It flashed on the screen real quickly the format is best two out of three we play to 11 side outs scoring and in pickleball it's double side out scoring so something to pay attention to you also must win by two points there's a look at Ben John's number one player in the world just 23 years old out of Maryland now residing in Austin Texas.

Six foot one an innovator of the game and really a true genius in terms of experimenting in pickleball yeah he really is and I think the game is evolving so much like Matt was touching on is it's not so much more the dinking anymore you have the speed UPS you have to resets the different patterns and strategies and there's a lot of stacking.

And switching sides so it's going to be interesting to see what these teams stick with right off the bat and again we have it Annalee waters on the left and Riley Newman on the right love that combo speaking of combos there's a great one from Riley Newman part of the number two slash one if you ask him probably.

Um men's doubles teams on the PPA tour and actually the winner of the bubbly Team Championships alongside tennis pro Sam querry and the rest of that team second sir I actually took down John isner's team in the Championships it had Ben Johns on that team so a little bit of a rematch for those two facing off against one.

Another inside out for Annalee Waters number one women's player in the world just 15 years old she turned Pro when she was 12. the youngest player to ever do so foreign out there unbelievable player eight.

Triple Crowns this year alone on the PPA tour is that Infamous backhand if you're wondering what a Triple Crown is let him know cam Triple Crown is when you win all three events so she wins her singles she wins mixed doubles with her partner Ben Johnson who's now on the opposite side of court and women's.

Doubles usually alongside her mom Lee Waters recently just got injured so she is alongside Catherine parento to finish out the year foreign he gets another back flap shot second tries to cover Riley Newman originally out of Washington Whidbey Island.

Just a few miles away from the origin of pickleball in Bay Bridge official sport now Washington zero one one Jesse Irvin originally out of North Carolina plays that right side along Ben Johns she is the queen of consistency and the.

Queen of Dinks setting up her partner beautifully yeah that ball getting up a little bit High Ben John's plenty of time let's use that signature backhand counter second serve one one two so if this is the first time you're ever.

Watching pickleball we talked about the double side outscoring both you and your partner have to lose surf in order for the ball to go to the other side you can only score points on your serve for your team so that's why you're hitting those scores the 1-1 and that third number is whether it's first serve or second serve.

Point if you win the point you also switch sides with your partner like Riley Newman and Anna Lee just did tricky tricky finger point why not dirty looking like he was going through the middle oh nope we're not so fast Ben Johns slider from Riley Newman okay you mentioned it Cameron Blackwood.

Right on that Scouting Report yeah and she just wanted to follow in Riley Newman's footsteps they're like hey you know what I can go ahead and take that up but she set it up perfectly second serve what that did was jamming him up really opened up the middle for that next ball four one two.

There's the stack from Ben Johns and Jesse Irvin they're really finding those middle balls on the side of Irvin and Johnson and it's because they don't play together really ever outside of this so that's gonna be something that they're gonna have to tighten up quickly if they.

Don't want to go down yeah they've done a good job of holding these outside things up the line pulls people wide and then bang through the middle 5-1 a quick start for Waters and Newman challenging the other side of Irvin and John's one more after this and welcome back Ben Johns now serving.

From the right side trailing by four with his partner Jesse Irvin the 2022 bubbly Team Championships and exhibition was four of the top Pros on tour second serve yes forcing Ben such small large they're Annalee looking for the Ernie no space to go there then Riley covering the.

Middle foreign foreign you can see that Jesse looks like she's trying to attack the feet of Annalee Waters right here and that's the right play it when you are going to have those she has such long arms she's taken a lot of balls out of the air in the kitchen.

Taking time away and when she can finish it right at the feet is the right side even some of those dinks go in that direction yeah that last thing from just Europe and set up a little bit a little passive allows Emily to really pick her Target on Ben John's foreign.

No one does it quite like him six three two and it's absurd we'll see it here in a replay I've seen that all day from Ben Johns good hands didn't whoever was in the crowd right there snatched that one timing such an important piece of countering it is and as you saw there we call it the slide in pickleball so when.

You see that ball and it's sped up you choose then are you gonna slide to your right or your left if you want a forehand or a backhand you saw Annalee Waters there slide out to her left just miss that forehand what a dink tried to cover back down the line off the Ernie of Newman.

Four six one so impressed with Anna Lee Waters here putting so much on these things at that point then thought he had it behind her and she comes up with a better dink great hands on the back second sir that's great placement there when you're in that transition zone as Irvin was meaning that middle Zone from the.

