and she takes on Dylan rainbow champagne on the near end.

Oh it's just too good that's so tough a couple times champagne has again she just just a hair too late recognizing she needed to make a move for that and again what you'll probably noticed too in terms of the footwork and some of these younger players is they haven't quite trained that lateral movement.

Into their game so I think you'll see a lot of the pros their footwork is so so crucial even in doubles but even more so in singles so being able to move laterally at that kitchen line in singles is so important to get to some of these shots and we've seen champagne the footwork is a little not quite there yet for her so it puts.

Her at a little bit a little bit behind some of these shots she needs to get to zero zero but again that comes with time zero zero point one zero oh to get a little cat Mouse between the ladies.

But cloner gets pushed back I would have liked to see her stay up if she was able be a little bit more aggressive I think if both players make it up to the net you gotta stay there big shout out I forgot where she shoot I wrote it down I gotta find it hang on yes.

Dylan attends Utah Tech University and I believe that is the symbol for her University she was just giving there as as a shout out to her her fellow classmates in school as I mentioned when we looked at our schedule for next year the first stop of the 2023 app tour kicks off in Punta Gorda Florida January 11th through the 15th.

Registration I believe is open right now on pickleballtournaments.com I might be wrong do not take that as a fact but go on pickleball tournaments.com check that out we sell out that tournament every year it's a really great location in Punta Gorda dedicated courts really nice job that they do there always a great tournament.

It's where we kick off next year I will never complain about getting out of the Midwest in Winter and getting to spend some time in Florida foreign just missing that zero two I expect these ladies to be just as fiery as they were in game one can you just live there.

Three zero well I thought that shot was out excuse me champagne firing herself up over there okay there's that backhand slate she really loves to slice that backhand uh really nice job for bone right there champagne kind of ran through that shot as she made her move towards the middle.

Boner able to read that really well still behind her big yep out of boner as she hits the shot she wanted to up that sideline putting her on the scoreboard here in game two champagne is doing an excellent job getting up to the net sometimes on the.

Ladies side of the game we see they're a little hesitant to come up tend to stay at that Baseline a little bit more but champagne is she's doing a great job making moves oh great drop all right going up making her move oh good pickup.

S oh so Tom boner did such a great job getting back up getting into that rally but a foot fault on that volley over on that left side all right same spot boner hit earlier and champagne is is doing this thing where she's running through the serve on.

Her way to the net at the return excuse me on that right side which I think is the right thing to do she's making the move to the net but she is kind of circling towards the middle instead of just following her shot straight up so it's letting boner read that she's making that move middle she's trying to put that shot behind her down the line.

Out sign out six two side out that was a little actually flat normally as I mentioned champagne is slicing those backhand she went just flat with that shot left a little short I think as a result.

Owner just overdoes it a little while she's going for that Cross Court sort of hook shot unbelievable pickup from Champagne right there boy she is just grinding here she is not giving up even a little on these shots so awesome to see.

And again make your opponent hit one more shot it should be I mean the things that we say over and over and over in pickleball that is one of them make your opponent hit one more shot and she is doing that owner has been in control of some of these rallies dictating where she's going but she just keeps getting a.

Paddle on these shots they may not be the best shots they might not be the most pretty well placed shots but she's keeping it and playing boner as a result has had some errors off of those Jack Foster given a little advice to Riley on the sideline fun to see some of these piers coaching each other during these matches.

Giving each other advice as they cheer each other on another one of the great parts of next gen all right let's see if owner has some adjustments to make that's like the equivalent of a touchdown dance I feel like the pose.

She appreciated her form on that I mean it's not done yet but Dylan champagney has the momentum and the energy I think right now to carry her into a third game great effort great effort one of the only times boner recently has been able to keep a ball out of her.

Reach two nine three you almost died I'm sorry oh that had been a little lower can you imagine if I just got rocked in the face with that check I'm not gonna lie I probably would have cried a little.

Not get like hit in the nose and it just like makes you cry regardless you can be like it doesn't even hurt but like if you get hit in the nose you're gonna cry just like a fact of life I'd rather not just silver clear again just such great placement champagne has just made the adjustments again she doesn't have the prettiest.

