Foreign ladies and gentlemen boys and girls and all the rest of you who are here tonight welcome to all in no all in pickleball Jim let's put your hands together for this tournament tonight my name is Brett kappama I'm going to be your uh MC for the night and a couple.

Different things that they're going on and we have pizza and beverages soft drinks um other kind of uh concessions just out into the lobby uh smoking area is about 100 yards to the east you just have to play Frogger with the semi so that's hopefully that's not a big deal anyway.

We welcome you here tonight this has been established let's see it was 1950 no it's about a week ago that all in pickleball gym opened up and so we're gonna have a great night this is also a fundraiser for Granville wrestling part of my job is I'm actually a teacher in Granville and I'm the voice of Granville wrestling and I figured out uh tonight.

That this is a fundraiser for them as well so anyway we'd like to welcome you here we're going to have a good night tonight um we got team revelin and team elders and so we're going to have a good time if you're not acquainted with uh pickleball the um the object is to score more points than.

The other team there you go so we have that and uh it should be a good good night they're taking team pictures out there in the lobby and then I'm going to introduce them get things started I will try to be as quiet as possible throughout the night however when I was asked to do this I said okay I'm looking at.

Pickleball I'm thinking half tennis half ping pong we'll get this in there and I said If This Were golf do you want me to do the gym Nance on a Sunday afternoon in Augusta we have a nice little thing here there's a dink there's another Dink and there's another dink or did we want to go Happy Gilmore which was going to be crazy so.

You all decide are we going gym Nance on a Sunday at Augusta or are we going Happy Gilmore let me know I didn't hear anything that sounds like Jim Nance I want something a little bit more so um anyway we welcome everybody here uh the I'm kind of filling time if you haven't figured this out this is going.

To be streamed um let's welcome well let's thank our our brainchild here the owner the brainchild behind all in pickleball gym uh put your hands together for Dan mcconnin I don't know where Dan is right there right there look at that guy right there he's been.

Thinking this thing through trying to figure this thing out and his team green James grouchowalski where's James at Jim I don't think the dog is Jim but James grouchowowski that's here for James Mike Davis put your hands together for Mike Davis as well and Scott McAllister so excellent we thank them for putting this.

Together fastest growing sport um of all ages everyone's starting to play this and so uh this is gonna be a great night this is the championship court right here or court number one we'll use court number two as well and uh if you have any questions any wonderment about this this facility go.

To all in and they have the story they have the contact you can reserve courts uh all kinds of things that you can find there there's also um a little bit of uh all in pickleball gym t-shirts sweatshirts that might be available out there and there's some metal art out there that is for sale as.

Well so waiting for just a second I think they're going through a few uh of the side notes if you have any questions take a look at me I am not the guy to ask so if you have questions you talk to someone totally different probably Dan or uh one of the team that's putting together the um putting together the uh the the the the.

Tournament tonight Jeff Howlett is taking charge inside right there he's another person behind us uh tournament tonight and Tim asinski as well so welcome we're gonna have a good night tonight and uh we'll be here for a couple hours my job is to try to entertain you but it's not me it's these guys I got a uh these guys and girls.

Wonderful incredible talented players and uh well I'll tell the players what my wife said um in a text in just a second when we bring him in I'm going to introduce the teams here in just a moment hopefully Jeff's getting ready so we will not start with a national anthem.

So if you're feeling patriotic put your hand over your heart and say God Bless America and then we're going to get things started here in just a moment I know yeah it's my fault welcome to all in pickleball gym everyone this is Dan mcconnin here as we get ready for our player intros joined here by Patrick O'Connell you'll.

Be with us here in a sec on audio so tonight we'll be live streaming the all in Slam here at all and pickleball gym team revelin versus Team engage in Elders helpers hey Patrick hey Dan good to see you again likewise you'll notice that we have a space between us and it's not because Patrick and I don't like getting close and comfortable but it's.

Because we're also going to be having members of team revelin and team Elders helpers in between their buys join us for a little bit of interview and commentating time as we're all about adding a little bit of flavor and uniqueness into each round tonight so soon we will uh be emceeing our way into introductions for team Revel and team.

Elders helpers so I think we'll go back to that as soon as we're ready it looks like the teams are prepping in the lounge and Lobby here lots of strategizing gotta get fired up that's right again we'll remind this is a charity for the Granville wrestling program so um this whole weekend in terms of the event.

Tonight as well as the Granville pickleball addicts tournament all revolving around that charity and raising money for the wrestling so all right ladies and gentlemen we're about to bring in the teams and uh announce their duper rating which is the dynamic Universal pickleball rating if you are not familiar with that you can.

Look that up but it's basically a algorithm to try to figure out how good these cats really are so we're gonna bring in team revelin first am I right on that one We're not gonna go team revelant first we're gonna do team elders and help Elders helpers engage uh sponsors Nikki Hort owner of Elders helpers and.

Pickleball enthusiasts their coach is Mr Jeff Howlett he's that cat this is coming out there put your hands together for Jeff Howlett and their manager is Tom Miller but let's bring out the first people who are gonna be playing tonight with a duper a 5.3 out of Rockford Captain Brian Brooks.

Coming up next to the duper of 5.38 hailing from Hudsonville Michigan please put your hands together for Jordan do coming up next with a duper of four point eight nine coming out of that Metropolis known as Caledonia Michigan Here Comes Jace land here next up hailing from the other side of.

State Grand Blanc 5.06 on the duper scale Here Comes Seth Walker now come from the lake shore with a 4.74 duper out of Muskegon Michigan Here Comes Jared sweets with some sweet kicks on his feet all right uh with a duper of 4.70 hailing from Grand Rapids Michigan put your hands together here comes Joe Bentley.

It's so calm and cool aren't they here we go but these ladies they're going to bring up the energy right here with a duper of 4.51 coming out of Marne Michigan Here Comes Adeline Nelson in and finally the last member of Team Elders helpers engage with a duper 4.60 Haley from Grand Rapids Michigan Here.

Comes so Thea Smith all right now that might be your team of choice or is it going to be this next team Here Comes team revelin their sponsoring players coach Hugh Davis put your hands together for Hugh Davis there's two coming out all right.

And next up their manager this little guy who I've known for quite a while Mr Tim masinski with a Cool Wave let's meet their Captain first with a duper of 5.67 also out of Hudsonville Michigan playing for seven years Here Comes Alec Timmerman.

He's the only one who applauded for himself we like him he's got his own fan club himself next up with the duper 5.26 hustle out of Muskegon Michigan Here Comes Jaren faltonowski there we go our third member out of Grand Rapids with a duper of 5.06 Here Comes Connor nazielski hey.

See this guy's all working on their swag back there these guys were kind of boring so we're going to bring out a little bit more but not anything more than this guy out of Grand Rapids Michigan with a duper of 4.84 Here Comes Connor mogul our fourth member make that the fifth.

Member with a duper of 4.19 out of Grand Rapids Here Comes Brett mishaw remember number six with a duper 4.57 also out of Mar in Michigan Here Comes Caleb damn and also the crowd favorites here comes the two young ladies from team revelin with a duper of 5.14 coming from the south that would be Portage Michigan.

Here Comes Sydney Sunday and finally with a duper of 4.61 coming from Zeeland Michigan Here Comes Kelly daikum all right now comes the awkward time now what are we going to do complement what are we going to do we're gonna play some pickleball tonight so here on the championship Matt or not Matt Champion I.

Got wrestling in my mind on the championship court court number one it's gonna be team engage Elders Captain Brian Brooks and Jordan deweird taking on Alec Timmerman and Jaren faltonowski if you head over to uh court number two we're gonna head Jared sweet and Joe Bentley from Team engage Elders helpers against Brett michad and Caleb dang we.

Got a few different rounds looks like six different rounds on the night ladies and gentlemen put your hands together let's play some pickleball all right welcome back that was um some of the best intro work we've had in pickleball to date I'm I'm pretty excited I don't know about everyone else but.

Yeah we're also going to be welcomed here by Sydney Sunday she just got her rousing intro here welcome Sydney welcome yeah quite the MC we have here he's doing a great job just want to give you a just a as a as a fan base I want to give you just a.

Definition a little bit of what this play looks like if you've never watched an MLP series match it's a lot different than us than your typical pickleball match that you would see where we play games 211 win by two this is played games to 21 win by two but it's rally scoring every point is.

Worth something someone hits a net like jarendus did that's a point right someone hits it out that's another point we play all the way at 20 the team that's in the lead freezes and has to win out they cannot win on the opponent's serve so the other team then gets to catch up and catch up and catch up if there is a.

Lead and until they get to 18 and then both teams have to win on their own serve so we play each match to 21 and at the end we have a total of six matches at the end if there is a tie we have a primaker format that we'll describe later but feel free as we have four players.

Not playing they're here coaching and cheering on their teammates feel free to pick a team and cheer them on as well and enjoy as Jeff was just saying we have a a tiebreaker routine at the end there what he did not tell you is coach masinski and Coach Howlett will be performing their own interpretations of pickleball.

Tick Tock videos to music and we get to choose which one was better and that team shall be declared the winner tonight let's have some fun tonight let's get a little crazy huh cheering is allowed loud cheering is really allowed if you want autographs of your favorite.

Players that is fine if you want to pet the dog over there that is totally fine we have everything going on here tonight it'll be a great night just one more interjection I want to thank Ray Ray our ref on court one a lot of you know ray ray ray introduced a lot of us to this game of pickleball on court two we have well-known Bob.

Trout instructor and 4.5 player himself so their word goes on each Court whether it's agreed or not they're watching for foot faults and calling the score so you guys can keep up on what the score is on each Court welcome Sydney.

So Sydney this this event's come together pretty quickly over the last few weeks uh how do you I mean when's what's the last big pickleball event you've been doing uh when since you're doing swimming at Calvin right yeah um I have not been on a pickleball court in quite a long time now actually um the last big event.

Probably was uh bco and then I played uh a different Pro tournament in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and then after that I just do a a cut on pickleball and I don't play until I've played twice now and now I'm out here so I really haven't played much at all doesn't Merit much time in the swim world.

So are you planning to play bco this year I remember last year you played with uh Federico right yeah I did Federico was great to play with we actually we had a great three-game match we lost 10 12 in the third against decal and Megan charity so yeah he was great to play with um and then I played with Ivy cheddar.

And the women's and didn't do as well but it was it was a good time um so this year I think I am going to play it I I didn't know if I was going to just because pickleball's developed so much in the last year that I didn't know if it was like worth trying to play pro or I didn't know if I want to play 5-0 but I got asked um buy someone to.

