22 season on the app tour Laura McLaughlin here for our head pickleball pregame show and we are in beautiful Kansas City Kansas beautiful but very chilly as you can see by My Apparel so we are inside here at chicken and pickle having a great time looking to kick off in our mixed doubles and our alternate men's doubles if you are just going to.

Ask for the very first time ever for one of our next gen events it's a little different than a normal tournament it is still double elimination style brackets play through the gold medal match each day however everyone is awarded points based on how they finish each day in their brackets and then we Crown an ultimate men's and.

Women's champion at the end of the weekend so it's a little bit different that the kids are playing for points that they will accumulate through the weekend we have Riley boner here who is looking to repeat as she took that top spot last time in Dallas at our last Next Gen however we will be crowning a new man here today at the top spot.

Because our last two winners are not here this weekend so very excited to see which of these young players are going to be taking those top spots here in Kansas City so thank you so much for joining us we are streaming on YouTube and Facebook and we have first up a mixed doubles match coming your way we have Ellie Smith and Eli Bertram there.

Taking on Alex strong and Jaden Broderick so thank you again for joining us and we'll be back right after this our priorities they've changed hey Lexus play my music it's not just about getting ahead not a constant grind it's about knowing what you want watch for traffic and focusing on what matters welcome to.

The next level this is the Lexus NX with intuitive Tech and our most advanced Safety system ever thank you foreign out there.

foreign and again Welcome to our final installment of our next gen series here for the 2022 season Lauren McLaughlin.

Here at Courtside at the Overland Park Kansas chicken and pickle and we are kicking off here with Chris galon our referee we have it Jaden Broderick and Alex trong on the near end in the red and they take on Ellie Smith and Eli Bertram in the black on the far end Patron and Broderick are the number one seed here in mixed doubles while Smith.

And Bertram the number fifth the number fifth the fifth starting off strong end Ellie Smith 23 years old out of bone Gap Illinois and her partner Eli Bertram 17 out of Mark Mount Carmel Illinois recently completed cosmetology school well Bertram is a senior in high school.

Oh line drive down that sideline from Bertram here and I am expecting a really good matchup here between these two teams very talented all four of these players Smith sends that one just a little bit long on the serve and as you've already noticed Bertram has a.

Very effective spin serve on the near end Jaden Broderick at six four he is 16 years old out of Greenville South Carolina junior in high school and Alex strong nowhere near six four 17 years old senior in high school out of Falls Church Virginia.

We have a shout out from Mrs Harris's class in Greenville South Carolina I imagine they are cheering on Jaden Broderick trong yelling at Eli as she whiffs that serve good lead there from Broderick two three one second third so as I mentioned we have.

Divisions each day that play our players accumulate points based on how they finished and hope to oh that one look close but water coming in hot right up the middle there big two-handed backhand he is a left-handed player you may have noticed inside out so because generally we'll.

Have quite a few more gentlemen playing than ladies in these next gen events we will have a mixed doubles and also an alternate men's doubles on the first day good spot there from Tron going across Court we are tied up at threes thank you a little long there is Broderick can't.

Quite get on top of that ball enough to roll it down just a little flat sails just long good morning Mr martini thank you so much for joining us for a drama doing a good job here trying to protect Smith as she is working her way up but gets left a little out of position there probably.

Should have left that previous ball to Smith oh I thought for sure one of them was gonna hold off on this I mean look at this full windup I mean Tron looked like she saw Broderick going for that and then she hesitated I thought she was gonna hold.

Off and then she ends up swinging at that ball foreign tries to pull out that pretzel trick shot we see a lot of players starting to incorporate that into their game I think it's kind of the newest hippest trick shot on the Block.

DJ young does it Gabriel tardio does it could pull there from Broderick see there I'm trying to mix up and kind of Disguise where he was going with that previous shot but didn't put a lot on it it left Broderick with a lot of options the time out here from Smith and Bertram has been pretty steady up.

The scoreboard here between these two teams but now it is trong and Broderick pulling away a little bit starting to groove here so a good timeout I think from Smith and Bertram good morning Cayman Steve how lovely to have you joining us we are of course at the Overland Park Kansas chicken and pickle.

I was told this is perhaps the original chicken and pickle the first one ever built but it might be the other Kansas City location that's the original one I think but I'm not positive if anyone knows let me know oh look at that Ellie Smith getting a little warm takes off her outer layer to show off that beautiful chicken and pickle shirt she's.

Rocking oh Trump getting big there in the middle love that aggression from her thank you okay okay I see you I see Mr Broderick and we'll have a game point tough there hard to say I've Tron.

Perhaps through off Broderick just a split second and she tried over with that fake poach second sir four ten two great job there from Bertram really nice low drive there with that two-handed backhand which is Broderick a little off guard.

Spot Bertram is there anticipated well that shot from trong but just couldn't execute in another game point oh really nice block there from Smith on the previous shot but then the neck cord trickles over and that will get game one in the books for trong and Broderick so we'll switch ends take.

A short break and we're back into the action here at our next gen Series in Kansas City right after this this may sound strange been here before we're here when this is foreign.

thank you foreign.

welcome back everyone to Next Gen as Alex strong there is doing some quick mind focus on those shots she's looking to hit here in game two of this semifinal matchup oh and there's the pretzel from Bertram.

This time successful I mean you can see that he goes for that backhand flips it over use that forehand right up the line really well done so Alex trong and Jaden Broderick are your team in red on the far end Eli Bertram and Ellie Smith on the near end I believe Bertram and Smith have been at.

Every next gen event that we have done so far they are a staple love seeing them here great players oh good hands there from Bertram oh my gosh mom's in the chat hello Mrs Bertram 01. things I love most about these next-gen tournaments is not only seeing all of.

The young players and the talent coming into the sport which is so fun but seeing them make new friends and get to hang out with them here at these tournaments so awesome making new relationships looking forward to seeing each other at these events and.

Of course the families are all here because most of these kids are too young to travel by themselves a little tough there as I mentioned Broderick is six four and he's only 16 years old so I have to think he doesn't have too much more growing to do but he cannot leave.

Up a high shot for him that is gonna be trouble with a capital T oh nice job from Smith there Bertram and trong really working that cross court but it is Smith with the put away with that two-handed backhand one three two one two three two.

Very similar start here in game two to game one and very close on the scoreboard it wasn't until about that sixth point that trong and Broderick pulled away in game one let's see if this time it can be Bertram and Smith foreign.

Just couldn't quite keep those shots down low enough this job there getting that ball back behind Broderick attempts that ATB it's really the only option that he's got can't quite sneak it in and we've talked in the past chicken and pickles.

Were not designed for I would say tournament play in general obviously chicken and pickles are super fun very family friends oriented come have a great time play some Pickleball get some great food and drinks but generally these courts are a little tight for a higher level play.

Foreign nice job there from trong though making your opponent hit one more shot and she got the air out of Bertram there what three three one foreign just with a couple unforced ears here my spot on that one though.

Four three two I like to see a timeout here from Bertram and Smith they've had a couple errors in the last handful of rallies definitely showing some body language of frustration great drive from Tron forces Bertram leave that next shot a.

Little high oh all right there's the timeout from Smith oh really would have liked to have seen it three points ago maybe even four now they're down five often notice a little bit.

At these next-gen events you have a lot of younger players certainly not as experienced in high level tournament play often find that sometimes they are still honing the skill of recognizing when to use a timeout when to take a time out being sort of very mindful about that so I appreciate that Smith eventually called.

One but definitely I think most high-level Pros would say certainly I mean if you get two or three points rattled off against you that's usually when you're going to want to kind of call the time out you're not going to want to let it get.

Any more than that especially if some errors were made on your part nice little exchange there but nine three two strong and Broderick keep on moving up the scoreboard the broader candles that pretzel well however Bertram ready for that next shot coming back.

Tough you can see Smith here I mean watch her as she pops this up she knows I mean she's already drops that paddle to her side she knew exactly what was happening I'd like to see her stay engaged you just never know oh my gosh Eli Bertram one-man machine out there I'm very glad Ellie Smith was able to.

Keep herself out of the way there as he just kind of fully engaged there and took over great job red Broderick and trong but just couldn't come out on top of that broderick's had a few too many opportunities at some high sitting balls there what.

That's tough low ball there for Bertram fine to take that out of the air but his follow through the underneath that ball just lifting it up and it is strong and Broderick who will take game two 11-4 and they head to the winter bracket final here for mixed doubles at next gen Kansas City we will take a short break we'll head.

To chat with our players as they move on and we'll be back into the action with our next match up here at next gen right after this oh my God.

foreign this may sound strange but you've been here before you were here when this wrench was turned when this line was drawn.

Oh and when this Stitch was sewn because you inspired the Lexus ES to be well more you so thank you we hope you like your work foreign what's so fun about coming to these next-gen tournaments getting to play.

With some some players more your own age getting to play with some new players like Jaden what's what's different about these tournaments that makes them so fun I I think what's different about these tournaments are the environment I think the kids have their own vibe to it um just a little more you know outgoing and people can approach each other.

Without being scared to talk to anybody um but yeah I really like the energy out here all right well you two are again blind date first time playing together but so far so good you joked a little bit that Alex never wants to play with you but but here she is what you've been at several of these next gen tournaments.

Now what do you feel like has been some of maybe your favorite parts or things that you've noticed even in your own game that's improved as you continue to play these I would say that my favorite part is just hanging around the kids and being able to do fun stuff and then what I've noticed is I can read the ball better with all the kids with the spin.

Serves and all the different unique shots it's helped me read the ball I love it well all right you're into the winter bracket final we'll look forward to seeing you guys in just a few matches congratulations but don't go anywhere we have that next semifinal match here in mixed doubles at next gen Kansas City right after this.

Foreign foreign all right thank you.

oh foreign no time to waste into our wildest dreams follow me.

into our world's dreams thank you foreign it's not just about getting ahead or the constant grind it's about knowing what you want watch for traffic and focusing on what matters welcome to.

The next level this is the Lexus NX intuitive Tech and our most advanced Safety system ever welcome back everyone to our second semifinal match up here in the mixed doubles bracket of our next gen Kansas City tournament.

Final of the 2022 season we will have three next gens next year in 2023 those have been announced already and I believe you can find them on our website or social media pages Bob Swiss Helm has taken the court for refereeing duties on the near end we have a Riley bohnert and Spencer Lanier as I mentioned before Riley bohnert took.

The top spot last next-gen tournament in Dallas you're looking to repeat here 17 years old I live at Louisville Kentucky her partner Spencer Lanier 19 out of Newburgh Oregon Lanier also 6'4 I believe zero zero one I'm actually.

