On that left-hand side her backhand rolls um how much Havoc she can create with that oh oh No David hits one ball hits the tape drops over winner nothing bright could do to get that one one zero two point.

Good depth from Carr on that one bright not able to get back behind that one quick enough ends up flattening out we're almost to the point where we got to turn the lights on I think yeah I think so too it's getting a little darker in here 4 45 and we're already getting getting dark.

I don't think we've seen the sun today I'm standing now Chad and I are both from Florida we're used to the sun all day I'm freezing right now yeah but 65 degrees Yeah the car all over it right now just peppering Georgine and bright foreign slipping underneath the paddle of Vivian.

David and Chad I'm sensing a pattern from Korean cars she's trying to go Middle with her Dinks I mean going middle that negates the the shop angle that bright can create and the same if judging steps over and takes it yeah that's the only issue is.

If she's going to pull the trigger on their forehand like she would on the backhand too but I like what you're saying is that it eliminates that sharp angle Cross Court I'll tied at two here early in game one oh and a firefight one there and the End by ajin yeah I think that Ball's going out that.

Car puts a paddle on right there as well nice work there from jojin she had car back in transition it's like a 4-2 lead yeah two good lobs in that one but one from Bright run from zhajin keeping both David and Carr off balance and another net roller from Carl dude I just got really cold like all of a.

Sudden no it's gotten cold yes it did no the temperature has dropped significantly in the last five minutes because I need my hoodie hey Shay oh David would be around the post yesterday yeah just a little short of the sideline here just couldn't get enough depth on her.

Position to get around the ball just a little day I like I like the adjustment from car right there trying to do something different I mean obviously bright and judging predominantly going at car right now they do go to a couple there's David just to keep her honest nice gets.

Oh wow and and everyone always asks what do you like watching more women's Vans are mixed it's women's hands down these fire fights are disgustingly good the Hands by these ladies the digs and the resets yeah unbelievable point right there and then the lob is the winner yeah it just it just Twisted Corinne.

Around right there yeah a little little lead here for charging and Brighton what is it that David and Carney to switch up because it looks like cars being targeted a little bit here Chad yeah and it's a tough situation right because she's hitting those those balls that are negating that the angle like I was.

Talking about but it's also not doing a whole lot so it's allowing that it's allowing bright to keep going back at car or you know like I said we're doing an occasional one over the David just to keep her honest and then when she goes back middle then it goes back at car so it's not in David and Carr's game plan or or play style really to be more.

Aggressive but I think potentially maybe for a couple of points just just switch up uh and attack a couple of balls just to just to see if you can change the the Rhythm the timing for of Brighton judging or just wide they're from Outer bright I like that speed up trying to go crossbody on.

Vivian David Dominic's over here taking photos of his his snack boxes of s'mores Monster Energy Drink keto crisps don't get me started on your bag hey that's why I keep it in the bag oh no Brock coming down on top of them on that one a big side out here for David and Carr.

We need to get back in this good coverage by Georgine as Anna bright was coming up on that stack that's it and that right there Kyle's going for a drive instead of the drop she's she's trying to be a little bit more aggressive but just push that one a little wide oh no look.

Not a bad lob even though Georgine gets that out of the air she doesn't get much on it but yeah but it also it changes the Rhythm it changes the timing and it like you said she's going back and getting it but then gonna come back into that point wow taking over in the middle.

I'll say hey again Shay seeing how you you missed the last one here second server two five two oh got it right there big ball from Corinne Carr but I mean this is really turning into an ISO game where it's two.

On one jarging and bright verse Karen Carr yeah and cause recognition on on that point there was was on point set up ready for the counter attack yeah oh it's Vivian David pounding her chest going that's mine yes I gotta hit this she wasn't quite ready for it the paddle moved but there was no forward forward momentum on it.

