Good morning everyone and welcome to day two here for next gen Dallas Lauren McLaughlin here with our head pickleball pregame show and hopefully yesterday you were able to join us on our stream on either YouTube or Facebook or our first day here of next gen Dallas we had our open mixed doubles bracket as well as an alternate men's doubles bracket that.

Played yesterday today is going to be our Open men's and doubles again just a reminder here of how nexogen works it is an Open Bracket so all skill levels are included it's simply an age range our youngest I believe is 12 here this weekend it goes up to 23 years old so all skill levels are combined into that age into an open division every day our.

Players will compete in a double elimination bracket style play like any regular tournament all the way through a gold medal match and then based on where our players stand at the end of the day they will accumulate a certain number of points which are then added up throughout the weekend and at the end of the three day weekend singles is.

Tomorrow we will Crown a champion of next gen for men's and women's of course the top five finish Fishers will walk away with a little bit of cash fifteen thousand dollars on the line here for our young players as well as the top two entries in men's and women's will get an automatic free entry into our app Houston event which is coming up in just.

A couple weeks registration is still open on pickleball it is a Golden Ticket tournament so it's a super big deal first time in Houston definitely plan to join us in the top two finishers here will be joining us in Houston as well so again thank you so much for joining us we are going to get into a quarterfinal match here in our.

Open men's doubles bracket our ladies are playing as well so we'll get them on court today don't worry but thank you so much for joining us we'll take a short break and then we're into the action here at next gen Dallas right after this foreign foreign.

stand out there's only one thank you foreign.

Welcome back everyone to our first live streamed match of the day here at chicken and pickle Dallas who is our partner for the next gen series very excited to be here to see some young players that I have got to see at some previous next-gen events as well as some new ones here today this is our biggest next-gen event that we have had so far.

Almost 60 young players here this weekend enjoying seeing the friends that they have made here as well as some really high level competition with their peers so we are always having a great time at these next gen tournaments we have up on court here for this quarterfinal matchup Mike Anderson who will be in the black hat in the white.

Shirt on the far end and his partner Nick Garza Anderson 22 out of Carlsbad California Garza 23 out of San Diego so both of them in the SoCal area they take on 14 year old High School freshman Nick Delgado from Houston Texas in the black on the near end and his partner Eli hermanus 21 out of New Braunfels Texas originally from Puerto.

Rico he is in the gray Courtney Johnson back Rockin referee duties here this weekend along with Bob Swiss Helm who we'll see today as well looks like Eli will start us off serving here in game one I've got to see both Delgado and.

Hermanus in some previous next-gen tournaments sometimes I can't remember everybody because there's so many and then I see them again I'm excited that they're back because I remember them being great players and getting to see them play is always super.

Fun second server cars are caught a little bit there in that transition zone trying to come up oh we got a bag on the coil putting the other side we've discussed a little bit how it's a little bit tight on these Courts at chicken and pickle.

Just because they weren't really designed for super high level tournament play which usually oh Garza with the exact same error there in the exact same spot he's got to get his butt up to that kitchen line foreign bit of a feeling out process here in the beginning of this first game.

Most of these players have never played against their opponents or if so very minimally so a lot of the times that first game is figuring out your opponent a little bit see what they're trying to do what perhaps their strengths and weaknesses are.

All right so we have a timeout here from Delgado and hermanus as they're only trailing by three here in this first game but I think they're starting to sense perhaps a little bit of momentum being built on the side of Anderson and Garza who are our number three seed here today in the men's doubles bracket.

Again because there are so many more guys that generally play these next-gen events versus the ladies we had a alternate men's doubles bracket as well yesterday in addition to mix so that the players that weren't able to have a mixed partner were able to still play as well and get some points for the weekend as I mentioned before.

Cumulative points here at next gen so even though there are winners each day the ultimate winner of next gen is based on the highest point accumulation throughout the entire weekend all right Mike Anderson back in from the timeout oh great spot there from Delgado.

Again Delgado just 14 years old freshman in high school in the black youngest player on court here I like that poach attempt from Anderson just didn't quite get on top of that ball to keep it down enough second server zero three two point.

Anderson Garza mixing up their stack a little bit but again Garza just getting jammed a little bit in that upper body had his paddle in a bit of a funky position I think if I'm at Delgado and hermanus I'm going to have started to notice that Garza is the one making a couple errors perhaps.

Having just a little bit more trouble I'd probably Target him a little bit here Anderson seeming a little bit more steady but we'll we'll see if they notice that or focus on that at all and again the the lighting indoors is a little tough sometimes it's not the most ideal.

Situation again chicken and pickles not designed necessarily for tournament play it's nice to be out of the elements and the Heat here in Dallas Texas as it's getting pretty toasty during the days it's nice and cool in the morning though which is nice hermanus has missed.

The last couple third shot Drive attempts that he's done and he goes for a drop that time I think very smart of him struggling a little bit with the drive so switches to the drop oh chest long but I like that idea from Delgado up the middle.

Just floats it up touch too long but they are on the board here in game one all the pretzel the pretzel gets pulled out for the first time here from hermanus you can see shows that backhand so what I call the pretzel is that little trick shot where you show your.

Backhand side of your paddle like you're going to hit the backhand and then quickly flip it over and end up going with the forehand usually it's a flick usually you're attempting to either hit the person catch them off guard oh all right like Garza this time it's him that finds the Middle with a.

Beautiful shot nice and soft didn't have to give it too much and they are starting to roll here a little bit in game one another pretzel attempt there from hermanus gets the pop up in the fortunately a bit of a Miss hit on that attempted put away.

Haven't had too many dinks going on in this first game not necessarily a very aggressive fast-paced game it's still fairly low key but not too many extended dick rallies gonna be a game point here for Anderson and Garza.

Just a bit of a Miss hit there from Delgado will seal the deal here for game one we will switch ends of the Court take a very short break and then back into the action here at chicken pickle Dallas for next gen right after this foreign.

foreign foreign welcome back everyone we've switched ends and we are ready to get into game two here in this men's doubles quarterfinal match on the near end now we have Mike Anderson in the white 22.

Out of Carlsbad California currently attending at Cal State San Marcos and his partner Nick Garza 23 out of San Diego he is attending Mesa Community College currently their opponents are 21 year old Eli hermanus currently in New Braunfels Texas but originally from Puerto Rico.

And his 14 year old High School freshman partner out of Houston Texas Nick Delgado in the black Anderson and Garza able to get something going slowly but steady put points on the board in game one ultimately taking it 11-1 I think Delgado and hermanus had a few too many errors in game one they never really.

Seem to be able to tighten that up and get into a bit of a Groove we'll see if they can make that happen here in game two zero two I think right now this is this is a a match of sort of fundamentals right now I think all these players they're not trying to do too much which I think.

Is super smart I think they're just really focusing on hitting good serves good returns good third shots waiting for the right opportunity like Anderson just had to get a little bit of a high ball to attack but otherwise just trying to focus on good dinking the soft game.

Sort of very classic pickleball going on right now nothing too flashy has happened yet oh just long there on that lob from Garza didn't look like it just missed but again just sort of there's been zero hands battles at this point again just uh handful of unforced errors.

Yeah it's a little tough hermana sort of overreaching here and again it's a fully across his body you can see how awkward kind of that placement was for him I think probably would have been better to let Delgado take that shot with his forehand a little bit more natural of a placement two two one.

Second server nice stink in here a bit of a more extended dink rally than we've been seeing great job moving the ball around and again great patience see they're just a little bit too high of a ball there Garza is able to take that out of the air with a little pace.

Which then gives him the pop-up off of hermanus's paddle trying to cover that middle three two again Garza's gotten caught a few times in that first game and now here got caught there again in that transition zone sort of in no man's land.

Oh my gosh what a pickup from Air Mattis oh so tough some really good defense there from Eli hermanus oh my goodness fantastic pickups making their opponents hit one more shot crucial part of pickleball at the high level good resets side out all right so I guess that ball was.

Called and there wasn't a very clear call made but it looked like it's a little too much angle Delgado was not able to even attempt to put a paddle on it good spot oh that was a beautiful shot from Garza right there just came underneath that a nice roll not a ton of pace.

Just enough to sort of surprise Delgado and hermanus right up that middle good job recognizing that was open we have a time out here from Delgado and hermanus is Anderson and Garza pulling away a little bit again here in game two and as I mentioned it's just sort of a very.

Slow classic pickleball game right now but big big announcement our Mesa open at the very end of November early December is now open for registration on that is our final tournament of 2022.

Beautiful Legacy Sports Complex there in Mesa Arizona we have been there two times before and we are headed back again it is definitely going to be a highly attended tournament so come and join us get out of the get out of the cold weather wherever you are come join.

Us in Mesa Arizona for that tournament get on pickleball for all the details check that out and come see us close out the year with us yep great job I was gonna say I'd like to see Delgado move that ball a little bit more.

You don't want to get stuck too long in the exact same pattern that's tough that that was the right ball for Delgado to attack it was sitting up high he just didn't quite get enough on it just too open on that paddle face from Anderson with that one-handed backhand attempt very flat.

Sales that long seem much longer dink rallies here in game two than we saw in game one now great job by hermanus chasing that down oh might have been going out but they're still in it oh my gosh what a pickup oh this pickup from hermanus have been.

Phenomenal oh no they both went for it and I'm not sure if they pulled back because they thought they were gonna hit each other yeah it does look like they both kind of went for it and then pulled back just a little so we'd end up hitting each other that was a really nice rally some phenomenal defense there from Delgado.

And hermanus and the score has been a little lopsided here in oh incorrect server there for Anderson and Garza tough break but got a good lead here it's not going to be bothering them too much.

Oh another just beautiful spot there from Garza and again like I was saying that the score is a little lopsided but I don't think the play has been wildly lopsided at all I think hermanus and Delgado unfortunately have had if we were going to look at a stats sheet of unforced Errors I think they.

Definitely have more on their end right now and they've just been in some really good rallies that just haven't gone their way which has sort of created a bit of a lopsided score but I think cut out some of those unforced errors and they're right back in here.

With a much much closer score point both of these teams very patient sort of a bit cautious as well none of them taking too many chances again nothing too flashy going on in this match haven't seen any Ernie attempts no real hands battles to speak of.

All right we're gonna have a timeout here from Delgado and hermanus is Anderson and Garza two points away from taking this quarterfinal match-up and if you want you can go ahead and follow along with our brackets for the men and the ladies on under the app chicken and pickle.

Next-gen Dallas tournament that is up right now as I mentioned this is a quarterfinal match-up and it looks like we do have our next match on Deck first of all the winner of this match will take on Josiah and Michael faff in their next matchup but here next we are going to have Aaron Resnick and Matt.

Slawinski taking on Ethan Josh neg and Porter Barr so that should be a really fun matchup here coming up next and excuse me this is not a quarterfinal match this is a first round match for Anderson and Garza they had a Vibe and this is the second round matchup for Delgado and.