Game again not coming from tennis a little bit of a unique style but she is a grinder she is a grinder and I love it she's got herself a game point here to force a third here in our winter bracket final oh she's gonna get it done I mentioned earlier she doesn't have a lot of Top.

Spin on her shots but she tap spun that shot oh and the little paddle flip that she walks by it's like her signature move I love it game three coming our way here in our women's winter bracket final don't go anywhere we're coming back to that next foreign.

Foreign foreign welcome back everyone game number Trace here in our winter bracket final for our ladies they are going blow for blow here.

Her nickname is rainbow Riley boner on the near end to start this third game they'll switch ends at six I can look at that look at that score boner was in control in game one fairly handedly took it champagney making some adjustments but eleven five but again I love that she said great try.

And before the ball even hit because she knew it was out but that score really flipping in game two that looked a little wide yep and again I think boner might be struggling a little bit because champagne has such a unique style of play and.

Her shots are pretty hard to read I would say it makes a little tough for her to anticipate where she's gonna go what she's gonna do because she is kind of a little unorthodox and I think it works brilliantly for her one one point.

Two one yeah that's just so nice again we saw champagne a little bit in game two she did struggle occasionally when she follows her return and she she almost takes the long route getting up to that kitchen line instead of going straight there she'll kind of one prove her well I don't know how to.

Say it you guys know what I mean she half choked herself during that is she was frustrated yeah just a little too overextended that was a really nice drop from boner I should have let that bounce instead of trying to take that out of the air yeah rocket ship Right Down the Line.

There four one point wow Dylan sorry Nick I'm trying to take out the production crew a nice effort on both sides.

Just a little wide there after that Clips the net tough break for boner as champagne going on a little bit of a run here picking up some momentum and another unlucky break here as that rolls along that net that stays in I'd look to call maybe a timeout here but she's gonna get the side out instead thank you.

Five four oh so good champagne almost on the floor here at the attempt to get this such a nice shot there from boner so she will get to six first but champagney making a nice comeback cutting into that lead only down by two but they will switch ends here to conclude game three Dylan champagne will be on the near end Riley.

Boner on the far end foreign ER is not in the top three but she is close she's had some really good results here this weekend already and she's looking to get a top Place finish here in singles and the.

Points that go with it to try and boost her up the leaderboard because as I've mentioned in the past our next gen while we have a gold silver and bronze medalist each day in each of our brackets like normal tournaments the actual winners of next gen are determined at the end of the weekend after the points from each day's events.

Are added up and tallied and then the top five Place finishers in men's and women's will walk home with some cash and the top two finishers will get a free entry into the app Houston event that we mentioned coming up in just a few weeks oh great spot there a bit of a lofting.

Shot there from boner did not keep that very low but it doesn't matter she just kept it in yeah oh she is just hitting those shots one after the other here definitely took a minute to kind of get back into a Groove but she is feeling it here.

As this third game is ramping towards its end time out here from Champagne as owner within two we'll see if champagne is able to hold off boner here from closing out this game and heading to gold loser will head to bronze.

And I suspect champagne is going to give it everything she has she has been showing a lot of grit and determination here sure she's gonna leave it all on the court for sure oh good great job champagne has really impressed me with how quickly she's.

Getting to the net talk a lot on the women's side sometimes they're a little hesitant to do that you can see boner herself is making it up there here and there but champagne is making a real effort to get up there as soon as possible you can see her closing ground right there let's put her in a really good position.

And it's what's kept her in some of these rallies and in these games oh oh slits full splits again I mean she gets pulled off her feet and then really great job from boner doubling up in the same spot oh thought boner had an opportunity to take that out of the air on that final.

Shot but look at these angles great job oh yeah that was a little out of her reach probably a fun match to watch foreign this is gonna sound weird and nobody take this the wrong way I'm prefacing it right now but.

Dylan champagne is playing like a guy right now and I mean that in the sense of the strategy that she is playing singles at right now is extremely similar to how we see the men play on their side often the ladies stay back a little bit more they hit those ground strokes a little bit more you don't see them up at the net very often and.