Baseline and the kitchen line any ball there is going to be hard to get back especially an unattackable ball sign out and again she got caught in that transition zone needed to either put a little bit more on it and then work her way in or go ahead and be aggressive and have those hands ready for a counter.

Ly Waters that's exactly what Jesse Irvin I would have liked to have seen her do it she's going right at her partner Lefty off Newman what a save somehow that manages go over the net oh and Anna Lee pulls the trigger she.

Thought they were all balanced but nice recovery there from Ben Johns it's just a sick display from offense to defense back to offense so hard to change up Aces backhand flick above his head that's what's hard if you're going to go ahead and take that then you have to be fully committed and he knew that that.

Ball wasn't as sharp as it would have liked to have been went ahead and saw that ball go right behind him since you can hear from the sounds of Jesse Irvin she was on that one point really good driving crash there from Ben Johnson finding Annalee just jammed.

There side out and that is what we call Momentum killer the first shot or the prior point was set up because of Ben John's heavy aggressive serve so I like that from him he just can't go for too much here and get the ball back nice defense he handcuffs Jesse Irvin up the line.

Not something Ben's used to playing with a partner that doesn't have quite as good hands as Anna Lee Waters the top of the game he's used to speeding that up and having someone finish for him foreign Jesse Irvin comes from quite a tennis background we've been working to go professionally.

At a young age she started attending some prestigious tennis academies all the way back when she was 13 years old Anna Lee Waters also coming from a tennis background started playing pickleball with visiting Grandma and Grandpa well they're homeless in a little bit of trouble as a.

Hurricane came their Direction in Florida ever since then she's pretty much been the best player in the world and I get to see it on other side of the Court that was incredibly powerful from Jesse Urban there and what she did so well yes.

She was backed off the line but like you said her hips and her shoulders were square up so she was ready for those counters and finished it perfectly well and the challenge too of going two-hand backhand hand counter and then she actually punched volley one hand on that second one the ability to those are two different shots and two different skill.

Sets and kind of challenging that grip especially having the mindset to differentiate which one you want to hit at the exact right time that's why she's one of the best in the world oh it's the dinner the dink winner from Annalee Waters this looks easy at home but I swear it.

Takes so much skill to get your body controlled get that paddle the ball great little roll behind Ben John's there eight seconds it doesn't look stupid often but that was one time he did thank you point and you gotta remember it's also really hard because we've we talked.

About it in the game of pickleball and mixed doubles it's all about percentages right you're trying to get somebody uncomfortable on the other side you see those fellas really start to come in more aggressively point so you're leaving room on the back side of Ben John so at times you're gonna see winners go that direction.

Trying to keep him honest but ultimately the percentages typically still go in his favor having him be aggressive like there on that forehand side 100 he takes over the middle that ball is long and there is game one Waters and Newman 11-7 just incredible defense in that last rally Waters and Newman up by one.

John's in Irving got out to an early start here in game at number two but Newman and Waters are fighting their way back now trailing by just two points and having picked up game number one welcome back to the 2022 bubbly Team Championships on the PPA tour presented by MGM Rewards thank you.

Second serve back out of the timeout Riley Newman with some Force five three two wow I don't even know what that what do you call that paddle position it's called Uh oh I don't know what to do with it.

the crossbody attack one of the newer developments in the last year in the game of pickleball a lot of times you'll see that backhand set up on the right side uh Cross Court crossbody is tough there's not a whole lot of room to do it though no and I think Annalee Waters is.

I think one of the best at that cross-court speedups like you said we don't see it a lot it has been in the nuances of involving this game usually you'll speed up straight ahead not so much anymore you can really catch someone at their hip and as you saw they're really jamming in that middle body on the forehand side.

Four six one second serve and the reason Ben Johnson is able to finish that so quickly if you watched he didn't let the paddle come all the way across his body he flicks it with the wrist keeps it out in front ready for that next attacking ball ready to counter any ball and finish it wherever.

He wants in complete control packedness of Swing so important and it's interesting you talk about reaction time I actually did a little bit of math I mean some of the what you might see in terms of reaction time for a professional baseball player from pitch to actual back contact is less than four tenths of a second.

In pickleball guess what it's less than four tenths of a second from 14 feet away kitchen line to Kitchen line with how fast that ball is moving wow that was incredible for those of you that don't know you may have heard of an Ernie which is when you go ahead and cross over that kitchen like he did a Bert meaning you jump in front of your.

