You're gonna be 15 games played three events that's a lot and the breast cancer awareness point the quick one very quick somebody gets a souvenir and we get going in our women's doubles funnel all right stand upright Harris Todd starting with the serve that's Paris Todd with the.

Ball three out of five games just goes long as Santa bright went for the Ernie winner early on in this one zero zero one Point watch that back here to be a big key in this match one Euro one.

Nice little poached from Lee there connected but it was the right move right in the right spot one zero two Lee Waters played college tennis South Carolina 1997 to 2001. became a lawyer gave it all up the PPA tour champion.

We live in Delray Beach I figured Todd bright are going to take a lot of the traffic toward Lee at the net if they can she can warm and hold her own it's marked tactic to try to avoid the.

Firepower of Italy side out for the waters Lee Waters the lawyer for about 14 15 years in Colombia foreign tennis in South Carolina her husband Stephen played golf now their daughter.

Best in the world of pickleball what a fun thing to do travel around play an awesome Sport with your daughter yes one one one don't get too many free points off of those returns.

Foreign most of these pickleball Pros that you see are former tennis players and a bright from Boca Raton Florida played at Cal Berkeley.

Number two according to tennis oh that was sweet it's Wing volley excellent move I drive that inside out thank you thank you.

so 6-1 lead staying software of those overheads to quite a few get the job done big start for the five seeds games to 11 win by two seven one two Todd bright able to feel slightly more.

Offensive so far at the net modders can make a run here good work in that rally Annalee got a little too far over the court open finally see the tennis skills coming out in Todd.

And bright so the volley's pretty similar that racket head up some of the more tennis types of ollies keeping the wrist up sort of creating some under spin on it sort of driving it through the court and seeing some of those Top Spin volleys more like that.

three Thompson Falls can be really helpful if you're trying to get the ball to just barely come up over the net especially when you're closer sure what Lee is asking the referee about eight one two.

Point Lee get a little testy yesterday when they were lobbing her into the sun complaining about somebody shouting in the crowd they had to deal with the public address announcer during some points yeah that's uh that's a bit of a surprise that they do the public announcements over the.

Play players didn't react so it must be used to it all right there's a point for the waters Lee Waters at that last overhead on the side out with authority get something going here that they're volleys very precise.

we got her avoid the power of Anna Lake yep right off the shoulder Paris Todd points to finish this game nine three one another nice put away.

Overhead smash nine three two point now for Todd bright ten three two one too much right dominant time in zero zero two foreign It's Tricky I think that Italy feels like she has to be so offensive she's made some unforced errors we didn't.

Really saw none of that in the mixed interesting Dynamic and certainly Ben Johns you heard from Annalee how excited she is just to be on the same court as the greatest pickleball player to ever play and in this setting I mean she is arguably the greatest player on the court.

A second game to Todd and Brian that seems often in the doubles there's often a dominant player once he controlled more of the rallies looking to make the moves partner sort of will defend and obviously let's be offensive when possible both taking opportunities both Taking.

Chances hasn't been as much poaching from them no real weaknesses that I'm seeing them upright just stepped off the tennis court played spring 2021 for the Cal Bears LED them in singles wins that year 96 career singles wins played in 75 consecutive duel matches she was a baller.

Paris Todd was his player 14. it was an alternate for the Orange County Breakers and world team tennis they took a pickleball about a year ago it's pretty impressive how quickly they've been able to rise certainly would have been more difficult to rise.

That quickly the tennis rankings they would have had to move to the pro tour zero one one put away just left that ball a little too high that ball got what it deserved.

zero one two overhead sign up favorite move Jan Mike the switch up coming to net players have a preferred side you figure out the quickest way to get there and also maybe distract their opponents a little bit.

Second served one zero two White two zero two here in the second game both teams wearing matching outfits Paris Todd brand new sponsorship with the aloe yoga brand thank you and as this sport continues to grow and.

You're seeing it on national TV a lot more sponsorship opportunities got loving the gear from all the players often see them all matches it's very cool oh yeah I love that point fired up four zero two.

Side out activities there from an elite zero four one second third I wonder who's stealing more pressure obviously annalize got the Triple Crown but she already has the mixed doubles.

Singles is on her own so Lee's gotta feel like she's needing to help her daughter get one step closer yeah I think a lot of the balls are coming the way of the leaves so she definitely has to step up her game and find a way to make a few more things happen on the court out there okay.

I need to get some things rolling two four two Notch for Todd and bright let's go four two one second serve the best served freebie.

Inside out quick side out there slight laps and concentration from hot and bright see if it costs them anything two four one Point like three straight errors three four one defending there at the man at the end.

Popped it up just a little too much on that shot lucky there side out with the 4-3 lead yeah four three one thank you through the middle solves the riddle again leave it's a good defense nice.

Hands they're found the spot four three two just enough under spin on that shot to make it difficult on the forehand there side out release positivity really pays off for her I think.

there's the power of Emily Waters four five one thank you for that return right in front of the Baseline.

