Here in Orlando and it is Parental and Waters the two seed taken on bright and Irvin the three seed and you know I Clark I don't really want to throw shade on the official design and Elise Jones really gave them quite a battle in fact they they were winning that they were winning that second game.

8-3 before parental and Waters came back in the midst there was a controversial ATP call but hey credit Catherine and Annalee they did what they had to do they came back and won game two 12-10 to advance to this semi-final point Regina Franco Goldberg and Jana grishkina at 11 2 11 8 in their quarterfinal match.

Yeah the winner of this match will face Leia Jansen and Jackie Cowell Moto and championships did catch in they have the official did called the point but it's a side out instead so zero four one great sportsmanship on display there is an Annalee clarified know that that it was indeed a good shot foreign.

To the backhands the overhead the forehand she's doing it all right now they're doing their best to keep it away from Anna Lee and now Anna Lee does come in with the backhand two of course we're staying away from the prediction train but keeping the.

Ball away from Italy Waters as much as possible set up but I will tell you that speaking to somebody last night who's uh very respected person with the PBA and I put I posed the question I said apparently was playing yeah I fancy to agree with that statement I think it's an idea that a lot of people have.

Floated around their heads quite a bit and there's been some talk about that maybe one day we'll see an event which just could see her playing up against a ton of men um certainly a pretty cool idea a pretty cool thing to think about but I mean what a high level player I'm no doubt in my mind she.

Could defeat anybody in the Pro in the Pro game if she's on I mean no question and I wouldn't say I won't say 100 of the time she's defeating anybody just kind of trying to reiterate again how much skill she has how about the defense being played by parento there as well as.

Hannah Lee they're keeping this thing alive a heck of a point going on right now what a rally oh and Elite quick hands and it finally Adam bright puts it away yeah unreal Point yeah to clarify was not saying Anna Lee Waters is just going to straight up beat anybody out there just.

In any given day top top players that's a shot or two every once in a while and how about this rally by bright and urban they've reeled off four straight here to tie this thing and a chance to go in front five four two scoring coming at a much more rapid Pace.

Clark that we had in the other semifinal don't forget and Jesse unable to catch up to that one so panalee just showing off everything right now but how about Irvin taking it off from myself included but she's so good with preparing early so she's in a better.

Spot and an easier spot to hit her shot that was really awkward Don Morgan and referees for this match so they do get it straight yeah real clarification that ball is dead point is over if it does hit that outer post that just extends beyond the net itself.

Wow firefight and women's doubles always loving seeing that yeah at least seven five two three straight points for parental and Waters and what's been a game of run so far four nothing and then five four and now seven five.

Out five seven one oh Bourbon and Waters now bright getting involved who's gonna speed it up first play Pickleball don't know it as well we may have you have some viewers that have never watched pickleball before.

Kind of wondering you know why are they hitting the ball so slowly so softly well there is a method to that these players are playing chess they are not playing checkers it's super strategic is wow Anna Lee covering a lot of grounds can you put pressure on your opponent and force them to pop a ball up that you can attack exactly you you're you're.

Really kind of waiting for a mistake more than necessarily an unforced error if you get somebody that hits it into the net it's a gift but you're just want somebody to put it a little bit too high where then you got a chance to tee off on it yes and the whole goal is with a well-placed dink a softer slower shot at the feet of your opponent or you know to.

One seven seven two right fired up mounted quite the mini comeback here in the first game seven seven two point for our Saturday covers tomorrow morning 10 a.m Eastern it all gets underway with championships Sunday yes come on I'll throw your opponent off.

Rhythm and then Irving quite a little thank you for the opportunity thanks for having me tomorrow it will be myself and Dave Fleming on the call for Championship Sunday let's go all right it would have been a huge huge mini.

Victory oh Catherine Lee Captain will get to Sir pack Emily tried to speak and sneak it down the boulevard we play on and his speed up was well defended and then Catherine chance to tie it up and force some extra.

Pickleball here okay oh man Elise somehow able to keep that alive football oh they're gonna call a football a kitchen sink I said you need to just get along with the referee's call if it.

Doesn't go your way did not with Anna bright and Jesse Irvin that last point all good foreign rights backhand returned but the 10 11 1. Ernie by parent tell the much needed.

Time at 11. unbelievable 12 11 1. foreign Irvin Jesse did a good job keeping that one alive she thought she thought that first game and Extras 13-11 and now we're into game number two.

Yeah Dave no doubtsy to say is the favorite zero zero one see if they can send it to a third Annalee trying to set herself up for a potential Triple Crown tomorrow one zero one partner and if that was Ali in a confirmed three zero one slightly wide Hannah Lee just hitting back after hand.

After backhand sir Irvin and bright and I'll leave the two-hand backhand that time wasn't returnable yeah one three two ah a patience right now on display.