Trying to think he might have said he was 6'5 last time very tall regardless one of those Pacific Northwest young players plays with Wes gabrielson Eric Glenn part of that good group up there they sang his Praises last Next Gen in Dallas and on the far end we have Ava kalist.

17 years old out of Chambersburg PA 001 and her partner Richard liver niece 21. out of Ringo's New Jersey he is also one of the young men who helps run the pickleball Clinic along with Aaron and Matt first time I am getting to see Ava and Richard play so very excited one zero two.

See that over boy they reach over there from liver nice not quite as tall as linear but definitely has some length to him as well used it very well on that last rally upside out foreign.

We all know that feeling second the ball leaves the paddle knowing not a great shot oh no just a little miscommunication I think there oh no he was going in the kitchen that's what happened his momentum was just he couldn't hold himself back from running into the.

Kitchen had to let that shot go right foot on the volley follows it up with a football right after oh yeah on that line good eye there from Bob Swiss Elm all over it foreign yes you are three two two side out.

Watching liver nice as I mentioned I have not seen him play two three one up close and personal yet certainly I'm starting to pick up that his style is server I don't want to say chaotic but he's he's moving a lot he's looking to speed things up he's very bouncy on his toes definitely looks like.

He's got just a lot of energy a lot of movement a lot of athletic Talent yeah three two one interesting to see how he sort of uses that style to his Advantage if he can kind of keep it all in check and use it appropriately well done there unfortunately takes one to the body on.

That one I saw that ball hit the line side out Lanier calls that ball just wide but City saw it catch the line two three two that's correct there from Lanier as he goes inside out behind livonis.

Foreign just got a little too aggressive with it in a previous rally though I definitely noticed croner hit a shot that she did not think was very good and thought it was going to be over she kind of stopped playing in the middle of that.

Rally linear kept it going and she re-engaged but butter nice sauce you cannot stress enough how much we preach do not ever give up during a rally doesn't matter if you Pop the ball up it doesn't matter what happens stay engaged until it's over you.

Just don't know what you or your partner is capable of getting back wow great hands from upside out keyless but almost hits the deck there with the Onslaught coming at her three five one again that just I mean she was on her heels had her weight moving backwards oh yeah definitely on that it's gonna be a little more conscious of that.

Boy five one foreign door behind us big put away there from riverness hi thanks thanks good leave there good communication.

Five five one owner tried to get over the top of that just couldn't quite get it done some really good Cross Court dinking going on in these rallies between the two ladies six five two four.

And there's perhaps some of that maybe a little a little too tightly wound energy there from riverness I mean certainly hit that shot trying to go for something a little oh my God okay so uh all of these players right now showing.

They're just a little a little too aggressive on some of these shots is so far back off the line as she tries to dink that definitely got caught in that transition foreign ER and Lanier definitely I think I will start getting.

A little frustrated she's had a couple errors oh boy there it is I was like you have to you have to call a time out at that point the frustration level you could see just growing there five one one minute she's getting some tips from Alex trong over in the corner here as.

Kaylist and liverness pulling away a little here starting to get into a Groove certainly started a little a little rougher for them but you can see them having a good chat together as well as they need to just keep doing what they're doing but I think we're seeing definitely just.

Too many errors on the side of linear and boner right now that is certainly putting them in this hole right now I think I'd like to see them slow it down I'd like them to be a little bit more intentional with their shots and how they're playing a couple times been going for just too much just not needed.

Just stay sort of within yourself within your limits all right yeah I just want everyone to know I snagged that did we get it on camera could we get on camera look at me snag that right out of the air oh that is gonna be long.

Mind that attempt from liver nice I think if he had taken something off it certainly would have been very effective owner was not expecting that shot out boy correct.

Ten five two and this is a game point for liverness and okay let's do that is gonna go well wide great shot right six and one oh that went right through the fan there is a gigantic fan.

On the ceiling and that ball missed all of the blades went past it came in and then we have the misfit from liver nice as you can see there he did not hit that fan at all so there's no there's no hindrance there's no replay nothing happened because he missed everything up there in liver nice Sweet Love is asking about it for.

Crystalline but nope definitely counts well done I'm sure he did that on purpose and they're gonna have a timeout as they kind of re- Focus after that lob missed all the blades and kind of threw off leverness.

Still talking about it closing the Gap a little bit here they are still on first server foreign wow what a get there from Kayla's did she just kind of tried to block I think the face pure Instinct there did get over but could put away there from Lanier didn't put.

Too much on it I appreciate that sometimes you can overdo it when you think you have that easy put away just thinking during that rally I boner is getting pushed off that line and she needs to Hold Steady up of that kitchen light she needs to not back up.

Off of that she needs to be very intentional about staying strong up at that line holding it well she's getting pushed off a little bit which is pushing her out of position and has created some of these errors that she's experienced another game point again look at it look they're pushing.

Off the line she's got to get back up there works out from on that one but again that's just a tough spot to be in the middle of that transition zone oh miscommunication there between livernice and k-list and that is a side out foreign.

Nine ten one all right so I see you guys mentioning that Chris came in and Bob left I feel pretty terrible that I kind of kind of noticed but also kind of didn't King Bob is definitely okay it looks like he is discussing with some other players perhaps something that happened on.

Another Court he is the head referee here for next gen so he needs to be called over if there's any sort of disputes that need to be handled so it looks like that is what happened and he needed to go take care of that but he's okay foreign ER and Lane here third round of game.

Points that they have held off here nine two three six now and they are back within one here so while boner and Lanier have done the work to kind of get back into this that was a huge hold there for liverness and Payless not letting them tie it up.

Ten nine two try it out I would call a timeout that is there it is 100 who called that time I thought nine ten one one minute well I couldn't tell who's calling that it is k-list so you could see liver nice kind of gave her a hug there.

After that air definitely thinks she's she's struggling a little bit just kind of mentally slash emotionally I certainly know what that feels like you know they've had eight now game points that they have not been able to close out here and that can that can start to weigh on you that can start to tax you mentally.

Without question when you are not able to finish when you're not able to close something out and your opponents have gotten right back in here and are within one certainly capable of taking away this win from you that is a that's a tough spot to be in so liver needs getting big there you can.

See he's trying to protect his partner trying to get a little bit more involved take some of the pressure off of her huge huge hold again owner and Lanier were not able to put any points on the last serve that they have and they don't this time either so let's kind of do a die time I think the liver nice.

And Kayla's they have to they have to close out this first game so she thinks she got this and Lanier calls it out yeah that that does look like it missed okay great pickup that is good okay oh my goodness great defense from.

Lanier and boner but that last one just not liver nice just says so nervous I mean nerves are real people wow Peta we are tied up this is sorry oh my gosh I think everyone was shocked.

By that liver niece all of a sudden just gets crazy here boner did not expect that to be coming in so fast oh it's good again boner so far off that kitchen line oh it gets overruled oh I mean it's close that was close I.

I might have just caught the outside but extremely close I I think I would have called that out if I had been in linear boners shoes as well my goodness this game has gotten so much more intense than I was anticipating yeah wow.

Did you see Peter's here thank you I've lost track of how many they've had out yeah that was that was impatience on Ava's part I mean again they're feeling the pressure of not being able to close out this first game they've had I mean I want to say 10 12 opportunities.

On it at this point seconds all right a little Bert here from liver nice I appreciate it doing a little something different just trying to mix it up let's go all right he's got babies getting aggressive he is trying to close us out.

Here uh Liberty wanted the timeout it's a little confusion Chris thought the time the last time I was called by Payless and Livernois but it was called by boner and linear so they do have one left please Peter I see you in there don't deny it.

Tropical ball guys all right I mean what a game this has turned out to be I mean Kayla's deliver nice were in control up big here in game one just could not finish and boner and Lanier have taken advantage of that.

One I mean again good timeout try and refocus here and they get it done I truly lost track of how many game points they had but wow that is a huge monkey off their back to have absolutely been able to close out this first game it took way longer than they were hoping but massive first game.

We'll take a short break back into the action in game two right after this America heart pounding design intelligent technology courageous performance discover a new world of possibilities with a golden take on the Lexus RX.

Never lose your Edge laughs thank you yeah foreign.

welcome back everyone we have switched ends we now have Richard liver niece and Ava kalist on the near end Riley boner and Spencer Lanier on the far end was an absolute barn burner of a first game Kayla's deliver nice.

Having I legitimately think they had 12 game point opportunities before they were able to finally close out that first game be very interesting to see how this second game plays out inside out leverness in New Jersey 21 years old senior in college part of the pickleball.

Clinic crew along with Aaron Resnick and Matt Slowinski who are both here as well competing second serve Bernice doing a good job here being aggressive keeping the pressure on there okay let's think that is going along Ducks out of the way but easily Falls in that back porch.

So this will be an interesting adjustment we'll see if boner and Lanier are able to make liver nice his really cranked it up here on the aggression he's been hitting a lot of Ernie's going for them trying to be very aggressive and sort of all over the place and that could be tough uh on.

Whoever's on the other side of the net from that it's a lot going on there let's see oh how they're able to handle that and perhaps not let him get into so much of a group two zero two yeah come on I mean Liberty's trying to.

Throw out a shoulder on those overheads my goodness really nice defense from going around a couple of those so what I often find at these next gen tournaments and hopefully everyone at home enjoys this aspect as well as seeing these young players they have so much talent and athleticism.

And obviously youth on their side which is so exciting to watch and oftentimes they're just looking to have more experience more consistency more reps that's generally what the younger players are missing at this stage they have the talent they're looking to develop that more but again.

Oh see usually I think this is an absolute perfect example here so linear doesn't hit that very hard at all and Kayla thinks that's going out and lets it go between her legs and that was easily a foot in I think that very much highlights what sort of missing from some of these players here.

At next gen tournaments is Simply Having the Reps under their belt at a high level play in tournaments where they recognize things like their Court positioning where the ball is going to hit learning to recognize which shots are going long which are staying in just those are all the things that come with time so what's so exciting about these.

Players is just knowing that some of these players are going to be the next great pickleball Pros without question and it's just a matter of them getting more experience playing more high-level tournaments just learning to hone and focus all of the skills that they have.

And that's generally what separates you know a lot of these kids oh that went right behind the Coke machine I don't know if we're getting that one back went behind the soda and that is a very good point Zach some of the top Pros in the game right now are indeed younger than these players.

But like I mentioned it's not the age that is significant it's the amount of time that those players have had on court someone like you know Georgia Johnson who's 16 years old Annalee Waters I mean they've been playing for years now so even though they're very young their amount of time that they have.