Hermanus but coming up next will be a quarterfinal match excuse me misspoke there as I'm looking at the brackets and don't worry we will definitely have some of the ladies matches here on Center Court as well but a match point right now for Mike Anderson and Nick Garza.

But they will not quite get it done again saw Garza struggling a little bit with those third shot drives earlier in the match seems he's still having having a little bit of trouble with those good leave there nice attack from Delgado here up that sideline he hasn't really gone for that sideline.

Anderson was ready for it had it covered just didn't execute that next shot again some really nice pickups again this is so tough hermanus and Delgado are just having some phenomenal pickups here and some great defense and then their chest they're not able to win these rallies.

Definitely I'm sure a little frustrating for them yeah Anderson doing a good job of being able to keep Delgado and Armada sort of pinned in that transition zone another match point and a server turn into the net from hermanus will get the job done so Anderson and Garza continue.

On the top half Delgado hermanus will drop to our consolation bracket again this is just a double elimination bracket play here like any other of our tournaments so somebody from the backdraw will be able to work their way back into bronze we'll play all the way through those metal matches today and again coming up next Aaron Resnick Matt.

Slowinski take on Ethan Josh neg and Porter Barr that's coming up in just a few moments don't go anywhere back into the action here at chicken and pickle Dallas right after this foreign.

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out there foreign foreign.

foreign foreign house foreign.

welcome back everyone to our first official quarterfinal matchup as I mentioned I had misspoke before that previous match was not a quarterfinal this one definitely is we have on the near end Porter Bar 15 years old junior in high.

School out of Boise Idaho and his partner Ethan Josh neg 22 out of Fort Bragg North Carolina just five days ago finished up his four years of active duty in the army did one tour over in Poland earlier this year but his time is done there in the Army so just a big.

Thank you for his service and glad to have him back safe and sound they take on on the far end Aaron Resnick in the white shorts 23 out of Montclair New Jersey and his partner Matt Slowinski in the black shorts 22 also out of Montclair New Jersey foreign EK is a lefty so you'll see him on that.

Right side pretty exclusively I imagine Resnick and sliwinsky are the founders of the pickleball Clinic you may already follow them one of the biggest groups on Facebook right now they both played college tennis started a tennis academy up in New Jersey and have turned that now a little.

Bit towards pickleball start out we are super excited to have a strategic partnership at the app with the pickleball Clinic you can definitely find them on Instagram or you can look for the pickleball Clinic group on Facebook don't look for the page look for the group.

It is slightly different but absolutely follow those guys tons of amazing content that they are putting out put on a lot of clinics as well and sort of expanding that Resnick played tennis at the University of Maryland with a up-and-coming pickleball Pro Ben Johns you may have.

Heard of him while Matt slowinsky played his tennis at Holy Cross USA pickleball referee for this match oh my gosh she got it oh wow so tough so actually actually after I said you'd probably see Resnick exclusively on that right side they switch up the stack put them on the left.

So thanks deej thanks deej DJ Young's here he's he's the ball boy for the day all right so a much much faster pace game than we saw in the previous match gonna be a lot of hands battles and speed UPS here with these four players they're looking.

For a little bit more pace that's tough that was a great drop there from slawinski I think Josh and I needed to simply just stick that back over a little bit of a tough ball to try and speed up wow it was an interesting stab there from Resnick sort of made that last minute.

Decision to take that previous ball out of the air Josh they got rocking a bit of a spin serve all four of these players rocket some two-handed backhands as well uh all right that is called wide there on that ATP that is a replay we should have had it's.

Okay VI is learning by his learning good attack there from bar including that sort of at that left shoulder of Slowinski there jammed him up just a little bit Josh egg calls for that one calls Porter off of it I do think Barr probably had a better shot at that.

Foreign it's good though Lewinsky killing for that Ernie I'm a bit of a Miss hit good speed up there from bar let's watch him as he puts that again a little bit of a high position and that jams up Slowinski a little bit forcing I'm gonna put that wide.

And again that time Josh neg with a really big Drive a bar rocking that serve again as long as he can he's gonna do it to December 31st everybody free point off of it there kind of a bit low for the speed up here from Josh Knight you can see I mean that ball doesn't bounce up a whole lot it's.

Not a bad speed up he he gets a good placement on it but it puts it in a spot that Resnick is pretty much ready and waiting for it with his paddle great job there from bar as he goes for the attempted Ernie forcing Slowinski to sort of change where he's putting that shot gives Josh Megan easy put away just long on that return and we're gonna.

Have a time out here yeah again it's tough when the camera is on the opposite side we cannot see the inside of that line where that ball dropped it did look like from where I'm sitting which is on the other side that it did just miss but a timeout here from Resnick in slowinsky as they're just trying to slow.

Down the momentum I think of Josh Negan bar right now they're rolling a little bit again Barr has gotten a couple free points off of his serve here in the last few exchanges so they're definitely I think discussing how to handle the spin serve how to counteract that man if you're doing like a fun lip.

Syncing or reading lips video which I know Webby has done before from Eddie and Webby what look into this amazing shot right now can you imagine if you were just like doing a voiceover of what they might be saying right now so many possibilities oh eight four sleeping over there on the job.

We're training by here to run the system everyone it's a low-key weekend it's it's next gen guys we're having a good time uh bar goes for just a little too much here on this angle I like the idea you can see resnet kind of in the middle of the Court there does look like Barr and Josh and I are.

Really trying to open up either the middle of the court or those Sidelines for a speed up really hitting the angles that's gonna be long they're hitting some pretty angled dinks to try and Pull slowinsky and Resnick wide opening up that middle or they're focusing more on the middle trying to open up those sidelines.

Caroline because we can only show one match at a time it's definitely hard to show the ladies at the same time as the men when we only have one core don't worry our ladies are coming up here today less teams in our women's bracket so probably a few less matches then we'll.

See our guys play but they're coming don't you worry great leave there from bar that ball never even dipped a little bit again you can see I'm really trying to Oh I thought I think Porter touched the net with his paddle so it looks like they're trying to set up the Ernie.

So they might not be trying to open up I mean they could be trying to open up the middle as well but it looks like Josh neg and bar are trying to create an opportunity for that Ernie there point nine four two that was an ambitious coach there from bar.

It wasn't really floating when you have a hard shot coming back it's a little tougher to poach because you don't have as much time to react Resnick being a little too tight to that sideline four nine two points five nine two.

Just a bit of a mess it there from Slowinski but a good spot there as well doesn't even have a chance at that serve it literally barely hits the kitchen and then takes a hard right turn right into the sideline goodness gracious those serves are nasty got a time out here from Resnick and.

Slowinsky as they're going to be facing down a game point here from Josh neg and Barr here in game one and is it's so tough they're they're right in here they've been staying even but it is the serve right now that is making the difference it's given Josh Knight and bar a couple.

Free points and some errors on the return and I mean I don't think they're discussing anything else besides how to return the serve because if they can't return the serve and return it decently kind of everything else that comes after that is a little tough.

To plan for or strategize game point and that'll be it all right let's see if Resnick and slowinsky are able to perhaps get a better handle on these spin serves in game two we're back into the action right after this.

foreign foreign foreign.

Here at chicken and pickle Dallas for our next gen event we have one final next-gen event this year middle of November that's going to be in Kansas City Kansas that is open for registration right now on if you have a young pickleball player that has not experienced next gen yet got one left.

For this year come on out and experience it for yourself always a really great time on the far end for game two we have Porter Bar in the gray Selkirk shirt with the nasty spin Surf and Ethan Josh neg in the black they take on Aaron Resnick in the white shorts Matt Slowinski.

In the black shorts good spot there from Resnick they are the co-founders of the pickleball Clinic as you can see on their shirt they have a massive Facebook group as well as a big Instagram following they originally started a tennis Clinic together and have branched into pickleball now as well putting on a lot.

Of clinics expanding every day to meet the demand but they're doing an awesome job happy to partner with them at the app tour oh my gosh that drive from Resnick I mean that was just.

Okay I think Resnick and slowinsky they have to make the most of every time they have the serve and the ability to put points on the board and the fact that they don't have to return a spin serve so I think every time they give up the serve just makes it extra tough for them to try and get out.

Ahead Tufts once he went for a little bit of a fake there ended up kind of putting himself a little off balance I think with his footing to be able to counter that drive I mean that is just a rocket from Josh neg.

Oh bar tries to pull back DJ Young's on it ball boy oh yeah tries to pull off of that one ends up tipping him with this paddle oh thanks Slim yeah again pace of this game ramped up significantly from the last match seeing that two-handed backhand from.

Oh no ball on court will replay foreign love there for resna because that pops up into Josh neg absolutely the joyful hermit I appreciate that name as well shout out to Porter Bar pickleball Porter has his own YouTube channel he's making great content definitely go check that out give him a.

Follow point slawinsky thinks that is going out Bob's and weaves but ends up Landing well in oh that was a nice return there from slawinski off that spin serve very deep tougher Porter to get a good third shot.

Off of that side out all right let's see if Resnick and fluency can get a little something going here get out in front on the scoreboard oh my gosh she almost picked that up her Resnick apologizing here for this lob attempt yeah I mean you should kind of short hopped that lob definitely not.

The right decision at that time and a very short low lob as well which which is tough but slowinsky they don't have a spin serve but they Crush their serves oh nice pick up there from Resnick got on him a little bit but three two two.

All right does seem like Resnick and slowinsky have kind of cracked the code on the spin serves here they're definitely returning them much better and get a free point of their own again Watch Resnick here doesn't spin the serve but he just oops it's okay.

Four three one point timeout receivers all right and a time out here from Josh neg and bar as Resnick and solinsky are finding a little success here they're gaining a little bit of momentum looks like they're feeling a little bit more confident here.

We've got a handle on that spin serve and now it's Josh neg and bars turn to make some adjustments of their own hair definitely are relying on their spin serve for some success and when they're not able to get the success they were in game one they've gotta figure out a backup plan of how they want to handle their.

Strategy and play going forward Resnick has a smiley face of sweat on his shirt does everybody see this get a close-up oh good pickup from Josh Knight oh fluency almost picks that up ends up hitting Resnick in the process some good defense here though.

A couple couple good gets there from fluency but can't get back into that I'll just miss hit there from bar look at that smiley face look at that smiley face on resnick's shirt oh my gosh it's Forrest Gump guys it's Forrest Gump where he wipes his face with mud when he's on the run and it.

Turns into the smiley face shirt that makes tons of money inside out five three one so I will recall my bad five three one what just happened slowest he like held his paddle in his hand while he was spinning that serve and then re-picked up the paddle like in.

I get out I'm still I still have no idea what just happened there I don't know what I saw I gotta I gotta see it again hopefully he does it again that was wild oh yeah a little high oh recovered well yeah resnick's right there got what he was looking for here.