Partner and hit the winning shot incredible work by Ben Johns it's actually the second one we've seen from him in this match not only the athleticism but the anticipation to know that's where the ball is going to go time it perfectly very impressive stuff there from the goat dungeon.

There's a cross-court backhand flick crossbody the opposite direction It's very effective like we said there's new shots that are just continue to evolve in the game of pickleball another one is a lob we used to not see it now it's transitioned over to pickleball you're taking lobs out of the kitchen off the bounce on a third shot usually.

We'd never see that now there's third shot lobs in pickleball it is changing you have to stay up to date with the fastest growing sport in America I just love it so much well and that's what makes it so fun and Ben Johns has talked about it himself the fact that this is a game that he can experiment with and continue to kind of change and evolve.

Test new things if you started even at times working with a two-handed backhand speed up off the bounce off the line testing some different things out in his own game the game right now is the paddle Tech technology carbon fiber face on these paddles allowing a little more grit compared to you know your polyester.

Strings in tennis allowing the balls to go up and down faster getting more RPMs and then combine it with the athletes in this game we're just getting a different more athletic brand despicable point athletic no doubt Annalee Waters right there winning the The Exchange five seven five seven one second third.

finishing that off with authority finding the right shoulder there the chicken wing and the lead and popping that up yeah right isn't it hands defeat battles it's typically two to the same side that third one always ends up on the opposing side six seven two and that's when you.

Have the slide involved if there's time for it meaning that when the ball's coming and you know it's gonna be coming back you gotta choose am I going to sit forehand am I going to sit backhand and you slide accordingly to where you can hit that winning shot receiver 772 just like that the comeback has been mounted by Waters and Newman it is now seven.

Seven two let's see if they can finish it off in two games a fantastic battle is upon us seven a piece here in game number two waters Newman Irvin and Johns on NBC we're so glad to have you with us let's see if Waters and John's excuse me Waters Newman can close it out.

Sliding in front is Ben Johns really impressive there from Irvin kept him in that point Riley was all over the net there getting down at their feet Jesse able to one more ball back once right now doing a nice job of it and as you saw right there they just weren't able to get up they got stuck in.

That transition zone the new one placed it perfectly right at their feet you're gonna win that ball every single time foreign Newman what a play a little bit of everything in that one and a solid hold Waters and Newman get the ball back now scoring.

Deep serve or deep return from John's second serve 772 point rare missed thereby Jesse Irvin she's not gonna miss that one again she just came through it swung straight down to the ground versus out in front of her Point yeah I think they're on the switch.

When Jesse's having to come over after a stack she didn't get close enough to that kitchen line it's about five feet behind trying to hit an offensive shot in order to get in a little bit faster there what defense from Annalee Waters probably got it after it skipped under the toes of Riley Newman.

So ball back the way of Irvin and John's after two have been earned from Waters and Newman foreign ball nice job off the net for urban sliding back here from Ben John closing out something different that you're seeing right here with Johnson she's not.

Sucking over as much on the side with Irvin because he respects Annalee Waters game so much he knows exactly what she's capable of so yes you will see him then sing in the middle but also making sure that his line on the left side is covered every single time yeah sorry that's a great Point these Minor Adjustments you have to make not only.

With who your partner is but who's on the opposing side of the Court understanding The Scouting Report Annalee likes her shot she's in complete disbelief nine nine now still second serve for Irvin and John's Jesse Irvin right at the right time we've seen that before from Jesse Irvin.

Riley Newman closing and holding the middle Jesse seeing that line ripping it she screamed before it even hit the other side of the court she had so much confidence with that shot and that's exactly what she needs she needs to continue to have that confidence playing on this side because they have to take this game if they want to take it into a.

Third 100 she needs to keep being offensive if Ben's going to take chances yes she has to play her role in being solid but she has to take those chances like she did there you have to win points can't just have the other team lose them yeah I gotta love that aggressive play from Jesse Irvin.

Glad you found her way on over from to pickleball from the tennis world time in 1092. it's game point Irvin and John's says no good which means we're going to three one game will let us know who our Victor will be.

foreign Newman now on the left side again trying to get a little bit different look they don't want to have anally abused on the left side like she has in the last few points Scoop from Anna Lee atp's offended and we're back into the.