Play 50 women so I'm gonna do that and then Brian asked me to play five ohm mixed but apparently my rating's too high to play mixed 5-0 now so I have to play pro oh so me and Brian might do that okay so that's a fun problem to have that's all right no especially with Brian like yeah that's a good problem to have with Brian.

Going on hey this is a this is a fundraiser for Granville wrestling there's boxing boxing great night tonight um lots of things going on two minutes ago you guys ready to go with this thing you guys ready to go with this I'm just gonna walk through courts as the night goes.

Um if we have some stoppage in play or whatever we might explain what a duper rating actually is it is not it is not anything uh with a grade point average anyway put your hands together let's play some pickleball well this should be a fantastic match we.

Have four of the strongest players out here on the court today just out let's see how long they can keep that away from Brian's back and flick there it's trunk start for uh Jordan and Brian here getting a couple on four stairs and one dinky in battle are you I've not had a chance to see you.

Play too much though I did catch some of that Federico match we were talking about against uh Declan and Megan but are you more of a power player some more in between finesse um I don't know it's I do a little bit of both I I prefer my dropped my drive and I like to speed it up if I like feel.

Like I can control it um my dinks are probably one of the least consistent parts of my game so I guess I'm a big dinker but I definitely like a hands battle four players two four is the score.

Sydney have you played a duper style event before with the rally scoring and just about this time last year when they were still doing that sort of thing cool um yeah and that was that was super fun that was one of the first times there was actually like coming out and it's great to be a part of that experience oh yeah.

Wow great digs so even though it's been off and on how many years have you like from when you first introduced to pickleball to now have you played um I picked it up about the same time everybody else did during that first Little Summer of covid my family played outside on a friend's court so that's.

When I first got really into it and then I started playing a lot more after that initial players are getting after Ray Ray as we're all adjusting to Rally scoring pretty sure nice get oh Jordan is therefore I just missed it great read though.

Wow nice roll good Top's been there all four of these players are Fierce competitors in a very different way oh wow great point what's fun about these four players they feel like they know each other very well so there's there's really no isolation.

Happening they're all just trying to make the best shot regardless oh rejected by the rafter there sorry Brian I should have got a taller building a good defense though that's tough to protect against that backhand but it did a nice job for me that'll be on your side for bco like you.

Said good stuff seriously and you you have an I would call it at least a fun childhood story about why you're left-handed don't know I know it's probably something you share a lot so um yeah I don't I was skeptical whether I was going to put that on as my fact I was a little wary because I was like is.

This a fun fact or is it just like a weird fact sure um I decided fun but I don't know I don't remember it so I don't remember how not fun it was probably at the time that's a timeout or a side switch all right we might be a side switch and.

Change yeah yeah there you go and change you know we got our terminology correct so swimming has been your passion is that something you've always done and what different I mean what are your events what do you love about it um so I've swam since I was five so I've done it my entire life I actually have a little bit of a love hate relationship.

Here we go for a while I like I loved it as a kid I feel like every kid just loves to swim and then I got a little bit older and it was kind of it just grinds on you and it just like becomes a little bit annoying um and then I took a gap year and I like quit swimming actually I never thought I was gonna do it again.

Um but then I ended up doing it for my college because my sister went there and now I actually I have like a reborn passion for the sport I love it a lot I'm a Sprint freestyler so I like a short race um but I don't know my favorite part right now is like my team I have a great college team all my best friends do it.

Um and it's I mean it's great cardio for pickleball when I like swim and come back out here I don't get even a little bit tired playing singles and it's great to have that on my side you mentioned singles do you prefer that or you play I mean most people I'd say aren't singles players but do do a little both when you do come back out.

Which I'll do it in a tournament um when I first started playing I think I liked it more because it was easier to get better at quickly but now it just really frustrates me it's yeah it's so hard when you're just like isolated on a court and you the only person you can blame is yourself it's like it's like okay bad shot only my bad.

So swimming kind of has that too but um is that the team aspect of the swimming a big part of why you enjoy it too on top of the exercise and everything yeah swimming if there's not that many like external factors in swimming it's it's you in the pool and it's like you give 100 of your effort and that's the best that you can do on.

That day and you like you do it for your team and like you can push a little bit harder for them in pickleball it's a little it's a little tougher because like as much as you want to do better it's not as simple as like just trying harder like sometimes trying harder makes it worse yeah um but yeah I love that that team aspect.

About swimming in them I'm excited to play in this event because I love the team aspect here but yeah that is one of my favorite parts wow Brian gives a little uh Rye smile over to Alex saying you're lucky.

I can't give these players an inch anymore and just make you pay for it every time I am finding it interesting that Brian's finding a way to use his backhand almost at every point they're not going away from it at all yeah I feel like people are sort of programmed to play to the backhand.

Automatically and or it kind of works against them when you play against the Lefty too I yeah I pay so much for it I love when people hit it to my forehand there right and then they always make a little comment it's like oh that's her forehand and then they do it again time out here well really uh really grateful having.

You in the booth here I think 18-9 on timeout so far what would you say I know we've been talking and watching the match but what would you say has been the big difference in the match um I think I don't I honestly just think that Jaren and Alec maybe need to slow it.

Down a little bit like you said they're kind of feeding Brian's backhand Darren has such solid dinks and Alex really steady and they both have great defense so I think if they've just slow it down a little bit and stop attacking first then maybe that can help him out a little bit I don't know I the other team would be very offensive and they're.

Great at it and yeah it's just going their way right now yeah I mean they're all they're just all four solid players I forget when I've been gone for this long like how good they actually are eighteen nine it's pretty remarkable that you can probably step right in and play with them too it's kind of fun there's well maybe we'll.

Find out right but seriously we will find out I'm just as excited about it as you are moment of Mystery wow sneaky flick s Brian let's not a let's go roar there on the uh forehand flick 99. wow.

Jordan was ready with the two-hander but just a little too much didn't expect it that high that might have been out yeah I thought so 10 19. time for a run all right that will help let's go wow wow.

So Brian and Jordan are at 20 so for anyone out there Rally's scoring they are now Frozen and have to win on their serve yeah you are thank you so much for uh sitting with us it was a pleasure yeah pleasure to meet you and yeah I'm excited to play this event so yeah good luck out there I do well yeah.

Are we in a side change down there are we finished there we're going to wait they're in a side change right now all right so what we need is for all noses to be pointed that way because we're going to see what's going to happen with these guys this is Jared sweet and Joe Bentley Brett machad and Caleb dang.

Serving 1817 again rally scoring until 21. 18 18 if I'm not mistaken and I'll bring these new clothes here on court number two congratulations on the team Victory right there so maybe through seeing eight different players you found your.

Favorite player the favorite style well we gotta bring eight more players out first on the championship court right here we're gonna have Adeline Nelson and Sophia Smith from Team engage Elders helpers taking on Sydney Sunday and Kelly dykema that's gonna happen right here I'm at number on court number one on court number two Seth Walker and Jace.

Landier of Team engage Elders helpers we'll take on Connor nazielski and Connor Mogul we're going to let them volley for a little bit before we get started again if you want to get to the new website all in and get a lot more information we're Our Ladies we need our ladies to.

Play it's kind of fun because I have the streaming in my ear and I'm listening to them talking over here and uh Sydney Sunday was was the special guest over in the streaming and uh just to hear her story and hear their analysis of what's going on great times so if you want to get into their streaming that is uh that's pretty cool as well.

21-18 so team Revlon comes out with the victory so we got one match to one match if I'm not mistaken that's a good start through one round one match to one match again the concessions are right out there in the lobby that'd be great if you come over there and the uh the fundraiser for Granville wrestling.

Storied history of Granville uh Granville wrestling and Tim has helped out with Granville wrestling in the past and I saw coach where did coach just go to coach Ryan Bubba gritter is in the house storied uh wrestling career at Granville high school before going on and becoming an.

All-American at Central Michigan University he's a goofy looking dude over there wave high he's gonna wave and say thank you for all those people who are donating a little bit of your change maybe your rappers from your concession stand purchases whatever we'll take anything just to get things going.

And if anyone's seen my glasses I'd be very pleased if we found those right now Seth and Jace warming up against Connor and Connor who in the house tonight has never played a single point of pickleball in their life put your hands together or put your hands up one person hey my glasses I love you man all right.

Hey let's bring out the ladies we have Adeline and Sophia taking on Sydney and Kelly but only two of them are here tonight I know the streamers are going to get annoyed with me because as uh I walk in front of their AV Equipment all the time it's all about me it's all about me being in the picture.

Again Adeline comes out of Mars Sophia comes out of Grand Rapids Sydney comes down or up here from Portage whereas Kelly comes out of Zealand again we're going to let both courts Valley for a little bit to get themselves ready for round number two match.

If you have any kind of Interest or any interest in pro tennis was it two weeks ago they had a pickleball tournament celebrity tournament whatever you want to call it and John McEnroe matched up with Michael Chang to take on Andrew Roddick and Andre.

Agassi and John Mcenroe is up to his old uh old Antics very entertaining you can probably find it on YouTube but not only were they phenomenal tennis players phenomenal pickleball players as well so as you just heard both teams team Elders helpers team Revlon both have won a match in round number one and we're about ready to start round number.

Two Revlon Sports we're a passion for pickleball performance on the court and the president Grand Rapids bracket and Fitness West Michigan's top indoor Racket and paddle Sports facility our newly recurfaced and brightened courts allow you to focus we are open seven days a week friendly.

Helpful staff in the USA that's what we are made of what are you made of Elders helpers and engaged pickleball love the fun we have and the friends we make playing and teaching this great game of pickleball we proudly sponsor the beer City open an app event in Grand.

Rapids Michigan we welcome all participants and spectators at Elders helpers we say live on your own with a helper in your home foreign okay ladies and it's okay.

all right good luck babe number two this is always kind of the way we do things I want to hear let's play some pickleball but we gotta get some low registered grit to it so on the count of three one two three let's play some pickleball round number two there we go lay zero zero.

Welcome back to all in pickleball gym at the island smash Patrick O'Connell welcome by Alec Timmerman hey what's up Alex how's it going good what are we what are we gonna be watching here on Championship pour out uh yeah so I know all four of these players uh pretty well um played a lot.

With Sydney even though she's from down in Kalamazoo area um so not a lot of people around here know her games um incredible tournament player has done some MLP events before so um super strong Sydney right there one zero um playing with Kelly uh they have not played together Kelly's been working on.

Her game for the last couple years and it's showing um and the two across and the white uh Team enemy for me but great people all around um they are they are playing together all the time at Belknap They Know Each Other's games so they're going to be super strong so this is actually a.

