Pickleball you may have seen a viral highlight of the sport online or you may have heard that one of your favorite pro athletes has recently invested in it it is North America's fastest growing sport but why and what's with all the hype we'll explain sit back relax and take this in.

The origins of the sport date back to 1965. when former U.S congressman Joel Pritchard and his friend Bill Bell arrived at pritchard's home in Washington state to find their families bored doing nothing the only thing on the property was an old badminton court with most of the equipment missing at first they improvised playing with ping.

Pong paddles and a perforated plastic ball as the weekend progressed Pritchard Bell and their friend Barney McCallum who they invited to play began creating their own rules inspired by tennis badminton and ping pong the goal in mind keep the sport accessible for the entire family to play now why is it called pickleball well there are multiple.

Versions of the story but McCallum claims it was named after pritchard's dog pickle about this pickle anyways after a while they ditched the ping pong paddles for bigger plywood paddles and they eventually lowered the badminton net to the level of what a tennis net would normally be the sport eventually grew in.

Popularity and by 1990 pickleball was being played in all 50 states the rules are pretty simple hit the ball over the net and prevent an opponent from hitting it back the serve must be underhand and the ball must land in the opposite Square you can play either in singles or doubles on a 20 foot by 44 foot Court until one side reaches 11 points with a.

Two-point cushion unlike tennis or ping pong pickleball has a non-volley Zone called the kitchen seven feet from either side of the net which prevents volleying and smashing the ball to the other side that rule distinguishes pickleball from other rackets Force minimizing running and jumping and allowing for people of all.

Athletic abilities and ages to play and that's exactly what has made it America's fastest growing sport everyone is getting in on the action during the pandemic USA pickleball membership doubled and the organization estimates that over 4.8 million people play the sport in the country about 17 percent of pickleball players are reportedly over.

The age of 65 and a third of the players are under the age of 25 and I promise you the sport can get intense thank you now Major League pickleball is looking to take the sport to the next level last month LeBron James Draymond Green Kevin.

Love and James's business partner Maverick Carter invested in the 12-team league Tom Brady and former tennis star Kim klysters have also joined in on investing in the league as well MLP plans to expand to 16 teams and features six annual tournaments for more than 2 million dollars in 2023 MLP founder Steve Kuhn said his goal is to reach 40.

Million pickleball players by 2030. 40 million ambitious CBS is planning on doing a two-hour celebrity pickleball tournament hosted by Stephen Colbert that will include a roster with Emma Watson Will Ferrell Kelly Rowland and 13 other celebrity contestants the sport is going mainstream but not everyone is happy about it tennis courts are being.

Scrapped for courts that can be used for pickleball Indian Wells the famed site for the annual tennis Masters competition is now home to the pickleball national championships it's all created quite the Rivalry between the two sports it's also an incredibly noisy sport that has forced towns and cities to tweak their bylaws following.

Noise complaints around North America but as with all new sports pickleball will have to find its sweet spot but it looks like pickleball is here to stay and with the major investments from celebrities and pro athletes the sky is truly the limit for what the sport can be could we see pickleball in the Olympics one day will it ever become as.

Popular as tennis would you want to play it after hearing us explain it I know I want to and personally I suck at ping pong foreign
Pickleball. You may have seen a viral highlight of the sport online or you may have heard that one of your favorite pro athletes has recently invested in it.

It is North America’s fastest-growing sport but… why?? And what’s with all the hype?

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