Certainly you don't see both of them up in the net very often but champagne is just getting her butt up to that kitchen line as soon as possible she is playing that cat and mouse she is grinding here it's very reminiscent of the style that we see on the men's side that we don't often see on the women's side and I think that is.

Definitely making Riley boner here work a lot more for these rallies and for these points trying to take this match again she was up in that kitchen line the whole time and then just ends up backing up and it puts her in a spot where she's overextended for that next shot I would have liked to see her.

Hold strong again immediately follows her return and I love it two ladies are competitors foreign foreign just a really nice return up the line.

There for boner we talked about that earlier with Paul Olin it's a nice serve there haven't seen too many of those unforced errors on the return unfortunately for champagne it gives boner a match point here as a result foreign I take a timeout right now she's clearly.

Very frustrated after that error champagne definitely can turn the tides here quickly oh again another really great effort oh is there something on the court she lost something oh no her shoelace she caught her shoelace and broke it off.

Oh I gotta undo a lace trend I mean look at that same average will be so proud he burns through shoelaces like nobody's business quick little shoe repair all right another match point for Riley boner to head to gold I don't see a timeout after this if champagne puts another point on the.

Board I would be shocked all right she doesn't need it and we're definitely getting a little fired up here telling herself right here he's looking to finish this uh really nicely done again champagne cannot do that unless she gets to the net.

I mean I'm looking for a timeout I'm looking for a time out here from boner I don't think I'm gonna see one out this is gonna be the fourth match point for Riley bonart again know all too well how the pressure can.

Mount when you're not able to close oh but she does took her a few times but what a match this could have been I mean look at these two they are just uh we missed we missed the giant hug between the two I mean I love the the competition between these ladies just phenomenal that was one of the most fun women's singles matches I have seen in a.

Long time we finally head to the Franklin studio now as Riley bonark heads to Gold oh my goodness Axel Morgan over there is who's he playing Quarter Bar oh we got a big crowd Applause going on over there we're back into the action here at chicken and pickle next gen Dallas right after this foreign.

foreign foreign welcome to the Franklin Studio Lauren McLaughlin here with Riley boner as she.

Is heading to the gold medal match here in the final day of next gen Dallas for singles we're just chatting you were saying you know most of the people you've played all weekend you have never played before which is generally how these next gen tournaments go so when you don't know who you're gonna play throughout the day all brand new faces.

It can be tough to kind of know how to play them so for yourself what's your strategy what's the game you want to play coming into single step yeah so usually I don't know the people I'm playing so I like to try to watch them play and realize what they like to do and what they don't like to do and so with Dylan I tried watching her and she.

Literally can get everything back so I was like I'm just gonna have to try to place my shots better and have to trust myself and where I can place the ball yeah it looked like she has a little bit of an unorthodox style of play hard to read her shots that first game you were you seem to be in control handling a little bit better she of course turned.

The tide in that second game throughout the match did you notice any adjustments you knew you needed to make to kind of counter her sort of being all over and not being able to read her as much yeah so in the second game I kind of like hit my head with my paddle so I kind of got very confused and she picked up her game very well and so I just kind of I knew.

She really wanted to go to a third game so I kind of just didn't play fully so I could try to get my head to rest a little bit and then the third game I tried to pick it up a little bit more are you basically telling me that you have a concussion and we now need to like watch you because you're like Dazed and.

Confused over here I I never mess up the score and I was getting really confused on the score but I didn't see this happen it's okay I'm fine I just I'm not blaming it on her my head she played very well but um yeah something went wrong I'm gonna go sit down and take a little bit of a break but she played very well but well you played amazing as.

Well you're into the gold medal match you could very well face her again the second time but you have a bit of a rest now as they play that bronze little match so definitely rest up get rest your head make sure you're good and we will see you in that gold medal match in just a little bit we're back into the action here for our gentlemen it looks.

Like we have Jaden Broderick back up taking on Jack Foster I believe that is a semi-final match so stay tuned we're here at chicken pickle Dallas when we return foreign thank you.

Foreign foreign no time to waste.