Oh a bit of a confusion there bar saying he had that but Josh and I didn't really pull off of that giving him enough room wow so slowinsky actually slices that return and then the spin off of his return pulled the ball away from Josh neg giving him a bit.

Of an issue did he do the serve I missed it I wasn't looking foreign lead again he's slicing that return that seems to be best way for him to counter that Slowinski looks like he was trying to.

Hit this luckily he either just missed or wasn't able to get on it that goes along oh a tweener it's good oh wow wow what a great rally some really good gifts some Josh Negan bar to stay alive and that is slowinsky and Resnick just throwing everything they got at him.

Oh nice attack there from sliwinsky oh my gosh Josh Knight thinks that is sailing well long and it sort of looked like it was and then just dips down how am I actually holds the paddle in his other hand oh that was up.

Fierce hands battle there uh Resnick ends up pulling it wide at the end yep just misjudge that a little bit a little too much spin perhaps yeah just out a little too slow on that molester just a hair behind out all right so.

They have extended their lead now out front by four point s five eight one oh slowinsky almost going for that I'm gonna throw himself into the booth here let's go with the last second as he kind.

Of runs around that so he doesn't get hit by it it's very clear that Josh neg when they are serving is gonna go for that third shot Drive fifth shot drop so Resnick and solinsky know to be looking for that coming up next here on Center Court we will have Taylor Crabtree and Sarah Williams.

Taking on Bella Nelson and Ava cussmider so that is our first ladies match on Deck I mean where was this serve in game one I didn't see it one time foreign confusion there in the middle again there's the third shot Drive fifth shot drop from Josh schneg.

And even though they know it's coming drives are so powerful it's so tough to be able to block them and block them in a good position or to counter them a lot of times when a drive is that powerful it's hard to counter it with any sort of pace of your own simply because it is coming so quickly it's tough to judge where exactly it's.

Going to be so just trying to get a good paddle on it is usually what you're hoping for and to not pop it up but Josh neg and Barr back within one of tying it up here again we're at chicken and pickle here just outside of Dallas Texas.

For our next gen event it is men's and women's doubles day tomorrow will be singles to conclude our weekend and then we'll Crown a next-gen champion in men and women's if I don't know eight seven one second a resident catching himself there a little bit in that transition zone.

Between trying to get up to that net foreign bar you can see just kind of commits to that oh he's right there he gets exactly what he wants oh that is a gorgeous ATP bar knows he doesn't have a lot of room to work with here so he waits until the last moment.

And doesn't do two H2 o yeah Josh and I can't really do anything about that great spot from Resnick off the net we are tied up oh.

Foreign Resnick with the lob attempt but a very low short lob and he knows that's not gonna get the job done that right there oh off the ceiling all right so Resnick needs to take a lesson from Porter Bar I guess on the lob that was.

A textbook lob there I'm pretty sure mom taught him how to do that all right so time out here oh this is such a tough spot here for Resnick and sawinski they've been out in front here this entire second game they have countered the spin serve really well had some of.

Their own just a couple ideas that maybe should not have entered their mind at the time getting down to the wire here they've got to be really smart about when they're going to attack when they're gonna speed up but yeah they I mean they've been out in front here in game two this whole time.

And now they're gonna be staring down a match point here from Josh neg and Barr in game two definitely looked like they they had figured it out they were gonna be able to push push this to a third game but we'll see if they can get a hold here only trailing by two but first server.

Here two crazy spin serves on Deck but they've gotta handle yeah slowinsky way too far off that line to try and get that shot if you've got a back off the line as far as he did you definitely know you should have taken that ball out of the air but ah tough.

Tough match here for Resnick and slowinsky definitely gave it a much better go here in the second game Josh Negan Barr we'll move on to the semifinals where we will see them a little bit later today and again ladies on Deck next here on Center Court Taylor Crabtree and Sarah Williams.

Take on Bella Nelson and Ava cussmider coming your way right after this foreign which brings the best pickleball content to your smartphone tablet and big screen TV this is 24 7's pickleball proudly.

Brought to you by Selco foreign foreign thank you thank you.

Foreign foreign foreign.

Thank you foreign foreign welcome back everyone to the ladies here on Center Court and this is actually our.

Winter bracket final here in our women's doubles as they had a much smaller bracket than the gentleman so they've worked their way through a little bit quicker so again winner of this will head to gold loser will head to bronze we have in the blue Taylor Crabtree in the.

Without the Hat with the with the long ponytail that's Taylor Crabtree 19 out of Nashville Tennessee currently attending Texas Christian University and her partner in the white hat Sarah Williams 22 out of Burleson Texas she is currently a student at the University of Texas Tyler so again oops switch switch those names.

Mitch switch those names on the near end we have Ava cus smider in the white skirt that is yes the younger sister of Jake cussmider and Luke is their uh Jake's twin brother but she is 22 out of Charleston South Carolina and I just learned that she graduated college with an associate's degree at 17.

Years old so uh girls girls of smarty pants her partner is 16 year old Bella Nelson out of Deerfield Beach Florida currently a junior in high school in the white visor spot there from Williams she catches.

Nelson on the move trying to get up to that kitchen line so Crabtree and Williams in the blue are the number one seed here for the ladies while Nelson and cusmider are the number three seed Courtney Johnson back is our USA pickleball certified referee Crabtree and Williams defeating Lauren.

Mercado and Dylan AKA rainbow champaigny in their semi-final very tight third game in that it was 2 11 11 3 12 10. so nice match Nelson and cus miter took out Riley bohnert and Ellie Smith in their semi 11 7 11-1 yeah.

Nice pick up there from Nelson and she's a little off that kitchen line giving herself that extra moment of reaction time but that's just a beautifully placed shot there from Crabtree down that sideline one one.

Customizer just needed to get a touch lower underneath that ball to give it a little more roll a little too flat on that shot almost does the exact same thing the result is the same this time she was going straight up but again just just a little too flat needs to come underneath.

It as she tries to roll it yeah I think possibly over compensating for those last two errors this time she Pops that up just a little too high she wants to make sure and clear that net but went a little bit too far in the other direction easy put away there so we have a timeout from Nelson and cuss miter.

Just to try and not let too much momentum pick up here on the side of Crabtree and Williams starting to roll Just a Touch I just want to say it doesn't Courtney Johnson with her gorgeous face and her beautiful light almost silver blonde hair I feel like she should be an elf in The Lord of.

The Rings what do you think Mitch I feel like you're a Lord of the Rings guy right don't you think she could be put some elf ears on like Legolas who please Courtney Johnson's where it's at that was a random tageant I apologize.

It's that it's it's next gen it's a little more relaxed we have fun here oh oh great gift from ghost spider oh so tough Nelson's there I want to see her Hold Steady a little bit more here you can see she she jumps a little bit and kind of shifts her weight backwards as she's going for that got a couple free free points off the.

Server turn long here Steph Nelson lets that one Sail by thinking it's going out but catches that back corner and Crabtree and Williams definitely feeling good feeling confident here they're just hitting the shots they want to just seems like cus miter and Nelson they're feeling a little pressure a.

Little frustration that things are not really working for them they've had some errors sometimes when you're trying to correct those errors you can go a little too far the other way or it can make you tense up a little play a little tighter.

Which then creates more errors so of course not what you want to do but uh so tough It's so tough when things are not going your way to be able to still play loose try and shake that off and simply get back to playing the game you want to play hitting the shots you know you can hit so much easier said than done.

But a second final time out here for Nelson and cus miter is they're going to try to do just that shake off everything that has come before they're still in it here it's not done simply need to cut significantly down on the unforced errors and I think they're right back in it here but perhaps.

They are looking to just gain a little bit of momentum and a little confidence going into game two if they're not able to stop Crabtree and Williams here in this first game excuse me this is a game point and end the game I apologize thought they were on nine so Crabtree and.

Williams cannot be stabbed here in game one in our winter bracket final so they are one game closer to heading to the gold medal match as the number one seed we will take a short break back into the action here with our ladies right after this foreign.

Foreign which brings the best pickleball content to your smartphone tablet and big screen TV this is 24 7's pickleball proudly brought to you by seller back into the action here for our women's doubles winter bracket Final on the far end we have 16 year old Bella.

Nelson in the white visor and her partner 22 year old Ava cussmider they take on Sarah Williams in the white hat and Taylor Crabtree with the long ponytail Crabtree and Williams rolling fairly easily in game one into the second game Nelson and cussmider I think just played.

With some unforced errors that they can't have if they want to be competitive in this match so we'll see if they're able to cut those down significantly here in the second game one two nice spot there from Nelson keeping Crabtree back a little bit unable to get up to.

That line see if they can convert now on their serve just a little high on that third shot drop attempt from Nelson I'll try and keep that down just a little bit not allow that to be taken out of the air called spider with the speed up Clips.

The net there in the middle it works out in her favor she'll take it one one oh great dig there from Nelson after that pop-up here from cuss miter short hops that sends it up she knows they are in trouble but Nelson staying steady great job not giving up on that.

All right a little vocalization a little pumped up Miss happen over there for Nelson and cusmider which is exactly what they need big set out all right they're finding some success now this is exactly what they needed to do here in this second game playing very confidently they're hitting.

Some great shots which is then building their confidence even more seeing some good body language and Nelson a little bit in between there I think being able to take that out of the air or letting that bounce a bit of an awkward spot one two two oh tough net cord there for Crabtree as.

She is on the move here cus miter just too late to be able to make an adjustment try and run that ball down side out two two one point three two one Nelson getting a little close to.

Sidearming at that serve but again pretty much no serve is illegal at this point so stick to what works for you she's probably close but still probably good Nelson's there for that shot but saw cus miter out of the corner of her eye attempting to go for.

That as well ends up pulling back and then neither of them get a paddle on it unfortunately nice aggression there from Taylor Crabtree closing ground taking this one out of the air continuing to move forward let's pick up again very tight for atps here at.

Chicken and pickle but nice job there from Williams goes right at the body of Nelson five three one that's good just gonna go just long on that serve that's tough I mean Nelson and customizer had a lot of momentum in the beginning it has sort.

Of faded now oh Williams has definitely let that go would have been out but I think she got caught a little bit about not knowing where exactly on the court she was another ATP for Sarah Williams she's just racking them up here in this second game.

This time does not hit cus miter but is able to float that to that back corner she's very patient though on those atps perfect spot there from Nelson right at the feet of Williams not a bad lob there from Williams Nelson is able to take it out of the air but I think.

A little confusion in the middle between Crabtree and Taylor oh look at that almost went long out off the net but nobody even turned around to look that's really tough cuss miter has had success sort of driving that third and closing the net on the fifth being more aggressive as well.

But that time she left her third a little too high try it out seven five one good gets good resets on both sides good pull there oh it's good I thought that was I mean Crabtree definitely thought this was going out she's done it ends up hitting.