Point oh we almost had one on each side and she will not miss those often she really does wait for that ball to get super low outside of the court and finish it just a little too tight on that one Annalee back on the left.

And a dink missed out of bounds Annalee says oh I'm so good over here on the left two four one two four still first served and another Anna Lee Waters says she's had enough three straight now yeah normally when Ben creeps over to the middle the only shot you have to.

Look out for is a slow ball over to your left she's got so much action on that little shot foreign still just the second serve for Newman and Waters three four two it almost looks like they're playing straight up just kind of depending on what side of the Court they are on terms.

Of their serve talked about earlier having space for herself and the big backhand of the 15 year old phenom there's a reason she's got eight Triple Crowns this year.

Foreign playing he played Collegiate tennis and basketball at Seattle University curious if he played with the same grip would love to see that as well I don't know if you could with a racket and screams but you never know.

I don't think it's going to be as pretty as this pickleball game I kind of just want to see him dominate on the pickleball court but if there's some old footage release it put it on your Instagram they still play with their their traditional grip right maybe there's some adjustments that you make right in.

Terms of comfort level I don't okay I completely changed my grip from my forehand and Tennis to pickleball but again it's preference it's whatever's most comfortable for you and and as the sport evolves I think you can evolve with it change the grip according to how the game is being played and you've seen these players I think they may be.

Playing this style now give it six months give it a year this might be a completely different game and I'm just so excited that we're a part of it right at the Forefront well and to the point Ben Johns has talked about he uses a handful of different grips when he's playing from being at the Baseline up at the kitchen line it consistently varies.

Depending on what shot he's trying to go with side out yeah I think you know a couple years ago people were talking about Continental grip it was good for everything I switched over now to kind of an Eastern forehand grip allows you to do a lot more with the ball keep everything in the front get.

More spin yes these players are making tiny adjustments all the time depending on the shot you're the yes from Riley Newman Danny set it up perfectly he really pushed Ben John's out wide with that nice heavy roll slid into the middle and found that opening.

We still play 211 win by two here in game three two point that thing was diving at the kneecap I suggest you thought that ball was going in the net might have clipped the net a little bit on the way over high on the left shoulder is that ball.

Staying in we'll never know no but uh I think she had a great look at that she's not gonna miss that too often I think it came a little higher than she expected swing got a little big second serve I just saw they're just getting jammed they're just not used to Playing.

Together probably should have been John's ball and had Urban slide over to the right a little bit but hoping they make that adjustment yeah to your point she almost shifted left and still was working with that forehand volley foreign Newman one of the most expressive in.

Terms of willpower trying to get the ball over the net side out I think Annalee got a bad bounce there bald didn't go exactly where she thought it might foreign take a look at this great shot Jesse.

Irvin yeah Riley Newman not wanting to go to Ben Johns there leaves it up a little high thinking down the line that's why we normally don't think down line and pickleball and that's higher on that side 36 inches on the thought on the side 34 in the middle and you have less space to really attack.

And get your partner involved credit to the side of Irvin and Johns though I think they've really kept that intensity from game two moving into game three and yes they've had some miscommunication in the middle that's expected but I think the style of pickleball they're playing with the aggressive not only movement but power and placement looking to see.

On the other side how Newman and Waters can really counter that get back the momentum on their side pickleball is really a game of momentum and runs you'll see that a lot in pickleball you'll have a team that just makes a run of 4.5.6 points it's really slowing down the momentum getting the ball back getting a reset back into the game six.

Five one the game of momentum as Cameron puts it let's see who can find at the momentum here to close out game three and that's a good way just stop coming back out of the timeout six five two at the kitchen on both sides of the net how fast these hands have to go side out.

Five six one foreign that's actually if you remember back the last shot she had in game number two she's trying to speed up towards the middle there towards that backhand side of Jesse Irvin and close out with her backhand.

And to your point there's the noise from Jesse Irvin and that is perfectly planned mixed double point right there you see John's took the majority of the court and balls however when it came time for the put away Irvin executed it incredibly well went right behind Newman down the line steady dinking from Anna Lee until the.

Two-hand speed up up the line talk about the variation of shots I don't think we've seen this yet the inside in backhand over the high part of the net not the highest percentage shot and not one that then would Barn so when she hits it he's not expecting it at all point.

I've been going across Court most of this match so for her to sit back hold it like you said hit that inside in it was a great change up and she didn't go for a lot she just made sure her wrists were down got a lot of spin make sure it kept in thank you Urban Works their way in you saw her.