Into our wildest dreams follow me into our wildest dreams thank you welcome back everyone to our first semi-final match here for our men's in their last day of competition it is our singles day we have Jack Foster on the near end taking.

On Jaden Broderick on the far end we've seen both of these two already today but obviously first time facing each other Jayden Broderick 16 years old out of Greenville South Carolina stands at six foot four so I sh I think he's hit his growth.

Spurt have to say oh looks like you oh I thought Foster push that a little wide oh I yeah I do think that was wide I think Broderick played an out Ball but it happens in singles a lot more than doubles you don't have a partner to watch those lines for you but Jack.

Foster 21 years old out of Vero Beach Florida Foster the number one seed here today while Broderick the number five oh my goodness what a rip there from Broderick again he's a lefty so that's his forehand side just right down that sideline oh great pickup from Broderick again oh.

He's got so much length to work with really makes getting to some of these shots a little bit easier than a shorter player all right now it is Broderick out in front here in this first game oh that's a nice drop right there from Jack Foster again that very unique forehand shot.

We tend to call it the windmill here I don't even know that's that's a good name for it fine yep ramping up that serve no spin on that serve just a really hard hit shot right there from Foster and I want to take this time out to Quick give a shout out to some of the awesome people.

At chicken and pickle that have made our experiences for next gen just so fantastic Laura Kemp is the manager here at Dallas chicken and pickle she has just been so fabulous checking on us all the time getting us food if we need it can I get you anything big shout out to Laura she's been fantastic to work with.

And of course a big big shout out to Chris Fisher who we have seen at most of our stops at the different chicken and pickles he travels around he works and I was told it's on his business card it's his official title he's the director of fun for chicken and pickle so that's a real thing didn't just make that up but we get to see him at all of our stops as.

He travels around so he is over all the chicken and pickle locations as the Director of fun and it is it is super fun being here so I would say he's doing his job very well again nice job closing ground just some errors right now that have crept into broderick's game put Foster back out in front after a.

Good start from Jaden foreign that was a great gift from Foster even being able to get there oh those some nice rips good block there I mean when Foster's blocking these drives and gets pulled off of his feet you know that's a good drive.

Foreign such a great return from Foster right up that sideline that forces Broderick over to that corner of the Court which then opens up the rest of the court for foster to work with and even though Broderick almost got there or might get there it pulls him all the way across Court.

That's why we talk about Paul Olin mentioned you know a lot of times in singles we will see the return go up the line five seven foreign oh my goodness oh I mean again Closter was in big trouble here can't believe he got this one.

Let alone this next one and then Broderick with the error got it and yes for anyone wondering the food here is fantastic I have not had a bad food experience at chicken and pickle some really great options their chicken is delicious I generally have the chicken and waffles at least one time.

When I'm here nine five that was Broderick trying to return up the line good idea but he pushed it a little wide so Foster's gonna have a game point here in game one of the semi and just wide and I see Austin chickatoave and Spencer.

Lemire facing off a few courts down I believe that's our other semi-final all right foreign Foster really making Broderick Works side to side for these again we talk about usually if a player is able to get up to the net and the other one stays back they're a little.

Bit out of advantage not always but all right that one is called just wide here from Foster just missing that sideline we'll take game one for Jack Foster don't go anywhere game two in this semifinal match to see who's heading to.

The winner bracket final coming your way right after this thank you thank you foreign here at chicken and pickle Dallas for our next gen events second to last of the year we conclude our year in Kansas.

City in November I will be there as well Jack Foster on the far end taking on Jaden Broderick on the near end Foster bit of a slow start in game one but was able to finally get something going ultimately taking game one eleven six zero all right.

Jaden's staring down this shot before calling it out if I'm Foster it's tough because Broderick is a lefty so I think it works really well for him on this particular corner right now just like he did to go up the line force him to use that two-handed backhand even though it's a fabulous.

Shot as well but I think probably your odds are a little bit better and when he's on the corner that he's on now if he's returning it's a little trickier to go up the line because that's to Jaden's forehand so I think a little bit more of a weapon for him I'd like to see him maybe return Cross Court when he's on that side but.