The line she's got that paddle behind her back way to stay ready though yeah Crabtree's there that's a great poach she just was very sort of lackadaisical with how she was holding her paddle didn't really wasn't too deliberate in how she wanted to hit that shot.

Nelson off the court well yep I mean nice step over that kitchen line great Court awareness of where she was and not stepping on that kitchen line at all sales just long that wasn't terribly long here this third shot drive from cus fighter yeah maybe only an inch or so past that.

Line oh Nelson wanted to take that out of the air the ball was not in a position for her to do so doesn't recover quick enough all right there's a there's been a couple times now Williams did it this time we saw Crabtree do it before.

They're going for that poach but they're not really committing to the poach it's like uh it's like a half pouch I'm thinking about poaching but if you're gonna go for it you gotta go all the way you gotta fully commit to that poach you got to get a good paddle on it or at least attempt to you cannot go halfway with a poach and we've seen Williams and.

Crabtree do that both but they're in a good position here two points away from heading to the gold medal match have been able to stay out in front of Nelson and cuss Snyder but they are nipping at their heels a little bit definitely making this much more competitive here in this second game.

Than it was in the first and again thank you so much for joining us this weekend for our next gen event here the next generation of pickleball players we are trying to help develop and expose them to meeting a lot more of their peers even though pickleball is skewing younger and younger every year a lot of young.

Players don't have a lot of their peers to play with wherever they live in the country so it's awesome to be able to bring them all together in one place a lot of people here have met really good friends that they get to see now at each event stay in touch or has a great time and a lot of times.

This is higher level play than they get back home so good time all around and thank you so much for joining and supporting the app in their next gen series we have one final stop in Kansas City in November yeah cause spider doesn't really get a lot of roll or spin either.

Way on her dinks they're they're very flat so she's got to be careful if she doesn't get underneath them enough and create enough lift and kind of Arc over the net she ends up being a little too flat putting those into the net because she doesn't have that Top Spin that a lot of players do on those Dinks.

A great drive there looking to tie it up here great job Crabtree just kind of staying out of the way letting Williams take those forehand putaways in the middle big side out for them maintain a one point lead interesting Crabtree and cuss miter.

Having a straight up Dink exchange there instead of pulling towards the middle Crabtree goes up the line it's but they have got themselves a match point here now again that's tough Crabtree's there she doesn't need to throw that lob up she can easily just dink that ball back over the net back in.

The action but not a bad time for a lob as your opponents are up at that kitchen line sort of Leaning forward but I think when you have a match point that's that's a risky move didn't necessarily pay off for them good blocks great cover of The Middle.

Well done there from Bella Nelson just staying in that trying to be aggressive did look like that just missed on that back line tough to see but I I do think that was probably the correct call and we are tied up at Ted's oh I am not sure why Crabtree let that go.

That was super in I I think she just sort of maybe instinctively knew that cus miter has hit several shots long gets a hold of them sometimes a little bit too much was expecting perhaps that one to do the same but that's tough it's like she almost.

Made the decision to let that go well before it was hit and it didn't matter that stayed well in so it was going to be Nelson and cuss spider just hanging in here hanging tough they've got a game point here in the second game looking to force a third in this winter bracket final and that's why.

Pickleball is never over until it's over looking at that score in game one Crabtree and Williams just rolled but Nelson and cost fighter fought back they didn't give up they mixed up some strategy cut down those errors and now let's see if they can force a third game all right big big stop there Fort.

Crabtree and Williams but they now have three points they need to get and again you see a lot of especially on the women's side that two-handed backhand coming into play occasionally there's a player that does not use it and that player in this match is definitely Sarah Williams.

She is pretty much a strictly one-handed backhanded player I suspect she does not have tennis in her background due to that wow good pickup oh great job being aggressive there from Williams they're in a tough spot here they're looking to come from behind but she doesn't hold back.

She sees the opportunity and she seizes It Well Done sometimes it can be a little hesitant at this stage but they are back on their match point here out good pull there from Williams takes the step back with the forehand Nelson blocks that wide.

Oh interesting I think that was a just confusion in the middle there between Nelson and cuss miter that is so tough at this stage still on first server and back to a match point I'd like to say I mean they're writing here at Crabtree's body language to me is is a little.

A little self-defeating seeming I'd like to see her just kind of Psych herself up a little she's gotta stay positive she's gotta stay in this they're right there they've had opportunities good lead there from Williams is that sales wide luckily for her Crabtree she Clips in that I like the thought going back.

Middle with this attack but Clips the net just stays in perhaps that will give her a little boost of positivity here to try and close this out all right so they they get it done with cuss miter putting that return into the net but what a second game here 14-12 after Nelson and customizer lose.

Game one 11-1 we'll head to the Franklin Studio to talk to our Ladies as they head to Gold we will have I suspect a men's match come back here on Center Court and uh we're back into the action here as we work through our second day of next gen Dallas don't go anywhere back here at chicken and pickle right after.

This foreign hold up foreign foreign welcome back to the Franklin Studio Laura McLaughlin here with Taylor.

Crabtree and Sarah Williams as they are heading to the gold medal match so that first game a little bit easier than the second seemed like you guys rolled had everything going your way just together as a partnership going into today what was sort of the strategy of style how you guys wanted to face today coming in this morning well we knew the team that.

We just played had a lot of power and so we knew that we had good dings so we were thinking we'll just slow down the ball play our game slow him down all right so again first game a little bit easier than the second that one took a minute to close out you guys took a timeout kind of at the end as they were coming back they had a chance to push it.

To three what did you guys talk about in that late time out that you knew you needed to do to kind of just mentally stay in it what were you guys talking about in that time out um I knew I was playing a little bit into their game instead of what the strategy I talked about was just thinking and so I was getting in my own head and you know.

Sarah Sarah can pull us out of a pit so I knew knew if I gave a little more weight on her shoulder she'd pick me up um fumbled the bag a little bit at the end that's okay that was my fault sorry Sarah um but no just like trusting her and knowing that she can come in the middle and take it powerful just think yeah it.

Worked well in the end you guys were able to close it out in two didn't have to face a third game so you're headed to gold now are you just gonna kind of stick with that strategy of what works well for you guys going into that gold medal match uh I think we'll have to see how it goes we've never played against the other team we don't even know who it.

Is yet honestly no you literally don't know who it is yet because the bronze has not been played it's okay okay it's okay yeah I think we'll just kind of adapt as we go I think both Taylor and I have good uh Power and good soft game so we'll just see what works and hopefully hopefully we'll I don't know we'll have to wait and see we'll see how it goes.

We'll see how it goes I know you said you have a lot of friends and family watching back home any shout outs before we we sign out in case you don't make it back in the Franklin studio um shout out the boyettes Matthew McKenzie and then Alicia Russell hopefully she's watching but yeah anyone else yeah shout out to Tyler Texas.

Pickleball well I love it oh should I shout out music City pickleball Nashville love you guys all right well done ladies well done good luck in that gold medal match don't go anywhere don't go anywhere just we'll just stay here all right our men's doubles back here at next gen Dallas right after this don't go anywhere.

thank you we are launching selker TV which brings the best pickleball content to your smartphone tablet and big screen TV foreign pickleball proudly brought to you by Selco.

foreign out here foreign foreign.

oh my God welcome back everyone to our first semi-final match here in our men's doubles bracket at next gen Dallas we just had our ladies winter bracket.

Final and now we are getting close to the end of the day working towards that winter bracket Final in our men's we are going to have Ethan joshneg and Porter Barr taking on Mike Anderson and Nick Garza we have seen both these teams earlier today facing off against different.

Opponents now they face each other to head to that winter bracket final and coming up next after this we will have our second semi-final match which is going to be Austin chickatilov and Eli Bertram taking on Jack Foster and ursilio cabiasis so that's coming up next winner this will face the winner of that in the.

Winter bracket final Bob Swiss Helm our USA pickleball certified referee and we are having a slight issue with our system with the scoreboard so we're resetting some things so I think you should be able to hear Bob saying the score but we know that the scoreboard is not up we're working on it so don't.

Worry oh my goodness Porter Bar with the hands oh some quick hands already out of the gate looks like Mike Anderson's doing a little air traffic control telling his partner that Garza which way that spin serve is kicking oh.

The lighting or that ball took a weird spin so we saw Mike Anderson Nick Garza earlier in a very calm match there were no hands battles not a lot of speed UPS very just sort of classic low-key pickleball this match will not be that so John schnag and bar they want pace.

They want speed they want Power so Garza and Anderson are going to have to match that for sure or attempt to counter it two two tied up at twos here in game one well we're working on that scoreboard can you guys if you're in the chat on the YouTube stream will you just let me.

Know if you can hear Bob calling the score I apologize I am kind of talking over him but can you hear him oh that's tough decent return there from Anderson but third from tomorrow was also really nice hits that sideline again Garza and Anderson are gonna have to realize really quick that Ethan.

Is going oh ball on court Ethan is going to be driving his third shot every single time every single time perfect thanks everyone all right so bar into the net and Josh neg out of the back of the court with their serves so it looks like garzon Anderson trying.

To slow it down just a little bit here Anderson 22 out of Carlsbad California or California created a new state Nick Garza 23 out of San Diego California so both of them in SoCal know each other from there side out and just so everyone knows in our about 60 players that we have here.

At next gen we have 22 different states represented amongst the players so that is pretty cool oh that's gonna go a little long Ethan joshneg 19 years old excuse me 22 out of Fort Bragg North Carolina just completed his four years of active duty in the army oh could get from bar.

Foreign all right that I can control serve is getting a little more out of control it's a little too flat there from Josh Knight just needed to bend his knees a little bit get under that one oh Garza gets tagged there that's tough.

I I'd like to see Anderson and Garza stay in that slow game as long as they can I'd like to see them wait to see if bar or Josh neg is going to have an error or create a pop-up I don't want to see them speeding it up prematurely because the hands of bar and joshneg are so fast their reaction time is so fast.

And they're so powerful with those counters if if you're not sure you got a good chance of winning that hands battle don't start it Ace right there for Porter Bar Mike Anderson with the big eye roll yeah nice ATP there from bar.

Players getting a little bit more used to how tight it is on those sides and that they need to be very patient not overdo these ATP attempts having a little more success today as the players are adjusting good pickups oh my gosh that's why you don't give up.

That's why you don't give up and you stay in it bar and Josh was some huge pickups they were able to get back in there and end up winning that rally yep we are working on the scoreboard right now we are probably going to have to uh.

Restart the project the stream will not go down after this match but you will see perhaps on your screen for a moment about technical difficulties but stay with us Bob Swiss arm's pretty loud so you should be able to hear him calling the score I will try and update it accordingly as well but we are aware.

There's no scoreboard we'll get it up after this matchup 15 seconds please see I'm gonna sign in gentlemen nine four two all right nine four two here in game one of the semifinal inside out good side out coming out of that timeout.

