About one and a half two minutes away from going live here winter bracket final JW and Georgia Johnson taking on Andrea Coop and Zane navratil one verse two just how they drew it up in the book Chad and we take a look at our bracket here and how they got here Cooper navratil took out kawamoto and bar and we were talking and off camera.

And we were talking about that cow Moto bar match that you had cannot believe that that went three because when I looked at it in game two never till and Cooper up 6-1 and you're like no no no they were under eight one they were up eight one and Kyle Moto and bar came all the way back yeah but just uh took over he he got really big center of.

The court and navratul and Coop just couldn't keep the ball away from him and and Jade was just there kind of as as backup like hey you can't get this one I'll just drop it back into the kitchen and then Bob was was there again so yo it's and then they were up um bar in kalamoto were up nine five in.

Game three and ended up losing that one 11-9 so it was a it was a match of of runs over there but like we were talking about before we took a little bit of a break yo navratil and coop they're they're solid but they have their their holes if you can get them off balance or if you.

Try making them go for too much then you know those those weaknesses start stopping yeah and you know what we're seeing on the other side of the ball with Johnson and Johnson with Georgia and JW I'm seeing a much improved third shot drop from Georgia Johnson she hits it so aggressively it's almost like a half Drive half drop but.

You can create such a good angle with it and what it's doing it's allowing JW Johnson to come in and poach and so I think if I'm never telling Coop I want Johnson hitting that third yeah keeping it back off the kitchen line and not letting Georgia Johnson take advantage of that yeah and that was that was one of the things that Coop and navratil.

Were doing wrong is that they were trying to play keep away from deckle and and they're just allowing and get big and extended right off the bat Georgia Johnson with a big serve and uh unforced error from navratil and all 1-0 lead for the Johnsons he's just so nonchalant no it's it makes.

It look easy it's smooth it's coming forward but you know just a little late on that one when when the timing shows up wow Andrea coop countering uh Georgia Johnson going right off her hand you know that's that's her power zone right there I think she's got a much stronger two-handed backhand and.

Georgia got a little rusty with that one that's why it floated on it Coop's gonna sit there and look to hammer that two-handed backhand one one two foreign do right there no so I they did this Zane did that four or five times in the previous match and I was just about to.

Say she has to be careful staying with Andrea especially if there's that unnecessary change of Direction which is which is what that was and Zayn's sitting there looking for that yep all Georgia was trying to do on that one on this never until Ernie was change things up yeah she didn't have to that's.

But she was just trying to change the the unnecessary change of Direction there is is what is going to kill you against somebody that that earnings a lot which which sane does he moves quickly Andrew Coop with the put away right there between the legs of J.W Johnson foreign.

It was an ambitious attempt right but but it was just one it from our angle it looked like it almost caught the line yeah and we were all kind of looking and waiting and even never took us not without he was disappointed Coop's not gonna miss that ball very many times if any it was a little little deceptive spin on.

That from from JW didn't do a whole lot with it but at times that Ball's gonna slide similar with that one there JW's got his feet set but but Zane's balls slide a little bit then it gets on you a little faster than you expect oh wow Coop ready for that on the two-handed counter yeah potentially just getting a little.

Too excited too big of a backswing on that one catching it a little late is that the whole chat with so much ease but he's still got a lot of power on her yeah it it's short it's compact he stays loose with it and he just he focuses on going through the ball that's why it looks so smooth and F is effortlessly it's it's staying through it it's not.

Trying to whip it three two two thank you again nice short sweet right there yeah and he chose the right ball to speed up Zane counted very well but the thing that JW does exceptionally well is when he count as he stays through the ball he's back in the ready position and.

He's looking to go again it's a nice Ball by Andrew Coop again she read the JW Johnson speed up so well right there Chad yeah and and the good thing that that Coop did there was she slid to her right as soon as she saw JW's reach in she slid to the right created separation and allowed the clearance for that two-handed backhand.

Foreign adjustment right there Chad off the tape we talk about all the time is it's a change up you're expecting it fast and you got to make that adjustment you're expecting it in one location and fast and then all of a sudden it's different location and slower so there's that double adjustment on that one always.

Tough it's Court from coup Johnson JW that is trying to tell Georgia that Ball's going out yeah and that's it's a tough one to lay off of but but you'll find you know George is still finding finding her Roots right she's she's still figuring out Short Court in there and and then an attack at the body's Short Court.

