Tom Brady LeBron James Kevin Durant Gary vaynerchuk Mark lazri and Budweiser how's that for a six-pack Anheuser-Busch joining the sports and business icons in buying a major league pickleball team the first Fortune 500 company to buy a team let's talk about it with Matt Davis Anheuser-Busch head of U.S Sports Marketing sponsorships met great to have.

You here my man very exciting fastest growing sport in the country by far what's the business play though why buy a team and not just sponsor it yeah it's a great great question appreciate you having me I'm excited to be here and talk about it um the play for us has always been the same we want to meet fans where they are.

And drive excitement With Our Brands what we found the major league pickleball is that we could bring more to the table than what a traditional sponsorship would afford um we can help them with scale with connecting the consumers with finding ways to expand their reach of pickleball to those fans maybe that haven't been.

Approached to it previously and in doing so really Drive excitement inside of the world of pickleball but the larger ecosystem of sports that we've been dominant in for the past several decades and so for us it was an amazing opportunity to do something that was bigger and really become a new driver of an innovation as we look to new and.

Emerging Sports moving forward and that's something near and dear to my heart the World Cup and we know that Budweiser is the official they're sponsor for it but talk about how you're navigating this trying to sell beer in a place where you can't advertise them where they're sort of limited opportunities for fans to even drink.

During the matches yeah sure um we've been working very closely with those on the ground to make sure that we can do so uh in ways that are complementary to The Fan Experience overall but really for us the big opportunity for the World Cup is all of the fan bases across the entire Globe how can we be as relevant as possible.

For all those in Brazil or America or Belgium um to really take and amplify uh the teams that they love and make them tangible for them in their home countries but in Qatar and we're less than two weeks out in Qatar what are your expectations as far as consumption versus uh recent World Cups and can you.

Talk about some of the complications that Rochelle was alluding to in terms of selling it where you sell it how you Market it even how you ship it to Qatar sure um there's definitely been some additional paths for us to work through um but every piece of the organization has been working with us to make sure we do so in ways that are respective uh.

Respectful of their current processes as well as where we need to achieve as a business there's places inside the stadium that have been um designated as areas that we have product as well as certain hotels and then also one of our main products Budweiser zero which has a non-alcoholic component for Budweiser Flagship is also.

More available than the other brands across stadiums in the market as well as Airlines so it's a huge opportunity for us to also get a product that is massive for us globally and a big bet in front of more consumers I'm sure England fans will be doing their part to guzzle as much beer as they can but I also want to talk about.

Your advertising on Netflix obviously Netflix adding its ad supported here and you're going to be the first to have a beer spot with this new tip tell us about that and and how this really plays into to your your growth story sure I think it's a similar strategy what you see with us doing the major league pickleball.

Um I think today we're an Advertiser but the average consumer and the average fans today don't want to be interrupted and how they engage their entertainment and so for us it's how can we be more involved in the places that they want to seek out and game content and integrate and add complementary benefits to the places they're already consuming.

Entertainment Netflix was an amazing example of doing that they have a huge fan base of people that come to the platform on a regular basis and for us to be able to integrate into that platform in a way that we hope to continuously evolve to be complementary to the entertainment as opposed to just Interruption is really the game plan for.

Us holistically and there's also the Super Bowl and for as long as I can remember Anheuser-Busch has been the face of commercials for the Super Bowl this is the first time that I can recall where you're not the exclusive beer advertisers whether it's what's up or Budweiser which is a legend and the Clydesdales I mean all the.

Commercials are essentially yours that are iconic um how does that indicate the move forward for Anheuser-Busch in terms of your ad spend and marketing yeah it's a great question it's one we've gotten a few times now um the Super Bowl will still be a massive opportunity for us and one that we're.

Going to be dominating on we're still going to be the biggest uh beer spender and one of the biggest suspenders inside of the Super Bowl across the entire portfolio so you'll still see our brands on game day I think the big piece for us is the evolution of the strategy in terms of meeting the fans where they are and so while the big Sports and the big.

Moments will still be a dominant place for us to show up it's about finding those other opportunities over the summer which are key beer selling opportunities for us as well as finding the new and emerging platforms to make sure we're diversifying and meeting the fans where they are engaging in the content in a way that meets the channels.

That they're most used to and uh kind of seek out on their own and how do you plan on innovating in that space will people at some point be able to sort of while they're watching the game or while they're watching Netflix be able to sort of click and order a beer from their couch what are we looking at.

I sure hope so I think that's really where we want to go and if you look at our DTC Partners um ordering beer has become easier than ever at home um through different channels uh and I think for us it's about honor of how can we keep connecting those channels back to the way that fans are engaging with content to make that entire consumer.

Journey as seamless as possible I think over the past two years fans have gotten much more accustomed to ordering things back to their house and so as technology continues to improve and as the platforms continue to evolve how we can integrate into those platforms and drive our our sales I think will make everyone's lives a lot more seamless and.

Big opportunity for our company cheers to you sir Matt Davis Anheuser Bush head of U.S Sports Marketing and sponsorships appreciate you being with us best of luck moving forward okay Sean I'm curious your thoughts Matt convinced me I actually think it's a terrible investment to bet on the future okay you're coming clean except for Budweiser.

I think that's the only one of that group that I mentioned that makes sense because they can and his words meet the customer where they are I don't get it from last year garyvee or Tom Brady or anybody else you know I think it makes a lot of sense especially when you take a look at the popularity of pickleball you can see he explained very very well the.

Opportunity that the company sees in this space that I gotta bring up your impersonation of the what's up that's the only thing I can think of
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Anheuser-Busch Head of U.S. Sports Marketing & Sponsorships Matt Davis joins Yahoo Finance Live anchors Dave Briggs, Seana Smith and Rachelle Akuffo to weigh on investing in pickleball and Netflix ads, the upcoming World Cup, and Super Bowl advertising.
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