Really interesting matchup I'm excited to see how this goes yeah well strong start for team Revel in here just a couple early dinking matches it looks like here they're I don't know if it's targeting or just naturally going to Sofia here so yeah constantly hitting to the person on the right side of the court I think is more.

Of a safety three zero uh I think they're going to be in for a surprise when uh Cindy's big left forehand comes through there I wonder if uh so last second Airline popped over and they switched one of that surprised him a little bit there too uh yeah no Adeline jumped over to the left.

Midpoint oh come on go ball wow that was a really really smart shop from Kelly they're already out there just keep them back there don't overdo it really smart is that a good public I mean so you like to teach Alex too so when when you're.

Controlling the net don't do too much just keep the pressure on and if anybody was watching my last match that's exactly what uh I was doing not what I teach too far it'd be a little bit too too big of a monster I'm sorry um but yeah yeah if you got your.

Opponents back there just keep it back there no need to no need 110 the ball you know nice Port all right let's check found a little depth on her back end resource catch around appeal back there you know it's just that much more of an aggressive name I'm gonna try not to be biased here.

Because that's my teammates over there but I mean we we understand we'll roll with that right let's go pickleball right let's go pickleball let's go Sydney shared I mean this is the first time she's playing with those soft shots will come throughout the game here for sure she's on and off but she knows how to do really well is one of the big.

Tournament's coming up she trains um I know she's like a high level swimmer um and so she uh she's just an athlete and before it comes to being being in a big tournament serious so I don't know if she's been playing a whole lot I think she's a little bit more low-key and teaching swimming so we we had her we had the.

Pleasure of having her on for the first uh the first round for your match and she basically said that uh she hasn't played since like last year bco okay great big accident oh I knew it was coming Adeline hits that's amazing lives wow that might be that extra extra 10 15 I was just talking about that's right.

Point really good composure yes I can hear you okay we have got six six nice even start tonight really good drop penetrating drop yeah so Alec for all those out who might not know you as well as the local crew does but tell us your journey here for pickleball uh my journey has actually.

Been kind of a long one seven years for me um met my wife on the pickleball court a couple years ago I'm very thankful for that and um yeah it's been um I I love a lot of things I love playing sports I love uh spending time with family and going up north and you know being at a cabin so I'm all.

Over the place I love to play you know the biggest tournaments I can and get smoked I love learning it's frustrating and it's helpful and um so it's uh I'm not sure where I want to take this yet honestly but I look forward to your city open though every time uh every time that comes around every year it's uh it's my.

Favorite event of the year we eight eight we're usually out there about five days baking in the sun no sunscreen you know working on that sunburn bronzing it up there last year at beer City open I think it was I think it was Sunday it was the last day and I'm like okay I really need to go home I didn't want to but I was.

Burnt so for this year as you said so who are you partnering up with this year for bco then uh bco I got Connor nazielski um he's uh he's my go-to uh local guy I love love playing with my mother is athleticism or communication on the court which is really important to me um I can I think I've defeated it I can.

Be a little bit of a head case um but uh playing with the right person and being able to talk about what's going on and analyze on the Fly is really important for me so no no I'd love for you to elaborate on that for everyone out there because I think a big advantage that maybe people don't realize is you look for skill but also.

Like on Encore partnership and communication may just be as important yeah no um or I've played with some really strong players and I consider myself in the area of strong player as well but you know you got two sledgehammers on the court you know it might not might not work out your favor it might be you know can I be can I be a.

Little bit more passive and work on setting up my partner who I know has got really good execution shots or do I need to take over and being a little bit more aggressive so um just I don't know finding that person that you can um share the court with uh talk about what's going on and um.

What do we got going on here I've been we got an end change so it looks like team Elders helpers and um engage got to 11 first here Jordan we were going on the court and uh providing a little coaching wisdom here and Brian watching this match on their buy okay what so obviously being team ravelin watching a little bit what what uh I guess secret.

Knowledge would you share you know through osmosis and through the mic here to Sydney and uh Kelly um just I honestly I have been talking so much I haven't been watching a ton of the match but what I've noticed so far is team white team Elders they look really steady and uh sometimes not doing that.

Much um dangerous shots just being the steadier team can be um you know kind of mess up your mental so I'd say just bring them to the net work out a couple points see where the openings are just like they're doing right now um yeah play those angles and be a little bit more patient and find a way.

To get assertive and uh you don't have to hit the ball very hard but um yeah absolutely plenty of time for Team Revel in here yeah good reason yeah foreign or something like that and uh.

Bring them to the net and wait for those windows to open up might take 10 15 shots but there it is oh shoot yeah yeah it's amazing how fast in the sport the momentum can change wasn't a bad attack would see it just a little high yep going for a roll and uh missed the roll part of it right there.

What I like about um what Sophia just did there she took a ball that was coming a little aggressive redirected it 13. you knew right where she was didn't overreact just chop that ball down low get it low and force and error same spot yeah I think it's a big part of the game is to just not like you said just kind of.

Relax you don't have to press right take that time out get a breath uh fresh air and get some water I was trying to do it for myself a little bit ago it helped a little bit I just we just ran out of time to get some points going but I like Sydney jumped in and had a little.

More power and put that away in the middle there she is ripping monster forehands on this court well and um you know I think kind of like myself almost um Kelly's been playing for a number of years but she was getting away with the people she was playing with being too aggressive and so I think she's very good for her to be doing is working on.

Her study game and her dinking game because all the time that's going to make you you know a better player if everybody here knows that she can rips and I actually boy she's not doing that a whole lot like she's being a little bit more conservative 16. so well that's what I do in tournaments too it's uh you go there to work out you go.

There to you know figure out what doesn't doesn't work and plenty of time with it what I love about Sophia is like how far she's backing out from that ball she's getting way behind it giving herself a lot of time at the last second she's almost got this little uh shape flick part of it too where she's like shaping.

The ball it's kind of fun to watch from the single we got yeah I just watched a video Johnson Cola teaching the pause and uh you can only really do the pause if you have plenty of time with that ball and uh very nice shot wow all right um a little bit of cheering and clapping oh there's some shake and bake there that was yeah Kelly can hit hard don't.

Uh don't sleep on her that's for sure yep that's the one take that step back give yourself time with it still tight here at 17 14. good match yeah good match 17. anything else on the horizon here for you Alec that you're super excited about want to share with everyone yeah so I.

Got uh the same spot um sorry no you're in a pattern um yeah that's all right um yeah as far as things that I'm looking forward to we got Granger Indiana next weekend I'm gonna do a little uh money shoot out there with Mariano from uh Detroit area who played.

A couple tournaments now together um and then the following weekend is app Cincinnati and yes very excited same uh same with Mariano so it'll be next to get some uh Court time with him next week get some practice um hopefully go hit the AVP really hard uh do better than I did here just a little bit ago but.

Um yeah really really excited for those two weeks and then after that I'm just want to be at home when we I got two little ones so focus on being a dad for a little bit I'm pulling my family all over the place so yeah so they love traveling so I'm very thankful they go with you all those tournaments oh yeah that's awesome my wife's going can we go.

To Hilton Head or we should go to the Red Rocks I'm like she's planning your tournaments for you yeah big time Big Time I met her on the pickleball court so she understands that's beautiful there you go yeah all right all right here we go a little mental uh reset here still tight timeouts are important yeah.

They are good adjustment really good really good reset wow nice very good I don't know if you saw it but instead of rolling back to Sophia Kelly went behind Adeline on that on that dink drop so instead of trying to roll it back and it opened up everything for.

That yeah that's uh that's the sign of um being comfortable even when you're getting picked on a little bit or went a very good switch nice yeah very nice little shake and bake that's all right I like it it's all smiles from Team Elders it's all smiles no very nice wow yeah.

There it is very good reset three really strong points out of the time out there team reveling yeah yeah get that uh that mental reset there and um I think I think maybe Sydney's been amping herself up a little bit she looks pretty ready to go Kelly looks steady so we'll see if they.

Can get a little comeback here trademark lob nice that was a good luck that's that's tough it's sometimes it's harder to be up and and keep the lead and keep moving forward those last couple points are the hardest ones to win and what I like about what Adeline just did there is uh just remain calm hit a nice smart LOB.

Good reset really nice wow nice good roll these ladies are moving so well really really well boy very nice play sorry I can't keep my eyes off the court 18 19. 19 19. placement I love when games get tight like this.

You see everybody being a little bit more reserved and like really nice all right it's all right 20 19. wow that's a huge oh yeah yep so no yeah what I saw Kelly doing there is uh.

Um still trying to switch up from that pattern of consistently uh cross courting she was trying to do that role and just couldn't get away with that one oh there's a good idea though what's up so uh we're into 1920 Frozen so it wasn't a point it is Tom Miller gonna Tom doing Tom Miller being a good fairy uh fairy rally scoring Godfather.

Sorry for interrupting oh you're good so everyone's got a win on surf now so 2019 back to team reveling correct one by two nine pulled out that way yeah it looks like uh Team Revel and team one's rolling that's right I did not do my part sorry you showed the team you can win.

Without the captain sorry there's always two more matches you're good there is a weird uh I don't know how Ben Jones does it there's a weird pressure when you have a higher rating I mean it's hard to say you got Brian Brooks you got yeah Jace you got Jordan in here very good play wow that was a wonderful.

Match really smart honestly the timeout and the changing strategies proved to be yeah really good decision really good slowly and Jeff given some encouragement to his team and a very close match both wins on both sides 21 18 on that well it was a pleasure having you here for round two really yeah really glad you could take the time I know you want to get.

Back to your team and uh some great stuff first time I've been on a podcast if I was a little jittery that's the reason but no it was a lot of fun um two points it's fun really being that focused on it on the court you know dissecting some points with you guys just tons that's why we love pickleball right so much fun yeah yeah great having.

You Alex appreciate it man Nelson we're going to move on to round three we'll uh Sunday we'll take a quick audio break here as we switch out uh we'll be right back with round three men's Jace landier and Joe Bentley of engage Elders will take on Connor Mogul and Caleb dang you've seen all eight.

Players no you've seen all 16 players sorry um that we have going on so far hopefully you found your favorite player of the night so we're gonna get things uh we're gonna get things situated as they're gonna move on they're gonna have a little bit of time to Rally.

Elders helpers and engaged pickleball love the fun we have and the friends we make playing and teaching this great game of pickleball we proudly sponsored family sponsors in Rapids Michigan we welcome all participants and spectators at Elders helpers we say live on your own with a helper in your home.

thank you Revlon Sports were a passion for pickleball performance on the court and the preservation of our planet come together we designed our paddles with a Terra grit surface texture to maximize spin ergonomic octagonal grip and a bioflex face that is stronger than.