Great cover of the middle there from Garza really well done five nine one Point see that is what Garza and Anderson need to do stay in that slow game wait for an error six nine one yeah the pace right now is simply.

Playing into the game that Porter Bar and Ethan Josh Knight want to play they want the pace they want the speed UPS oh oh quarter thought that Ethan was taking this they both just laid off of it tough Jeff break especially when it gives up a point.

Milk too much on that LOB ster all right we're gonna have a timeout here from Porter Bar in the gray Ethan joshneg in the black Anderson in the white Nick Garza in the blue on your screen behind Bob are within one of tying it up they have certainly.

Started handling the serve a little bit better here seems they're recognizing that the slow game is the most beneficial to them again sometimes when you have players like Josh neg and bar who walked the pace it's tough to get them into the slow game which is why those drops are so important you got to.

Have good third shot drops fifth shot drops if you can let them have that ball bounce it gets you up to the kitchen line and kind of get you into that slow game oh no bar and Josh stag another air in the middle of miscommunication that just can't happen but they gotta.

Have a talk this is it it's a great spot Garza's had success with that all day great job from Josh schneg pushing Anderson off that line game point here we're at Josh neg and Barr ten nine two.

foreign has a lot of reach I'm really surprised he didn't take some of these out of the air I thought with his length and reach he certainly could and I think that puts a little bit more pressure on Anderson as he's dinking because if you can take a dink out of the air it cuts then just.

That sliver of a second of reaction time for your opponent oh DJ young is coming over with some coaching here I mean who doesn't want DJ young coaching you can't quite hear what he's saying so I'm not sure what the advice is or what he's noticing but.

Get a coach's Buddies all right still on first serve we're looking to tie it up here haven't seen too many third shot drives from Anderson I think he's been dropping mostly fairly successfully oh yes I know yeah I think Anderson probably reset that instead of trying to counter it but.

Another game point here oh no the Miss hit off the tip of the paddle Ah that's a tough way to end we'll take a short break back into the action right after this foreign foreign foreign.

All right back into the action I mean hey you didn't you didn't need to watch anything crazy all right back into the action great get from Meg in the black Porter Bar and the silkirk shirt great get from Josh.

And Josh neg back working just Garza with the end post area there at the end erson and Garza did a great job keeping bar and Josh neg back working just Garza with the unforced area there at the end.

Point one zero one nice job from Anderson started with the return that was deep that kept bar and joshnik up to that debt he was able to keep them back there that bar just with the air there.

Second server zero one two point one one two I love that reset from Anderson I do not love that speed up from Nick Garza Anderson did a fabulous job slowing that down putting them in that dink rally and Garza then immediately.

Almost speeds that up again and again when they speed it up they are not coming out on top of those exchanges as often as bar and Josh nagar the slow game is working for Anderson and Garza we'll see if they're able to stay patient it's gonna go long.

One two one second server one two two Anderson just gets caught in that transition zone one of the most difficult spot to be points you can see here bar with the speed up very high it might have still stayed in.

Great job by Garza he has been able to have success with Josh neg kind of slowly working his way to the kitchen if you can get a good angle on those Dinks I'll take Josh neg is a little behind getting there like a server that's the thing and I mean Anderson's there he's got what he wants.

But he's got to be able to finish that out three one one second server again great job by Garza and Anderson they never quite let Barr and Josh and I get up to that kitchen line if they are able to keep them back their percentage of success goes up.

Significantly oh Garza didn't even try and get a paddle on that that's so tough I mean I have faced some of these players spin serves it is no joke all right so they're they're keeping them back let's see if they can yeah bar and Josh neg have not been able.

To drop in a shot that's close enough to the net that Anderson and Garza can take that out of the net so you saw them kind of pinned back there they knew they weren't able to get up to that kitchen until they could drop in a shot that couldn't be valid yeah both bar and Josh Nick are so good.

At countering Anderson and Garza both have a really great drive but they can counter that so well and that's so dangerous point yeah bar just sitting on that forehand Garza wasn't able to keep that dink low enough and unattackable wide on that surf.

Point find Our receiver all right we're gonna have a timeout here from Mike Anderson and Nick Garza as that service starting to wreak havoc here again it's so tough you you have a strategy you have a way that you think you're going to counter your opponent but if you can't even get.

Into the rally at all because the serve is just a bull in a china shop breaking everything wrecking everything I mean until you can get that bull out of the china shop you're not gonna be able to start cleaning up is that a good is that a decent metaphor I feel like it worked what do you guys think bye you.

Think that metaphor worked did it play kind of a little bit VI does not think it played what I was trying to say is if you can't handle the serve it doesn't matter what your strategy is because you're not even able to.

Implement it you guys knew what I meant all right that is a really nice return there from Garza well done hitting the deck getting out of the way again Josh Megan Barr are bringing the Heat and that heat means they're not always gonna be able to.

Control those shots super well foreign who was gonna be the first to speed that up and Garza stayed at very patient going cross-court Josh neg mixed it up a little tried to go a little bit more in the middle left it a little bit higher Garza took advantage point.

Four six one second server four six two you are now I will recall the score well done Garza was a little suspicious that he was not in the correct position and he was correct.

Garza Anderson I think are recognizing that they're having a little success dinking specifically to joshnik he's having a little a little bit of a harder time coming out on top of those dink rallies so they are definitely targeting him in the slow game they've gotten some errors.

Out of him and they're gonna stick to what's working oh Porter Bar is on his phone he's probably getting some advice from somebody or he's just checking his Instagram see if he's getting any likes anybody watching he does have his own YouTube channel everybody so check it out he's got some good content his mom ate a fly one time.

I was there it's on video on his YouTube channel I know it was gross all right Bob Swiss Elm brings our players back into the action tied up at sixes six six two so Josh leg now on that right side.

Mixing up the stack a really great strategy change coming out of that timeout for Josh Negan Barr recognizing that bar is going to go across court now with Garza and he might have a little bit more success I'm Garza I go in the middle or straight.

Up with Josh neg all right Anderson thought that ball was wide it looked a little wide from this side as well but Bob Swiss home saw that catch the line you save our fault incorrect receiver you have six oh tough so Anderson is the incorrect receiver.

Oh that's so tough give up a point at this stage one they gotta shake that off immediately yeah little impatient there from Josh neg I know he's been struggling a little with the soft game so perhaps he's looking to speed it up a little.

Quicker than maybe he should oh so Anderson and Garza have switched up their stack now putting Garza back Cross Court with Josh neg but pushes that a little wide as he goes for a nice angle and this will be a match point oh that was actually a pretty decent lob there from bar I don't mind that at all.

I think Anderson simply was very on top of that very ready for it anticipated it well it'd have been might have been a little short of a lob for Porter but nice gets can they get back up to the line though yeah again Anderson Garza both they were able to come in a few feet into the.

Court but that almost puts them in a worse position and if they had stayed at that Baseline that is tough that out yeah bar and Josh neg have really come out of that time out strong mixing up their stack which is something we talk about at the pro level all the time.

If something is not working for you one of the most obvious options is to switch which side of the Court the players are on try and give their opponents something different to work with perhaps take somebody out of that danger zone but Garza is now cross-court forehand side with Josh schneg and gets the same result so.

Anderson and Garza have made the adjustment of Their Own they are finding a lot of success putting Garza and Josh egg cross-court so they're mixing it up based on where Barr and Josh snake are stacking but again just a little perhaps impatience here.

Not able to get into that slow game as much as they've been able to all right do they have another hold left in them or will this finally be the match for Ethan joshneg and Porter Barr oh very short return good pickup oh exactly right I mean textbook why you.

Make your opponent hit one more shot great digs from both Garza and Anderson and Barr going for the winner again doesn't need that much power he just needs the placement oh boy oh no what's up all right so we're gonna have an offensive time out here taken by Mike.

Anderson and Nick Garza again we've been we've been stuck at 6 10 here a little bit they have been able to hold Josh Negan Barra here from closing out this match it's it's been a bit tough but they've been able to do it but again if they cannot put any points on the board on their serve it doesn't matter how many times they hold them if.

You can't convert on your serve it doesn't matter so they are taking an offensive time out here they're trying to strategize how they can come out of this timeout and put a point on the board get some momentum rolling get something to happen and try and close this Gap because they know if they are not able to do that.

It's only a matter of time before Josh Negan Barr are going to be able to finish this match it's gonna happen if they keep giving them opportunity after opportunity so they need to put some points on the board themselves you point.

All right so an opportunity presents itself here for Garza for the ATP and he gets the job done gets a nice angle after that ball Clips the net well done working their way to the net nope not the right time or the right shot not out all right so I thought Anderson has this.

But I guess he was a little short oh yeah oh I mean didn't even come close to getting that back in but a good little run putting some pressure on bar and Josh egg to finish this and I think they are feeling that pressure they're feeling feeling a little bit of heat here to try and close out this.

Match but Mike Anderson delivers a gift there sailing that dink wide so it is Ethan Josh neg and Porter Barr who will head to the winner bracket final our second semi is coming up after I head to the Franklin Studio it is going to be.

Austin chickatoave and Eli Bertram taking on Jack Foster and ursilio cabiasis don't go anywhere back into the action here at next gen Dallas right after this foreign.

Foreign welcome back to the Franklin Studio Laura McLaughlin here with Porter Bar and Ethan Josh Knight as they are heading to our winner bracket final so you guys both have we've talked about the spin serve a lot you guys both have a pretty nasty one how much do you rely.

On that serve kind of getting you some free points during a match and how much is it strategy that you implement after the serve yeah um to be honest it used to do a lot more than it does now especially now that we're both playing at a much higher level everyone's able to return it um like in the beginning of that match.

They struggled with it a bit but then they figured it out very quickly because everyone's everyone's good at it now and so a lot of times we're not looking to get Aces or anything we're just looking to get a weaker return or something that we can drive off of and it does play a lot into the strategy so I love it all right Ethan especially in that second.

Game you were struggling a little bit cross-court dinking with Nick we're putting a couple into the net you guys took a timeout and you switched your stack to put you on the other side did you guys specifically recognize that you were having a little bit of trouble and you wanted to give them something else to look at yeah we knew that they were.

Picking on me so we just wanted to put quarter on the the left side that's he just gives him more opportunity to take control so well you guys are headed to that winter bracket final we'll find out who you're facing in this upcoming semi so good luck there I'm sure we'll see you again here on court so congratulations don't.

Go anywhere that second semifinal is on Deck here at next gen Dallas we're back into the action right after this follow me into our wildest dreams foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign thank you.

hold up thank you foreign welcome back to our second semi-final here to see who Porter Bar and Ethan and.

Josh and I are going to face in our winner bracket final we have on the near end Jack Foster in the maroon or cilio cabiasis in the white on the far end they take on Austin chickatoave the giant six foot five gentleman can't really miss him and his partner Eli.