See what he decides to do inside out zero one big serve there from Foster a little cat Mouse again Roderick six foot four he's got the wingspan to go with it and so shots like this one right here out of the ear a little bit easier for him good lateral.

Movement foreign Foster handles the first two rips from Broderick that third one give him a little trouble though it can be tough because sometimes you're holding your paddle a little bit too loose and those really hard drives can almost.

Kind of knock it out of position in your hand it's tough to find the right grip level and again we talked earlier about Foster very good about using his timeouts use those them very wisely sometimes at weird times that maybe I don't understand but it's going to have an offensive time out here well speaking of Jack Foster that is a great action.

Photo right there I have to say he looks very tan as well put a filter on that I think for 2023 we have three next gen stops coming your way if you have not been able to make it to one this year or have a young pickleball player who has not made it to a next gen put it on your to-do list it is such a fun unique experience they.

Will love it I promise we kick off in February back in San Antonio Texas and then two new stops next year in July we're in Overland Park Kansas and then conclude our year for next gen in November in Grapevine Texas so I am just checking off all these chicken and pickle locations always such a great time.

Anyone that's been to one knows what I'm talking about zero two I would have liked to see him take that out of the air look at Broderick back up oh he lost a shoe I didn't even notice oh he drug his heel I mean that's an athlete right there play on doesn't matter if you lose a shoe keep going.

I would have liked to see him to stay at the net there's really no reason for him to back up one two he is not gonna tie that shoe any tighter he likes a Loosely tied shoe even tied at all oh yeah I mean they're tied but super not very tight broderick's not into ankle support I.

Guess point s again Foster just really ramping up I mean his favorite shot's always going to be his forehand big serve big forehand drives when he's got the opportunity now you can see this slight hesitation.

From Broderick as he was coming up to the net and then almost changed his mind or got a little hesitant about it playing well I'd like to see broad art just you know trust himself in his shots a little bit more a little hesitant just like like to see him be a little.

More confident in his play because he's certainly has the goods foreign Foster again you can see Broderick comes up to the net but he's a little to the right of that Center Line so he didn't quite cut off.

That cross-court angle for Foster there's way too many balls coming coming close to my face over here I have to say oh my God almost got hit again it's all right don't blame them oh there's a bit of a Miss hit there off the paddle for Broderick but again it.

Can be tough Foster's got eight weapon of a serve even though there's no spin to it doesn't have to be good return there from Broderick very low oh now that might have been wide too let's.

Take another look at this very close oh no super I'm at the other side looked a little closer than it was great spot for Foster yeah that's what I want to see I want to see that from Jaden give me a little bit more of that just a nice confident put away using that power.

Using that leg I mean know what your strengths are he's had some opportunities that just haven't come together I did indeed give someone a mean look Aaron Resnick almost hit me throwing the ball back that almost hit me the first time.

He didn't mean to though it was a sarcastic meme look I mean that's good fully on the floor I mean Broderick goes down laughs I mean he wasn't going to get much much more than that unless Foster was gonna hit it right back to him again but oh nice drop on the move there from.

Foster oh proves that one wide though foreign Broderick maybe recollecting himself he's kind of been thrown around this match a little bit by Foster obviously lost his footing a couple times literally lost a shoe one time he's had some really great shots some.

Really great opportunities the execution's been a little off for him in this match just seemingly lacking just a touch of confidence in his sort of strategy that he is trying to play out here this is a semi-final so the winner of.

This will head to our winner bracket final s in our other semi was Spencer Lanier and Austin chickatoave and Austin came out on top of that match and again just pushing it a little bit he's got the right ideas finding the right spots he's just got a hit.

The shot's the way he needs to so Austin chickatoave will take on the winner of this match oh good spot Point Craig Foster was well done before that rally actually was oh Foster saying sorry I'm not sure what for actually.

Eight three just a good shot surprised here Foster yeah Foster had a couple opportunities to come up to the net that he chose not to sure why exactly maybe thought he just had some some more room to work with if he stayed a little bit deeper foreign.