Fiberglass offering better vibration dampening than carbon fiber it's a paddle you can be proud of we created the first ever sustainable high performance paddle made 100 in the USA that's what we are made of what are you made of and that's it all right we are back at all in.

Pickleball gym for the all unsmash we're into round three here and we have the pleasure of Kelly daikuma the winner of round two on Championship court with her partner Sydney Sunday to join us here welcome thank you for having me yeah absolutely so you get a break here but team revelin is up 3-1 I guess being on the live.

Stream may not be a break for you apologies as we pulled you into this so um Team revelen's Up 3-1 you guys had a great comeback in your match against Sophia and uh Adeline um what are you looking for here as you look at your team with Sydney and Brett versus Adeline and Jared Sydney does too.

That'll be a little change for maybe the more traditional mix where the men are usually more powerful right they're still powerful too yeah yeah Pat what are you thinking for this match here as you look I think we're going to see a lot of incredible shot making we got a bunch of hitters out here on the court.

And yeah it should be a fantastic match I'm excited everyone's getting dialed in here Isla I'm excited to see because Jared and Brett are both very athletic players they like to leap and take a lot of athletic chances I feel like so it'll be interesting how that pairs because Sydney is quite long so maybe uh Brett.

Doesn't need to do that as much um but having watched Jared a little bit last weekend for the Earth Day tournament he definitely uh took some athletic Liberties it'll be fun to see what they choose to do be more risky but then don't always have that safety of the non-score.

Yeah looking forward to it yeah it's interesting with rally scoring you don't have that defensive ability like when you're when you're receiving yeah it's it's it was crazy for me in the first match all of a sudden it was 7-4 and I was like wow I can't win the score.

So high so fast yeah less places to hide for sure yeah both teams are finishing up here getting ready Ray Ray is uh getting himself ready for the con it looks like Adeline Journal may be serving first you'll see nope Sydney's got the ball is this your first rally uh scoring.

Event that you've done it is I was a little nervous about knowing who was serving but then it's actually pretty easy because you're not switching thank you here we go fantastic drop shot from Sydney there oh a little backhand flick one zero one zero team wrap one.

Cindy jumped on that back to back backhand flicks yeah that's always an interesting angle for molacti it's actually I don't think she's just as big if not bigger than Brett in length two which is kind of fun in a mix match to have equal length for partners how long you been playing pickleball now.

Kelly um about five years so I'm actually probably one of the best switch feels weird 3-1 score here team Revlon but it's I mean like the way pickleball Grows Right so fast I mean five years kinda is a little bit right yeah yeah I know Alan's pretty new and she's.

Phenomenal in just one year yeah Fred as well I believe Brett's been playing for about a year or two yeah I think his duper was slower and it's just because he's so new yeah right I would call Brad a 5-0 plus I'm definitely surprised I actually have a higher duper than Brett and that is just not correct yeah.

Me too something's wrong data close both teams just kind of getting a feel out here but uh Adeline and Jared just uh trying to figure out how to reset the big power coming across them here anything.

Nice reset Jared wow just wide typing so that was definitely the best constructed point from uh Team Elder helper engage there 3-4 I think oh hockey break for team revelin go team right yeah we'll take it six three I'm sorry wrong score.

Nice job of idling keeping that low it's a tough shot to really Target in the backhand of the left Jared a little frustrated he didn't didn't like the way that came off his paddle there 7-3 what's your uh pickleball schedule look like for the rest of the Year Kelly you.

Are excited uh bco the minor games what else you have going on he's very nervous on Tuesday trying to get in the bco tournament I know it filled in like minutes the server definitely crashed yes yeah luckily I knew what would happen so I'm just ready ready to go see I'm actually also in the uh you go.

Girl oh tournament yeah it's next week we've had fun yeah yeah who are you playing with in that one um Amber Oster here I play with her pretty regularly so we nine four play very well together which is something that's interesting about tonight is just with the team format you're really.

Playing with people for the first time and it's you see a lot of different looks on the court which is fun we were talking about that with Alec a little bit but like how much do you value partnership versus maybe like upgrade like so upgrading skill right yeah exactly I value partnership quite a bit just.

Um and maybe sound silly especially at this level but I just wanna know I'm for sure gonna happen we're doing a fun day with someone that you know I know we have each other's back and it'll be fun um but obviously it's always nice to win too winning winning feels like it might come a little easier when you know you got.

Your back right there's a trust Factor yeah so we're at end change here and it looks like team revelin has a commanding lead I know we've been talking but what have you seen so far from Sydney and Brett that you think is a kind of uh perpetuated the score here I think definitely Cindy Sydney has the Lefty.

Advantage where she's really going at Jared and it's not a normal look necessarily and mixed um and then like you said they're really covering the court while they both are very orthotic and I mean both sides are but they just have the height Advantage I love it we're back to it eleven five.

Oh four two on the net love for team reveling as well yes Jared did a nice job getting that but sometimes there's just no recovering the 16 foot high Nets contain the Ricochet we'll take it I'll unpickable Jim I've also never been anywhere that was a.

Dedicated pickleball facility so yeah yeah we uh the all-in pickleball team a little bit of research there's not a place that I saw that had nuts like this so we're definitely trying something new and uh kind of fun to keep the ball in your own Court yeah that is the hardest part of winter play yeah.

Yeah a lot of Reese redo's wow boy team ravelin a little bit overpowering right now 14-6 nice cut 15 seconds stay in nope I think with a lot of um we were.

Very athletic people come in this sport it is turning into a more power game so that that can be a challenge when you're not used to it do you think so elaborate for us on that do you think it's pure power or First Strike what do you what do you think that is um I think team Revel is just a little more.

Comfortable at that speed I know Adeline Thrills at the fastball but sometimes maybe if you're not comfortable with your partner and they're coming fast it's hard to know who should go for what um I think it's something I've struggled with I've really had to work on trying to be more precise and be more patient and know that the power's really coming.

In I'm like oh shoot maybe I should work on that more yeah not only Power shots but just aggressiveness of things people playing offensively yes it seemed everyone used to have a demo that they would just play it safe on the dance and now people are opening the points up on the base and yeah it's definitely an evolving game.

Here it's interesting let's see every one of those shots was hit hard the entire Point yes and they're all smiling I was a pleasure of playing with Jared regularly one of the things he's getting known for is hitting amazing tweeners on tough labs and such I'm hoping we get the opportunity to see one here today.

Deep serve stays in ooh I don't know if the camera caught it but he's also pretty good at kicking the ball with his feet oh yeah it must have been a convert from soccer that's a great strike battling team engage Elder helpers hear nothing to lose just swing away so going into this round Revel and team.

Revelin had a 3-1 lead that's a great LOB good switch we've all been there yeah team Revel don't have to wait a few more uh points for try close this one out 11 20 I think 10 20. but you came in uh Cali your team was a 3-1 Advantage so yeah coming up it's.

Always nice kind of helped settle the nerves yeah your guys's comeback was instrumental for sure in that wow great match well played by team revelin and at minimum now your team is a 4-1 lead depending on how the uh the result from the other match is going so we'll take.

It we'll take it well it was a pleasure having you on uh with the live stream call we are really thankful for your time and let you get back to your team anything you want to part with for the rest of us here so oh no I'm good thank you for having me absolutely thank you good luck out there thanks we'll be right back with some.

Additional audio here from all in pickleball Jim and the on Smash a good real good play there all right we're back here so round three is continuing to go Pat and we are going to head to court two and uh catch this match in progress most excellent we have Jace land here and uh Joe uh thank you Joe Bentley and it looks like.

We have Caleb dang and Connor mogul Joe and Jay's controlling the net there earn that point Hunter M's backhand is such a tool for him he comes from the tennis background I think he's a relatively new player as well and it's just killing it and I've seen here yeah grateful to uh James.

Grouchwalski our uh our cameraman and right here Bob Trout our uh our expert uh volunteer rep doing a great job for us on court too wonderful anger there as uh Joe and Jace earned that point in a dinking battle you can see the wonderful crowd we have here tonight at all in pickleball Jim grateful for our Grand Rapids West.

Michigan pickleball community so that's a strong attack by Connor he rips that ball it's such a hitter he and Ryan pendinger had a good uh showing here this past week in our Earth Day that ball looks a little deep from Joe and wow great hands foreign.

Oh no off the net Chase rightfully frustrated he was in a ready reset position but the uh the neck cord won that point out on the overhead team Elders helpers engage definitely needs this win to uh split this round they are currently down four to one Jace land here I believe only 15 years old continuing to Blossom in his.

Pickleball game easily the youngest player in our field today here's that two-handed rip you talked about Pat I spoke with uh Connor yesterday and he was playing with the the other diadem paddle the the more kind of teal green one it's Texas toast paddle and yeah.

It's interesting to see him out here with his previous battle got a timeout here from Team Elder's helpers engage team Revel and looking very positive as they hydrate and get ready to get back in it Caleb and Connor um appear to have the momentum as they forced that time out from Team Elders helpers engage.

In the background there you can see Jace's family as well as Nikki Hort the team owner and uh I'm gonna call her the the additional team captain of Team Elder's helpers engage wonderful lady Nikki yeah couldn't think of our pickleball Community without her absolutely all right here we go.

What a great drop to get in a big point from Joe and Jace a little short on that third it's the it's the cruelty of rally scoring as all of those count yeah that's a tough adjustment honestly Jason lamenting his return a little short putting Joe in a tough position for a uh.

A big ground stroke right at him at the net wow Jay's stepping in and controlling the net there he's pumped up let's go that ball just a little long Jason uh Joe we can hear them uh amped up here from across the gym oh no little net love is Caleb uh takes.

Advantage of that little high fifth from Joe and serve back to Connor here Moon ball wow powerful attack there unexpected wow I don't believe it's 22-21 game point oh wow that is a great step in from Jace to put.

Pressure on Connor both teams are frozen you have to score on your serve here tough attack right at the body oh and that does it and so that is a commanding 5-1 lead here for team Revlon he won victory that puts team reveling up five matches 2-1.

After the uh after the first game which we had here on Championship Court which was essentially a bit of a Beatdown that we did not expect uh team revelant has picked themselves up after each of those matches and taken it every single one two team engage Elders helpers here's a view of our lovely crowd out there.

Hugh Davis the president CEO of Roblin you'll also see Andrea Coop our resident Pro with Cindy Sunday Brian Brooks along with Seth Walker taking on Captain Alec Timmerman and Connor nazielski that's here on court number one on court.