Bertram who Porter Bar yesterday says a said that he has a far better spin serve than he does which which is saying something so I have no doubt that is gonna get some Aces here in this match probably get some eye rolls from Jack Foster be a really good matchup yeah we're gonna see those Ernie's from.

Check it to love no question when you got six foot five leg length you are gonna jump that kitchen every chance you get up good speed up there from Bertram who had kind of backed off the line a little bit giving himself a little bit more room.

Some more options uh oh well got it back oh cubby Aces okay oh that's a nice lob between her oh Foster is pretty good at the tweener sails that just wide though it's a little too much angle on it otherwise he had it oh okay well there's a free point oh this is over there from.

Bertram will not be the last female sign of it oh there we go two zero one coin Foster and cabiasis are the number one seed while chickatoave and Bertram are the number five Foster trying to direct kabiasis nice hands from Foster.

All right way to stay in there nice get there from cabiasis quick hands copies this always looks very sort of nonchalant with his guess it's amazing how fast his hands are Foster ever the little Trickster of course checked 11 Bertram are gonna expect him to absolutely smash that shot does the opposite.

I mean that ball basically was on the other side of the net already so just a nice little poop spot there from Bertram catching Foster on his way to the net ready four zero one yeah just much much too low on that lab.

It's up there from Bertram obviously had success with that lob earlier but he just didn't execute that the way he wanted to he executed that serve how he wanted to though oh the only option ursilio had on that shot was to go right at Bertram you can see here as he goes for this Ernie that.

Falls in a very awkward spot and he has his forehand out versus the backhand to put that Cross Court so he's a little bit low on that shot but puts it right at Bertram nice ATP here from Bertram s just didn't angle that paddle face into the court enough a little short on that serve from Foster.

Five one one Foster and copies of cabiasis have played together before I think they have struggled in the past every once in a while with covering the middle for it yes the Sanders you have one minute time.

Out servers you have to sign in six one one second server six one two hello okay I was like I can't hear myself Mitch it's because I mute it apologies technical difficulties I made up in my mind oh oh I like that idea from cabies as he.

Chest overcooked it a little bit a little burnt around the edges I like watch Eli Bertram he's got two hands on that paddle he is ready for that backhand in the middle yeah shout out can't go hands battle there.

Foster and cabiasis I feel like have a love-hate partnership seven one two serves that out nice counter there from Foster on that big third shot drive from chicken to love one seven one oh behind the back.

Doesn't stay in but timeout all right we're gonna have a time out here from Foster and cabiasis in the middle of their serving they're gonna be on second server it's like they're having uh they're a little possibly frustrated with each other.

So Eli Bertram on the far end 17 years old out of Mount Carmel Illinois he's a senior in high school this year partner right there barely fit on screen he's so tall Austin chickatoave 23 out of Fernandina Beach Florida he is currently in school to be a chiropractor you.

Sign in one bar and Jack Foster 21 out of Vero Beach Florida currently in school he's been doing homework every chance he's got this weekend good patience there from Foster cabiasis 23 out of Estero Florida one of the areas that definitely was affected by the hurricane this last week.

Not nearly as bad as some of the others but definitely some damage done again a little long on that lab from Bertram it's trying it's trying to find that sweet spot seven three one point and I think some people forget a little bit Jack Foster is mostly known for.

Playing singles he has had the most success that he has had in pickleball in singles that's definitely still kind of his specialty he's not qued why are words so hard for me right now he has not had nearly as much success in doubles still kind of figuring that out trying to get some good results very similarly I would say to.

You know Federico staxrude has been killing it in singles but he has not had much success in doubles yet he's getting there working his way up but some might think of a player like Jack Foster and think you know he already plays at the pro level so much but again you gotta remember a lot of his uh.

Good results have been in singles so the doubles game's still still a work in progress for him oh what it it got from check it along oh and that is so tough for a player that tall to get that low and dig those shots out really nicely done a little net chord there ends up.

Getting a piece of cabiasis a little off the shoulder slash side of the face foreign bit of an attempted shake and bake there from Bertram yes you are nine four two uh really nicely done there again that was just a very chill Ernie.

Right there from check it to love just kinda used his momentum moving forward split up the middle as he kind of steps over that kitchen game point yeah Eli Bertram I have only seen him at these next-gen events he impresses me every single time that I see him I'm not.

Sure how many bigger tournaments that he plays yeah five two oh a little that cord there gives chicken to love a little lucky break and another game point opportunity long good duck there from cabiasis.

Wow look at this gorgeous two-handed backhand drive right down that line hitting that back line we will take a short break back into game number two here in our second semifinal to see who's heading to the.

Winner bracket final right after this foreign foreign foreign welcome back everyone to game two here in our second semi-final match in the men's doubles bracket here today for.

Next gen Dallas Eli Bertram there lounging against the fence and partner Austin chickatoave taking game one eleven five they are on the near end here for game two Jack Foster in the maroon or Celio cabiasis in the white on the far end side out zero zero one.

second server zero zero two great job I check out the law of using that length being aggressive here taking that final last step up to the line puts him in a good position to attack.

That last shot out of the air uh check it off thinks he catches a line here so I thought it might have caught a line as well but very close it is called out though big drive there from cabiasis uh again you cannot give Jacob an opportunity.

To jump that kitchen he does such a great job recognizing that I mean he just he just I mean it's like a string just like pulled him off the court sideways great cover from Bertram oh that's a good Lop nice drop oh boy.

That was tough I really like though after chickadee love chase down that lab just dropped it in to try to overdo it didn't try to smack it simply need to get that ball just back into play Panda we see you this weekend oh big cutaways there from Foster and.

Cabiasis Amanda Henry would have been here but she's aged out of next-gen she went out on top though one in San Antonio last weekend so big shout out to Amanda all right we got a time out here from chicken to love and Bertram gotta slow down some momentum it's kind of slow things down I think.

Their strategy is going to stay the same don't anticipate much mixing it up at this point work for them well in game one they know they just simply have to get Foster and cabiasis back in control hi Paul thank you so much oh nice counter there from Foster quick hands ready for that speed up from.

Bertram so check it to love look how long he waits here he doesn't know if that's gonna be in it hits he knows it's going to be played and he has a perfect opportunity immediately starts going for that Ernie oh switching the paddle in his hand oh.

That was so tough washer that was a nice laugh from cave so switches to the left hand with the hook Bertram there to cover let's put some in that tough spot a little surprised that cabiasis went for that on the very next rally do not recommend lobbing back to back what.

What is what is going on here I have never seen that that Mitch I mean get me that replay get me that replay oh I mean just too much power Ken Herman is behind me with all of the other next-gen participants that are out.

Of their bracket player right now playing some sort of gamer drill it's chaos a little little cat Mouse Jack Foster loves a little cat Mouse oh oh my gosh he picked that up what a rally so much happened there oof too much to point out well done well.

Played on both sides but ultimately Bertram and check it all up come on on top foreign good hands but caveas just pulls that last shot across his body a little too much sending it wide obvious it's going for the speed up just a little too flat.

Cabbies has has such fast hands just quickest reflexes but a lot of times during those speed UPS doesn't Bend his legs all that much oh little boop boop off the top of his head sometimes he's just a little too straight up when he when he's getting those balls sped up not quite oh we got it we got the replay.

All right let's see that double Ernie the fact that caviasis was even over there is wild there's no way neither of them stepped in the kitchen one more time Mitch we got one more one more I gotta say this again someone get tropical ball on the line one more Mitch one more no we'll get it later we'll get it later.

I mean cabiasas that was wild this should not have been over there even remotely I love it so much though check it to lava on the ground oh wow some really good pickups there Bertram and check it out making them hit.

Probably four more shots than we needed to yeah another turtle let's go six five two oh my again look at the knees on check it to love I'm so jealous oh and then he just gets himself pushed.

A little too far off the line ah I mean if you're 6'5 and you are bending and squatting all the way down to the court and back up that's some good knee Health right there oh my goodness I mean that is a battle royale right there wow.

I actually I mean check it to love and Bertram handle the pace very well but we talk often in pickleball that the team that starts the speed up statistically is not the one that comes out on top of course sometimes they will but I'd like to see.

Chuckatallav and Bertram slow this down a little bit and pick pick their moments a little bit more selectively the ball stays in though from Bertram all right that was very DJ young-esque bit of a growl yell there from chicken to love on that yeah see I think I think they can find some success in the slow game as well.

I think they did in game one again there's the speed up from chickatoomba they do not come out on top of that patience might be a virtue here for them in the second game yeah wait for your moments wait for the right time to speed it up Foster trying to pump up cabiasis.

Try to pull him out of a funk wow great recovery off the net here from Foster and then Bertram with the air I'm a little surprised you didn't go into the middle of the court with that when you're right on that sideline it's a little tough and risky to try to put an overhead down on that same sideline.

Don't have a lot of room to work with foreign don't think he's the the right person to be lobbing probably oh good spot great patience from cabiasis haven't seen that level of patience from him in a little while here in this match just picks his moments hits some great shots that's what they need to do for sure to get.

Them into a third game uh yeah Bertram going for that Ernie but he doesn't have quite as much height obviously and he was coming underneath that shot that is a tough Ernie there's almost no chance you're keeping that in unless you hit it very softly in that way you know it kind of just brings you.

Out of position all right so Foster and kabier says find something that works for them here in the second game we'll check it to love and Bertram be able to readjust themselves in game three and take this match into the winter bracket final or will Foster and cabiasis we'll find out game three underway right after this.

Foreign foreign thank you all right back into the action for game three here in this semi-final match.

Chicken and pickle Dallas is where we are located here for our next gen second to last one of the Year hey Shay's in the house so it's a good day now Austin check it to log and Eli Bertram on the far end Jack Foster or Celio cabiasis on the near end.

They'll switch ends at six that one sails just out check out thought that was staying in the second game one Bertram got a lot of those points off of his serve and Foster and cabies has handled it much better in game two not allowing so many free points to be given up see if Bertram is able to find some.

Success we won't need it though if Foster and cabiasis are going to make some unforced errors like they have to start off this third game again I don't like that speed up from Bertram they that was I don't mind a speed up they're very good at it but it's got to.

Be at the right moment job defending that Ernie Bertram there to cover all right little shake and bake this time perfectly golden brown Bertram notice how far back off the kitchen line he goes He backs up to give.

Himself more room if he wants to speed it up a little bit more options a little bit better of a positioning to do that so he backs well off that kitchen line similarly to how you see the women do it on the women's side of the game a lot looking for the speed up with that two-handed backhand.

In their case but Bertram giving himself a lot of room to work with makes it tough for foster and cabiasis to judge whether or not he is going to speed up that Bali hides it very well again I think he can be a little impatient with those speed UPS I think sometimes he's speeding up simply for the sake of speeding it up without a.