Excellent placement four five two oh did they call that out all right the referee says the ball was in Annalee did not make the call let's take another look Lee called it out and that looked free called that ball in five four one.

four I'm sorry I'm just making sure he has the score correct one really liked that right about power that ball was set up for her God brush that overhead.

thank you you know let's open a little dink exchanges I feel like have favored Waters and Waters and they keep the pickleball low enough been to their advantage.

thank you four five two yeah boy a little better on that one mainly Drive full swing on that volley five two slide out.

No let's go five five one thank you second third spin return there to the error such a great play to return that way finally and Lee obviously been partners.

For a long time this is a new partnership Deanna bright Paris Todd's been working out well another point the bright one the gold medal Cincinnati with Jesse Irvin they beat the waters on the way to that title station there.

On the Eddie Hurd doubles title back in the day and the little mo National s those are tough tournaments to win oh yeah I mean she was top recruits impressive foreign Townsend in the green room before we started broadcasting today and she was.

Saying now that this sport is gaining popularity and gaining a platform the SE new players have an opportunity to really shape the sport turn it into whatever they want very much so great deep By the Waters Harris can't put it away.

Different ly no point I went head hunting a little bit there well done time going for the Triple Crown herself turn his chain Mike does Paris stay at Paris during this event that's a very good question.

It's a very specific questions I would I don't know trying to get to the bottom sure they put the players in a nice spot a great place to choose from getting the little dink exchange favoring the waters I think it's really changed the rhythm of this second game.

Didn't see as much of that in the first I was looking for here it seems to have worked out a little bit foreign there from Todd and Brett to get through that rally okay yeah.

Boy to the waters and now a game point at 10 8. I met them a little bit of the waters get a side out sir thank you Waters Waters chip one game a piece.

writing Todd serving to start the Third what was the difference for the waters to take that second game well I really feel like it was keeping the ball a little bit lower those those gink exchanges they did very well with those sort of playing it on their own terms on these terms especially.

You can think that maybe analy is the most powerful player on the court bright excellent volleyers it really just dominated too much at the net in the first game water's kept the ball a little bit lowered sort of forced a few more of those dink exchanges able to play more on Lee's terms.

Those sort of Drive exchanges at the net I do think that they favor overall Todd and bright zero one two they've complement each other very nicely let's return right up the line there good depth on it quick side out time right and a bright serving first.

yeah the water's got a good forehand and a good overhead above the net she's been dealing with it very nicely there it is again backhand side yeah.

One foreign a couple former tennis players and you're like you just want to crush that pickleball but you gotta be a little tasted be very patient especially in those.

Short exchanges close to the net close to the kitchen on Instagram a pickleball Community 45 000 followers largest pickleball community in the world they say one of the sponsors here you know what a great Community it is.

A very welcoming community lots of great groups playing together over the U.S further and posted Unwritten pickleball rule number one whenever you hit the ball and make an error immediately look at your panel desperately hoping everyone will think it was the problem.

The new paddle technology it's less and less the case the old Dillard paddles that I started with do that quite often in fact we used to take on our court back at home to take the smash ball paddles that you play beat you smash.

Ball with Ash Bowl what is that there's a little this little soft ball you just play the beach you know the paddle ball okay nice enough and you those paddles could hit the pickleball so fast it was ridiculous you couldn't really keep it in the court but you could hit it faster you could ever.

Believe and if it was either Frozen rope type of a shot or would hit the back back fence came out with some fiberglass paddles pro-like really dominated for a long time now there's various how companies with all these fantastic new paddles that have come out different.

Weights different surfaces they put on there Sports I mean got pickleball here there's paddle tennis there's padell which is huge in Europe true one of the fastest growing Sports there yeah I'm sure they hope that's an Olympic.

Sport the PPA trying to make pickleball an Olympic sport once you get the celebrities all these big names getting involved in pickleball in the United States whether it's Michael Phelps or Leonardo DiCaprio or Doug Allen or Lebron James or James Blake or Larry David.

Jamie Foxx Larry David huh Larry David loves the pickle plays a Riviera Country Club I heard your pickleball enthusiasts right too enthusiastic once these players are very enthusiastic you would not be happy.

Foreign that was gonna be put away right there that two hand to hand your way change shorter little rally there.

Foreign second term both teams really battling for some momentum here in this third game it's a nice defending in these returns so far I know quick slide out yeah.

Does any change-ups on her serve so you're gonna throw a couple of lobs in wow two two foreign nice communication at the net between Todd and bright they got to be quick on their feet there yeah.

Even in the end from from Lee Waters there with the lob it's not a bad idea all right let's change close to the net right in front of the kitchen there favoring the waters growth.

Three two two right now I'm right trying to take over that point yes throughout the year Francis really stepping it up of course in the top 20 now Taylor Fritz gonna make his top 10 debut.

big goal of his this year no bad joke if it's picking up a title as well today his 90th overall before a great cheek of them beat eagish fianta big win the world number one back on her game last couple of tournaments.