Probably gonna go out point yeah and Cooper navratil after going down 4-2 rattle off four straight to take a 6-4 lead here that's a tough leave right there too because that Ball's falling quickly but never took great Court awareness recognizing where he's at.

I actually think even if he let that man Zane's fast enough to get that boat back so I think that's that's that kind of helps in your decision making it's like oh if I let a ball bounce I can catch up to him let's go get it I'll go run it down even if I'm behind it I'll go run it down that was a good move my my navratul but.

Georgia just reading it and and going into the body and handcuffing navratal what Georgia just letting that ball drop a little too much and again she's trying to reach that it may be too far out in front I'm I'm fine with her trying to speed that up but the issue of reaching with straight legs you're not getting underneath that ball you're gonna reach.

Out you're gonna be flat and anytime you're flat you're going to speed it up into the net you've got to use the legs you got to get the paddlehead underneath four eight one I want to reset from navratel oh same guy same guy reached out that ball it's that that's the tough one you get this amazing ball back and then you.

You miss the easy one you're trying to you're trying to just like caress it over the net and there was that reset you saw in that replay right there just unbelievably done when Georgia Johnson served you know she's got this little slick spin it's hard to reap because you don't know where the spin is going.

Just great Hands by navrotto and J.W Johnson in the middle of that point yeah and the big thing there from JW is yes he's on being aggressive but he's not taking big swings he's getting balls go down so Coupe takes a biggest swing on a lower ball and that in order to bring it up that ball is going to sell deep.

Yeah Johnson able to get on top of that ball and get it down at the feet of navratil they were an hour minute minute 15 seconds ago was 84 now eight eight that's pickleball I mean that's Georgia Johnson being so confident I don't think she thought she was gonna hit a winner on any of those.

She knew that she was gonna get a ball eventually that either her or JW could put away right there yeah and and that is the smart thing on knowing that Coop's looking for a two-handed backing very rarely does she sit forehand so if you're playing against somebody that's going to set that two-handed backhand and looking to rip it if you go right.

Hip to right armpit which which Georgia did twice right there and then that ball finally popped up they're coming across and they're shovel they're shoveling that ball up each time the right elbow goes up and then and then it opens that face up whereas if you go anything left side or or you even go Center body that where they they can slide and give the.

Separation you're in trouble so you almost have to treat it like you're like you're playing a playing a lefty when you're playing against somebody with that strong two-hander back yeah and then I'm just saying that we need a camera in the boot so that when you and I get together we are so animated with what we do you and I are both like.

Showing stuff like anyone in the world's paying attention to it's you and I in here showing each other it's awesome it's easy it's easy to describe when you're like making emotion as well 9-8 lead here for Johnson Johnson oh navratso gets a little love off their tape right there he'll take it all day.

Though not much you can do with that one and it's a big enough jump then it kind of over the paddle it goes it's just too big in the middle right there and it'll give JW and George Johnson a game point here in game number one.

Yeah that's that's big from JW going into the I mean just like everybody else sane is going to be effective when he's when he's extended if you go into the body and you jam him and regardless of how good his hands are what patience from Georgia just stepping up right there wow to end it right there like that Georgia Johnson just coming.

Into her own Johnson and Johnson take game and number one here on the winner bracket final over your one seed 11-8 we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back game number two here in this winter bracket final at the app Chicago open presented by Lexus the app Chicago open presented by Lexus sponsored by power plates.

Selkirk Sunman and pickleball Central the Art Institute of Chicago downtown Chicago the famous Lions out front if the Bears are doing well they put a Big Bear's helmet on that lion to say the least that so I was going to say the helmet's not on very often right.

Home has got a lot of dust on it and being from Chicago really depresses me because I was here and lived here in the prime of the Bears Jim McMahon Walter Payton 85 pairs still in my opinion best Bears team ever yeah even though he's from Wisconsin but we're back here on Championship Court Johnson and Johnson Georgia and JW.

Take game one 11-8 over Andrea Coop and Zane navratil Zane will bring us in here with his serve 0-0 ooh a little miscommunication right there from Georgia and JW see JW mouthing to himself that's my ball he thinks everybody that's right Georgia made up for it yep.

Right there Georgia Johnson splitting the middle right there beautifully done shot compact kind of sold it that she was going down the line never to move to the backhand then just rolled back through the middle that's not the spot this ain't never until forehand right there yeah that's not the spot right now.

You've got it you've got to come a little bit more centralized up outside right shoulder not gonna work so we're trying to cut that so much he gets too much on it one one two I'll square at one just a little wad from Georgia looking to drive that ball down the line behind navratil.