Spent at that high level and the experience is what separates them so I think ultimately age isn't so much a factor as as time on court time playing against top level Talent in tournaments yeah.

Try it out zero six one one thank you second sir one six two good little drop volley there from Lanier really forced Kayla's to kind of lunge for that next shot yeah.

Seven one one second sir nicely done there from k-list a little two-handed backhand but instead of pulling up across her body goes right up that sideline foreign it's a little bit like Kayla's was not prepared for liverness come over and take that danger he might.

Have hesitated just a split second before deciding to do it himself which caused that error certainly boner and Lanier in a much better position here in the second game of eight one foreign very much sort of reminds me.

Of JW Johnson in that he's he's very sort of relaxed very sort of low-key very unemotional eight one one personality wise I would say very similar boy goodness there from boner as that one Sails Long.

Heat check there from boner okay I mean she tried to get on top of it and roll that down but just couldn't do it wow that might have been pushed a little wide but Kayla steps so much Pace on that backhand dink Lanier just couldn't eat it oh my foreign.

I don't even know what happened on that little Exchange and again Kayla thinks that's going out but very well I think she's just you know gotta hone that skill a little bit more about understanding just sort of recognizing.

Shots going long versus what's staying in nine one one foreign foreign ERS was going for kind of a spin behind the back attempt at that shot from Lanier but it puts it right on top of.

The tape one foreign get behind him as you can see he makes that move to the right linear senses that anticipates it well puts it behind him and by that time just too late you can see liver and he's giving the we're just single gonna.

Settle down settle down foreign ER and Lanier take it 11-1 very interesting to see how game three plays out we will be back into the action for the conclusion of this semi-final mix Double match at next gen Kansas City right after this.

Foreign foreign my crypto's down no coiner trust this will move that's 472 horsepower and 395 pound-feet.

Of torque what's up with this team Sheet inverted fullback and a false nine the limited slip diff lets you Hammer the throttle you don't get it so you go all in cloggers stick it in the onion bag the Lexus is all in on the sport sedan back into the action here at next gen Kansas City our final next gen event of the 2022 year here on the app tour this.

Is game number three in our second semi-final matchup here in the mix doubles bracket going on today Spencer Lanier and Riley boner on the near end to start us off Richard liver nice and Ava kalist on the far end they'll switch ends at six very different games one and two kalist and livernice really were in control in.

Game one a lot of errors on the side of boner and lay near some frustration however got it together a little bit oh it lands there from Lanier I also feel like somebody opened a door I feel a draft and considering it's like 30 degrees out I'm not I'm not enjoying it.

Oh yeah in so Bart and Lanier were able to take kalist and livernice right to the brink in game one it took him about 12 or 14 game points to close out that first game and game two very different with Boner and Lanier taking it 11-1.

Good little inside out there from k-list support uh ball Clips off the tape and boner have enough time to react but I like that boner and linear are mixing up their stack a little bit yeah let's go to a slingshot there from riverness.

Foreign you can see here not quite a lob but sort of a little a soft flick there trying to throw off Payless you didn't get what he was hoping for they they let that go however it sails a little long four one two.

Three chest again you just gotta take it down a notch or two not too many just yeah linear nose that livernice is looking to do this and he tries his best to keep it out of his reach but I don't know this is doing a great job I mean look at him just what.

Ernie's births Oscar the grouches everything in between I mean the kid is everywhere so tough to try and keep that ball away from him when he's just moving so well and being so athletic out there great job by boner she recognized that Kayla's was kind of looking to make this move here.

And she stays aggressive we are tied up at fours oh great hands linear almost laid off of this here he flicks it up at k-list and he almost wasn't expecting that next one to come back but luckily he stayed engaged enough to be able to put a paddle on it comes out on top of that rally.

Boner is playing like her confidence is being hosted here and I love to see that I mean that's with any player of course the more confident they're feeling the better they're gonna be playing and it's just kind of a circular effect but boner and Lanier get to six first only up by two triggering the end change.

Here in this third game so we'll see they're able to keep this train rolling thank you all right my people in the chats because I love to get you guys engaged first thank you so much for joining me for next gen always a fabulous time love to see you guys in the chats.

Thanksgiving is coming up if you celebrate Thanksgiving I want to know in the chat what is your favorite food at Thanksgiving can be a dessert it can be a potato dish a vegetable what's your go-to fave Thanksgiving dish beautiful good hands from Ava kalist there.

Ready for that yeah boy five six one foreign ER actually takes something off of this here so a little bit less pace and then livernice also takes a little Pace off.

Tries to keep it a little more under control and he ends up leaving a little short I think that's gonna sail to the next court so it is pickleball TV rocking our beautiful production here today Mitch Devoe heading it up with the help of Sam.

West bringing you this coverage a great angle there from Lebanese and another Ernie I mean he's just racking him up he's getting paid per the earning oh too good I mean liver needs just planted himself right in the middle of the Court didn't even make a move to.

Cover that back side and laying here easy put away behind him no clips the net and sails it long I like this look here it would have been a nice paced angled dink there from Lanier but after it Clips the nuts sails it out.

Five seven one foreign has the time to recover from that net clip just too much angle as he tries to be a little too perfect on that sideline Riley boner with the full outstretched forehand put away here right up the.

Middle well done oh I mean Kayla's almost knocked off her feet with the force of that shot eight six one wow second sir I made some really good hands from boner.

And lay near but they do get pushed all the way back to that Baseline on defense had a couple good attempts thought they were gonna get back in there but oh they're nice Clips as paddle as that one's sailing out there has been I'm in a good handful of shots that liverness and Kayla have.

Called out that were well in and ultimately it is boner and Lanier that come out on top here in game three we will head on court to chat with them as they head to face Alex strong and Jaden Broderick in our winter bracket final and I believe we'll have our men's doubles alternate bracket taken court next.

But don't go anywhere more next gen action coming your way right after this ha foreign this may sound strange but you've been here before you were here when this wrench was turned.

And when this line was drawn oh and when this Stitch was sewn because you inspired the Lexus ES to be well more you so thank you we hope you like your work up here.

there's only one welcome back everyone Lauren McLaughlin here with Riley boner and Spencer Lanier as they are heading to our winner bracket final I mean that first game it looks like you guys we're struggling a little bit to find a Groove find a rhythm you definitely looked a little.

Frustrated at some parts it looked like towards the end you you held them like an insane amount of game points but weren't able to finally close out and take that first game what did you guys talk about though going into game two after you find a you found a little bit of Rhythm in game one and you carry that into game two and took it eleven one.

Yeah we just basically discussed that we found that once we got up to the net we were out digging we were playing our game we were just struggling back at the Baseline getting our thirds in and moving up to the net because I mean Richard is fantastic at earning earning so that was a struggle for us but we ended up figuring it out and took it.

Into the next two games I mean you you have your length you have your your tall reach all that going for you but you got out earning I mean Richard just all over the place when you know you have a player that's looking to do that how do you try to encounter that and keep him from from being all over the place um I mean you just have to hit hit the.

Drops of the middle I mean you got to get them dipping because if you float on like I was making the mistake of doing I he just Ernie even on his partner's side it was just really annoying so I was like you got one Target and can't go there so that was that was our main goals hit it to the middle keep it away from the sides so I mean ultimately you.

Guys did figure out what worked and so you're heading to that winter bracket final you face Alex and Jaden they're going to be tough is there going to be something you guys will discuss or look at going into that match to try and come out on top of that one yeah so I've played both of them before um so I'll definitely tell.

Um Spencer some strategy towards that um but I think we're just gonna focus on our game and not worry about who's acrossing it all right well congratulations we'll see you guys in that winter bracket final shortly don't go anywhere though back here in our men's doubles bracket here at next gen Kansas City right after this.

Foreign which brings the best pickleball content to your smartphone tablet and big screen TV thank you this is 24 7's pickleball proudly.

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foreign welcome back everyone we have our alternate men's doubles bracket winner bracket Final on Deck here next on Center Court chicken and pickle Overland Park Kansas.

Is where we are right now for our final next-gen event of the 2022 season we have Garrett Whitehead and Jake farinish taking on Elliot Shoop and Kaden Seward they are gonna have a couple more minutes of warm up time here Bob Swiss Helm our USA.

Pickleball certified referee so our partners are warming up together so we have a Jake farinish in the green his partner Garrett Whitehead across from him in the navy blue 21 years old out of elode's Texas well here at Whitehead 17 out of Draper Utah they take on Kaden Seward in the gray shirt.

20 years old out of Joplin Missouri and his partner Elliot Shoop in the black Elliott 15 out of Bentonville Arkansas so quite a smattering of where all of these players are from another really fun part about these next-gen tournaments is so many of these young players do come from all over the country and because they.

Don't generally know a lot of players at their skill level in the same age range as them these tournaments really give them an opportunity to play with new partners a lot of the Partnerships at the next gen tournaments are first time Partnerships for a lot of these young players which is super fun to see some of course very successful some not as.

Much which happens everywhere in life with Partnerships so really like to see these players have a lot of fun together enjoy their time on court get to perhaps partner with someone that maybe they will play with in the future and wouldn't have even thought to play with that person had they not gotten paired up here at next gen.

And as I mentioned this is our winter bracket final so one of these teams will head to the gold medal match and the loser will head to bronze each day here at next gen we do play all the way through a gold medal match but of course even though we have first second and third.

Through fifth getting points based on where they finish every day only matters in terms of the point value that these players accumulate so there will be a I believe first through fifth place receive money at the end of the weekend based on where they finish.

fifteen thousand dollars on the line here for these players so Whitehead and British will be the number one seed on the near end for game one game one on the far end the number two seat game one underway foreign.

So all four of these players have played at next gen previously I think Garrett Whitehead and Elliot you probably have played at the most events power from these young players is just unbelievable one two one one two thank you one one.

Second server a bit of a funky bounce off that bass line one one two Garrett Whitehead also has pretty effective spin serve that he rocks oh sewer what a flick here just catching for English totally off guard well positioned shot as well right at.

That sort of right shoulder jammed them up a little bit okay one ones a very similar spot there from Seward not as much Pace as last time but French needs to start a little bit more well he's gotten caught a couple times and we have the.

Switch between Whitehead and furnish on the sides here to try and mix it up and again just such a low position but look how much hot spin see we got off that backhand another server four one two foreign drives sets up sewer.

Perfectly for that put away it's like Whitehead and finish she just need to settle in here a little bit they certainly have what it takes to come out on top here but that looked a little deep I just plays it though it looks like they're they're just a little rattled right now need to settle.