Number two and they'll get over there in just a second this will be a mixed match we're gonna be Jordan the weird and Sophia Smith of Team engage out there sign on Jared falnowski and Kelly dykema of Team revelant two very fun matches we have coming up here what a great start this uh this tournament was put together just.

Merely a week ago and this gym was opened up merely a week ago an entertaining Friday night getting ready for round number four let's play some pickleball thank you all right welcome back to all in pickleball gym for the All In smash Showdown here we're in round four.

Team revelin does have a commanding 5-1 lead over Elders helpers and engage and uh Pat we have the honor of uh being joined by Jace land here from Team Elders helpers engage so hey Jace welcome Jace how's it going pretty pretty good I know I know the score maybe not what you guys are hoping but you guys got to come back in you.

Right so oh yeah we gotta what are you looking forward to on Championship court with uh Captain Brian Brooks here and Seth uh facing off against Alec and Connor um I think Brian's gonna be really good at um attacking and speeding up and I just saw Seth play for the first time today.

And he's crazy good so yeah I Pat I haven't seen Seth play before or anything what what what's what's a good match with Brian's style here um Jace that that you say I mean he's crazy good is he Lefty looks like or uh actually he's ready he is right here okay.

He's a very powerful player I've noticed so with both him and Brian they can be a commanding presence up there at the kitchen and I'm hoping for summer crashing yeah well I can tell you in our last match uh there was no lack of hard-hitting with uh Adeline and Jared versus uh Sydney and uh Brett so yeah we had a lot.

Of fire and able to see a little bit bigger fire here yeah I hope so Jeff uh Jeff Howlett urging Brian to step up he said hey you're my number one pick I need you to win Brian's like yeah I got this no big deal let's go yeah let's go Alec did say he was uh he was on with us on the live stream as well that he.

Really loves playing with Connor so maybe a little bit of familiarity advantage on the team Revel inside versus some of the uh the raw power we have here so let's get started right on cue what a dig from his feet I sat there also my first time seeing Seth clay and yeah it seems super steady.

Seth's got his own little backhand rolling flick there wow yeah this would be a fun one we got two one here to see Team Elders helpers engage that was such a good read by Seth what a role that was crazy he got to that ball before it even dropped yeah just long Seth uh I love his intensity.

Right now and he's immediately supportive of Brian's attack yes I see no pressure off of him Chase what do you love most about pickleball especially pickleball like at this level and a fun kind of tournament like this I really love how like the players communicate together as a team.

Especially for this team format even more like their intensity levels match and I think that's really cool yeah I think it's really cool with the team format everyone's heart is kind of in it as a team and it's you know you always have that with your partner when you compete but you bring more people.

Into it it kind of unifies everyone I think that's really cool definitely a couple of uncharacteristic dink misses from Alec I think I heard four two here to team Elder operand gear wow what a drive he's got so much power Prime he put his hips into that one that's good time out here.

Yeah if you look at Brian's drive too there's always some lateral motion to it which just makes it that much harder he's always kind of swiping across the ball in addition to hitting it a million miles an hour yeah what's crazy is his forehand's really good but I feel like his back end's even better yeah does that I mean like obviously.

Everyone's like I'm gonna pack the backhand but that makes it really hard to play against him right yeah very hard even if he doesn't have a great look at it he'll just hit it right at your hip you know he's just got to move from everywhere and it's Relentless yeah you think this is a good I mean I know you're we're all you're a team engaged.

Here team early childhood but good time out early to reset for uh Alec and Connor definitely I think I think do something different that's a really good set of Defense oh wow Seth's been super sneaky on that right Edge there that's the second or third.

Time I've seen that I'd like to see Connor get a little bit more aggressive eight two excuse me oh wow oh it's two points off there no wonder the timeout came wow wow that's incredible he is he he gets Under and Over the ball very well his anticipation on those short things.

Is ridiculous I think that comes with the a little bit proper he probably doesn't have much but you know he tense up a little bit great shot by Connor I'm a little unlucky from the net Alec and con are given a little verbal encouragement trying to get themselves amped up yeah Alec is very known for that and it works.

Sneaky under the net shot wow a little bit too high though team revela making a push here at six nine uh before an end change trying to get this as close as possible yeah probably scoring makes it so easy to come back 10-6 that was a big surf.

So Brian and Seth take that two-point run and respond to keep a five-point lead on an end change so Chase 15 years old right 14. 14 jeez I'm overstating you sorry so you've been playing pickleball for a few years now what do you have coming on for this year.

As you continue to to grow I mean and being a young player as well so you know I want to do a few five or more 5-0 tournaments this summer like uh beer City and motor games um but then by the end of summer I want to be playing try to try Pro nice yeah you're uh you get to play with uh Hannah Johns too right a little bit of fun at.

Bco that I mean I know that may not be fine well that should be kind of fun right yeah oh yeah she can play a little yeah I hear her family's all right yeah right yeah they're okay they're okay yeah how cool I didn't know you were playing with Hannah that's awesome yeah if I broke something that should have.

Been known I'm sorry oh almost I felt like a good attack though he was yeah right right on it 12-7 is our score foreign I will say Jeff raise the nuts a little.

Bit before the start of the matches tonight just to make sure it was accurate so yeah great dinky by all that he's moving them around very well hard spots yeah Seth very supportive again over to Brian yep 10-9 oh.

A little head hunting there very good setup though close to three here big Point wow last two missed service this game and then see that 14 10. that's a pick serve yeah Connor took a big deep breath he's like wow got dug out of that one yes.

Yes so much power Jason these matches as it gets to the end game what what these strategies do you have not just from play but keeping calm that you want to share out with the pickleball Community 100 just some deep breaths if you're feeling nervous um honestly like I like touching the back wall just to give myself some time.

And a reset to like you know be back in the game but strategy wise like honestly just don't tense up that's the biggest thing because once you tense up your shots aren't as good Conor uh taking that moment too to call a timeout after a missed return same idea right just nope I need it let's.

Take a breath and we'll get ourselves back in it yes reset ground yourself yeah it's interesting you mentioned rally scoring and how it's easy to cut easier to come back but sometimes it's easier to stay ahead too with rally scoring and those points just fly off yeah it can be yeah definitely both uh team reveling and engage uh.

Watching intently from the back their teams here both tense and excited all at the same time yes wow did you see Brian's little stare down of Alex there that was a little smooshed face stare down I liked it love the fire yeah a good shot with a great setup as well.

That's Captain material right there 12 19. geez oh Pete's great hands Seth is jacked up and ready to go yeah it's like let's close this 12. what a match that was a very nice four four rounds in I think Seth has the biggest serve yeah he's definitely.

so in that one ain't team engaged team Elders helpers got you got you guys got one back on five two see if we can get a few more Jordan and Kelly here see how they we might be able to bring some bonus coverage as we get a camera over um you're uh you're welcome to stay with us.

Jace or if you want to head back and support the team we totally understand do you mind if I step no I love it let's do that let's do it let's go I think for this next match Jordan's gonna have to be the aggressor here and Kelly is gonna have to say very con uh consistent feels like that will work right to their.

Strengths yeah and you play with Jordan quite a bit does he I mean are he is he usually the aggressor in your partnership too or both you honestly like as it used to be him a lot more but I've tried I'm trying to get as aggressive as him but when we're both on the aggressive misses perfect because we're not too aggressive where it's like.

Missing balls but take the shots when you get them yeah we we love pressuring our opponents yeah sometimes pressure you don't have to be a hero yeah I would gauge Jordan as like one of the most steady players I've ever seen he doesn't take unnecessary risks temporarily yeah he just but you know.

When the ball is there he puts it away yeah and he's just a great teammate to have yeah super nice guy yeah jiren was uh about 85 percent of the Court there on that bench but that works right yeah it does number one teaming AC mil there's came up with a.

Win Sophie and Jordan need a little bit of comeback help here yes come on they unwind the stack on that one oh you're going over here on Board number two looks like they're gonna wind again here Jordan opted to go face up with jiren take that away do you think in mix that's the right.

Approach is to have the guy facing the guy or do you think doesn't matter as much or match-up dependent what do you think I think it's the match-up matchup like Jordan he's got great hands so is Jaren so I could see why they're going straight up but personally I feel like Jordan should.

Stay where he is right now because he needs to just speed up that Kelly to be honest and so Jared needs to do the off or the same way to Sophia Jaren just missed that winner there Jordan giving his signature along out arm this is the beauty of rally 2 Frozen at.

20. Jordan and Sophia can just uh grit it out here Point by point I would kind of like to see a timeout but I can see why they want to stay in it oh no well Jason it's been an absolute pleasure really enjoyed having you in.

The booth we uh we wish you and uh Team Elders helpers and engaged to us tonight good luck and uh arrests are a great season here for pickleball thank you very much who's having a good time let me hear woo so only three of you are having a good time let me hear woo four or five now all right on round.

Number five on court number one the one I'm standing on Joe Bentley and Sophia Smith of engage Elders will be taking on Caleb dang and Kelly dykema in a mixed match there from Team revelin over on court number two Seth Walker and Jared sweet of engaged Elders will take on Connor nazielski and Brett michad on court number two round number five one.

More time let me hear woo good thing I got Jeff Howlett here I used to play a lot of softball with this little guy right here collect collectively that was 65 pounds ago and probably about 25 years ago all right and for round number five let's get things ready let's play some.

Pickleball welcome back to all in pickleball gym here on Friday night we are doing the all in pickle smash with Team ravlin versus Team Elders helpers Dan mcconnin here with Patrick O'Connell and our fifth guest jiren fontanowski what's up Jared nah I'm doing good doing good beautiful facility here at the Alton.

Pickleball gym especially on this nice rainy night so happy to be indoors so thank you Dan for providing this facility uh pleasure pleasure to to the whole all-in pickleball gym team Patrick we're into round five revlon's up 6-2 what have you seen here as we got um I'd call it the maybe the co-captain or the second captain of Team ravelin.

Here with us yeah we've seen a lot of great pickleball people are bringing it it's it's been some very aggressive Play It's been exciting you know right now revelin's up 6-2 on the matches but looking forward to seeing if they can get back in it here in the last two rounds so Jaron indoor conditions after a.

Weekend of cold weather a little bit of rally scoring how you liking just some of the fun differences early in the pickleball season oh boy uh so especially with teaching Outdoors um it's kind of Hit or Miss right now with the weather um it's going indoors Outdoors indoors Outdoors um definitely a lot of.

Different factors because you have natural lighting with the Sun come indoors you have some LED lighting here so definitely some conditions to get used to but it's pickleball play on that's right and you mentioned teaching so you have your own kind of teaching Academy school now do you want to talk about that a.