Y taking that ball off his back heels that's a tough ball to drive when you're leaning back like that yeah that's what I was gonna say yo usually we look for something inside the court to drive when when that ball is deep and your weight is on the back foot you're not going to gain any ground even even when you do.

Drive that ball oddly enough two miscommunications in our like in quick points there forever till and Coop on the miscommunication from Johnson Johnson wow the ball just kept getting higher yeah eventually he was thinking JW is going to come in there and put that away but I mean excellent job by Georgia.

Johnson right there she started that that five fight got an average Hill kind of out of it a little bit and then JW steps in and starts going off the coop thank you just too good yeah I was just I was just watching George's positioning there after the two miscommunications so she's now taken a step back away from the.

Kitchen she's giving JW a little bit more room to move in front right there right here nice oh that's a good finish there down the line from Android too but that's a great call Chad I've seen her watch her taste she's taking that step back giving him that space yeah and that's something that you kind.

Of need to do because the guy's gonna hover right and he's gonna step in and pull that trigger when when he feels like he can so if you know I we we used to see it a lot with with Matt Wright and Lucy kovaleva Lucy get her feet stepped on constantly because Matt had come over and reach in.

And take that ball three two two oh It's just tough ball right there from JW Johnson he hit such a hard ball but it's a heavy ball it almost seems to be gaining Pace as it gets to you yeah and he kind of shaped that a little differently it was he had that as a backhand but it was more on the forehand.

Side and then took it back behind navratul oh wow that is a shot I have not seen all day from JW Johnson but it is a perfect time for it yeah it was a good spot just if anything a little flat so it ended up going a little deep ER just finding that angle again if.

You're hitting that ball flat and back to the Baseline they're gonna get their back yeah got to create an angle here two four two Awareness on the short hop from Georgia Johnson it is one of her favorite things she likes taking that off the short hop it almost feels like she can get a little more Pace on it from there.

Yeah it does help to be able to get a more penetrating dink but again if you rush that short hop you end up missing into the net like real quickly in a two-handed backhand right there but a good setup from JW Johnson four three one ball not coming back from the forehand.

Of Zayn naverto no not especially when you're you're up that close it's kind of a just throw the paddle in some position and hope it hits it yeah uh Georgia see now this is this is what happened on the other side right she hit a ball that was probably going out so now this one she tries to get out of the way but because it's into the body again.

And she hasn't practiced getting out of the way of those balls now now you get stuck another possible out ball because Coop's speeding that up Cross Court yeah it's it's Cross Court it's I mean it's going mid mid chest yeah so potentially a little bit to the right side of the back corner there.

And again I mean if it's right shoulder definitely don't hit it yeah let's hit right at her so it's so hard to get out of the way yeah Georgia Johnson serve coming into play here I don't I don't know about over here but on cc2 I've I saw so many balls not second server.

That was that out yeah Coop called it out I didn't even get it he didn't even get an argument or a question out of Johnson maybe our eyes are going I think it's I thought it was I think it could be but I saw so many balls over at cc2 where the the sub just was not coming up it was staying below the knee yeah even with.

Spin it was just it was just hitting and and staying down we've had that here too where a couple balls have been hitting any kind of spin on it either Top Spin or spin off the serve it's hitting and just it just flattens yeah yeah we've had a few ball changes here thinking it's the ball and oh my goodness what they ever tilt like a full.

Swing at that hey it's it's like a a 95 mile an hour fastball and then all you're sitting that everything looks the same you get the 70 mile an hour change up how do you adjust 25 miles an hour you can't what hands from Georgia Johnson just handling the pace from Cooper.

Navratil growing up so quick yeah and I mean excellent job if there's no take backs he's in position just looking at counter punching straight back through the ball three eight one and it's a five-point lead here for Johnson and Johnson in a blink of an eye another good ball from JW again it's not.

The power like a lot of the times the spin and the placement is more important than than pal yep service mistake there from an advertill gives a quick shout out to Johnson and Johnson 8-3 lead trying to end this in two move on to Championship Sunday I thought Georgia was going to say hey little bro.

I mean big bro let me show you how it's done right there but she she wasn't able to go side to side you know she'd let him play see what happens Georgia Johnson just taking over right here hey big bro jump on my back now let's do this that's uh this is a tough position for Cooper navratul and a tough team to try.

To hit through I mean George is playing so well as far as counter-attacking and just staying compact you have to move that ball around more you're not you're not going to be able to hit through them see now that is
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