Get one back within two here Point that's you hear Anna bright go that's such a good Dink and it is it's a a dink with a purpose that's exactly what Georgine did there it's in the the hot thing with uh for David and cars that both right side players oh nice ball right there and I'm right.

Now I'm happy but talk about that a little bit Chad both Carr and David being right-sided players yeah yeah you know it's it's they can do it they can play the left side they can be more aggressive speed up those those four hands in the middle but they look more for for counter attacks uh they look for counter attacks on the.

Backhand side or attacks on the backhand side compared to something where they're going on the forehand or taking the initiative to speed balls up so it's difficult uh to kind of switch into into gears there and you and you ask either one of them to move over and and change the play style oh both car and David let that ball go.

Through the middle thinking it might have been gone gone out that landed about three feet in three six two strong from David on the backhand side I see that hook shot right there she got up the finish on the two-handed backhand unforced error from jejing this ball.

Sails Long on the return to serve and David and Carr within one here they're grinding some points out that one was out both of them were out of things right caught both of those ones yeah judging hitting the first one Corrine says you want to bring it I'll bring it right back at you.

Wow right at the right hip perfect spot oh God brings it back into cow's body a little uh she had something on her mind whatever you can do I can do better kind of deal she had it right on her mind right there where I'm gonna get you back for that last one seven five two.

That's good return from Korean Carr car and Davido get back to the stack put car on the left yeah I think she was waiting to go around the post and then she's kind of like no I can't get it around the post I'll just try to hit as high as I can my back across my body.

That's just so annoying getting every one of those balls back is because she's just the height of the last one it's a it's you know we call it a shovel pass where you just drop the paddle down and it's in the shape of the the shovel but that's something that that she's lived her whole career off of is is the defense.

And it's the lob that's setting up the drive right there and it's a great job by Anna bright a little wide from Corinne Carr and charging and bright back to a four-point lead two points away from moving on to game two.

I won't repeat that on air what Anna bright just called herself but yeah she knows that she was a little and overly ambitious for that speed up right there and now that's the hard part right like you you tear yourself down on the last point because you're not happy then you cannot combat one mistake with two and that's.

Exactly what happened right there I'm just missing one I like the idea from car they're trying to catch bright as she's coming across the court with that stack but just trying to be a little too fine hey Shay I said hi twice and you didn't hear it so thank you.

A nice spot by Korean Carr finally able to find a hole in the defense of Georgine and bright yes ma'am 692. oh miscommunication from Carr and David who's gonna take that third nine six one nice good hands battle there.

Bright finishing that strong forehand paddle out in front hitting down and through the ball turns and looks and goes that's so awful she's so fun to watch ten six two yeah we talk about we talk about having that good base when you're hitting.

Wow and about four shots earlier it have in store here trying to force a third game that's gonna drop oh whoa what was that round oh wow someone please don't give Anna bright a GPS because she took a route and a half to get I was I was worried that she's gonna roll an ankle or.

Something when she started going back on the phone but hey she got it doesn't matter how got it back over forced the error and they're on the board first yeah good middle ball from car there pushed brought back judging stepped in to take it and that ball was already behind her zero one one.

Oh nice ball from jojin down the line zero one two another good middle ball there so a couple good dink battles here yeah early and a good job from from car keeping judging and brought off balance there in the middle that's like why this feels like a game one like it's a feeling out process here.

As all the lights on all the courts around here except ours are on yeah oh getting some net love from Adam bright excellent job with that two-hand backhand coming in counter-attacking super aggressive two one one tell you what the these ladies have so.

Much power in the two-handed backhand second server Enterprise still talking to herself and that middle ball confusion it seems like from Carr and David yeah it was good job from both bright and charging there once they got on the attack I'm again mixing up the spot.

Yes it's a good setup right there from joshing on that law because Anna Bright's got a ball she can handle and she's got car in the transition area one three one oh that's a better job by Vivian David going on the offensive judging's balls sitting up just a little too high.