About three feet off the kitchen line very comfortable sitting back that direction until the close family not happy with that ball that dink just got away from her left it up a little bit too high easy put away for Jesse Urban that's the one annalize been looking for me one you gotta make a move now if your water is in Newman.

Great return though plenty of depth on that ball second serve there's a time where I like that Jesse Irvin moved off the kitchen on Xavier plenty of time if Anna Lee were to speed it up what she did there really smart to move off that line drops.

Dropship oh and just wide but you have to love the effort come on come on boy that was a great shot from Ben Johns right there on the forehand side of Annalee Waters 9-5 now things looking awfully bright for Irvin.

And John's there's the Cross Court speed up that time finally finding the backhand side nine five two Jesse just sat right in that posture and unfortunately those resets just kept getting higher and higher and higher and it's one of those that you just really have to soft those hands Let It Drop in.

The kitchen or swing away and be aggressive and move right up again the back hand slaps oh that's some power off the paddle of Jesse Jesse's even doing a better job with the one hand this game than the two that's a new technique that she's been working on Coach Scott Crandall train a lot out in Arcadia.

Yeah to your point there's two more from her it's working here's a nice glimpse nine five thank you again looking for that Cross Court speed up just hasn't quite gone her way in these last two games it really hasn't I.

Would I had this match point now but I'd like her to make that adjustment quicker if it's not working let's switch it up still looking for match ball foreign the scoop by Newman in the middle of that was fantastic.

Still a match point side out so tough when it pops up off the net right there and a much-needed side out for Waters of Newman just laughing I think she should have gone to the two hands there she knew it we have not seen that in a while a backhand speed up all right excuse me a speed up to the backhand side of Ben.

John and again the switch from new men and Waters thank you just why did you hear the frustration frustration from Jesse Irvin but she is playing lights out right now I don't want her to change anything about her.

Game make pick her spots maybe just a little bit better but everything else is working for her so much junk on that ball because the spin it can double up after a few of those contacts still second serve now so they earned two back.

They're gonna stop the bleeding so to speak that's all they cared about getting that ball back beach ball again for Irvin and John's their third and they're gonna have a fourth look at a match point second serve ten seven two.

Miscommunication and that's the game oh that's a hard way to finish if your water's in Newman but a massive congratulations to those two they dropped game at number one but then found games two and three with just a small margin Jesse Irvin and Ben John with a huge congratulations we'll be back with a trophy.

Hunts is standing alongside our two victors well welcome back to Championship Court Jesse Irvin Ben John's here with me and what a way to end it in three classic guys it's Christmas time it's the end of the year this is your last event how good is it be able to finish off like this yeah no I mean that was a great.

Game uh all all four players played really well it was a lot of fun I'm just you know happy to be a part of it and happy to come out on top with Ben Ben how are you feeling right now uh definitely exhausted uh definitely put in a lot of work both in this match and this this weekend uh but yeah Jesse uh played amazing I thought it was a great.

Match for TV and for the spectators here uh so really well done by the PPA tour here to put on a great event and uh thanks again to Bubbly our sponsor here that's huge as well well guys huge win congratulations again we're going to bring Sam flaxman from the PPA tour to present your trophy now Sam.

On behalf of the PPA tour we'd like to present Jesse and Ben with the Christmas special mixed doubles first place trophy thank you all right guys congratulations take us up there is a look at your Victor's Jesse Irvin and Ben Johns holding up the hardware a big congratulations to them but your final thoughts on this matchup.

Because it has been a fun one to call Jesse Irvin Jesse Irvin she was The Game Changer in this match a little tentative little passive in the first game completely changed that mindset came out strong and loud and completely dominated the second and third game that's the reason they came out on top tonight and Matt I come to you final thoughts on.

This matchup because she was phenomenal but she's playing alongside the go I had the same exact thoughts Ben Johns did a great job to get Jesse Irvin involved in the match she then came out and played lights out but to all four players Riley Newman Annalee Waters as well they shut up they showed out they represented pickleball in a great way well thanks so.

Much for joining us here on NBC for myself for Cameron Blackwood as as well as Matt manasse and the rest of our crew we hope you have a wonderful holiday season foreign
Bubly exhibition match in Las Vegas. Aired 12/24/2022. Featuring world’s number one picklball male and female players (ALW and BJ) facing off!