Whole lot of purpose behind it working so far here in this third game well done coming out of that timeout getting an immediate side out the Asus looking to get something going now oh right on that line great live from Bertram now Foster is pinned back cabiasis gets pushed back as a result.

Because chickatoave is starting to get some overhead opportunities really nicely done there from Bertram he let's go a couple of the lobs have been nice a couple have not four one one more time four one two.

Foreign again if you are paying attention here great get there from Foster on that Ernie from Bertram but pay attention to see which team is speeding up the ball and which team is winning the speed up again there's Bertram with the speed up I think Foster and cabases are expecting.

It a lot more now because he's looking to do it and he backs up off that line which is a bit of a tell I think good job pushing them back again we'll switch ends at six here in this third game winner of this match takes on Porter Bar and Ethan joshneg in.

The winter bracket final foreign Foster and cabiasis these last couple rallies have put chicken to love and Bertram at six triggering the end change to see if they can keep the ball rolling here in the second half of his third game got a good amount of people watching.

Here today A lot of parents siblings and friends always awesome to be able to kind of have a lot of a lot of families here doesn't necessarily happen at the bigger tournaments every once in a while but Jerry family friendly place here that is called just long.

Coaching Bertram I I might say all right we the lobs have worked every once in a while but that's maybe it's maybe not lob for a minute maybe work on something else three six two all right Chicken Club has not had too many earning opportunities in this third.

Game fostering cabbases have done a good job not giving him them they wised up after a few too many in game two three two oh he lucks out on that one I still don't like it I'd like to see them wait to see if caviasis and Foster are going.

To make an error or give them an attackable ball all right he does come out on top of that one it's been a minute since he has though Tim I will absolutely ask Mike where he got that paddle if I see him or find him oh he's playing next door so I'll ask when he's done playing.

All right time out here for foster and cabiesa says check it to love and Bertram are having some momentum here they are coming out on top of some of these hands battles that they were not previously Foster and cabiasis just staying in their spot here so clearly not a time out of any.

Strategy discussion simply trying to slow the roll they just need one stop it's not out not even gonna say it everybody knows what I'm thinking good cover of the middle there from Bertram check out the law says you're on.

It baby let's go Bertram had an attackable ball out of the air right here but look how far off the kitchen line he is and he does that because he wants to speed up off the bounce I think that's what he's most comfortable with I'd like to see him just get up on that kitchen line and attack it out of the air give your.

Opponent less time to set up and anticipate your speed up that one gets hung up just a little high works from able to close all right we're gonna have a timeout offensively on the serve here check it along and Bertram.

Will be having some strategy discussion here they want to come out of this timeout confidently putting the shots where they want to put them try and come out on top of this rally put another point on that scoreboard and get that much closer to closing out this match and heading to.

The winter bracket final are you ready gentlemen you ready good uh servers you have one you have no timeouts left sign in eight four one oh my goodness that was a great drop from Bertram on the third but then Foster look at that look how long that.

Stayed on top of the net it went right down Bertram's there but he can't do anything with it foreign Foster knows it's coming you can see him kind of anticipate as he pulls that backhand but he gets a little jammed because of the placement first room.

Foreign don't worry guys I will get the scoop on the Spades paddle we'll figure it out together it seems long being a little bit more aggressive taking a little bit more Court again great job Bertram got an.

Attackable ball he's so good with his hands for a couple shots and then just missing a touch of execution on that final shot that he's trying to put away I wanna stay at that line Bertram I want to see I mean he's definitely much more comfortable doing that.

So it seems he's in no hurry to try and stay at that kitchen line try and take some shots out of the air so he's he's sticking to what works for him I mean you gotta respect that not not everything works for everybody so match point.

well done Austin chicken to love Eli Bertram hold on here taking this third game and head to the winter bracket final Jack Foster ursulo cabiasis dropped to our consolation bracket and I will head to the Franklin Studio we will have I'm not sure what coming up next we.

Might have a women's medal match that seems very likely I will find that out and let you guys know in the Franklin Studio we're back into the action here at next gen Dallas right after this thank you foreign foreign.

out welcome back to the Franklin Studio Laura McLaughlin here with Eli Bertram Austin checkatov as they are heading to our winter bracket final this is the.

Blind date I think it's going well there might be a second one you talked about right before we started this is the first time you've ever played the soft game explain a little oh I always drive the ball in this game they had better hands than us so we had to dink around move them maybe lob him a little bit all.

Right I mean when you guys of course with the first time partnership you generally talk about what's your style of play where are we gonna be what did you guys talk about coming into today that was going to be your game plan going into the matches yeah so we know that he has a gnarly spin serve so that's uh that's good to have in the bag.

Besides that we want to work a lot of shake and bake because like he said he likes to drive I like to play fast too with that game we needed to slow it down so we played a lot of middle dings we tried to move them around and set ourselves up for offensive lobs and some speed up so I think it was really a complete game I think we played really.

Well and I'm happy with how we're playing so far today all right so I mean you had to play a little little slow game do you think maybe you might start incorporating it into your style round out that game a little bit more I would say probably not unless the other team has better hands than us be honesty I like the honesty Eli fantastic well you.

Guys are headed to that winter bracket final good luck there we are back with our women's gold medal match coming up next so don't go anywhere back into the action here at chicken and pickle right after this laughs foreign.

foreign foreign follow me into our wildest dreams.

foreign foreign foreign foreign welcome back everyone to our women's.

Gold medal match here at chicken and pickle next gen Dallas Lauren McLaughlin here I will be joined momentarily by Paul Olin and I know he's coming because I have been gifted a mayonnaise and mustard packet just so she can show you guys here every time he comes to visit me I get a.

Mayonnaise and mustard I don't know what he thinks I'm gonna do with this but very thoughtful Paul Owen very thoughtful it's getting his cherries coming to join me I just stuffed my face as quickly as possible with some chicken and waffles which are always delicious all the food at chicken pickle so good.

Courtney Johnson our USA pickleball certified Referee on the far end starting us off serving will be Bella Nelson and Ava cusmider they take on Sarah Williams in the white hat and Taylor Crabtree good pickup from cuss Snyder it's gonna stay in.

That spot so Bella Nelson 16 years old out of Deerfield Beach Florida she's currently a junior in high school her partner Ava cusmider 22 out of Charleston South Carolina she is the younger sister of Jake cussmider who you may know and his twin brother Luke who does not play Pickleball I'm sure he does a little but just not in.

Tournaments she actually graduated college at 17 getting an associate degree so very smart lady then they take on Taylor Crabtree 19 out of Nashville Tennessee with the ponytail she's currently at Texas Christian University her partner Sarah Williams 22 out of.

Burleson Texas at the University of Texas Tyler oh if Paul's not unmuted there you go Paul thank you I had a lot to say I know you're just such a chatterbox over there so this is a rematch of our winter bracket final that we saw previously that's a good.

Attack she was able to get the ball down Cross Court in that winter bracket final Crabtree and Williams took it 11-1 and then 14-12 so had a little bit more success in game one and customizer and Nelson figured some things out in that second game almost took him to three but just couldn't quite close.

Let's see if this rematch plays out similarly nice surprise attack there at the body Nelson and cussmider had to defeat Lauren Mercado and Dylan rainbow champagne who are our bronze medalist oh oh yep coming over again I'm joined by Paul Oland Senior.

Pro phenomenon and Mentor here this weekend no you did isn't it like the The Muppet Show that's that song is like phenomena it's not funny we digress playing with a lot of energy today big big forehands and if they get a.

Forehand they're gonna attack let's spot up the middle there from Williams second server Crabtree struggled a little bit in the winter bracket final with some of those resets and some dinks let's see uh she needs to get a little lower just standing a little too a.

Little too upright but that was a great shot it's gonna be a hard one to get back that last one a couple times two you'll have to watch Paul and see if you see it I think she gets caught a little bit in that transition zone not quite getting up to that line and that's a tough spot to beat for anybody for any shot.

Three five two one good attack good shot right on the hip that was a good transition from the middle of the court to the kitchen and being aggressive there was a good shot good hands off the net Taylor's doing a great job but once she does have those attackable balls.

Recognizing that putting them in a good spot and that was a great dink by uh Sarah out wide to uh to Ava's backhand Ava didn't move that much so he had to reach and popped it up and that was just a good setup into a put away here from Nelson and cus smider as they are.

Trying to hang in here in this first game again I think just perhaps leaving some dinks up a little too high nothing major it seems like they need to adjust maybe just tightening up some execution issues I agree they're able to do that here as I said earlier they like attacking.

With their forehands they're playing a little bit more aggressive and I think Williams and Crabtree are doing a really good job now but trying to slow it down and then just being patient and waiting for their opportunity to attack because this is double elimination Nelson and cus miter would have to win the two out of three portion of this.

Match and then a tiebreaker to 15. to secure gold let's see if oh that's tough coming out of the timeout we we see that we've I've seen that more this weekend than we do at other tournaments I think the younger players just aren't as used to you haven't watched enough of my matches now.

Pulse is like I never know where I'm at I thought that was Chris Miller well it's because I'm usually playing with that okay yep that makes sense that makes sense it's hard I've done it out there's no excuse you have a ref there you can ask and you're coming out of a timeout you're just distracted.

No excuse very frustrating nice pickup by Ava long way to run low ball on our backhand did a good job of getting herself up there Taylor just maybe being a little bit more patient on that shot not going for too much right now Williams and crabs are doing a great job I mean their thirds are in.

They're not great but they're good and a good third is better than a third and then that obviously absolutely they're doing a good job of keeping the ball in play and then do some errors they do have a game point here tough as a player when you you know you leave a ball up just a little high and so you back up a little bit to give.

Yourself more room to get attacked but then if the attack doesn't really come if you back up too far then it's you're in a tough spot to reset the ball yep I don't like we all back up I think it's just human nature but unless I fear for my life I try to hold my ground yeah and I think that's something you kind of learn yep.

Oh nice because what what hurts you the most is you're backing up is you usually don't stop backing up before you go and hit the ball so I know your emotions going backwards if you can stop re-establish yourself into a good defensive posture a Little Help from the net there to close it out.

So again that's the biggest difference I think in this first game is Williams and Crabtree are getting their thirds in both Chris miter and Nelson are taking the balls out of the air but they're still low so this is a good lesson that thirds don't always have to hit the ground yeah you know if they're low and they're unattackable it still has the.

Same effect you can get to the net and neutralize the point I think they're doing a good job of that well take a short break and we'll see how it goes for these ladies as they switch ends in game number two back right after this foreign foreign.

station s bedtime welcome back everyone to our gold medal match here for our ladies their final match of the day.

On the far end we have Taylor Crabtree and the pink shoes her partner Sarah Williams in the white hat took game one over Ava cus smider without the visor and Bella Nelson with the visor on the near end I am joined by Paul Oland I said Oleg it's just Olin what am I.