Stepped it up three priests of Martin's also getting a title today over Alize Cornet Championship Sunday on Tennis Channel we are handing them all out we have opportunities for Triple Crowns here in Las Vegas I'm just gonna take this third game between Todd bright and the waters.

Awfully close beginning of this a lot more good defending than winning points on serve clear I haven't moved much go right off of Lee Waters 4-3 lead part of those quick exchanges is getting hit once in a while by the ball stings.

Just a little bit but that's about it so Colin Johnson get hit in the face yesterday right now that's uh try to avoid going through their head if you can thank you I wonder if Yvonne Lendl plays.

Pickleball I bet you he does there's a lot of golf clearly thinking that because all the time to hit Mac yeah it's close exchanges I don't know I think he didn't do it foreign.

three quick points it's hot and bright 6-3 lead one left three six one a couple of over kicked overcooked.

Volleys there down there right into the body smart play nothing personal there how those dry volleys where I think the top bright do have an advantage overall.

More points like that have favored them another good one seven four lead s you buy buy on that hander not much can go wrong with that two-headed backhand Emily Waters.

Great fundamentals on that shot I am super close early on hot and bright the last few minutes been able to step it up stops the Run.

Here's Todd got her first big win against Annalee Waters foreign Tennis Channel receiving team 681 and a timeout used to be able to take that step into the court on the serve I don't know how to probably could serve a little bit.

Harder by doing that but you'd Miss more service too and you can't serve a volley so there's no real advantage to being able to do that right the Lee Waters with her hand up I don't know why it was a good law he's not active when you can.

Go right back to that foreign ER just trickles over the net the water's responding with a run of their own now a little different where the the coach is not on the bench with the antennas they can talk to you from the stands.

Right which is a whole other topic which I don't love for pickleball it makes a lot of sense and they've started with it so just no issue my game point now for the waters what a comeback this is in this game momentum swings there's been a couple of them it's not gonna be kidding me.

Foreign excellent great volleys Dynamic play recently made a few too many errors that cost them that one in the net but sending actually quite a few balls long from the volleys that last game a little.

Turnaround they were ahead for some time water is so consistent like seeing them change up the strategies three out of five opportunities really give you the time to make some adjustments on your game it's there right up the middle.

being that Todd and bright don't really have a dominant player Steve it's sort of interesting is both of them start taking command of the points but that middle shot I think is really available for Waters and Waters okay right now.

Where it is in a lead that often will take charge in these points though ask for Lee to step up her game and that second one and she certainly did that he's played very well last couple games those exchanges just like that last one where their ball isn't dipping as much use their power nice technique on those.

Volleys zero lead out to a Quick Start yes two zero two yeah right now for the old Ben John's one-handed backhand flick Top Spin volley there swing volley John's coming up next.

His brother Colin in the men's doubles final thank you that's smart getting out of that dink drop Exchange may need to take a few chances like that why are so locked in.

Thank you one thank you foreign about those power drives lunch here no child he's throwing down didn't like the call you want to go.

There for it dismissed challenge that was some amazing control yes one point for toddler of 8-4 in game three water drilled off seven straight out let's see if he doesn't believe me yesterday but there's runs in this game.

Let's bring that back we've seen some really nice I completely believed you now but it's all about the side out trip going three six one three six two oh one big forehand from Annalee there.

Four six two three nice stuff from Lee Waters here in game four timeout receiving team five six two I'm in five six two plus it's hot there in Vegas go grab a drink of water it's hard.

gets a little lucky it'll work six a piece the enemy's really sort of stepped it up on her drives into the ball even harder taking some more forehand Cuts it's paid off yeah oh I constantly missed there uh many of those.

I was an ever so important side out foreign seven minutes.

We didn't never see that in Tennessee that way you just had the one but I don't know if they've used up their timeouts timeouts or not I it could be the value of the timeout may may override that you're right we're going to put hands again.

They're ugly front 8-7 getting to the business end of this fourth game that started all off Waters has been the difference in these last three games yeah she is absolutely.

Stepped up her level see there's some strategizing there you go yeah boy right I need a piece pressure's on Todd bright here.

getting hit the game will we get a champion mama it's a big point for the waters type of rally that normally goes to Todd and bright second serve.

d thank you Molly from Annalee gets them the side out it's a shot you just cannot afford to give Emily choice though.

Eight nine one my name is not all right you wonder if that loudspeaker bothered and Todd and bright at all what a terrible moment for that to happen the players are used to it and it's bizarre what a shot.

Three in a row we'll get a timeout as Championship Point arrives for the waters they've been able to make comebacks in the last eight four down in the third 6-2 down in the fourth mom and daughter as the Triple Crown dreams with a 15 year old.

Very close to getting two thirds of the way I love how closely our future intensity is they love it they seem to have a fantastic relationship Championship point.

And that's it let's run deep in Vegas
Guarantee Rate Women double gold medal match in Las Vegas. The Waters vs Todd and Bright. What a game.

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