A little bit more of this again just staying in there Force Foster to hit one more shot Foster not immune to Errors By Any Means so if Roderick can get him a little bit rattled put a little bit more pressure on him yeah great angle I thought Broderick could have come up the previous rally but just fabulous angle there.

Tough for foster to anticipate where he's gonna go oh time out uh timeout server all right so another offensive time out here from Foster foreign as I mentioned previously registration currently open for our final Tournament of 2022. it's gonna be.

Back in Mesa Arizona at the beautiful Legacy Bell Bank Park over 40 dedicated courts there really nice facility humongous really nice Championship stadium that they have set up they're always a great place to be so we conclude 2022 in Mesa come join us final weekend of November into early December.

You know in between the holidays come have a little vacay in a gorgeous Mesa oh yeah Foster just ripping that serve nine five yeah I'd be interested to see why Foster is staying back a little bit more these last few exchanges he definitely likes the cat Mouse game.

And I I think plays well at the net oh that stays in Foster actually unsure if that was internet but and you're not sure it's it oh and another net cord and the thing now is Foster has used his timeouts he's used both his timeouts these are the moments that you think.

About maybe I use them too soon because he's very frustrated after those last two shots would be a perfect time to use a timeout and I suspect he would have if he had one but he does get the side out I'm gonna get it I do have to.

That one's long I do have to hypothesize that Foster's staying back because he's feeling like that gives him a little more angles to work with so he can rip that forehand drive literally has been missing some here and there he yeah but the execution he's faltering a little bit here this is where we'll see if Foster.

Can eight nine mentally stay in this side out wow oh tough put massive break for foster I think if Broderick had come out on top of that put himself on a game point I'm not sure if Foster would have mentally been able again great little drop there for.

Broderick I have to think Fosters were you thinking that timeout that he took being down 2-0 in this game early on because he cannot stop the momentum here with the timeout he's gotta stop it with a side out and I think we may have a game three ahead.

Of us oh yeah that's definitely it so I think Broderick just kind of saw that stakingly out thought that was the match maybe this is the momentum swing that Foster needs Courtney did overrule that call that is the right one it was.

Clearly in Foster use it oh that was a shot for a Broderick the roll here I mean this is a backhand look at the roll he gets on that ten nine another game point out I almost thought Foster was gonna miss that put away.

All right this is a battle Broderick because I mean he is playing completely different now though the second half of this second game his confidence is clearly higher now he is playing much more sure of himself all right uh timeout here offensively.

For Jaden Broderick at 10 10. he has lost his game point as Foster ties it up but now he's just looking to cool himself down get a little words of advice from I believe dad and he wants to come out of this timeout and.

Quickly put two points on the board he knows Foster has no timeouts he cannot stop him so he's gonna have to do it on the court mono Amano as it were nothing less but play here no timeouts on either side they're gonna have to finish this right now foreign.

Oh my gosh oh my gosh again make him hit one more shot that was a big big rally and point for Foster stay in control that whole time and earn himself back a match point wow he withstands what a second game here.

Jaden Broderick taking him to the brink so does Jack Foster who will face Austin at chicka to love in our winter bracket final I believe we'll have a consolation bracket match coming up first we will have Howard versus Josh neg to 15 and then we'll have that winter bracket final coming up for our.

Gentlemen I head to the Franklin Studio to talk to Foster and we will be back into the action here is we're winding down our final day at next gen Dallas don't go anywhere foreign.

eyes welcome back to the Franklin Studio everyone Lauren McLaughlin here with Jack Foster as he heads to our winter bracket final and hopefully if it turns out good to the gold medal match we'll see how it plays out though we talked a.

Little bit yesterday that you've played it several of the next gen events and you've got to see some of these kids kind of progress you have played Jaden before at a previous next gen was it different facing him this time has he improved since the last time you saw him yeah he played much better this time you know I think you got a little bit a.

Little bit lower on his backhand which really helped him out and uh I think that just playing a lot of matches helped me out there that game too could have went either way and that'll come with match experience for him definitely somewhere to look out for I think he can be one of the best players if he keeps playing pickleball I mean people of.