And then Waters ah ATP by Irvin that's her specialty and she certainly shows off why right there the reaction from Enterprise 2 is priceless I think she was very excited than Jesse Irvin was that's a signature move from Jessie she loves those ATP.

Oh well I thought that was going to be out I think you misdirection by Jesse Annalee able to catch up to it and make it right I'll recall five two two one and a break at a rapid velocity she has she has last two years I would say.

She has really risen to stardom well I think she's only been playing pickleball about a year I was about to say two years if that I don't even think tennis player a cow yep she proved she could do everything she was here in the booth on Thursday calling some singles matches alongside Dave Fleming.

Anna Lee five two one that's it oh Anna into the net Dave you and I both said we would not be surprised if this went to a third it's heading that way right now that being said still a lot the pickleball left to play in this second I believe I actually said I would be.

Would be surprised if it didn't go to a third wow how about the defense here stop unbelievable you've got to be kidding me I mean the defense from Anna Brighton Jesse Irvin tremendous what a spot yes 6-2 62.

Thank you Catherine the speed up and the service hit that'll be wide second game they called they did call that in I thought it was out so it moves to 822 foreign inside the Baseline foreign.

game but if they're gonna win this match you feel like they really need to get it done in two you don't want to face Emily and Catherine having momentum having things straightened out in a third game foreign.

ATP point and they're used to being with of course foreign lets that one go quick work of the first shirt catches up with it friendly roll for Parental off the tape foreign.

Catherine nine two foreign yeah that one hurts a little bit nine six one huge opportunity here for Parental and Waters to close out game two and Ernie Biana bright but it stays alive.

Watch and that one will not stay alive bright breaks through too good and what about the double Ernie went for the Ernie and then sat beside the court waiting for the next now it's a huge hold from that one oh the fire fight finally won six nine.

Two and Ali gets the serve back to send this to a third we will have a game right trying to push herself and her partner to hold here and there it is and they'll start game three with the serve zero zero two.

One zero two two good and the lead just taking everything right now off the neck Catherine catches up to it bright speeding it up well defended good reset right gets them both back on the Baseline now and finally a misfoot of that point Jesse and.

Anna worked their way back in she decided you know what based on the situation I can't continue this fast answer all four players exactly find that at the moment perfect they are certainly not playing the Finesse game at the moment we'll go on to Facebook.

And her partner Jackie kalamoto and the women's Pro doubles Championship tomorrow what an opportunity I don't think I've you know you play one two maybe three matches at the most in a day if that but pickleball you can play eight to ten sometimes.

She's a super talented player gets a lot of shots in that I don't think are gonna go in great job taking that out could not keep that up though one four two let's go home and Ice their shoulders because they're just been overhead after overhead being hit because the.

Phenomenal defense on display ah oh manly somehow able to come up with that one such a quality Point Dave so many tremendous resets and speed UPS from all four players for four two two.

Perfect makes it five two has had an advantage and the side change would favor parental and Waters if that indeed is the case but you don't want to go into that side change with too big of a deficit foreign yeah that was one of those close ones where I cheer and pump my fist right.

Away just to show the rap show that was in three one I think it definitely caught the line but close it was real close and the lead putting a little bit of everything I display right there and Jesse and Anna able to keep it going now on the first server here is bright.

Will look to try to add to the lead and Anna Lee says let's get into the second server six three two foreign both sides keeping this thing alive right now huge save four points away I don't think those four points are.

Gonna come easy oh and a bright Catherine parento couldn't catch up to it and that'll make it 8-3 unbelievable I mean these points are just getting better and better Waters and parento Jesse knew she had that slightly less.

Executed it's the first time they've had the surf since the side change oh foreign Resolute defense from Anna and Jesse it's even better off four eight two good job of not telegraphing in L.A Waters where she was going.

It's a little too low oh Catherine flips it up and is able to find the dark part of the court for another Point too good from parento performance the 7-10 split right down the middle what a shot foreign.

nine one go oh analy exerting her will wow unbelievable sequence that is just family Waters just tightening up and another point to make it one point game you see the graphic there will be on the air 10 a.m Eastern with.

Championships Sunday tomorrow here on Tennis Channel oh yeah I'm trying to keep it away from Anna Lee now she finally does get into it and Catherine parento puts it away we got a one point game what a shots.

What a game we have on our hands Catherine corrupted with the fist pump foreign after being put out of position a little bit by the LOB ster oh eight nine two and a league goes down the middle for.

Profit we're tied nine nine two Catherine the speed up annaly the finish and parento and the two foreign
Anna Leigh Waters / Catherine Parenteau VS Jessie Irvine / Anna Bright – Hertz Women’s Pickleball Doubles Semi-Finals National Championship Tournament Full Match Game Highlights – Held in Orlando, Florida

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