Oh charging tried to hit it she literally tried to hit it and swung a miss that almost cleared the barricades in the back laughs wow two three two hey we got light.

Yeah much better job from David and bryt on that one and hard part about that is none of these ladies said a word when those lights went on typically it is a distraction oh yeah it got real bright all of a sudden I record and these ladies didn't even affect them oh they probably one of the easier balls.

Of that whole set or that whole point right there yeah her feet just got crossed up a little bit there on that last ball but they were doing such a good job of of controlling the the point three three one whoa watch out there people yeah oh good split down the middle.

From Anna brought again they gotta have some who's gonna be the alpha in the middle right there for David and Carr because no one is right now and bright and jargime are exploiting it oh that ball just out from Bright I like the offensive lob there from Bright but in reality that's kind of the shortest part of the Court there.

Yeah good ball there from Carr at the feet of so winner of this will Face Georgia Johnson and Andrea Coop who took out Lauren stratman and Jill Braverman in three in the women's winter bracket final yeah another good spot there's uh Jing trying to slide to the left but that.

Ball kept following her and jammed that forehand we heard Vivian David go good luck yeah and that's exactly what that was right there she just she doesn't clipped the tape right there I'm pretty sure it's a clean winner four four two.

Right back in it oh my gosh they did all that work get back in it and car just goes a little long on that forehand wow what a point from these ladies ball from David she went behind bright head Brite fully extended right able to get it but just gets her off bounce enough.

Four four two All Tied here at Four game two game one going to jajim and bright come on getting the love off the tape right there they'll take a 5-4 lead here.

Game number two it's a tight one here in this second game Chad it was tight for a little while on that first one and then judging and bright pulled away what do David and Barr need to do here stay in this and continue to kind of chip away and hopefully for them forcing third game yeah I I like here in game two of.

The side of game two that David and Carr have been a little bit more aggressive Carr has sped up or started some hands battles on very very good balls but also the the resets from David have kept them in the point like her her resets are crazy crazy good and allowing both of them to get back into that position even after uh judging and bright has have.

Taken somewhat of an offensive position and then to answer Kathy Roberts in the chat right here the uh the brace you see on Simone's leg actually goes up around her hip it's part of the injury that she's had for a couple years it was going to force her into retirement with a torn hip labrum uh torn head of the hamstring and uh some compressed discs.

In her back so she wears that support oh just playing defense right there is Anna bright as they stay in the point and take a two-point lead six four two got out that's not a ball that judging's gonna miss very often she'll fix that between that one and the next one.

Nice pressure from Anna bright four six two shout out that's a quick side out for joshing and bright two-point lead here game two spot in the winter bracket final at stake car trying to do something that really.

Wasn't there at that moment Ball's a little low attacking that goes a little long seven four one nice job by David getting nice and low counter attack from David that's that's her shot I saw that a ton last week we saw it yesterday and mixed.

Nice cover by David uh both just wide oh yeah Vivian David just missing that backhand Cross Court no ma'am yes ma'am eight four two so Georgine and bright double up David and Carr eight four oh nice but see she made the adjustments.

From some of her earliest beat ups right there as far as getting the paddlehead underneath it more and rolling it where she became flat on some of the others nine four two two points away from moving on to the winner bracket final foreign David can't get that last one and it will be a game and match point here for.

Brighton jarging up 10-4 ten four two oh yeah oh she'll take it yeah baby and David with the big fist pump going yes we'll take that right now on Match Point big side out if you guys know Vivian David she wouldn't hurt a fly so completely being.

Funny with that and a bright not having any laughs as she goes right at David without for a second for a half a second yeah and then she's like no I get back to business yeah Stone Cold and a bright oh that's a quick side out I mean that was about five balls.

Smiley and smiley uh partner together yeah misses that ball in the net she tons and shrugs her shoulders and Vivian's like hey I'm okay with it oh and that ball is gonna go long and it isn't 11-6 11-4
This is the Hilton Head Open tournament