Down start to get into a rhythm here another server one six two foreign is struggling a little bit right now getting those thirds in boy super English look how far off the line.

He is there take that step back to take that dink off the bounce right now for a nation the Whitehead they just simply need to slow it down bottom line Shoop and Seward are just in control here dictating the pace keeping things moving fairly quickly and.

I think furnish and Whitehead they need to get into some more dinking they need to slow it down they need to get up to that net and not let themselves get sucked into the pace of play that's happening right now that is not working in their favor currently ladies gentlemen.

Good time out for them things are definitely not quite going their way I anticipate this is a new partnership for both of these teams here today so there's always going to be some difficulty getting used to a new partner as well nicely down there from furnish nice easy.

Backhand one seven one get that third in really well done oh my goodness everyone I think they listen to me they slowed it down they got up to the net they just got into some dinking and they come out on top of that I think.

That is absolutely the way to go for them odoth I had that last night for dinner I don't know if I can do it two days in a row but it will definitely be on the menu again if anyone missed it odob asked if I was eating the elodie mac and cheese which is a new item on the menu at chicken and.

Pickles it is phenomenal highly recommended foreign sucked into a fast pace they're not faring as well oh all right but Whitehead decides to get an ace off of his serve I mean again I I'd like to see furnish probably drop a few more thirds.

Versus Drive I think that kind of sets them up very quickly oh no thank you eight five one oh we'll see furnish needs to anticipate this nice stink but then he should have known I mean that should have known that's.

That's her heart perhaps a little harsh but needs to recognize that Shoop is winding up for that speed up and he wants to speed it up so he simply needs to move out of the way and that one's hitting the back fence five nine one second server five nine two.

Foreign I like that idea White had just over committed a little bit too much in the middle there trying to look for that poach and that door that's under 18p foreign clipping the net there from shop and then.

Set off that chain of events unfortunately we'll have a game point and the pace of play absolutely taking Seward and shop here in to game two with the win here in game one we will take a short break back into the action right after this foreign.

foreign foreign.

This may sound strange but you've been here before you were here when this wrench was turned and when the Slime was drawn oh and when this Stitch was sewn because you inspired the Lexus ES to be well more you.

So thank you we hope you like your work welcome back everyone game two underway here in the winter bracket final of our alternate men's doubles bracket and Cadence Seward oh that is a boy I actually was a serving fault Elliot had his toe on that line well served foreign.

But I'm watching the return on the bottom right foot nope side out it's okay next time zero one one Point Elliot shut Caden Seward on the near end taking on Garrett shop in the black Steward in the gray on the near end.

Wow a couple good gifts but certainly some out balls played during that exchange Garrett Whitehead and the Navy on the far end and partner Jake farinish in the green um Seward okay one two taking game one eleven five certainly dictating the pace at play.

Making it tough for Whitehead and furnished to get in any sort of rhythm really good hands I thought they had that but it Clips Whitehead in the shoulder as he tries to get out of the way of that oh nice hands the defense.

Good attempt here on the ATP defense not quite underneath that shot enough to furnish doing it nice job keeping those shots low three two one foreign such a great job here from Seward.

Doubling up on that Spike and say furnish here really had to hustle to get up there so he makes a move to cover the middle Seward sees that and goes right back behind him again so we're just perhaps.

Four two two not needing to go over and take that overhead ultimately is the air oh I'm forced I think he's not gonna miss that more times generally speaking it's great to serve.

Points Whitehead out front six two honestly mentioned in game one I thought foreignition white had really needed to try and slow it down and I stand by that assessment I think they're simply executing much better here in this second game in this fast paced play so if they're able.

To execute well I think that they can stick with this game plan of keeping it you know very fast moving a lot of hand hand exchanges here not a lot of dinking time out servers you still have two time in six two two yeah see that's a little impatience there I.

I think furnished did not need to speed that up I think he needs to settle in just a little bit longer in these rallies extend them touch more really nice job of Whitehead from a tough spot up at that left shoulder it does a great job getting on top of.

That keeping it down boy I mean cup and sewered they're anticipating the speed UPS so well that's why I really want to see Whitehead and friend or slow this down get out hello slip three one and yes Mr Martini I snagged the ball right out of the air.

It was fantastic oh wow really nice spot there from Seward a little awkward looking but gets the jabbed up six three two foreign ERS does not come out on top of that but I love it a nice little dink rally both.

Teams patient trying to Outlast the other and it is Seward that lasts for initial ultimately in that four six one second server pull there from furnished down that sideline four six two points.

Five six two it's back from furnished right at the feet really nice spots there from Steward and Shoppers day six five two keep Whitehead and furnish really thin back on that Baseline and some nice stinking I like it.

Out five six one don't mind that attempt just needed to be executed a little cleaner thought it might exploit got a piece of him but yeah foreign come on second server.

Six six two seven six two yeah point s a little trouble here in the second game finding the Rhythm that they had in game one but it's like they're starting to.

Pick it back up again here as we're tied up at six eight two foreign football I saw it and I was like is Bob watching yeah he had that foot over the line he's getting a little close on that I've seen.

It saw it on the first serve of the game good eye there Bob six eight one second service let's just struggle a little bit on that backhand side there with the Cross Court see you in the net.

Eight six one foreign a little bit here but resolve seems to be wavering just a smidge here as Seward and Shep start to gain a little momentum here in the second game looking ahead to that gold medal match.

These two teams could very well face each other again in that gold medal match as the loser of this will head to bronze and have another shot to get back into that gold medal match this is a true double elimination style format Factory servers you also have one remaining timeout.

Thank you and gentlemen nine six one good leaves Elliot shop has modeled his serve a little bit after Deco bar it's kind of got that one toe ballerina-esque serving motion foreign foreign shot right there from French was.

Definitely going out but raise it point s Inside Out backhand puts it into the net going fornition Whitehead within two nine ten two education there from Seward.

Ten nine one another match point wow great pickup and waiting for that speed up from Seward this time ten nine two too close to that sideline as he's trying to be perfect trying to come out on top of this.

Okay Garrett Whitehead the ball back to the end please find out receivers good lateral movement from him shuffling over there to cover the middle and we are tied up at tens I have to say this is a little just a little unexpected Seward and Chef I've been playing very cleanly they've been able to make their style of play.

Work for them very well and furnish and Whitehead have really kind of struggled just this entire time they have not seemed super comfortable they have not seemed like they have a real rhythm going but they're just kind of gutting it out here in the second game gentlemen.

Sometimes it's all it takes okay on the court two nice rally foreign ERS and Whitehead may not really gotten anything going consistently what they have done is pressure on Seward here they weren't.

Able to close out when they had a couple Match Point opportunities they've lost that now they're gonna get you need two now to take this foreign that can be tough we saw earlier finishing a game and a match it can be tough it starts to get in your head a little bit.

Errors start to creep in some doubts so we're gonna shop a little need to just put that all out of their minds and stay focused here one point at a time cookie stinks up a little high I'm surprised Whitehead has not attacked some of these.

Ten ten one come on point wow unexpected term of events here what an ATP there from Jake French and the first yell I've heard out of him this whole match and they have a game point to take this to three second server a little too aggressive there from.

Whitehead saw the end in sight wanted to finish it I gotta not be too aggressive here and overdo anything foreign wow why didn't furnished it such a great job staying in that as long as they did.

The server yeah body shot right there from Seward great spot foreign so good sword has let a few of these shots when foreign.

a little more intense eleven eleven two teams are being much more cautious about the speed up trying to pick their moments much more intentionally now that a lot more is on the line here at this stage of this match foreign.

Foreign how did that happen I mean Farina shouldn't have even got the one before that let alone that last one foreign I didn't expect it I'm gonna say it all.

Right this could go any which way don't go anywhere the conclusion of this winter bracket final right after this foreign.

Foreign back into the action for the conclusion of this winter bracket Final in our alternate men's doubles we have it Jake faranish and Garrett Whitehead.

S on the mirror and Whitehead starts us off serving here for game three they take on Elliott shupp in the black and Caden Seward in the gray splitting games one and two looks like the name of this match is now the backhand Cross Court dink battles here between mostly Seward and Whitehead.

Every single rally generally has been getting into that it's there from furnished on the speed of the sewer hey boy that's a little impatient there from Seward looking for the speed up here pretty low ball to attack.

Hit that very flat foreign accidental head hunting Seward it's so tough he's fully engaged here but he just kind of overextends himself there never the white was in a good enough position for some of those shots they're trying to speed this up.

One zero one second server very interesting to see if one zero two either of these teams let themselves sort of get sucked out of the Rhythm that they've been in boy trying to do something different two zero two I mean I mentioned earlier especially in.

Game one that for English and Whitehead just never looked comfortable they never really settled in and they just were simply grinding and gutting out some of these rallies especially in the second game that they ultimately were able to take 13-11 to keep them in this match that has helped them I think.

You know they they gutted it out long enough that they did find a rhythm eventually kind of wobbling in and out of it a little bit here but I think they found kind of what has worked for them they just need to stick with it foreign two three one.

Point three three one foreign is picking up you may have noticed I've not been dinking a whole lot here in the start of this third game three three one yeah great job really getting a ton of Top.

Spin on those backhand three three two rolls nice job Whitehead got himself a nice short return off that serve four three two Advantage driving that third side out three four one.

here in the third game wow oh my goodness these rallies are getting in tickets second server very cold it's very chilly in here I need to ask if they have some hot chocolate here at the chicken and pickle.

Four four one second four four two yeah baby oh right on that back corner I heard a yeah baby before that ball even hit the court nice spot there from Seward four four one.

Thank you yeah oh that was such a nice drop there a lot of pace on it and a lot of side spins so when that hit the court I mean Whitehead's already coming up from the stack which makes it a little tough that will be uh what's the sixth Point going the way of Seward and a shop.

So we will switch ends they will conclude on the near end while Jake furnish and Garrett Whitehead head to the far end definitely going either way I mean generally in this match I'd say Seward and shupp have had more consistency in terms of how they've.

Been playing the strategy they're trying to implement the shots they're trying to hit but again for a nation Whitehead they're they're just hanging in here it's making something work for them gentlemen six four one see Bob's with some eye in that.

Line there is Chef served still getting real close to getting another serving fault six four two foreign see he gets that paddle oh just up high downward angle the Top Spin eight four two.

Foreign that's the thing that kind of separates players as they start to get to that higher level is having in your mind the option of the Ernie so he was not able to reach in and take that ball out of the air if he didn't step over the corner of the kitchen if he had just tried to hit that out of the.