Little bit a little self-promotion okay sure sure uh so I actually quit my two pretty steady jobs actually almost one year to the date um started actually giving TD teen pickleball probably about three or four years now um but not enough to sustain me full time with all the people coming into pickleball um definitely a demand.

For good instructions so I'm happy to provide that um Ashley was able to quit those two jobs as I said earlier and provide full-time teaching on the Lakeshore so that's awesome yeah that's amazing so you're predominantly teaching Muskegon Grand Haven to hold Lakeshore correct so usually I teach right out of Spring Lake uh Spring Lake and Grand.

Haven yup cool well it looks like we have Sophia Smith and Joe Bentley versus Caleb and Kelly what do you expect out of this match and it's okay to favor your team but let's give uh let's give a a neutral summary of what to expect um so what I know from Caleb's especially this past year his hands have.

Gone so fast so I expect a lot of speed UPS from him um Sophia and Kelly will probably just dink forever and ever and ever and ever so absolutely steady usually very consistent so um yeah Joe I haven't been able to play much with Joe but I know he has a really good all-around game so definitely so.

I expect a lot of long dink battles today all right let's see what happens here zero zero start On Cue at dink battle there you go I expect a lot more for the next 20 minutes or so that's right yeah Jared will also provide lottery numbers and other uh predictions good rule.

Yeah so there's Caleb just taking charge of that point right there I expect to see a little bit more of that right so don't mind the aggressive uh nature of Sofia going for that maybe not the right moment but telling Caleb she's going to be aggressive.

Yes yeah yeah Sophia has some really nice attack rolls it's very deceptive especially on your backhand for sure I'm doing a lot of motions right here you probably can't see it oh maybe good I don't know we got you we've got your hand motions but no she has a really nice kind of like a table tennis role.

Kind of like I have which is a really nice backhand roll for sure by one now we are both a live stream video blog and audio feature we got it all set up you guys are on it good reset and as and as always shout out to live stream pickleball and Scott McAllister continuing to crush it every time we.

Stream so two five is our account Ray Ray continuing to be bravery and Bob Trout thank you uh our honorary uh volunteer referees every event we do with them is elevated when we have quality referees so it's not a bad idea to go behind for sure um the shots there so she's just.

Forcing it a little bit too much she's able to take just a little bit Pace off of that is exactly what needs to happen six two everything is right in the world we move on here Kelly serving yeah I play with Joe regularly as well I would say he's well known for great soft reset so he has this great Chop on the ball from down low just puts it soft.

Into the kitchen as well as a strong power game he's also in the weight room a few days been playing with Caleb and on the on their side too like he's really hitting that Top Spin oh my gosh just so much Top Spin on so it'll be interesting to see how maybe if Caleb's attacking how Joe picks that up and vice versa for.

Sure yeah Caleb's been adding a vicious backhand drive to this game and it's pretty dangerous it's so fast actually set up very beautiful by that backhand foot he's just a little bit ahead of that Sofia did a nice Matrix getting out of the way wow close nice drop.

Right on cue with that backhand there Pat a lot of pressure coming off of that for sure so hard to get a solid drop to get in eight five team reveling serving here oh just missed so beginning of our pickleball season here jiren what are you looking forward.

To as we enter into May here oh um hopefully the weather will start cooperating a little bit I'm able to finally get outside to teach full time um right now my schedule's actually booked up about three to four weeks wow yeah awesome just the weather has not been cooperating um also looking forward to making my.

Trip to Belknap and start training a little bit for some upcoming tournaments um other than that yeah just plans to pickleball teaches pickleball having some good fun and then you're you're a dog dad as well right oh boy yes oh that little stinker so I just adopted a mini bernadoodle.

Rightly uh probably about three months ago 11 from the Humane Society so keeping me busy for sure yeah he was uh he was very prevalent at Earth Day last weekend enjoying the time with you but fun to have someone to do that little journey with oh for sure yeah he's actually just sits right alongside the courts just sits there for like five six.

Hours while I teach and then we go to the dog park get a puppuccino and call it a day so that's that sounds like a great life it is a great Library yeah for all involved oh for sure for sure we got an end change here fairly certain team revelin has the 11 we'll see uh what Joe and Sophia have six eleven six team Marathon.

Oh Ray is Ray Ray owning it not a big deal I'm gonna I'm gonna bet that Caleb hits this much harder at this time the second time you feel like you have to oh for sure seven eleven changing it up keeping Sofia on that.

Left side a different look good great hands feels like it's a good choice to have Joe in front of Caleb there see if they can mix up wow so much spin on that ball wow even though they didn't get the point the outcome like the way they built that.

They were in that a little bit more straight on absolutely foreign I think just to Rally back just change that pace up a little bit they're playing a little bit passive maybe a little bit too conservatively um so right now Caleb mckillard are.

Taking a little bit of a charge with just with their offense game so I think team engage right there Elders helpers definitely need a amazing oh my God okay sorry I was like God described by the point but no just a little bit more offensive from Joe and Sophia Sophia worked on that she's just.

A little bit of a net cord but she got pushed out wide and tried to speed that up oh it was there I wonder if that bucket comes into place yeah Granville tournament a pickleball attic bucket I need to grab that after this next round sir.

Foreign pickleball gym we have this awesome event tonight and then the Granville pickleball attic tournament Saturday and Sunday as well for those who want to see some uh additional great pickleball this weekend so nothing but pickleball here as much as we can both in jiren's life here and as.

Well as uh all in pickleball gym not a bad thing at all okay if you enjoy on their way back a little bit 10 15. great news wow that's just crazy that's well constructed all around Sophia's drops are really good right now.

So and that really gets Joe involved especially crushing that middle that surf stays in that was a Smart Choice by Kelly she didn't want to give Joe a chance to get up and keep him back absolutely wow oh big brain shots Caleb not sure who gets.

It but someone on the engage side does that will just help us I like that speed up try though seriously um ball is a little bit short well so definitely drive that yeah Caleb was poaching a little there oh whose ball is that Joe playing it safe probably right.

Choices if he was poking in there too ooh just a bit much oh yeah his first drive he's missed all day honestly he's been on with those no he's playing really well he went down to Nationals as well and said he had a great experience playing at four or five so oh the US Open yeah absolutely Caleb did so coming off an event like that and Jaren.

You've done that that might be just a nice kind of like emotional high of experience but not enough just getting so much better depth than right Joe was on that one in that battle we have a match point here great hands wow.

And that about sums up the match just a little more aggression yeah well played by both teams though um overall well played just the point destructions in general very high quality well that gives team ravelin a 7-2 lead here uh halfway through round five.

And it looks like the other match on round five as well let's listen in and see what the score was the shot comes up with a victory as well so we got a close one here let me see if I do my accounting to get off my shoes however keeping that in mind it's eight to two.

Now but after after four rounds Total Team points total points scored amongst all the matches it might be six to two now eight to two it was 151 points scored 14 Redland 144. oh wow wow really really tight matches yeah not even a little bit no just clutch matches here for team Rebel.

And to close well jiren we uh we really appreciate having you on here with Patrick and I uh any partying thoughts you want to bestow on to our pickleball community and those listening out there oh here we go say just get out there you can uh you can catch jiren on the.

Courts here as well as on the Lake Shore so uh you'll be teaching plan and dog kisses and puppuccinos abounds yeah you got it every day all day let's go let's go great having you James absolutely you guys thank you so we're gonna transition here back to the court and uh we'll come back with audio thank you what's up buddy.

oh I heard it right there that's the only one you're my favorite person here right here my favorite person for the last time let's play some pickleball hey Jay let's do that number thing real quick right.

Give me a number one or two bro it's a tube thank you welcome back to all in pickleball Jim we're into round six of the all in Friday smash we are now joined by Sophia Smith as well welcome thank you glad to be back here yeah.

So you've gotten to play all of your matches for the night here how's it how's it feel uh with this rally scoring uh Team event I really like the rally scoring I have not done this before um it definitely makes the game feel like it's flying by and it can change very quickly I think our first game we.

Were down zero three or zero four and in a regular you know volley match that would feel a little discouraging but very quickly we were tied again and um yeah I would like to see more of this is it just because of that kind of like ability to come back or what else do you like about it compared to kind of normal scoring.

Um yeah I think that's the biggest piece for me pickleball is all about momentum and kind of feeling it in the moment I feel like it's so game to game or point to point on how you're performing um and maybe that's my a little bit of my inexperience speaking there with just.

You know it's what you can do in that match but I feel like it gives you more of an opportunity to take it and run with it or you know come back if you're at a deficit well we're uh we're getting to watch Jordan deweird and Jace land here for uh your team team engage Elders helpers versus Conor Mogul and jiren you got to.

Play with Jordan I think a little mixed earlier what what are you expecting from your team here as they uh play Jaren and Connor um they I expect that they will do well um Jordan is a very strong player very encouraging I had never played with him before and um very quickly I could see his his skill.

Even there right there with his hands he's just so controlled oops on that shot but um and then Jace I've only played once in a tournament before but also just so solid and calm and so um yeah I expect that they'll do well Jaren is.

Extremely strong we know this um and Connor had just met the first time yesterday and um I feel like with pickleball being a small world it's cool when you find somebody that's at a higher level that you didn't know existed so that was really fun um it's just a great event to see everyone play.

Um but I think that they'll do well seems like most of our games have been pretty or close scoring wise I think he just announced the record was 151 144. yeah something like that but like the game score was eight and two so right um that says something I think.

Sneaky shot from Jaron there yeah and as Jace told us Jordan and Jace play together regularly so yeah maybe we can see their team element sort of vibe here to go with his strong sock game as well always 2-6 is Jordan and Jace try to get themselves back in fast start for Connor.

And germ wow nice drop by Jordan yeah Sophia you had some amazing buttery drops in your last match here too we were admiring that thank you I was telling my dad I don't think there's anything more satisfying for me or exciting than just a drop shot that scores there's just not anything that.

Feels better put away whatever you can score on a drop shot it's the ultimate uh what the ultimate shot I think yeah that's the best also the most frustrating when you're on the other side of that that one a bit longer good eyes from Jason Jordan there they look very uh workman-like here as.

They uh get back to the Baseline wow so sneaky yeah how long have you been playing uh pickleball now first of you two years ago so just yeah about two years um I went to the Beer city tournament.

Saw the pros play and I was like okay I gotta get out there and take this little more seriously yeah that's awesome you've come so far it's become such an amazing player in these two years so thanks Patrick yeah looking forward to more yeah that was fun Jordan giving a smiley and Roar to jar in there jiren uh not.