Doing it's a silent D it's a it's a silent D yeah thank you It's So Silent it's not even written down nice foreign got that real nice and low there probably not a good attack just starting out offer backhand right down the middle.

A low ball leaving it up for opponents zero two inside out we haven't seen a terror terribly much this weekend so far but generally we've talked about you know with with younger players there's perhaps some impatience a little more tendency to speed it up when perhaps.

It's not the right time to do so that time it worked out yeah off the bounce and again when you are taking off the bounce if it bounces up high enough it is much more attackable if you kind of take that step back just kind of knowing where's the right height for that ball to be for me I feel.

Off the bounce if I can step into it so I'm ready for the rebound then I'll take that if I'm stepping on my back foot then no and in that case Bella was leaning into the shot so I like that decision and it worked out for him slide there for Williams is she good start here they're starting out here with a little extra energy.

Get a good good little lead here to start off game two foreign Taylor's got that big High forehand put away okay four zero two this is very similar to uh game two when these two faced off again because Snyder.

And Nelson doing a great job get back into it making the adjustments they need too it's energy I mean you could see it off the first point Bella had a little pep to her step a little bit of energy just trying to change momentum and they're coming out hitting the ball hard and I just feel like uh Williams and Crabtree just came out a.

Little flat sometimes that happens after you you win a game rather handily and uh great time out you know hopefully stop the trend before it gets too far out of hand here yeah we talk a lot about timeouts being used whether it's you do need a strategy change what you're what you're doing is not working whether it's simply you know.

Maybe you're making a couple errors that you need to just change perhaps just a momentum thing but again I don't think probably Williams and Crabtree are going to switch up much in terms of how they want to play this match I think some errors some some poor choices perhaps.

Yeah I think I think you just have to get back into it mentally yeah took a little vacation there and uh hopefully they'll get right back into it here that is how you want to come out of us time out for sure there it is that was a good little sequence of.

Events here again when you attack Cross Court I feel like it's a bit unexpected and then you maybe up your chances for a bit of a pop-up like we saw Nelson do oh great spot there on that sideline I would say can be unexpected you know you need to you need to pick your times.

Wisely I like to make sure I'm trying to hit down on the ball instead of up if I'm gonna go Cross Court yep David just said it she jumped up right on the return so you need to stay down through the ball all right that's good so I got two points back into the game.

Five two two hide out that's three missed thirds in a row by Bella so I think she's just trying to hit that perfect third just get it over the net make them play it even if they're taken out of the air that's okay foreign yeah I think that does kind of creep.

Into players Minds a little bit is that you have to hit the perfect Drive the perfect drop I mean first and foremost it's got to go over the net absolutely everything after that is kind of tweaking it great reset oh and nice Dodge there from Sarah Williams good eye.

Just clips than that in a funky Bounce has made a friend with the net okay five five here yep you can see the energy certainly lifting on the side of the Williams and Crabtree a really nice angle there from Nelson can see Williams getting pulled all the way off the court there in a bit of an awkward.

Spot the favor is repaid all right this is an important Point see if they can get off the five here foreign I like what Bella did there though you know a lot of times we lose touch on our third shot drops she hit a drive there a nice solid Drive thought out with a kid.

Fifth drive and got them to the net a good good beginning to that point good lead good lead I mean right in the transition zone again for her that was an excellent shot by Bella nice controlled not a lot of plays just get a little off speed.

Nice reset out good defense there saw an opportunity to drive it I don't know maybe would have been better to try reset there gotta get to the net out of the kitchen the net has switched teams here it seems we bought very easily swayed either side no loyalty.

Fella nice playing nice controlled dinks good misdirection there nice job getting back on that overhead Crabtree opportunities I noticed this isn't the last time that these two played each other it seems like every once in a while maybe that last shot the energy level drops or she just kind.

Of lays off the shadow she doesn't give it everything to follow through all the way like you've got a complete the rally complete the shot complete the point inside out we've been stuck at five five here for a while who somebody gets the magic six is that gonna open the floodgates this is a big Point very well can.

Server and a shot down at feet made her reach foreign Bella go for an Ernie before what were you saying before no it's just Ava came over you know to cover for Bella's maneuver there um left the court a little wide open that was a great shot.

Not sure Taylor hit that or good setup just I just feel like Crabtree and Williams every time you watch the end of a rally they're both in the transition zone and I feel like I'm not sure what the what the solution to that is.

Make him hit one more shot that's what they did second server she likes that transitioning from the middle of the Court attacking that was a great nice little return Bella didn't move up enough to meet the ball but that was a great return nice trap oh.

Good Dink and I think a surprise attack there from Sarah Bella wasn't ready for that one but that was a great attack Sarah's just a little frustrated with herself just missing some shots I think she normally makes oh tough she said her life flashed before her.

Eyes everything slowed down I think Nelson and cuss matter could use a timeout here good controlled roll yes yes foreign good job by Sarah being ready for that attack encountering pop out a little off guard there.

Nice serve well done some big forehands here I think Ken's having a clinic on four hands later but I don't know if he needs to have a clinic because everybody seems to be crushing their forehead I'll attempt it kind of Ava with a nice controlled.

Attack there just took a little Pace off got the ball a little low just reset I love the hook shot nice he was closing in and then had to reverse her course back that was good footwork to get in position I think I could use a timeout here.

I agree there it is what's happened here in the last few rallies that's put Nelson and cuss miter in this position when they were looking so strong I just think too much too many mistakes on their part now and I just.

Think Crabtree and Williams have cut their mistakes out I mean it's it's all about you know I think Crabtree and Williams weren't necessarily into the game mentally to start it off and they they cut a lot of their errors out and just.

Keeping the ball in play I mean they're they're clearly feeling pretty good now laughing having a good time see if they can carry that to a gold medal gold medal match point here coming out of this timeout.

Because miter and Nelson just need one stop uh all such a good reset a bit of miscommunication ah cust lighter and nice Nelson here uh that was a great spot but really nicely done from all four ladies Ava cusmeyer Bella Nelson our silver medalist here at next-gen Dallas and women's doubles but.

It is Sarah Williams and Taylor Crabtree who take the top spot and the points that go with it we head to the Franklin studio and then we'll be into our men's medal matches when we return do not go anywhere thank you.

Foreign laughs thank you foreign welcome back to the Franklin Studio Laura McLaughlin here with Taylor Crabtree and Sarah Williams our gold medalist here at next gen Dallas that.

Was Deja Vu because you just played them in the winter bracket final they got through bronze back into gold what did you guys talk about going into this rematch that you wanted to make sure maybe you learned from the first matchup to kind of tweak a little what worked what did you bring into this rematch yeah so the second game of the last time.

We saw them it was a lot closer because we started to play their game and just kind of bang with them and so we just went back to the the dinking basics just reset everything keep it soft what kind of is you know a lot of the next-gen players we don't know as well what is sort of your guys's background in terms of pickleball how long have you.

Been playing do you play a lot of tournaments where are we at in our pickleball Journey yeah so I started in sixth grade so I'm a sophomore in college now I got a Texas Christian University um I don't play that much school's a lot but that's okay um I have a tennis background basketball.

Softball basically any sport you could think of I've played so tennis definitely helps a little bit but it's such a different game and like I said you can well not like I said but like Sarah said dinking is so key that tennis is that's not a thing so I can't just like whale the ball like I would love to in tennis but.

Um coming in and dinking is like show key and just sticking to that game I love that game instead of the whale game and bang the crap out of the wall I mean that's fun sometimes absolutely all right what's what's your story give us a little little background uh I started March in 2019 with my friend's mom taught us how to play and then we just.

Like hooked um my background sports are basketball and volleyball mainly a little bit of softball here and there but I'm just so addicted no tennis I so wish I would have played tennis what a waste I played golf instead in middle school I mean I know know I know right who plays golf geez I.

Mean Corinne Carr played golf Michigan State University and she's a topical Opera so golf is legit I love it golf is hard too right I mean perhaps 100 we're just like golf amazing well congratulations to the two ladies our gold medalist here and the points that go with it as they are trying to end up at the top of the leaderboard at the end.

Of the weekend and try and take home a little money maybe entry into Houston if you guys can get off school and come join us but definitely such a great day for you guys congratulations and we have a bit of a sure a longer break excuse me oh no they're done so our men's winter bracket final just ended so we'll be into that bronze medal match hopefully.

In just a couple minutes but stay tuned we're into those metal rounds of our men's doubles right after this foreign thank you foreign.

follow me into our wildest dreams foreign foreign foreign.

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Foreign foreign here at chicken and pickle at Dallas where next-gen Dallas Lauren McLaughlin here Courtside joined by one and only.

Ken Herman and remember you can you're on camera can't you can they can see you don't do anything crazy I got my nice new shirt yes it's a nice color I always enjoy a man who's not afraid to wear a color I've got some color all right here we are this is our final feeder Match Into bronze I misspoke didn't realize we weren't into the bronze yet so we have.

Mike Anderson and Nick Garza on the far end they take on Jack Foster and ursilio cabiasis on the near end a couple of Southern Cowboys out here I'm sure the Dawson family Steve and Jennifer Dawson Michael is uh working there zero zero one Bobby rigs tennis and pickleball Center should the Dawson.

Family is home cheering Michael on this is just one match to 15 they'll switch ends at eight not a terrible lob therefore a little short perhaps but I'll be aces all over it Lauren a lot of excitement here next gen Dallas space that we've had.

A nice little hand exchange there between Foster and Anderson but Anderson comes out on tap after Foster leads one a little too high so really Ken now that I have you we'll try not to talk too much over these points but kind of what was just in a nutshell what was your vision for creating the next gen series.

you know the big vision for me Lauren was just continuing to help grow the program but really focusing on 16 to 23 year olds these players that are trying so hard to transition to the pro for and be able to not only give them some prize money but also give them valuable time on the live stream playing in front.

Of a a nice audience that we've got out here oh good hands from our silio speed up also most importantly is is the education the seminars that we do every day with the players and the extra time on court doing with them foreign pickups from Garza.

Well done I think that's one of my favorite Parts about next-gen is it's not just developing a player on court because there's so much else that goes into it sure off Court you know getting sponsorships like you said dealing with being on a live stream playing in front of an audience how to sort of navigate the world of.

Attempting to get into Pro pickleball so we've got three seminars today your seminar of course is working with these players that helping build their brands making good choices especially with their social media contacts Senior Pro Paul Owen who we're thrilled to have here as a mentor with these players.

He's got a single strategy session that players are all playing singles and then later today I'm back on court with the players uh with the theme of how to develop your forehand as a weapon especially in singles opportunity to really drive your forehead and control the the point off the ground is getting even.

More relevant than it was even 18 months ago oh that's a nice ATP I think you got it yep yep he did three zero one that was the right ball to attack Foster did