Course back home they know you already you play a lot on the pro circuit some people might wonder what do you do you do here at next gen this isn't for you but I think you have proved kind of time and time again that even though you're playing pro some of these upcoming players that maybe haven't had a chance or the opportunity to go they're they're.

Pushing you here I mean it's you're not rolling through anybody by any chance what is your personal kind of goal coming to these next gen events as you're working to develop your own game yeah uh obviously all the players here are great and can push me at any time personally I'm trying to refine my game a little bit make less mistakes into the.

Net and work on drops a little bit more but uh just get more match experience and that's this is awesome for that and it's great to meet new people and come here and play you are facing the Amazon Man Austin chicken to love in that winner bracket final tough opponent another very tall person you're gonna face here A bunch of really crazy tall.

People it's weird what's going to be your thought process to try and come out on top into that gold medal match yeah I've played Austin several times he's a fantastic player and uh yeah I'm just gonna go out there and play my game hopefully make a lot of shots and limit the mistakes I think that's a big thing for today getting.

Balls over the net instead of into it and uh hopefully I can come out on top looking forward to it that's what they say over the net in the court that's the the first step Jack well congratulations getting into that winter bracket final we'll see you in just a couple matches we have one consolation match before we get there though so don't go anywhere.

We're back into the action here at chicken and pickle next in Dallas right after this thank you thank you foreign.

Foreign foreign oh my God foreign.

foreign foreign welcome back everyone we have a brand new face here on Center Court which is always very exciting for me at these next gen events we have Chaz Howard on.

The far end in white 17. senior in high school out of Queen Creek Arizona and I am hearing from the chat room that he has a gnarly spin serve as well that we haven't got to see yet in action at least here on the stream he takes on Ethan Josh neg who has a pretty gnarly Spencer himself in the black so we'll see how these two.

Face off it is one match to 15. Howard was initially knocked out of the winner bracket by Garrett Whitehead good leave he had to battle through Brian Hickman Nick Delgado and Carson lore to face Ethan here this match is to stay alive still several more matches to be played in the.

Back draw before a player makes it back into the bronze medal match Point all right so first free point off the Howard spin serve yeah just really nicely done is he sort of methodically works his way up here it's working those sides.

Foreign I believe is a gearbox paddle Josh had using a diadem paddle gets the free point of his own off his spin syrup let's see if this just uh again Battle of the spin serves foreign.

Fort Bragg North Carolina that's where he was just at just completed about a week ago his four-year stint of active duty in the army will now be attending school oh yeah that is just a nice slice volley there from Howard just takes all the pace off of that chat doesn't drop it.

Very close to the net didn't even make it in the kitchen but again just enough change of pace Josh nag was not expecting it really nice shot there Howard the early Clips his paddle with it but given a compliment as it sails by saying that's a beautiful shot all right.

Thanks oh bringing the heat here love the way it closes the net here get a bit of a slice on that volley one point away from an end change oh yeah man you guys have been hyping him up in the chat and I can see why Chaz Howard came to play.

Foreign very deep men's singles bracket while powered the number 29 seed can both of them have a pretty intense spin serve it's been interesting that most it's almost like the most concentration of crazy Spencer's is happening this weekend here at NextGen I think the.

Younger players have latched onto the spin serve and they love it they're trying to make it as crazy as possible just do as many wild things as they can with it while while the older crowd I think has had a few more issues with it than the younger the younger crowd has embraced it it makes for good content so they're all.

About it they probably won't be able to use it for much longer so they're gonna do everything they can with it while they still can great spot there from Josh neg oh yeah again just beautiful team had it back in there for Josh snake down the.

Line catching Howard making the move to the minute you can see kind of slipped as his weight was going towards the center so next door Lauren Mercado Mercado excuse me there is no R in there Lauren Mercado Mercado why do I keep trying to get in there or get out of my.

Mouth geez taking on Ivy cheddar next door and people keep yelling for Laura and I I'm getting confused oh perfect spot there from Howard write the Josh Knight's feet yeah it almost looks like he had tripped up a little on a night out Mercado.