Appreciating it actually it's a fun little uh chess game here it's uh you guys sorry for still in the moment but like it's cool like you guys saw both your games grow over the two years like that's kind of the fun part of making friends right and then like seeing how it all blossoms it's kind of the beauty of pickleball in my opinion.

Too yeah the community is really one of the most key elements of this sport I think it's it's wonderful so that was a fast Sprint to 11 there what do you have going on for the rest of your pickleball season Sophia let's see the next tournament on the books officially is beer City no Meyer games for you this year no more.

Games for me who are you playing with I'm gonna be playing with Kevin Andrea oh there you go yep at four five yeah him and Tori just had a nice little run the bronze there for the uh the Revel and Earth Day game so yes you seem like a great compliment for Kevin with his uh big Power and your steady games.

We have not actually played together much at all but I agree with that just seeing his game and I've played against him a few times now I'm hoping that will pan out well he's over on court five or five right now getting some games on too I love it oh yeah.

That's awesome hands holy crap wow what a point what a point I thought I saw about six or seven winners there and they all came back what happened.

All right spot Chase reading that well and stepping in and attacking need to put a little run together here let's return that ball barely cleared for Connor there sliding low yeah wow urging Connor to high five her encounter was very much in the zone.

What Jordan let everyone know that ball was out in a playful way who had one of those on our last mixed game where he said it's way out right on the line right outside of the line oh Connor mixing it up between Jason Jordan there.

Let's go Team Elders engaged oh god wow such good hands all around foreign had one bat on the attack just a little too far let's get all right what's been your favorite part then of I mean at the end of the night here team.

Event got into play with some different people but like what's your favorite part walking away from this event then I would say just what Patrick mentioned just ultimate Community event here with all generations and you know the players are all within a certain age range here but.

Um just out seeing people that we see out at Bell nap all the time here supporting it's just awesome there's nothing like it even right now I can spot you know 10 different people that aren't playing that are just here to watch and support everyone's true love for pickleballs okay.

Great oh my goodness wow that's going for it there Chase and Jordan making their move 15-16 wow great attack Jordan and Jason found their pattern of trying to create the angles on Connor.

Dink and keeping jiren out of it oh great attack it's beautiful got the momentum just took the lead that's six straight points for uh Jason Jordan there's that a rally scoring benefit I I was talking about right there the whole game has changed gives us a.

Beautiful uh 17-7 score and finish here great great pressure by Jordan and Jay says Connor is trying to work his way up 18-17 wow what a point there's no stopping Jace there one of those just go along Sofia what do you think and I know you're excited for the comeback for the.

Team but if you are on the reveling side here what would you look for Connor and uh Jaren to do to curd the time here or on to curb the tide there we go leaving a couple up and not getting to the line and not spacing them out a whole lot on the kitchen um But ultimately I feel like it's just great pickleball these are great points.

Yeah incredible match it's so fast-paced here as well I wonder if maybe just slowing it down even more so just getting more defensive letting them make some mistakes right they've got here gonna look for uh jiren to take a little more space to see if he can insert himself.

Always always to uh two tight drops from each team but we're still uh two away one away in point a way to go awesome match though really good match looks like we're still playing on uh we're gonna Mosey our way over to court.

Do you want to stay with us for uh Court two we got a mix match over there I think it's uh Adeline and Brian versus Sydney and Alec looks like uh looks like Adeline just beat Alec on a backhand to a backhand and serves back to Adeline as we get our way over that match James with expert camera work as he.

Rolls over been great all night a little low on adeline's drive but to her style true attack right attack and lob all the time amazing drives I wish she would drive more I'd struggled warming up with her sometimes because they're just plummeting drives.

Are so good oh Skipper stay there a lot on that love here tonight wow Brian with amazing hands on the first one but not much can be done on the second one I made its way over to Alec all right.

Attacked by Brian reaching over he's just so dangerous on both sides see if we can catch a score yeah Brian's so dangerous from everywhere I remember watching him at bco last year playing with DJ Howard and you know DJ is a heck of a player and people were just keeping it away from Brian the.

Whole time okay Dan's running here to try to get us a score on court too oh looks like that's the match it's like teams Elders helpers engaged took that one as well so plus two for a team Elders helpers engage.

so round six has come to a close and team engaged team Elders took both ends of that round so it's down eight to four hey we got an added bonus right here on the championship Court I know you thought six rounds were out of here we got a little more we're gonna go to singles we're gonna have two.

Different matches obviously back to back not the same time right in here still up to 21 same form uh format but we're gonna add two singles matches to close out the Night Dream breaker time so we are going to have I believe I don't know if they're gonna be from different teams but I'm assuming one person from Team engage team Elders.

Against one personal team uh revelant Sophia I don't know if you're gonna be playing in this uh final match but thank you so much for being with us and uh taking the time thank you so much for having me back a little bit more don't you want a little bit more it's been a great night I think when we're done we'll bring both.

Teams out here you'll get to choose your favorite players of the night get to cheer them on get to applaud them and show your gratitude more a great night put your hands together if it's been a great night so far huh let me hear it and while we're putting this together once again coach timisinski right here Coach Jeff Howlett doing a nice job.

Helping to put this tournament together and then these guys over here Dan McConnell owner of all in pickleball Jim James Groucho Kowalski Mike Davis and Scott McAllister round out that team and uh and then also the the guys running the streaming service this has been a phenomenal night such good fun my wife my wife called me and said hey.

How's it going I said this is good stuff and her advice to the players was don't suck so I don't know so we're putting this together I don't I'm kind of filling in the time here waiting for someone to say it's going to be this person against this person it is now eight to four in terms of team revelin what a great night.

So I know what I was gonna say if um if you've been watching this over the course of the night and you say you know what I want to get more involved and there are limited spaces where pickleball is available because there's just not a lot of Courts yet key word is yet this sport is is uh growing extremely rapidly.

Um and uh but there are ways that you can rent the court here all you have to do is go to all in and uh it will talk about the basically the show going on here but how to rent uh pickleball courts how to get lessons if that's what you choose to do I know my man Jeff Howlett provides lessons at.

A cost that is uh affordable to be honest with you so just go to that website and uh you want to play a little bit more you want to learn how to play he can do things uh one-on-one he'll can do uh up to four people during his lessons all you gotta do is to go to all in and that will help.

Things out all right ladies and gentlemen pay attention what are we gonna do now we're gonna play some singles matches but this is how it's gonna go we have four players per team and we switch players every four points it's gonna be three gentlemen one female on the team the female will be the.

Fourth person each time so here we go four team revelin I believe that yep team reveling leading it off will be Connor mogul followed up by Brett mashad third will be Alec Timmerman and then the anchor person will be Sydney Sunday.

Four team uh Elder engage Elders helpers leading off will be Seth Walker following up will be Jace land here and then the third person Third Leg will be Jordan deweird and then anchor person will be Adeline Nelson are we ready to play again singles match one on one up to 21 every.

Four points we change players Jeff says give me the mic I want to sing karaoke version American Pie by Don McLean here we go you smart I like you so the way this takes place it is a rapid we play Four Points then we switch out rapidly we don't we don't have a lot of time between that so our four players for.

Revelin will be right here and our four players for team engage Elders helpers will be over here we've set the order the woman is the fourth player in the sequence and we want to hear some cheering in this if you guys haven't seen singles play before you're in for a real treat here.

I know some of you are disappointed that some of your favorite players weren't playing in that but after we play one game we're gonna play another and we're gonna do it again so we're gonna do this twice here we go Connor Brett Alec and Sydney from Team Revlon taking on Seth Jace Jordan and Allen let's play some pickleball.

Let's do it everyone we are doing singles dreambreaker style Pat and we couldn't be more excited to have two singles matches we're gonna start with this first one here we have Seth Walker versus I'm trying to see if it's uh yeah Alec Timmerman I think is what was announced but uh we haven't gotten to see any.

Singles today so it's gonna be a fun time yeah I'm so excited for the dream breaker I'm glad we could work this in it's such an interesting format too for the singles here you know normally they rotate every few points so we're gonna see a full match from two players here is that we are gonna see a regular dream breaker four points per per rotation.

Here so we have four players in the rotation and four points per just like a regular dream breaker would be um for a majorly picker level style format so awesome and it looks like we have Connor versus Seth so it won't be Alec first so it'll be interesting on the pairings but but ultimately two of these players have been hitting double.

Shots all night so we're gonna move into some aggressive singles play to be exciting yeah it's so interesting too in the dream breaker segment that you you'll get Men playing women in singles you'll get like this random match up and yeah I guess I'm not even sure how they established the order does each team.

Just choose their order and it's unknown to the other team or do they get to know the other teams so I think I think typically and I don't know how we're doing it tonight but they might be just being too doing two blind orders but normally one team would be able to respond to the other based on the initial coin flip of the match.

Interesting okay so here we go Tonner Connor and team revelin serving first to Seth and team engage Elders helpers love the cat and mouse here one zero big cuts what wow threading the needle.

It's not feeling out here Connor's got a great game he's playing so well right now such strong fundamentals his ground strokes are amazing especially for a newer-ish player what love the energy here from Team Elders helpers engaged cheering on Seth one two see if they can push him through to a.

Split just short really strong play from Conor on that return 3-1 Advantage as we move to Brett mashad and Jace land here 3-1 team reveling 3-1 cold start for Brett but it's all right Jace will take it over cheering from Team engage.

Gotta get pumped up that's right what a passing shot coach Jeff Hallett screaming in uh appreciation of that shot three three oh yeah oh yeah very much from Jace there is super focused here he's got a 3-0 advantage in this matchup boy he takes all four points huge swing six four advantage as uh the fiery.

Leader here Jordan deweird places against Alec Timmerman we have got five three five three excuse me just a little while really good idea as Alec was charging Pat four or five wow whoa got her in there that's beautiful.

Shot of desperation Alex had a great shot right down the line just great shape at the corner I know Alec competes in singles sometimes and I'm not sure I've seen Jordan play singles in the tournament before I I think Jordan's very capable.

Maybe just doesn't enjoy it as much yeah he's he is a spider monkey in the best ways one of the most agile players I've ever seen he's the first player I've ever seen Ernie uh a third shot drop we're getting on to Adeline and Sunday here no it's uh it's seven five Ray Ray.

Jordan telling everyone he didn't suck that bad good choices people are just painting Corners here too it's a beautiful thing to behold nice LOB ster oh good stretch good point good point.

Six seven we've got six seven nice deep return a little good spot from Sydney right idea Sydney's length will definitely come into play on this a little bit a little more coverage nice return good try all right good pressure I think.

On this next one like Seattle and go and follow that deep return maybe we'll see how it goes Point next floor the beauty of the dream breaker is the adjustments that come so we'll see how Seth adjusts to Conor's strong start and down the line here.