Air he's in the kitchen he would have fallen forward he would have had that kitchen violation but in his mind he has it as that is an option so he is able to take that out of the air jumps that corner and that's something that just players at a lower level they need to get into their mindset I think as you start.

To go up in skill level you start to learn you know the ATP is an option Bernie is an option perhaps and it's something you got to drill you just gotta kind of get the muscle memory and have it in your mind as something to think about so really well done there from Elliot I could get there and finish.

Oh oh Sam bobbled it I mean again another Ernie there foreign really nice job pushing them to three taking that second game ultimately Steward and Shop just a little too much and they head to Gold while for a nation.

Whitehead head to bronze or back into the action as we get into our metal matches oh I believe excuse me I believe we have our winner bracket Final in our mixed coming up next I'll keep you guys posted but we're back into the action here at chicken and pickle right after this our priorities they've changed hey Lexus.

Play my music it's not just about getting ahead constant grind it's about knowing what you want watch for traffic focusing on what matters welcome to the next level this is the Lexus NX with intuitive Tech and our most advanced Safety system ever.

thank you house foreign.

welcome back everyone Lauren McLaughlin here with Elliot shupp and Cadence Seward as they are heading to the gold medal match in our alternate men's and like most Partnerships here at chicken and pickle first time between the two of you what did you guys talk about coming into today that was going to be kind of.

How you guys wanted to play this since you're new partners well I mean Kaden's a beast out there so I just gotta let him take anything he needs I'm just gonna stand back and let him do his thing you did nothing out there I didn't even notice you were there Elliot good good it worked perfectly I mean it looks like you guys probably talked about.

Keeping the pace up you guys definitely didn't fare quite as well when it got slowed down so what was that in terms of how you guys want to come into this and keep it really fast we were always talking about being aggressive I mean it's the only way I know how to play there's nothing else to it I think I have faster hands than on some people.

I'm not going to say I'm faster than everybody here by any means but I think we're both pretty quick so there's no reason not to use it I mean that that first game went really well you guys seemed like it just kind of went your way the whole time that second one kind of got thrown off a little bit as they kind of just like.

Stayed in there and got it slowed down just a little bit did you guys think anything specifically going into that third game you guys needed to adjust to be able to come out on top not really we just wanted to come out same game hot firing just making shots really just the first games weren't executing that's all it was so you want to come out.

Aggressive and we did it all right well congratulations you're into that gold medal match we'll see you guys in just a few matches but congratulations thank you first time partnership going well so far I'd say so don't go anywhere we had that winter bracket final coming up in our mixed bracket here at next gen don't go anywhere.

this is foreign foreign.

foreign foreign.

hold up foreign first it was just like these distant Roars in the dark you know but then they started getting closer and closer and.

That's when I saw it this was no bear it was like a bear squash and that's over now what Dad what's a bear Squatch it's a cross between a bear and a sass made up Mobility comes responsibility the legendary Lexus GX with Apple carplay support he's usually sleeping he'll never sleep again.

Welcome back everyone and we have an extremely special guest here in the booth with me the goat Scott Moore welcome sir I'm just an old goat I mean I mean it doesn't matter a goat numb the less so very excited to have Scott Moore here joining me he is our Senior Pro Mentor for this weekend and this is our winner.

Bracket final here in mixed we have on the far end Jaden Broderick and Alex trong they take on Riley bohnert and Spencer Lanier on the near end this is really fun for me Lauren because I'm 60 and these guys are like 16. but it's it almost makes me feel like I'm glad I'm not I'm not young because they're just so good you're like well I.

Don't have to play them right I don't have to play them the quickness is astounding oh my gosh unbelievable yep we got uh three high schoolers out here in one barely out of high schooler it's crazy and that is a just a token of things to.

Come isn't it I know it's so great I mean this is where the game's going I love it every year it's getting younger I actually read a book called younger next year a couple years ago so um I'm working on that but you're there you're already well on your way Scott.

It's all about high intensity exercise but these guys get it just while they're playing that's what's cool about pickleball right so cool you can get your high intensity exercise as you play what a game nothing like it right so Riley boner 17 years old on Louisville Kentucky and.

Her partner Spencer Lanier out of the Pacific northwest 19 years old just heard about him Lauren my my buddy Wes gableson said you can't miss him he's like six five yep he's a giant as well pretty obvious when you see him he's got it all I mean and Wes Stapleton would know he is now a Hall of Famer this is a Hall of Famer it's so fun to.

See him up there and can't think of anybody that deserves it more I know Wes is the best big shout out to West yes great patience there on that point I love that they're young but they're patient so that's that can sometimes be a tough thing for the younger players it used to be a bit of an oxymoron but now.

These guys have the complete package I mean they know when to slow down and can do it effectively and obviously they can speed it up unfortunate there depending on which side of the net you're on and you have two gentlemen who are extremely tall so I think both sides know they kind of.

Need to be patient and wait for the right moments because with that length and reach right so many things are attackable it's coming down quickly at you at a very high velocity which is not always fun it is not sure there's some pickleball tattoos that are given out we've all been four crowds right.

So both of these pairings Scott are new Partnerships a lot of the next gen teams generally are because they have to kind of be paired with the players that are coming what do you think is maybe the hardest part about playing with a brand new partner for the first time I just think it's the chemistry right sometimes you have more aggressive players it can.

Be male or female sometimes the communication in the middle can be difficult so you know the youngsters tend not to talk as much the guys are usually bad about that so it'll be curious to see how they communicate on the kind of the tweener balls where you're not sure what your part is going to do.

Um who's taking the third shot down the middle you know those kind of things that aren't always obvious be interesting to see how they work it out obviously they're in the Winter's bracket final now so they've figured something out but uh when it gets down to the really tight matches the little things make the.

Difference right absolutely the big difference feels as you know Lauren again just a little off the line giving himself room to anticipate this any high ball is just punished with these guys wow they'd just rip that down the wall before and that's just such a difficult.

Shot he makes it look easy but it's not easy nice reach over poach there by Spencer I don't think I actually expected him to go that far in that reach and the quickness he's also alone he doesn't overdo his.

Shots no he looks like he's playing within himself right absolutely he doesn't I've rarely ever sometimes oh an attempted between her there but sometimes I wonder if Spencer hit it harder like you and that was a great example of that last shot he could have hit it really hard Jayden expected it hard because he changed it up he caught.

Jaden completely off bound yep and that's a great change up if you will takes a lot of wisdom to do that because most guys just want to bang it if they're that good and that fast that strong but really smart play great little hand exchange there between the ladies trong comes out on top of that.

So interesting so they're getting the guys involved in the dinket which I think is a great strategy you know Alex had a couple things behind Spencer it just keeps him honest and there's not a lot you can do when the ball bounces and comes to your backhand right so it just it's kind of a neutralizer what's fun as I feel like especially in.

Mixed as you mentioned you know at the pro level and Senior Pro level you know we're used to now seeing the men take over a little bit more definitely be more aggressive take more court and they do that a little bit here but I don't think they've sort of developed that into their game yet so you do you see them definitely right the ladies they're.

Involved but so are the guys playing a little more yeah they're playing YouTube just smart pickleball because Jade Broderick is a lefty so you're gonna have him on that right side which does put the ladies and the men straight up with each other which is a little different different Dynamic right nice return.

That deep ball return is just it is the bomb sometimes you get three points like that sometimes you get short returns but either way it works well for you she did a great job of that out foreign they're not afraid of the guys because they know if they can keep it low to their background.

They are not in trouble so the ladies have some some guts and I love that five three one getting tighter nice exchange here very patient take a ball oh offensive lob doesn't hit anything but.

It's wow is that out hey caught the line oh my gosh what that one was that one was out but yeah it was right there I thought it was going out too I thought I was gonna hit the roof first I know in a previous match right went right through all the fan blades came down yeah one of these times is gonna he's gonna run out of luck he's gonna get something.

Up there what a point he saw it all there a lob from trong to start off that whole exchange was just so smart it really did it just changed the momentum in their favor on that point because it was a 20 or 30 shot rally at that point nobody expected a lot coming up that's a great time to do it and we actually teach you.

Know really only lob offensively it's the best time of the law by far and even if you're playing against the six five or six four guy if you do it right it's effective they just showed Alex did a great job of that I'm out here from boner and Lane near me starting to.

Pull away from a little a little bit here we saw that in the semi though similarly they lost that first game and came back and took the next two what do you think great great defense great defense but they kept him back even when they got in they still had the advantage that was a good example of keeping the pressure on.

What a shot by Riley got behind him Yeah you mentioned the ladies aren't afraid of the guys that haven't gotten to know Riley and Alex a little bit over time I would say the ladies are the dominant players on this court right now yeah they are in terms of sort of.

Personalities and styles yeah I I see that definitely I love their Spirit look at that okay Alex Alex you have to be a tall player to be able to get around that kitchen line she just anticipated perfectly boom I actually think she might have caught them but I was on the inside and this couldn't quite see that yeah inside part.

Of her foot there but very close to the fan again and here there oh difference was that lot just didn't get as deep as the other so nice angle on that by Jade and put that away yeah I mean that hit in the kitchen right so that's how you know that was a little too short exactly but the thing.

About it is if they get their paddle on it they're probably going to get it back so he made a smart shot there was no getting their paddle on that one all right thank you oh my God I want to pick up there from boner oh my gosh yeah and Alex set that.

Up so well but boner just made her hit one more shot sometimes that's the difference Lauren you know yep she got the area when you have the advantage you don't always win the point so foreign exactly the exact same error now one more ball that's good for everybody at.

Home to realize sometimes even when you're on the defensive just by getting them making them hit one more ball you can pull out a point that you shouldn't win oh great anticipation yeah you're sitting on that or what goodness actually seen that one before four seven one.

Nicely done getting it behind spell trouble foreign 's ready again she actually is looking for those speed UPS even though they're hitting down on her she is ready and answering the call.

572 we got a game now on their way back in here starting to get into a rhythm here we go again try it out it's better change to offensive on that he wasn't quite at the line they've been doing so good just by resetting that he got a little anxious.

On that one oh Chris almost took it off I almost got her good duck and Chris she's probably had that happen before Chris is one of the best there is sure is.

one of the nicest people as well he's amazing Riley a little upset with his guys she got a little impatient hit that a little too hard often people hit their dinks too hard these girls have been really doing a great job keeping us off but.

Ler I think this sort of next generation of pickleball players watching them you know again they don't have as much experience in high level tournaments and at this level play so they have the ability it's the execution still needs to be honed a little yeah you can see a little few rough edges sure I mean you.