Out of Las Vegas Nevada hmm tough good recovery off the net here as he closes in has plenty of time to recover just pushes that a little one it's not like the Pillsbury Dough Boy that was Ken Herman everyone I want everyone to know who just said that was Ken Herman what a weirdo.

I'm just joking I love God but he is still kind of a weirdo but so am I oh Mike Anderson and Aaron Resnick do a battle behind me for the most part pretty short rallies happening.

Oh yeah just a Miss hit there looked like Howard just kind of lost the grip on his paddle so the tough part about next-gen tournaments is we'd like to stream a lot more of the matches and show you guys a lot more of the players at home.

But because we're at chicken and pickle we do have a limited window of availability that we have these quartz for so we really cannot hold up any matches to try and get them on the stream like we can at a normal tournament so unfortunately we can't have as many as matches as we'd like because we do have to be done in the.

Early afternoon usually on these days we gotta keep them moving and we cut it close a lot of these days so we apologize if you if you were looking for one of these young players to be on the string hopefully we can get them at the next event a great drop there from Howard again that drop Valley so.

Useful in singles if you can do it well because so easy to spot your opponent if they're on the move on their back heels in the back of the court that drop volley can be very effective all right we're gonna have a timeout here from Josh schneg is Howard just three points away from continuing on in.

Our background as I mentioned still a handful of matches to be played in that backdrop for our guys before a player makes it back up into the bronze medal match again we have our winter bracket final coming up next I believe for our men which is going to be Jack Foster versus Austin chickatilov.

And then we I believe oh we may have our women's gold medal match first if they're ready we'll have to see big big shout out to D Davison who is running our tournament desk for us off-site so she is been on Zoom the whole time helping put together these matches of course Bob swisshub and Courtney.

Johnson our two referees here Courtney our head referee for this next gen event just absolutely crushing it again there's that drop volley and this time Josh Knight gets to it but again when you're on the move and you're running to get a shot you're probably not going to hit a really great shot.

Was that one why all right Josh egg bit of a hill to climb here I mean I don't want to put Howard on blast like that but that was not necessary and I'm pretty sure he would have actually gotten that shot had he not attempted between her yeah that's a beautiful Drop though.

Just that yeah that's just too good too good Josh and I will use his second final timeout here with Howard sitting on a match point coming out of this oh they're talking about it he just wanted it on the stream he needed a I need he needed a flashy shot I gotta say though if you're gonna go.

For a flashy shot you should probably make it otherwise is it really is good can't put it on the Highlight Reel if you don't make it 15 seconds remaining got to beat Josh and I get one of our very first next-gen events and then didn't see him for a while as I.

Mentioned uh he was on active duty for the Army so that of course took up a lot of his time but super happy to have him back but he is done for the day here in singles so Chas Howard continues on in our singles bracket hoping to make it back into bronze.

Very nice play happy to be introduced to another new face here we'll take a short break and then I believe again I'm not sure exactly what's coming up next but it's either our men's winter bracket final or our ladies gold I'm not entirely sure where we're at in those.

Brackets so stay tuned wait for it wait for it I'll keep you posted we'll be back right after this eyes.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign up oh.

Foreign there's only one we know thank you foreign.

Hold up thank you foreign foreign to our men's singles winter bracket final.

We are going to have Jack Foster on the far end taking on Austin at chickatilov on the near end Lauren McLaughlin here along with Paul Olin this might be your final match Paul you gotta you gotta jet out of here soon right unfortunately yes all right these are our one and two.

Seats Bob Swiss Helm refereeing these two have played each other before so it should be a good matchup good cat Mouse right out of the gate So currently Austin chickatoave is the leader on the scoreboard going into today for the standings here for next gen while Jack Foster was tied at second.

So definitely how these two end today is going to determine which one comes out on top oh over does it just a smidge do we know like if will this come down to the winner I think so yeah whoever finishes higher I think we'll need to win the overall winner yep interesting all right a lot more on this match.

I mean someone heads to Gold someone heads to bronze they could still be in the running even if they lose this winter bracket final but certainly a little bit easier to go straight to Gold so we'll see who heads there foreign pretty quickly as Foster goes up 4-0.

What a