Wow acrobatic 10-7 that one's just a little wide I really love how low Connor gets on that too handy it's just really strong wow nice skit wow wow huge point from South amazing point.

Both players really Connor applauding as well Dash is scary as a lot of system 9-10 Connor does a great job holding the split big momentum so on this in this last bout Jace took all four points so Brett really gonna see if he.

Can adjust here next shot from base there to finish absolutely took a little bit Brett might have been there he just ran out of space yeah 12-9 nope 10 11. it's all good everyone's ready to support one another.

Just a bit long all square it up here oh boy set himself up well at the net opportunier he had full control just went for a little too much 12 11. big point there for uh nice serve yeah yeah that's a big swing on this game so.

Two point Advantage for team revelant as they have a 13-11 lead see what Jordan can do to get engage Elders hoppers that's a great spot amazing all right nice little fist pump from Jordan does a good start 12-13 Pat 12 13. oh Great Big Frame play there for Malik.

Absolutely big swing big swing Point here 14 12. 14 12. Jordan would love to get these next too wow beautiful cut what not not a darn thing Alex did wrong they're just a really great angle from Jordan yeah I can't argue with 13 14. let's return.

Oh yeah oh Jordan coming up clutch for team others helpers engaged taking three and one and now we're back to ladies here so Adeline Nelson and Sydney Sunday coming back here we have got 14 14. big big points.

Boy could leave yeah absolutely like the attack though she was cutting most of those backhand so I like the aggression 15 14. that ball did not come up there just sunk a little 16-14 slob.

Did she get it boy oh my goodness that is a fantastic shot I can't believe that just said 17-14 crowd is speechless Boston oh boy we have got 18 14. Connor there four all right.

Team raffling is painting some lines right now and 1914. yeah sometimes there's not much you can do just gotta clap your hands for a great shot I mean I don't play singles that often Pat but it's shot making right so yeah and Agility yeah goodbye wow just some incredible incredible play for 2014.

That's awesome beautiful from Seth that is so pretty buttery touch as you would say Pat but buttery yeah so just like in uh regular scoring here team revelin will need to win on their serve and they have their first opportunity here at 2015. so big opportunity for Jace to hold and earn some points on rally.

20 50 snuck it and that will bring things to a close here in this first round Connor Mogul Brett mashad Alex out that was a tremendous tremendous love that we added that to this format tonight beautiful we're gonna get things.

Started right away for team revelin coming up first it'll be jiren falnowski fouled up by Conor nazielski the third leg will be Caleb dang and the anchor person number four will be Kelly daika Bob taking on from Jeff howlett's team engage Elders helpers.

Seth Walker will be leading no excuse me Brian Brooks will be leaving things off found up by Joe Bentley third will be Jared sweet and then the anchor person will be Sophia Smith one more game up to 21 and we're gonna call it quits what a great night is so good to watch what these guys doing watching guys and girls are doing.

Let's finish this thing up in style Brian and Jeff taking a moment for a little uh photo shoot here on the center come on Jaron was inviting the old rock paper scissors but Brian opted for one versus two a great first battle here so Brian and jiren.

Wow point Brian established one zero on the first point let's see jiren's response right there one one little net love oh tough break two one I think everyone takes it even though it's painful.

Wow that's more two for four on the net there team engage uh Elders helpers not apologizing for two solid net points in this battle but hey three one they'll take it and uh Joe will go up against Connor here three one.

Wow wow all right Joe option for the cat and mouse encounter up to the task fun to see the variety two three Point good pressure from Connor there three three point kind of going for a little much there but you know what it's okay I'm taking.

Their hacks that's what singles is Right Pat yeah that's right I'm gonna hit a winner from anywhere that's a really smart play all right beautiful touch from Joe there he had opened up the court with a really really good uh serve to start that so and here comes Jared sweet and he will take on Caleb dang.

I expect a lot of basketball system on this one too yeah this is gonna be fun that is oh nasty Jared urging the ball to come back I really liked that approach that he didn't necessarily crash made Caleb think about where he was gonna be as he stood almost mid Court in the transition zone yeah gave himself several options.

There I got six four I think you're right Ray Ray oh Jared's so good at the stretch just a little much dig on a hard ball that's a beautiful shot by Caleb well played so we got Sophia Smith and Kelly Dyke.

Hold on one minute hold on one minute I think I think we're at six six really six six beautiful boy seven six what little adjustment for at least playing some singles totally get it fun opportunity here in this format players lead off drop and get right into.

The Net game I think it's great I agree Pat boy it's a big swing from Kelly she talked about in our uh an earlier live stream she wanted to take some bigger swings and singles is a good opportunity for that yeah let's keep him coming.

Great spot from Kelly yeah hard pressure to the backhand very supportive high fives as jiren and Brian come back on court nine seven yes sir all done Ray Ray let's go let's go everybody needs all the help he can get tough oh man.

Oh my goodness Point side to side there that was beautiful that was in Brian I'm sorry that was just great work from both of you that one's a bit deep though all right Brian serve eight ten let's see if he can get two and even up hey check point Jen please.

A bit of an end change here level eight and change we're done here we go Pat this has been uh fantastic and I know we're not closing yet but really fun seeing this format and getting to see the best players in our area here play play rally scoring and a mixture of.

Match types yeah it's been an absolute blast I feel like everyone's just enjoyed it thoroughly here the crowd's been getting into it the teams are getting into it even more it's been a fantastic evening to pickleball here heck yeah eight eleven wait wait 11 8. yes yes.

11 8. nailed it let's go let's go okay hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on I got a11. they switch sides no it's in Brian just dumped a servant so it would be 11-8 yeah that's right it's all good I apologize yes you do you're good Ray Ray we got this rally scoring is a new thing for all of us.

Let's get it nice spot great job from Brian they're standing his ground 9 11. so that is a switch Yeah new players Conor versus Joe again 9 11. Connor opting to stay back.

That's a really good read 2011. that right no I got you guys trying to rums art twelve nine thank you wait a minute it can't be 12-9 it was eleven eight no that's that's correct no you're good 12-9 right you're good.

Yeah love right we got twelve nine stretch by Joe yeah beautiful extension there don't say that 10 12. all right let's see if Joe can even it up here one down really good run here by Joe one more.

Point in the open up Pat yeah it is 11 12. you're right just a really big topspin shot yeah big roll to the corner we got back to Jared sweet and Caleb dang here we are all squared at 12. yep 12 12 Jerry oh boy oh nasty team engage on a 5-0 run here Pat as.

They take the lead team engage all just helpers excuse me point you're all right Caleb here we go the back line right on the line Caleb staying level-headed he's got this Jared very very good penetrating shots right now that's a big sweep that is eight.

Consecutive points for team Elders helpers engage wow got the momentum let's see if Sophia can keep it going here against Kelly that is accurate that's you guys it's all right better to be right get it get it correct so all good 60 12.

Absolutely 17-12 nice job oh tough break that was a it was the correct attack she had that and just rough roll 18 12. see if Kelly can break the cycle here oh my goodness that was very nice but she did.

13 . big Point here oh she got it wow great shot well that's a big point because now it's a four point spread and uh jiren's very capable of taking three or four points here uh even though against a tough opponent Brian Brooks beautiful Drop from Brian.

Feathery drop feathery perhaps even buttery 19 14. one could say that that is beautiful team engage Elders helpers smelling an opportunity to close this second set of dream breaker singles 2014. great serve all right got it.

Wow good game guys good game a lot of fun in that format is someone gonna ask for more I don't know but I I think let's see how this goes I would love to see more here I think everyone would I'm not gonna lie all right team.

We have come to a close on this Friday night come on we gotta get a little wiggle going huh hey first of all everyone say a huge thank you to Mr Dan McCann for opening up this here facility and his team of James grachowski Mike Davis and Scott McAllister look at him cutting rug over there.

Uh-huh where is it he's like nope not me I with a score did we split those singles we split the singles right awesome so if we put this together that makes it nine wins for team masinski also known as team Revlon and four or five wins excuse me for team Howlett also known as.

Team engage Elders helpers let's bring up the runners-up first we're gonna bring everybody out here come on out let's see I need Captain Brian Brooks Jordan to weird Seth Walker Jace landier Jared sweet Joe Bentley Adeline Nelson and Sophia Smith and Coach Jeffrey Howlett come on up here what a what a great event tonight really.

Grateful to have uh done this with you yeah it's been a real pleasure grateful to uh all the teams and The Spectators in the community and all the guest speakers we had as well as this year's champions in the inaugural all in pickleball gym tournament uh took place coach timisinski come on out here buddy where is he at.

I don't know and you Davis where's Hugh there's Hugh Davis here's the one he's the man beyond scene Tim you did nothing the whole night Savage you put you're putting orders together it's like no okay everyone say Tim get out of here all right let's bring out Captain Alex Timmerman Sharon falnowski Connor.

Nazielski Connor Mogul Brett Michonne Caleb dang Sydney Sunday and Kelly and I would be remissed as they're all hand uh putting their hands together and all that kind of stuff Ray Ray Zamora come on out here Bob Trout are you still in the house I saw Bob we're earlier where's Bob.

About you Bob come on over here all right and players did you have a good time tonight look at all these people who came to see you here it's time for you guys to give your applause to these folks who came out to see you we're going to give one giant picture here this is gonna be our backdrop back here.

So you guys somehow don't put Tim osinski in charge of putting you together because it ain't gonna work all right my name is Brett I hope you've had a good night I hope I helped you have a good night's night drive safely make sure you have all your coats mittens cell phones and small children and we will see you tomorrow at.

Signups to get some time and some lessons and learn this great game of pickleball all right we're gonna go over here everyone players thanks for good night thank you good night well Pat on that note we are going to sign out what has been an incredibly fun evening of pickleball and Community.

Really grateful to everyone here uh Pat I'll let you sign off first yeah thanks everyone for spectating and coming out playing it's Ray Ray refin it's been such an incredible evening I've had so much fun I hope everyone else has as well so thanks so much yeah Special thanks to all of the people involved in terms of putting this.

Together in short notice I'm really grateful for the total all in pickleball gym team for Scott McAllister and live stream pickleball all of our guests the entire group of players so just everyone involved really grateful as we look forward to a great weekend here for the rest of the Granville um pickleball addicts tournament and uh what.

Pickleball has in store for us in the future Pat so um and coming soon we'll cut up some of this for the drop podcast and we look forward to seeing you soon uh on a more dedicated format for the drop so thank you so much everyone and uh we'll sign out and give you a good night
Friday Night 5.0 Pickleball with Rally Scoring