Can see Jaden will absolutely hit just the most gorgeous shot and then he'll go for the same thing and just blast it like he just missed that one by three feet right exactly so it's like they have it it's just the the consistency that is certainly usually I think the Difference Maker between the talent and then actually hanging at.

That higher level right and they will they will refine it you know this is how they do it right this is why we're here so good because they give them a place that they can actually stay in a tournament longer and get more experience and be in some finals to meet people that they could learn.

With and learn from so I love this series this is such a great idea it's been so great again for having the vision to develop the future wow great-handed fast hand Exchange I think certainly Alex strong is the most experienced on the court in terms of that high level competition and play.

Having played and having some good success at the pro level yep that is to her Advantage for sure especially as the get deeper into the match and the tighter it gets click fake too nice reach over after Riley kept that in play very well.

Spencer reaches over to help her better 710 too that's so amazing too about these next gens is you know someone might look at this and say Alex I why this why is Alex playing in this she plays at Pro she's had good success but that does I mean the talent of these kids is still there.

It doesn't necessarily mean just because you've had some success at that at that Pro level that you can just come in and just you know run through everybody which is awesome to see it's really nice yeah she has to play her a game because they're right on her heels I mean she may have more experience they have a little more talent but they are right.

There so she had a player a game she's not winning exactly she's still got to bring it so we'll take a short break and game number two coming your way here in our winter bracket final right after this follow me.

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Thank you thank you foreign welcome back everyone to game two here.

In our mixed doubles owner bracket final here at next gen Kansas City Lauren McLaughlin here with Senior Pro Scott Moore who is our Mentor for the weekend we have Alex strong and Jaden Broderick on the near end taking on Riley boner and Spencer Lanier on the far end trong and Broderick taking game 111 seven looking to head to Gold here in.

Two let's see if Walmart and Lanier have an answer what reflexes what do you got to do to win a point out here alone she was ready super ready for it she had a couple of those handling successfully in the last game but couldn't quite get that one over.

Foreign the other thing I noticed Scott at sort of the the younger generation the slightly less experienced is they play a lot of out balls they do they do I was like they got they gotta hone their their skill in terms of recognizing those shots and part of the problem is they're so darn quick and.

They think they can handle every ball so they're just not mentally thinking I'm gonna have the experience of letting those balls out you know some of it is maybe just wanting to win the point rather than understanding exactly but the best way to win a point is when your opponent misses right exactly so that takes some time and.

Experience probably a good observation I would say on your part you like that ball right there isn't it perfect example of what you were talking about but it's on her so quick and she's so quick she's very hard for her to pull that paddle back even though she knew and he was reprimanding yourself yep.

Wow smart shot down the line hey we're both leaning middle yep Alex took it Right Down the Line foreign setup I mean the the speed up got himself yep they weren't expecting slightly higher fallen and easy put away yeah being unpredictable is really.

Something that people underestimate you know if you get in a pattern and people just get used to it and then you break the pattern and a lot of times are just not ready oh that is that right there is a shot of experience that is because everyone.

Thought it was coming hard and she just lost it right over her forehand shoulder where no one expects it correct absolute winner I'm hearing Alex take charge and communicate I guess they had a little Miss communication there but I like the fact that she's talking to Jade.

Give him a little direction using their experience well doesn't need to take anything off of that she just placed it perfectly up that side perfectly down the line and I think Riley is surprised he actually was going to let that one go what a nice drop shot that was right at Jayden's feet has to hit up on.

It Spencer's pressing down on him so there's a lot of pressure good pickleball right there yeah one Runner has the opportunity to have sort of that outstretched forehand volley I think they expect it down the middle and she just ripped it right.

There very powerful support three two two here in game two nice Ball by rather get it into her body foreign that was probably going to be their point anyway yep never hurts when the.

Net lets one skip over for you how strong on the serve I mean he's got so much reach and length but he's a little too upright yeah and I think he just thought that ball was gonna be higher he had decided before it got to him he's going to attack that Alice kept it down and sort of a forced error.

Attempted a P there from Lanier just couldn't quite hook it back around it's a little tight on this court so so he was under the rest to get it early probably would have made that on a different court but gotta play with what you got Alex thought she should have reset that one.

Right at her feet half ball s oh is that super out but it's right Adam so he has no choice look at that spin back into the net Back Spin so much spin it may be a little Miss hit even I mean yeah she came she mishit that she came right underneath it created all that bad yeah he came over spinning him back with even more.

is right there in the middle guess right and that's anticipation I mean these girls are athletic all of them are and they're just sometimes you gotta guess same thing her paddle is getting in the perfect spot.

To where it's most likely to come and so she doesn't have to do much great job by Riley once again and they have to win the second game to try and force a third if they want a direct path to gold Alex catches Spencer by surprise on that one didn't expect her to attack it and.

Again she is not intimidated oh no she'll attack anybody did it again that time just got it up a little too high sailed out by six or eight inches beautiful reset so good answer may have gotten a little overly ambitious I think Riley would.

Have handled that better it's intactable I like him going for that since it was unattackable he may let that go to the girl you know I mentioned earlier sometimes he's a little low-key about things I think every once in a while he doesn't give some of his shots quite enough sometimes he needs to give it just a.

Little more um to get those over that's a good example of that Jaden hits a bullet down the line beautiful I mean that is gorgeous five seven two looks like it's gonna be another good game pressure on yeah that was just.

Unrelenting they're back within one yeah when you're hitting above your head down right it's probably going out and that's that anticipation she anticipated perfectly but didn't give it a chance to go out either yep they got away with it and won the point.

Seven six one there she go Sheila Riley let that go she learned her lesson on the last one which is a sign of a smart player right you're not gonna get them all right but if you learn from your mistakes wow wow come on.

This is getting ridiculous I just I don't even know how they get these shots if we could bottle those reflexes we would be wealthy man holy Mack just need to go back to being teenagers against that right and it's making me want to be young again I'm just afraid I was never that quick do you like to think we were.

Oh good eye they are getting better at letting the out balls go as we watch there's the communication issue in the middle yeah it comes from not having played together as you touched on and sometimes in the most stressful moments that was a big point.

I mean if you're playing with a new partner set what do you think are maybe like the two or three critical things you have to talk about before you even set foot on the court that's a great question I think number one is you know the middle who's going to take the third shot primarily right and then on how to play the middle when you're at the.

Kitchen because it's so different sure and the way I like to do it initially is to say I'm not going to ever take any dinks away from you if they're coming towards you cross court you got them sure if I can get them though out of the air and hit down on them I'm gonna come over 89 for the court sure and try to help you finish but I won't take an.

Unattractable ball from you so that's kind of how I start it and then you go from there and see how it's working and that's gonna go just long so wow owner and Lanier did indeed make the adjustments necessary here in game two so game three coming our way here in our winter bracket final see who is heading to gold right after this.

foreign foreign ER trust this'll move that's 472 horsepower and 395 pound-feet.

Of torque what's up with this team Sheet inverted fullback and a false nine the limited slip diff lets you Hammer the throttle you don't get it do you go all in stick it in the onion bag the Lexus is all in on the sports sedan welcome back everyone to our third and final game here in our winter bracket Final in mixed doubles.

We have split games one and two Alex strong and Jaden Broderick there in the red taking game one but it was at Riley boner and Spencer Lanier in the white on the near end who took game two battling back so they'll switch ends at six here in this third game but one of these teams heads to gold and one heads to bronze Lauren McLaughlin here with Scott.

Moore Court's side zero zero one man thank goodness Lauren that this court is inside I mean Kansas City is not warm is not a little cheap I had I had tears coming down my face coming in this morning because it was so cold outside I actually ran to the car oh yeah freezing my tail off I've been in Mexico for three days and 85 to 90.

Yep this is a it's a harsh Awakening yeah it wasn't it was a little harsh oh I mean it's still a little cool inside it's great for the players as they're playing yeah it's still cold when you're moving this is perfect conditions Alex caught backing up just a little bit.

On that dink lost her power and caught the tape so quick these guys get their wrist involved and get an extra little snap which is really not what we teach the amateurs to do because it's so hard to keep that in play but they're just so skilled.

Riley's on point she has not hit an out ball for over a game and is seeing them early now popular partner love to see that that kind of communication let's stay in it did Alex was actually thinking it was out called it which.

Again I like but it stays very close body language told me it was in yep he took something off he tried to just do the slow rule right because it's still a little misdirection but he just overcooked it slightly foreign.

Talked about it yet but we've kind of touched on it a little bit Scott you're you just came from very warm weather in Mexico now we're indoors and it's very cold here that changes how the ball plays absolutely significantly so indoors in general makes the ball play quicker but now you take the temperature down and the humidity down as well I.

Mean is that a tough adjustment for players that are coming from warm weather places it is it is because you know if you haven't spent much time doing it it just flies differently and so your timing can be off ever so slightly and that's all it takes here I mean this is a finesse game.

And if you're not on every ball I'm gonna be a little late or just missing but here for the most part looks like they're making the adjustment or gotten used to it but it can be a factor for sure foreign just got that up a little bit she was on.

It I got it up enough 442. yeah they've lost three points in a row or so I would expect to time out if it loses another one they'll get the built-in timeout as they change ends here it's a good thing because they definitely have lost their.

Momentum they were rolling and now as you know Lauren pickleball is such a game of momentum oh my gosh can change it an instant right and so we'll see what this change events does for Spencer and Riley if they could stop the bleeding before it's too late and both teams teams have fared better on the far end.

Of the Court would you say it's because the Sun or the win I mean the lob right up into the sun right it's tough It's not sure I can explain this there is the background difference though in that one one end has the people behind it more emotion more movement so you wonder if perhaps.

But that's been the better yeah the better end you're just looking into sort of more going on which is interesting sometimes things are inexplicable but true I know here we go no answers right toy but there you go the momentum has shifted once again and that was an example of the middle issue.

Right that would Alex took it I think Jaden wanted it and now we have a game again one thing missing from Riley's game is just the ability to put the ball down she's hitting a lot of top speed it doesn't get quite the power getting it down on those winners that was the case.

Had it couldn't finish it looks like on that previous rally too it looked like whether or not that shot hit Alex's hair when it went by her as she kind of flipped that that long Pony if it had hit her hair that would have been you know the exact same as hitting her in the bodies right exactly point.

Oh my goodness what I think that may have been an example of what you were talking about Spencer was a little bit not complacent but he could have put that further into the wall instead Jade makes a phenomenal get oh yeah I mean that's going super out but two out but they're coming so hard.

Wow oh my god wow that was a red and white streak flying in to poach that ball wow Riley what a progressive so good oh wow Jaden pulls it out of his toenail literally is that something is like rallies like that last one it shows you.

What these players are capable of if they're playing you know at the top level everything's kind of firing at the same time yeah they just have remarkable hands and skill not always the consistency as we talked about it comes with experience but like that example of missing a surf but some of the shots that they make are.

Just astounding yeah literally oh great job of not being intimidated Riley going behind Jaden and catching him moving a little bit she put it in the fence I think it's fair is different right he's not going to get his paddle on that.

Kind of angle all right eight six one here we go foreign nice off speed there really I think Alex thought it was coming harder couldn't quite hail to change the pace come on I just love the movement here.

Oh I think Alex was slightly out of balance when she hit that lob wasn't a bad idea but to lob over Spencer you have to hit a perfect shot I think she should have gone down the line yeah I think she was maybe trying to go more over Riley and just kind of got caught yeah maybe changing your mind a little bit about.

Where to go there yeah I think our balance was not perfect right foreign good idea but just overcooks it slightly and again Riley and Spencer are so on right now that they are seeing the ball and letting them go out when they're out and it's easy to let balls go when you are.

Noticing that your opponent is consistently hitting it out so she's going for those speed ups and she is she's hitting them too long she's putting too much on them and so if you know she's going for that speed up you can just kind of anticipate it smart pickleball smart pickleball make her beat you.

Foreign speed up here we go Lauren 882 in the third game I mean it doesn't get much closer making it interesting nice two-headed rip right into the body it's a big Target got a lot of body to hit yeah but still hard to jam if you just.

Great defense to get back in it wow I thought I was gonna have to catch Alex strong she flew in my lap unbelievable I like the aggression there by Alex but it just got down on her a little bit before she could poach it oh Jaden coming out swinging but.

Again the pressure was on yeah I'm not sure who called the timeout I think it was the service team which I like oh already all right they're only behind by one right this is a huge point I love that that they're mentally in that much that they call a Timeout on their serve and talk about what they're gonna do.

Looks like good communication going on both sides which is what you like to see chatting happening sometimes at the pro level they have timeouts and neither of them even speak to each other I've been there I've been there you get a little frustrated sometimes and just need a little time alone but.

Obviously it's better when you're communicating well such a mental strategic game that's obviously we talk about it all the time but one of the greatest aspects of pickleball so many people don't use it but both teams of talk we'll see who executes better right here.

Nice move by Spencer he was ready yeah Broderick perhaps a little impatient in that speed up yeah I think it was a little early they thought they could catch him off and they did not no tied at nines nice spot there keeping him deep keep it deep right at his feet I think he was.

Ready for the hard one you kind of hit a loopy ball right at his feet he was a little early oh I think Tron got a little lucky on that she left that up pretty high I think Riley would like that one back yeah and I mean she's a little off that line if.

She's just a couple and she's closer she gives herself yeah better position to totally agree if she's two inches off instead of six that ball goes open oh boy another I mean this is she that's a that was a gamble I mean she got away with it right I didn't necessarily like it but that worked out you can surprise.

People this is a match point foreign their sides as well putting phone on that right side they're not stacking which they haven't really done very interesting tactic the reverse stack huh you would think they would keep it down the middle.

Oh nice slave by Spencer that's what I want to see if they're not stacking I want to see Riley and Spencer keeping the balls down the middle this time they're staying their traditional formation so it's over oh what a bounce that is oh my gosh.

That's happening so many times nothing he could do look at that I mean just absolutely nothing once it hits the net is it dead it's over it's dead anyway yeah you lose so unbelievable Fortune there he was like you're gonna kill it he was gonna kill it.

Come back oh yeah a great idea she just didn't execute you know the floater over the forehand shoulder of Riley it would have been there just a little too much foreign got out of the way sometimes in these exchange is the first one to attack is lucid so.

Most of the time great effort oh no oh wow oh they're just I mean well there's nothing else he could have done yeah he has he's right at the net he's got to get out of the way and Alex almost got there she was moving that direction though great shot by Spencer scrap.

Great thank you here across Court textbook oh do you think that's going out I do I do yep so hard agree off of it right it's just on or so quick what and she is so quick sometimes can be a disadvantage believe it or not.

Again Riley is all over that given her partner a very early heads up to let that go I love I love the communication this is now their match point things have changed nope and it's not over that last Point can be so difficult as you know Lauren very little cross Fort Lincoln here.

Foreign this is textbook oh my goodness wow what a point oh my what a point that wasn't excellent rally and all right we're gonna have an offensive time out I like it I like it again these kids are not just physically good they're getting smart and mentally they.

Get the middle game just shows me that they're thinking when they call the officer timeout yeah and again we're we're kind of right down to the wire here kind of going back and forth both teams now have had Match Point opportunities right they haven't been able to capitalize on and now trong and.

Broderick have three points they need to put on the board they've got to get at least one right yeah definitely have to at least tie it back up they'd like to take the lead and obviously finish it but they've got to get at least one these are the the pressure moments of a.

Match they are you you know what's on the line you know you've got to get at least one point before you possibly give up that serve yep now can you manage your nerves and execute nice recess oh she had a ball she could actually attack.

And just hit down on it a little too much right but look where she is she's a foot off the bat like you talked about if she's right there probably makes that Frederick a couple times times he hangs back a little too long got caught on that one didn't he Alex was trying to get him up there but yeah I mean he had.

A nice drop and once you know it's dropping yeah you got to make a move at least yeah because he was lunging for that next shot and wasn't able to get it down because he can get up there quickly he's just got to be a little a little more on his horse oh my gosh what a gutsy shot if you want.

A bit of an anticlimactic end to this match but it is Riley boner knock out the number one seed here sending them to bronze where they will head to gold very very well could go ahead and uh have this be our gold medal match as well but we will take a short break chat with our players and then we'll be into.

Our medal rounds right after this great stuff our priorities they've changed hey Alexis play my music it's not just about getting ahead not a constant grind it's about knowing what you want watch for traffic focusing on what matters welcome to the next level this is the Lexus NX with.

Intuitive Tech most advanced Safety system ever foreign foreign.

McLaughlin here with Riley boner and spency Lanier Spencer I said like spency I'm so sorry that's your new nickname now spency that's how it's gonna go heading to the gold medal match again you joked a little bit that you like to.

Lose the first game and just keep it interesting as we did that earlier as well how does sort of the mentality change then when you drop that now you know you have to win at least that second game to force the third does it kind of make the pressure a little bit more how does your mentality change knowing you.

Now have to win that second game he said it best honestly at our timeout he was like I mean we don't have anything to lose we lost the first game so why not just play our best now so that's what we tried to do and we played our game finally and I think our first game like because we're a new partnership so we like to fill each other out feel the.

Team because we've never played them before so I think that's kind of what we did and then we just kind of picked it up I mean that is an excellent point that a lot of these pairings are new a lot of these teams you haven't played a ton in the past maybe some here at next gen but how does that change is there that feeling out process do you have to.

Kind of get used to you and your partner you and the other teams before you you feel a little more comfortable yeah I know um when you're playing with someone as good as Riley I mean you got to give her some of the Court you know but you know when uh you're down a game you kind of gotta just just take the court you know and just be like all right I'm just.

Gonna win and just just take every ball and just hit them good I don't know I mean you guys at that third game it was getting a little tight you guys both had Match Point opportunities could have gone either way when you're both kind of taking those timeouts near the end what are you telling each other what's the thought process to just come out forget.

Everything that happened before we need like two points what are you thinking I literally told him I'm like your hands are amazing your drops are so good we just have to get up to that kitchen and we're gonna play our game and we're gonna do what we can do there's a very good chance you might see that team again in the gold medal match.

What if you face them again is going to be any adjustments that you might make or will it just be you know what worked and you just have to execute yeah I think uh the last two games I just took a little more court so I'm probably gonna stick with that maybe take some more chord uh just stay solid I'm thinking and just don't uh attack two.

Little balls because I tend to do that a lot but there's there's always things to work on don't worry don't worry all right well congratulations we'll see you in that gold medal match shortly take a little break but don't go anywhere we're into those metal rounds here in just a moment at next gen back after this.


Thank you oh foreign.

foreign first it was just like these distant Roars in the dark you know but then they started getting closer and closer and that's when I saw it this was no pair it was like a bear Squatch and that's over.

Now what Dad what's a bear Squatch it's a cross between a bear and a Cess it's made up with capability comes responsibility the legendary Lexus GX with Apple carplay support he's usually sleeping he'll never sleep again foreign it's not just about getting ahead or the.

Constant grind it's about knowing what you want watch for traffic and focusing on what matters welcome to the next level this is the Lexus NX with intuitive Tech our most advanced Safety system ever foreign.

Thank you out there foreign.

we're back you can't hear yourself Ken can you hear me now I can hear you we gotta turn Ken up a little I know I know we're on Mitch I'm talking to the people they want to know what's going on behind the scenes.

Can you you can't hear yourself I cannot hear myself I can hear him a little bit we just maybe need to turn him off a little we got you Ken we cannot have Ken Herman on the mic and not hear him is that better can you hear yourself now I cannot hear myself oh no it maybe just this connection is a little wonky oh.

That was good whatever you did there see I'm just sometimes you just gotta you just gotta massage the uh the oils the uh whatever you got to do there you go we have a great final here Lauren we have our men's alternate doubles gold medal match and it is indeed a repeat of our winner bracket finals on the far end we have Elliott.

Two two I don't know if you mentioned this Ken but every other next gen that I've been at has been like a hundred degrees outside I'm Shell Shocked here being a Kansas City yeah yeah it's definitely a little colder out right now no outdoor courts are we using for the tournament.

Right now two two I didn't even want to run outside to go to the bathroom it's so cold my goodness so a year ago we started the next gem program went to San Antonio and look at where that group of players has gone JW Johnson be Dylan Frazier in the final Georgia Johnson the brushes sisters DJ.

Young they've all progressed to the top 10 in the app rankings and it'll be exciting to see what the future holds for all these next gems it's almost as if we've got the next gen of the next gen I know it's amazing we're already graduating people up into that Pro level which is so cool to see foreign.

Well we are as confused as Elliot is about I I I'm sure Elliot knows we didn't get that on tape no no one saw that it's fine I mean Garrett Whitehead oh that was out I feel like Jake's played a couple out balls on that Baseline.

Two four two Jake was not with us in Dallas but he was with us in San Antonio had a great run finished in the top five point s five two one hear yourself now I can.

Turn him up we're good it's on the Fly working it out all right we got a time out here from furnish and a whitehead as chef and Seward pulling away here this is what happened the first time these two teams faced off definitely seemed like shopping Seward.

Were a little bit more in control definitely wanted the pace of play to be much quicker and they did win game one the first matchup as well but for Edition Whitehead just kind of gutted it out in that second pushed it to three yeah that was a terrific match we had a nice crowd in here watching the Whitehead's got a very.

Very uncanny serve went through the bronze medal match and one is bronze medal match last six points were all one off of his serve so really yeah we saw him first I believe in Oklahoma City this year he had a great run in singles went very deep in the singles draw server.

I remember being extremely impressed by him immediately it's got a very calm demeanor to him he's played several app events this year and is dipping his toes into the pros draw played Sacramento played Houston so this has been a a good three or four months with him getting a lot of matches yeah I've started to see his name and.

Some of the pro draws at some of our events and definitely excited to see him dipping his toe into those Pro brackets which is super exciting that's what we are hoping ultimately that these young players do ball on court yeah Lauren there's a really good group of Juniors coming in from Utah they're doing oh for sure they are developing some terrific.

Players and uh I've really enjoyed getting to know them and their families and meeting them and just hearing about their experiences my goodness go there from Missouri that was nasty we've seen I've seen Kaden Stewart he's.

Played in several tournaments with Cassandra gurkey at the pro level yeah Caden was on the bubble I was told about whether or not he was going to come to this event and it was our friend Lee whitwald that had a heart-to-heart talk with him and told him to get himself on a plane and get himself to Kansas City so Lee went well if you're.

Watching he owes you some prize money if you win surprise money he used to drink something all right back at action eight two all four of these cars have a lot of intensity side out two eight one well done.

Good job all got a little bit high that time all four players are trying to keep that ball out of each other's Strike Zone trying to neutralize one another foreign Scott Moore and I are were on the court earlier today for about an hour hour and 20 minutes working with some of the players that got knocked out earlier we.

Were talking about the importance of getting the ball out of your opponent's strike zone whether you take whether you use change of pace or you put spin on the ball it's so important to neutralize them and not allow that ball to get their strikes under where they can go off after you.

Middle between shopping Seward good ball okay didn't keep his paddle up good ball there speaking of Scott Moore how lucky are we to have Scott Moore here I mean is there a more accomplished Senior Pro in the game we've been fortunate to have just so many of the Great senior Pros help us with this.

Program good answer by Jake Rick whiskey and John Sperling Julie Johnson came in and did it next to Scott flagerman I mean just a great group that has been so supportive and I am very appreciative of the senior pros come in and taking time out of their schedule to help mentor I saw Paul Olin at our app Hilton Head.

Stop talking to some of the players that he had met when we were in Dallas a couple weeks ago so that that's just nice that that these senior Pros are developing a mentoring ship with some of our up-and-coming players giving back getting over there quite sneak that back in again a little tight.

But nice to see Jake back in Action I believe we were in San Antonio and he hurt his ankle was enabled wasn't able to finish the day it was actually his birthday and his family which I know his 21st family brought in a birthday cake and he was.

Having to pull out of the draw good point Cadence really taking control over there girl he's stepping up and Bob almost took one to the face so I mentioned it at the beginning of the day Ken but Riley boner is defending her Championship next gen win uh from Dallas but we are going to Crown a new gentleman next gen Champion here.

For the first time as our previous winners I believe are not here well Gabriel is playing app uh the real pickleball open right now so he is in Florida right now playing that event so we want to give a shot to Gabriel tardio and Austin was not able to come he had some school work that he had to get done he was signed up to play and come back.

And defend his title but wasn't able to make it so we're excited to see which which of these uh young men's gonna take that top spot this weekend Jake need a little more follow through a little more lift on that volley pretty sure Caden shot was going well long but we had kind of committed to.

Hitting that before it even was struck and we'll have a game point here good hands by Garrett there I almost snuck that over but game one again in this rematch goes to shop and Seward we'll see how game two fares here in our gold medal match right after this.

Thank you first which is like these distant Roars in the dark you know but then they started getting closer and closer and that's when I saw it this was no pair it was like a bear Squatch and that's over now what Dad what's a bear Squatch it's a cross between a bear and a sass.

This is made up Mobility comes responsibility their Alexis GX with Apple carplay support he's usually sleeping he'll never sleep again foreign.

foreign back into the action here game two of our gold medal match Laura McLaughlin here with Ken Herman so if you are Garrett Whitehead and Jake farnish on the far end here and you're taking on Caden Seward and Elliot who took game one what are you thinking their.

Adjustments need to be here for game two sure foreign I think first off the bed Jake's got to step up and take a little bit more control a little more offense on the court I think he let katem dictate a little bit too much and Jake is you know certainly bigger than Kaden is right now.

There you go not that being bigger is something but he's got to have more of a presence out there Garrett took several several balls during that first game that I thought he could have volleyed those balls inside the the kitchen the no volley Zone he elected to let those balls bounce and then got too far back behind his line.

So I think Garrett's got to step up and get on there a lot more and hold on to that line and not be bullied off I've noticed that with a lot of the players here today is I think that comes with a little bit more experience but a lot of them get pushed a little off the line need to hold that line a little a little.

Stronger as you mentioned terrific job is Evan Elliot Ellie it's been doing a great job being able to do that he's the one that's been saying that the point so well very improved such a great player it's always hard when there's a lefty on the court too they just always mix it up some.

More there but he was still doing the right play he was taking it inside reaching in that kitchen trying to cut down the reaction time with both Garrett and Jake look at that closing in well done well done it's got good hands two two.

Yeah okay then again showing his presence on the court what's also nice is last night we had open courts everyone was obviously packed in here packed in here but what nice friendships all these next Champions I love establishing with each other now these folks will be friends all the way through their professional career.

They decide to turn pro and pickleball all the way through their senior pro career so it's just it's just awesome to see the friendships that are being made and the other thing is is that they go out there and they play a match and then whoever wins the match they have a break they're like three quarts down practicing it's like it's no big deal.

You don't see them with the pros the pros don't talk to each other for a little while you don't see that right now with this group oh that's so tough again they just that's the new partnership issue right there is who's taking that and Scott Moore mentioned this during the last match but I have noticed a lot of the the younger players.

They're not as vocal in communication as we're used to seeing from you know that Pro level Senior Pro level you know didn't see Garrett or Jake yell mine my mind yours yours yours nothing like that so I think they need to find their voices a little still yep good point Lauren.

Got the prawns mixed doubles match taking place on the adjacent Court we will be back for the gold medal next doubles match to conclude our day day one here I was asked earlier today how is next-gen crowned and it's a combination of their matches from Friday Saturday and Sunday each day they win so many points for.

Winning so many rounds whether it's in the main draw or the backdraw we do updated standings each day foreign is paid evenly 7 500 going to the Winner's side for 1.5 spots and 7 500 is going down to the men's side paying down five spots I know they all want the money but they.

Also want the title of next gen that is true a lot goes a long way with that one of my favorite parts from Dallas our last Next Gen event was several of our ladies who got paid looked at their checks and were like what I've never gotten paid this much money ever like they just were thrilled it was fantastic I loved it.

They were like what I get money what I get this much money what get Bond then also from the sponsorship standpoint some of these up and coming players some of the cattle companies clothing company shoes companies just don't see them yep next-gen allows an opportunity for them to get some exposure and then help you know get some.

Expenses covered as they are embarking across the whole U.S plan various app pro events foreign yet six three one ball yeah he's he's feeling it right now okay it's very compact off that backhand stroke beautiful Falls here.

For Garrett yeah it's pushing both or I'm sorry kanan's pushing both people off the court again I'm waiting for a little fire from Jake trying to see if Jake can get something started here Tom's running out oh.

Sorry what just happened there oh that that's why I missed that I missed it as well because I couldn't see the other side I just thought he hit it and Garrett and Jake just didn't go for it at all and I was like oh let's let that go but no hit it off of key to this paddle over the net which if I'm remembering the rules correctly.

Ken is not allowed it's not a lot Garrett's served a lot of spin on that serve great drop but then he's moving off his liner he's got to hold his line look four feet behind the line I don't think he played the right shot on that opening ball.

The shot before that he should have taken out of the air got caught on the heels of his foot surf mentioned earlier that Elliott shop has a very decal bar-esque serve up on that Tippy Toe as he's trying to really get a lot of power on it watch outside Wells last week for a couple days supporting USA pickup all.

Day go ahead strong showing mixed doubles with Miss kalamoto and then we'll have a real good showing with JW getting the silver medal oh wow just fired that thing I mean that's going that's breaking a window in the garage door that shot was hit so hard but it Clips Whitehead's paddle.

Okay popped it up changed the pattern paid the price Point Let's Get Bob and Garrett I'm gonna run here probably a smart idea for that timeout one minute smart idea so what I love so much about next gen is it's not like a 7 800 player tournament.

Yes it's really meant it's very intimate 45 to 60 players we've got six indoor courts here through our partnership with chicken and pickle um and that really is what it is I mean we had to cut it off and it's just a nice it's a nice way for the staff to get to know the players to get to know their families we've got some coaches.

Here this weekend that came up so it's that triangular relationship that's so important between the parent the player and the coach you know making sure that they're on the right path being themselves later tonight Scott Moore is going to do a seminar about peaking yourself and things that you can do to get yourself.

Playing your best pickleball you know two weeks out one week out enjoy the tournament what are the things you should be focusing on and while you're pacing yourself having to play three hard days so I think that'll be a great a great seminar for the kids later on this afternoon.

The time out Caden keeps like high-fiving Elliot with the paddle tap but he's not Pat he's not tapping Palace he's like swinging through someone's gonna break a battle oh my God.

Well done patience during this rally I'm very impressed with how he looks good point good point for Garrett Garrett was holding on to his line but at that point all right two points away from a gold medal foreign.

It's just an unforced error there from Whitehead as he tries to speed that up a little probably prematurely very low ball to be trying to speed up gold medal match point one of these times all right so Caden Seward and Elliot shut are our gold medalists here for.

Alternate mixed doubles and big congrats to Jake furnish and Garrett Whitehead they'll get the silver medal here today and the points that go along with it as they continue on through their weekend but our men are done and we'll have that mixed gold medal match to conclude our day here at next gen in just a moment it looks like that bronze is still underway.

So we might have a few more minutes of break but good for me I can go eat some food because I have not eaten yet and I will go run a couple laps to warm myself up but don't go anywhere we're back into the action with our gold medalists and then back for our final match of the day after that.

This is hold up.

Foreign welcome back learn often here with Elliot shupp Kaden Seward our gold medalist here in alternate men's doubles an excellent start to the weekend I have to say first of all sir I heard